Press Abuse – a Modern Day Tragedy

We currently live in a world where the media can print lies. This is a fact.

Investigative journalism is a dying art. It would seem that the majority of the mainstream media don’t bother to investigate or if they do, if it doesn’t match their pitch, the angle they are gunning for, or a story that will sell, it is quite acceptable to simply not put in the facts or present the truth of a story and manipulate what they do present so that their version gets told (and sold) – regardless of what the true story may be.

But the tragedy of it all is that it is lapped up. Consumers continue to scroll through online news feeds and buy the lies and papers. What is read is taken to be factual – it has to be, right? It comes from ‘reputable’ news sources. They wouldn’t lie that much, surely…

Many (if not all) of us know that the media doesn’t print the truth. Yet there is still something that it seems society is not quite ready to swallow – the depth of the corruption and lies. So even whilst knowing that things have been twisted (to say the very least), what the media tells us is still believed to some extent.

Take a recent case centred on Universal Medicine and some researchers. The ABC aired a story about Universal Medicine that sounded juicy, added in the words “alleged dangerous cult” amongst other top selling jargon, and away they went. It really doesn’t take much scratching of the surface to reveal the extent of a hyped up non-story involving a woman responsible for over 6 years of extensive trolling being sued in two different states for defamation, a man whose wife left him who has recently been exposed for allegedly ripping off his customers, and a journalist who was put to shame by some women he interviewed a few years back (the real story here is far more interesting than the printed story).

The agenda behind it all is quite obvious for anyone willing to see truth, and not to mention that it times nicely with the ABC’s program agenda of a soon to be released series on cults hot to follow.

But back to the tragedy – what they printed was lapped up and taken as fact. The power of the media is phenomenal – even with most knowing that it is quite possible it is not the truth.

The repercussions for some of the researchers have been quite extensive – all stemming from some made up lies and over-exaggerated claims that sound good when played with some dreary background music to incite the viewer.

Is this what we are willing to accept? Or is it time that we recognise the lies for what they are and instead of simply allowing them we say no. Saying no doesn’t need to be a big deal – no need to protest in the streets or become an activist. It’s really quite simple – just stop buying, viewing and consuming media that doesn’t stand for truth.

The media would rapidly be called back to responsibility and do the job that they are there to do – inform people of what is going on. Cut the rubbish journalism, the emotional incitement and come back to reporting.

We are the ones who demand the world we want to live in – and what we demand is supplied. We can at any time review what it is we are demanding.

By Nikki McKee – business owner, amazing woman and mother, Northern NSW

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544 thoughts on “Press Abuse – a Modern Day Tragedy

  1. One of the worst things about a media that is capable of lying is that there is an audience that laps it up, unquestioningly. We choose to ignore the ramifications of a media that is doing whatever it sees fit under the guise of public interest.

  2. Every lie we allow in our media, is possible because of the lies we subscribe to in our personal life. If we truly would like our society to change then it’s within where we need to shine our light.

  3. “Yet there is still something that it seems society is not quite ready to swallow – the depth of the corruption and lies” (in the media) I’m sure that’s true. Just recently a new style of long article has appeared on the BBC news page where a theme is expanded on in an openly semi-fiction drama style article, the sort where the pages just keep adding in a way you can’t even scan to see how long it is, or skip to the end without it all gradually unfolding before you at length. These are really emotional and hooking in their nature and to me feel like another step in blurring things so that we don’t even expect to see hardcore facts only on a news page.

  4. Abuse by the press is a tragedy as what I feel they are there to do is to keep us informed with facts, uncover lies, and keep people accountable. Instead they are the ones spreading lies and misinformation through a desperate need to keep people buying what they are peddling.

  5. The news has reduced itself to entertainment status and no longer can be relied upon to tell the whole facts or truth about a situation or persons. But we as the consumer cannot plead innocent as this is what we have asked for, purely as a distraction.

  6. ‘Investigative journalism is a dying art’ absolutely so, but we the readers are not demanding this to be the norm. We lap up the lies, tittle tattle and gossip as a great distraction from our own lives.

  7. Throughout the ages our voices have been there, sometimes they have been pushed away, and sometimes they have been heard.
    As the words of the song say the ageless wisdom has always been there resonating with truth for humanity to have a lodestone of what actually is true and what is not.

  8. “We are the ones who demand the world we want to live in – and what we demand is supplied. We can at any time review what it is we are demanding.” We can indeed.

  9. We seem to be living in a copy and paste society, where the lies of another can be spread across the world without concern for the person or persons being lied about. There is absolutely no honesty and no integrity in that, only the making of money for the media barons. So, if everyone decided to stop buying newspapers, magazines and reading the regurgitated rubbish that is posted on line, maybe these so-called ‘barons’ might start to take notice, after all it’s the profit that is their driving force and people are simply a means to an end.

