Security – Is This True Wealth and Success?

Although we have an innocence and awareness as children when we are born, very rarely do we pass over the same way we came in, as we can end up loaded with beliefs and ideals, issues, hurts, regrets and protection – everything we are not.

In a lifetime we can accumulate so much stuff in the way of material possessions: fancy cars, fancy clothes, accessories, houses, holiday homes, all the thousands of items we purchase to fill our homes and living spaces with – all potentially delaying our true evolution as we develop an appetite to accumulate and own.

Life passes and death approaches – and one may question: what have I done with my life? We rarely talk about death, but why wait till death approaches to have potential regrets?

What if we ask ourselves the questions now? What would be revealed? What needs letting go of? What needs changing? What relationships need attention and healing, and or ending? Where are we not committing? Where are we cruising and or indulging in comforts and in ignorance of a false sense of security, and at the same time resisting the expansion on offer?

Have we defined what security truly means for us? And if we have not, are we building security through material wealth and possessions at the expense and disregard of not connecting with the security of knowing who we are, and the wealth of energetic awareness and energetic truth that we all equally have access to?

The word ‘security’ has been bastardised so much that we humans have fallen into the trap of the temporal world of accumulating and owning, clogging up our living spaces with unnecessary stuff and baggage, clogging up our bodies with all we are not.

Clogging up free flowing space is a great way to stay contracted and not feel how much we miss ourselves, how much we miss the connection to our living stillness and the amazingness that we are.

True wealth is knowing who we are and living that – living life as we did as children when we were very clear, aware, clairsentient, reading life, reading energy, connected to and impulsed from our Soul, never being fooled by the exterior environment or by ‘nice words.’

True wealth is having the awareness that life is so much more than the physical and what we see with our eyes… we are energetic beings, thus our bodies are vehicles in which energy passes through all the time – either the energy of spirit or the energy of Soul, with both producing very different results:

Spirit – everything we are not (ideals, beliefs, hurts, protection, emotions, restricts space).

Soul – the fiery impulses of our Soul (love and brotherhood, all being equal – spacious).

Perhaps the true meaning of success is a simple matter of preparing and presenting a physical vehicle (the body) that is aligned to, and can hold the fiery energy of our Soul. In this alignment we can serve each other in our evolution in accordance with the universal and divine plan of where we are going next.

Living who we truly are is how we defeat the temporal illusionary falseness of security and the distractions of human life. And perhaps the only security to be sought after, to be pursued is to learn to love… starting with self. In the abundance of energetic fiery love we have everything we need, with success and wealth in the temporal, a byproduct which we are not attached to or invested in.

How we live will define the quality in which we pass over, thus when death approaches we will be ready, instead of feeling regret over what we have accumulated as ‘security,’ being prepared to leave an imprint of evolution for others and for ourselves to come back to – perhaps this is the true meaning of responsibility and the true meaning of success.

“You are already great,

you just haven’t allowed your greatness out

simply because you learnt as a child

that it was not so comfortable for others.”
[Serge Benhayon (1)]

In deep gratitude to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for presenting The Ageless Wisdom which is an amazing support to return to living simply and living true to who we are, and as we do we can once again reclaim our energetic awareness and the energetic truth.


  1. Benhayon, Serge. (2011). Esoteric Teachings & Revelations. 1st ed. Goonellabah, N.S.W.: UniMed Publishing, p.398.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Scotland

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1,188 thoughts on “Security – Is This True Wealth and Success?

  1. Recently shown what happens when we lack inner security. Multi-million pound custom built super luxury cars parked in a street close to me, one trimmed in 22 carat gold. Some people reacted, offended by the blatant display of material wealth, others attracted to it, photographed the cars. It was clear why it was constellated for me to walk by the very day these cars were on display. With no reaction for or against, I simply reflected on my own inner security and true wealth of walking with God.

  2. “True wealth is knowing who we are and living that ” and this is something no one can take away from us but is for each of us to deepen our awareness of.

  3. Thank you Jacqueline, this is a very powerful piece of writing. It challenges us to wake up in a sense, to step off the conveyor belt of life and truly assess our foundations and where we are going, and what we invest in, our inner soulful world or the outer world? One way of life is empty no matter how much material wealth you accumulate, the other soulful one contains the riches of God and the Universe, and the fullness of the self as part of that grandness.

  4. From young we are sold the belief that security is all that matters in life and this is what we try to achieve at the cost of everything else. And so many of us end our lives in disillusion and disappointment. We get to realise the big house, the fast car, the membership to the most sought after golf club / Tennis club isn’t it.

    1. This disappointment is a killer; because we have busted a gut we think we are owed and when it never materialises we feel short changed and in so doing feel justified in making loveless choices – and so we keep going on the wheel until such time we begin to break through the consciousness that has held us in its grip for so long, beginning with the exploration of connection, stillness, self nurture, brotherhood, letting go of hurts, ideals, beliefs, healing – moving into service and letting go of the identification with self – allowing ourselves to be held in a quality that words simply can’t describe.

