Serge Benhayon – the Truth and Beauty of Evolution

Serge Benhayon, through the Ageless Wisdom teachings and his livingness of them, is restoring the truth and beauty of our evolution to this world.

Like so many words in the English language, the term ‘evolution’ has been bastardised and reduced in its meaning to stand so far away from its original intent that the true meaning itself initially may take on the taint of incredulity in the face of what has been densely layered and imposed upon it. However, feeling the truth in our physical body allows us to discern the facts for ourselves. This is how it happened for me.

One aspect of my Psychology undergraduate studies several decades ago involved engaging with those disciplines which postulate a biological basis for all human behaviour, in particular with the then emerging concepts of Sociobiology, with a focus on publications like The Selfish Gene (1). These concepts built upon their historical antecedents of theories of natural selection and the evolution of man from the animal kingdoms. In this view, we are seen to evolve through a series of genetic mutations – some based on the survival of the fittest, others ostensibly random.

As I listened to, and studied, concepts that reduced women to a monthly oestrous and men to seeking the ‘fittest’ (most visually attractive) mate, as I attended lectures on how human infants and primates display the same behaviours due to their evolutionary relationship, as we were told life was all about the three ‘F’s – feeding, fighting and ‘reproduction’ – my body went into profound turmoil and I into a quiet despair. I sought some kind of confirmation from my colleagues and teachers that this ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw’ and ‘the survival of the fittest’ views could not be all there was to us as a humanity. None was forthcoming.

We all silently swallowed up what was delivered and passed our exams, left university and ventured into the world under the influence of what we had learned. Doubtless there were men who became dominant males and those who lamented that they were not. There were certainly women who focussed extensively on their visual attractiveness to men –– I was one of them.

The disquiet within me remained and I searched far and wide for the truth of our origins and the truth of our purpose on earth. Several decades later, I found it in the Ageless Wisdom Teachings presented by Serge Benhayon. This time, my body confirmed these teachings on evolution as truth by responding with a deepening sense of settlement and ease.

The Truth of Evolution

Serge Benhayon, through his presentations on The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, has delivered to us the facts of our evolution. We are energetic beings – sparks of one great Soul. However, a singular aspect of us separated itself from this vibration, lowering its frequency to become the etheric spirit, which in turn wilfully descended into a plane of denser vibration to indulge further in the adventure and vibration of individuality. This pursuit of individuality involved the assembling of a physical body to engage even more this thirst for a creation that stands in complete opposition to the harmonious interconnectedness and Oneness of our true Soulful origins.

This disharmony is felt and registered constantly by our physical body as a persistent unease in life and with each other. Hence, one aspect of our evolution is to express honestly this unease and then to begin to resurrect ourselves out of our self-created mess and to begin our path back to our origins – our Soul or our divine essence. This requires us to begin the process of systematically unpicking all of our investments in creation and in individuality.

The feeling essence we are born with (our esoteric or innermost) is our connection to Soul – our true body of Love. This essence can be connected with instantly by anyone through supportive techniques like the Gentle Breath Meditation™.

This truth feels very different in quality to the ‘survival of the fittest’, or the three F’s. It is very evident at times, and very much felt within my own body, that we have a dual nature of spirit and Soul, the former very much ‘me’ focussed and constantly plotting for personal gain, the latter presenting an open heart to others and the willingness to connect, listen and express truly and lovingly.

From this connection with our esoteric essence, a sense of the grandness, the magnificence of Soul starts to unfold and with it an inkling that this is who we truly are. This feels like who we are as a humanity.

Furthermore, nature is known to be the blessing of Divine Creation offered by God, our Father. The Science of Symbolism, another aspect of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, indicates how the whole of nature offers us a reflection of who we are and of the constant presence and Love of our Father. Having explored this for some years now, I can vouch for the fact that these teachings support an exquisite relationship with nature and that nature is anything but ‘red in tooth and claw.’ It seems that our spirit refuses to acknowledge this relationship: I know of nowhere outside of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings that this understanding of divine communication through nature is presented.

Our evolution back to Soul is supported at every turn by aligning with natural cycles; cycles that we have always lived under but have refused to acknowledge and cooperate with in order to maintain our fallen state. The cycles of sleep, of motion and repose, of the seasons, the cycles of women, of the Moon, of the annual perambulation of the Sun, the celestial cycles of zodiacal constellations, all offer us a means of connecting in the physical body with energies that support and offer us day by day, and moment by moment, evolutionary advance. Under the impulse of our spirit we frequently sabotage our connection with these cycles and those that are inevitably necessary – like our nightly sleep cycle – we again reduce to the lowest level of functionality; to merely an act that is required to sustain the physical body. On our path of return to Soul we work with these cycles, understanding the evolutionary blessing they confer and the fact of our interdependence with them.

