Security – Is This True Wealth and Success?

Although we have an innocence and awareness as children when we are born, very rarely do we pass over the same way we came in, as we can end up loaded with beliefs and ideals, issues, hurts, regrets and protection – everything we are not.

In a lifetime we can accumulate so much stuff in the way of material possessions: fancy cars, fancy clothes, accessories, houses, holiday homes, all the thousands of items we purchase to fill our homes and living spaces with – all potentially delaying our true evolution as we develop an appetite to accumulate and own.

Life passes and death approaches – and one may question: what have I done with my life? We rarely talk about death, but why wait till death approaches to have potential regrets?

What if we ask ourselves the questions now? What would be revealed? What needs letting go of? What needs changing? What relationships need attention and healing, and or ending? Where are we not committing? Where are we cruising and or indulging in comforts and in ignorance of a false sense of security, and at the same time resisting the expansion on offer?

Have we defined what security truly means for us? And if we have not, are we building security through material wealth and possessions at the expense and disregard of not connecting with the security of knowing who we are, and the wealth of energetic awareness and energetic truth that we all equally have access to?

The word ‘security’ has been bastardised so much that we humans have fallen into the trap of the temporal world of accumulating and owning, clogging up our living spaces with unnecessary stuff and baggage, clogging up our bodies with all we are not.

Clogging up free flowing space is a great way to stay contracted and not feel how much we miss ourselves, how much we miss the connection to our living stillness and the amazingness that we are.

True wealth is knowing who we are and living that – living life as we did as children when we were very clear, aware, clairsentient, reading life, reading energy, connected to and impulsed from our Soul, never being fooled by the exterior environment or by ‘nice words.’

True wealth is having the awareness that life is so much more than the physical and what we see with our eyes… we are energetic beings, thus our bodies are vehicles in which energy passes through all the time – either the energy of spirit or the energy of Soul, with both producing very different results:

Spirit – everything we are not (ideals, beliefs, hurts, protection, emotions, restricts space).

Soul – the fiery impulses of our Soul (love and brotherhood, all being equal – spacious).

Perhaps the true meaning of success is a simple matter of preparing and presenting a physical vehicle (the body) that is aligned to, and can hold the fiery energy of our Soul. In this alignment we can serve each other in our evolution in accordance with the universal and divine plan of where we are going next.

Living who we truly are is how we defeat the temporal illusionary falseness of security and the distractions of human life. And perhaps the only security to be sought after, to be pursued is to learn to love… starting with self. In the abundance of energetic fiery love we have everything we need, with success and wealth in the temporal, a byproduct which we are not attached to or invested in.

How we live will define the quality in which we pass over, thus when death approaches we will be ready, instead of feeling regret over what we have accumulated as ‘security,’ being prepared to leave an imprint of evolution for others and for ourselves to come back to – perhaps this is the true meaning of responsibility and the true meaning of success.

“You are already great,

you just haven’t allowed your greatness out

simply because you learnt as a child

that it was not so comfortable for others.”
[Serge Benhayon (1)]

In deep gratitude to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for presenting The Ageless Wisdom which is an amazing support to return to living simply and living true to who we are, and as we do we can once again reclaim our energetic awareness and the energetic truth.


  1. Benhayon, Serge. (2011). Esoteric Teachings & Revelations. 1st ed. Goonellabah, N.S.W.: UniMed Publishing, p.398.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Scotland

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1,210 thoughts on “Security – Is This True Wealth and Success?

  1. Being secure in the Truth that we will all come back, is it not great to live with the understanding of the True energetic meaning of words, and thus, the Truth about passing-over, before we cast any stones towards those who choose to live an evolutionary life.

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