Eyes Open

Do you ever feel like you are sleep walking through life? Going through the motions on automatic pilot, your eyes appear to be open, but the reality is they are not in the sense of having blinkers on, focussing only on what you need to do to get by, focussing only on your own little corner, and so in effect your world is tiny. I can relate to all of this.

Life is a great teacher, and let’s just say life delivered some packages to wake me up. Once awake there is no going back because life changes… everything changes. I began to understand life and see through much of the falseness I had bought into. I began to pick at the fog of illusion wrapped around so much in life. I began to question, and the more I questioned the more I began to see. Perhaps it is this questioning of everything, ‘eyes open’ approach to life that supported me to address (without freaking out) a phenomenon that may well be experienced by many others, but is not talked about…

In my sleep last night I felt my body start to freeze as sheer panic washed over me, which I guess is what woke me – I tried to speak, I tried to scream, but no sound came, only this small groan: I felt paralysed with fear, but this time was different from the rest, as I allowed my body to guide me with what to do.

My eyes were closed tight, not wishing to open them as I could sense danger, a force or presence coming near me – instantly I felt a knowing of what to do as I heard my inner voice say “open your eyes:” I did and what I saw was this dark blob of energy… it would be correct in saying it was an entity hovering over the top part of my body. As soon as I saw it, in that same split second it was gone. My feeling is that the very act of opening my eyes and acknowledging what was there meant that the fear left me, and the entity no longer had power over me or was able to interfere with me.

Some may find this a bit out there, while others will admit that they too have had similar experiences. For me it was very real and not the first time either. Perhaps it is time to bring it out in the open and have conversations about things that happen when we sleep, because my feeling is I am not the only one that these entities visit while we sleep. I am wondering how many other people have this same experience?

We could move on and apply this same scenario to children – when they wake during the night scared and run to their parent’s room because they saw a monster or a dark figure in their room, maybe it is time to believe them and maybe it is time to ask:

Were you that child?

And if so, is it possible you are still being visited during your sleeping hours but no longer conscious of it?

When we start asking questions, when we start to ‘open our eyes,’ so much gets exposed, and better to be open and talk about these things, because when we do not, they remain hidden and cloaked under a blanket of fear and ignorance, but nevertheless we still get hugely affected!

We do have a responsibility to start the conversation not only for our children, but also for our own inner child, for the potential of the huge healing that can occur on so many levels. Are we all not being called by our bodies to be more responsible, to really open our eyes and expand our awareness of life, of where we are at and where we are heading? If true, one way to begin is to be honest with ourselves and each other, and to question everything.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Complimentary Healing Practitioner, Scotland

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672 thoughts on “Eyes Open

  1. It’s kind of crazy isn’t it how today we worship screens and seek to see in high definition virtual reality but do not even allow ourselves to receive and register the truth of our life here on this earth.

  2. When there is the openness and willingness to honestly see what we are creating for ourselves in life, we do indeed have more awareness that we can choose another way.

  3. My young daughter was scared the other night as I was putting her to bed because she could see a spider-like dark blob similar to what you describe, hovering over her. She even pointed to where it was and asked if I could see it, which I couldn’t. This disturbed her greatly and she kept asking me how come she could see it and I couldn’t because if two people were standing in front of her, she could not ‘not see’ one and not the other. My response in this moment was that I couldn’t see it because it has no power over me. I told her I could not make it go away on her behalf, that this is something she needs to do for herself because when we are visited like this, especially as children, it is about standing tall in who we are and claiming our space. Such visitations by the spirit world are simply the act of etheric bullies (the unseen cowards) who attempt to get us, especially as children, to turn down our light. For if we do that, then darkness wins right? But, if instead we hold steady and turn up our light (be strong in who we are, the depth of our love, our light, our care) what happens to the darkness? It gets illuminated and thus disappears. So simple.

    1. p.s after this chat she managed to shrink it and was able to go to sleep. All in the space of a minute or two.

  4. “one way to begin is to be honest with ourselves and each other, and to question everything.”The responsibility and expansion we get from this makes so much difference to our lives and all we see and with the knowing that everything is energy first this opens up what is hidden that leaves us helpless and blind to a healing aware way of living .

  5. It would be so wonderful to grow up not doubted, to feel heard and listened to with all things as a child and beyond. There are so many things this lifetime that I did know, absolutely, but then I allowed that knowing to be eroded when I was not supported by others in my knowingness. Only now am I really seeing just how much this has happened.

  6. It is interesting that the more clarity we get to see what is really happening behind the scenes with the bigger picture in life, the more we realise how we have been walking around blinkered, held in a semi darkness of living life in shadows, blindly following trends of society. But when we wake up, there is so much more to receive.

  7. We might have our eyes open but are we sleep walking through life? What a great question to ask and it is interesting how we can be going through life on automatic pilot and limiting our awareness and understanding of life on a much deeper energetic level.

