The Other Way Around

This morning on my walk I decided to go ‘the other way around’ and turned left and not right on one of my chosen routes.

And it was quite the experience.

I noticed things that I have never seen before; houses, gardens, trees, flowers, angles, and even new roadkill!

It was like I was on a new walk, but I had walked that route many times before.

Then it came to me – same walk, different perspective. By turning left and not right, I had opened up to a new way of observing the world.

I then reflected on how many times I can ‘turn right’ – on auto-pilot (or at times stubbornness) – and I miss out on seeing life from a new angle.

Which got me contemplating even more, about how people offer us the opportunity to ‘turn left,’ to see life from their understanding, and how our reactions to this can vary from being super open, to “no way, I am only a right-hand-turn-kinda-person!”

Every day, people are offering us an opportunity to view life through their turns around the world. And if we are open to this we can discover a new insight or a whole new way of looking at life.

At times we may not always agree nor share this perspective, but I do know it brings an opportunity for understanding and connection to our fellow brothers and sisters. And it feels like the world really needs that right now.

With the choice to be more open to turning left or right and not always going on the well-trodden path of old behaviours and patterns, who knows what is on offer to discover?

By Sarah Flenley, Woman and keen observer of life, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

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364 thoughts on “The Other Way Around

  1. Thank you Sarah. I love the opportunity that is offered of understanding, learning and connection when I see and walk life off the usual walked path.

  2. It is never about abandoning your absoluteness with your truth ( going right- the usual way) but being in the same way open for another one’s truth ( going left ).

  3. By turning left instead of right we can meet people even more. As in, we see their way of doing something, we observe how they live, and how it can open us up to understanding even more about life. I took a few left turns last weekend and met up with women that I don’t usually get to spend time with and in that learnt so much about their cultures and family life. And with that, realised how alike we all actually are.

  4. ‘people offer us the opportunity to ‘turn left,’ to see life from their understanding, and how our reactions to this can vary from being super open, to “no way, I am only a right-hand-turn-kinda-person!” ‘ – Without people to reflect to us that there actually can be a differerent way to see the world and what is going on, we would all be stuck in one place, i.e. no evolution.

  5. Its great and also humbling when we get a different perspective over a well worn path we have travelled and think we know it so well… it shows that there is so much more in life to discover, when we look at things from different angles.

  6. Yesterday I got out of bed the other side (my husband’s side you might say) and I noted how it felt to the usual side I get out on. There is definitely a difference, more motion than repose perhaps? I shall continue to observe this.

  7. Being open to every opportunity to learn, see things from a fresh angle and appreciate other people’s fresh eyes, prevents us getting rooted, stuck and eventually atrophied in beliefs and opinions. I love what you have written. Thank you, Sarah.

  8. I love it – a fresh perspective to a fresh day and an amazing reminder that today may call for something slightly different from yesterday and the day before.

  9. It is quite amazing how we can see something in a different light, when we look at it from a differnt angle, whatever the perspective is.

  10. Great moment to re-read your blog. I just had a sacred movement session with karin Becker online. We did as usual the figure eight movements from the pelvic area. Then we was invited to do it in the other direction than we normally do. I could feel how it opened my body more.

  11. “Auto-pilot” becomes a way of life so we miss many opportunities to feel our essence, which is always sharing and it is our un-natural ways that have shut our essences down. As you have shared Sarah, when we open our essence and stay connected we are “opened up to a new way of observing the world.”

    1. How many people remember their drive to work? They left the house and then they were at work! Maybe, someone auto have been present in the car? Nothing is ever the same and as you have said Greg being open to our essence opens our eyes!

  12. Opening up to a different perspective, no matter how slight the shift may be allows everything to seemingly change. It opens up my awareness to something new, which leads to more insight, more understanding…

  13. Even walking on the ‘other’ side of someone you walk on a specific side of changes things so much. It s great observation to take ourselves out of the blinkered box of routine we can live in.

    1. We get comfortable and even complacent; we might think we know it all but each angle offers a different perspective, new insights and more understanding.

  14. I know and have experienced that when I move (my body) differently, in a different quality for example either if I am rushing, in tension or at ease as the opposite quality, that I see life differently, or how different life is. Movement and its quality is what determines the direction in whether or when to turn left or right and what then is to be seen, viewed, observed, understood, learned from this.

  15. I knew someone with a son that was in his early 20s and did not drive. He could walk to work and dad would take him where he needed to go. He finally got a driving licence and a car. His dad got a panicked call the day after the son had bought his car and asked where his girlfriend lived? Being a passenger in life and being checked out on your phone becomes real when we must be present in the driver’s seat.

  16. ‘It was like I was on a new walk, but I had walked that route many times before.’ – Magic can happen when we are offered a new angle to view what is in front of us.

    1. With that openness we grow in our understanding of people and situations and come to the point where we can let others be and do what they need to be and do, to live and let live.

  17. Actually I was just pondering that whenever we define ourselves by a way of doing things we are not fully being open anymore to another way, something that might be even more amazing and offering us even more awareness of life than we already have.

  18. “The Other Way Around” – when we start to see the other way round “something” we can often start to see is how much the other way round or upside down we ourselves have been in life, and how life itself is. Gaining perspective being the all-essential sphericalness.

  19. Often people treat each other with “my way is the right way” and even end up killing each other for it. An openminded approach to the different ways people are choosing would serve humanity. What would serve humanity even more is the ability to see that despite the different ways people are in the their core all the same.