  5. I have discovered for myself that it was not until I started to let go of all my misguided ideals and beliefs that I had absorbed as a child just how much I was actually missing out on myself, and how amazing I actually am. That what I was told as a child wasn’t true we are all born amazing, beautiful, delightful, and full of grace and it is this connection that gets crushed and so needs to be resurrected again.

    1. “To feel secure or confident in life is to know who we are and to live that in full” The simplicity of this is exquisite and powerful. What a difference it would make if more people were open to access to this truth.

      1. It is crazy Michelle, I remember when I first became aware of this – a huge realisation when finally, ‘I got it’
        And a great loss when this simple truth is not part of our lives once we leave childhood.

  6. There is so much we can learn from the innocence and awareness of children – they speak so much wisdom if we are open to hearing it.

    1. I agree with you Andrew children seem much more connected to a something that we lose as we grow up. I feel that as adults we have a responsibility to ensure that we do not squash or crush this knowing as it was crushed in us but to carefully nurture what seems at times to be ‘other worldly’ knowing.

  7. “True wealth is having the awareness that life is so much more than the physical ” I so agree. Material security can feel ‘good’ but at what expense? We can’t take that form of security with us when we pass over.

    1. Agreed. We can chase down wealth and security and at the end of the day find that it doesn’t bring what we are really looking for. All the comfort in the world cannot replace that inner knowing of who we are and what true purpose is.

    2. In some elder communities, residents live affluent, comfortable lives, and yet something is missing, That inner spark of divinity and joy that is the mark of true wealth is absent and instead people jog along in the main with a sense of emptiness and feeling of loss. This is what happens when we spend all our working lives dedicated to careers, achieving financial security and amassing material possessions at the expense of building a deep and loving inner security.

    3. Often, if you look in the eyes and bodies of people who are materially secure, it is anything but good. What we feel is emptiness. Observed also that people with few material comforts and live on the edge of society, can often have a vitality and rawness that is true. The irony is we’re schooled to believe the only ‘measure of success is to accumulate material possessions, assets and become comfortable. This is like a death knell and has nothing to do with true inner wealth.

  8. A great blog unpacking what security is and means to us and why we need it. Especially as you shared to look at when we come into this world we just are, we are also vulnerable, open and connected to the divine and when we leave are we hard, miserable surrounded by possessions? Mmmm its definitely going wrong somewhere!

  9. We can seriously ask what security we actually have in life? Just because you are married does not mean that you are in a ‘secure’ relationship as one in the couple could die in a car crash or from an illness or disease, or there could be a split up. Just because you have a permanent job does not mean you cannot be made redundant and have to look for another job. Just because you own a house does not mean that that house will be there – consider floods, fires, bankruptcy. The point being not to instill fear, but to realise that if we make our lives about security we are in fact investing in a form of control of our lives – by all means get married, get a job, get a house but realise that this is not what makes you who you are. Who you are is who you are and is not based on what you own or what you do. To value yourself as the being that then brings this to all you do is what makes the difference.

  10. The real question that we can ask ourselves is what have we invested in life and what do we continue to invest in that truly is there to support us? I feel for me true investments are about the quality of relationships that we have built and continue to build in life and this includes the relationship that we have and hold with ourselves.

  11. We experience death everyday, things come, are lived and then they’re over. We move on to the next moment, task, day, relationship, life. We can feel secure in the knowledge that there is something precious and held within – our inner guiding light, strength and divinity. There is no better security than the connection we have with our inner-heart.

    1. Beautiful Kehinde. There is so much impermanence in life in the physical world. Connecting with our inner heart and the contentment that can bring cannot be taken away.

  12. ‘we can end up loaded with beliefs and ideals, issues, hurts, regrets and protection – everything we are not’ this is a heavy load, one I’m learning to discard back to my true self.

  13. It totally makes sense that we would not feel secure if we are disconnected from the very fundamental truth of who we are in truth and instead build ourselves a pseudo-cocoon with anything but.

  14. Just reading the first paragraph of this article has inspired me to consider (and work on) passing over with the same awe and wonder I had as a child; sparkly eyed and ready for whatever comes next.

    1. Absolutely nailed it Andrew! I love what you have said and could not agree more – the ultimate security is this relationship with yourself and not held back in expressing it with everyone.

  15. There is a huge security within when we know who we are, where we are from, and the bigger picture which we all have equal access to. We may have tried to build financial and emotional security in the past, but what you write here is so true Jacqueline ‘True wealth is knowing who we are and living that’.

    1. The security you describe Gill is the ultimate security. We can shore up our lives to mitigate against our insecurities and hurts all we like, but until we feel sure and still from the body in the connection of who we are and where we are from, nothing we can try or catch outside of ourselves will ever replace the inner sense of well being that can be achieved when we live in that connection.

  16. No amount of wealth and grandness on the world scale can fill the void of not living the true essence of who we are. Thank you Serge Benhayon for sharing with us how simple this can be.

