Serge Benhayon – the Truth and Beauty of Evolution

Serge Benhayon, through the Ageless Wisdom teachings and his livingness of them, is restoring the truth and beauty of our evolution to this world.

Like so many words in the English language, the term ‘evolution’ has been bastardised and reduced in its meaning to stand so far away from its original intent that the true meaning itself initially may take on the taint of incredulity in the face of what has been densely layered and imposed upon it. However, feeling the truth in our physical body allows us to discern the facts for ourselves. This is how it happened for me.

One aspect of my Psychology undergraduate studies several decades ago involved engaging with those disciplines which postulate a biological basis for all human behaviour, in particular with the then emerging concepts of Sociobiology, with a focus on publications like The Selfish Gene (1). These concepts built upon their historical antecedents of theories of natural selection and the evolution of man from the animal kingdoms. In this view, we are seen to evolve through a series of genetic mutations – some based on the survival of the fittest, others ostensibly random.

As I listened to, and studied, concepts that reduced women to a monthly oestrous and men to seeking the ‘fittest’ (most visually attractive) mate, as I attended lectures on how human infants and primates display the same behaviours due to their evolutionary relationship, as we were told life was all about the three ‘F’s – feeding, fighting and ‘reproduction’ – my body went into profound turmoil and I into a quiet despair. I sought some kind of confirmation from my colleagues and teachers that this ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw’ and ‘the survival of the fittest’ views could not be all there was to us as a humanity. None was forthcoming.

We all silently swallowed up what was delivered and passed our exams, left university and ventured into the world under the influence of what we had learned. Doubtless there were men who became dominant males and those who lamented that they were not. There were certainly women who focussed extensively on their visual attractiveness to men –– I was one of them.

The disquiet within me remained and I searched far and wide for the truth of our origins and the truth of our purpose on earth. Several decades later, I found it in the Ageless Wisdom Teachings presented by Serge Benhayon. This time, my body confirmed these teachings on evolution as truth by responding with a deepening sense of settlement and ease.

The Truth of Evolution

Serge Benhayon, through his presentations on The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, has delivered to us the facts of our evolution. We are energetic beings – sparks of one great Soul. However, a singular aspect of us separated itself from this vibration, lowering its frequency to become the etheric spirit, which in turn wilfully descended into a plane of denser vibration to indulge further in the adventure and vibration of individuality. This pursuit of individuality involved the assembling of a physical body to engage even more this thirst for a creation that stands in complete opposition to the harmonious interconnectedness and Oneness of our true Soulful origins.

This disharmony is felt and registered constantly by our physical body as a persistent unease in life and with each other. Hence, one aspect of our evolution is to express honestly this unease and then to begin to resurrect ourselves out of our self-created mess and to begin our path back to our origins – our Soul or our divine essence. This requires us to begin the process of systematically unpicking all of our investments in creation and in individuality.

The feeling essence we are born with (our esoteric or innermost) is our connection to Soul – our true body of Love. This essence can be connected with instantly by anyone through supportive techniques like the Gentle Breath Meditation™.

This truth feels very different in quality to the ‘survival of the fittest’, or the three F’s. It is very evident at times, and very much felt within my own body, that we have a dual nature of spirit and Soul, the former very much ‘me’ focussed and constantly plotting for personal gain, the latter presenting an open heart to others and the willingness to connect, listen and express truly and lovingly.

From this connection with our esoteric essence, a sense of the grandness, the magnificence of Soul starts to unfold and with it an inkling that this is who we truly are. This feels like who we are as a humanity.

Furthermore, nature is known to be the blessing of Divine Creation offered by God, our Father. The Science of Symbolism, another aspect of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, indicates how the whole of nature offers us a reflection of who we are and of the constant presence and Love of our Father. Having explored this for some years now, I can vouch for the fact that these teachings support an exquisite relationship with nature and that nature is anything but ‘red in tooth and claw.’ It seems that our spirit refuses to acknowledge this relationship: I know of nowhere outside of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings that this understanding of divine communication through nature is presented.

Our evolution back to Soul is supported at every turn by aligning with natural cycles; cycles that we have always lived under but have refused to acknowledge and cooperate with in order to maintain our fallen state. The cycles of sleep, of motion and repose, of the seasons, the cycles of women, of the Moon, of the annual perambulation of the Sun, the celestial cycles of zodiacal constellations, all offer us a means of connecting in the physical body with energies that support and offer us day by day, and moment by moment, evolutionary advance. Under the impulse of our spirit we frequently sabotage our connection with these cycles and those that are inevitably necessary – like our nightly sleep cycle – we again reduce to the lowest level of functionality; to merely an act that is required to sustain the physical body. On our path of return to Soul we work with these cycles, understanding the evolutionary blessing they confer and the fact of our interdependence with them.

