Individuality and Oneness

What happens when you take something that is inherently one and divide it into two or more parts, like slicing a carrot maybe? Does it lose its oneness or is it still innately one? It’s still the same carrot – but is it one or does it become two? There are slices of course, or ‘juliennes’ if that is your way of doing things. It’s a ridiculous suggestion, but do the bits of carrot compare themselves with each other and compete to be the best? Is there supremacy in the carrot world? Pretty soon they will be food anyway and so it doesn’t matter too much.

What happens when you take a race of beings that are inherently one and divide them? Do they lose their oneness and become two, or is the oneness still their true essence? If humanity is innately one race of beings – as the term ‘the human race’ suggests – what happens when the metaphorical kitchen knife comes along and divides it into races, nationalities, religions, cultures, et al? A separation is created: we become not one but two… or even many. There is duality where there was once singularity or oneness.

There are over 7.5 billion individuals in the world today. Often we celebrate individuality and the diversity of our race. Are we one as a race or are we divided? It seems pretty clear that we are divided. We have wars, murders, abuse, violence, inequality, extreme wealth and absolute poverty. We have racial hatred, high divorce rates, abandoned children, women murdered just for being women, high levels of loneliness and cyber-bullying on a large scale. This is not the ‘report card’ of a unified race of beings.

The word individuality is worth looking at more closely. I’m no linguist but it seems to me that the word individuality is comprised of three parts:


An obvious interpretation of these three elements might be that as individuals, we are in a state of (in); division or dividedness (divi); that leads to or creates duality (duality): this is not based on any academic or etymological study, just a sense or feeling. If this is anywhere near the mark it suggests that to become an individual we have been divided from something whole and any whole thing divided becomes dual – a duality, or something with more than one part. But divided from what? Could it be from our innate state of togetherness or oneness? Have we, in living as individuals, created a separation from a true state of brotherhood?

We might argue of course that this is just the way it is, that we are born this way, in individual bodies, distinct and separate from each other. It certainly appears to be the case. But something does not feel right. Do wars, murders, rapes, abuses, corruption, extreme wealth and poverty, bullying, acrimonious divorces and so on feel like they are part of our true nature?

I know there are those who believe we are inherently evil and perhaps this explains things for them. To me, something doesn’t add up. If we are inherently evil, wouldn’t we enjoy all the suffering, violence, aggression, disharmony etc.? But we don’t. Most of us don’t, anyway. Might this be because somewhere within we know better? Somewhere within we feel the incongruence and are at odds with this way of living. Somewhere within that seed of brotherhood is still firmly planted in our being waiting for us to reawaken it. Isn’t that why it hurts when there is disharmony? Isn’t that why we feel that it doesn’t make sense?

Is it possible that even when divided on the surface, the true essence of our being remains untainted within? Do we, within us all, retain this sense that we are one body of humanity and that it is our purpose to reunite together in oneness? Perhaps this explains why there is so much tension in humanity – because we find ourselves pulled in two different directions. We are like a rubber band stretched to capacity, with one end held by the belief that we are distinct individuals and the other the innate knowing that we are part of a magnificent Oneness.

Is individuality then something to celebrate, or is it in truth the cause of all our woes, the very thing that divides us and leads us to commit all our offences and abuses against each other? Do we trust and accept the identifications we have created that divide and separate us? Or do we honour the deep sense of unity we know innately within?

By Richard Mills, UK

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614 thoughts on “Individuality and Oneness

  1. Although we live in duality we don´t need to be divided and or identified by it due to the all-beholding oneness we are part of and can know ourselves to be. Hence it is the ‘I’ that either individualizes or knows itself by the In-one-ness it is part of.

  2. Yes, Richard, our individuality is keeping us imprisoned in a false identification, that prevents us from feeling everything that we are a part of and the love that surrounds us.

  3. For me this can be illustrated that we are all love like snowflakes are all snow, yet they each have their own unique pattern of expression. We each present in different colours shapes and sizes, as if made out of children’s play-dough – squeezing out of the play factory in different ways, but we come from the same love, just like the original dough.

