Harmony In-House

‘Housework’ – that dreaded word and task – is something we do and share if we live with others, but sometimes it can be difficult to fit it in, or your week has been so full-on that the thought of having to do the housework becomes a real chore, instead of the real joy that it is or can be.

It can feel a tireless and endless chore, because no matter how much you cleaned the house last week, every week it awaits requiring the same attention; it can feel a thankless task because nobody notices your housework, unless it’s not done!

The very word ‘housework’ holds an association of something that requires several hours of hard labour… perhaps a changing of the word is needed. For example, instead of saying, “I have to do my housework because it’s looking like a bomb just went off,” we can say:

“It’s time I brought some love and harmony into my living space.”

There is a different quality to our house cleaning and clearing when we do it for ourselves as opposed to doing it when we have guests arriving, so the outer looks good, but inside those cupboards and drawers are perhaps bulging messes as we have shoved things away quickly. Out of sight, yes, but nevertheless affecting us energetically.

What if we saw the bigger picture that having a clean orderly, spacious house actually supports us in all areas of our life, for example: clarity in decision making, expressing our feelings, a deeper quality of sleep, and on a practical level, completing tasks, getting things done without any push or drive, and keeping life simple and uncomplicated…?

Every home has a different feel and is a reflection of the person or people living there, and if one is willing to accept this, then what is your home reflecting back to you?

If your home had a voice, what message would it relay?

And would you listen or would you ignore and continue in old routines and patterns?

Our houses provide a solid foundation for our physical bodies to come back to and rest after the activities, demands and the busyness of the day, where we may have allowed our energy to be scattered and even absorbed things from others, leaving us feeling tired and drained.

In coming home after a long day, do you walk into a mini-heaven, embracing the stillness and the holding quality of love that you have built that supports your body to release and let go… or do you enter a mini-disaster and feel the tension escalating in your body?

However we leave our house in the morning, is how we will find it on our return.

It feels to me our house or homes are so much more than bricks and mortar. How we treat them, either with neglect or with care and love, is a reflection of how we are treating our physical vehicle of expression – our highly tuned and sensitive light bodies.

I now get a sense of a deeper message and symbolism between the two.

However we leave this life, is exactly what we’re coming back to…                            

Housework and maintaining a clean orderly, spacious house has a whole new perspective and dimension.

If there is any possibility that we do come back, then it is my responsibility to come back to a physical, bodily vibration that has harmony in-house.

I have already started preparing!

By Jacqueline McFadden, BA, Complementary Health Practitioner, Own Business, Scotland

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470 thoughts on “Harmony In-House

  1. I do love this article. From the micro to the macro and back again, all in cycles, everything we do, the touch we apply when we are dusting for example, lays the foundation for everything that comes next.

  2. After many years cleaning homes for a living I realised that house work can be more than halved if we took everything we do to completion. Wiping the bathroom basin and mirror after we cleaned out teeth is one great example of this.

  3. I love walking into a home, whether that be mine or some-one else’s, that has been lovingly cleaned as I instantly feel the energy that greets me and feel very embraced and held in love.

  4. “There is a different quality to our house cleaning and clearing when we do it for ourselves as opposed to doing it when we have guests arriving,”
    Now after deepening my connection and re-turning somewhat to my essence through being gentle first I can now feel how the focus that is made available through that re-connection brings a different approach to all I do. The essence makes all I do a joy and a pleasure as life now unfolds so the expansion that has always been available is felt, but if misunderstood it is not felt in its true purpose and that is usually a drive.

  5. Cleaning and re-imprinting can be quite a healing thing for me, I have already done quite a number of things like that today, like cleaning the bathroom, tidying the kitchen and so forth. They do not need to be a chore at all.

  6. I had never realised just how badly it affects me to be in a messy disorderly space, but I now realise the huge difference it makes to have everything ordered, clean and tidy. It supports my ability to focus and bring purpose to whatever I am doing.

