Press Abuse – a Modern Day Tragedy

We currently live in a world where the media can print lies. This is a fact.

Investigative journalism is a dying art. It would seem that the majority of the mainstream media don’t bother to investigate or if they do, if it doesn’t match their pitch, the angle they are gunning for, or a story that will sell, it is quite acceptable to simply not put in the facts or present the truth of a story and manipulate what they do present so that their version gets told (and sold) – regardless of what the true story may be.

But the tragedy of it all is that it is lapped up. Consumers continue to scroll through online news feeds and buy the lies and papers. What is read is taken to be factual – it has to be, right? It comes from ‘reputable’ news sources. They wouldn’t lie that much, surely…

Many (if not all) of us know that the media doesn’t print the truth. Yet there is still something that it seems society is not quite ready to swallow – the depth of the corruption and lies. So even whilst knowing that things have been twisted (to say the very least), what the media tells us is still believed to some extent.

Take a recent case centred on Universal Medicine and some researchers. The ABC aired a story about Universal Medicine that sounded juicy, added in the words “alleged dangerous cult” amongst other top selling jargon, and away they went. It really doesn’t take much scratching of the surface to reveal the extent of a hyped up non-story involving a woman responsible for over 6 years of extensive trolling being sued in two different states for defamation, a man whose wife left him who has recently been exposed for allegedly ripping off his customers, and a journalist who was put to shame by some women he interviewed a few years back (the real story here is far more interesting than the printed story).

The agenda behind it all is quite obvious for anyone willing to see truth, and not to mention that it times nicely with the ABC’s program agenda of a soon to be released series on cults hot to follow.

But back to the tragedy – what they printed was lapped up and taken as fact. The power of the media is phenomenal – even with most knowing that it is quite possible it is not the truth.

The repercussions for some of the researchers have been quite extensive – all stemming from some made up lies and over-exaggerated claims that sound good when played with some dreary background music to incite the viewer.

Is this what we are willing to accept? Or is it time that we recognise the lies for what they are and instead of simply allowing them we say no. Saying no doesn’t need to be a big deal – no need to protest in the streets or become an activist. It’s really quite simple – just stop buying, viewing and consuming media that doesn’t stand for truth.

The media would rapidly be called back to responsibility and do the job that they are there to do – inform people of what is going on. Cut the rubbish journalism, the emotional incitement and come back to reporting.

We are the ones who demand the world we want to live in – and what we demand is supplied. We can at any time review what it is we are demanding.

By Nikki McKee – business owner, amazing woman and mother, Northern NSW

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563 thoughts on “Press Abuse – a Modern Day Tragedy

  1. Just twist what they hear, to spew out what will sell. Then someone else cut and paste this onto the next journo and the next. Its a disgusting setup that has alot to answer for… but then we also have to look at why. Its becuase that is what sells, and ultimately what people are demanding.

  2. Investigations do not lead necessarily to truth but to plausible narratives of truth. In some contexts (e.g., academia), it is accepted that this is ok because if it is not true, sooner or later this will be known. So, it is not so much that what matters is what is written, but the process that led to it and the fact that everything is able to be challenged. This last bit is not true in many other settings and sectors (e.g., the press). In the case of the press, what they write is also a plausible narrative of something, but the whole thing leading to the piece of news is obscure as a closed night and is not subject to challenges. So, they can get away with murder.

  3. The media paints the picture we are wanting. I have watched as the media release something. And then everyone stirs it up because they like the gossip. Until we want to hear the truth, it will not be printed.

  4. We have been shown very recently in Australia how media commentators use their positions and their influence to push their own agenda’s. So much so that it influences political opinion and debate and even outcomes. Abuse has many faces.

  5. We have to look at what the news has become – it’s actually devastating to see that we do not have a world that reports the truth of what is going on – and therefore our way of keeping in touch with what is going on is tainted with opinions not facts.

  6. Truth and facts don’t appear to matter these days when it gets in the way of a gossip, or smearing another’s credibility.

  7. Today I’ve had a lot of thoughts in my head that weren’t loving or true. These lies inside me made me ponder – is it any wonder that our media is full of junk and twisted untruth when we live with this internal corruption?

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