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As I sit here writing I can feel a warmth in my chest and a gorgeous feeling of yumminess throughout my body. I feel confident, strong, light and playful, I can feel sparks of joy, and most of all I feel appreciative of all that I have done for myself over the last few weeks.

Only a few short weeks ago I was in a very dark place of depression and confusion. Life had thrown a few big challenges my way over the course of a few months in the form of what felt like attacks from forces that appeared to be bigger than me. My reaction was to be scared, withdraw, and contract into a hidey hole thinking that is where I would be safe.

What I found was that by withdrawing from life I also withdrew from myself. I felt small, helpless, exhausted, and grief stricken that the gorgeous joyful me that I had come to know was not anywhere in sight. My thoughts changed to be ones of negativity, fear and paranoia – a totally horrible place to be, but one that I was choosing based on the way that I was reacting to what had happened.

What has been exposed is a lifelong pattern of withdrawal and contraction when anything scary or threatening happens. This pattern had been accentuated and was magnified due to the multiple incidents over a period of a few months, ensuring that recovery was harder due to the recurring events. Ultimately this has been a gift as it has shown me the pattern in a very big and exaggerated way, and I have been able to work with it and discover and understand how I can heal it and do things differently.

It has meant getting very real about how I am living, how I take care of myself, and how much love I allow into my life. When I was at rock bottom I couldn’t feel any love, and I was reinforcing this by attacking myself with the wrong foods, negative thoughts, allowing myself to remain in blame and effectively choosing to be a victim. Turning this around has been a valuable process which has effectively made me consciously choose to love myself, one choice at a time. It has been like learning to walk again.

How can I expect to weather the effects of an outside attack if I am attacking myself? This was a huge revelation and one that has been very powerful in my return to loving myself. It has resulted in my repeating the words “I will not attack myself” silently in my head when I get a craving for food that I don’t need, or the temptation to go into stress in response to a request or think about blaming myself when things go wrong. Claiming myself back through every little choice has been a gorgeous rebuilding.

I am still aware of my reaction when a strong force comes at me. I am noticing how my body reacts. But instead of staying in the contraction and going into anxiety about the perceived attack I am choosing to focus on the movement of my body and how gorgeous and yummy this can feel if I remain in my true quality. I then actually feel playful rather than threatened. How amazing!

As a student of The Way of The Livingness I have been studying how to love myself and live true to my body and my feelings for many years.

My responsibility to live and speak in a true way can begin to feel like a burden if I am not living in true connection with myself. But if I am connected with my body and my essence it is absolutely natural to want to be true to myself, for anything else feels totally awful.

What I have discovered and come to understand more deeply is that the tools that Universal Medicine offers are tools for life.

The way that I recovered from my dark place was by using the tools that I have learned through Universal Medicine. These tools work. If I want to be able to deal with life I need to take care of myself and allow myself love by eating nourishing food, getting enough rest, taking regular gentle exercise, saying no to the invading thoughts, choosing to breathe my own breath and bringing my true quality into every movement, which provides a solid platform from which to live and work.

This is not rocket science.

There is no secret.

It is pure common sense.

Feeling my body now after a few weeks of dedicated committed self-care I know that I do not want to choose to live any other way. Feeling what is true through my body allows me the authority to speak what is true for me, and If I speak truth it will be because I can feel how yummy it feels in my body to express it and how awful it feels if I don’t. It’s not about being loyal or dedicated to anything, but what I can feel inside of me.

Keeping it real is so important. Yes we are connected to something grander than this physical world, but while we are here we need to learn how to live here and withstand the onslaught of life through simple means for our own wellbeing. Learning to live with the love that we can give to ourselves we can enjoy the process and enjoy how amazing we can feel in our bodies when we choose the supportive tools for life as presented by Universal Medicine.

Anonymous, UK

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755 thoughts on “Tools for Life

  1. Having this view on life, that life can be understood by feeling our body and that nothing is random but in our lives for a specific purpose, for us to learn from, is absolutely beautiful. When compared to going through life, stuff happens, not my fault or involvement, someone/thing is to blame, ‘I am a victim of circumstance’ – that life was pretty miserable when I tried it.

  2. “It has been like learning to walk again.” Every step learning to move with the love and beauty of our inner essence.

