I Love Being Warm

I was pondering recently on how much “I love being warm.” It’s winter where I live and I was appreciating the care and the detail I take in ensuring that I am warm wherever I go and no matter what I am doing.

I often received comments such as, “You must be a cold fish,” but that is not entirely true. What I do love is to feel warm and toasty in the cooler winter months. I love how my body feels when I am warm, whereas my body does not enjoy being cold at all. Many years ago I was camping in Europe in winter and it was not a pleasant experience – I was literally cold to my bones. I found that being cold is painful to the body and it does hurt.

I love going out for a walk either in the morning or in the evening all rugged up and with no tension in my body due to being cold, and then be able to walk at the pace that I feel to, rather than pushing my body to warm up because I am feeling cold. Because I support myself in this way, going out for a walk in the cold remains an enjoyment rather than something I need to do.

It really is a beautiful feeling walking in the cold, without an ounce of cold in your body.

I am very meticulous in what I am wearing from the material in the scarf that I want to wear, to how thick do my gloves need to be, to do I need to wear tights under my trousers today, does my beanie need to cover my ears today? The detail in what I wear is everything.

Then there is the joy of my car seat heating. As my car seat warms I feel like I am being held snugly within the warm car seat. As with when I am out walking, there is no tension at all in my body as I drive off to work in the cool morning. My lower back is gently warmed by the seat, which supports how I hold the steering wheel and how relaxed my legs are on the pedals.

My electric blanket, my heated lower back/kidney warmer and my sheepskin lined boots are just additional beautiful touches that support my body to be comfortable in the cold and to be able to rest very deeply.

Because of how I feel when I am warm, I am very aware of how this can also support patients in my care. When I used to work night duty for example, I would leave the heaters on overnight in the bathroom so that patients getting out of a warm bed in the middle of a cold night would have a warm bathroom to go to. If someone was particularly cold I would also get a warm blanket out of the blanket warmer for them. I have often received comments by patients about how warm my hands are when I am touching them… I know this helps them feel more settled.

Now it may sound like an obsession, but it’s not. It’s actually about being very caring and nurturing with my body, and my body really does love it. When I feel warm I can feel the love in the way that I care for myself and how this supports me to be able to feel the delicateness in how I move my body. I feel snug, I feel warm, I feel very nurtured and deeply cared for. I feel loved and I am choosing this way for myself. Although I am choosing this for myself, the quality of the way I now care for myself makes all the difference in how I am with others.

By Jennifer Smith – Woman, lover of being warm, a nurse with warm hands

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804 thoughts on “I Love Being Warm

  1. ‘Although I am choosing this for myself, the quality of the way I now care for myself makes all the difference in how I am with others.’ This is so true Jennifer, I notice this too about myself and my relationship with others. This reminds me that it all comes back to us first, how we are with ourselves because everything is then reflected to others.

  2. “It really is a beautiful feeling walking in the cold, without an ounce of cold in your body.” Indeed it is Jennifer. I got caught out yesterday as I was out and about and it got really cold – I had not dressed warmly enough and it became more and more challenging to walk in a way that enabled me to stay fully present with myself, as my body tensed up the colder I got.

  3. As the days have become colder here in the UK, I place my moisturisers and clothes on the radiators in the morning when I get up so that when I come to moisturise my body and get dressed there isn’t the shock of something cold against my skin. Appreciating taking the time to do so feels another level of self care and love.

  4. It is so obvious, well to me anyway, that when I have not dressed warmly enough and am now feeling cold, that I begin to move in a different and very uncomfortable way. Feeling cold has my whole body tightening up and so the normally free and easy way I move is severely impaired and remains that way until I take the time to warm myself up again. Of course, taking the time to wrap myself lovingly up in the first place, will prevent the eventual chilling of my body. A perfect example of the fact that prevention is so much better than having to resort to a ‘cure’.

  5. I agree; ‘It really is a beautiful feeling walking in the cold, without an ounce of cold in your body.’ I really like to take the time to check that all of my body is sufficiently warm. If there is any part of me that is cold then it makes my outings unenjoyable and even painful.

  6. I love this article. Since reading it I am more aware of how unloving it feels for my body when I get cold and so more and more I am choosing to act on this straight away and get my coat or something warm to put on or to go into the warm if I can.

  7. It is early in the morning, just coming out of my warm bed when I read this blog and could so relate to that snugly warm feeling you are talking about. That warm feeling which I can feel in my body to be its natural state.

