Harmony In-House

‘Housework’ – that dreaded word and task – is something we do and share if we live with others, but sometimes it can be difficult to fit it in, or your week has been so full-on that the thought of having to do the housework becomes a real chore, instead of the real joy that it is or can be.

It can feel a tireless and endless chore, because no matter how much you cleaned the house last week, every week it awaits requiring the same attention; it can feel a thankless task because nobody notices your housework, unless it’s not done!

The very word ‘housework’ holds an association of something that requires several hours of hard labour… perhaps a changing of the word is needed. For example, instead of saying, “I have to do my housework because it’s looking like a bomb just went off,” we can say:

“It’s time I brought some love and harmony into my living space.”

There is a different quality to our house cleaning and clearing when we do it for ourselves as opposed to doing it when we have guests arriving, so the outer looks good, but inside those cupboards and drawers are perhaps bulging messes as we have shoved things away quickly. Out of sight, yes, but nevertheless affecting us energetically.

What if we saw the bigger picture that having a clean orderly, spacious house actually supports us in all areas of our life, for example: clarity in decision making, expressing our feelings, a deeper quality of sleep, and on a practical level, completing tasks, getting things done without any push or drive, and keeping life simple and uncomplicated…?

Every home has a different feel and is a reflection of the person or people living there, and if one is willing to accept this, then what is your home reflecting back to you?

If your home had a voice, what message would it relay?

And would you listen or would you ignore and continue in old routines and patterns?

Our houses provide a solid foundation for our physical bodies to come back to and rest after the activities, demands and the busyness of the day, where we may have allowed our energy to be scattered and even absorbed things from others, leaving us feeling tired and drained.

In coming home after a long day, do you walk into a mini-heaven, embracing the stillness and the holding quality of love that you have built that supports your body to release and let go… or do you enter a mini-disaster and feel the tension escalating in your body?

However we leave our house in the morning, is how we will find it on our return.

It feels to me our house or homes are so much more than bricks and mortar. How we treat them, either with neglect or with care and love, is a reflection of how we are treating our physical vehicle of expression – our highly tuned and sensitive light bodies.

I now get a sense of a deeper message and symbolism between the two.

However we leave this life, is exactly what we’re coming back to…                            

Housework and maintaining a clean orderly, spacious house has a whole new perspective and dimension.

If there is any possibility that we do come back, then it is my responsibility to come back to a physical, bodily vibration that has harmony in-house.

I have already started preparing!

By Jacqueline McFadden, BA, Complementary Health Practitioner, Own Business, Scotland

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670 thoughts on “Harmony In-House

  1. There is much to be aware of in our homes that we may not be allowing ourselves to feel, but in this one short blog you offer a new way, a way of clarity in our surroundings, and through that, clarity in ourselves.

  2. Taking care of our homes is part of taking care of ourselves. I have a sense that honouring our house so that it supports my activities is a really important aspect of bringing self-worth and value into my relationship with myself.

    1. That is true Mary, though lots of people who have clean tidy homes are not living harmony and love it is always about the quality we do something in that will make a difference.

  3. A home should feel like little heaven! It is the place to refuel the sources and where we get reminded constantly of our multidimensionality. Cleaning a place like this, does not feel like a chore anymore, does it?!

  4. Everyday or weeks housework is a great reflection to life in general. We cannot just let things go, because after a very short time, you will see the effects in form of dust etc. There is never a break of housework = life. There is never an off moment because when you chill out the dust is confirming this rather than the pureness and clarity you are. Question is, what is supporting you more?!

  5. When love is how you move in your home, then love is what you are returning to, the imprints of it everywhere, supporting you to know who you are and why you are here.

  6. We have prioritised outer activities but forgotten in our busyness to live the foundational parts – and then get surprised when it all falls apart. We need to go back to the basics instead of pushing so fast.

  7. “Our houses provide a solid foundation for our physical bodies to come back to and rest after the activities, demands and the busyness of the day,…” When we recognise the nurturing effect that our house holds for us, it becomes a place where any home improvements, cleaning, rearranging or reconfiguring are an opportunity that deepens the quality of the space that beholds, confirms and honours us.

  8. When there is more in our house than what we need I feel the clutteredness physically and the heaviness of having items that don’t serve us. Whenever I do let things go and have a clean out I instantly feel like there is more space and opportunity to connect as a family and with others.

  9. I have also treated housework as a chore over the years but coming to realise that the energy I do it in creates an imprint for me to return to has turned my attitude to cleaning my home right around. I have often shared this knowing with my grandchildren, including the other day when one of them was helping me to clean my bathroom. She took a long time to clean the basin, the shelves and a few other places but when I returned to the bathroom that night the love she had completed it in was so very palpable; everything was glowing, and so was she when I shared this with her the next day.

  10. Harmony in our body supports harmony in our home and harmony in our home supports harmony in our body.

  11. There is a HUUUUUGEEEE difference in these two ‘instead of saying, “I have to do my housework because it’s looking like a bomb just went off,” we can say: “It’s time I brought some love and harmony into my living space.” This alone teaches the power in both intent and expression.

    1. Otherwise it would be just a discipline we use to do chores like homework. The movement starts already within us first, before we actually joyfully do things in the outside.

  12. I always thought if you have enough storage you could put things away so it looks neat and tidy. I now understand that we are simply hiding our mess and complications and it still pervades our life.

  13. “However we leave our house in the morning, is how we will find it on our return.” This is has been a great support for me over the years, to make sure the way in which our leave my home can either support me or stress me out. With trial and error, I soon realised what is supportive or not.

      1. Exploring ourselves is the way, not following something, or what someone else said, but feeling it in our bodies. That is the true embodied way forward as we are the greatest teachers ourselves by connecting to our soul.

  14. When we bring a quality to the way we approach housework or any other chore we are doing, what we are doing becomes immaterial as our focus is on how lovely it feels to be with ourselves and move with presence and in our preciousness.

  15. When there is space, harmony and order in the house, we have such a supportive foundation for the rest of our lives to flow with clarity and less effort.

  16. I find that housework is something that falls down the list when I think I am too busy. Yet whenever I do it, I love the way it feels as I do it and the way my home feels at the end. I also find that I am more purposeful, have more clarity with a cleaned home.

    1. Yes myself too, for me it’s like I use being busy as an excuse to not keep on top of the house work when in reality it’s not because im too busy it’s because I’ve been choosing to be less connected to myself and indulge in comfort and other distractions.

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