    1. It’s the space I love that opens up when I clean and re-order, or rearrange things in a room because I have felt my impulse that the room needs attention. In the expansion I feel, leaves me open to acces universal intelligence and everything I need to flow through me.

  7. Jacqueline, housework used to be something that I really did not enjoy and would put off until I absolutely had to do it. Nowadays I love tidying and cleaning and bringing order to my house. It feels gorgeous to do – as long as I don’t run and go into drive with it.

    1. Same here Rebecca, I find that in being consciously present with housework, it is a joy and effortless and actually feels very therapeutic. So, if I am feeling a little out of sorts, I usually start to tidy and clean which always changes my mood because the energy in the room has changed and within me!

  8. There is so much wisdom in the simple things in life and we have yet to learn to embrace every step we make and every breath we take.

  9. Another cycle of harmonising my home with further de-cluttering feels totally gorgeous – my body feels deeply supported with more space to move within.

  10. Whenever my room starts to slip into disarray, i can feel it myself. It never gets really untidy, but even small things make an impact. I feel like the space we live in is quite sacred, because it is what supports us in the rest of our day.

  11. Being energetically politically correct in all we do including cleaning house is a part of our path of return.
    With energetically from its roots in Latin; Politics = movement or coming together to return to soul.
    So energy coming first before we have movement so all we do effectively has to be in accordance with us returning to our Soul-full-ness. This aspect of life being at the fore-front of our movements as best we can. So then we can negate the spirit in every aspect where it is controlling our ways so we can slowly, through our Livingness, introduce the Soul to all we do.

  12. I don’t do housework anymore in the way you describe because it is part of our natural way of living to always take care of our home and leave everything beautifully in place without any clutter and two gorgeous cleaners come once a week to add that extra sparkle.

    1. I remember in the past needing to tidy the house before guests came, but now it is always beautifully in order blessing us every time we walk through it. I love our home and living in this way ~ it is so nourishing and supportive.

      1. Yes it is Nicola, and normally many would only associate the word nourishing around food, but its true, giving our homes the loving attention they need is deeply nourishing and supportive on so many levels.

    2. I love what you describe here Nicola, it is not a lineal application of doing chores but an everyday living way that allows for a rhythm that brings expansion in the sense of giving space to what is next to come.

  13. ‘If your home had a voice, what message would it relay? And would you listen or would you ignore and continue in old routines and patterns?’ I love these questions, they really offer an opportunity to go deeper with how we are at home and what we do to support our home to support us.

  14. No matter how much we worship to-do lists the important things in this life are never complete. What a fallacy it is to pursue ticking boxes when our true measure is quality.

    1. Very wise Joseph, it is never about how much we can plough through in a day, and as you share, our true measure is always the quality of energy we hold ourselves in which then ripples through everything we do.

  15. Anytime I do housework because I have a visitor and I put it on a timeline it loses the magic, becomes a chore and is exhausting. I’ve done this recently with an end goal in mind and it was like treading through treacle for 3 days with nothing changing!

    1. Thankyou for that reminder Karen, I used to put my housework on a timeline, and would push through to get finished on time, plus there was loads to do, as my habit was to do all my housework in one day or morning….and afterwards I was left exhausted. These days I am more attentive of my living space and always follow my impulse when I need to give a certain area in the house a little more attention that day and then it is effortless and the magic is there.

  16. If cleaning our home is like taking care of our body, it is an essential part of living well. I love the feeling of a clean home, especially when I clean and move with grace and the enjoyment of taking care of it. Cleaning is only hard work when I feel that it is (or when I have to deal with the disregard of leaving it too long!)

  17. In my experience everybody notices our housework. Not necessary in detail but they can feel how we have done it and how the house feels afterwards and it can inspire them.

