I Love Being Warm

I was pondering recently on how much “I love being warm.” It’s winter where I live and I was appreciating the care and the detail I take in ensuring that I am warm wherever I go and no matter what I am doing.

I often received comments such as, “You must be a cold fish,” but that is not entirely true. What I do love is to feel warm and toasty in the cooler winter months. I love how my body feels when I am warm, whereas my body does not enjoy being cold at all. Many years ago I was camping in Europe in winter and it was not a pleasant experience – I was literally cold to my bones. I found that being cold is painful to the body and it does hurt.

I love going out for a walk either in the morning or in the evening all rugged up and with no tension in my body due to being cold, and then be able to walk at the pace that I feel to, rather than pushing my body to warm up because I am feeling cold. Because I support myself in this way, going out for a walk in the cold remains an enjoyment rather than something I need to do.

It really is a beautiful feeling walking in the cold, without an ounce of cold in your body.

I am very meticulous in what I am wearing from the material in the scarf that I want to wear, to how thick do my gloves need to be, to do I need to wear tights under my trousers today, does my beanie need to cover my ears today? The detail in what I wear is everything.

Then there is the joy of my car seat heating. As my car seat warms I feel like I am being held snugly within the warm car seat. As with when I am out walking, there is no tension at all in my body as I drive off to work in the cool morning. My lower back is gently warmed by the seat, which supports how I hold the steering wheel and how relaxed my legs are on the pedals.

My electric blanket, my heated lower back/kidney warmer and my sheepskin lined boots are just additional beautiful touches that support my body to be comfortable in the cold and to be able to rest very deeply.

Because of how I feel when I am warm, I am very aware of how this can also support patients in my care. When I used to work night duty for example, I would leave the heaters on overnight in the bathroom so that patients getting out of a warm bed in the middle of a cold night would have a warm bathroom to go to. If someone was particularly cold I would also get a warm blanket out of the blanket warmer for them. I have often received comments by patients about how warm my hands are when I am touching them… I know this helps them feel more settled.

Now it may sound like an obsession, but it’s not. It’s actually about being very caring and nurturing with my body, and my body really does love it. When I feel warm I can feel the love in the way that I care for myself and how this supports me to be able to feel the delicateness in how I move my body. I feel snug, I feel warm, I feel very nurtured and deeply cared for. I feel loved and I am choosing this way for myself. Although I am choosing this for myself, the quality of the way I now care for myself makes all the difference in how I am with others.

By Jennifer Smith – Woman, lover of being warm, a nurse with warm hands

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453 thoughts on “I Love Being Warm

  1. Since reading this blog, I am appreciating how much I have deepened in my self-care routine, in that nothing is too much effort to ensure that all my primary needs are taken care, for example, making batches of food, so always have food to hand, preparing for bed, having lots of space in the morning to get ready for work, including reading a few blogs, buying thick socks and boots for the winter, with gloves, hat and scraves, to keep every part of my body warm. I love being organised and well prepared which is a great foundation for my day ahead.

  2. Warmth allows the body to relax, the muscles to loosen and the joints to limber up. Warmth supports the blood flow and the exchange of nutrients and the removal of wastes. Warmth is hence something that supports the body to feel. The more we can feel the more we can then know exactly what is needed in a given situation. Thank you Jen for this beautiful reminder of how warmth is a key ingredient in living life to the fullest.

  3. Today I was walking all rugged up in a coat and scarf because it was cold… I could have focused on the fact that it was a cold day, and hurry into the building, tensing up my body as i briskly walked, but instead I took notice of the heat and warmth in and surrounding my body… It is beautiful to let yourself feel and acknowledge this warmth as it confirms the love of you to yourself and the love within you, within your body… We have a choice to focus and remain connected with our body… or not… and staying connected makes ALL the difference in your day!

  4. The title of this blog makes me smile, for who does not love being warm. You never hear anyone say ‘I love being cold’ yet still may of us do not adequately nurture ourselves in this way. What we do see is the effect this coldness has not only on our bodies but also on our state of mind and being.

  5. Being held for nine months in utero in what I would imagine is a sea of absolute warmth and stillness could possibly explain our natural inclination toward feeling at ease and at one with ourselves when we are warm and cosy.

  6. When we are cold to our bones it creates an enormous tension, hardness and contraction in our bodies, whereas warmth allows our bodies to relax and feel expansive… and every cell in our body feels loved and cherished.

  7. The love we are is felt in our hearts and the warmth in our bodies and this is something I am appreciating and treasuring with the nurturing that comes from honouring this. The way we dress for the weather out side and the care taken with ourselves and what we do in keeping warm is very special.

  8. I unexpected needed to bath my dog today (as you do) and he made it perfectly clear as always that bathing in warm water is one thing, but the cold initial rinse is something else entirely! We are not alone in liking to be warm. The last time I went into the sea was on a boiling hot day last year but it was a real shock and I’m not sure that I would repeat it in the UK – the contraction physically in my body just wasn’t worth it.

  9. When I was younger I used to ignore the cold and wear skimpy clothes which I thought made me look more attractive. I wonder if the many people who go around in the same manner have similar reasoning. Now that I pay more attention to my body, I can feel how tense it gets in the cold. It is obvious that during those moments I can’t possibly be expressing my fullness in any sense of the way.

  10. Layers of clothing, warm blankets, electric heaters, all are necessary for my personal comfort. I just watched a programme about the Innuit (Eskimos) – they know about how to keep warm, although why any humans would choose to live in that part of the world is beyond me, but they do seem to be very joyful.

  11. When we are warm it makes such a difference it is equally important as connecting to ourselves and others (which when we are connected brings an inner warmth). When I was reading this what came to me was the elderly or older people particularly in colder countries and how we do not care for them as much as we could. It does not take much to be there for another and if all of the younger generation did this for the older generation wow what a difference that would make!

  12. I so agree that ‘being cold is painful to the body and it does hurt’, so being tender and loving to ourselves is crucial in determining the quality we live in.

  13. Really paying attention to the needs of the body, like staying warm has a beautiful effect on the relationship we have with ourselves. From such simple actions self-worth can grow with a settlement in the body leading to more empowered expression and a rising sense of purpose.

  14. It’s interesting that we ridicule what others do in this way when in fact they are offering us the opportunity to consider just how much we are or are not making choices to support ourselves in what we do.

  15. It doesn’t sound like an obsession at all, Jennifer. It makes absolute sense when I read what you have written and my body responds in kind… it too loves to be warm and I am just off to get myself a scarf for that extra snuggle and release of any tension.

  16. We have had such a great summer this year and although I know I can rug up against the coming winter I am still going to miss the warmth of that sun, there is nothing quite like it.

  17. There is nothing worse than that feeling in the body when you are cold and you have to clench up to brace against the feeling. There is a beautiful relaxing quality to being warm and I often find when I am in a warm climate I feel less tired and tense and more at ease because my body is free to just let go

    1. I agree, the hardness and stiffness that automatically happens in the body when it is cold is extremely uncomfortable and affects every movement made in that quality.

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