Me, my Brothers, Mohammad and Jesus at the Gym

I was in the gym the other day when I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen for years – an incredible young man, very wise beyond his years.

He asked how life was and I shared what had been happening for me. We chatted some more about his life, then he asked if I was going on the treadmills. “Yes” I replied, so he said he’d come join me.

We spoke of the abuse he receives from the public at work: he is Muslim in his faith. He gets it all the time. He laughs and shares that these people who abuse him have got nothing on him, if all they can come up with is calling him a Paki. Don’t get me wrong, there are other things like attacks on his car and attempts at physical abuse. I can tell he is hurt by the way people treat him; I would be too, as that is not love. I do not like racism or abuse at all in any shape or form. Even though I find it deeply sad that we treat each other like this, I laugh, because his words are true. This man is incredible, gentle and wise and says no to abuse.

We talked about Mohammed and how this young man believes in Jesus too: he’s not the only person of Muslim faith I’ve had this conversation with. Another person shared you cannot be a Muslim if you do not believe in Jesus. Mohammed and Jesus were both prophets and taught the same thing, The Ageless Wisdom.

He shared how someone started to bad mouth Mary and Jesus in front of him. He replied, “If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all.” I loved his reply and said, “This is no different to online abuse.” There are people who troll the Internet with a personal vendetta, or simply to abuse another, as the person abusing has not taken responsibility to heal their own hurts, so they deliberately go out to attack people. If we do not agree or like what we see on the Internet, – switch it off, go to another page, but do not use it as platform to hide our identity behind, or for some not to hide, to attack and abuse people.

He shared about how we are lost… is this what we have come to as a society? We discussed how we are looking to the material world to give us answers, or to alcohol and food, but we will never find it there: it hasn’t and doesn’t work, no matter how tall our buildings are, or how fast our cars or computers are, or how much we numb ourselves to fight our awareness or emotional pain. We are a mess. We have not evolved. We build the tallest building in one country; what does another country do but decide to build a taller building, whilst people, our brothers, are being killed all around them.

We talked about how we have lost respect for one another and ourselves. He shared that respect has to start with respecting ourselves first.

He talked about what he loved about visiting Morocco: people all eat off the same plate, they share and eat together – it’s about community and brotherhood. What I loved about this was his love of community and brotherhood, people coming together to eat, to talk, to be together, something I feel we are all desperately missing in the world and our lives.

This conversation was no coincidence or mistake. What we talked of were the values and the living ways of The Ageless Wisdom, even though this young man has not heard of The Ageless Wisdom in those words before. Jesus and Mohammed amongst many others, including Serge Benhayon, are all here to teach and reflect the same thing, The Ageless Wisdom. This religion is about how we live. It’s about re-turning to a way of living we have all lived before, it’s about re-connecting to our Soul, it’s about people, truth, understanding, true love and deep care for ourselves and each other, brotherhood, equality, community, respecting each other and ourselves.

People the world over can see and feel things aren’t okay, that the world is a mess. We are all looking for connection. For me conversations like these are pure gold.

I could have easily made some excuse, “Oh no, I have to walk by myself,” but we are not here to walk alone.

Today it was me, my brothers, Mohammed and Jesus that walked in the gym.

By Anon

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484 thoughts on “Me, my Brothers, Mohammad and Jesus at the Gym

  1. I love how this young man says no to abuse and the beautiful way in which he reflects to the world that he won’t accept it.

  2. It is really challenging when you know people are abusive towards you simply because you choose to have a different set of beliefs than another, without even knowing anything about who you are or how you participate in life. The fact that their information comes from set tactics the media have used to denigrate any religious group, without even looking at whether the information is true or not. We desperately need education on discernment of information.

  3. I sometimes forget to marvel at the fact that we all know we are off course, and that in every day conversations there are drops of golden insight and wisdom that proves we know that it is in connection and relationship with everyone that we learn and grow. Thank you for appreciating and sharing your religious moment in the gym.

  4. It is true, we have forgotten that life is about people, truth, understanding, love and deep care for ourselves and each other, brotherhood, equality, community, respecting each other and ourselves for the divine and multi dimensional beings we are.

    1. Yes, beautifully brought to a point Nico, we simply have forgotten that life is about people. So it is time that we bring it back to the care and deep love we all deserve.

      1. Sure Esther, we all deserve deep love and care therefore for instance it is deeply disturbing me that society has lost its true purpose that is to serve the people. Nowadays it looks like society starts to creak because it is only about budget and organizational problems which should be insignificant if we would make it about people first. There is something serious going wrong.

    2. Forgotten? Or actively ignoring? We know the true value of all you list here, Nico, and are invited by articles such as these to appreciate the miracles that rain down on us every day, often in the moments of connection with others.

      1. Yes Mathilda, actively ignoring might be a better way to describe the ignorance of our divine origin when lived will be the source of the so called miracles that hen will take place into our lives and of many others who we are with

  5. Now we all ware walking our own way in separation, but one day we will all walk together as one, as being our natural and true origin.

  6. We all yearn for connection we have just unlearned how to do it and you give a very simple example how easy it can be, just opening up to another by sharing how life is.

    1. Indeed Esther, it is actually so simple, to open up to people and to the transparency of the divinity we are.

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience of walking with another in conversation and the joy and connection this brings. It’s easy to stay in the comfort of walking by yourself yet there is such richness when we open to another and let conversation flow.