These truths of our evolution, presented in but a small way here, can be confirmed through our own bodies’ responses and by applying these truths for ourselves. In effect, we become our own true scientists and study ourselves from within, observing the outplay in the external world through how we are in life, and in our changing relationships and understandings.

This Science of Evolution presented by Serge Benhayon, by virtue of its felt-in-the-body truth and in its daily application by people like myself, is not currently popular. Why would this be so? Quite simply because its inherent and completely natural truth exposes the evil of the reductionism we have willingly submitted ourselves to. In our own case, humanity, we have reduced ourselves to the exclusively human realm – even to a sub-human realm – ignoring and suppressing the fact of spirit and burying even more so our esoteric and our Soul, as well as the truth of our multidimensional origins.

A person acquiescing to a reduced perspective of themselves could not present the truth and beauty of our evolution, nor indeed live it. It takes someone fully engaging with their Soul and its inherent multidimensionality on a daily basis to do so. It takes someone who has let go of all individualism and who works with the Grandest Holistic Harmony we could ever conceptualise – the all that is. So this takes a great yet humble person, one who offers the same advance to all others through the power of their lived reflection so that they too may arise to the same state by their own choices, timing and will.

Serge Benhayon is such a man. He lives the truth and beauty of our evolution back to Soul and offers all the same path through how he lives and through the presentations of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings he offers worldwide.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

In the not too distant future, history too may record both the true facts of our evolution and the man who selflessly presented this truth.

By Coleen Hensey (BA Hons, Grad. Dip. Ed)

1. The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. Oxford University Press, 1976. Dawkins, R. (1976). The Selfish Gene. Oxford University Press.

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579 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon – the Truth and Beauty of Evolution

  1. Serge Benhayon is a gift for humanity … a man who honours and respects every one of us – no matter what our choices may be; who offers wisdom, transparency, truth and inspiration to everyone he meets … and shares the absolute knowing that each one of us is equally as powerful – we are all game-changers if we so choose.

  2. Serge Benhayon is teaching humanity about evolution not through a text book, research based or from knowledge, he teaches from living evolution himself. Every step he makes, I have observed to be about evolution, purpose and love, so when he is teaching, it comes from whole body experience not from anything outside of him but from every way he lives and his connection to the wisdom of God.

  3. I find the Science of Evolution presented by Serge Benhayon deeply honouring of our divine essence and it feels apt that it allows me to also acknowledge the fact that we are living so far from that and the repercussions of this choice I witness in our world. Compared to this understanding of evolution of mankind, the other theories such as the survival of the fittest, or random mutations, are an insult to the stupendousness of our true essence

  4. “Serge Benhayon… lives the truth and beauty of our evolution back to Soul and offers all the same path through how he lives and through the presentations of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings he offers worldwide.” What an inspiration, to have a man in our time, right here and now, who is willing to walk the way back to soul, contra to all the ways promoted in the world. Thank God for Serge Benhayon.

  5. When I hear about evolution, our origins, what makes us up as a being by the varied characteristics that Serge Benhayon presents on it always makes sense to my whole body and not just sounds good to my head. I understand people from a completely different depth than I had previously.

  6. As a child I always knew there was so much more, what Serge Benhayon presents about our evolution makes so much sense, all other versions of evolution to me just don’t add up and completely miss the mark.

  7. The world is so steeped in lies, hypotheses, reinterpretations, etc, to recognise the truth we need to see and feel it lived and embodied in another. We have been taken in by the lies because the mind alone can’t discern these, especially as it’s part of how lies are generated. It’s the whole person, connected to their inner-heart and able to discern with their whole body that makes their way out of the miasma and fog back to the pristine quality of truth. Having a reflection of someone living the truth, like Serge Benhayon does, is a way we can accelerate that return to living from the truth within ourselves.

  8. Colleen this is a great piece of writing as you explain so simply how we came to be on this plane of life and how this is not where we are meant to be. If we could grasp this concept and accept it then may be we would get out of here back to our origins. But there is a part of us that likes to indulge in what it has created and is constantly out maneuvering to stay in the comfort of what it has created even though life is being reduced to the worst kind of behaviour it just doesn’t care as long as it is in control.

