Eyes Open

Do you ever feel like you are sleep walking through life? Going through the motions on automatic pilot, your eyes appear to be open, but the reality is they are not in the sense of having blinkers on, focussing only on what you need to do to get by, focussing only on your own little corner, and so in effect your world is tiny. I can relate to all of this.

Life is a great teacher, and let’s just say life delivered some packages to wake me up. Once awake there is no going back because life changes… everything changes. I began to understand life and see through much of the falseness I had bought into. I began to pick at the fog of illusion wrapped around so much in life. I began to question, and the more I questioned the more I began to see. Perhaps it is this questioning of everything, ‘eyes open’ approach to life that supported me to address (without freaking out) a phenomenon that may well be experienced by many others, but is not talked about…

In my sleep last night I felt my body start to freeze as sheer panic washed over me, which I guess is what woke me – I tried to speak, I tried to scream, but no sound came, only this small groan: I felt paralysed with fear, but this time was different from the rest, as I allowed my body to guide me with what to do.

My eyes were closed tight, not wishing to open them as I could sense danger, a force or presence coming near me – instantly I felt a knowing of what to do as I heard my inner voice say “open your eyes:” I did and what I saw was this dark blob of energy… it would be correct in saying it was an entity hovering over the top part of my body. As soon as I saw it, in that same split second it was gone. My feeling is that the very act of opening my eyes and acknowledging what was there meant that the fear left me, and the entity no longer had power over me or was able to interfere with me.

Some may find this a bit out there, while others will admit that they too have had similar experiences. For me it was very real and not the first time either. Perhaps it is time to bring it out in the open and have conversations about things that happen when we sleep, because my feeling is I am not the only one that these entities visit while we sleep. I am wondering how many other people have this same experience?

We could move on and apply this same scenario to children – when they wake during the night scared and run to their parent’s room because they saw a monster or a dark figure in their room, maybe it is time to believe them and maybe it is time to ask:

Were you that child?

And if so, is it possible you are still being visited during your sleeping hours but no longer conscious of it?

When we start asking questions, when we start to ‘open our eyes,’ so much gets exposed, and better to be open and talk about these things, because when we do not, they remain hidden and cloaked under a blanket of fear and ignorance, but nevertheless we still get hugely affected!

We do have a responsibility to start the conversation not only for our children, but also for our own inner child, for the potential of the huge healing that can occur on so many levels. Are we all not being called by our bodies to be more responsible, to really open our eyes and expand our awareness of life, of where we are at and where we are heading? If true, one way to begin is to be honest with ourselves and each other, and to question everything.

By Jacqueline McFadden, Complimentary Healing Practitioner, Scotland

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945 thoughts on “Eyes Open

  1. I agree with you Jacqueline Life is a great teacher, however for most of us we are not awake enough to fully appreciate what we are being shown. Once we start responding to the messages and wake up to the reality of life then there is that choice to remain awake or fall back asleep using the many distractions at our disposal.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us Jacqueline, I had these fears in the night as a child but never related it with entities or an energy that was trying to grab me, maybe quite naive but like you say we have to open our eyes to truly get what is going on in the world of energy. I still can have these recurring paralysing ‘dreams’ where I could not move or make a sound. The last time at least I could scream but for sure next time I will open my eyes.

  3. No matter if we want to see or not, energies are all the time all around us. So it is better choosing to see and feel them through surrendering with your body, instead of getting surprised by them.

  4. What I find most crucial in your sharing Jacqualine is the surrender you exhibited inwardly which allowed you to have the strength to deal with what you saw without reacting to it.

    1. This is a great observation Joshua. It is the allowing of the surrender to the body that supports us with a much deeper accpetance of ourselves, and the connection to an inner knowing that we are so much more powerful than any energetic force that may try to pin us down or scare us into thinking otherwise.

  5. Threats of all kinds are very powerful when they resonate in us and we submit to them. They look pathetic when called out. A short story told about a German during Nazi times who took great delight in phoning people in the middle of the night saying ‘Flee! All is lost.” and seeing them leave their homes immediately. This went on until somebody asked back “Who is this?” – leaving the caller speechless and very afraid himself.

  6. Children are sensitive and see things – and adults alike can still hold onto this sensitivity, or perhaps have re-vived it later on in life…There is so much more to what the physical eye can see and even then with the physical eye alone we can miss so much. The real question as mentioned previously is how much are we willing to actually see?