  10. This happened to me the other day reading a story about a doctor where they were supposedly really hurried in their job. I stopped as soon as I started to go into the energy of it and said allegedly, yeah right make that not true. It’s so easy to take news at face value but we really lost the right to this a long time ago – pretty much when print became more meaningful than a man’s word, there was a time when what you said was held as truth with honour and decency. We are many hundreds of years past those times.

    1. Yes Vanessa… reading a newspaper or magazine story can be very persuasive and suck you in to believing its ‘story’ – it is quite something to catch yourself being sucked in and adopting its attitude. It seems these days, one has to be far more astute and aware before reading the news … or perhaps choose to not read it at all…

  11. The media does indeed wield enormous power and with power there ought to be responsibility. But as long as we fuel the lack of responsibility by looking to the media for a quick fix of distraction, entertainment or something to talk about, rather than asking for truth, care and accountability, we are destined to keep getting the same old nonsense.

  12. No matter how much we dislike the media nothing will change until we demand more truth from it. A true media can only happen if we are prepared to stand up for it as a standard we want to have in life.

  13. Newspapers and gossip magazines are pretty much the same now – just one is coloured and glossy and the other is printed, ink on porous paper. May look different on the outside but the innards are the same – lies, gossip, bias, selling a story and influencing all who read it. But as you’ve said Nikki, we continue to buy it – be in the ‘trash mags’ or the ‘newspaper’.

  14. For the last 20 years Serge Benhayon has been teaching and presenting on the fact the everything is energy and bringing to everyone awareness another fact that we can all read energy it is a natural part of our make up. So therefore if we can all read energy which is what Serge Benhayon encourages us all to do we can all feel if Serge Benhayon is in anyway overtly sexual towards women or children. The fact that no one can feel any sexual energy coming from him shows that energetically he is everything he says he lives. If he wasn’t we would all feel it. Therefore in truth what has been written about him by the bloggers and the media are pure lies.

  15. When we change demand we can influence supply – we have a responsibility each and every one of us to play our part and choose responsibly in all we do, say and think. Then there will be no market place for lies.

  16. We do nothing to discern what we read, we enjoy the sensationalism, the drama, we love the excitement and entertainment of it all because we are living so disconnected from ourselves and yet in the next moment we are criticising the very same thing we have been feeding.

  17. I would say there are many within the media who are not aware of the extent of damage printing lies is really having on society. It is a very very difficult industry to print truth in. Not only because the media itself often avoid the absolute truth but equally (which is a corruption of the truth) because most would not buy it if it doesn’t have the emotional twisted distortion currently produced by most of the media.

  18. There should be a Code of Conduct or Ethics in place that ALL journalists and media have to adhere to where they cannot tell or spread lies, publish a story that is false or for scandal, defame a person, or be bias with a ‘story’ in any way and if not then be held accountable for this. I recently watched a programme where John Cleese interviewed 2 journalists who readily shared all the ‘tricks’ of the trade and the lies they published just to sell a story and because they were under so much pressure to ‘sell’ a story. One journalist actually said when he got up to go to work in the morning he felt like he was going to work at the Death Star!

  19. Most people that I speak with do not really believe what they hear in the news. The problem however is that people do not speak up about this and demand the truth to be written. This is why we have the media we have because the media will not change until change is asked for by the general public.

    1. I agree Elizabeth if we do not all stand up for this together then the lies will continue to be published. I guess as a whole we need to really ask ourselves what do we value and what future do we want not only for ourselves but our younger generation. We have started the ball rolling here but this choice needs to include the whole of humanity.

  20. We are controlled and manipulated by the media and the big corporations but we allow this. There has to be a demand in order for there to be a supply. Therefore surely we need to take a close look at the way we run our society which has to be out of kilter if we are demanding such rubbish to be printed in the press. And this is just one of the many ills that we demand.

  21. I remember reading George Orwell’s 1984 and finding the extent to which the control of the masses was described quite hard to take in. Of course not entirely true, this book does illustrate modern society quite well in so far as that there is a so called freedom that we have to do what ever we like, yet we are controlled and manipulated by the lies and stories we are told by the media. The key part in all of this is the fact that we let ourselves be controlled and manipulated by not honouring the truth we feel within our heart.

  22. “added in the words “alleged dangerous cult” amongst other top selling jargon, and away they went…” Words are so incredible important… they have the capacity to unite or separate, and often you can sense the intention of the writer through the choice of word they use… there is often more to read between the lines than what’s actually on them, particularly when there is an intention is to persuade the reader, rather than simply presenting the truth.

