The Other Way Around

This morning on my walk I decided to go ‘the other way around’ and turned left and not right on one of my chosen routes.

And it was quite the experience.

I noticed things that I have never seen before; houses, gardens, trees, flowers, angles, and even new roadkill!

It was like I was on a new walk, but I had walked that route many times before.

Then it came to me – same walk, different perspective. By turning left and not right, I had opened up to a new way of observing the world.

I then reflected on how many times I can ‘turn right’ – on auto-pilot (or at times stubbornness) – and I miss out on seeing life from a new angle.

Which got me contemplating even more, about how people offer us the opportunity to ‘turn left,’ to see life from their understanding, and how our reactions to this can vary from being super open, to “no way, I am only a right-hand-turn-kinda-person!”

Every day, people are offering us an opportunity to view life through their turns around the world. And if we are open to this we can discover a new insight or a whole new way of looking at life.

At times we may not always agree nor share this perspective, but I do know it brings an opportunity for understanding and connection to our fellow brothers and sisters. And it feels like the world really needs that right now.

With the choice to be more open to turning left or right and not always going on the well-trodden path of old behaviours and patterns, who knows what is on offer to discover?

By Sarah Flenley, Woman and keen observer of life, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

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566 thoughts on “The Other Way Around

  1. The old ways of doing things has been upgraded to where we feel what energy would we be in so that we get a true reading of what will be evolutionary and thus deepen our movements towards being Soul-full😇.

  2. Serge Benhayon presents a way of choosing to feel your way from within to reconnect to your path of return to where you came from.

  3. Being open to listen to our bodies is an art that takes practice and when we do listen it become common sense awareness and simple to be in the flow of what life is preparing for us.

  4. “Every day, people are offering us an opportunity to view life through their turns around the world.” What a great line! It really highlights the different views we all have from the unique angle we see life with, and how much we can offer one another.

  5. What if we have been cementing ourselves into particular patterns for more than one life time? So that when we reincarnate for another lifetime we are given every opportunity to clear these patterns and sometimes it takes more than one life time to clear them as they are so ingrained in our behaviour. What if we looked at life from this perspective is it possible that then life would make more sense to us all?

  6. Stuck in our ways! I so know this one!! #stubbornessandcontrol. However am glad to say over the years this has shifted although am sure more can be 😶 I love your reflection, sharing and offering to all here to be more aware of the well trodden paths that are not so great or supportive and look at maybe trying a different way ✨

  7. What a great way to consider other people’s perspectives, I know that my walk today will take a different turn!

  8. Do we clock the way we are walking and do we feel the difference when we reverse the angle we see things at? Do these things make a difference, or is life about the energy we do things in and thus we appreciate that connection and trusting our essences through connection it divinely takes us down a True path?

    1. Re-imprinting the way we walk has the most amazing ability to return us to our essences, and could this be a start of the appreciative way we return to who we are or “to where we started.”?

  9. I have noticed that as we get older we get stuck in our ways of doing things because we have always done them that way. Just writing this I can feel the reductionism of this kind of behaviour.

  10. I have a Satnav that redirects me in case of traffic delays that often takes me to places I may never have travelled. Driving is a continual, conscience presence job that having a good long look at something is not an encouraged activity. But, how often are we passengers in a car? When you pick your seats for a flight which do you choose; the aisle or window seat?

    1. The aisle! as it gives faster access to the toilets and allows us to stretch our legs more often.
      And as a passenger more of what is around us can be observed and we can feel much more relaxed as we are not attending to driving, but conscious presence is a stilling condition when we are being drive around.

  11. To walk down a different street allows us to have a whole new perspective on life and reflect on how different movements can give us very different results.

  12. Everyone has a different perspective due to their different experiences – but staying open to hearing this is indeed a great way to grow and develop understanding of others. No different to traveling and living overseas – when we do this we get to live in and experience a completely different culture, a different perspective of life, and once again this broadens our understanding of people and their choices.

    1. Yes, to consider why people look at life or have the opinions they do is far wiser than just shutting people down because they look, behave or think differently to you. We have all been fed by something – what has been our flavour? We would be wise to question.

  13. Life can be very refreshing when we can learn to look at things from a different perspective. In fact life is about change, constant change around us whilst we hold on and deepen that we know to be true within. So as we grow on the inside there is change too but this kind of change is a deepening that allows us to see the changes on the outside with a different view point – one that brings more understanding and insight. There is an expression that says ‘open yee eyes and yee shall see’ – and often use this laughingly at home when we have lost our keys or misplaced something, but there is a deeper truth in here about seeing more than there is to see, and allowing a deeper perspective to show itself.

  14. I can’t help but feel that there is the established or normal way of seeing life and then the soul’s way, two very different ways of seeing and sensing the world, the question is – are we open?

  15. I can feel how it would serve us to give ourselves an opportunity to stop and move with what the moment is calling for and not just go into auto-pilot even though we may very well end up with a seemingly same/familiar choice of action. I feel there’s a difference in what’s been gathered to come to a decision and what comes after will not be a repetition.