  8. When we get to see, i.e. aware that actually everything is energy before it is ‘life’ as we experience it with our 5 senses our eyes are really open for the first time.

  9. Life is as you say a great teacher Jacqueline, once we regain our awareness there is no going back and it is the most amazing transformation to wake up and be more aware of life. I liken it to lifting my eye away from the microscope and realising there is so much more to see and understand.

  10. Dear God,
    Let me not be blind to how life works and how this planet is run, let me not be blind to the fact that everything is energy first, let me see the beauty and Divinity within us all equally. Let me have my eyes wide open.
    With love and huge appreciation for all you do, your unending Love to support me to be all I am.

  11. Opening our eyes and facing something head on is often more empowering than being scared and not dealing with life. We may not like the process or the outcome but at the end of the day, we grow from facing things.

  12. There is so much power in opening our eyes in all areas of life. I’ve been seeing how important our voice is also in opening our eyes. When parents are talking about their children being scared to go to bed or yelling out in the night because a monster is in their room (because the parents were told the same thing growing up) and don’t believe them, I share my experiences and that it is true what they are saying.

  13. The world I see varies markedly depending on how I am that day and what I am prepared to see. I know there is so much more to see but the way I live keeps a veil over ‘the more’ until I am willing to lift it.

  14. When we turn and truly look at our fears we see them for what they are and we can then address them appropriately and/or they dissolve away as we realise they are nothing to be afraid of.

  15. Next time your child has a nightmare and says they saw a monster, ask them what colour was it, what did it smell like, or how did it move – in this you validate that the child felt what they felt, and the more they nominate how the energy was the more they deconstruct it and take its power away.

    1. It is so super important to honour what children feel and not discount or discourage it for they are super sensitive to the energetic side of life and we are setting them up to have a much more difficult time as adults if we teach them to shut down their energetic awareness.

  16. With our body we can ‘see’ far more than just the eyes alone can ‘see’, and so how important is it to trust the body in its messages.

  17. It would be great to be able to talk about all our experiences without the fear of any judgment or retribution. As in this story when we let ourselves see what we are facing and understanding then there is no fear. Often the understanding is developed through sharing and going deeper with one another. Great idea to start such conversations so it becomes normal to share at this level.

  18. The moment you open your eyes to more truth, you will receive it. The moment that happened more than before is already on offer to be seen. It is an ever deepening process that asks you by seeing more for more responsibility in the same time.

  19. Eyes open, stepping forward we take who we are where ever we go, the quality of who we are – that’s for us to choose – the consequences of our choices are also ours, but if we remain blind to these we are lying to ourselves.

  20. Some elders regularly hallucinate day or night triggered by medication, some terrifying others less so but always intrusive. Elders are best supported when family, friends and carers accept what is shared without judgement, ask them to describe what they see and how it makes them feel. We can’t stop them hallucinating but we can respond lovingly whenever they begin to speak about them.

  21. There is so much in this world that the majority of humanity don’t or won’t allow themselves to see so it is no wonder we struggle to understand things like entities and especially how they act out when we are asleep. So yes, it is so important to begin this conversation and in doing so offer an opportunity for everyone to see how the world, and the perceived unknown, can be seen through very different eyes; eyes that choose to see the truth of what is often right in front of us.

  22. When we allow our whole body to feel what is going on around us, this too, becomes like our eyesight… being able to feel whats going on around our body in correspondence to the quality of love, and stillness within our body, enables far more to be seen and felt.

  23. Children are super sensitive and when they have nightmares, it is often energies visiting them and hounding them. As parents our role is more around supporting them in recognising these energies – for example it is not about saying to them ‘don’t be silly there are no such things as monsters’, but rather to ask them questions about what they felt such as ‘what colour was it, what did it smell like, what did it make you feel like’ because they know they saw it and nothing changes that…

    1. Talking to children about their night time experiences and nightmares teaches them that it is OK to see and feel energies. We feel from your comment how supportive it would be to have conversations with a child about what happened. To dismiss what a child tells us is to dismiss the child.

  24. The world abounds with unseen energies, whether we are asleep or awake. How much we choose not to see (or feel) does not make them stop being there or going away.

  25. To see more of what is going on outside of us we first need to look deeper into ourselves as it is the inner eye that lifts the veil that lays over the outer eyes.

  26. Love your willingness to bring this kind of experience to the open comment – “Some may find this a bit out there, while others will admit that they too have had similar experiences.” It is important to acknowledge that there is more than meets the eye – great you are willing to open your eyes and others too with this blog.

  27. Starting the conversation not just for children but also our inner child. So true. So much in this blog. I’ve recently chosen to open my eyes, to everyday life and feel what’s there beneath the words, the sale patter and feel the rot where it is present. There is no going back because the lessons haven’t been pleasent and we need to have people prepared to face what had previously scared us so others know it’s safe to open eyes and be the delicate, sensitive people that we are who say no to what’s not love.

