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As I sit here writing I can feel a warmth in my chest and a gorgeous feeling of yumminess throughout my body. I feel confident, strong, light and playful, I can feel sparks of joy, and most of all I feel appreciative of all that I have done for myself over the last few weeks.

Only a few short weeks ago I was in a very dark place of depression and confusion. Life had thrown a few big challenges my way over the course of a few months in the form of what felt like attacks from forces that appeared to be bigger than me. My reaction was to be scared, withdraw, and contract into a hidey hole thinking that is where I would be safe.

What I found was that by withdrawing from life I also withdrew from myself. I felt small, helpless, exhausted, and grief stricken that the gorgeous joyful me that I had come to know was not anywhere in sight. My thoughts changed to be ones of negativity, fear and paranoia – a totally horrible place to be, but one that I was choosing based on the way that I was reacting to what had happened.

What has been exposed is a lifelong pattern of withdrawal and contraction when anything scary or threatening happens. This pattern had been accentuated and was magnified due to the multiple incidents over a period of a few months, ensuring that recovery was harder due to the recurring events. Ultimately this has been a gift as it has shown me the pattern in a very big and exaggerated way, and I have been able to work with it and discover and understand how I can heal it and do things differently.

It has meant getting very real about how I am living, how I take care of myself, and how much love I allow into my life. When I was at rock bottom I couldn’t feel any love, and I was reinforcing this by attacking myself with the wrong foods, negative thoughts, allowing myself to remain in blame and effectively choosing to be a victim. Turning this around has been a valuable process which has effectively made me consciously choose to love myself, one choice at a time. It has been like learning to walk again.

How can I expect to weather the effects of an outside attack if I am attacking myself? This was a huge revelation and one that has been very powerful in my return to loving myself. It has resulted in my repeating the words “I will not attack myself” silently in my head when I get a craving for food that I don’t need, or the temptation to go into stress in response to a request or think about blaming myself when things go wrong. Claiming myself back through every little choice has been a gorgeous rebuilding.

I am still aware of my reaction when a strong force comes at me. I am noticing how my body reacts. But instead of staying in the contraction and going into anxiety about the perceived attack I am choosing to focus on the movement of my body and how gorgeous and yummy this can feel if I remain in my true quality. I then actually feel playful rather than threatened. How amazing!

As a student of The Way of The Livingness I have been studying how to love myself and live true to my body and my feelings for many years.

My responsibility to live and speak in a true way can begin to feel like a burden if I am not living in true connection with myself. But if I am connected with my body and my essence it is absolutely natural to want to be true to myself, for anything else feels totally awful.

What I have discovered and come to understand more deeply is that the tools that Universal Medicine offers are tools for life.

The way that I recovered from my dark place was by using the tools that I have learned through Universal Medicine. These tools work. If I want to be able to deal with life I need to take care of myself and allow myself love by eating nourishing food, getting enough rest, taking regular gentle exercise, saying no to the invading thoughts, choosing to breathe my own breath and bringing my true quality into every movement, which provides a solid platform from which to live and work.

This is not rocket science.

There is no secret.

It is pure common sense.

Feeling my body now after a few weeks of dedicated committed self-care I know that I do not want to choose to live any other way. Feeling what is true through my body allows me the authority to speak what is true for me, and If I speak truth it will be because I can feel how yummy it feels in my body to express it and how awful it feels if I don’t. It’s not about being loyal or dedicated to anything, but what I can feel inside of me.

Keeping it real is so important. Yes we are connected to something grander than this physical world, but while we are here we need to learn how to live here and withstand the onslaught of life through simple means for our own wellbeing. Learning to live with the love that we can give to ourselves we can enjoy the process and enjoy how amazing we can feel in our bodies when we choose the supportive tools for life as presented by Universal Medicine.

Anonymous, UK

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639 thoughts on “Tools for Life

  1. So many of us have withdrawn from living the beauty that we are. We’ve accepted this view of life as a forum to hide and shield our true light – to protect and survive. Nows the time to end this and be all in.

  2. Withdrawing was my main tool for coping with life, being real, honest and expressive are the tools to live a full life.

  3. I haven’t found anywhere colder than the recesses of my mind. And it makes no sense to stay there when I ‘remember’ the simplicity and warmth of being in relationship with my body and letting my heart be central office.