  8. The power of two, a rich and beautiful window accessible to us all, a journey through the openness, communication and equality that brings us back to our true ageless divinity.

  9. For me this is another example of there being no such thing as coincidences for it is clear that you meeting this young man whom you hadn’t seen for a long time and you sharing this experience in this blog for others to read is of true value. It is truly worth appreciating articles like this that demonstrate how simple life can be when we are willing to connect and express openly with one another, that really we are all the same – we are all, as you express, brothers. I love the title “Me, my Brothers, Mohammad and Jesus at the Gym”.

  10. Some of these powerful moments like a truly meaningful conversation are timeless it seems to me, so once we talked about our camels and today our cars but the sentiments are the same.

  11. ‘He shared about how we are lost… is this what we have come to as a society?’ – Yes, it is and as uncomfortable that may be to admit, we are or have all been the contributors of it.

  12. Religion and our different world views should never stand in the way of true connection between one human being and another. There is nothing grander than the love that we have for each other.

    1. And nothing more unifying. Love will take us beyond the need for different religions and cultural beliefs… we will be able to let go of our identification with belonging to one or other group.

  13. I love your encounter at the gym as it shows it can happen anywhere. In every moment, in every encounter true brotherhood is there for us all.

    1. I love that too Esther – all we need to do is to be open to truly connect with each other and the rest takes care of itself.

  14. It is amazing how when we are open and aware things can expand and constellate and bring a wisdom and magic to our lives with others in sharing and brotherhood .

  15. We all have the opportunity to say no to abuse in life, and staying silent just feeds the cycle of abuse even more.

  16. The Gym can seem like a place where everyone is in their own bubble as it were, so any true conversation and connection is a breath of fresh air.

  17. What I love about this is – what if Jesus went to the gym in his time, would people have known they were stood beside Jesus, or, would they have just seen a regular guy working out? It really demonstrates that you literally never know who you are stood beside.

    1. That’s awesome Meg and so true. The same could be said about all of the great teachers through history.

  18. The knowing that there are those in the world who think deeply about who we are and why we are here provides great encouragement to continue sharing the Way of the Livingness. It is a basis for a life of truth and love, and that is surely what everyone in the world needs.

  19. I love this title . . “Me, my Brothers, Mohammad and Jesus at the Gym” and I love this blog. When we truly connect to another we are in brotherhood as we have connected to the All.

  20. How we live in our life allows us to bring a Livingness that is all encompassing so we see the pot holes in life before they arrive. Then we can actually start to avoid any pit-falls well before they have a chance form, so any ill energy is spotted before it develops. “This is no different to online abuse.” When we understand the energy behind any form of abuse we simply don’t give anything but True Love, and this is from all of our body then we can hate any form of lying, ill energy as it can be distructive.

    1. I agree Susan, life was not meant to be walked alone, in fact it was designed for us to work and walk together – something I’m sure in time we will all fully realise and put into practice.

    2. …and this is something we can learn to be open to. If we are used to walking alone it can feel so scary to start opening up to others, but when we do it can feel amazingly beautiful.

      1. I agree, this is something we can learn as opposed to seeing ourselves stuck in the category of being a loner who is on an eternal path of not opening up to others. It actually comes down to making a different choice.

  21. What a gorgeous sharing Anon, the beautiful sharing and sense of brotherhood and equality is deeply felt when reading about your experience, thank you. This is what the world longs for deep down, and is desperately missing, true community, love, equality and acceptance.

  22. Wow! I had no idea such deep conversations were going on at the gym! Just shows you there is no place off limits to discuss the love we naturally are and where we have deviated away from that.

    1. Me neither Fiona, I may just have to start going to the gym for the conversation and brotherhood!

  23. ‘I can’t wait for the day we can all realise we are all brothers and all this nonsense like race,religion and nationality are seen for what they truly are, the tools for keeping us in separation’ – Kevin, that day will be heaven on earth.

  24. There is so much feeling and love waiting for us to share, if only we put aside our solitude and fear. Connect to others and you’ll realise our true magnititude.

  25. The deep sense of equality and brotherhood emanating from this article is a healing in itself – it is very unifying and confirming the natural sense of us belonging together as can be felt in the body.

  26. I can’t wait for the day we can all realise we are all brothers and all this nonsense like race,religion and nationality are seen for what they truly are, the tools for keeping us in separation. We really do need to speak where ever possible of true religion and the oneness we are all from.

  27. ‘People the world over can see and feel things aren’t okay, that the world is a mess.’ And we have very different ways of dealing with this reality.

    1. That is the key point, whatever the place or location, whoever the people we all see that the world is not the place it could be. Yet each of us could change that first by changing the way we live.

  28. We can walk around in such arrogance and righteousness and yet when we stop and take the time to truly connect with another, it’s so clear to feel we are all absolutely equal.

    1. So true Lucy, the harm done by arrogance and righteousness in separation is ages old, and yet just simply making space to realise the connection which is always between us all, and to allow this to come back to the fore in our interactions with each other, means we can again feel the potential of us all living together in brotherhood once again.

  29. The gym environment is always so tense – each person intensely into their own workout. It’s a very serious and often isolating affair! In contrast how would it be if we were to frequent the gym with a bunch of close friends? Would our behaviour change? Would our workout transform from an intense and isolating experience into more of a shared, collective, open and fun experience? I love the title of this blog. It speaks of brotherhood in an everyday setting. We have this opportunity everywhere.

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