Our Diamond Within

I have grown up with the understanding that responsibility is a burden. However, responsibility is to be open to shining my amazingness, love and beauty in the world every moment. So how can connecting to my inner beauty and embracing life in full be a burden?

I would say it is not. It would be like having a brightly shining diamond inside us and ignoring it, dismissing it or hiding it.

If we look at our diamond inside, it has lots of facets that we can bring into many areas of our lives. For example, every relationship we have is a facet of our diamond, be it with ourselves, our mother, father, sisters and brothers, colleagues, friends, people on the street we meet, people working in shops where we buy our food and other things we need, the relationship we have with objects in our house and car etc., and the relationship we have with our work, leisure and life in general. These are all aspects or facets of our diamond living quietly within us, waiting until we allow their sparkle to touch everything we are a part of.

All facets are lived in a certain way with more or less awareness of ideals and beliefs, behaviours and patterns. No matter how we live, the diamond does not lose its power to shine. Perhaps some facets are layered with dirt but nevertheless the diamond continues to shine. In fact, nothing can stop it from doing so.

Imagine we have the possibility, a responsibility even, to clean each facet as we incorporate it into this life. It is a joy to then feel the brightness we come from, allowing it to shine through us when the dirt has gone.

This responsibility can be a source of great pleasure. Think of your house or apartment: if you clean or clear an object, an area or a corner of a room, or the windows, removing built up layers of clutter, dirt or dust, isn’t it lovely to see the gleaming end result?

Do we want to let our diamond be seen?

Are we afraid of it being stolen or dulled with dirt?

If we are committed to clean and polish our diamond, to let go of layers of protection, safety, ideals and beliefs, patterns and behaviours, the rest is done by the diamond. It shines, reflecting its power and light, inspiring others to awaken to the potential of their own hidden diamond.

There is another aspect to this.

We think that because the diamond is in us, we possess it and we have the right to do anything with it, no matter what can cover it with layers of dirt and dust, pollute it and ignore it… but the diamond does not lose its potential to shine; nothing can reduce its power.

The proof that this is a false assumption is that we die. We cannot hold onto anything in that moment and it is a fact.

So if we behave like the diamond belongs to us and as a consequence abuse it, we do not give a clear reflection to others of the brightness of our diamond. When we adore it, and have no possessive thoughts about it but accept it as our guiding light, it will bring our life into a loving flow.

Our diamond, our natural inner essence or light, is made to be seen by others in order to reflect back to them how beautiful they are, even if they have not yet cleared every facet of their diamond or essence. It is there to guide us back to love.

Are we aware that we are trading our joy for ideals and beliefs by ignoring our natural essence? That we may introduce depression, sadness and desperation if we are not willing to surrender to this essence, caring for it as the preciousness it is and letting others be part of our process back to shine?

Are we aware that we may be inviting illness and disease into our bodies if we do not take care of our preciousness – this diamond – within?

Our commitment to letting our essence shine its light and love into the world is medicine that can heal the wound caused by allowing the layers to build up and preventing its shine being seen by others. If we take care of this precious gift within us, we will be filled with joy and love and our lives will be amazing.

Inspired by Universal Medicine and the many workshops I have attended there.

By Kerstin Salzer, Physiotherapist and Housewife, Stuttgart, Germany

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666 thoughts on “Our Diamond Within

  1. When we understand that we are already everything, have been given everything, have access to everything simply through listening to the innate wisdom we possess through connecting to our bodies and essence, we learn that responsibility doesn’t have to be onerous but is in fact a natural joy – no investments, no pictures, no ideals and beliefs, just whatever is before you in the moment to respond to with everything that you are.

  2. Appreciating our essences or the Soul-full-ness within our selves and others in the most intimate ways with everyone, and this will always deepen and be part of our evolution.

  3. I don’t know ‘my’ essence, it’s not something I have a right over to abuse or ignore. It’s not an object that I can do whatever I want with it. Having a relationship with my essence has made a bit more sense today.

  4. “It shines, reflecting its power and light, inspiring others to awaken to the potential of their own hidden diamond.” The sparkle of each diamond inspiring another to equally shine lights up the world.

