Celebrities – What’s really Worth Celebrating?

I sat in a café some 3000 metres above the sea on top of the Swiss Alps doing some of my mathematics studies during the World Economic Forum in Davos when a group of men walked in and almost immediately people were rushing to take selfies with one of them – applauding him and shaking his hand. At about 6 foot 6” (2m) tall and a big build I guessed he was some sort of athlete but could not put a name or sport to the face. After the group left the café the waiter informed me that he was one of the most famous boxers in the world, from Russia.

This left me wondering… all the celebrations, congratulations and well-wishes – what are they actually for?

For the record, if two men, or women, both want to get in a ring and punch each other in the heads, then by all means that is up to them… their bodies, their lives.

The point here is more about the interest and devotion that this sort of activity garners. And so the questions that come to me are:

  • How are we at a place where millions of people use pay-per-view to watch from home and many more spend the equivalent of thousands of dollars to travel to and attend such an event?


  • Where have we really come to as a society if, apart from perhaps the consent of both parties, things have not changed since the times of the Colosseum?

A fascinating part in all this is that if we show someone a video of a man being horribly and brutally beaten, it will in most cases receive gasps and looks of disgust. But then if you were to explain that the person had consented, it all becomes okay – yes? Where does this incoherence stop? If it is okay to commit an act of violence with consent, are we then able to commit murder with consent? If that’s too much to stomach, are we then able to perform random unregulated amputations with consent? Would this too attract a large crowd and vast sums of money? Who does and how does one draw the line of distinction between what is acceptable under the guise of consent and what is not?

With all the issues going on in the world at the moment – wars, corruption, poverty, cancer, mental illnesses, suicide, female genital mutilation, sex trafficking all the way down to lack of self-worth, lack of confidence and body issues to name but a few – SURELY there are ways of spending our time, energy and money that benefit us rather than punching us in the face, literally speaking.

I count myself blessed to know what I consider celebrities to be: real people doing real jobs in such a way that is worthy of celebration – and then some!

Serge Benhayon and his family have become a massive part of my life, from the most inspiring chats over dinner to workshops and presentations that not only give me the opportunity and support to bring out the best in me, but at the same time show me how humanity has gotten into this particular point on its derailed trajectory. The Benhayon family, the most ordinary extraordinary group of people, have shown me what deep down I have always known – that there is a way to live life without letting life live you. In other words, we can be in life empowered through our wise and loving choices without being what life wants us to be.

This to me is something that not only I have not seen anywhere else, but in fact the opposite has been cemented; the idea that without (especially tertiary) education you cannot be successful; the concept that marriage is a ‘compulsory’ part of a ‘complete’ life (you only have to look at the divorce rates to see the falsity of this one); the belief that what we make of ourselves career-wise is who we are, and by that token if we are a cleaner or serving in McDonalds then we are not worthy contributors to the all as much as perhaps the Rolls-Royce riding rich are.

So, when I go to celebrate someone, my first question is: what are they contributing to society? Are they accelerating our evolution or are they delaying it? A good space to ask ourselves another question here – what is evolutionary about punching another in the head to the point that their facial features get distorted, permanently damaged and or they even become comatose? Which part of this disturbing factual scenario is entertaining? Our money’s worth?

If the external is glamorised and made to be everything, then I would suggest that this perpetuates the current plague of self-doubt, lack of self-worth and self-abuse we are all witnessing in large doses in society at the moment. Not something I personally care to celebrate.

If it is that we are already everything, already amazing, beautiful and awe-inspiring before we even take a step to do something, if it is that we are so much greater as a society than the way we are choosing to live, if it is that there is absolute GOLD just waiting to be unlocked in each and every person that walks this planet – surely, living THAT is what we should be investing in and celebrating.

And that is what I continue to celebrate, for as a very caring young man, to see us all gently rise out of the predicament we have taken ourselves into would make my heart sing.

True celebrities are men and women who dedicate their lives to know themselves through their innate love, wisdom and light, not through fame, recognition or glamour.

By Michael Brown, Maths Student and Manager in Retail

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698 thoughts on “Celebrities – What’s really Worth Celebrating?

  1. Learning to play is so much fun and we can Truly enjoy being together sharing but as soon as it becomes a sport it sorts itself into a competition and distracts us from being together and separates us into our individuality, and thus disconnects us further from our Essences, Inner-most-hearts / Souls. When connected we can evolve.

