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As I sit here writing I can feel a warmth in my chest and a gorgeous feeling of yumminess throughout my body. I feel confident, strong, light and playful, I can feel sparks of joy, and most of all I feel appreciative of all that I have done for myself over the last few weeks.

Only a few short weeks ago I was in a very dark place of depression and confusion. Life had thrown a few big challenges my way over the course of a few months in the form of what felt like attacks from forces that appeared to be bigger than me. My reaction was to be scared, withdraw, and contract into a hidey hole thinking that is where I would be safe.

What I found was that by withdrawing from life I also withdrew from myself. I felt small, helpless, exhausted, and grief stricken that the gorgeous joyful me that I had come to know was not anywhere in sight. My thoughts changed to be ones of negativity, fear and paranoia – a totally horrible place to be, but one that I was choosing based on the way that I was reacting to what had happened.

What has been exposed is a lifelong pattern of withdrawal and contraction when anything scary or threatening happens. This pattern had been accentuated and was magnified due to the multiple incidents over a period of a few months, ensuring that recovery was harder due to the recurring events. Ultimately this has been a gift as it has shown me the pattern in a very big and exaggerated way, and I have been able to work with it and discover and understand how I can heal it and do things differently.

It has meant getting very real about how I am living, how I take care of myself, and how much love I allow into my life. When I was at rock bottom I couldn’t feel any love, and I was reinforcing this by attacking myself with the wrong foods, negative thoughts, allowing myself to remain in blame and effectively choosing to be a victim. Turning this around has been a valuable process which has effectively made me consciously choose to love myself, one choice at a time. It has been like learning to walk again.

How can I expect to weather the effects of an outside attack if I am attacking myself? This was a huge revelation and one that has been very powerful in my return to loving myself. It has resulted in my repeating the words “I will not attack myself” silently in my head when I get a craving for food that I don’t need, or the temptation to go into stress in response to a request or think about blaming myself when things go wrong. Claiming myself back through every little choice has been a gorgeous rebuilding.

I am still aware of my reaction when a strong force comes at me. I am noticing how my body reacts. But instead of staying in the contraction and going into anxiety about the perceived attack I am choosing to focus on the movement of my body and how gorgeous and yummy this can feel if I remain in my true quality. I then actually feel playful rather than threatened. How amazing!

As a student of The Way of The Livingness I have been studying how to love myself and live true to my body and my feelings for many years.

My responsibility to live and speak in a true way can begin to feel like a burden if I am not living in true connection with myself. But if I am connected with my body and my essence it is absolutely natural to want to be true to myself, for anything else feels totally awful.

What I have discovered and come to understand more deeply is that the tools that Universal Medicine offers are tools for life.

The way that I recovered from my dark place was by using the tools that I have learned through Universal Medicine. These tools work. If I want to be able to deal with life I need to take care of myself and allow myself love by eating nourishing food, getting enough rest, taking regular gentle exercise, saying no to the invading thoughts, choosing to breathe my own breath and bringing my true quality into every movement, which provides a solid platform from which to live and work.

This is not rocket science.

There is no secret.

It is pure common sense.

Feeling my body now after a few weeks of dedicated committed self-care I know that I do not want to choose to live any other way. Feeling what is true through my body allows me the authority to speak what is true for me, and If I speak truth it will be because I can feel how yummy it feels in my body to express it and how awful it feels if I don’t. It’s not about being loyal or dedicated to anything, but what I can feel inside of me.

Keeping it real is so important. Yes we are connected to something grander than this physical world, but while we are here we need to learn how to live here and withstand the onslaught of life through simple means for our own wellbeing. Learning to live with the love that we can give to ourselves we can enjoy the process and enjoy how amazing we can feel in our bodies when we choose the supportive tools for life as presented by Universal Medicine.

Anonymous, UK

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768 thoughts on “Tools for Life

  1. “This is not rocket science. There is no secret. It is pure common sense.” This is the truth of the Ageless Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon.

  2. “the tools that Universal Medicine offers are tools for life.” The tools to unlock the truth of all that we already are.

  3. “How can I expect to weather the effects of an outside attack if I am attacking myself? Great advice in your whole blog, thank you, and this line really highlights for me ways I still do not turn to love to support myself, but add to my pressures by not taking loving care of myself.

  4. These tools work. The ones I have put into action have proven this and there’s no end of tools available, updating in accordance to where we are in life.

  5. “Life had thrown a few big challenges my way over the course of a few months in the form of what felt like attacks from forces that appeared to be bigger than me. My reaction was to be scared, withdraw, and contract into a hidey hole thinking that is where I would be safe.”
    This is how that bullying energy gets us to withdraw from life, if only we could understand that there is an energy within us which we call our spirit that does not want to return to whence it came. It separated from the ‘One soul’ eons ago and created this plane of life which we call home. Only it isn’t our true home and we are led by the nose believing and indulging to our hearts desire that this is it. When actually we come from such grandness that we cannot fathom the depth and quality of our true home. I am learning if we don’t react by being scared or withdrawing we will discover that actually the energy has no control over us we are far greater than it can or will ever be.

  6. When we understand how appreciative life can be, we are in full connection to our Essence, Inner-most-heart / Soul and through deepening our divinity and connection to God we thus are in True appreciation of who we all are.

  7. Running away from the world is like trying to run away from our feet, we take with us whatever we are trying to avoid. When we are loving and caring for ourselves we become lights in the darkness that we had tried to hide in, and become reflections for others.

    1. I agree with you Steve we cannot run away there is no where to hide and if we believe there is then we have fallen for a trick of our mind that wants us to believe there is a way out by numbing ourselves. This can only ever be a last resort. When we turn around and face God again then there is that wonderment of why we ever tried to run away in the first place.

  8. Living in Joy is fundamental to understanding and living in appreciation, as is shared in The Way of The Livingness – Sermon 13 (by Serge Benhayon) goes into great detail about appreciation as a post script to Joy and the Love, Harmony, Truth and Wisdom we can all live when connected to our Soul-full essences.

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