Our Diamond Within

I have grown up with the understanding that responsibility is a burden. However, responsibility is to be open to shining my amazingness, love and beauty in the world every moment. So how can connecting to my inner beauty and embracing life in full be a burden?

I would say it is not. It would be like having a brightly shining diamond inside us and ignoring it, dismissing it or hiding it.

If we look at our diamond inside, it has lots of facets that we can bring into many areas of our lives. For example, every relationship we have is a facet of our diamond, be it with ourselves, our mother, father, sisters and brothers, colleagues, friends, people on the street we meet, people working in shops where we buy our food and other things we need, the relationship we have with objects in our house and car etc., and the relationship we have with our work, leisure and life in general. These are all aspects or facets of our diamond living quietly within us, waiting until we allow their sparkle to touch everything we are a part of.

All facets are lived in a certain way with more or less awareness of ideals and beliefs, behaviours and patterns. No matter how we live, the diamond does not lose its power to shine. Perhaps some facets are layered with dirt but nevertheless the diamond continues to shine. In fact, nothing can stop it from doing so.

Imagine we have the possibility, a responsibility even, to clean each facet as we incorporate it into this life. It is a joy to then feel the brightness we come from, allowing it to shine through us when the dirt has gone.

This responsibility can be a source of great pleasure. Think of your house or apartment: if you clean or clear an object, an area or a corner of a room, or the windows, removing built up layers of clutter, dirt or dust, isn’t it lovely to see the gleaming end result?

Do we want to let our diamond be seen?

Are we afraid of it being stolen or dulled with dirt?

If we are committed to clean and polish our diamond, to let go of layers of protection, safety, ideals and beliefs, patterns and behaviours, the rest is done by the diamond. It shines, reflecting its power and light, inspiring others to awaken to the potential of their own hidden diamond.

There is another aspect to this.

We think that because the diamond is in us, we possess it and we have the right to do anything with it, no matter what can cover it with layers of dirt and dust, pollute it and ignore it… but the diamond does not lose its potential to shine; nothing can reduce its power.

The proof that this is a false assumption is that we die. We cannot hold onto anything in that moment and it is a fact.

So if we behave like the diamond belongs to us and as a consequence abuse it, we do not give a clear reflection to others of the brightness of our diamond. When we adore it, and have no possessive thoughts about it but accept it as our guiding light, it will bring our life into a loving flow.

Our diamond, our natural inner essence or light, is made to be seen by others in order to reflect back to them how beautiful they are, even if they have not yet cleared every facet of their diamond or essence. It is there to guide us back to love.

Are we aware that we are trading our joy for ideals and beliefs by ignoring our natural essence? That we may introduce depression, sadness and desperation if we are not willing to surrender to this essence, caring for it as the preciousness it is and letting others be part of our process back to shine?

Are we aware that we may be inviting illness and disease into our bodies if we do not take care of our preciousness – this diamond – within?

Our commitment to letting our essence shine its light and love into the world is medicine that can heal the wound caused by allowing the layers to build up and preventing its shine being seen by others. If we take care of this precious gift within us, we will be filled with joy and love and our lives will be amazing.

Inspired by Universal Medicine and the many workshops I have attended there.

By Kerstin Salzer, Physiotherapist and Housewife, Stuttgart, Germany

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527 thoughts on “Our Diamond Within

  1. We don’t need to go to the diamond sources to buy diamonds we are the most exquisite diamonds we will ever find and there is no money in the world that can put a value on it. Each and everyone of us has it equally within us, now that’s what I call bling. If only we chose it all of the time and we wouldn’t need all the substitutes that we think make us worth something.

  2. Firstly most of us go through life totally unaware that there is an inner beauty to connect to and life is seen as something to be got through as best one can. So discovering that we all have an inner beauty or essence has been a huge revelation to me. It has personally taken a few years to feel settled enough in my body to be able to feel another depth of quality I had not known was there. And we all have this quality, I am not alone, and what we seem to have done by my own experience is disassociated ourselves from this inner beauty, and in doing this we deny ourselves and everyone else the truth of who we truly are, divine beings every one of us.

  3. The diamond that each of us are never dulls, regardless of how poorly we treat it. It sits waiting to be seen, slowly, slowly, day by day, until one day it is all that is there to be seen.

  4. It is quite something that our diamond remains untarnished regardless of the way we live. We cannot always see the diamond in another because they are not allowing themselves to shine but it doesn’t mean the sparkle is not there.

  5. You can so tell when someone is connected to their diamond inside they sparkle from the inside out and it’s undeniable.

    1. Yes, and its like you can’t help but notice ‘something’ about that person – in this moment, is the opportunity to see reflected, to feel and know of the same quality of diamond within ourselves.

  6. “If we take care of this precious gift within us, we will be filled with joy and love ” absolutely our diamond within cared for and acknowledged is the most precious gift we can give ourselves and others as is our responsibility with this claimed.

  7. Deep down we all want to love and be loved, thus it is our commitment to seeking truth, to being true to ourselves and allowing our light to shine, is how we heal ourselves and at the same time reflect to others that they can also reclaim who they truly are.

  8. Opening ourselves to our divine essence within, we heal ourselves.Whether through a session or esoteric modality, still, we are the only ones who have that key.

  9. We not only have a responsibility to shine our own diamond for all to see but a responsibility to see the truth of how others are living, and yet still see the diamond, even if only a glimmer, within them.

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