Security – Is This True Wealth and Success?

Although we have an innocence and awareness as children when we are born, very rarely do we pass over the same way we came in, as we can end up loaded with beliefs and ideals, issues, hurts, regrets and protection – everything we are not.

In a lifetime we can accumulate so much stuff in the way of material possessions: fancy cars, fancy clothes, accessories, houses, holiday homes, all the thousands of items we purchase to fill our homes and living spaces with – all potentially delaying our true evolution as we develop an appetite to accumulate and own.

Life passes and death approaches – and one may question: what have I done with my life? We rarely talk about death, but why wait till death approaches to have potential regrets?

What if we ask ourselves the questions now? What would be revealed? What needs letting go of? What needs changing? What relationships need attention and healing, and or ending? Where are we not committing? Where are we cruising and or indulging in comforts and in ignorance of a false sense of security, and at the same time resisting the expansion on offer?

Have we defined what security truly means for us? And if we have not, are we building security through material wealth and possessions at the expense and disregard of not connecting with the security of knowing who we are, and the wealth of energetic awareness and energetic truth that we all equally have access to?

The word ‘security’ has been bastardised so much that we humans have fallen into the trap of the temporal world of accumulating and owning, clogging up our living spaces with unnecessary stuff and baggage, clogging up our bodies with all we are not.

Clogging up free flowing space is a great way to stay contracted and not feel how much we miss ourselves, how much we miss the connection to our living stillness and the amazingness that we are.

True wealth is knowing who we are and living that – living life as we did as children when we were very clear, aware, clairsentient, reading life, reading energy, connected to and impulsed from our Soul, never being fooled by the exterior environment or by ‘nice words.’

True wealth is having the awareness that life is so much more than the physical and what we see with our eyes… we are energetic beings, thus our bodies are vehicles in which energy passes through all the time – either the energy of spirit or the energy of Soul, with both producing very different results:

Spirit – everything we are not (ideals, beliefs, hurts, protection, emotions, restricts space).

Soul – the fiery impulses of our Soul (love and brotherhood, all being equal – spacious).

Perhaps the true meaning of success is a simple matter of preparing and presenting a physical vehicle (the body) that is aligned to, and can hold the fiery energy of our Soul. In this alignment we can serve each other in our evolution in accordance with the universal and divine plan of where we are going next.

Living who we truly are is how we defeat the temporal illusionary falseness of security and the distractions of human life. And perhaps the only security to be sought after, to be pursued is to learn to love… starting with self. In the abundance of energetic fiery love we have everything we need, with success and wealth in the temporal, a byproduct which we are not attached to or invested in.

How we live will define the quality in which we pass over, thus when death approaches we will be ready, instead of feeling regret over what we have accumulated as ‘security,’ being prepared to leave an imprint of evolution for others and for ourselves to come back to – perhaps this is the true meaning of responsibility and the true meaning of success.

“You are already great,

you just haven’t allowed your greatness out

simply because you learnt as a child

that it was not so comfortable for others.”
[Serge Benhayon (1)]

In deep gratitude to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for presenting The Ageless Wisdom which is an amazing support to return to living simply and living true to who we are, and as we do we can once again reclaim our energetic awareness and the energetic truth.


  1. Benhayon, Serge. (2011). Esoteric Teachings & Revelations. 1st ed. Goonellabah, N.S.W.: UniMed Publishing, p.398.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Scotland

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1,188 thoughts on “Security – Is This True Wealth and Success?

  1. Going for security in order to save ourselves from the ills of society, is just like hardening ourselves against others like an armour in order to protect ourselves from hurts. Neither of them really work and both of them end up limiting our expression, relationship and experience of the whole of life.

  2. Security is the reason/ cause/ trigger for staying small, being less and investing in looking okay but living in a quality that does nothing for others, only for our selves.

  3. “You are already great, you just haven’t allowed your greatness out simply because you learnt as a child that it was not so comfortable for others.” [Serge Benhayon (1)]
    What a priceless piece of wisdom this is and something that every child should have access to. Imagine a world where every child grew up knowing this about themselves. The world would undoubtedly be a very different place if this were the case.

