The Other Way Around

This morning on my walk I decided to go ‘the other way around’ and turned left and not right on one of my chosen routes.

And it was quite the experience.

I noticed things that I have never seen before; houses, gardens, trees, flowers, angles, and even new roadkill!

It was like I was on a new walk, but I had walked that route many times before.

Then it came to me – same walk, different perspective. By turning left and not right, I had opened up to a new way of observing the world.

I then reflected on how many times I can ‘turn right’ – on auto-pilot (or at times stubbornness) – and I miss out on seeing life from a new angle.

Which got me contemplating even more, about how people offer us the opportunity to ‘turn left,’ to see life from their understanding, and how our reactions to this can vary from being super open, to “no way, I am only a right-hand-turn-kinda-person!”

Every day, people are offering us an opportunity to view life through their turns around the world. And if we are open to this we can discover a new insight or a whole new way of looking at life.

At times we may not always agree nor share this perspective, but I do know it brings an opportunity for understanding and connection to our fellow brothers and sisters. And it feels like the world really needs that right now.

With the choice to be more open to turning left or right and not always going on the well-trodden path of old behaviours and patterns, who knows what is on offer to discover?

By Sarah Flenley, Woman and keen observer of life, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

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449 thoughts on “The Other Way Around

  1. “same walk, different perspective. By turning left and not right, I had opened up to a new way of observing the world…” A great reminder to take off our blinkers so we can get 20/20 vision.

  2. Doing the same thing builds familiarity, certainty, and trust but the only ‘same thing’ we need to do is listen to our heart – the rest should flux and change and flow.

  3. We can limit our expressing so much with what we think we ought to do rather than what is needed to be done in any given moment.

    1. So very true Elizabeth. I have been noticing that the less I hold on to my thoughts of how I, others or the situation should be, the less burdoned and restricted I am. And the more I surrender to observing and feeling the moment, and allowing the awareness of my heart to impulse the way, the more expanded, empowered and in harmony with a bigger whole I naturally feel.

  4. This also makes me consider what it is like to walk a certain distance and then to turn around and walk back the way we came. If we so choose, it is an opportunity to get to feel the energy of the footprints we left behind and what energy we were walking in.

  5. It so easy to get fixed on a certain way of being, a certain direction we go in, it’s the default mode and we can just roll with it because we think that is it, the only way. When things come along and present another way for what ever reason we can go into thinking it is a disruption. And in some cases it may well be but in others it may well be that we are needing to go another way for what is needed at that time. To be open to feeling into every moment and what feels true at that time is a completely different way to how we have been brought up.

  6. As we can turn left instead of always right on a macro scale we can also start to move more lovingly with our bodies than we ever did before on micro scale level.

  7. I agree we need to understand people not judge them just because they have a different way of viewing the world.

  8. It feels so great to get out of our old behaviours and try something new, just to give a fresh perspective on things.

  9. A beautiful sharing on new perspectives we can be open to in our lives and how this can open up and unfold with a simplicity and expansion in different ways in our lives offering new shifts and changes that we are ready for and allows the flow and harmony from our movements.

  10. The control we live in is shown by those patterns.
    To surrender and not knowing what will be there is our way forward…. or lets say backward to live from our essence again.

  11. It is brilliant how you changed your perspective by simply turning left instead of right. I have been observing that when we notice we are in a rut or an energetic pattern we would like to be out of, that choice accompanied with even the subtlest of shift in our posture or movements has a profound impact.

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