Individuality and Oneness

What happens when you take something that is inherently one and divide it into two or more parts, like slicing a carrot maybe? Does it lose its oneness or is it still innately one? It’s still the same carrot – but is it one or does it become two? There are slices of course, or ‘juliennes’ if that is your way of doing things. It’s a ridiculous suggestion, but do the bits of carrot compare themselves with each other and compete to be the best? Is there supremacy in the carrot world? Pretty soon they will be food anyway and so it doesn’t matter too much.

What happens when you take a race of beings that are inherently one and divide them? Do they lose their oneness and become two, or is the oneness still their true essence? If humanity is innately one race of beings – as the term ‘the human race’ suggests – what happens when the metaphorical kitchen knife comes along and divides it into races, nationalities, religions, cultures, et al? A separation is created: we become not one but two… or even many. There is duality where there was once singularity or oneness.

There are over 7.5 billion individuals in the world today. Often we celebrate individuality and the diversity of our race. Are we one as a race or are we divided? It seems pretty clear that we are divided. We have wars, murders, abuse, violence, inequality, extreme wealth and absolute poverty. We have racial hatred, high divorce rates, abandoned children, women murdered just for being women, high levels of loneliness and cyber-bullying on a large scale. This is not the ‘report card’ of a unified race of beings.

The word individuality is worth looking at more closely. I’m no linguist but it seems to me that the word individuality is comprised of three parts:


An obvious interpretation of these three elements might be that as individuals, we are in a state of (in); division or dividedness (divi); that leads to or creates duality (duality): this is not based on any academic or etymological study, just a sense or feeling. If this is anywhere near the mark it suggests that to become an individual we have been divided from something whole and any whole thing divided becomes dual – a duality, or something with more than one part. But divided from what? Could it be from our innate state of togetherness or oneness? Have we, in living as individuals, created a separation from a true state of brotherhood?

We might argue of course that this is just the way it is, that we are born this way, in individual bodies, distinct and separate from each other. It certainly appears to be the case. But something does not feel right. Do wars, murders, rapes, abuses, corruption, extreme wealth and poverty, bullying, acrimonious divorces and so on feel like they are part of our true nature?

I know there are those who believe we are inherently evil and perhaps this explains things for them. To me, something doesn’t add up. If we are inherently evil, wouldn’t we enjoy all the suffering, violence, aggression, disharmony etc.? But we don’t. Most of us don’t, anyway. Might this be because somewhere within we know better? Somewhere within we feel the incongruence and are at odds with this way of living. Somewhere within that seed of brotherhood is still firmly planted in our being waiting for us to reawaken it. Isn’t that why it hurts when there is disharmony? Isn’t that why we feel that it doesn’t make sense?

Is it possible that even when divided on the surface, the true essence of our being remains untainted within? Do we, within us all, retain this sense that we are one body of humanity and that it is our purpose to reunite together in oneness? Perhaps this explains why there is so much tension in humanity – because we find ourselves pulled in two different directions. We are like a rubber band stretched to capacity, with one end held by the belief that we are distinct individuals and the other the innate knowing that we are part of a magnificent Oneness.

Is individuality then something to celebrate, or is it in truth the cause of all our woes, the very thing that divides us and leads us to commit all our offences and abuses against each other? Do we trust and accept the identifications we have created that divide and separate us? Or do we honour the deep sense of unity we know innately within?

By Richard Mills, UK

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815 thoughts on “Individuality and Oneness

  1. Richard I would say from my recent conversations with the people I have met is that they can feel that something doesn’t feel right, there is a feeling of unsettlement in the air. And I wonder if at last the people of this world are waking up to the fact that the way we are currently living is not working? We do know better and at last we are feeling the unsettlement of how out of sync we are with ourselves and other people.

  2. We try so hard at proving that we are separate and individuals and we come up with so many ways to do that, and we keep working ourselves up in that as if we need that stimulation, constantly being entertained – because we do know, if we stop and be still, there’s no me/myself/I.

  3. It’s ridiculous to consider supremacy in the carrot world but why is it not ridiculous to consider supremacy within humanity? We’ve been fed and we keeping feeding the falsity that we can better ourselves and be the best when actually we are all equally amazing but are simply choosing to live differing degrees of expression of this amazingness. All my issues around being less than or more than another is just painful waffle I create to avoid living this amazingness that is very normal and simple when I do live it.

    1. ‘Painful waffle…’ yes, it seems to me that when we are honest with ourselves, we create a lot of unnecessary suffering in our lives.

  4. As I lay in bed this morning I noticed how quickly my thoughts would move from lying there enjoying just being with me and appreciating the space I was in, to what I have to do today and other thoughts that didn’t really serve me or have any purpose other than to take me away from my connection to feeling the Oneness of humanity. It is these simple thoughts at the start of the day that can determine how my day is going to be, so it is great to read your blog Richard and bring myself back to purpose that life is so much more than my limited individuality..

