Harmony In-House

‘Housework’ – that dreaded word and task – is something we do and share if we live with others, but sometimes it can be difficult to fit it in, or your week has been so full-on that the thought of having to do the housework becomes a real chore, instead of the real joy that it is or can be.

It can feel a tireless and endless chore, because no matter how much you cleaned the house last week, every week it awaits requiring the same attention; it can feel a thankless task because nobody notices your housework, unless it’s not done!

The very word ‘housework’ holds an association of something that requires several hours of hard labour… perhaps a changing of the word is needed. For example, instead of saying, “I have to do my housework because it’s looking like a bomb just went off,” we can say:

“It’s time I brought some love and harmony into my living space.”

There is a different quality to our house cleaning and clearing when we do it for ourselves as opposed to doing it when we have guests arriving, so the outer looks good, but inside those cupboards and drawers are perhaps bulging messes as we have shoved things away quickly. Out of sight, yes, but nevertheless affecting us energetically.

What if we saw the bigger picture that having a clean orderly, spacious house actually supports us in all areas of our life, for example: clarity in decision making, expressing our feelings, a deeper quality of sleep, and on a practical level, completing tasks, getting things done without any push or drive, and keeping life simple and uncomplicated…?

Every home has a different feel and is a reflection of the person or people living there, and if one is willing to accept this, then what is your home reflecting back to you?

If your home had a voice, what message would it relay?

And would you listen or would you ignore and continue in old routines and patterns?

Our houses provide a solid foundation for our physical bodies to come back to and rest after the activities, demands and the busyness of the day, where we may have allowed our energy to be scattered and even absorbed things from others, leaving us feeling tired and drained.

In coming home after a long day, do you walk into a mini-heaven, embracing the stillness and the holding quality of love that you have built that supports your body to release and let go… or do you enter a mini-disaster and feel the tension escalating in your body?

However we leave our house in the morning, is how we will find it on our return.

It feels to me our house or homes are so much more than bricks and mortar. How we treat them, either with neglect or with care and love, is a reflection of how we are treating our physical vehicle of expression – our highly tuned and sensitive light bodies.

I now get a sense of a deeper message and symbolism between the two.

However we leave this life, is exactly what we’re coming back to…                            

Housework and maintaining a clean orderly, spacious house has a whole new perspective and dimension.

If there is any possibility that we do come back, then it is my responsibility to come back to a physical, bodily vibration that has harmony in-house.

I have already started preparing!

By Jacqueline McFadden, BA, Complementary Health Practitioner, Own Business, Scotland

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612 thoughts on “Harmony In-House

  1. We live in our body just like we live in a house, so the symbology of our body and our house makes great perfect sense, take care of one and it naturally wants to expand the other.

  2. Bringing order and cleanliness to my home offers me a foundation of clarity that is immensely supportive.

  3. If our living space is in a state of disarrange, or disregard what does that say about us and the state we are so obviously in also? Does it not speak volumes about our livingness?

  4. The consistency of this harmony in our homes and our lives from the very way we move is the key to maintaining and expanding this flow and spaciousness we so love.

  5. Jacquline, I love this, it feels much lighter, more joyful and purposeful; “It’s time I brought some love and harmony into my living space.”

  6. And then we realize that it is and requires the consistent movement of the same or deepening quality moment to moment in all that we do, a seamless life, as how can we bring the care to our home when we don´t bring it there in the first place, live it in the house, take it with us when going into the world and return back with and to it when coming home – a constant cycle reflective of life and the process of evolution.

  7. There is nothing in life that does not matter or holds less importance as it all contributes to the whole. I am learning more and more to see how each area of my life affects all others and so if one is neglected or behind all other area’s can not be in full expression either.

    1. Very insightful Carolien, I am also just realising this because there is one area in my life that I feel a little bit stuck in, not sure quite how to change it yet, (but I will), but I can feel how it affects and ripples through every other aspect of my life.

  8. And that also includes the harmony between the people Living in the house. To make sure before we end our day to be complete with everybody.

  9. “However we leave our house in the morning, is how we will find it on our return.” And it is this quality which we leave and return to that will affect how we are in our everyday.

  10. I love this sharing and resonate with it deeply , the spaciousness and settlement within from making a clean and orderly house, room, cupboard, office … is beautiful to feel and brings a sparkle and support to my life.