  3. I think someone said in a comment it’s about self-mastery and I agree that we have to get our thoughts under control and not let them run away with us so that as soon as our thoughts wander off we bring them back to what we are doing so they are in alignment to our body. I feel this is the only way to stop the thoughts we all have of lack of self-worth, not good enough, comparing to other people etc. Have we stopped to consider where they come from? I was given a stop moment from a dear friend and it has been a wakeup call to ask myself what am I allowing into my body.

  4. I felt drawn to read this one today and now I know why, it was a much-needed read this morning. Giving me the space to sit back and check in with my body, asking it various questions regarding my current state of health. The body always has clear insights as to what’s going on. Nothing is a mystery.

  5. Simple practical tools that are not rocket science yet when put into practice can be both powerful and healing. I deeply appreciate all the tools that Universal Medicine have given me in order to truly support myself and others in life. What you have expressed here is also so true and important to note ‘How can I expect to weather the effects of an outside attack if I am attacking myself?’ If we attack ourselves be it by thoughts or the foods we eat then of course it is going to not be so easy when life challenges us.

  6. Who would have known that our best weaponry is to deeply love and nurture ourselves in connection to God and all things multi-dimensional.

  7. Anonymous, thank you. I can relate to the pattern of withdrawal described here, for parts of my life this was how I lived. When anything becomes too painful, and without tools for life, it is all too easy to withdraw from people, situations, ourselves, believing it is safe to do so. In doing so and when connected to soul, we deny ourselves the opportunity to expand by fearlessly facing and responding to each life event.

  8. “What I found was that by withdrawing from life I also withdrew from myself. I felt small, helpless, exhausted, and grief stricken that the gorgeous joyful me that I had come to know was not anywhere in sight.” I’m sure we do this in big and small ways, recovering quickly and at times staying withdrawn for longer periods. Some people may spend their whole lives withdrawn. Knowing the tools to stay connected and keep responding to life are so vital, I know for me I didn’t realise I could even survive certain situations, but I can see now it’s possible to continue to thrive, feel amazing, and stay connected, despite what’s going on around me if I know how to support myself. It’s not about perfection, but with the tools and awareness we can actually remain in our essence and become unshakable. It’s a very loving work in progress.

  9. I have lived many lives in a pattern of withdrawal and contraction and it is only recently that I have come to an understanding that we cannot back down from life, to do so I feel, from my experience, brings about a given-upness which goes hand in hand with withdrawal and contraction and it is the most horrible and dark feeling. Like you anonymous, I feel that we are connected to something much grander and when we reignite that connection then the dark feelings no longer have a hold and the journey out of the withdrawal starts.

  10. How can we expect to cope with the on-slaught from another when we are doing the same to ourselves – I had never thought of it that way but I can see how it undermines any foundation you build for yourself.

    1. I agree Lucy, I found it supportive to read this also, to see how we can attack ourselves and lose our loving way of life when something is experienced as a threat, pressure or trauma. It’s a wonderful reminder to stay steady with love.

      1. It is a de-personalisation which means there is space to actually read and understand why what is happening is happening. This rarely happens without a foundation lived away from moments of crisis, but when that foundation is build it is a strong platform from which to observe in a moment that might otherwise have been far more dramatic.

  11. Giving ourselves a moment to appreciate can help shift the energy we are in completely – a very refreshing approach.

  12. I have learnt so much from attending the courses, workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I have been supported to allow myself to feel what I have always known was there but pretended wasn’t there because everyone around me told me I was imaginings things. As a child I felt the forces of energy around me these energies were my constant companions especially at night. And like you anonymous my reaction was to be scared withdraw and try to make myself invisible by hiding in the shadows hoping to be left alone. But of course we are never left alone that is the game. I have discovered the only way to counter act these energies is to call them out for the cowards and bullies they are and let them know they have been seen and they are not as powerful as they have been told they are. Humanity is being shown that there is another plane of life called the Astral plane it is being exposed in all the vileness it is and we are being shown the grip it has on all the major institutions we have built. So at last humanity is being given yet another opportunity to choice which energy they want to align to. Such is God’s love.

  13. The greatest possible tool-chest of tools for life that we can acquire are those we learn being a student of The Way of the Livingness and Universal Medicine.

  14. We are so much more than just the physical body, but the reality is that we are currently in a physical body, and so it translates to deeply caring for the body we have and hold right now. This is the expression of who we are whilst in the body we are inhabiting.