    1. There’s a lovely feeling when all those snowflakes come together and form a blanket of snow. There is a sense of purity. Perhaps this is a reflection of the pure ‘blanket of love’ we are capable of becoming when we unite back into Oneness.

  4. Races, nationalities, religions, cultures etc. can only exist or can separate men if men have separated from themselves, their essence first. Otherwise we would naturally live the oneness we are with each other and the universe naturally.

    1. True Nico. For separation to be our way of life we must have separation within first. To feel oneness within, is to know Oneness without.

  5. In fact we are no individuals, we can only think so because we have separated ourselves from the oneness we are.

  6. Thank you, Richard. I love hearing and reading about unity and oneness, as I know it in my heart to be true even if there is little evidence of it in society at the moment. And I know we each have the responsibility to let go of the individual in order to open up more and more to the love we are all held in equally.

  7. We are given the thoughts to think that we are unique and an island to ourselves. When you consider it, this mass interference we are hit with is pretty much the only way to delay a human being from living in a unified way.

  8. We grow up and are educated in a way that introduces competition, striving for recognition, rewards, to be special, to stand out, to be a winner. All of these things are celebrating the individual. There is a way of living that is much more rewarding and that is Brotherhood. Working together as equals for all of humanity brings a joy and a sense of purpose like no other. Watching Brotherhood in action is inspiring, sadly it is a long way off from being a world-wide way of doing business.

  9. My habit of stubbornly flying solo is one of my least loving and responsible choices. When I let myself truly be part of a team the opportunity to support and be supported is so much more than the sum of the parts.

    1. Beautifully said Matilda. There is joy in working together and to me this is confirmation that this unified way of being is our true way.

  10. I have also taken part in the exercise that we were invited to take part in when attending the livingness one presentation. And it is absolutely fascinating that when standing opposite someone with our eyes shut I had to curl up my toes to stop myself from falling into the other person. This has happened on so many occasions I feel there has to be something in this phenomena. Could it be that we are from the same one being and if so how lost are we that we think that individuality works when it clearly doesn’t.

  11. I did an exercise in a workshop held by Serge Benhayon a while ago, and more recently did the same exercise with Natalie Benhayon. On both occasions we were asked to partner up, stand in front of our partner with our eyes shut and just allow our bodies to feel and respond without any intervention from our minds telling us what we ‘should’ or shouldn’t’ do. It became apparent very quickly that we were intrinsically drawn towards the other person like a magnet, showing us all that the body’s natural response is to move towards another (in oneness) and not stay separate. As much as we may try to remain individuals, this is not in our divine nature, and we have to put a lot of energy and effort into making that happen.

    1. I have done this exercise too. What stays with me is the sense that when we feel the essence of the person in front of us, free of judgment, free of comparison et al, then it could be anyone standing there – because that essence is the same within us all. And there is nothing to separate us from each other – for we have in that moment stopped creating our reasons to be separate. So this leads me to ask, is individuality a natural state or one that is created by the ‘invading’ thoughts?

  12. I love your example of the carrot, we could see each slice or piece as an individual part but in fact they are all still a part of the whole, and this can be applied to everything. We think of ourselves as individuals but in fact we are all a piece of the whole and thus a part of the universe.

  13. Individuality is like a virus that feeds competition and recognition, and rots our world. It is causing more pollution than anything on earth.

  14. We think we can divide and separate ourselves by thinking we are individuals who can do what we like when we are in fact part of the whole and responsible for what we contribute to the whole.

  15. Individuality has it own life as a lived way on this planet, showing to us in no uncertain terms that it is responsible for all the lovelessness we live with, all this tension is because we have separated from ourselves and the innate oneness that we all belong to. Great article Richard thank you.

  16. “Is there supremacy in the carrot world? Pretty soon they will be food anyway and so it doesn’t matter too much.” Put like this, the absurdity if not insanity of individuality is exposed – we are destined to be one, it is in every cell of our body and eventually, when we have suffered enough, we will align differently.

  17. This is a great blog Richard, and by exploring our feelings and expanding on what you have shared about “oneness” could it be that our divine connection brings with it such a joy-full way of living, and that Joy-full-ness becomes our every day life so that joy will become our normal! Continually living with a joy-full-ness is a feeling that re-connects us to others, and this opens the door to others feeling the open transparency in all we do. As an example these blogs and comments are very open in their transparency as well as the oneness that is so lovingly shared, which will one day be full appreciated by everyone.