  5. We have been and are divided in many ways, since the initial desire to separate from our original source. Yet we are on our way back to that deep sense of unity we know innately within us.

  6. It deeply hurts us to live in separation and in individuality yet this is what our world is currently run by. So, no wonder we as a race are in so much tension, we are constantly living in disharmony due to the setup we have accepted, separation/individuality.

  7. Unity, brotherhood, love is what our life/lives should be all about. Some great world teachers have come in the past to show us what life could look like if we were cutting individuality, and today Serge Benhayon is giving us a small reminder. What is humanity going to do with it? Walk with it or ignore it again?

    1. Good question Alexandre. It seems that life has been ‘set up’ in a way that is designed to create ridicule of and reject these wonderful teachers – we only have to look at Jesus for evidence of that. I say let’s walk with this one and see where it takes us.

    2. There is a chance we may ignore it again but I am not taking any chances, I am walking with Serge Benhayon along with many others, learning from the world’s greatest teacher. Serge is lighting the way for humanity to return home, to God and reclaim who we are.

  8. Everything about this life sets up to be more individual, as a society we celebrate individuality, we like to be seen as different – yet our soul knows that its not about that, being individual will always take us further away from evolution.

    1. There is such tension in being individuated. Time to admit even the highest accolades of individuality are never it. Time to just return to our one unified truth.

  9. “Is individuality then something to celebrate, or is it in truth the cause of all our woes, the very thing that divides us and leads us to commit all our offences and abuses against each other?” We have been set up to outcompete others and celebrate individuality from very young. yet cooperating feels so much more loving in the body and supports everyone else too. Cooperative games were far more fun at children’s parties than competing against each other.

  10. It feels to me like most of us have a tainted version of “oneness” as in feeling that there is in fact a level of individuality in it. Like us and them. I can remember feeling at one with my close family or school peers but is the true oneness or is the a bigger version of individuality?

    1. I agree Joshua. I wonder if oneness feels like an unattainable ideal for most people and so we settle for ‘the next best thing’ such as an alignment with a group, a football club, or those with like-minded interests. But what if Oneness is an actual living ‘thing’ that we can all experience and align with…no matter what our apparent differences are in this life?

    2. Brilliant sharing Joshua, I have certainly felt the same as you and now realise the oneness I used to feel was a reduced version of oneness because it had elements of separation in it. Now I understand that oneness has no trace of separation or individuality, it is love in action without any form of reduction in its full and glorious expression.

  11. It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon that I started to look outside the box of life and understand just how much we have limited our sense of knowing. I can now see that as we grow up we are encouraged in every way to be an individual to look out side of ourselves for recognition and acceptance. This then leads to a very myopic way of life stuck in being an individual rather than the multidimensional beings we naturally are.

  12. Great point Richard that if the disharmony in the world was our natural way then we would not be suffering so much. The suffering exists because deep down we know the disharmony is at odds with our natural way of being and living.

  13. When I allow myself to get caught up in thoughts or anxiousness about the future, I know I have separated from oneness and have chosen to become an individual. 

  14. We have invested so much in the ‘us’ we think ourselves to be, we need to foster a strong sense of ‘them’ to make it real. Without this perpetual alien enemy around we’d be forced to realise that our perceived separation is an outright farce.

  15. I had an experience yesterday of both individuality and Oneness at play and there was a moment when I realised that I had become caught up in anxious thoughts about myself and a future event. There was a lot of tension in my body because of this. As I pondered what was happening I realised that I had been making this situation all about me and that this was the source of my tension. Making anything purely about me creates a separation from the everything that is our Oneness and hence there is then tension between the two. I had gone into individuality and it ‘grated’ with the already present awareness of Oneness. Once I had seen this the feelings of individuality abated and the tension disappeared. It is clear to me that when we create a state of individuality we create the basis for tension to be present and in this awareness it is then possible to drop individuality (because we cannot drop Oneness) and in this the tension has served to bring us back to our naturally unified state of being.

  16. The more I appreciate myself and others within the oneness of love that we all are, the less “me” in the individuality and smallness there seems to be, and it feels really lovely to live that way. It comes with a knowing of a greater Divine plan but without making myself lesser either.

  17. When you take the analogy of the carrot it does seem completely ridiculous but then look at us as humanity, as you have, and that is exactly what we have done! While there are many in the world that know of and feel this brotherhood and oneness currently there are many that still do not. So I guess this exposes how we have lived in that we do not want to feel what is innately within. As well as the energetic barriers that are put up in order not to feel hurt or be hurt by another. However, from experience I know that these energetic barriers actually cause us more pain and hurt in having them than not. So what will we choose? I know what I have chosen and that is what I innately know and have felt all my life, that we are indeed all one.