  11. I made a shift with how I view house hold tasks as something to do regularly even daily and see it as a support, treating the house as a sacred space. It has changed everything and it is so supportive when I drop that now I really feel how that is not suooortive.

  12. It s beautiful to return home to a loving imprint that you have made, and at times when I may be away and expanding my love and light elsewhere I find that if I visit my home in my heart before I get there it too raises up in energy to be ready for my return.

  13. Things can also feel like a chore when we are just ticking boxes and tasks just to get through life so we can have some ‘me’ time or entertainment time.

  14. It makes sense that our quality of movement is very important in our home, and anywhere we are, that affects the space around us either in a beholding and supportive way or everything that is the opposite, as well as how we are with others and our reflection with them.

  15. Housework can come to feel a chore if no one wants to do it and it ends up on the one person’s shoulders who cannot handle living in a mess the least. But a small change in attitude and realising that all working together makes it simple and fast to do takes the chore out of it and adds joy in its place.

  16. When we can set ourselves up taking such simple measures to ensure harmony within our house, our day and our life, it makes me wonder how I could have lived in any other way.

    1. Same here Kathleen. I have made many new lifestyle choices, that are far more loving and nurturing, which is constantly refining. And sometimes I also ponder, how did I manage before? The truth is, I didn’t!

  17. My pleasure and joy in re-imprinting things as I go has continued again today with getting my car washed whilst I was out at the dog groomers, and many little tidying things along the way. One thing leads to another whenever there is the space to do so.

    1. Yes, its quite beautiful how, when we clean up one part of our life, no matter how small it may seem, that this opens up space for something new to begin in another part of our life…

  18. This comes back to the quality and approach we take. If we see the purpose in housework – how it cleans and claims the space and allows for a freshness to come in – then it can be a joy to do – because we can deeply appreciate the gift it offers. But if we see it as a slog and focus on the mechanics of it, then it would be hard to enjoy.

  19. It doesn’t feel good to let the housework slip. What does this represent? For me it represents not having enough ‘time’ to lovingly support myself. If the house is a mess I end up feeling overwhelmed. Much better to have a clear space from which to live.

  20. The space we feel inside of us can only be reflected outside and what we see on the outside also reflects what is within. So if our surroundings are messy and our inner landscape reflects order, the messiness in our physical surroundings cannot prevail.

  21. ‘If your home had a voice, what message would it relay?’ This is a lovely question. Every room can have a different message for us and one well worth listening to.

  22. When my house feels in order it is much easier to feel myself all in order too, like it supports me when life throws things to knock me off.

  23. There is a real joy to be had in re-imprinting things, in the past couple of days I washed some glasses and cleaned the cupboard and a cutlery draw and tidied another cupboard, and it just feels great, and not a chore when you have the space to follow the impulse to do so. It feels like it supports that and everything else going on as well.

    1. I love how I feel after I have re-imprinted a room, a cupboard or drawer, it always feels the room has a new fresh energy creating more flow, and my body has more space to breathe… the joy can be felt when we follow our impulse and re-imprint.

  24. My home feels sparkly too Gill, there is a real feel of lightness, brightness and space, and so lovely to be greeted by this every time we return to our homes – like receiving a warm hug and welcome home!

  25. Harmony in each area of our lives comes from the quality that we live in and allowing the flow of life guide our way.

  26. ‘we can say: “It’s time I brought some love and harmony into my living space.” ‘ – How true, the energy we put into the work we do, makes all the difference in the quality of the end result.

  27. The whole attitude towards house work is quite strong, it’s mostly a chore and a pain and those that love it are considered a bit obsessed or strange! I still approach it at times as a burden or to be avoided, and don’t embrace it in the same way I could say receiving a massage or healing session, even though the love offered to myself through the cleaning could be the same.

  28. ‘no matter how much you cleaned the house last week, every week it awaits requiring the same attention’ – This is actually a brilliant way to learn how to be consistent at our commitment and deeper care for our homes, and consequently ourselves.

    1. Spot on Eva, commitment is very powerful when applied to all areas of our lives. Learning to be consistently committed to maintaining our spaces with order and harmony, and of course ourselves, the loving quality we put out feeds us back again and again.

  29. In my life today it has never been more consistent that the level of tidiness is for the benefit of us all everyday, with or without guests. I still do a few things for so called special occasions, in that I do more at once of the things I gradually attended to the rest of the time, vacuum, do the bathrooms, empty the bins etc. but there is more of a 24/7 transparency in the way we are.

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