  16. It is interesting to see people’s reactions when they are asked to look at something from a different standpoint. Sometimes you can see the resistance to going there and maybe being proven wrong about something, or just letting go of a preconceived perception is difficult. The more we are open to looking at things from more than one angle the more we grow.

      1. Drawing and looking outside the lines and boxes in every sense not just on paper … yep that would be very freeing ✨❤️

  17. When we move with a deep connection to our body, we would not go the safe and familiar way but the way that our Soul leads us and take us on a path that is healing and an evolution for all. And, when we connect to our soul, no movement is ever wasted whether we turn left or right.

    1. Well said Jstewart51, and breaking out of our comfort is a lot of fun and our Soul is very playful as it guides us where to go.

  18. Recently I have been having a go at not being so rigid in my perceptions of what works and what doesn’t and how things ought to be done. I have been taking away the focus from my incessant thoughts to the awareness expressed through my whole body. These moments are gorgeous in how I am taken care of but so is everyone else, and I feel so expanded. Definitely worth having a go.

  19. Taking a different route sometimes can bring a freshness to our journey, bringing new possibilities and widening our horizon

  20. I have noticed we generally hold certain preconceived views or projections about how we want a situation to be instead of just simply seeing it for what it is. Perhaps the key to experiencing more is to let these go?

  21. We have made life about entertainment and action and distraction all the while there is so much beauty in the simple things.

  22. I have often noticed when there is a shift in the quality of connection within there is a change in the way I move my body and with that a change in what I see.

  23. This awesome blog is a beautiful inspiration for me to understand that there is no evolution or expansion if we stick to the same old path and not venture out beyond the unfamiliar/unknown.

    1. If we ‘stick to the same old path’ we are cementing ourselves into that path rather than constantly discovering new paths and evolving.

  24. Throwing my hat into the ring and sharing that to a True-type-of-person brings a Deep-Humble-Appreciative-ness that develops our sense of awareness so our movements are always in the right direction.

  25. I know for myself that I often walk the same path and see the same things, mainly because they have become part of the scenery and I expect them to be there. But what if by having those expectations I am missing out on so much more. It’s a bit like wearing the same old pair of glasses and not getting the prescription changed. Then one day they break, you have to replace them and the moment you put the new pair on you realise how much you have been missing, that life through the new and very clear lenses is actually so much brighter and bigger than you had come to accept, and expect.

    1. It is gorgeous how, even when we don’t proactively choose to sense new opportunities in our path, life so often tends to throw a curve ball in the shape of a surprise, a shock, a reminder or simply an open space in front of us and we end up in the exact place you are talking about, where life is “actually so much brighter and bigger than you had come to accept, and expect”.

  26. I can be quite the comfort to stay on the same path that has been walked for many years, lifetimes even, even if it has become mundane and uncomfortable, as considering the possibility that there is another path that ignites inspiration, wondrous and enriching can be challenging for our pride to bear and admit that we have willfully chosen to deny ourselves the opportunity to explore other possibilities.

  27. “With the choice to be more open to turning left or right and not always going on the well-trodden path of old behaviours and patterns, who knows what is on offer to discover?” Who knows indeed. Following our true impulse by staying connected to our bodies will take us on journeys we would never have imagined we would or could go on.

    1. Great point Josh. So why is it that we choose to stay in that comfort and not be open to new horizons? Perhaps it’s because if we open ourselves up to those new possibilities we sense that life will inevitably change and then the world as we know it, might become a little scary to live in. So back into the safety of our comfort we go, all the while missing out on the endless magic that is on offer when we make the choice to go ‘the other way around”.

    2. So true Joshua, I am beginning to realise that there is no evolution in seeking comfort as it keeps us in the same loop of ill patterns and behaviours.

  28. The final decision to see what is there remains with us. We can reduce the scope of what we see and go or, we can open up to what is there to be seen and take notice. When we do, we discover that our usual paths are not what we have made of them.

  29. Great sharing. For me it is also important to take different roads on many levels, as I tend to keep doing things in a stuck way, even getting irritated and feeling disturbed if someone asks me to do something differently. Is this a form of autism? Anyway, I can feel the stuckness is stored in my body, time to heal it.

    1. I agree Leigh – being open to the truth is always worth exploring and it is also inspiring to feel and experience how we can evolve when this openness extends to all people regardless of age, nationality or beliefs.

  30. I am often in a house that has the words “the stars look very different today” printed quite largely on the wall; they are impossible to miss. It took a few visits before I had an aha moment when I realised the reason they would look different today is because we are looking at them through different eyes; it’s not the stars that have changed but us

  31. I’m experiencing this with parenting at the moment, how when I let go of I know what is best and listen to other parents around me, I hear some gems that stop me in my tracks and offers me another way.

    1. Same here Aimee and this also applies to work and our relationships, because by being open to explore the possibilities and be open to expansion, this is what will support us in life. I find the struggle in life often comes from stagnation and choosing to stay in comfort.

  32. It is amazing the different perspectives that can be experienced from just going on a different walk or walking in a different direction. I was amazed this morning about how even the sky looked different when choosing to go down a different street than we usually do.

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