  18. Coming home to a harmonious house, getting into a beautifully made bed, walking into an ordered room, stepping into a clean car…these are all hugs that we give ourselves along the way of life. Our days can be intense and it is easy to forget that love of ourselves; so these reminders/love-boosts/check-ins are such a great way to support ourselves. I don’t always do this but am in no doubt of its power; my favourite ones are the small ones; the mini details that perhaps only I notice – that are then just quiet but potent little gems laid along the path.

    1. Love-boosts.. I like that Otto, that’s just how it feels when I walk into my home when I have cared for it with cleaning and order. How and where things have been placed, the details and no clutter.

  19. “However we leave our house in the morning, is how we will find it on our return.” It’s the same with every relationship, action or expression; the quality of which will be there for when we return, as we all inevitably will.

    1. That is so true Otto ~ what we leave behind is never really behind but meets us and others. Therefore leaving love and harmony as our imprint is not work but a joy.

    2. Spot on Otto and this truth calls us to be responsible in all our actions, and be responsible for everything that leaves our mouth – the boomerang effect, everything comes back as a reflection and a learning to go within as that is where we will access our wisdom and our true path.

  20. Yes, I agree, “our house or homes are so much more than bricks and mortar…” Our homes are very symbolic of the relationship we have with our body, and reflect much in the way we nurture, regard and take care of ourselves.

  21. Living in a harmonious home has the consequences of wanting to do the house work. The harmony is so gorgeous that it’s a joy to contribute to what holds the harmony.

  22. If my house could talk.. that’s an interesting question, it would be fairly contented about the over-all love here, but there would be little pockets needing a tidy it would be asking for a hand with I recon. So something to look at, without perfection of course. And it would probably say don’t let anything spoil the playfulness!

  23. There is a sense of purpose with making life something we would want o come back to, so yes lets start now.

  24. When I have felt true harmony in the house I know that it deeply comes from my relationship with myself and how I am living in every aspect that reminds me how important the home is and the clear vibration it offers when you look after it with Love.

  25. As soon as we choose to see anything as a tireless chore, it becomes that. If instead we see it as an opportunity to make our home feel gorgeous and light, it makes the so called chore a pleasure instead.

  26. We can feel the pressure ‘ease off’ when we have a clear inbox of emails, or we’ve completed urgent work tasks, but what if having an ordered and harmonious work space or home supported us on many levels that we overlook as it doesn’t directly increase our ‘productivity’?

  27. “It’s time I brought some love and harmony into my living space.” A beautiful focus to bring into our lives and into our homes.

  28. Our homes are a haven, a space that supports us to evolve, to continue to deepen our relationship with our multi-dimensionality. It is powerful to feel how changing the configurations in our houses, making adjustments we feel are needed to support our evolvement including the nature of our relationships within our home, all offer the opportunity to create space within us and in our home, where greater harmony, love and joy can be lived and then reflected to the world.

  29. I love coming into someone’s well kept and looked after home. It has a very warming and welcoming feel to it. You are greeted more by the energy of the house than the things those in the house say.

  30. It is so easy to pick up a cloth for a few minutes when somewhere is a bit dusty and see the difference it makes, it changes the feel of the whole room. When we support our home, it supports us back.

  31. Our house can tell us a lot about how we feel inside. But keeping it clean is not the full picture, without understanding that each room has its own reflection for how we live life.

    1. It is beautiful to feel how we, our homes, the universe and God are all space within space, and an eternal opportunity to maximize the love in every space we occupy.

      1. Yes, our house presents one of the greatest, ongoing opportunities that are available every day.

  32. Jacqueline, I can so easily get caught in putting housework last and not seeing it as important. Reading this article I can feel that housework can be a very loving support for myself and my family; ‘What if we saw the bigger picture that having a clean orderly, spacious house actually supports us in all areas of our life.’

    1. How many others also put housework last because they give more importance to work projects and everything else in life, but it is ‘one life’, therefore everything counts and affects the whole of our life in every way. With that we could say, the mess we leave at home, is the mess we will work in where-ever we are.