  4. The things we do for security always reduce ourselves and others and don’t offer us any expansion or evolution. Whether we retreat, judge, don’t want stand for the truth, compete or calculate we actually avoid something else, something that evolves us, whether that is observation, understanding, responsibility or other values.

    1. In the drive for security, we become centric and blinkered, unaware of how we are impacting on others, concerned only for self and one’s immediate family. With society very much held under this consciousness, we can see its outplay in our politics, health care systems, education system and so much more. Society is broken, we do know it and yet ironically the drive for security increases as the cracks in the systems get ever wider.

      1. So true, Michelle, we are asked to consider all of us and not just ourselves, so in fact we have to move opposite to our learned impulse. Just when you feel stress or pressured in time we are invited to stop and connect to ourselves instead of working harder and losing the connection to space even more.

      2. There is a real liberation in this – to surrender and let go is to surrender oneself to the loving support of space where the way through and the answers are naturally given. The more we let go the more we are given, the less trying there is, the more flow. It never ceases to amaze me that the answers always come, sometimes from surprising sources, but come they do with grace and ease – but we have to be open and ready for them.

  5. Security that is a substitute for a lack of love and connection is not true wealth and success but it can at times be a foundation that makes love and connection more easily available.

  6. The clue in life is to clearly identify what we have adopted from the outside, see it as that it not belongs to us, and let it go. To return to from living what was always there: our essence.

  7. Is it because we live in the unsettlement of our bodies that is so uncomfortable to feel that we distract ourselves with food, drink, drugs, all the material possessions we can gather to ourselves. No matter how much we dull ourselves down not to feel, our bodies are showing us that to not evolve has consequences.

  8. Imagine passing over and having no regrets so that everyone you have interacted with feels complete and thus we are free to evolve. This is simply achievable by treating everyone with the decency and respect that we all deserve as equals.

  9. There is no greater security than the security that arises from the knowing that we are more than our physical body – no temporal artefact can surpass that.

  10. The more there is a richness in the heart the more secure we can feel as we notice more and more that this richness can remain even past death.

  11. ‘True wealth is knowing who we are and living that.’ This is a whole different take on success and makes sense. We can only bring what we live to any situation or person and that is down to us.

  12. “Although we have an innocence and awareness as children when we are born, very rarely do we pass over the same way we came in, as we can end up loaded with beliefs and ideals, issues, hurts, regrets and protection – everything we are not”. This is a thought-provoking comment. We should pass over with more than we had when we arrived if we have lived a full, loving and purposeful life but this is rarely the case. Another reason to review how we currently live.

    1. Yes, what a different way of life there is when we put the focus on deepening, developing and expanding the qualities with which we are born rather than endeavouring to make ourselves greater by our worldly achievements.

  13. We can latch onto things for a fake security and think that we are safe – but, we can’t control life, things happen unexpectedly and the things we have had the strongest attachment to can be taken away. Then we feel like the floor under our feet has disappeared and we have nothing to stand on – such is this fake security. The only way to feel truly stable in this world is to not have any attachment or pictures of how life should be, only then are we open and willing to receive whatever it is that comes our way.

  14. We all know that material wealth is not the answer to our woes but we have it define our life and strive for and cling onto it still hoping it brings us the inner settlement we so very much yearn for.

    1. If we don’t know what we are looking for we can then look for what most of those around us are looking for – wealth, security and success.

  15. Completing in a way that allows the next to be greater is very different from simply finishing to go to the next thing. The quality in which we live and do things determines whether it is the first or the second. We can experience this daily before we go to bed and how we complete our day. On a grander scale this applies to our whole life, do we live it for our next life to be greater or are we surviving and letting it come to an end?

  16. I looked up the etymology of ‘Security’ and could relate the meanings to both the spirit and Soul.
    ‘To make certain’ and ‘unexposed’ is when the spirit will control life to not feel vulnerable. But my vulnerability is linked with sensitivity, something I have come to value more and more.
    ‘Dreading no evil’ I can relate to Soul as when connected then no issues or antics of the spirit exist within my body.