  5. When I read your blog today I was able to tap into a part of me, which I felt came from my childhood, that feels very anxious to let my essence shine because I feel it can be hurt. It was such a blessing to realise this and see the belief as false, and feel reassured again that I can be the full me in the world and handle what comes my way. Thank you as it is a very beautiful read.

    1. Melinda I can relate to what you have written, I felt when I was a child that there was part of me that was under a constant attack. I didn’t realise as a young child the attack was to get me to relinquish my knowing of God that he is my true father. So, I hid this knowing and it wasn’t until I was in my fifties that I started to consider my own essence and my relationship with God and what it means. In my Sixties I have built a trust with myself so that it doesn’t matter if the world is not ready to feel my essence which to me is the same essence as God, I’m ready to claim it back as the integral part of me and that it’s okay if people feel uncomfortable with my relationship with God as I know it stirs up within themselves their relationship or lack of relationship with God too.

  6. “Our diamond, our natural inner essence or light, is made to be seen by others in order to reflect back to them how beautiful they are, even if they have not yet cleared every facet of their diamond or essence. It is there to guide us back to love.”

    There have been many forces since the start of time that have tried to darken the light within, yet no matter what is put before it in an attempt to cover it the diamond within always remains.

  7. I was watching someone the other day as they explained life, I was fascinated to actually watch energy at play. There was an energy coming through them that was full of light and playfulness, they were allowing the energy to come through and the mastery was knowing that the energy didn’t belong to them but they were a part of it. It was actually a very humbling experience because how often do we try to control what is happening in our lives and to be given a reflection of just allowing the universe to come through, then anything can happen as it is pure magic just being in the moment, so everyone gets to see and feel the magic. This is the potential we all have when we polish and cherish the Diamond within as you call it Kerstin.

  8. There are reflections everywhere around us that we need to fit in, that standing out is dangerous, therefore the reflection we offer our children is that life is not same to be yourself because you are likely to get hurt. That is why it is so important that as we come to the understanding from our body that it is actually the not being yourself and trying to fit in that is dangerous and can harm us both emotionally and physically, that we reflect a way of living that is at ease with who we are, constantly learning and returning to that bright diamond within.

  9. I firmly believe we have masked our essence with a layer of superficial intelligence which has a certain arrogance to it. We use this intelligence as a form of protection against life rather than allow ourselves the sensitivity to be open and vulnerable which would allow our essence to shine.

  10. What immediately came to me when reading this ‘I have grown up with the understanding that responsibility is a burden.’ is that how, when I was younger I would pair responsibility with not looking after my owns needs and putting others first or in other words not having or allowing myself to have self-love, self-worth, self-care and valuing myself but instead thinking or seeing things I ‘had to do’. Gosh and when we see it like this it is a burden as how can I care or be responsible for anything if I am not caring for and being responsible for myself first! I love the analogy, or should I say truth, of the diamond you have brought here.

  11. But this is exactly what we do we ignore or worse still we don’t even know that there is a diamond within us all, shinning bright as it has been covered over with ideals, beliefs and pictures of how life should be. I have met many people now who will go to their grave not knowing who they truly are and this is one of my pet hates, that we are denied the truth of who we are. And when someone comes along to give us an opportunity to change this perception they are ridiculed and trashed by people who want to remain ignorant of who and what they are. This is another hate of mine because if they don’t want to know that’s fine but they should not impose on the people that do want to know and make those changes. Because of this we have wasted thousands of years just going round in circles, going nowhere.

    1. I agree Mary this is a pet hate of mine as well in that if one person does not like how another lives then fine walk away and live how they want to, do not constantly judge, criticise and try to intimidate them.

    2. Yes, I agree, if you don’t want to know or investigate or even consider, please walk away and leave space for those who do to do so without ridicule. Time to grow up.

  12. There is much that is wrong with the world and one of those wrongs is that we are not taught that we have an essence within our bodies that we can connect to that is the core of who we truly are; it is our birth right. If we were taught from young how it feels to be connected to the warmth and the perpetual joy that is our essence, then maybe the ills of the world that we are all suffering from would not be?

