Healing the Energy of Terror

Over the last couple of months I have been dealing with a situation at work that recently began to intensify over a two-week period. Except for a chat with a good friend, I hadn’t spoken of this situation with anyone as I felt there was something significant going on and that going into conversation about it would draw me away from what this teaching was bringing for me.

I felt I had to stay focussed on the energy at play without diluting it and so creating a distraction.

It all came to a head quite suddenly, and I got smashed. Instead of staying with the bigger picture and observing as I had been doing, I was taking on everything coming at me. I felt my body going into the familiar ‘fight or flight’ mode with no escape – my reaction was instant and in-built, leaving no room for handling the situation in any other way. This in turn sent me into feeling the victim because that was my old accustomed pattern.

Since then however, I have noted that there was something different about the old pattern – about me, about the way in which I held myself in this oh so familiar energy of attack – that didn’t feel right anymore. It was as if a small part of my body had sidestepped the force of the attack and had not gone into immediate self-defence. I felt this in the way my body did not collapse in on itself as it were, allowing the energy to wreak its havoc; my whole body did not succumb and cower.

And, profoundly, I did not match the energy coming at me with a reaction of my own version of attack, as I would have done in the past.

I felt how I didn’t absorb the attack as deeply and, as I was going through the attack, I was present enough to understand that I was choosing to absorb the situation and the negative energy and not simply observe it.

As it blew over, I was able to extricate myself from the effects much quicker and so come back to myself, back to my centre, in a shorter period of time.

After I had spent a few days picking myself up off the floor, coming out of my stupor and recovering myself, there was space to allow for reflection, understanding, and moving back into the bigger picture.

Preparing for my forthcoming meeting with the company MD (managing director) and still holding on to the last vestiges of victimhood, I had composed in advance my list of all the points I wanted to make. These points clearly showed me in the better, ‘right’ light and my manager in the opposite.

Having made my list, I met with the MD without it.

In the lead up to our meeting, I had felt myself move into a space of clarity and grace, and as we met I had a deep understanding of why I did not need my list.

Words at this point were obsolete. All that mattered was the energy. I didn’t need to try to explain or get anyone on my side. The energy of the interaction between my manager and myself ‘spoke’ for itself and I simply needed to let it be felt.

I had an expansive knowing that not only could I feel the energy of what had taken place, but that everyone else could too. There was no need to go back into that energy and try to protect and justify myself. Very few words were needed and it was one of the most healing interactions I have ever experienced.

In that moment, coming to this realisation allowed me to step across the threshold from being a victim to being a woman who sees I have another choice: a woman who sees I have the choice of remaining the victim or of stepping into my true power and taking responsibility for my choices in the past that have brought me to this point. That, moment by moment, I have the option to choose again and to perhaps, this time, choose differently.


I was on my usual weekend walk along the river this morning, feeling, enjoying and appreciating the love and clarity that I had gained from this experience. In doing so, I was opening up space… space for an even greater healing to take place – the healing of the energy of terror.

The terror that I had taken on and stored in my body as a child every time I went through a similar confrontation with my mother.

Years and years and years of it.

You see, these energetic attacks, such as the one I recently experienced, were no stranger to me – I had been on the receiving end of such attacks since early childhood when an attack from a person of authority would come unexpected, uninvited and seemingly out of the blue. The coping mechanism I had developed in childhood as a means of survival I carried with me into adulthood.

As a victim, I was always on the back foot, always in protective mode… fighting these energies of attack with my own version of attacking back and so unwittingly leaving myself open to more attack.

Encountering this energetic attack at work brought to the surface the terrifying tension I lived with throughout my childhood, of never knowing when a similar attack would come, or from where.

As I walked I allowed myself to feel the full weight of this terror in my body, how destructive it had been and the layers of protection I had built to try to protect myself from it.

I also allowed myself to feel the lifetime(s) when I had inflicted this energy of terror on others. I was able to observe myself feeling this two-sided terror in such a way that it did not cripple me; it did not draw a single tear. Just an awe of the enormity of it and the many layers of how it had taken hold.

