I Love Being Warm

I was pondering recently on how much “I love being warm.” It’s winter where I live and I was appreciating the care and the detail I take in ensuring that I am warm wherever I go and no matter what I am doing.

I often received comments such as, “You must be a cold fish,” but that is not entirely true. What I do love is to feel warm and toasty in the cooler winter months. I love how my body feels when I am warm, whereas my body does not enjoy being cold at all. Many years ago I was camping in Europe in winter and it was not a pleasant experience – I was literally cold to my bones. I found that being cold is painful to the body and it does hurt.

I love going out for a walk either in the morning or in the evening all rugged up and with no tension in my body due to being cold, and then be able to walk at the pace that I feel to, rather than pushing my body to warm up because I am feeling cold. Because I support myself in this way, going out for a walk in the cold remains an enjoyment rather than something I need to do.

It really is a beautiful feeling walking in the cold, without an ounce of cold in your body.

I am very meticulous in what I am wearing from the material in the scarf that I want to wear, to how thick do my gloves need to be, to do I need to wear tights under my trousers today, does my beanie need to cover my ears today? The detail in what I wear is everything.

Then there is the joy of my car seat heating. As my car seat warms I feel like I am being held snugly within the warm car seat. As with when I am out walking, there is no tension at all in my body as I drive off to work in the cool morning. My lower back is gently warmed by the seat, which supports how I hold the steering wheel and how relaxed my legs are on the pedals.

My electric blanket, my heated lower back/kidney warmer and my sheepskin lined boots are just additional beautiful touches that support my body to be comfortable in the cold and to be able to rest very deeply.

Because of how I feel when I am warm, I am very aware of how this can also support patients in my care. When I used to work night duty for example, I would leave the heaters on overnight in the bathroom so that patients getting out of a warm bed in the middle of a cold night would have a warm bathroom to go to. If someone was particularly cold I would also get a warm blanket out of the blanket warmer for them. I have often received comments by patients about how warm my hands are when I am touching them… I know this helps them feel more settled.

Now it may sound like an obsession, but it’s not. It’s actually about being very caring and nurturing with my body, and my body really does love it. When I feel warm I can feel the love in the way that I care for myself and how this supports me to be able to feel the delicateness in how I move my body. I feel snug, I feel warm, I feel very nurtured and deeply cared for. I feel loved and I am choosing this way for myself. Although I am choosing this for myself, the quality of the way I now care for myself makes all the difference in how I am with others.

By Jennifer Smith – Woman, lover of being warm, a nurse with warm hands

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740 thoughts on “I Love Being Warm

  1. I too love being warm/ “It’s actually about being very caring and nurturing with my body, and my body really does love it. When I feel warm I can feel the love in the way that I care for myself and how this supports me to be able to feel the delicateness in how I move my body” I was in Canada recently and hired a warm parka, trousers and boots and together with my thermals I felt toasty and snug outside even in temperatures below freezing. No cold fingers or toes – magic!

  2. Jennifer I get similar comments from people as I cannot bear being cold. And it seems to get more noticeable as I get older, I hate cold water too and so wont go swimming if the water is cold as my whole body goes stiff. My ideal country as far as warmth is concerned is Singapore I adore the warm humid conditions there I can actually feel my body unraveling from the tensions we all seem to carry within our bodies without noticing.

  3. I definitely appreciate all the care I take to keep myself warm. I am also at a time in life when I can have hot and cold moments all of my own too, so temperature regulation is an all day matter.

  4. Reading this I remember I’ve been given some sheepskin car seat covers – this year I’ll put them on as I’ve read they keep us warm but also cool in the summer…

    1. That sounds lovely Karin. I noticed the other freezing morning I would have loved a heated steering wheel, driving in gloves is not quite the same, but a necessity in winter.

  5. Not to pamper or indulge in it, that’s often the remark people make when I say I love to be warm, as if we can spoil ourselves with taking care of the body being warm but ‘I feel snug, I feel warm, I feel very nurtured and deeply cared for.’ is what the body needs.

      1. And maintaining that level of warmth as you have shared Adele, is “deeply nurturing” and normal so that our body responds with an appreciative-ness that feels transformational.

  6. To take that level of care and nurturing to another level feels so delicious and honouring to the body, its crazy that we dont all take care of ourselves in this way all of the time.

  7. I like to adjust my clothing to suit how my body feels, for example just because I’m in a heated house it doesn’t mean I can assume I’ll be warm or my body cared for in the way it needs, – for example this morning I felt I needed a light scarf around my neck as I worked and a jumper or top that was snug around my mid/lower back, rather than a lose fitting top or jumper.