  2. It’s a strange thing that if someone appears on TV, they can garner a celebrity status even if they are not truly contributing to society or inspiring values such as decency, respect, care of others, etc. In fact, you can be a celebrity for being narcissistic, selfish and vacuous – but looking great! We apparently hate this in politicians but love it in others on TV – it’s not making much sense is it? I’m not a fan of anything that doesn’t advance us equally and inspire a deeper cohesiveness and equality in society.

  3. I agree with you Michael that by attending the Universal Medicine courses and workshops I have discovered “that there is a way to live life without letting life live you. In other words, we can be in life empowered through our wise and loving choices without being what life wants us to be.” This is a great offering to the world and one which we do not fully appreciate yet as we are still in the out play of our choices, believing we can get away with our disregard towards ourselves and others.

  4. Celebrity status is usually equated to money. The sad example of the violence in a boxing ring is compounded by those watching baying for blood and betting large sums of money on the outcome. True celebrity walks gently beside us inspiring us to be true to who we are.

  5. When we see someone bashing themselves in a boxing ring, or playing rugby etc, we celebrate that. But when someone looks after themselves caringly and with deep respect for themselves and their body and others, we ignore it or worse yet we criticise it or condemn it. Does this make sense? How much are we being controlled to not express the real core of who we are?

  6. Thank you Michael for highlighting in this blog the crazy things that we celebrate in this world! The other day I saw an advertisement for Rugby lessons for toddlers. To me this is just as crazy how from an even younger age when a toddlers body is still so sensitive and tender, we are now encouraging them to shut down from what they are feeling. And of course it goes without saying that this “Rugby for Tots” could only have been developed from our shutting down in other ways to begin with and hence is only an honest expression of where we have allowed ourselves to come to as a society to then accept and celebrate a toddler learning rugby.

  7. As you have mentioned Michael we haven’t really moved on from the Roman times and the entertainment of the Amphitheaters.

  8. It’s a great question – ‘What’s really worth celebrating?’ and it really makes me realise how we do not stop to feel the true quality and value but instead so easily get tantalized by stimulation, just like those birds that collect anything as long as they are shiny. ‘Celebrity’ – it’s such a funny word. To me it comes with this sense of pseudo-worshipping that is just so ready to turn its back on as soon as it finds something more entertaining.

  9. It is sad when people that do very little in life get accolade that does not in any way support humanity and those that commit their life to supporting humanity, work unnoticed and for some even vilified and attacked.

    1. If we look very closely at what gets attacked and what doesn’t, we’ll see what challenges the model of life and what contributes to it.

      1. Spot on Michael – no different to the huge attack by the media and others on Serge Benhayon, who is one of the most humble and caring and respectful people I have ever met. You must ask why so much attack on one person and an organisation? Could it be that there is something being delivered that is deeply evolving for humanity that some are choosing to resist and try to put a stop to?

  10. It can’t be easy going down the ‘celeb’ road as it constantly needs feeding. It seems as though even stardom doesn’t fill the emptiness as many go on to abuse drugs and alcohol, some get involved heavily into charities to bring a sense of fullness and purpose. Without purpose, we are lost.

  11. ‘Are they accelerating our evolution or are they delaying it? ‘ Great question. It’s a great question to ask my self in regard to how I am and also in respect of the relationships in my life. Am I choosing a relationship to evolve me or to keep me where I am in comfort?

  12. I’ve read about internet video stars and how anyone can now be famous with the advent of the internet. But with that fame comes demand and eventual burn out as the demand to constantly post videos on a regular basis or loose followers in the thousands is an ever looming threat. I have a youtube channel and just posting once a week was a pressure I didn’t enjoy, all for the sake of a like or view. It’s not worth it and since dumping that posting schedule it’s much easier and lighter. Anything done for recognition often requires a hell of a lot of effort!

  13. When I look at magazine shelves and see the pictures and captions I find nothing inspiring there, it is usually a very gossipy or negative insinuation as the headline, this kind of material spreads harm and encourages comparison and self-hatred. Very very yucky.

  14. I recently heard of a Fifty Leading Lights list for kindness-business leaders recognised and celebrated for inspirational work and quality of relationships with colleagues, staff and customers.

  15. Truly bonkers that people get all the adulation and all the crazy rewards and plaudits for being the best in the world at hitting someone else. Just writing that sentence makes me wonder about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Perhaps like us they did not adapt and eventually their own stupidity led to their demise?

  16. The more I become my own celebrity the more I can see how a life lived without being affected by everything outside of you is actually possible.

