I Love Being Warm

I was pondering recently on how much “I love being warm.” It’s winter where I live and I was appreciating the care and the detail I take in ensuring that I am warm wherever I go and no matter what I am doing.

I often received comments such as, “You must be a cold fish,” but that is not entirely true. What I do love is to feel warm and toasty in the cooler winter months. I love how my body feels when I am warm, whereas my body does not enjoy being cold at all. Many years ago I was camping in Europe in winter and it was not a pleasant experience – I was literally cold to my bones. I found that being cold is painful to the body and it does hurt.

I love going out for a walk either in the morning or in the evening all rugged up and with no tension in my body due to being cold, and then be able to walk at the pace that I feel to, rather than pushing my body to warm up because I am feeling cold. Because I support myself in this way, going out for a walk in the cold remains an enjoyment rather than something I need to do.

It really is a beautiful feeling walking in the cold, without an ounce of cold in your body.

I am very meticulous in what I am wearing from the material in the scarf that I want to wear, to how thick do my gloves need to be, to do I need to wear tights under my trousers today, does my beanie need to cover my ears today? The detail in what I wear is everything.

Then there is the joy of my car seat heating. As my car seat warms I feel like I am being held snugly within the warm car seat. As with when I am out walking, there is no tension at all in my body as I drive off to work in the cool morning. My lower back is gently warmed by the seat, which supports how I hold the steering wheel and how relaxed my legs are on the pedals.

My electric blanket, my heated lower back/kidney warmer and my sheepskin lined boots are just additional beautiful touches that support my body to be comfortable in the cold and to be able to rest very deeply.

Because of how I feel when I am warm, I am very aware of how this can also support patients in my care. When I used to work night duty for example, I would leave the heaters on overnight in the bathroom so that patients getting out of a warm bed in the middle of a cold night would have a warm bathroom to go to. If someone was particularly cold I would also get a warm blanket out of the blanket warmer for them. I have often received comments by patients about how warm my hands are when I am touching them… I know this helps them feel more settled.

Now it may sound like an obsession, but it’s not. It’s actually about being very caring and nurturing with my body, and my body really does love it. When I feel warm I can feel the love in the way that I care for myself and how this supports me to be able to feel the delicateness in how I move my body. I feel snug, I feel warm, I feel very nurtured and deeply cared for. I feel loved and I am choosing this way for myself. Although I am choosing this for myself, the quality of the way I now care for myself makes all the difference in how I am with others.

By Jennifer Smith – Woman, lover of being warm, a nurse with warm hands

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902 thoughts on “I Love Being Warm

  1. A warm body is so effective in allowing us to feel the chill and thus avoid any illness that would come our way because we have been caught in a place where it is cold and we are not prepared with the things to keep us warm.

    1. Gregbarnes888 I have just spent four days in a country that has air-conditioning on all the time, so the hotel room was cold, the exhibition hall was freezing, I spent 8 hours in freezing conditions. In the evening when the sun went down it was freezing outside and because via clever marketing everyone expects the country to be hot all the time, everyone is wearing light summer clothing, no one seems to notice how cold it is, its as though we go into a construct to keep up the appearance that its hot when actually its freezing no one wants to admit to being duped and that they are cold. There are fans everywhere blowing cold air down even outside when they are not needed. It seems this particular country has decided to attract the tourist it doesn’t have seasons it’s always hot and so the air conditioning is on irrespective of the time of year. So, consequently I have a cold because my body got too cold as I wasn’t wearing clothes that kept me sufficiently warm.

  2. I hate being cold as our bodies just contract with it. The worst thing for me is a cold swimming pool there is no chance of getting into a cold public swimming pool I just don’t see the point. Thankfully, I live close to a swimming pool that is not only beautifully kept but the water is toasty and warm as is the air temperature and the showers, this combination allows my body to relax and it is then such a pleasure to go swimming. Having had this experience it doesn’t make any sense to me that swimming pools are so cold and uninviting.

  3. “Although I am choosing this for myself, the quality of the way I now care for myself makes all the difference in how I am with others.” Parenting ourselves with love we then parent others with an equal love.

    1. I saw this in action today Mary with someone I haven’t seen for at least a year and the change in them was quite remarkable they had such a quality of self regard and self love, the hardness I could feel that had been there as part of their defence against others and from life had disappeared in its place was a depth of quality that could be felt. I could feel heaven in that person and if we could all reflect this quality of heaven it would make all the difference to our lives.

  4. Being cold and catching a cold must some how be related. If we allow our bodies to get colder than we are naturally used to then are we setting our-selves up for the lung condition we call a cold? Could this be because of the disregarding cold we are living our lives in?

  5. The body feels more at ease in a warmer climate because when it’s cold it takes more energy to keep warm. There’s nothing like that feeling of openness when the body feels the heat of the sun after a cold winter.

  6. I love how much you love you ❤️ and of course when we up the love and care for ourselves it gives the space, opportunity and reflection for others to up the love for themselves ✨

  7. Being willing to feel the burning fire that is within! And would their ever be another choice once the Soul and the fiery essence is felt! So to be lukewarm is never freeing and thus being Soul-full becomes our natural-fiery way of living.

