National Pride – where’s our Ageless Wisdom?

It’s funny the things we identify with isn’t it? Consider national pride… such a curious belief. After all, why would we take pride in something we have no significant part in shaping? We pop out on a specific patch of land and it can seem to define our whole life. We use it to measure our experiences against, identify with, and even recoil from. A pride or shame, basking or wincing, heightened and deflated egos based on something wholly external to our being, out of our control.

Someone tells you: “Your country is beautiful!” How do you react? Does your heart swell with pride? Of course, it’s not really your heart but a part of you that identifies positively with something that is not you. Are you proud because the area of land you live on looks postcard pretty, has a fascinating history or is abundant in wealth or creativity? Again, it is not you – you should be taken neither up nor down by the accolade in relation to the value of you as a person. And yet do we not do this.

What is a border… who decided where to put it? Can your self-worth be crushed or your spirits be raised by the fate of ‘your sporting team’ from the country you have on your birth certificate, or even the region you identify with, hating those living 20 minutes the other side of a man-made boundary because an idea planted in your head calls them ‘different’?  And what of the politics of your nation, the culture you get steeped in, the religions that permeate your life, the beliefs forged, the history known, the ‘achievements’ recognised? It is worth repeating – none of this is you!

‘Scotland Shame’ ran one famous headline from my country of birth regarding the blight of Sectarianism, and the violent religious prejudice that divides a great many. But is that every person in the country’s shame? Whose shame is it? And why feel shame – what is it offering? Is there within a true call to responsibility to address the issue that led to the headline? Where is the healing in this? We can so easily be undone by a man-made loathing wrapped up in a geographical location that has reverberated beyond our current lifetime.

Is it national pride that keeps us from caring about people suffering in the Mexican drug wars with its mass-scale corruption and violent soap opera culture – (a readymade Netflix series, ‘Narcos,’ for a new century re-cycling Columbia’s past – same energy, different location); or the human rights abuses in the Middle East where women can be raped and put in jail as if criminal offenders, as we in the West turn a blind eye because our comfortable pasture ranks higher in importance than the rights of women in a ‘foreign’ country? Even the madness of gun control in the self-proclaimed ‘greatest country in the world,’ USA, where some minds want to arm teachers rather than address the root causes that have normalised gun wielding security guards in their schools. It’s not our country so who cares… leave them to their mess.

Yet perhaps it is your country. And if so, do you measure up and say, “Well, we have this problem but at least we’re not in Damascus or Mogadishu or Palestine,” or you justify and defend the loveless situation because something made you proud of ‘your’ nation and its culture; the proud relief that you do something ‘better’ than someone else. We might have a problem with domestic violence or religious bigotry but we grow the best tasting peaches.

Where do such feelings of attachment lead us, such identification with an area or a race of people? It has led us to a ‘look after our own’ mentality, to disconnect us from our natural brotherhood, blocking our loving intelligence when at heart we know we are inextricably interconnected. Must we live in such a protective bubble against the ‘unknown others’ who we perceive to look and be different, and even consider dangerous, when in fact they are just as we are – only born into different circumstances?

To have pride in the culture, food or language of our geographical location strips us of knowing who we are beyond the things we do, the way we live, the illusion of individuality.

National pride is so often narrow-minded. Have appreciation for where you live for sure, feel blessed, enjoy what’s on offer, but to identify as a nationality, separate to another, better, unique, keeping others out of your heart because they occupy a different piece of land on this globe is not our truth. It is in fact a lie. This is the lie we easily believe, and this is madness. It doesn’t tell the truth of the Ageless Wisdom that binds us, the science of our interconnected past, present and future, the particles, the stars and the Universe.

Don’t believe me? So be it. But one day you’ll come to see that we are all from one source, that those particles are bound up in each other far more than our current ways of living allow us to see, with not a national flag in sight, and no one’s shame or pride to carry, no burden we need bear. Love where you grew up, love where you live, but know you are so much more than this. This current world needs you more than ever to be everything you are, not a symbol of one small patch of land but a Universal Man* living in connection, with and for Humanity.

(*denotes man or woman, not gender specific)

By Stephen Gammack, Sydney, Australia

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528 thoughts on “National Pride – where’s our Ageless Wisdom?

  1. We go to such great effort and resort to so much destruction to protect those imaginary lines in the sand and to protect something that divides us and keeps us apart from one another.

  2. It is quite exposing what it is we give our power away to, the external factors under the illusion of thinking that it defines who we are. But when they change, as they always do, what then of our knowing of who we are? And so, the chase continues at the mercy of an ideal that we try to fit into, governed not by the truth of who we are within, but the lies of all that we are not. There is a far greater and more powerful way to live guided by the truth of who we are from our connection to our essence that resides within us all, and The Ageless Wisdom Teachings have throughout the ages offered this as way of living in true power for us all to return to, today known as The Way of The Livingness.

  3. It’s a great point about the borders we employ based on land or other differences to justify not embracing our fellow human beings as equal brothers. Ordinarily when we are in a work, family or friendship situation and someone needs support we employ our skill or offer our wisdom and care depending on what’s needed – no questions asked. Should we really turn this off because of differences in culture, race or nationalities?

  4. Because we do not dare being who we truly are we cling onto anything we can find identification with. It is a step by step process to let go of the many borders we have each build around ourselves to feel safe but which in truth have made us lonely and disconnected from each other. We are not here on our own, in fact there are more than 7 billion people on this planet, how can we possibly think any of us is better than another.

  5. I cannot imagine the engagement with ‘pride’ ever not drawing us into being more separate and more insular form others. By nature it is a call for “look at ME and MINE”. It is saying “I (and not you by the way) am great BECAUSE of this”. So it even holds within it a dismissal the true magnificence that is within us irrespective of any external factors and pinning it on some abstract element in our life.

  6. “Hello I am George a Son of God from the beautiful Australia.” .. “Hello I am Joss another Son of God from another gorgeous place in this universe of ours called Amsterdam.” Indeed one day we will communicate this way.

  7. Nationalism and culture are indeed very divisive and serve us not; they foster adversary and easily pit man against man, team against team and nation against nation. And this has been our very long in the tooth history to date. Time for a change? Maybe we are not ready yet and prefer to hang on to the outer and rather superficial identification that nationalism and culture bring to some.

  8. It is pretty crazy how people can have so much pride over a piece of land – and this cones in directly to keep us all in separation rather than taking responsibility for where we are at as a humanity

  9. There has to be identification before there is pride in a certain country. When we come to see that we are one humanity there cannot be the identification, and the pride with break down to a wider appreciation.

  10. It is very addictive to be proud of the country we were born in or in which we are living. The question is why being proud of those two countries especially? What is different about them as other people do the same about their two countries?

  11. It does feel a bit strange that we can communicate so easily now across the globe with the internet, and yet we do not feel any closer to our neighbouring countries with all the borders that seem to be on the increase again. When we connect to the wisdom that we are all one and the same, nationality has no place in the world.

  12. It just goes to show how desperately we seek to belong, or re-belong, when it has been us that have separated from The All in the first place, and then we cling to a part of it by way of national pride, in separation from what it is we truly seek and already belong to.

    1. Exactly Shirley-Ann… There is a desperation to belong… And all we have to do is simply to know ourselves, who we truly are and we will sense and feel that in the oneness that we truly are.

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