  17. There is no amount of accumulated material possessions or achievements that can come not even close to the true settlement and sense of atonement that comes from living impulsed by our Soul. For in living in connection to who we are we live with the power, grace and wisdom of all that we are and are here to be. When with live with true purpose, impulsed by the light of our Soul, we live knowing what true fulfillment and success is.

    1. And at this stage accumulated material possessions become useful as they are not (or less) needed anymore to make us feel secure.

  18. There is with no doubt a lasting richness of being us in the world and claiming who we are – not holding back what we are able to reflect and receive.

  19. Maybe it’s time that as human beings we really start to look at where our insecurities are really stemming from rather than just trying to quell them by building a so called security based way of living around us.

  20. Security for me seems very linked to fear. When I am not living true to myself and feeling the confidence and presence that comes with that, then I fear or worry about the world around me and then it is easy to seek security in all its forms as a remedy for feeling insecure.

  21. The only way to find true security is through dealing with our hurts and then we have what brings true security and that is an open heart.

  22. “You are already great,
    you just haven’t allowed your greatness out
    simply because you learnt as a child
    that it was not so comfortable for others.”
    [Serge Benhayon (1)]

    I love this quote from the blog, I can feel how much we hold back as children because we don’t like to make people feel uncomfortable or want to feel the jealousy that comes when we hold onto our greatness and how amazing we all are.

  23. Strange if you think About it. We get born and feel very pure And innocent. Then we die with so much collected believes and ideals and so drifted away from the pureness. What happened? What is the use of life in this way?
    Should life not be about evolution?

    1. Indeed life is about evolving Sylvia, but it all comes back to energy and the energy we are choosing. Spirit and its wayward ways are anti-evolving whereas when we are impressed from our Soul, we know what our next evolving steps are. And there is no trying, we just know.

  24. What if we assessed our life in this way- I.e. where are we cruising or indulging, what needs attention, where are we being asked to step up. The closest I come to this is an appraisal at work – but what if we truly did a review of evolution for ourselves.

  25. I am one to have felt that life didn’t quite felt like it was it, and I sometimes still do, but what I have learnt is that when I am aware of the energetic factor life gets so much more fulfilling. And when I get the feeling of life not being it I have to simply deepen this awareness and connection with the divine because it has no peak, it’s ungoing.

  26. It is a very powerful statement ‘that the only security there is .. is to learn to love’. If in essence we are love it makes sense to reconnect with that and live that rather than grasp outwards for moments of love or happiness.

  27. There are many people walking this earth who seem to try and fill the hole left in them by not being connected to love with all the material objects they can obtain, but the hole can never be filled as it is a bottomless pit that can only be mended by love.

  28. We have made life very much about holding onto, and possession, while we are constantly asked to let go and surrender and expand.

  29. Jacqueline, I love how you explained the Spirit and the Soul so well. I never truly understood this until recent years that we can only ever connect to either our Soul or our Spirit at any given moment.

  30. This is very beautiful to read Jacqueline, it’s touched me deeply in its simplicity of entering the world in the purity of our essence and the importance of maintaining our connection to that, otherwise the false securities can come in and clog up our lives. It’s given me a really great marker to refer to.

    1. And those false securities clog up our bodies and after time we become sick as the body can no longer hold what is untrue and does not belong. The illness or big stop moment is an opportunity to release and heal, creating more space within our bodies to connect to our essence.

  31. I have seen some of the huge collections of “stuff” that people put a lot of energy into accumulating in their lifetimes, yet for what? Mostly it gathers up and then becomes a hazard in their home space when they become old or a burden on families to hear after their passing and often is not even that great for the collector who may have just done it for something to do to pass their time. If only we knew how delayed we are and how much there is to do, but not in this way, but by returning to the love that we come from, that resides inside us all.