  13. A diamond has many facets to reflect the light of the Soul – our responsibility is to ensure these facets are uncovered and clean so that none of the light of the Soul is diluted in its reflection.

  14. There is a responsibility in living who we are, in allowing the diamond within to be seen. And this is so that we can all be reminded of the diamond within, the one that is within every single one of us whether we choose to acknowledge this and live by it or not. The other day I saw a friend who is going through some big challenges and the way that they handled these challenges was deeply inspiring. As I encountered a similar challenge not too long afterwards, I was reminded of my friend and how they had handled things and to me this was my very rock that allowed me to get through my challenge and realise that it was an opportunity for deeper understanding and hence acceptance and growth – an opportunity to evolve. Without the reflection from my friend it would have been far more difficult for me to embrace this growth with such ease. And so it is that our reflections are there all the time for others, and hence the responsibility of living with love and truth and to keep offering this at all times.

    1. Henrietta what you have shared makes sense, when there is a role model to hand that can inspire another then to me that’s how we grow and support each other. We are not here on this plane of life to ‘do it’ alone. We have the capacity to love and inspire each other so that we can all experience a different way to live. In the joy and expansiveness that we are one with God.

  15. As a kid it was effortless to shine. Over time I started putting effort into covering up my diamond. It then required focus and work to remove the layers. Now it’s letting go of the belief that shining needs to be hard and swallowing the pride that was fooled into such a belief. It’s not hard work it’s being responsible.

  16. I have been pondering on responsibility lately – how it feels constricting, almost suffocating to hold back my own responsibility, and equally how I find it very difficult to see another skiving their responsibility and actually feel disgusted by that. It’s like part of me wants to see it as a kind of power game and manipulation between individuals where we go ‘You do it’, ‘No, you do it’ kind of tussle, but really, holding back is like creating a dent in a sphere that we all are part of and there’s much more implication than we care to understand.

    1. Fumiyo, to me understanding responsibility has many layers, I have felt that I am very responsible, but there is more to being responsible than just the surface of daily life. I have been one of those people skiving my responsibility for many years to the responsibility you are I feel talking about. Which is the responsibility to hold steady with what I know to be the true, to live this truth even if it ruffles peoples feathers as they come to their own understanding of what it is to be truly responsible.

    2. Fumiyo I have been pondering responsibility too as something occurred and it came to me that to think that we do not have a part to play in life is a lie that is fed to us. If we entertain this lie then it keeps us in the comfort of not taking responsibility for our actions and how we are to respond to life. As you say there is much more going on in life than we care to understand and sitting in comfort is no excuse, because we are all responsible for everything we do, say and think, and those thoughts can be very destructive because they are fed to us, they are not of us. This has to be one of the biggest lies we are fed that we think that we think.

  17. “Our commitment to letting our essence shine its light and love into the world is medicine that can heal the wound caused by allowing the layers to build up and preventing its shine being seen by others” so many of us hold back our light not wanting to shine because we worry what others will think, its a great predicament of our time, we are already everything yet many of us are not prepared to show this.

    1. SE I agree with what you are saying absolutely, we live in a world that actually doesn’t want the reflection of the light we come from and have built a society that at times actively condemns it. This battle, as it does feel like a battle to me, has been raging ever since we descended from the expansion of the all we come from into a narrow funnel of what we now call life on earth.

  18. It’s great to talk about our beliefs that the diamond inside is ours- there for us to feel shiny and for us to feel great and bright. But it’s not, it’s not actually for us.

  19. It’s not what others do to us that hurts the most but what we do to our own light that creates the deepest wounds. Staying upset about such a choice or holding a grudge against ourselves further engrains that hurt. Part of our light is a light of understanding and when I choose to understand myself the self-bashing drops and I start to come around quicker to turning my light back up.

    1. The self bashing is so destructive but if we see ourselves as diamonds we actually never harm our essence itself, it is simply the masks and coverings we have put over the diamond that we know should not be there that gets attacked.