  15. Every little step we take to self love, is a step towards building the foundation of love that then supports us through the challenging times. No little step can be underestimated.

  16. We have got given through Universal Medicine so many tools for life, but we often bring in complication to sabotage the magnitude of evolution on offer if we were to simply apply everything that we already have. Lack of appreciation for me is definitely one way to do this.

  17. “Attacking myself with the wrong foods, negative thoughts, allowing myself to remain in blame and effectively choosing to be a victim” – this is such a brilliant, powerful nomination. It really exposes how we use the very same energy that attacks us to counter the attack.

  18. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present and offer many tools for life. True tools aiding our connection and return back to us, the truth, wisdom and love within plus much more ✨

  19. ” Claiming myself back through every little choice has been a gorgeous rebuilding.” And as you say the tools for life are pure common sense. When I go off the rails it is the small everyday choices – and appreciation of how far I have come – that brings me back.

    1. I do wonder if we encouraged and supported children to use the tools that we are naturally born with how this would then change society going forward. Humanity is in such a mess surely it’s time for a change in how we self nurture ourselves and others.

  20. These tools do work but I have to want to use them. The more I feel my body the more I can feel the difference between using and not using these tools. Like with foods it becomes a no-brainer when I feel into what to do.

  21. ‘How can I expect to weather the effects of an outside attack if I am attacking myself?’ There are so many ways we can self sabotage and by recognising when this happens we get to become more aware. Feeling deeper we gain a more honest take on the situation and our part in it and can begin to change things so that we support ourselves rather than abandon ourselves

  22. The Tools for Life from Universal Medicine supports me to connect deeper with myself and my body. Life sometimes is intense and not always easy but now I know how to deal with any situation that life presents to me. There is a vast difference in how I was before, unaware of the energies around, feeling helpless and withdrawn very often but without understand very well what happened. I also appreciate this way of life because the vitality, joy and empowerment I can feel today, feeling younger now than ever before, more loving, more Me, by simply being connected to my clarity to feel and observe.

  23. “It’s not about being loyal or dedicated to anything, but what I can feel inside of me.” And it is exactly this that cannot be denied, as until it is experienced for oneself, how can another dispute what we feel?

  24. I love how you have turned this around; ‘I am choosing to focus on the movement of my body and how gorgeous and yummy this can feel if I remain in my true quality.’ Then if there is a challenging situation or you feel attacked then you choose to be present in the body and to appreciate yourself -this is a beautiful way to deal with challenging situations.

    1. Yes, it is not giving power to the situation but building a relationship with your body, something that is constant and known, and from there observe what is going on rather than be absorbed by it.

  25. I am seeing more and more how poorly equipped we are in life to deal with challenges. We may not resort to obviously unhealthy things like smoking or food, but we learn from young to do things like being busy to distract ourselves from how we feel. This means we never deal with things and they can eventually build up to become health issues.

    1. Yes, labelling youngsters as lazy – I even had two mothers telling me last week that their newborns were lazy, because they were sleepy babies. Who isn’t sleepy after labour?! We absorb what we were told, or observed, when growing up and pass it on to the next generation. Rest is important, Being is as important as doing…..

  26. I know at the moment my commitment to using my tools could do with being stronger. But if I focus on it being an effort or my moments of inconsistency being a problem then it will be. Whereas if I appreciate and confirm how it feels when I apply these tools then the commitment is no issue at all.

  27. Perfect for me to read today Anonymous…I have flu-like symptoms and have been told to rest – which I was pretty good at yesterday but today I have been up and for a walk to the shop and done some washing….I have been careful in doing this but I can tell that my body really needs more rest…it wants me to take it back to bed – so thank you – that’s exactly what I am going to do.

  28. I like this being dedicated and committed to self-care. I have seriously upped my game over the years but feel there is another level of commitment to my self-care there is to come.

  29. My ‘tool kit for life’ was sorely lacking for so many years and the struggle in my life reflected that so clearly. But since attending the common sense filled presentations from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine this tool kit is becoming fuller and fuller with the most amazing support, and the life that was a struggle, is now a life that is much more simple to live and therefore, so much easier to enjoy

    1. The tool kit keeps on expanding. There is always a deeper level of self care and appreciation to go to. We just have to choose it. For myself, Esoteric Yoga is always supportive.