  9. Evolution is typically associated with technological progress but have we really evolved? Where does exploration of space, mobile phones and ever-taller buildings help prevent the proliferation of wars, child abuse, sex trafficking, slavery etc.? We may be living longer now as a result of the pharmaceutical industry but has the quality of life improved and for all the amazing development in medicine yet illness and disease is at crisis point with no diseases having actually been cured. Surely true evolution would be the decrease, if not the elimination, of the suffering and the establishment of harmony and brotherhood among nations? There is another way and it is the Ageless Wisdom, presented by Serge Benhayon and put into practice through the lived way of The Way of The Livingness.

  10. The more I go with the flow of natural cycles – the more I feel the magic of God. For instance I never considered that there is a cycle of motion and repose that comes with the moon – teaching us to confirm or evolve.

  11. Although my head has fought it I have long known that my body lets me know what resonates with its homeostasis, its truth and my own full nature and what does not; this is what the feelings (signals) of tension or ease in my body are.

    …When we give this up and trade in what we know from the science of our own body to be told how things are by somone or something outside of us we are seriously lost…

    Its ironic that our culturally established ways of gathering information discount this very ancient and Universal wisdom that Serge presents and that so many of us feel and know to be our truth. But if we consider our deeply seeded desire for individuality we can see how we may want to avoid that which naturally returns us to a one unified understanding and way; to our oneness.

    Though I still try to over ride it I have become far more trusting and honoring of the guidance my own body (particles) provide me and having re-claimed this innate ability to discern truth from untruth/love from what is not love I continually find that my body supports me to live my life in a more and more joyful and loving way.

    1. A great observation Jo. There is much about what is presented by Serge Benhayon which is actually a support for us to build and live what every single one of us deep down craves for, yet there is something in there that can challenge so many of us. That “deeply seeded desire for individuality” is, and has been for eons, the undoing of mankind – prompting us to abandon the only way that will ever have us be truly settled. Hence the constant lack of settlement and the constant searching for more – a vicious cycle which can only ever be broken by stopping and admitting that there is something very wrong.

  12. Basing one’s understanding of the purpose of life upon the three F’s is a repetition that has no expansion and therefore no evolution or true purpose. Understanding the purpose of life from the perception of The Ageless Wisdom brings a reason for the repetition of life which brings true purpose and thereby the opportunity for expansion and evolution.

  13. The truth of what you are saying here is huge.
    “Serge Benhayon, through the Ageless Wisdom teachings and his livingness of them, is restoring the truth and beauty of our evolution to this world.”
    Never before in the history of this planet has so much been given to humanity, supported by the age of Aquarius a constellation that the earth moved into back in the year 2000. As a race of human-beings we have seemingly forgotten that the very cells of our body are made up of the matter of the universe we could say we are the grandness that is the universe. But by the way we behave towards each other and the appalling way we treat this planet it is very obvious we have lost all sense of the grandness we come from. It seems to me that humanity needs people such as Serge Benhayon to remind us of the fact that we have stopped evolving this we witness daily by the brutality we allow at all levels of our society.

  14. We cannot avoid the amazing truth that we are all of the one Soul. We live, we learn, we grow and we return to Soul, eventually all of us together. Why try to be separate?

  15. When truth is presented, you can feel it resonate in your body, and how there is a settling – a deep knowing that you already knew all that was presented… and as always it is our choice what we do with it.

  16. The ancient wisdom shared by Serge Benhayon offers us the truth and beauty of evolution and changes everything and the world also.

  17. I agree with what you say
    “Serge Benhayon, through the Ageless Wisdom teachings and his livingness of them, is restoring the truth and beauty of our evolution to this world.”
    We see before us a man called Serge Benhayon as a human-being and that for many is all they want to see. But the fact is that the energy that makes up the body of the man is a divine being and has for countless ages reflected back to humanity that we do not belong on this planet called earth our origins are from the stars. One day the penny will drop for many this process is already happening and we will look back on the many lives of this divine being and finally appreciate everything that he has taught us.

  18. “Serge Benhayon, through the Ageless Wisdom teachings and his livingness of them, is restoring the truth and beauty of our evolution to this world.” – never a truer word spoken.

  19. The degree of evolution I have personally gone through in 12 years is astounding and far out weighs all previous attempts to address my issues. What Serge Benhayon offers us is not a remedy or solution to an ill, but an entirely new understanding of the whole and complete people we innately are.

  20. I find the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are unlike the standard way we learn things when we think we can get the definitive definition of something and that means we have cracked that topic. It could be about evolution or any other topic. The more I study with Serge Benhayon, and in fact even when I re-read the same book or passage, the greater the space and opportunity to go deeper and connect to a relationship and understanding as yet unexplored, patiently waiting and never ever imposing.