    2. Leigh thank you for your comment, it has supported me to see that bashing myself for my poor choices has been nothing more than a delaying tactic, a game that is being played so that I deny myself the power and authority that is naturally mine by birth right. The power and authority of knowing that I am a son of God and to reclaim this knowing then opens up the self imposed restrictions I have place on myself which allows the light to shine through so that everyone can feel that heaven walks on Earth this is my responsibility.

    3. Leigh your comment is so masterful because what you have said is true
      ‘It’s not what others do to us that hurts the most but what we do to our own light that creates the deepest wounds.’
      We walked away from God, God never abandons us, Religion would have us believe it’s God’s fault and we blame God for our hurts and woes, to unpick this lie is to then walk in freedom with God again.

  20. When we take responsibility to clear and reveal every facet obscuring the light of our essence we cannot but shine from our true innate beauty and bring the power of its reflection to others.

  21. Diamonds reflect light in all directions despite the landscape they may find themselves in. So too do we when we allow ourselves to peel pack the layers of mud that have cloaked such inner brightness.

  22. I think all of us know there is a diamond inside each of us but yes some do need a darn good polishing and haven’t shone for a very long time and that is why we do need the reflections of those that do shine to remind us of where we come from.

    1. Shows how worthwhile to get going on polishing our own diamond and get shining. Never know who may be needing exactly that particular reflection from that specific facet of diamond that we reflect to get them going.

    2. These last few days Kevin I have allowed myself to feel what I felt as a child the absolute knowing that we come from the universe, this plane of life is not our so called home, our home is the Universe our very particles are made up of the atoms of the universe which is vast. So I wonder why we try to contain ourselves to one very small planet when we have the vastness of the universe to interact with?

    3. kevmchardy I would add thank God that we do have people who can reflect the power, grace and love of God to the world so that we can all get a sense of a different way to live. We are being shown the rot in our society where people and institutions are exposing themselves in the rot that is plain to see and they flaunt it in our faces. George Orwell wrote a book called Animal Farm and exposed the rottenness of life we all live in and contribute to.

  23. When you are told you’re a fish continually you start to believe that you are, what is dominating our perception if we are not being confirmed for the precious sparkly light diamond that we are – then what is it that is telling us we are something else?

    1. Yes and if we take our self-worth and our identity from what the outside world tells us we are, we are in trouble because we will not be confirmed in our sparkle. This connection comes from the inside out.

  24. It is the perfect way to describe who we are – a reflection of Light no matter what angle from which we are looked at. Knowing that this is how we should be perceived is enough for me to hold that within myself not needing it to be but knowing I am being seen no matter what and how it feels around me.

  25. ‘It is there to guide us back to love.’ I love this – connect to our essence and we will be guided back to love, shining all the way as all the bits we’ve collected and stuck on to hide it fall to the side.

  26. In a world where people look to the other side as they move, responsibility is a heavily loaded word. It invites people to change their movements and be there for themselves and hence for others.

  27. When I am true to myself – I can see how much clearer I feel in my body, how much more content and therefore more content with others. Shining bright is a responsibility because it is saying to the world we don’t have to walk around as any less.

  28. I have been hiding my diamond for a long time and only letting it shine on occasion. The weird thing is it is so much easier to do this, as its simply letting go of all the control needed to keep the shine held in and dulled down.

  29. Not only considering we are a diamond, and then knowing there are many facets to our diamond is a great way to approach the relationship with ourselves because it helps to understand the different perspectives we can have on situations we experience and also the different reflection we offer others depending on what light we are reflecting.

  30. It is when we abandon our diamond within that layers of disregard starts to cover up our light and sometimes when we leave it covered for long enough we may forget that it even exists.

    1. It is my understanding chanly88 that we are born onto a model of life that strips us of any sense of who we truly are so we are disadvantaged from day one. It wasn’t until I attended the presentations and workshops of Universal Medicine that I began to understand the great lie we are all part of. We are constantly encouraged to forget who we truly are by all the distractions and emotions of life. Once we start to feel and unpick the lies then we can reclaim ourselves.

