Our Diamond Within

I have grown up with the understanding that responsibility is a burden. However, responsibility is to be open to shining my amazingness, love and beauty in the world every moment. So how can connecting to my inner beauty and embracing life in full be a burden?

I would say it is not. It would be like having a brightly shining diamond inside us and ignoring it, dismissing it or hiding it.

If we look at our diamond inside, it has lots of facets that we can bring into many areas of our lives. For example, every relationship we have is a facet of our diamond, be it with ourselves, our mother, father, sisters and brothers, colleagues, friends, people on the street we meet, people working in shops where we buy our food and other things we need, the relationship we have with objects in our house and car etc., and the relationship we have with our work, leisure and life in general. These are all aspects or facets of our diamond living quietly within us, waiting until we allow their sparkle to touch everything we are a part of.

All facets are lived in a certain way with more or less awareness of ideals and beliefs, behaviours and patterns. No matter how we live, the diamond does not lose its power to shine. Perhaps some facets are layered with dirt but nevertheless the diamond continues to shine. In fact, nothing can stop it from doing so.

Imagine we have the possibility, a responsibility even, to clean each facet as we incorporate it into this life. It is a joy to then feel the brightness we come from, allowing it to shine through us when the dirt has gone.

This responsibility can be a source of great pleasure. Think of your house or apartment: if you clean or clear an object, an area or a corner of a room, or the windows, removing built up layers of clutter, dirt or dust, isn’t it lovely to see the gleaming end result?

Do we want to let our diamond be seen?

Are we afraid of it being stolen or dulled with dirt?

If we are committed to clean and polish our diamond, to let go of layers of protection, safety, ideals and beliefs, patterns and behaviours, the rest is done by the diamond. It shines, reflecting its power and light, inspiring others to awaken to the potential of their own hidden diamond.

There is another aspect to this.

We think that because the diamond is in us, we possess it and we have the right to do anything with it, no matter what can cover it with layers of dirt and dust, pollute it and ignore it… but the diamond does not lose its potential to shine; nothing can reduce its power.

The proof that this is a false assumption is that we die. We cannot hold onto anything in that moment and it is a fact.

So if we behave like the diamond belongs to us and as a consequence abuse it, we do not give a clear reflection to others of the brightness of our diamond. When we adore it, and have no possessive thoughts about it but accept it as our guiding light, it will bring our life into a loving flow.

Our diamond, our natural inner essence or light, is made to be seen by others in order to reflect back to them how beautiful they are, even if they have not yet cleared every facet of their diamond or essence. It is there to guide us back to love.

Are we aware that we are trading our joy for ideals and beliefs by ignoring our natural essence? That we may introduce depression, sadness and desperation if we are not willing to surrender to this essence, caring for it as the preciousness it is and letting others be part of our process back to shine?

Are we aware that we may be inviting illness and disease into our bodies if we do not take care of our preciousness – this diamond – within?

Our commitment to letting our essence shine its light and love into the world is medicine that can heal the wound caused by allowing the layers to build up and preventing its shine being seen by others. If we take care of this precious gift within us, we will be filled with joy and love and our lives will be amazing.

Inspired by Universal Medicine and the many workshops I have attended there.

By Kerstin Salzer, Physiotherapist and Housewife, Stuttgart, Germany

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612 thoughts on “Our Diamond Within

  1. When I am true to myself – I can see how much clearer I feel in my body, how much more content and therefore more content with others. Shining bright is a responsibility because it is saying to the world we don’t have to walk around as any less.

  2. I have been hiding my diamond for a long time and only letting it shine on occasion. The weird thing is it is so much easier to do this, as its simply letting go of all the control needed to keep the shine held in and dulled down.

  3. Not only considering we are a diamond, and then knowing there are many facets to our diamond is a great way to approach the relationship with ourselves because it helps to understand the different perspectives we can have on situations we experience and also the different reflection we offer others depending on what light we are reflecting.