These truths of our evolution, presented in but a small way here, can be confirmed through our own bodies’ responses and by applying these truths for ourselves. In effect, we become our own true scientists and study ourselves from within, observing the outplay in the external world through how we are in life, and in our changing relationships and understandings.

This Science of Evolution presented by Serge Benhayon, by virtue of its felt-in-the-body truth and in its daily application by people like myself, is not currently popular. Why would this be so? Quite simply because its inherent and completely natural truth exposes the evil of the reductionism we have willingly submitted ourselves to. In our own case, humanity, we have reduced ourselves to the exclusively human realm – even to a sub-human realm – ignoring and suppressing the fact of spirit and burying even more so our esoteric and our Soul, as well as the truth of our multidimensional origins.

A person acquiescing to a reduced perspective of themselves could not present the truth and beauty of our evolution, nor indeed live it. It takes someone fully engaging with their Soul and its inherent multidimensionality on a daily basis to do so. It takes someone who has let go of all individualism and who works with the Grandest Holistic Harmony we could ever conceptualise – the all that is. So this takes a great yet humble person, one who offers the same advance to all others through the power of their lived reflection so that they too may arise to the same state by their own choices, timing and will.

Serge Benhayon is such a man. He lives the truth and beauty of our evolution back to Soul and offers all the same path through how he lives and through the presentations of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings he offers worldwide.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

In the not too distant future, history too may record both the true facts of our evolution and the man who selflessly presented this truth.

By Coleen

1. The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. Oxford University Press, 1976. Dawkins, R. (1976). The Selfish Gene. Oxford University Press.

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568 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon – the Truth and Beauty of Evolution

  1. So many words have been lied about through having there meaning changed so to confuse those who would like to believe in a love fest and all will be okay. The truth is when we start to understand how love works, which in a love-less society is difficult, we first must understand that true love will never harm another especially in the way we use words towards another.

  2. What Serge Benhayon has presented through the Ageless Wisdom Teaching will be the blueprint in years to come as the way forward for Humanity. What Serge Benhayon presents is not from the intelligence of the mind but from the universal intelligence of the universe which is an intelligence we can all access, so therefore Serge Benhayon isn’t teaching humanity anything new but what is readily available to all once we let go of the false imprisonment of our minds. Our minds are pulling in a lesser knowing from the Astral plane which is totally opposite of universal intelligence, I call it artificial intelligence because it is a mockery of true intelligence.

  3. Agreed Coleen, as everything that we are is not taught until the presentations by Serge Benhayon and the revelations that are shared by Serge have allowed us all to remove the encrusted pressure that seemly had invaded much of our lives.

  4. This Coleen is to me the greatest battle within us all. “It is very evident at times, and very much felt within my own body, that we have a dual nature of spirit and Soul, the former very much ‘me’ focussed and constantly plotting for personal gain, the latter presenting an open heart to others and the willingness to connect, listen and express truly and lovingly.”Our spirit is will-full which means it is constantly in opposition to the pull of our soul.

  5. Sure ultimately we may not be able to ‘avoid the amazing truth that we are all of the one Soul’ but my goodness me we certainly have done a masterful job of avoiding it for a few hundred lifetimes or more.

  6. “Serge Benhayon, through his presentations on The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, has delivered to us the facts of our evolution. We are energetic beings – sparks of one great Soul.” When I first listened to the teachings of spirit and Soul my body knew it was hearing the truth.

    1. What has been presented through Universal medicine just makes so much sense, my body resonates with the truth, it’s like a tuning fork. If something doesn’t feel right my body tells me by the unsettlement I can feel. It has always been this way since I was a child, it has just taken me many years to admit that my body holds the greater intelligence not my mind.

  7. “This truth feels very different in quality to the ‘survival of the fittest’,” As a society we may think we have evolved, with our planes, internet High rise buildings etc, but have we really moved on – illness and disease are going through the roof. Material goods won’t ensure our survival.

  8. The currently mass produced forms of evolutionary theory don’t make much sense. What has been presented by Serge Benhayon has made total sense to me as that which I’ve applied to my life has made sense.

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