  18. It is so reassuring that in a world where we live with so many degrees of separation that “Somewhere within that seed of brotherhood is still firmly planted in our being waiting for us to reawaken it.” But how long will it take before humanity comes to realise that living in separation, as individual countries, states, cultures, religions and people, is not the way the world will return to the harmony the majority of us are longing for.

  19. As long as we seek identification through individuality we will and must be ignorant to the oneness that holds and permeates everything. It is arrogance that makes us being ignorant to the oneness that is.

    1. Arrogance and foolish pride over differences in the way we look, act and move – in some cultures elevated to eccentricity and feted by the media, advertising and politics, to name but a few.

      1. Yes, it is the arrogance in particular that keeps us from the oneness and the amazing universal wisdom just waiting for us to connect to it. Great inspiration to keep dropping the individuality that makes us so arrogant.

  20. This is an amazing topic of conversation to put out there… thank you, Richard. How do we go about our daily activity? In the isolation and division of ourselves as individuals or the interconnectedness and glory that is possible when we live knowing we belong in the whole.

  21. Comparison and competition are in direct opposition to living as one unified human race. Sadly it is championed as ways to motivate people to improve and be a better person. Perhaps it is our separation from our innermost that has lead to the misunderstanding that we need to improve or fix ourselves?

  22. You my not be an etymologist but the way that you deconstructed ‘individuality’ and the definition you came to makes absolute sense to me. The duality that comes with us being individual is clear when we look around at the world and at our own lives. But to be in oneness does not mean we all have to become the same. In oneness we are celebrated for the unique qualities we bring to the whole, for the whole. So we are not being called to be carbon copies of each other – on the contrary we are being called to express ourselves in full, bringing our unique (but not individual) view of the universe with us.

    1. Individuality may make sense to our heads, but when we choose to listen to our bodies, feeling and sensing rather than thinking our way through life, then Oneness is absolutely natural.

  23. ‘Individuality and Oneness’ speak two very different languages producing more of the same – either individuality or oneness.

  24. Love your mention of the fact that we are not inherently evil. It is so important to hold this to be the case not only for others but also equally for ourselves.

    1. Absolutely no one is evil, we have a choice to choose an energy which is love or not and when we choose an energy which is not that can allow other energies to come through which come across as evil.

    2. Great point Joshua, when we understand what you’ve shared and understand how energy works, it would be very difficult to judge ourselves and others for our actions, behaviours, and patterns.

  25. Just looking at the high levels of loneliness should be enough to make us stand up and expose that the way we are living in separation and division is against our natural way of being.

    1. Yes, I have often wondered about this, why so many people feel lonely even though they may be surrounded by people all the time. It is our lack of true connection that leaves us feeling empty, lonely and sad.

  26. We fight still for our individuality in the most subtle ways.. any hint of comparison and we are standing on the platform of individuality. When we know that we are all one, there is nothing to compare, only Love to share.

  27. How can we champion individuality when we know it keeps us in separation to one another? Do we invest in being individual because we are attached to the comfort in life? But what if there was something greater and could it be because of this grandness that we choose to remain in individuality and separate to the divinity within?

  28. The experiment of individuality has gone on for a long time and are we really seeing that it is not working or are we still invested ourselves in it, even in a small way?

    1. Important point Jennifer. Even if we are still invested in individuality even in a small way, then that is enough to keep us hooked into it.

    2. I feel that this will be an ongoing development for us – shedding our individuality – but with the awareness offered here and a willingness to explore, this is something we can attend to and feel the impact of instantly.

  29. There sure is the seed of our core that has never gone anywhere and is not ever going anywhere and that seed is our pure organs of where we come from. Which we all have equally within, a vibration of Oneness with the God.

  30. The body is a beautiful example of divine order and wholeness when it is in harmony and all the different systems communicate and respond to each other.