    1. My experience is that our hurts do not protect us from something terrible, but from the beauty that is Oneness and brotherhood. If we embrace the opportunity that a hurt offers us, and ‘dare’ to look beneath it, there is awareness of the Grand Unity we all originate from. Why would we not want to know this Unity we might ask ourselves?

  18. We will not ever bring individuality into Oneness. The two are opposing energies. To know, experience and live Oneness, it is necessary to choose the energy of Oneness at source, not try to transform that which is fundamentally separate and individual into what it is not. Individuality must be dropped completely allowing us to embrace Oneness…if that is our choice.

  19. Stretching the imaginable rubber band by holding on to individuality on one hand and the innate pull towards union, on the other hand, must make us exhausted, which is a condition I do experience in many people.

  20. While we can celebrate the diversity of the human race there is also an element of union that is even much stronger and truly unites us as one. But to let this union do its work we have to let go of the individuality we also celebrate but in fact does the opposite to this pull to union and tears us apart.

  21. “ We have racial hatred, high divorce rates, abandoned children, women murdered just for being women, high levels of loneliness and cyber-bullying on a large scale. This is not the ‘report card’ of a unified race of beings”. When individuality means pursuing whatever you want and behaving however you want without regard for anyone else, then we see the ugly side of the individuality we have chosen to pursue. Even being aware that we are one and every action we make affects everyone else makes a huge difference to how I choose to live.

    1. If we accept that ‘ we are one and every action we make affects everyone else’, then we have a huge responsibility to live in ways that are founded in harmoniousness, not disharmony.

  22. Our desire to be other rather than part of the whole is the problem with the world and our human way. When you touch on feeling oneness it is incredulous that we wanted and want to stay in our desires over it.

    1. There is that innate pull toward oneness but at the same time, there is that opposite force from the mind that likes to be an individual and is wild about recognition and reward.

  23. “We are like a rubber band stretched to capacity, with one end held by the belief that we are distinct individuals and the other the innate knowing that we are part of a magnificent Oneness.” This is the dilemma we all live with each day, and yet we don’t know we are living with it because we are so blind to the magnificent Oneness we all come from and are a part of. We feel the tension and we accept it as part of life, yet the tension runs much deeper than we realise. The more we let go of the individuality that keeps us blind the more we are able to feel that we are all very connected and that individuality does not serve.

  24. We may very well be born in individual bodies that are separate to each other however that truth is limited to only as far as the eyes can see. Our bodies themselves are constituted from particles that belong to a universal order, a oneness in which all particles from everybody in this plane of life are inescapably part of. And from where are we born, as there is quality that animates the body and is what truly determines the quality of our beingness. We are Souls enhoused in a constellated body of particles in which both aspects only know oneness and it is our resistance and willful ignorance to live guided by this universal intelligence that we find ourselves living in the limitations and reductionism of separation, segregation, and disparity that all give rise to the disasters, abuse, violence, lies and lovelessness that we have created today.

  25. Same for me, things don’t add up and I was in complete shutdown and given up until I made my way along to Serge Benhayon’s workshop where he presented on our divine origins and that we are living in separation from that. To re-connect to this i have been able to feel and know that we are all connected deeply and that the Oneness we are from never ever leaves us.

    1. Yes, very true Natalie. We may create the illusion that we leave Oneness, but it never leaves us. It is eternally in that depth of connection in everyone.

      1. I have also felt this to be true Richard. I cannot feel oneness or the love I am held in when I get focussed on what I want or think I need for myself. As soon as I re-connect just by presence with my body and breath, I can feel everything again, and myself as an equal part of it.

  26. The subject of individuality is a massive one as we could say it is the most demanded energy ever by nearly all of humanity. We can see the problems and issues that this is causing the world but we are never truly able to move on from them because we have not collectively been willing to address our need for self.

  27. ‘Women being murdered just for being women’ this makes me stop in my tracks every time I read it because it’s almost unfathomable. Women being killed for being women, people being killed in completely unprovoked attacks, knife crime being normal.

  28. Todays BBC news reports of a lady standing for half an hour in a tube train breastfeeding her heavy baby, being shaken about in the train, and no-one offering her a seat. If that is to be believed – then just like the slices of carrot above humanity just ignored its oneness, for we are all standing with great difficulty if one of us is, effectively.

  29. When a race of beings become separated as has happened with humanity, through countries, race, culture, gender, religion etc it is not that we are no longer one. This is an unchangeable fact. It is only the way we perceive our relationship with each other that changes. I was certainly under this illusion until I re-learnt to feel what is true from my body and no matter who I am with, I feel a sense of oneness.