  20. This past weekend the weather forecasted a lovely warm and sunny day. We had a family discussion that we wanted to do something different than cleaning the house or working in the garden. I said we should go to the coast and the shortest route was just under three hours drive. Generally, on any warm weekend day in the UK, the only way not to sit in traffic for hours heading to the coast is to leave at silly-O-clock in the morning. We started off at 9am to someplace we had never been before. The satnav took us through lots of small villages and tree-lined and canopied lanes. We parked and strolled the beach that was almost deserted just like all the roads on the way to the sea. The drive home was also a mini adventure on near empty roads. The pleasant day trip and the sparsity of people and traffic may have been because of all the garden parties with people glued to the TV watching some big wedding followed by a finale football thing. We spent the day seeing something new.

  21. I regularly find that the outbound part of a walk looks entirely different from the return journey, and I can see how this reflects in other things too.

  22. This is beautiful Sarah as it shows us just how much we have to offer and learn from each other through the way we each experience life. The more we are open to exploring this together the more we are willing to say ‘yes’ to evolution, to discovering how we can deepen our connection to greater love and truth so we can live the ‘more’ of who we are.

  23. It’s so easy to repeat what you know works and get caught in a pattern that is not about feeling what is needed at the particular moment. There are so many aspects to take into consideration with cycles that there will never actually be a same moment that requires the same level of how we apply ourselves to it.

  24. I love how the same walk can look completely different when walked the opposite way – it offers us a whole new perspective on life.

  25. It seems that most things in this world need to be done the “other way around” or another way as so much of what we have accepted as true simply is not, for example, education, parenting, child care, health care etc.

    1. I agree Elizabeth. When we are open to truth, we are open to evolving and as such saying ‘yes’ to whatever is needed to support and inspire us all to live our true and greater potential.

    2. Saying ‘yes’ to whatever is needed and ‘no’ to perpetuating the ill patterns that have left us with such damaging education, health care, parenting, relationship and work place models.

  26. Also is a message for life. How often do we get stuck in our patterns and ways of being only to be limited in how we see and perceive the wider world.

  27. Sometimes we need to drop everything we know and are familiar with and allow things to unfold. When we try to control life, we can have a ‘good’ outcome, but not realise what we have denied ourselves in terms of an amazing outcome. So when we take the other route, when we let go of the normal expectations and control, and when we surrender to the unfoldment of life, this is when true magic has the space to happen.

  28. Mostly driving myself it is exciting to be the co-driver now and then and discovering things that as a driver I never had the time or space to have a closer look at; very enjoyable to explore the seemingly most familiar routes and places with fresh eyes and a different angle.

    1. I do love being a passenger on routes I often drive too. Different angles, perspectives and observations…

    2. Imagine being the taxi driver from the back seat it would be very taxing so could it be possible to eliminate all taxis so we can always be co-drivers on our re-turn journey and thus observing the innate abundance we can all receive?

  29. It’s so easy to go the old trodden path and get used to things being in a familiar way. I think taking another route can also mean changing the way that I am on any given route I’m on.

  30. The world is crying out for people who are willing to be flexible enough to turn the other way and find ways through the challenges that currently beset humanity because of the many ill choices we have made including our stubbornness about not doing things in a different way to the one we have always followed.

    1. Beautifully said Helen! We keep doing the same thing even though it is not working….and so it is simply about being open to another way.

  31. It is the simple things in life that allow ourselves to see more never the complex ones, because simplicity allows us to be still with ourselves and observe while complexity keeps us busy and engaged with everything there is to attend leaving no room fro feeling the bigger picture.

  32. This blog exposes how we can so easily get set in a rut of always going the same way/doing something the way we have always done it and if we can only be open to the possibility of choosing another way life opens up for us in often magical ways.

    1. True – all we need to do is be open to it, yet often we have made up our minds already and are not willing to see that there may be other options.

  33. A super reflection on looking at life the other way round and all this can open up for ourselves and others around us.Beautiful supportive and something we all know and can benefit from .

  34. ‘With the choice to be more open to turning left or right and not always going on the well-trodden path of old behaviours and patterns, who knows what is on offer to discover?’ I find this is very confirming of where I am today – knowing I can move forward with the old ways or choose to move on with the love on offer today, leaving the past in the past and not worrying about the future, and feeling my body – that is all.

    1. I’m trying this out at the moment with parenting. I don’t need to hold on to or be hard on myself for what I have chosen before now, but can move forward and walk a different way. So far, this different way is lighter, a whole lot less exhausting and I’m loving what I am seeing through fresh eyes.

  35. I enjoy feeling the pull to go a different way and tracing a different path, not so much for the variety but the opportunity to walk with more presence and bring myself more fully to that particular part of life.

  36. In limiting ourselves to a strict path that does not allow space to explore new opportunities or meet new people, we are in fact restricting the expansion of our life, that it can have an enormous amount of purpose and that we are an integral part of the bigger picture.

  37. I am definitely a creature of habit so consciously turning right instead of left every now and then is always a good move. Yesterday I did this and saw a dead badger, anyone know what badgers symbolise?

  38. Sometimes I look at something or somewhere I see every day and it is as if I am looking at it for the very first time.

  39. This reminds me of when I say to myself “is it possible that the opposite is true? and I look at something from upside down or the other way around and see something entirely different.

    1. So true Shirley-Ann… I have found this with an ideal or belief about myself – something I have run with for most of my life, only to find the exact opposite is actually true.

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