  21. At last there is somebody that makes sense of what evolution truly is. Not something to understand in your head but to feel in your body that it is true. Serge Benhayon presents such a view on evolution.

  22. Evolution as part of our purpose in our everyday choices in life is very beautiful and brings a whole new way of living the love we are in our expression joyfully.

  23. We are not of this world, a truth that has been extremely evident for me since my late teens. Since Serge Benhayon re-ignited the Ageless Wisdom teachings, many more truths are being brought to light, ones that as we circle around the Sun on our endless orbit going no-where, we will have many eons to ponder on and at some point make into our living truth too.

  24. Evolution used to be an intellectual term. Now I understand in full that I can bring it back to the evolution of my body and my choice to constantly expand and align with something greater.

  25. Evolution, as presented by Serge Benhayon, puts the world upside down really. To know our future is truly our past – that which we come from – that we are returning to – changes our approach to the process itself. itself.

  26. My body has always spoken very clearly to me, however in my waywardness I did not take any notice and was very abusive towards myself. Thanks to the presentations and workshops of Sere Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have made friends with me and now listen to what my body shows me and the more I listen the more I’m shown it is actually quite magical it’s like having a very wise and loving elder as a guide.

  27. The truth and beauty of Evolution presented to us and lived by Serge Benhayon offers us the way forward for all humanity and how amazing it is to have him with us now on earth with all that is going on reflecting another way with a humbleness joy and the reality of true love.

    1. Agreed Doug, what if we are but just starting the true evolution? I was always confused on what that word actually meant – but when I bring it back to my body everything makes sense.

  28. Serge Benhayon is a truly beautiful man and a true role model who lives everything that he shares with others, and walks his talk in every way.

  29. I had a lesson in life recently that showed me clearly that what Serge Benhayon presents is the truth. That everything is energy and all is because of energy, that there are only 2 types of energy on this planet of ours which are passing through us constantly. We cannot stop this process its a fact of life, we have a choice to decide which one we choose to use to move our bodies and it is by the choice that our actions are known.
    Most of us are totally ignorant of this choice or that it is actually energy that moves us. There are many people that don’t want to know and want to live in the ignorance and that’s okay, there are also many people that want to know because they feel within their bodies that something doesn’t feel right and this is okay too. What we don’t have in this world is the ability to live and let live despite our modern surroundings, we still live in the dark ages of suspicion, fear and deep prejudice.

  30. when I heard Serge Benhayon talking about the truth of Evolution it was a massive aha moment, every part of me knew it was true and that everything we had learnt so far had been a lie.

  31. Why do we reject truth when it stands before us? Defence of our choices, arrogance, a belief that we have to work things out on our own as individuals? Throughout history we have done this, scorning and rejecting those that offer a reflection of truth. This is a deep set human ignorance.

  32. “Furthermore, nature is known to be the blessing of Divine Creation offered by God, our Father. The Science of Symbolism, another aspect of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, indicates how the whole of nature offers us a reflection of who we are and of the constant presence and Love of our Father.” so beautifully expressed Coleen. The Magic of God.

  33. Whatever happens to us, we can let it be a catalyst to evolve. It’s what we are naturally designed to do – yet so often we conduct an extreme war against the very things that are there to help.

  34. We have made human life so much about function and have become so Busy with that that we apparently do have no time anymore to connect with the universal cycles we are under and to surrender ourselves to these. As surrendering to these cycles will give/bring us the healing we all are desperately looking for, the healing of the hurt that we have walked away from God.

    1. So very true Nico we have made human life about function and busyness. Busy filling our days up with new ‘to do lists’ so much so we have created a ‘function mode’ that we resort to as the way to get through each passing day. We are ‘Human Beings’ living as Humans doing hence our not being able to surrender and connect to the Universal Cycles within and around us.

      1. We only have to recognize that it is a chosen behaviour, or better said an addiction to the business of life, that makes ut to have ‘no time’ to reconnect to that stillness within, the stillness that is our sacredly held origin we are from and are returning to.

  35. It is this thirst for creation that keeps us trapped in the endless cycle of death and birth until we choose otherwise and let this thirst for creation go.

  36. I can totally understand your dismay if not dispair at this impoverished and abject version of evolution that reduces humans to the three F’s and nature to some ferocious and bloody entity. Nothing could be further from the truth but reductionism has a wee bit longer to go yet before more people wake up to the fact that they have always known it to be otherwise and openly state it so.