  33. When we appreciate how beautifully we have cleaned our home we do not need the appreciation from another.

    1. Exactly Mary-Louise, I can always feel how the room literally glows after a good clean and it is this feeling alone that feeds you back that you do not need appreciation from another.

    2. And if we need the appreciation from another, it is a sure sign that we were not doing the cleaning for ourselves, but for recognition. My uncle once told me that the sign of true love was when you can put flowers next to your partner’s bed and not care if they even notice.

    3. Further to this, it’s very powerful what you have written here marylouisemyers. And if I am really honest with this then it offers a great platform for learning and moving forward; because I often oscillate between being utterly content, still and self-appreciative of whatever cleaning or organising that I may have done…and then feeling just that little nudge of desire for some kind of recognition. The beauty of this teaching is that what we actually crave at these times is a deeper appreciation from ourselves. Thank you for shining a light on this.

  34. I’m currently spring cleaning and usually find it a real joy but something is getting in the way – it’s wanting results fast and realising the disregard that’s been allowed, wanting to rush through and not feel what pockets are reflecting to me. I am appreciating the detail I’m bringing – all my tupperware tidy and with its lid. There is a lot of work to do but the cupboards that are done feel amazing.

  35. Our home is a constant refection of what is next as well as presents to us a way of being consistent in life. It’s not about having a home that is perfect, but one that supports a way of living that is truly supportive of us surrendering more and more to the love that we are. It’s also a refection of when we are not choosing that too.

  36. Being on the front foot as it were and proactive with doing little bits as I go along really helps me with this one, there is less opportunity for overwhelm.

  37. After reading your blog Jacqueline, I was able to let go of two items I have held onto to for over 15 years that I have not used very often. I have held onto them because of sentimental reasons. Even after I put them into the give away pile, every time I walk past them, I can feel the resistance in letting them go. It is super cool to recognise this. I find de-cluttering and discarding things that I no longer use supports the harmony in-house and it frees up my space for more spaciousness and light as I was cleaning and de-cluttering.

    1. Go you Chanly88! It is so great to share/nominate the resistance we have, which supports us in letting things go, and any emotions that we have held onto, creating more space within. Thankyou for sharing.

      1. When I get rid of stuff, the space feels so ‘as-it-should-be’ and supportive that I almost can’t imagine what it must have been like before.

  38. It made me chuckle reading: ” it can feel a thankless task because nobody notices your housework, unless it’s not done” because frankly this was my own relationship with housework for most of my life. I only considered it necessary if I observed the discomfort of it not being done. Perfect reflection of my relationship at the time with pretty much every area of life, i.e. Was I going for the spaciousness, expansion and the clarity that this blog talks about or was I content to just go for eradicating the discomfort of having mess and dirt around as and when I felt it.
    A great example of how we can choose to live a much reduced way of life.

    1. Love your sharing here Golnaz, only doing the housework when you felt the discomfort of the mess, which I am sure many will relate to. There is a world of difference which can be felt, when we clean and order our houses, because we are ready to embrace change, space and the clarity of knowing what is needed each day, each moment. And to have this constant awareness is a continual refinement of our choices and of course the decluttering…

  39. Thank you for the inspiration to explore the reflection that my home is offering me – as I have grown more self loving I can feel how this is reflected in my home but also clearly see where there are still pockets that need to be spring cleaned.

    1. Same here Helen, I have lots of these areas and I am going through them a section at a time. And after I have gone through each section it will be time to start again from the beginning. This will be a continuous cycle of cleaning, clearing and discarding things that I no longer need. It feels great to do this continuously as each clearing opens up more space and as I go around and around this cycle of clearing in my house it means more and more gets cleared and re-imprinted. I now love going through drawers, cupboards and rooms around the house. I find there is always more to discard and to clear, hence why it is important to continuously do this as it feels so supportive, loving and deeply honouring.