  31. ” An obvious interpretation of these three elements might be that as individuals, we are in a state of (in); division or dividedness (divi); that leads to or creates duality (duality):” I love this take on the word individuality. When we are individual we are definitely not in oneness so duality wins – and so far humanity isn’t doing a great job when we all strive to be special and individual. If we all gave oneness ago – even for a few days I wonder what effect that would have?!

  32. I don’t feel it would be too far off to say that individuality makes us less and creates all the issues we think randomly befall us. In oneness there is such harmony that we cannot consider harming ourselves or anyone/thing else. Oneness very beautifully reminds me that we do not live in isolation and everything we are contributes or detracts from the whole.

    1. We have created such a convincing world with all this individuality so much so that it seems ‘really’ ‘important’ but it’s so insignificant in the grandness of the universe, but that we are a part of the universe means we are significant in truth we are absolutely divine.

  33. It makes no sense that we are all born selfish and evil, we are born to live together and truly collaborate. This is humanities purpose, to learn to live harmoniously, with Love.

    1. I read something this morning discussing how England football fans are appreciating the unity and togetherness they feel with their fellow England football fans during the world cup. No doubt the fans of other nations have experienced the same thing. Can we then take this one simple and obvious step further and appreciate how it would be to live in a united way with all of humanity? Do we need a competition or a common enemy to make this happen? Surely not. Surely we can just make it our choice.

      1. T

        nderstand what you share here, there can be a sense of coming together, like the idea of the German’s and English playing football in the 1st world war. But at what level is that connection, back to war or having an increase of alcohol use, violence and domestic violence due to the World Cup this is the other side, so what unity is there and is it truly coming together. I agree we need to take it a step further and look at how we can truly unify and honour the natural connections we have and it that not exclude anyone from holding them equal and with love.

      2. I understand what you share here, there can be a sense of coming together, like the idea of the Germans and English playing football in the 1st world war. But at what level is that connection, back to war or having an increase of alcohol use, violence and domestic violence due to the World Cup. This is the other side, so what unity is there and is it truly coming together. I agree we need to take it a step further and look at how we can truly unify and honour the natural connections we have and that it does not exclude anyone from holding them equal and with love.

      3. Yes I too have heard people celebrating the togetherness of a nation united in the game, yet not seeing that it is ring-fenced or blinkered if we don’t see that in being inclusive with one team we are excluding the other. It is a trick as I see it, the illusion of brotherhood that can falsely appear to satisfy us and so we don’t seek true Oneness.

      4. I agree Shirley-Ann. We fall for and settle for the ‘brotherhood-like’ experiences, rather than seeing that true brotherhood is inclusive of all and not exclusive of anyone.

    2. I agree Samantha, there would be no point for us to be born anything other than to learn to live together in communities and be loving and harmonious with everyone, not just those we find to get on with naturally, but everyone.

      1. Yes, even on a very practical level we need one another to survive, but to thrive and flourish we need to embrace responsibility and love. And the deep connection that is within us all.

  34. I love what is shared here, at first it seems a scary thing to let go of individuality and I certainly have not but what I do know is the more experiences I have where I am feeling part of the whole, part of everything then the less I see individuality being so important in life and actually it feels sad to be individual when we can be part of the oneness.

    1. What I have found is that when I am able to connect to that sense of Oneness, I do not lose any sense of self but that the self just feels very expanded. There is a fear of losing ourselves in Oneness – but my feeling is this does not actually happen.

  35. Yes there is a certain reality to seeming separate – but believing in this as a fact is super corrosive to our heart. At some point we should admit we all are part of the same Love.

  36. We seem to place greater importance in celebrating our individual differences these days rather than confirming and appreciating how in essence we are all the same and equal in that quality.

    1. There is a conciousness that needs to change, as in essence we are all the same and equal in that quality, we all just have different expressions.

  37. ‘What happens when you take a race of beings that are inherently one and divide them?’ – Great question. The answer is obvious, we only need to take a brief look at the state of affairs in the world and in humanity today, where chaos and disharmony rules.

  38. It’s curious how we can think of ourselves as separate when we are all on this planet together going round and round and round hanging in space within this giant universe. Getting lost in ourselves and our own private lives and issues just doesn’t make sense. Open our minds and expand our awareness to the greater whole which includes everyone and we cannot but know that we are part of the whole and we are all one.

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