  7. It is so true that we can walk around with our eyes open, and yet not see all that there is to see. We can be selective in terms of what we are willing to see and open to seeing in this world and this exposes the fact that it is us who choose to not see the whole picture…perhaps we feel that we would not be able to handle the truth of what was there actually to be seen? And yet there is a saying that says that we are never given what we cannot handle, so perhaps the same is true here too that what we see we are actually capable of handling with the inner strength that we all have inside that comes from our connection to our essence.

  8. I have always felt I was living in a continuous nightmare, it is only since meeting Serge Benhayon and taking part in the workshops of Universal Medicine and listening to the presentations, that I have been able to understand that what I have been feeling for years is undeniable, but there is something I personally can do about it. And that is to appreciate what I instinctively knew as a child that we come from the universe the stars and the nightmare is that we do not live who we truly are.

  9. Opening our eyes to the bigger picture of all that occurs in, around and to us, allows us to come to know that there is nothing greater or more powerful than the light we each carry within us.

  10. What a beautiful powerful expose and so important for us to open our eyes and question everything. I love this blog, its very strong and honest. What else would we want to read, there is not much of truth on paper online nowadays.

  11. Yes, I was one of those children. I had so much fear of going to sleep at night because of what I could feel in my room and crawling over my bed at night trying to get me. I remember how frightening and very real it felt. So completely agree we have a responsibility to start to listen to our children and ask how they are feeling and listen to what they are saying. As Lucy shared even if we don’t understand it don’t brush them off.

    1. I also had the feeling that something was wrong as a child though I didn’t experience it in such detail. I didn’t accept it until I was 21.

      1. I can not recall any ghosts but a huge anxiousness, when I was in the dark. I often went to my parents bedroom to retreat but I was not supported in expressing what I actually felt. Imagining that would have been the case, I would have probably kept my sensitivity and clarity of feelings and expressing ME much differently when I grew up.

    2. What a huge difference it would make for our children if we were to teach them all about energy and that there is more to us than our physical body, but as I wright, children already know this, but they do not get confirmed in their feelings of all they are feeling and seeing. We then enter adulthood, long forgotten about our clairsentience.

  12. Life is most certainly our greatest teacher and so much more so if we are willing to walk with our éyes & heart open.

  13. I remember as a child being terrified that something would get me and had a ritual where I would have all the covers drawn around me to keep things out, it was very real and I knew back then there were things around me even if I didn’t quite see them.

    1. Same here Monica – I actually remember how I knew I had to jump into my bed or jump out of it and be very quick in case something tried to grab my leg if I was too close the the bed. I used to hate getting in and out of bed because of this.

  14. Reading this I can feel how easy it is to get busy and caught up in issues and to forget about the bigger picture – getting caught up in our own little corner. I love that you have shared this.

    1. We should in fact never get trapped by what our eyes see, as this world is a world of vibration which we sense with our whole body and not only our eyes. When we limit ourselves to what we can receive through our eyes only, we dismiss the grand scale of vibrations.

  15. The fact that we can go through life not really seeing what is going on, just being played by situation after situation, like a ball in a tennis game is how I used to feel. When I really chose to open my eyes and see all of life I realised that I no longer need to be the tennis ball.

    1. A lovely message to all David that we do not have to be that tennis ball that gets battered around by life, and all we have to do is give up the fight, surrender to what we know is true and life with take care of us.

  16. It is a case of how much do we want to see. I know there can be the tiniest bit of knowing in me of what is truly at play, and the more I listen to that – the more I see the truth.

  17. I have felt energy, I would have called them ghosts in the past, I was hounded by them when I was a child, for sure…children know that they are bothered, but when they tell parents it is rationalised as what they imagined, or a bad dream.

  18. In recent days I feel like I have lived with my eyes more wide open than ever, with a sense of more subtle awareness in all the minute aspects of daily life ready to teach me more.

    1. There were a few instances where one of my sons would sit up straight in bed still asleep and be crying and calling out because something was choking him. It was awful for him and awful for us seeing it. If I was aware of what I know now about energies around us, I would have been able to support him differently. The thing is though, we do know as we remember having these visits when we were young… and still do sense it.

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