  8. I sit here reading this with a fluffy hot water bottle on my lower back, the electric blanket is on already waiting from me to jump into bed, and then of course there is my husband and his amazing cuddles… I love being warm.

    1. That’s really cute Annoymous, I adore my electric blanket in the wintertime, it is something I would not be without. There is nothing more delicious than getting into a warm bed, it really supports me to easily drift off to sleep. I introduced the electric blanket to a family member and they bought one for themselves to take back to Europe because they also saw how deliciously supportive an electric blanket can be for sleeping.

  9. Warmth brings a level of security, reassurance & comfort. This is because of our association with what the warmth represents – a connection to our soul for there is nothing more reassuring & safe than walking in connection to who you are.

  10. Self-care and Self-Love even just the smallest action or movement towards this for ourselves ignites and builds the inner glow, the inner fire ✨

  11. “I feel warm, I feel very nurtured and deeply cared for.” Ensuring we feel warm is an essential ingredient of self-care and self-nurturing.

  12. Often at work, the back door is propped open and the room becomes very drafty and then in the summer, the aircon is on full blast. Even though we have a corporate dress code I sit in my coat and scarves – there’s nothing worse than being cold.

  13. Jennifer, beautiful to read the deeply loving and nurturing way you keep your body warm in winter. Simply gorgeous.

  14. Thank you Jennifer, I enjoyed the level of detail you employed to deeply nurture yourself such as the thickness of glove and the fabric of your scarf. I am intending to buy some lovely thermal garments to keep me warmer this winter. I agree, the body does relax and settle when it’s warm and well taken care of, and we may not even realise how lovely our body can feel until we take steps to more deeply care for ourselves.

  15. The weather has just got colder and the discomfort in my body is awful. I can feel that I am contracted and not able to fully relax. I am supporting myself as best as I can with thermals and layers but it doesn’t feel like I am heating up deeply on the inside. I agree our bodies adore being warm.

    1. Alexis I agree our bodies adore being warm one of the joys of going to bed in the winter is getting into a warm heated bed, it is definitely worth investing in a quality heated under blanket.

  16. When we’re cold, we actually start to do things faster in order to get it done and over with & move on. But in that the quality of what we are doing is compromised & to see a job done in good quality is heartfelt, the other stuff is not even worth entertaining.

  17. I love being warm too. Taking care of ourselves is so important and has a huge ripple affect in the rest of our life when we do .. and others!

  18. I also hate being cold, I hate cold water, so if a swimming pool isn’t warm then I head for the steam room if there is one.
    I got caught out recently it was a warm day and I was going out to supper with friends and I felt to take a jacket but then forgot and as the sun went down it got really chilly and it is painful on our bodies and it does hurt and we all felt the discomfort of being chilled. It doesn’t help when restaurants have the air conditioning on when it is obviously not needed.

  19. In the UK we had our taste of Summer for a week in February this year. Last year it was during Easter. We are meant to be warm, we are warm-blooded mammals after all. Yesterday is was single degrees and very windy to the point of eye-watering. I was toastie, but there were a few men that had no coats. In the past, I can relate to the energy required to support that hardness. And that hardness creeps in everything in your life.

    1. That’s a great point you raise Steve that a lot of energy is used to keep warm if we are not adequately dressed for cold weather and this must harden the body as it tries to protect itself against the cold.

  20. I grew up in a place that had four proper seasons. There were winters with lots of snow and months of minus temperatures. But we would rug-up to keep warm and enjoy the weather and the outside activities it allowed.

  21. I agree with you Jennifer when you say
    “I found that being cold is painful to the body and it does hurt.”
    I hate being cold there is nothing worse it is painful to the body and I can feel my whole body contracting.
    That’s one of the reason I don’t like going to public swimming pools they are generally kept so cold. When you get into the water you can feel your whole body shrinking into itself. I find the changing rooms are cold and feel damp, the showers are at best tepid. It really is an unpleasant experience. We have a local swimming pool that is the complete opposite. The building is warm and inviting, the changing rooms are warm too, so are the showers and the water is a constant warm temperature so that when you walk down the steps into the water instead of your body contracting with cold it expands with the warmth of the water. Such a different experience and as it is always busy many other people think so too.

  22. It’s a beautiful conversation when we can feel how our body likes to be and we listen and start making adjustment to get it to the exact details.

    1. I love to listen to my body now, this is a complete change around from when I was in my twenties when I did not listen and completely disregarded what it was communicating to me. It’s now asking me to put a fleece on because the window is open and there’s a draught 🙂

  23. A cold day is a great reason to snug up and keep warm – the body loves this, and if the body was interviewed would declare it so. Being cold is a bit like needing to go to the toilet but not really doing anything about it – you can’t really sit still and you fidget and your shiver and you just want to get warm/go to the loo and there is no real ‘rest’ till you have warmed up or been to the loo.