  23. What is the point of fictional news anyway? Answer, no point at all, so why do we continue to allow it to go on. For far too long we have been lead or controlled by words or propaganda to keep us away from the truth so it is way past time we just said no to this type of abuse and watch the media as we know it change or die.

    1. Totally agree Kevin – but is it US who are seeking this channel in the first place to distract and delay the inevitable connection that is there awaiting us within? Only a moment of settlement could reveal this as a fact – but how much settlement can we have in a body that is constantly looking, reading, digesting, checking out and reacting to life through the media in all its forms and devices.

  24. The circus that is the media played out in full today with the whole way that Australia got a new Prime Minister. What was obvious was the feeding frenzy of the media but that is only because the majority of the population are not standing up and saying “no more of this rubbish” which then enables the media.

  25. I live in UK and visiting my mother in Russia once an year. I don’t like watching news or reading newspapers to avoid the disappointment with current state of the world we are living in. Nevertheless I can’t detach myself from feeling it. Especially when I am in Russia and TV is on all the time I can see how media is brainwashing population-it goes both sides. People are buying lies here about Russia the same way as they are there about Britain and America. I know both worlds, I know that it is all lies and it’s scary to see what those lies do to people’s minds, how much hate and misunderstanding it creates.
    The damage media brings is global and it goes much deeper than we can imagine.

    1. Thank you elanalight for bringing this to the fore, the media are lacking of the responsibility that they have and this is going on world wide but we cannot point our finger to them without pointing our finger to ourselves as most of us feast of what the media is bringing and will bring as long the demand is there.

  26. Yep we just need to make a stand and stop buying, reading or watching sensationalised, overhyped, untrue News and sit back and watch how quickly the Media would change if they wanted to stay in business.

  27. But why can the media still print lies? Because they do so and we continue to purchase those falsity-ridden-sheets.

  28. “We currently live in a world where the media can print lies. This is a fact.” This very first line should be enough to stop us all in our tracks and consider what is going on here, how did this happen/how did we allow this… and most importantly, how do we bring truth to the world once again?

  29. Yes the same with sugar. If you stay buying it they keep selling it. In this way the sugar is available to our next generation. It is the number one illness for the young ones needing to inject insulin at age of 13 years now.
    We have a responsibility here.

  30. Press abuse IS a modern day tragedy of huge proportions, look at any news website – honestly how true is all that we are soaking up? All too much of it is fabricated to suit a given agenda.

  31. It’s not a random or by chance that we have arrived at this situation – it just reflects our call for truth as a whole. Whilst fictional news might entertain there must come a point where we realise truth is what sustains our health.

  32. We live as blind.
    We don’t want to see the games being played which makes us equally responsible.
    I lately listened to a prominent political leader on tv And closed my eyes to just hear his voice And the energy coming true. I did not let myself be distracted by the ‘nice’ words. The evil behind got revealed easily.
    So also I listened on tv to the head of a leading international humanitarian organisation.talking About the refugees And Turkey and telling how turkey was not keeping the agreements. But by listening from my heart and willing to See the bigger picture I could feel clear why the man said what he said. By the words you would believe him but when you read behind the words you could feel what was to be send as a Message for people. To get them in a certain misleading view on who is responsible for the refugee problems.
    IT is time we start to listen from our inner heart then we know exactly whats really true And bring that out to the world.

  33. How are we to know the simple facts of things going on in other parts of the world? For I no longer wish to read these stories filled with lies and distortions in order to find out.

  34. I agree Nikki we can at any time review what we are all demanding to be reported but until we are open and honest about the way we are with ourselves and commit to establishing a true standard to hold ourselves by with far more love, respect and integrity first we will not feel impulsed to ask for the same level of truth, respect and integrity from each other.

  35. By not saying ‘No’ to the lies in the press, we are actually saying yes, this is ok with me. We the consumers are the problem, as without demand there is no supply. If we started to change the quality of what we demand, the product delivered by the media would be very different.

  36. Today’s press information has become a vending machine. You look through the glass and when you find an interesting headline you put your money in the slot and press for your daily requirement of abuse!

  37. It is no surprise that media print lies at all, in fact, is this not expected if every single one of us live with some extent of dishonesty in our lives? This is surely just a reflection of humanity as a whole. Instead of putting the focus on the media, which by the way, it is horrendous to spread lies publicly, but just as the case, this horror is never less if it’s done in your privacy and think no one will know. We are called to be more honest with ourselves and each other.

    1. It is so true, we band together in the comfort of dishonesty rather than expose the corrupted way we are living ourselves.

      1. I agree when we look more closely at our own behaviour and start to turn that around, when we recognise that we can align to a consciousness that is pure and true and free from this kind of corruption and falsity, when we choose this, when we really start to live in a way that supports harmony and when we do this en masse and continually I see a possibility for change.

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