  30. Accepting that our incessant drive for individuality is the cause of all our woes is a bitter pill to swallow because of how much we have craved individuality. However it is a pill that needs to be swallowed if we are to get past the mess the world is in.

      1. True Richard, humble pie does not always taste good, but it opens us up to another world within ourselves which leads to another and another.

  31. I recently met up with the people I trained with 30 years ago which was really lovely – naturally we are all working differently from the qualifications we got together, and living very differently from one another, but the common thread was the love we shared together.

    1. I have come to know that ‘the love we share’ is very real and is what truly unites us all. Not being aware of it does not mean it is not there. This love is rather akin to our life-blood and is why we experience so much tension when it appears to be absent, or we act in ignorance of it. We are in truth a Family, connected by this ‘common thread’ of love.

    2. I have a 50 year reunion this month with old nursing flatmates. Despite our many differences we too come together in love and have kept in touch over the intervening years. We respect each others views and feel a connection and love that has never dimmed.

  32. ‘Is individuality then something to celebrate, or is it in truth the cause of all our woes, the very thing that divides us and leads us to commit all our offences and abuses against each other?’ If we brought everything back to ourselves and what we can learn from everything presented to us, would individuality be the same, or would we have more of a chance of seeing our own separation from each other?

  33. “Or do we honour the deep sense of unity we know innately within?” There is so much beauty when we allow this innate knowing of unity guide ourselves. We all yearn for true love and harmony, so let our hearts guide our way.

      1. Yes, we have learned to yearn for something outside of us, that we yearn for something to get, but it is simply the connection to our own truth and beingness that we miss – so it is an inward movement not an outward movement that ‘gets’ us there.

      2. Yes.. we can devote an incredible amount of time and resources into looking for something outside of ourselves to ‘give us’ that sense of deep love and security that we all yearn for, instead of realising and remembering that we already have it, within. It’s a step by step, moment to moment choice, to reconnect back to that steady and solid foundation that never goes away – we can only choose to try to put things in the way that stop us fully connecting to it.

  34. “If humanity is innately one race of beings – as the term ‘the human race’ suggests – what happens when the metaphorical kitchen knife comes along and divides it into races, nationalities, religions, cultures…” We have, what we have today, and that is unfortunately a world in division by power struggles, abuse, ill behaviour and a rise in illness and disease… Restore harmony and stillness within the human frame, and this has the potential to restore humanity.

  35. I have been noticing more and more recently how open I am feeling with anyone I meet, and how readily they respond when we offer brotherhood in this way.

  36. It occurs to me this morning that the media are masters of separation – pitching people against each other by opinion or reaction and fragmenting society into as many tiny pieces as it can (a bit like smashing glass) rather than uniting them in truth of any kind. The only apparent unity is in the collective of separation which isn’t unity at all.

  37. Feeling the oneness we all are is confirmation and gift to living our truth and fullness as one with God the universe the all. Anything less is the separation, suffering, glamour and illusion of life and something to understand and see for what it is not.

  38. Great subject to bring up, as for far too long we have been on this devastating path of individuality that brings us nothing but grief, for isn’t it time we realised it just doesn’t work as we are going against the grain of how we are innately supposed to be.

    1. Perhaps we should watch colonies of ants more closely. They are reflecting something very beautiful to us in the way they work together.

  39. We crave to be “special’ which is why we crave individuality but what if we know from the outset that we are special and gorgeous and divine? Would we not then let go of the need to be an individual and instead see and know that by essence we are all the same?

    1. The feeling of connecting with another and of the equalness between us is very ‘special’ to me. In that sense of Oneness my whole being rejoices saying ‘yes, yes, yes – this is the way’.

      1. When we truly know how special we all are in our deeply loving essence then we confirm each other in that knowing which brings brotherhood and oneness and supports us to let go of our seeking individuality and separation in competition with another.

    2. We first deny our grandness that is within and then we seek to be ‘special’ from outside of us. It is a bit upside down and back to front when we take a step back and look at how humanity has reduced ourselves from oneness to individuality.

  40. “Somewhere within that seed of brotherhood is still firmly planted in our being waiting for us to reawaken it.” – totally agree with you on this. True unity is a quality we all know in our essence and as such is something we can bring ourselves back to.

    1. Agreed Fiona it is that unity that deeply supports us to deepen our relationships with all others, to appreciate that we are all Gods living in different ways.

  41. I love this blog because it asks us to consider the separation we live in every day that some ways are obvious but many are very subtle. I just experienced how being on social media without purpose takes me away from myself and separates me from anyone around me. The more I’m feeling this lately the more awful it feels and I don’t want to be separate or take myself out anymore. We know deep down that we are one, that’s why sports can leave us in a sense of emptiness because what have we really achieved at the end of it? Competing against our brothers and sisters?

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