    1. It’s a funny thing, I find myself time and time again needing to go to the loo and not going. I can feel the discomfort and lack of settlement in my body but still I choose to ignore it. Often this is exacerbated when I’m at work and am trying to get something done. I do recognise the ludicrousness of the situation and also know that the only way out of this behaviour is to start to choose my way out until the behaviour is no more.

      1. Alexis some of our behaviour is instantaneous it’s like a hair trigger and you’re right there back in a situation you told yourself wouldn’t happen again. Sometimes we have to pick apart our reactions to life so that nothing is left as a trigger point, then we can say we have truly healed when there is no reaction the behaviour is no more.

  24. What I love about being warm and sometimes on the edge of ‘too’ warm, is that it invites me to let go of any tension, angst or fight and be much more surrendered and flowing with life. This means I am much more open to seeing the magic and learning on offer.

    1. Spot on Matilda – sometimes that extra bit of warmth allows one to surrender that much deeper and so much more can come from this when we allow it.

  25. Yesterday I had to work out in the snow, which in the past I would not have enjoyed or appreciated as I disliked and found the cold painful. However, I actually enjoyed it as I ensured I was appropriately clothed so I kept warm, even against the wind, and to me was confirmation of the deeper loving care I now take care of myself.

    1. Many people say they don’t like the rain or cold or wind, I often point out is it the weathers fault or people’s lack of being prepared? All wrapped up I don’t mind being out in the rain or cold, they are needed in our world.

  26. I grew up in the middle of the US by Canada and we had four proper seasons. There is currently an artic vortex making a large area of the country dangerously cold. Two days ago the record low temp was -36c with a wind chill factor of -66c. What I found that was interesting is that a severe weather warning is only issued when the temperature exceeds -35c. So, is -34c just a normal cold day? What are we doing to our body to harden ourselves to live in this kind of environment?

  27. There is a huge difference between preparing and nurturing ourselves to be warm and the force that comes with warming ourselves up. It is the attention to detail that makes all the difference because we are so worth looking after and caring for.

  28. ‘It really is a beautiful feeling walking in the cold, without an ounce of cold in your body.’ This really is a simple pleasure that I felt the other day. The cold weather, when not cold, is at a time of year that is subtly beautiful. The skies are pale pinks, greys and blues and frosts are very pretty. It’s lovely to be out enjoying them and feeling warm.

  29. Today I had to drop my car off to be fixed. It’s super cold but as I walked away I realised I’d left my warm mittens in the car. I deliberated, was it worth walking back a wee way to the garage and getting them out? And then I asked myself was it worth it walking home and getting super cold hands? No. So I went and got them. I feel like this blog has helped me say actually every moment matters and to not ‘make do’.

    1. Yesterday after helping a friend who’s house had flooded and then feeling the cold from being wet I went to the car and put on dry clothes it made all the difference to my body warmth.

    2. When you say Karin, that actually every moment matters it brings home to me just how many moments we waste in our disconnection to God and the love that we are and can claim ourselves to be

  30. I really enjoy this article and shared it with a friend; me talking about loving being warm confirmed to her how much she too loves to be warm and we shared the ways in which we keep ourselves warm, a very inspiring blog, thank you.

  31. If we take care of ourselves we have the awareness to take care of others, even if they do not realise it themselves. When I worked with the elderly several of the ladies used to comment on how gentle I was when applying the creams or brushing their hair.

    1. Julie I noticed how the ladies in the ward loved having me put hand cream on their hands and giving them a gentle massage. They could feel how they had not given themselves this attention but absolutely loved the contact and they enjoyed the few minutes of intimacy with a fellow human-being where nothing was being asked of them except to sit back and enjoy the hand massage, they also adored the cream too as it smelt of English Roses.

  32. ‘Although I am choosing this for myself, the quality of the way I now care for myself makes all the difference in how I am with others.’ I’ve noticed people can feel that quality of care taken for yourself, they can be inspired by it, and that care naturally extends out to others.

  33. My feet, and indeed my whole body, love it when I put my boots or shoes on the radiator with my clothes in the morning to warm up so when I go out in the morning I am toasty warm all over.

    1. Absoulutely, feeling our whole body warmth will always deepen our connection to our essences that inner radiator that is always feeling the depth of our warmth even when we pass-over.

  34. Don’t you just Love these balmy summer evenings when the temperature does not get below 25c? AW! Snuggling up under a doona and have a deep rest-full and repose-full sleep you wake refreshed and vital for the next day.

    1. Greg, living in the UK I dream of balmy summer days that actually reach 25c during the day let alone those temperatures remaining anywhere near that at night… but hey I can’t complain we have amazingly insulated houses and great central heating systems.

      1. Ha ha I just thought that as well! Yep I would love balmy summer evenings where the temperature does not get below 25c …. erm but in the UK that does not seem to happen much! 😶

      2. Absoulutely amazing the way we can now look after simple things like keeping warm with the heating systems we now have available, and tonight it is 24.7c.

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