  28. Yes it is time to be open and transparent in all these situations as the energy will keep us guessing as long as we do not call it for what it truly is. For years I was understating the presence of these energies without the knowing of what to do and now with an understanding of what they do and how they prey on us because of our ignorance it has changed completely so that the energy is so simply felt and easily called for its childish ways.

  29. It is true that when we allow ourselves to see and feel the energy that once had its way, it no longer has a hold on us. It’s crazy what we choose to get in the way when all we have to do is say yes to what is being presented.

    1. A great point to ponder on and consider. Are we truly willing to see and observe everything that is going on around us or do we simply just want to see what we want to to fit a certain picture we may have. Just like when we walk down a road do we let thoughts take over and distract us and miss the beauty around us or do we stop and smell the roses (often literally), which have always been there we just did not see them.

  30. The more we have ideals and beliefs, the more we are sleep walking through life, only noticing confirmation of what we expect unless the difference is extreme. The more we simply receive with our eyes what is there, the less we sleepwalk through life.

  31. ‘Eyes open’ is so much more than just what we see… life is a great teacher if we are prepared to open our eyes to all that it is.

  32. Life is a great teacher and we learn from sharing experiences with each other. I posted this blog to someone who had experienced something similar to you Jacqui, but had not shared what happened with anyone before we spoke. Bringing these subjects into everyday conversation breaks taboos and allows us to truly understand what is at play.

    1. It is a great comfort to discover that you are not the only one having such experiences, we begin to trust ourselves again, and when anything is brought out into the open, the fear we once had begins to fade as we realise we are so much more powerful than things that try to scare us in the dark.

      1. The person mentioned is a parent. They can now begin conversations with their children about this and be attuned to listen and not dismiss when they share their own experiences of terrifying night time visitations.

    1. So true Julie, wish as most might it doesn’t go away, but comes back time and time again for us to learn from.

  33. Keeping our eyes open brings a real understanding to the fear and terror that happens to us from what we feel and do not understand or see. This is a real exposing and opening up much needed to support our selves and our children of what is really going on and bring it out into the light.

  34. Jacquline, this feels like a very loving, simple and true way for us to be with ourselves and each other; ‘one way to begin is to be honest with ourselves and each other, and to question everything.’

  35. What you are sharing here is really interesting; ‘I allowed my body to guide me with what to do.’ I can feel that often if we panic we get caught up in emotions and are not clear what to do. I love that you came back to your body and the knew what to do. This feels like a great way to deal with situations.

  36. You open up the conversation, Jacqueline. The topic of entities, or other beings should be discussed openly, just like it is done in other non-Western cultures where things like this are openly talked about. Let’s open up the discussion.

  37. We can’t really see unless we truly look and if we let that that goes bump in the night scare us into keeping those eyes tightly shut we will never be the light that we are that scares away that that goes bump in the night.

  38. Reading your blog again today Jaqueline has supported me with an issue I have only just allowed myself to see/feel the depth of and has helped me to truly understand that only through opening my eyes and really seeing/feeling what’s there will I truly be able to let go of this issue.

  39. Reading this I’m inspired to keep my eyes wide open throughout the day and night. And yes, we all need to sleep but I’m much more aware of how I go to sleep – is it to check out or to surrender being with me? Checking out is saying to energies that aren’t loving to enter and I’ll turn a blind eye. This blog is inspiring me to stay present and keep connected.

  40. Recently I am noticing flashes of something in the corner of my eye Jacqueline, but when I turn my head to see, it is gone. We can easily dismiss these things as nothing, or we can feel how we are played by forces around us all the time.

    1. We are never alone is something I’ve avoided being aware of but it’s choosing to walk around blindfolded tripping up all the time. Taking off the blindfold and choosing to see and feel all there is can only equip us to respond to the world and not react. It really is a question of would I rather walk around anesthetized but constantly being injured, or would I rather be wide awake and see through to what’s really at play and respond accordingly?

      1. You are correct when you say we are never alone it is more a case of what energy will we align to? I have learnt there are only two energies to choose from, fire or prana and having experienced living in prana and the constant stench of it, I prefer to align to fire. I am still drenched in the stench but at least I have made the choice to wake up to what is really happening in life which is a great step on the road of return.

    2. I started having those experiences lately too – like someone(something) passing by-but no one is there or being watched when I am at home alone.
      It makes sense that we are energy surrounded by energy and there is more to life than we can see with our physical eyes.

    3. So true Gill, I saw a snake out of the corner of my eye the other day, it wasn’t like a bad thing just what it was, a snake, a message, and even though it was gone I still felt it and got the message as if it had been there.

    1. It makes sense to reduce our awareness when we don’t want to see the consequences of our choice and want to continue with those choices. Once we actually notice the consequences it becomes much harder to sustain our choices.

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