I felt both how my body had had to adapt in an unnatural way to store this energy, and the exhausting amount of energy it took to keep it there.

And I chose on my walk this morning to let the energy of terror go. (It was a very long walk!)

I could feel my body changing as I released this energy of terror. I could feel the appreciation of every single cell in my body for my decision to finally free each cell from the grip this energy of terror had had on them all these years.

This was felt in a joyous tingling, a lightly flowing current of movement throughout my whole body, like my cells were dancing in all the space that was opening up for them.

A miracle happened on my walk this morning – a miracle that could take place through the grace and support I have found in being a student of The Way of The Livingness.

The way I now live, based on the teachings of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s presentations on The Way of The Livingness, supported me to observe, to feel and to finally let go of an intimidating energy that had held me in its grip for my entire life.

B.E. – Seeker of Truth, worldly woman, student extraordinaire of The Way of The Livingness

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995 thoughts on “Healing the Energy of Terror

  1. When we put this much pressure on the body & live in constant fight or flight, we exhaust the body. When the body is exhausted, it does not feel like it can cope with anything that comes its way and therefore we feel weak & at times a victim. The trick is to take care of the body, build it strong, nourish it and rest it – then life becomes a lot easier & we can cope with situations much better.

  2. We react to situations when we do not want to take responsibility for what we have felt previously and not acted on. This I love to ponder on.

  3. If we do not confirm a child’s sensitivity we shut down the very early warning system that will keep them astutely aware of what is love and truth and what is not. If we want our children to be safe and to know how to be actively engaged in the world, this is a skill we must foster.

  4. There is so much to say about the benefits of Universal Medicine and one of them is the understanding of energy and how most of us ignore this basic fundamental of life. By ignoring energy we are actually doing ourselves a disservice and this puts the brakes on our evolution. Because while we are caught up in our patterns of reaction they hold us back and so currently we have a world of devolution rather than evolution.

  5. When we gossip or talk to people it goes into a drama and really is not helpful .. it just adds to it. So it is great that you just spoke to one person about this who you felt would be supportive for you and instead focused on the energy. This is what I am starting to learn more as well, that is making it about energy and not people.

  6. Walking is so powerful, earlier I could feel I was in something, a mood that I couldn’t shift, I started to walk concentrating on my body and the way it felt, straightened my spine and connected back to the magnificence of the universe.
    When we move with purpose we can not hold issues for long.

  7. “As a victim, I was always on the back foot, always in protective mode” ah yes and then it makes sense then when attract more of the same.

  8. When we are aware of evolution and actively want to do so, there are many moments that prove to be yard sticks in how far we have come. For me quite often they can be shown in how I handle negative attacks and whilst the attacks are never pleasant, even as they are playing out I can understand what my choices have been that have landed me there before it. A far cry from feeling the victim I would have felt a number of years ago.

    1. Wow, well done. There is so much we can all be inspired by when we see how possible it is to live ‘backing ourselves’ rather than feeling a victim of live and circumstance.

      1. The level of inner strength and settlement I now feel is remarkable compared to how I used to feel. Every time I reach new levels of self appreciation giving myself permission to go deeper in my relationship with me, the more open I get, in my expression and in my relationship with others too. It is interesting to observe how so very many of us feel like a victim and blame everyone else around us for our woes. No judgment, I used to be the same but coming out of this isn’t difficult, it just takes a change of focus and a commitment to keeping it.

  9. “As a victim, I was always on the back foot, always in protective mode… fighting these energies of attack with my own version of attacking back and so unwittingly leaving myself open to more attack.” To come to this realisation is amazing BE. We are always on the back foot – as a victim – on account of the ‘poor me’ and ‘I want to be rescued.’ I know this one! When we take responsibility for the part we play in any interaction, outcomes change,

  10. “Except for a chat with a good friend, I hadn’t spoken of this situation with anyone as I felt there was something significant going on and that going into conversation about it would draw me away from what this teaching was bringing for me” – I agree. I have found that sometimes I can be too quick to verbalise my experience, going into ‘I know this’ and slot the details into what is familiar, shortchanging myself of an opportunity of greater understanding and healing. Recounting of a story actually feels ingraining, and it starts to feel like cheap entertainment no one gets true joy out of.

