The Other Way Around

This morning on my walk I decided to go ‘the other way around’ and turned left and not right on one of my chosen routes.

And it was quite the experience.

I noticed things that I have never seen before; houses, gardens, trees, flowers, angles, and even new roadkill!

It was like I was on a new walk, but I had walked that route many times before.

Then it came to me – same walk, different perspective. By turning left and not right, I had opened up to a new way of observing the world.

I then reflected on how many times I can ‘turn right’ – on auto-pilot (or at times stubbornness) – and I miss out on seeing life from a new angle.

Which got me contemplating even more, about how people offer us the opportunity to ‘turn left,’ to see life from their understanding, and how our reactions to this can vary from being super open, to “no way, I am only a right-hand-turn-kinda-person!”

Every day, people are offering us an opportunity to view life through their turns around the world. And if we are open to this we can discover a new insight or a whole new way of looking at life.

At times we may not always agree nor share this perspective, but I do know it brings an opportunity for understanding and connection to our fellow brothers and sisters. And it feels like the world really needs that right now.

With the choice to be more open to turning left or right and not always going on the well-trodden path of old behaviours and patterns, who knows what is on offer to discover?

By Sarah Flenley, Woman and keen observer of life, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

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508 thoughts on “The Other Way Around

  1. The final decision to see what is there remains with us. We can reduce the scope of what we see and go or, we can open up to what is there to be seen and take notice. When we do, we discover that our usual paths are not what we have made of them.

  2. Great sharing. For me it is also important to take different roads on many levels, as I tend to keep doing things in a stuck way, even getting irritated and feeling disturbed if someone asks me to do something differently. Is this a form of autism? Anyway, I can feel the stuckness is stored in my body, time to heal it.

  3. I am often in a house that has the words “the stars look very different today” printed quite largely on the wall; they are impossible to miss. It took a few visits before I had an aha moment when I realised the reason they would look different today is because we are looking at them through different eyes; it’s not the stars that have changed but us

  4. I’m experiencing this with parenting at the moment, how when I let go of I know what is best and listen to other parents around me, I hear some gems that stop me in my tracks and offers me another way.

  5. It is amazing the different perspectives that can be experienced from just going on a different walk or walking in a different direction. I was amazed this morning about how even the sky looked different when choosing to go down a different street than we usually do.

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