  31. There is an enormous amount of responsibility in honouring yourself as the diamond you are. It’s is never an effort or a strain though. That is the bastardised interpretation of what responsibility is and it becomes that way when you make it all about doing something because of some ideal or belief you have.

  32. Thank you Kerstin a forever lesson that we do not own love, we are from it and we can connect to it every second we will. Therefor ownership is totally irrelevant🙏🏻.

  33. Sooner or later we get to feel that living from the mind is a completely loveless experience, marked by highs and lows, but lacking a steadiness of joy and contentment. The only way to bring this sense of steady contentment back is to re-connect to it through the body. This might be challenging at first, if we’re numb to what we can feel, and really not wanting to feel that numbness, but the more we allow ourselves to feel whatever is there, with no judgment on ourselves or our past choices, the more we get to feel that the numbness is a temporary layer of mud obscuring the richness, a deep well of steadiness and a joy in and with life, within.

  34. We take things on in life that do not support our light to shine brightly. A big part of the healing for most people is to let go of what doesn’t support so that the true richness within us is brought out.

    1. This is a great point – letting go of what doesn’t support us allows us to stand in our full power.

    2. This model of life does not support anyone to claim their true riches, instead we are starved of the absolute magnificence of who we are. We could say that we have accepted the lesser life of Cinderella with all the drudgery and abuse, without knowing that we are indeed the princess.

  35. that every life is an opportunity to grow and evolve, to accelerate our part to return to who we truly are, this is the truth that must be lived in such a way that our children will know this innately.

  36. Understanding what responsibility is truly about is akin to being released from a prison of burdens induced from old ideals and beliefs.Time to shine like a natural diamond.
    “However, responsibility is to be open to shining my amazingness, love and beauty in the world every moment. So how can connecting to my inner beauty and embracing life in full be a burden?”

    1. SO true, we see responsibility as a burden rather than a freedom. I am aware that this takes a consistent reflection to build trust that it is a freedom though as our reflection to date has been of the burden that is felt as we ‘take on’ responsibility for people, or work to name but two.

  37. Our diamond within can be felt so much when we express through speaking and singing (my granddaughter loves to sing and she tells me that we can let the diamond within us shine).

  38. Describing our essence within as a diamond is beautiful as it gives a feeling of a constant twinkle and glow deep within us. It is a complete contrast to what the outside world can try and throw at us and send us off track. Our diamond is always there to be felt.

  39. Great to share the importance of our essence and how by hiding it we suppress our bodies and therefore are asking for Illness and disease.

    1. Great point HM and we only partially understand illness and disease if we do not understand how everything relates back to our relationship with our light (the diamond within).

  40. Your metaphor shows how we need to look at every part of our life and ‘polish’ it in order to have the full shine and reflection of the diamond being uncovered and shown – so we can’t just work on one part, we need to look at the whole.

  41. Each and everyone of us had a diamond within, and when connected to it, it shines out for all to see reflecting to others that they too have this most precious gift, waiting inside for them to connected to.

    1. What a gift we can offer humanity, reflecting to them that not only do they have a diamond within, they are all just one facet of the whole diamond that is called God, the Universe and the stars.

  42. Shining like a diamond is a brilliant analogy for the responsibility we all hold to live the light of who we are in essence, the light of our Soul, in and through every facet of our lives. In doing so we are purely being ourselves, and this is everything in a world that is crying out for direction of how to live in a way that represents the truth of who they are.

  43. “If we behave like the diamond belongs to us and as a consequence abuse it, we do not give a clear reflection to others of the brightness of our diamond. When we adore it, and have no possessive thoughts about it but accept it as our guiding light, it will bring our life into a loving flow.” This succinctly expresses the core of your message and beautifully so – for to abuse ourselves with self-critical thoughts or self-bashing is assuming that we own this brightness and can do what we will with it, when the brightness is to come through us, like a light through a window.

    1. Love this anaology- our responsibility then is the guardianship of the window, ensuring that it is clean and clear enough for the light to come through and illuminate.

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