  17. ‘SURELY there are ways of spending our time, energy and money that benefit us rather than punching us in the face, literally speaking.’ Great question. I’m aware to not go into judgement but understanding about what it is that attracts so many to watch boxing and what is it that people feel to box.

  18. Another hugely iconic pop star was in the news today and yet all I can feel is the sadness and desperate need for recognition that his life amounted to. One day he like all of us will find his way to the truth of all that he already is inside himself.

  19. We make people into celebrities by rallying behind them, and following their every move… but so few if any of the so called celebrities I know have added value to my life, save maybe entertainment for a few hours, and even then is entertainment ultimately valuable? I am looking for people who are inspiring to the core, who live a life of joy and commitment, who open the doors to their lives so you can see they are normal, and not better or more special than you, who without question live a life that is true for them. Serge Benhayon is such a man.

    1. Yep that’s exactly what I look for in a role model too – someone who inspires my every cell to get up and bring everything I am to life and people.

    1. If we were to celebrate true achievement then it would be a person’s ability to fade their individuality out and thus merge themselves back into the Oneness that we’re all from but as you say Eduardo, the only thing that we currently celebrate is a person’s ability to stand out and be seen. And often the more a person is able to stand out from the crowd the more we applaud them! Whereas what is really worth applauding is how deeply a person can manoeuvre themselves back into the folds of the universe.

  20. We celebrate a lot in the world but we do not celebrate the truth of us and that makes the world a very hard place to live in.

  21. It is a global issue that we celebrate people who are so insecure about themselves that they have a reality show about their lives in order to get attention. It is a global issue that despite the fact that we know people are drug addicts and alcoholics, we still praise them and think that the quality of their music/ movies and products actually benefits humanity.

  22. We have celebrities who are constantly showing us that we’re not good enough – role models who throw thousands and millions on plastic surgery, designer wear and the sorts. A constant reminder that we have to do something to ourselves to make us look better or feel better. The celebrities you mention in your life are vastly different to that, like you say they have dedicated their lives to knowing love and living it with themselves and all others – yes, that is truly worth celebrating.

  23. it has always fascinated me how celebrities are based on fame alone – someone being important in the eyes of society because they are on TV or they have a skill. But what is great here is the possibility that celebrities can be people who are living love and reflecting this back to humanity. That is truly inspiring.

  24. There has been in fact no change in many of the ill-consciousnesses such as slavery, supremacy and the glorification of war, that we under great illusion consider are ways of the past, yet still run our society today through our willingness to be run by them. Same energy only different bodies perpetuating its activity. What are we celebrating is something we all need to ask ourselves, as if it is less than love, decency, respect for ourselves and equally so our brothers then we are submitting ourselves, our children and all of us to normalising abuse, violence, and all that comes from lovelessness. We are more that this and it is in celebrating the love we are within that we stand up for the love we know we are all here to live together, and nothing less.

  25. It is crazy how our world is obsessed with famous people. And much of that news is about all the drama they have.
    Do we really look up to them, or are we glad to see all the problems they are having?

  26. The weird thing about celebrities and our devotion to them is that we focus on that one part of their lives that we see as special but completely disregard the rest. We bow down to someone because they can hit a golf ball really well (not something that will evolve mankind in any way) but ignore the fact that their personal life and relationships are a mess.

    1. Yeah true Fiona we like to separate what we see vs. what we don’t see. Musicians are a perfect example of this too – if we saw everything that happens in their lives would we still enjoy their composition?

  27. Yes, if true integrity is what we are going for, we need to tighten who and what we celebrate as we could say it’s harmless to celebrate a boxer in fact we are encouraging beating people up.

    1. Everything affects everything, and just because it may be classed as entertainment boxing is not exempt from this universal law.

  28. Learning to live life from our innermost is most certainly something to celebrate and a much fuller way of living success in the world.

    1. Absolutely Jenny – as this would restore the true meaning of what it is to celebrate, to solemnise, honor, proclaim and praise that which is of the absolute truth that represents us all.

  29. ‘the belief that what we make of ourselves career-wise is who we are’ I used to live this one for many reasons, the main ones being I didn’t appreciate who I am -so I always thought it was about how good I did something- and the fact that the magic that can come through me isn’t something I created or even own, it’s there for everyone. I am not special but I am as precious and dear as we all equally are.

  30. The world seems to be obsessed with celebrities at the moment where anyone can become a celebrity over anything, irrespective of how shallow that thing may be. This sets us up to have a really low standard in terms of who and what we celebrate..