  4. I like how you refer to it as attacking yourself when you use a food to numb or distract yourself from what is going on. For me this turns it right around because I have looked at it as maybe the food being a treat to make me feel better if I’m feeling down but all it does is distract and keep us down for longer than necessary.

  5. ‘It’s not about being loyal or dedicated to anything, but what I can feel inside of me.’ For many of us we have held a belief that it is about being loyal and dedicated to something so to allow ourselves to feel what is inside of us and to trust that has been, and is, a big shift in the way we are with ourselves.

  6. I love how this blog highlights the fact that we choose to attack ourselves when we feel the pressures of the forces around us. In truth those forces have no power. It is only when we choose to not deal with it by contracting, shutting down, reacting, separating or lessening our awareness that they can get a hold on us. If we live in such a way that we are in deep care and support of ourselves, always deepening our connection and awareness we will know how to deal with it in a way that does not allow the force to change our way of being.

  7. The more we drop into the darkness of our hidey hole the more we forget that our love for ourselves and others is far bigger than any of those outside forces we fear.

  8. “that the gorgeous joyful me that I had come to know was not anywhere in sight” – and gosh don’t we miss that person when we disappear from ourselves. I know I do.

  9. For me, the only tools I will ever need in my ‘toolbox for life’ are the one’s that Universal Medicine have given to me, they sure do work and are a true gift and instrumental in me coming back to me. Gone is the sledgehammer for bashing myself, the spade for digging a hole for myself and the saw for cutting myself into little pieces to fit in.

  10. What also supports us to stay steady and consistent is asking for support: knowing that we don’t have to go it alone, that we’re all in this together and that this is how it works: not one person super-hero-ing and saving, but all of us playing our part, being open to giving and receiving support where it’s needed. Nothing more and nothing less.

    1. And there is a big difference for me, about which I have to be very discerning… am I truly asking for support or hoping someone will rescue me so I can avoid taking responsibility for where I find myself?

  11. It’s an important point you have made here Anonymous ‘How can I expect to weather the effects of an outside attack if I am attacking myself? – in these moments we are our own worst enemies and an easy target.

  12. When we shut down from life we shut down from ourselves the only place that can bring us back, I too recently have been overwhelmed by patterns being presented to me in a big way, by working through them I came to realise what a gift I had been given to once and for all address these unloving ways and no longer be held by them.

  13. Self-Care based on following our feelings and our bodies works and it is very powerful. Thank you for this reminder as self-care never has a limit, it is a continuous refinement.

  14. It definitely is not rocket science, practical day to day life lives with quality instead of raciness or anxiety or depression or excitement means you can be the love your were born to be.

  15. It is so simple to just feel the body when we are doing what we are doing and yet it is so incredibly powerful.

  16. I love this line: “Claiming myself back through every little choice has been a gorgeous rebuilding.” And the rich understanding that you have that claiming ourselves back is necessary in every little choice, not just in one massive choice and I love the reminder of how amazing that process can be.

  17. Anonymous, this is a great point; ‘How can I expect to weather the effects of an outside attack if I am attacking myself?’ Reading this makes me realise that if something happens towards me that is negative that in the past I would automatically blame myself. I can now feel the importance of loving ourselves always and that this will allow us to stand strong and read and be aware of what is really going on.

  18. Giving up on ourselves and withdrawing form life, just seems to bring in more negative thinking and it can become a very self defeating cycle.

  19. I am often amazed at how quickly the body responds to true care and self-love when it can withstand and put up with so much abuse for such a long time.

    1. That’s such an interesting point, we can abuse our bodies for an incredibly long time but they still respond in an instance to self-love and care – did they not respond in an instance to our abusive choices? Or – I wonder if the only difference is our capacity to listen intently at that moment in time.

  20. ‘What I found was that by withdrawing from life I also withdrew from myself.’ It’s ironic that I thought by withdrawing I could be myself, safe from the impositions I was feeling from others. However, I found out withdrawing from life in my attempt to protect myself meant I lost myself. Now I’m discovering I’m able to be me no matter what forces are there around me trying to tip me towards giving up on being fully present and connected with myself and all that’s going on around me.

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