  8. What I’ve started to appreciate is the real warmth comes from that feeling on at ease in my body, when I feel a ‘fire’ running through me. This can be in summer or winter, but in order to feel that I know the first step now is to take care of how I am with myself, my clothes, my warmth, my food etc..

  9. ‘I feel snug, I feel warm, I feel very nurtured and deeply cared for.’ This is really gorgeous, it reminds me of how we would look after a baby or young child. It is beautiful to also care for and nurture ourselves as adults in this way too.

  10. Jennifer, I also love to be warm. Now it is cold where I live I have a hot water bottle to warm my bed and a warm eye pillow, a warm duvet and blanket. This feels really loving and supportive and allows me to sleep well and feel nurtured.

  11. “You must be a cold fish” could be really saying, “stop reflecting the deep level of self care you are taking for yourself because it is exposing how much I do not want to take that love and care for myself.”

  12. Having the detail in place makes a lot of difference when it comes to keeping ourselves warm. Sometimes we make do but there is nothing worse than bracing ourselves against the cold and hardening to keep warm; it’s so exhausting.

  13. It is important that we also claim at work to have the temperature right to work in and if needed clothes to adjust in certain temperatures.

  14. When I was a little girl my mother would buy me fur lined boots as I was very prone to chilblains living in cold rural parts after we returned from living in warmer lands. I have very fond memories of this particularly loving gesture and having something bought for me that wasn’t a hand me down.

  15. To wear layers so you adjust to situations is a loving thing to do. It is also a moment to check how your body is doing and what else is needed.

  16. For me car seat heating is essential- Men often find it weird to use, as they learn from young age on that only when you are “sensitive” you use it, which is a negativ judgement. I even heard that there is the rumour to become impotent from seat heating?! There you can see, what believes and lies get spread only to stay tough and non called sensitive. I love sensitive men!

    1. I now have a car with heated seats and love them. How do we drive in a cold car? Does not cold stiffen everything? What does this contraction of our body do, to the way we drive when we are cold?

      1. It actually puts us automatically into time, as we want to naturally get out of the cold. Driving in time and not space does not feel as surrendered as it could be.

  17. Since I read your blog for the first time, I am even more nurturing with my body when it is cold and I can say it feels amazing to take care even for the slightest moments. Every moment counts.

  18. There is a joy and nurturing felt in our bodies when we are warm and cosy and this is so beautiful and expansive to feel. I often reflect on the homeless on the streets in cold weather and or nights and feel how far we have come from our true way of being and our separation from this as humanity.

    1. There is nothing more beautiful in the coldness of winter to snuggle into your warm cosy clothes, sit maybe even on the fireplace, drinking a warm tea. Every season has its beauty, in winter this is simply the greatest way to nurture yourself.

  19. One of the most fundamental ways I can care for or abuse myself is through warmth. Sometimes I will find myself caught up in tasks and only vaguely aware my feet or arms are cold. When I let myself feel this, I am surprised what I have been putting up with, thinking I will get more clothes in a minute. When I stop and get some clothes, I get to feel warm and the bonus of actually feeling that I am worth caring for in simple and practical ways.

  20. The temperature where I live has dropped considerably in the last few days, and the warm coat, scarves, gloves etc have all come out of the cupboard. But I do notice how much harder my body has to work to keep warm when the weather is cold and how important it is that I take extra care of myself so that I don’t add to the extra work it has to do, by getting over tired for example.

    1. It’s true the body has to work harder if it’s cold. I’ve had several jobs which have required being outside and there’s nothing more miserable than waiting around in the cold for people to show up. By the time I’d get home I’d feel exhausted because of the extra tension held in the body.

  21. I love to give to myself and take care of all my own needs, love to be organised and prepared (especially with food), which is a great foundation to start my day. And I love to make sure I complete things before retiring to bed.

  22. If I keep my body warm I Can surrender more into my body.
    I can relax, the muscles loosen up and energetically I start to let go contractions.

    1. It is so true, when we are warm there is the space for the natural flow of the body in all its systems, blood and connective tissue.

      1. Definitely Jennym, I agree, how the body’s tissues love to be warm inside us. There is such a difference we can observe in our hands and arms when our hands are cold and our arms tight and rigid, and the shoulders braced against the wind, compared to wearing a hat, scarf and gloves in the same wind but the body is open and embracing because it feels so snug inside.

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