  40. ‘It can feel a tireless and endless chore, because no matter how much you cleaned the house last week, every week it awaits requiring the same attention; ….’ – it can be that ‘task’ that we just never seem to have enough time to get to, to do it ‘properly’. What I’m appreciating more and more is to do little and often. As I notice something, especially when I have my glasses on and can suddenly see all the marks and smudges that I’d been totally unaware of, I clean them away and then often carry on in that space I am in until it feels complete. I may only take 20 mins or so, but being open to doing this on a regular basis feels very supportive and I am getting to areas that I would otherwise have glossed over, so the cleaning feels much more thorough.

  41. “What if we saw the bigger picture that having a clean orderly, spacious house actually supports us in all areas of our life, for example: clarity in decision making” Everything you express here is so true, we are often brought up to thinking that cleaning is a chore and hard work when we feel the real benefits a clean clear home has then we would never think of it as a chore again.

    1. Can you imagine if we were brought up to clean our house in a way that supports us to understand how powerful this is, and how different would our space feel and how different would we feel in life when we clean and tidy our space with love and joy?

      1. Young kids love to be given things to do around the house, and often they copy what mum is doing. I have seen first hand that when we don’t start our kids at a young age of contributing in the house, it is very difficult if nye impossible to get them to lift a finger when they are teenagers, where housework is concerned – simply because they have gotten away with it for so long…

      2. Is it because they have “gotten away with it”…or is it because they haven’t been supported (perhaps with some tough love if needed!) in understanding how super supportive this can actually be?

      3. Children love responsibility even if they may complain to begin with. They very quickly get into the rhythm of doing things, feeling their part in the running of the home. To support our children within the home is a necessary part in raising them but unfortunately in today’s world this is rarely the case.

    2. I love all your contributions. I was pondering why so many parents I know have difficulty with getting their children to help out around the house and to do their homework etc. I can see that most children in today’s society are addicted to computer games and because of this they are simply not motivated to do much else especially if they have grown up with relying on their technology as a form of entertainment. I notice children become agitated, demotivated and lacking in communicating skills when they spend a majority of their time in front of a screen. If we did a study on how technology/computer games affect our children in terms of their communication skills, motivational levels and willingness to help out in the house, I think most parents would be shocked. Or perhaps we already know the answers to a study like this, because the evidence are right in front of us displayed by the responsiveness of our children.

      1. Taking all of the above a little further, and looking to the bigger picture, these children grow up and become adults with adult responsibilities. How will they cope with the reality of life, with work, paying bills, cleaning their house, how will they relate in relationships. All areas of life involve communication skills, and to engage and commit to life, but as already evident in so many children, the computer screen and the hundreds of games and distractions to be found there, is becoming a new form of reality, which is completely false and does not serve or support their future. What is the answer is another conversation?

  42. There is no doubt that a clean, orderly, spacious home supports me and my family and much more than I realise. Every cupboard, drawer, room has a vibration and that vibration either supports or harms us. Commitment to the home is an ongoing refinement and equally important to all other areas of my life.

    1. Yes every detail counts, ie every cupboard and drawer having an effect… and it is often the small things that have the biggest impact.

    2. When we realise that it is everything that has a vibration that contributes to the whole (the cupboards, drawers and every room of the house) we can appreciate the whole much more as well as all the details. Un-cared for cupboards and drawers impact us just as much as if their contents were on the outside.

    3. Yes absolutely Caroline, very well said and beautifully delivered. I am inspired by what you shared because I know there are areas in my house that require some love and care. It is an on going process of continuously deepening my relationship with caring for my body and as result caring for my house is a natural extension of this. Also, I am appreciating how it all comes together and how everything works as a whole and not seperate from one area to another. Also, I can see and approach these areas with love and purpose, and not with overwhelm especially when I connect to truth and to what is needed to live in a house that emanates harmony.

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