  4. It is when we abandon our diamond within that layers of disregard starts to cover up our light and sometimes when we leave it covered for long enough we may forget that it even exists.

  5. There is an enormous amount of responsibility in honouring yourself as the diamond you are. It’s is never an effort or a strain though. That is the bastardised interpretation of what responsibility is and it becomes that way when you make it all about doing something because of some ideal or belief you have.

  6. Sooner or later we get to feel that living from the mind is a completely loveless experience, marked by highs and lows, but lacking a steadiness of joy and contentment. The only way to bring this sense of steady contentment back is to re-connect to it through the body. This might be challenging at first, if we’re numb to what we can feel, and really not wanting to feel that numbness, but the more we allow ourselves to feel whatever is there, with no judgment on ourselves or our past choices, the more we get to feel that the numbness is a temporary layer of mud obscuring the richness, a deep well of steadiness and a joy in and with life, within.

  7. We take things on in life that do not support our light to shine brightly. A big part of the healing for most people is to let go of what doesn’t support so that the true richness within us is brought out.

  8. that every life is an opportunity to grow and evolve, to accelerate our part to return to who we truly are, this is the truth that must be lived in such a way that our children will know this innately.

  9. Understanding what responsibility is truly about is akin to being released from a prison of burdens induced from old ideals and beliefs.Time to shine like a natural diamond.
    “However, responsibility is to be open to shining my amazingness, love and beauty in the world every moment. So how can connecting to my inner beauty and embracing life in full be a burden?”

    1. SO true, we see responsibility as a burden rather than a freedom. I am aware that this takes a consistent reflection to build trust that it is a freedom though as our reflection to date has been of the burden that is felt as we ‘take on’ responsibility for people, or work to name but two.

  10. Our diamond within can be felt so much when we express through speaking and singing (my granddaughter loves to sing and she tells me that we can let the diamond within us shine).

  11. Describing our essence within as a diamond is beautiful as it gives a feeling of a constant twinkle and glow deep within us. It is a complete contrast to what the outside world can try and throw at us and send us off track. Our diamond is always there to be felt.

  12. Great to share the importance of our essence and how by hiding it we suppress our bodies and therefore are asking for Illness and disease.

    1. Great point HM and we only partially understand illness and disease if we do not understand how everything relates back to our relationship with our light (the diamond within).

  13. Your metaphor shows how we need to look at every part of our life and ‘polish’ it in order to have the full shine and reflection of the diamond being uncovered and shown – so we can’t just work on one part, we need to look at the whole.

  14. Each and everyone of us had a diamond within, and when connected to it, it shines out for all to see reflecting to others that they too have this most precious gift, waiting inside for them to connected to.

    1. What a gift we can offer humanity, reflecting to them that not only do they have a diamond within, they are all just one facet of the whole diamond that is called God, the Universe and the stars.

  15. Shining like a diamond is a brilliant analogy for the responsibility we all hold to live the light of who we are in essence, the light of our Soul, in and through every facet of our lives. In doing so we are purely being ourselves, and this is everything in a world that is crying out for direction of how to live in a way that represents the truth of who they are.

  16. “If we behave like the diamond belongs to us and as a consequence abuse it, we do not give a clear reflection to others of the brightness of our diamond. When we adore it, and have no possessive thoughts about it but accept it as our guiding light, it will bring our life into a loving flow.” This succinctly expresses the core of your message and beautifully so – for to abuse ourselves with self-critical thoughts or self-bashing is assuming that we own this brightness and can do what we will with it, when the brightness is to come through us, like a light through a window.

    1. Love this anaology- our responsibility then is the guardianship of the window, ensuring that it is clean and clear enough for the light to come through and illuminate.

    1. It’s sad that we have chosen to bury the treasure that is held within and live in such a way that hurts us immeasurably. It is as if we are keeping the lid on something so amazing that we don’t want to feel it and which holds us in a state of exhaustion and anxiousness. It just doesn’t make sense does it.

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