  31. I wonder if our current take on celebrities, and often you don’t actually have to do anything to be a celebrity (big brother, reality tv shows etc) is simply a form of distraction away from our own lives. Because with celebrities it’s like we pretend they live amazing perfect lives when often the opposite is actually true – it’s like we’re not even truly celebrating the person, but a perfect fantasy picture we’ve created of them that we can use to escape from the difficulties of our own lives, when underneath is a human being struggling with the same stuff we are.

  32. I have heard that the domestic violence rates in Australia and NZ and no doubt elsewhere actually go up when a prestigious rugby or soccer match is on even if the team win or lose. This says a lot about society and sadly where our choice to not evolve has taken us.

    1. Thailand Kickboxing competitions have been known for causing deaths, and recently there was an uproar because a 13-year-old boy died. So, what is the age it is all right to die for your sport?

  33. We really need to wake up to the fact that awarding people celebrity status for allowing themselves to be bashed while they bash another is crazy.

  34. This whole celebrity thing used to be reserved for a select few, but now with the onslaught of get famous reality TV shows, people are clambering for the celebrity lifestyle. From the outside, it looks like it’s the best life can offer, as in being rich and famous but in reality, the emptiness is still there as life is without true purpose.

  35. “True celebrities are men and women who dedicate their lives to know themselves through their innate love, wisdom and light, not through fame, recognition or glamour.” These celebrities are the ones who are lifting mankind out of the mess we are in by their constant reflection of a loving living way of life. We can each one celebrate the love we innately are and have come to know.

  36. ‘A fascinating part in all this is that if we show someone a video of a man being horribly and brutally beaten, it will in most cases receive gasps and looks of disgust. But then if you were to explain that the person had consented, it all becomes okay – yes? Where does this incoherence stop?’ I have always clocked this about boxing and always disliked the violence of it intensely…I never got how beating another man up was considered a sport. I have also clocked the same around murder. This is against the law (rightly so!), devastating for all concerned and a prison sentence for the perpetrator. Yet, murder is allowed in war and men come back as war heroes and championed for killing others. This incoherence does not make sense to me.

  37. “True celebrities are men and women who dedicate their lives to know themselves through their innate love, wisdom and light, not through fame, recognition or glamour.” Beautifully said. A true celebrity is someone who inspires us to be all that we already are.

  38. ‘If the external is glamorised and made to be everything, then I would suggest that this perpetuates the current plague of self-doubt, lack of self-worth and self-abuse we are all witnessing in large doses in society at the moment. ‘ If the external is celebrated and no consideration of what’s going on within then there leaves an emptiness for all the rot of emotions to take root within. If we celebrate people who aren’t present but are allowing emotions and dramas to rule them, then we’re not actually celebrating who they are, and then everyone thinks this is the norm and continues. I know I have been caught up in this and it feels empty as.

  39. What is it that appeals to the general public about being a celebrity? Is it purely for the recognition and a sense of importance? Surely, at the end of the day with no one but themselves, deep down they know that what they have chosen is not it.

    1. That then becomes the aim of the game: Anything but be with themselves, otherwise the emptiness is there to feel.

    2. Identification is the name of the game, we all clamour for it, we simply can’t get enough of the stuff and so to be famous is to be seen and recognised by an awful lot of people, identified by the masses. Not that the identity hungry spirit is satisfied once we become famous, it’s not, because it’s never ever satisfied, it needs to be fed constantly. I often think of the spirit as a Pacman kind of a character, always hungry and always looking to be fed.

  40. So spot on Michael. You know all those magazines that devote themselves to celebrity goings-on? It seems in every industry in which there are celebrities, they are abusing themselves and other people…. and moreover it’s considered juicy news! I can’t stand those mags – it hurts to look at them. They tantalizingly display the ugliness we are capable of, that isn’t the true us. But it’s a good so-called ‘reality check’. When will we see magazines that celebrate the true celebrities, the loving ones you speak of? Well I guess the first of them are here now, like Women In Livingness magazine, Serge Benhayon TV, and these websites…. thank God!

    1. It doesn’t hurt me so much to look at them, but it definitely hurts me to look at how much they sell.

    1. Part of them love when they get seen as being equal, but there is still the part of them which needs the idol status and the worship that comes with celeb life.

  41. I love the fact that I have true celebrities in my life, guiding and supporting me to become my own celebrity!

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