  30. It’s staying in connection to the love we are within that holds us when we face something threatening or challenging, that’s what I am learning at the moment. We give so much power to what is happening outside of us, and that makes sense if we are disconnected to our essence, to our soul and God, and unaware of the love and power that resides within. But reconnecting to the love I am and making that my living way is what’s supporting me to learn to stay steady.

  31. The really cool thing about this piece is that you went from depression to feeling amazing in a few short weeks – that’s nothing short of miraculous. I think a lot of people think that depression is a long slog and hard to emerge from…and I’m sure it really is for some. But you’re a great case study for how it’s possible to turn things around with simple, self caring behaviour.

    1. I agree Nick, this is completely miraculous and shows us that it does not have to be a long hard slog to come out of depression. Like this is absolute GOLD! … especially as it seems depression and mental ill health are increasing.

    2. Just the point alone of having an essence and either being in connection or disconnection (withdrawal) to it could revolutionise how we approach mental health conditions and how we view physical health as well.

  32. So true that it makes sense if we discern what we indulge in – if we don’t look after ourselves or our thoughts, then we can’t be surprised if things get rather dark. For me today, the sun comes out a little brighter everyday, and I am so thankful to the way of the Livingness for that.

  33. I completely concur with your opening paragraph as I too feel amazing and I too can appreciate all the changes I have made in my life inspired by the common sense of Universal Medicine presentations. This has entirely been my own choice at my own pace and having explored for myself I am delighted with where I am now going, home.

  34. I am feeling the same as when you wrote this A. and it is without doubt because of what the Way of the Livingness has offered me. I am seeing more and more of the ways I had adopted and so I can let go more and more of what is not me, what is in the way of living all that I am. The sense of a certain settlement, confidence, love, openness, awareness and purpose within myself would not have been uncovered if it was not for the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. It is here, right now, available to all who are willing to do the work, a work which in itself is a labor of love.

  35. “What I found was that by withdrawing from life I also withdrew from myself.” I have noticed that in myself lately and it does not feel very good at all. I miss me when I do that.

    1. It makes so much sense that when we withdraw from life we also withdraw from ourselves, and vice versa. In fact withdrawing from ourselves is actually a very painful choice to make, one that has ripple effects on those around us. And yes, just like you, “I miss me when I do that”, especially now I know that me is so awesome to have around!

  36. ‘It has meant getting very real about how I am living, how I take care of myself, and how much love I allow into my life.’ It is about getting honest and see the choices we make to stay in the comfortable position of ‘being the victim’. Sometimes we need someone else to shake us a bit (lovingly) to come back to our senses and I am very grateful that there are people who actually love me that much and are willing to tell me the truth, not always at that moment but afterwards yes.

    1. Beautiful Julie. Less is more and living a simple life means we’re more resourced to not be overwhelmed by what life presents. To no longer feel burdened by life is the magic and joy of The Way of the Livingness.

  37. “My reaction was to be scared, withdraw, and contract into a hidey hole thinking that is where I would be safe”. I have reacted in the same way most of my life. However, I have found that when I withdraw, everything does feel bigger than me, as I have made myself small. The key is to stay with the wholeness and bigness of who we are and see how different our response may be.

  38. As a kid we experiment with building blocks, the world and life. When we do A and B we learn we get C. Yet as we grow older we focus our attention on changing C to be F or G or Z ~ whatever we prefer that day. Isn’t this an absurd waste of time when we could just be living a harmonious and simple life?

  39. The inspirational and empowering thing about The Way of The Livingness is that it offers anyone who is willing to explore living in connection to Soul, with God, to love, which naturally resides within us all. What I have discovered and more and more come to experience is that when in connection to my Soul there is not a thing in this world, nothing, that can shake, scare, intimidate, impose, or sway me from knowing the power of who I am and all that I am connected to, in which I can then respond accordingly in honor of the truth and love at hand. The beautiful thing is that this is an honouring of who we all are and an offering of an opportunity for others to feel the reflection of who we in-truth are and how we can live the power and in honor of who we all are.

    1. I love your comments Carola, not just because of the wisdom shared but because the power of who you are is felt through them. Only through our living way can we inspire another and this is the beauty in what you describe, the journey back to soul is not one for self but one for all.

      1. “Only through our living way can we inspire another” And the quality of our living way, connected to God and the love within us all, truly inspires.

    2. Beautifully said Carola. Connected to Soul and God we walk this earth steadfastly with love in our hearts and absence of fear. The outer no match for our inner magnificence.

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