  17. Nothing material that we gather for our security can support or prepare us for the greatest journey of our life – death.

  18. You are right, currently we rarely do talk about death. What is the reason for this, is it being afraid of the inevitable or not energetically wanting to feel the far grander and true part of life? What I love, well one of the things amongst many, I love about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is what they live and teach resonates within me. In other words, I know absolutely it is true. When I first heard the difference of spirit and soul being presented by Serge my body went Yes finally that is it, that is what I feel and know to be true within my body, that is my experience and understanding. Just having knowledge is well nothing but coming from what we know as lived experience is everything.

  19. “True wealth is knowing who we are and living that – living life as we did as children when we were very clear, aware, clairsentient, reading life, reading energy, connected to and impulsed from our Soul” Beautifully expressed – and so true.

  20. “How we live will define the quality in which we pass over,” This is so important to know as so many elderly get placed into care homes and their quality of life deteriorates. The average death occurs only 8 months after their placement apparently.

    1. That’s an interesting statistic Sue. I see so many elderly given up on life so I am imagining that if what you are saying is true then care homes are simply holding grounds until they pass over rather than an environment that stimulates and reactivates a sense of purpose and joy.

  21. I love this; ‘True wealth is knowing who we are and living that – living life as we did as children when we were very clear, aware, clairsentient, reading life, reading energy,’ this is the sort of wealth that feels simple, rich and true.

    1. This quote is a lovely. In the presence of a fifteen month old boy two days ago, I gazed into his eyes. As he saw all of me, I melted and felt heaven in his eyes. This was pure love and I was blessed and held in his presence. This is true wealth.

  22. This is a great question and one that is definitely worth asking while we can make changes; ‘What if we ask ourselves the questions now? What would be revealed? What needs letting go of? What needs changing? What relationships need attention and healing, and or ending?’ There is much to ponder on here.

  23. That is a great quote – thank you for sharing it here. It is a very live invitation to re-acquaint ourselves with our greatness – in which, by the way, there is not an ounce of arrogance or conceit, simply the innocent knowing of a child that we are from heaven, of God and equal.

    1. Interesting. What I got from reading this is do we encompass, accept and learn from our mistakes or pretend they do not exist and ignore them? I know I have done this in the past (pretended they did not exist or did not want to acknowledge them but instead bury and deny them or blame others). It is refreshing what you have brought here, and healing, giving the reader an opportunity to reevaluate and be honest.

  24. “We rarely talk about death, but why wait till death approaches to have potential regrets?” Great question, and even better to start talking about death way before we get to a stage when we are facing the end of life when it can potentially be hugely overwhelming and traumatic.

  25. We have come a long way from the time when a cave and fire were security! It was basic but kept away things that could eat us while we slept. How shallow have we become with what we now consider to be secure?

  26. “How we live will define the quality in which we pass over,” if only we were taught this from young we would not have the ageing population we have now where dementia is now an expected illness for people of a certain age.

      1. So well said Matilda, understanding this simple formula of ‘how we live will define the quality in which we pass over,’ and, the quality in which we return in. Another cycle and a deepening of the awareness of the responsibility we all hold…each and every lifetime, this is the evolutionary path and True Wealth and Success.

  27. Security is something which can feel so strangling and constricting when we allow it to. For me I have always seen security as having enough money, house etc.. but am now finding that no matter what amount of money I have if I am not valuing myself then nothing else matters. I could have millions in the bank yet feel very insecure about life. Or I could have very little yet feel extremely content knowing that true wealth is found in the richness of the inner heart and it is something no one can ever take away and not give you.

    1. You see celebrities – who may have huge wealth – yet only feel as confident as their last ‘successful show’ – no real security there. The ‘richness of the inner heart’ is something no one can take away from us – as you say James. Temporal security isn’t it.

  28. “True wealth is having the awareness that life is so much more than the physical and what we see with our eyes… ” Indeed. Knowing there is so much more to life than what we see with our eyes, allows us to truly understand what is going on, how things play out and why we find ourselves in the circumstances we do. And when we understand this, we can choose to align to truth or not, and when we do we become very steady within ourselves knowing that whatever happens we are being and will be truly supported. No amount of money can give us this security.

  29. ‘True wealth is knowing who we are’ – this is so true. Having lived the majority of my life not knowing and bending to fit in with everyone else’s needs and believing the lies, nothing would have told me that it was possible to know yourself to this degree and not worry about what others think.

  30. If true success is our ability to connect with and live what is true within, it makes sense to make money to support ourselves to live that to its fullest.

  31. Absolutely true wealth is above everything in our connection to ourselves, God and all others – great also having money though!

    1. It sure is Nicola and I find the more I am connected to myself, God and all others the more I am taken care of and I find the money I need is there. A big part of this for me is that I find I am much more productive and work harder and so earn more money without really trying harder. Yet when I am not feeling great I can work really hard but not get much return.

  32. So true. We are no longer used to live and breathe us; being aware and feeling everything. We have become costumed to make life about security, whilst it actually never needed to be..

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