  37. “In the not too distant future, history too may record both the true facts of our evolution and the man who selflessly presented this truth.” Absolutely Coleen Serge Benhayon will in no doubt go down as one of the wisest, incredible philosophist of our time.

  38. There are many people who firmly believe in the current theories of evolution, and these need to be respected. Everyone is entitled to believe what they will. And there can be many arguments about what is truth. But the reality is that this is how war, and especially religious wars, begin. With one side stating a fact that another does not agree with. So, I feel that we must always be gentle in our approach to some of the bigger subjects and even to the smallest ones, with everyone having their own opinions and views, based on what has been experienced along with a respect for each other that gives the space to hold what one believes in with out fear of recrimination.

  39. It is so true we have come to see ourselves as such a tiny speck of the Universal Multidimensionality we really are. I am so thankful for this amazing man and his reflection that has supported me to be becoming aware of so much more than the speck even though I know it’s just a beginning.

  40. A family member recently shared ‘The Listeners’ – By Walter de la Mare
    And to me it summed up our current situation where a man has knocked on the door of a house in the dead of night. The house to me represents humanity the man asks is there anybody there? Humanity has heard the knocking at the door and did not answer only the stillness was heard. The man knocked louder and said
    ‘Tell them I came, and no one answered, that I kept my word, never the least stir made the listeners, Though every word he spake fell echoing through the shadowiness of the still house from the one man left awake:’
    To me this sums up Serge Benhayon He has knocked on the door of humanity to bring a message … a practical way to live life out of the shadows to walk in the sun light. And no one is listening although we have all heard. It seems that once again humanity is not ready to walk out into the sunshine but content to live in the grey shadows.

  41. “Serge Benhayon is such a man. He lives the truth and beauty of our evolution back to Soul and offers all the same path through how he lives and through the presentations of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings he offers worldwide.” So true Coleen. Having just had am amazing weekend where Serge presented so deeply. He practises and lives what he presents, unlike so many other ‘spiritual’ teachers, whose courses I have attended over the years. I have never met a man like him.

  42. The truth and beauty of our evolution is offered to us with so much love and understanding by Serge Benhayon its is an absolute joy to listen to and resonates in our hearts expansively with an aliveness in our body that activates who we really are.

  43. Reducing people to the three Fs just allows people to not even consider what is true evolution. It makes anything beyond that an achievement where we can rest on our laurals. What if we are so much more than this and we’re just playing at the shallow end of the pool when really we don’t belong in the pool at all.

  44. How shocking it would be for the majority of humanity to have a mechanical ‘frequency meter’ available for feedback of the level of vibration on a daily basis. It would certainly be exposing of just how far we have gone off the scale – not in evolution, but in individualism and separation from our true essence. The teachings offered by Serge Benhayon bring the opportunity to re-connect to our innermost frequency/ vibrational readings.
    “We are energetic beings – sparks of one great Soul. However, a singular aspect of us separated itself from this vibration, lowering its frequency to become the etheric spirit, which in turn wilfully descended into a plane of denser vibration to indulge further in the adventure and vibration of individuality.”

    1. While we think we are smart and very intelligent, up to now we do not have ‘invented’ such a frequency meter. Possibly we are avoiding it.

  45. Great subject here raising the extraordinary reductionism in the way we have come to see human life and our purpose here on earth, when there is a whole universe within us all waiting to be expressed as the vast multidimensional beings that we all are.

  46. Mankind has for a long time been playing the game of “how far can I stray without any consequences which I can not manage?”. And of course being the gods that we are, we will keep finding short term ways of managing and making things look good when we decide to do so.
    Hurrah or should it be a Whoops? …. since instead of busying ourselves with this ‘game of creating issues and finding solutions’, we could be aligning to the magnificence of a Universe which we are a part of, and in the same way be constantly deepening, expanding and increasing in our splendour.

    1. Beautifully expressed Golnaz. We have wasted so much time and many lives – and look where humanity has come to? Not a pretty sight. Time to align to our Soul

    2. We keep digging holes which we then promptly fill in, with much pride, arrogance and lots of back-slapping all around. Sheer madness, is it not?

      1. Completely mad, and with no other point than to make ourselves feel something/important/good in a world that by and large misses the equality, intimacy and truth.

    3. Well said Golnaz, all we have to do is align to the order of the universe and it will show us how to evolve back to God. We resist and fight like a child in a tantrum while God is lovingly watching and forever beside us to hold us in absolute love.

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