  11. Recently I have been observing the way some very dear friends have been lied about and accused of preposterous things by parties with vested interest, the embellishment of the lies by the media circus and the pursuing mass hysteria of people who are entertained by all of this. Reminds me of lynch mobs or those who gather around to witness public flogging or hanging in some countries without any care of whether the person is innocent or not.

    I recognised I know this scenario with every cell of my body and I wanted to curl up and withdraw. This has been my pattern over lifetimes. But I too felt different, I quivered, I wanted to cry, but there was nothing in me that was going to withdraw and cower.

    It is wonderful spotting these moments, taking a moment to assess where we have been and where we are now, and allow a deepening, healing and empowerment in how we can from now on respond.

    1. Yes, Golnaz, it is quite shocking at first to realise that, in this day and age, although there may not be a crucifixion in the physical sense, the attempts to silence and kill run as deep and are clamouring to be as harmful. The slanderous media and those drumming up false allegations may get their newspaper headlines or day in court, but it seems what they have yet to realise is that for every deceitful and malicious blow they think they have dealt others, it all sooner or later comes boomeranging right back at them. Pretending to ignore Universal Law is a game that can only be played for so long.

      The same goes for those of us who have cowered and quivered when confronted with this destructive energy. Realising that if we carry on cowering and quivering in the face of this malevolent energy, we will simply continue to attract the same is a wonderfully potent moment. The cowardly games that are played by the snivelling puppets this energy comes through are no match for the power and might of those of us reconnecting to and re-claiming the grand love within.

  12. “I was present enough to understand that I was choosing to absorb the situation and the negative energy and not simply observe it.” This is such an insightful sentence as it can bring the reader to a stop to feel that there is a choice, instead of continuing in a momentum or reacting to and perceiving the situation in the same way.

    1. ‘…..connecting to the grand and mighty love inside.’ I love this, SE. When we realise the gem within, how grand and mighty each and every one of us is, untouched and unscathed by the everyday, it is truly a stupendous moment. A moment we can constantly connect back to and expand on if we so choose until such time that the grand and mighty becomes our every day.

  13. This was refreshing to read ‘Except for a chat with a good friend, I hadn’t spoken of this situation with anyone as I felt there was something significant going on and that going into conversation about it would draw me away from what this teaching was bringing for me.’ as how often do we talk about situations that have happened over and over again or go into stories to different people feeling an an injustice done instead of choosing to be with what is going on and read energetically into, along with taking our responsibility and part into as to what and why it played out as well. I have done this loads of times in my life, talked about situations to people and even when I was talking about it knew it did not feel right but did not stop and ask myself what is needed instead. However, I have done this recently in a situation and although it was not comfortable to look at my part in it when I did it was very healing and freeing and the relationship completely changed from one of animosity to one of love. It is inspiring how you turned this around to bring it back to love for you.

    1. I have had that same feeling Vicky, of talking about something, sometimes repeatedly, and knowing I’m just keeping myself in the cycle of reaction and hurt, and not truly allowing the space to feel what’s happened, what’s on offer, and my part in it.

      1. Yes, repeating a story – I know this one too. Lately I am beginning to observe myself as I do this and cut it short. Slowly I am realising this is circulation energy – and supports no one.

    1. I recognise this, Willem, ‘It is familiar. Even if it feels awful.’ How is it that we back ourselves into a corner choosing and preferring awful energy because it is familiar and so attracting the same? How do we allow ourselves to become so conditioned that we don’t consider there might be another way? Another energy? Breaking away from this familiar, awful energy and opting for loving energy instead is but a choice away and yet, a world away when you consider the quality this choice brings to every move we make.

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