  8. I’d love to be in your care even though I’d rather not be in hospital; I am always amazed how cold they keep it although I can understand that germs and bacteria and viruses thrive in the heat, as far as I know. Fortunately they had heated blankets in the hospital where I was last and, if you are very lucky, a foil that helps to insulate all the covers and stops them from cooling down too fast.

  9. I am just about to buy a very expensive warm Winter Jacket- every Cent worth, as there is nothing more disturbing than being cold. I hate it when I have to tighten my body, when it is cold.

  10. I am very sensitive to cold. Recently I was out in the rain and cold and my body did not like this at all. Later that day I had a runny nose and cold – my body seems to instantly show me that it does not like getting cold and wet.

    1. I have always been sensitive to cold but it got much more in detail, since I expanded in moving my body in a tender, open and loving way. And it gets “worse”. I cannot make any compromises anymore- even not the littlest.

  11. Whenever I get cold I ponder on this article. I was cold at work recently and rather than staying cold and suffering I expressed this and asked to get a blanket to warm myself up, this felt really loving to do so and stopped the pain of the cold on my body.

  12. Here in the UK it’s winter and coooollllldddd. The frost is thick this morning, but how beautiful with the clear skies when I am wrapped up snug.Delicious.

    1. Where I live we don’t get the cold as you do in the UK, but that doesn’t stop me from lovingly rugging up on chilly days. One of my most favourite things is to walk out on a very chilly, but beautifully fine morning, all snuggly and warm, and so able to enjoy all the day is offering. Yes it feels ‘delicious”!

  13. I also love to be warm. I am noticing how much my body does not like to be cold – yesterday I got cold and wet and my knee started to ache and my body felt tense. It is a lesson for me to honour my body and not end up in situations where I will get cold and wet like this, because the harm it causes feels very unloving for my body.

  14. I love being warm as well, there is something super yummy about being all wrapped up warm and cosy. I find when I get cold, I start to shiver a bit and feel my body going into fight or flight mode whereas when I’m warm I can surrender into myself much more easily.

  15. I love being warm, and I can’t stand being cold, everything is so much more effort and I can struggle to do the simplest of things. When I am warm life flows and I can move easily from one thing to the next, without my body feeling tight and constricted from the cold.

  16. I read this blog today and loved that I reached for an extra layer to support me in the cold today. I feel very supported and it simply acts as a reflection for others to also nurture themselves.

    1. Our body is worth taking care of and nurturing in the smallest and biggest ways. And, I reckon our reflection is the most powerful way to share and learn.

    1. It is like being in a reaction, when we are cold. We contract physically and as our body is our best friend in being open, observing and responding, we should never dismiss any kind of feeling cold. As that tightening of the body can then easily lead up to thoughts that equal that contraction.

  17. Being sensitive to temperature and honouring that is super cool, I know I have made myself ill before by not honouring those little but super important requests that come from my body.

  18. I love being warm too. Lately I bought a car and put heating for my seat in it. This is just do lovely for my back and kidneys.

  19. Interesting even in the heat, I always carry a jacket with me as the air-conditioning can be very cold. If I can I often turn the air-conditioning off. I would rather a room be warmer than icy, even in the heat.

    1. In the summer I find I can get very cold at the supermarket next to the chillers and so I always do my weekly shop with plenty of layers on. My children always regret coming in without a jumper on despite my warnings, and they can’t race off from the fridges fast enough!

      1. Your children’s reaction to the chillers just goes to show how sensitive we all are. Question is: do we toughen up and clobber it or do we honour and deepen it?

      2. Gabriele, the amount of toughening up I see with children who say they are impervious to the cold, when they are clearly feeling it is testament to the fact that society prefers the former choice. On many occassions I have observed school boys in shorts in the depth of winter here in England, with short sleeve tops on, albeit under a jumper. I look at their bare legs and seriously wonder at their body temperature!

    2. When the air-con is on at work I sit there with a jumper and a scarf because of the draft. Some walk around with no sleeve dresses and think it’s funny but to me, there’s nothing worse than feeling cold, and then when I go outside into the warm it’s as if my body takes a sigh and soaks in the warmth.

  20. I have just discovered an electric blanket that you can wrap around yourself like a normal blanket. I have never enjoyed such gorgeous cuddles from my kids. I think they might have appreciated the warmth too!

  21. I can say I love being warm as well. So it was interesting last week when in a state of turmoil due to a tense situation that I could less care to be warm and felt even worse! How I treat my body is a great way to show me how I am with what my body is feeling at any given time.

    1. I love the stylish Rowena, as that is always important to me too and feels so honouring to my being to treat it with such a respect.

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