    1. I have been in some houses with a huge amount of stuff and clutter, which felt uncomfortable to be there, with very little space almost to breathe… it goes without saying that when we clear from within ( our hurts), the outer starts to change as well.

  32. ‘Although we have an innocence and awareness as children when we are born, very rarely do we pass over the same way we came in’ This beginning to the blog really brings home that life is not made about evolution. To foster and build the child’s awareness, teaching him to understand the world as it actually is, with life being the end result of energy, we will have lives enriched rather than depreciated.

  33. Our choices to be all we are can only be like night or day. We are either front footed or on our heels and sitting on the fence is stagnation. Regrets should be seen as missed opportunity’s!

  34. I have recently been reviewing how much safety and security generally has shaped my life in terms of certain choices as this is what we are taught to do from an early age. But is it possible that the Soul’s impulse can be the focus of our choices and bring us pure gold way beyond the things we can be attached to?

    1. This strong need and drive to feel secure does influence all our choices, thus it is the game changer when we redefine the true meaning of security which comes from within, and then its possible to receive the Soul’s impulse.

  35. So many young people I meet are very insecure and in a state of anxiousness, and underneath lies a lack of connection with their own bodies as a foundational relationship that can guide them through daily life.

    1. Great observation Janet, I have noticed this too and I reckon this may also be related to the increase in cases of self-harm and cutting in younger and younger people.

    2. This state of anxiousness becomes so normal that we just learn to live with it, but actually it constantly drains our life force which was why I was always exhausted. The antidote is the reconnection with our bodies and our beingness.

  36. I am becoming more aware that I need to be open to what is needed and be prepared for anything without conditions about my security and so forth and to trust in the instant knowing and recognition of an impulse and constellation when it comes from Soul and that the tendency to create periods of negotiation are just delay.

  37. “Clogging up free flowing space is a great way to stay contracted and not feel how much we miss ourselves” – I did a bit of that last night actually, good to get clearer on what I was doing, thank you.

  38. An opportunity for us all to consider and reflect on the truth about material success and security versus the richness of connecting with our soul through our inner heart and claiming the truth of who we are.

  39. I think that is a striking quote, one for every adult to really ponder and take stick over any time we essentially crush the light and feeling out of children around us down to pure jealousy. Horrible to look at, to feel but that’s the only way we can heal.

  40. I felt ‘clogged up’ reading this blog. I had such a confirming amazing day and may have been a little enthralled by all that happened. It was truly confirming just how amazing I am and what’s possible, always possible, in the true success. The ‘clog up’ feeling now is not foot steps I need to complete my glorious day. My next blog I read will be on completion. It just shows all is meant with our intent.

  41. Security gives us a choice to be in comfort or to explore truth and love. Most of the time we choose comfort but if we started out looking for truth and love then security can very much support this endeavour.

  42. If we reduce our lives to simply function we have reduced the meaning of success and purpose, for we are a being within the human body and there is so much more to us than as an individual.

  43. Thanks to Serge Benhayon this life I will die with much less believes then ever.
    All the bodywork I do with undergoing esoteric healing sessions shakes all loose.

    1. Yes Sylvia, through all the many courses I have attended by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, all the esoteric healing sessions (bodywork), I have cleared so much old baggage from my body, and healed old ingrained habits/patterns that kept me from evolving. I have come to appreciate my body and to listen to all it has to communicate with me and to appreciate how far I have come by making different lifestyle choices that have provided me with more awareness.

    2. It’s a great conversation about the Universal Medicine therapies, before the esoteric modalities I tried many of the so called alternative and complementary therapies, but nothing has worked for me until I found Serge’s modalities. They do help the body to clear all the falseness we have lived and accumulated so our true inner self, the loving essence of who we are, can be lived from again.

      1. This is my experience too Melinda that everything I tried in the past did not work but in fact buried my stuff deeper, true! I got to discover this when I found Serge’s modalities and stuff that I thought I had cleared resurfaced to be cleared from my body.

      2. Same here Melinda, the difference with Universal Medicine Therapies is incredible, having tried many others I know what choose as the difference in the world is amazing.

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