The Science of Appreciation: Part of Every Moment

Writing about appreciation seems to bring up a lot for me. Today after weeks of delay, I asked myself, “Why is this so hard?” I am pretty good at clocking the beauty that surrounds us all – the sun, the sky and the stars. I know I am blessed to have a job, family, wonderful partner and an incredible group of friends. Many times I have been in awe of the way incredible opportunities have opened up, or of the colours of the sky during sunrise or sunset. When I speak to people I find it easy to tell them how much I appreciate them, the way they light up my life and what they bring to the world, – I do it often. Last and certainly not least, I’ve had more things to appreciate than I would have thought possible since I discovered Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine around seven years ago. So seriously, what’s the problem?

My head wants to jump in with all the answers. It tells me that by avoiding appreciation, I am simply avoiding my responsibility to be all of me. It’s a fact, too. I know that the more I appreciate myself, the more that I will realise how important my contribution to the world is, but the facts feel hollow and hard. My head is not helping.

I ask my body what the next step is. It says, “Bring some understanding to yourself – you are a deeply sensitive, tender being. You don’t have an issue with appreciation and you are not a ‘bad,’ ‘irresponsible’ person. Those judgmental thoughts, no matter how subtle, are all equally crushing. There is a reason you are choosing to have an issue with appreciation.”

I let myself feel that underneath it all, I don’t have an issue with appreciation at all. In fact, I can see I am afraid of what will happen when I let the world know just how much I value myself. I start remembering my childhood and the confidence I had; the way I could command a room and feel how deeply precious I was. I also sense that others didn’t always embrace my confidence and unbridled appreciation of myself. As a child, I did not understand that the shunning, withdrawal, harsh words, bullying and taunting were actually symptoms of jealousy. I chose to interpret these things as a sign that I was not ‘so crash hot’ after all, and I had used them to ‘take myself down a notch.’ Ah! … what a convenient way to fit in and be accepted. Everybody wins, or so I thought… (that’s where listening to my head got me).

So today I have another opportunity to claim myself back. Appreciation is not just our responsibility, it is also our birthright. I’ve also just discovered that I’ve left my lunch in the oven about an hour too long, (a little too crunchy for my taste). Didn’t see that line coming, did you? Ha! I could go into my normal judgment and self-bashing, but this blog reminds me it’s another moment to appreciate. Perhaps I’ve sensed that I need to eat something different today; perhaps I have an opportunity to look at the way I am doing things and change some behaviours that aren’t working for me and are impacting others.

Perhaps I am so deeply loved and supported that I am being shown my worth has nothing to do with what I do and everything to do with the way I respond to what life presents.

Yes – I see it now: every moment is an opportunity to engage with the science of appreciation.

By Leonne Barker, Woman discovering how wonderful she really is

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926 thoughts on “The Science of Appreciation: Part of Every Moment

  1. I too see that ‘every moment is an opportunity to engage with the science of appreciation’ but I don’t always apply this to every moment of my day. As I appreciate it will take a while to relearn how to live with more and more appreciation without perfection. Some days are easier than others and that too is an opportunity for me to learn. The science of appreciation is huge and no matter how big or a small dose of it we apply to life it is always magical to experience.

  2. Thousands of people have this same sentiment
    “I’ve had more things to appreciate than I would have thought possible since I discovered Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, so seriously, what’s the problem?”
    But do we really know and do we fully appreciate the master that walks alongside us everyday? Do we really fully comprehend who stands before us at the presentations and workshops? Do we just see a person or do we feel the purity of the energy of God?

  3. There is so much for us to appreciate, of who we are in essence and when we live in connection to our essence, everything that we bring to the world through the lives we live. The more we appreciate that the more we deepen our awareness of living the power we are born to live and when or why we hold this back.

  4. It is so easy seeing everything as if we are sinners and ‘bad persons’ and therefore with anything that happens we will see us as avoiding something because we are resistant and stubborn. Though I found in this way we don’t see the truth, we have to be open to see all that is there and have no extra dark (self)judgement glasses on as just like sunglasses show the world a bit darker so too do these.

  5. I can feel that vital and vibrant confidence that we had as a child that you speak of Leone – what I am finding challenging right now is why that quality is not nourished and built up so we develop into vital and vibrant confident adults.

    1. So true Suse, we seem to see this quality being crushed from an early age and this seems to happen to so many of us. But it is never too late to reconnect with our natural qualities as they never really ever leave us. We can reconnect with our essence at any age and at any time no matter what we have experienced from society or our upbringing.

  6. ‘‘…my worth has nothing to do with what I do and everything to do with the way I respond to what life presents.’’ I love this, it cuts out the whole push to do and identification of what we have done. Here we are presented with the simplicity of what can be lived.

  7. ‘…my worth has nothing to do with what I do and everything to do with the way I respond to what life presents.’ When we feel how precious, sensitive and delicate we are, then we are able to respond in a delicate and sensitive way to what life presents.

  8. “Perhaps I am so deeply loved and supported that I am being shown my worth has nothing to do with what I do and everything to do with the way I respond to what life presents.” Every moment in life is a call to evolve, when we look at it that way we cannot but help to appreciate all that is on offer.

    1. Me too Donna, in the past I thought I knew what appreciation was but I realise now I was appreciating achievements instead of appreciating who we are, the simple things in life and that every moment is an opportunity to appreciate. The science of appreciation is the key to life and I am learning to apply it more and more.

  9. Could it be that we give ourselves away to a force or energy because of the impact appreciation creates around us or within another? Could it be that we know exactly how to appreciate ourselves but we have allowed self bashing beliefs held or passed on from others to crush or cripple us? What if we were to read exactly what is going on within another or others and their issues which they have also created with appreciation and love for self to not affect us and appreciate every cell of our being? What I am learning is that it is key to read everything within and around me that gets in the way of truly adoring and appreciating my being.

  10. If we base appreciation on our output, we enter a vicious circle that demands evermore output in order to momentarily feel satisfied. The being gets sacrificed at the expense of the doing and the recognition it might bring.

  11. It really is our choice whether we make life a struggle or a celebration………appreciation is definitely on the celebration side.

  12. If our head is not in line with our inner heart and acting in accordance to this alignment, it never helps, only hinders. It is building a connection to our inner heart so that our head can follow that lead, is where it can help.

  13. Love it Leonne, when we discover there is no pink elephant in the room and we are able to live in the most divine way through how we hold and move in our connection to our essence, showing us that “my worth has nothing to do with what I do and everything to do with the way I respond to what life presents.”

  14. This is beautiful. What stood out for me is this: ” There is a reason you are choosing to have an issue with appreciation”
    For I will ponder on this, as I have been not going there before only looking and my lack of appreciation. So that will be beautiful to reflect on.

  15. Allowing ourselves to feel another’s appreciation of us is super important as we can easily go through life not allowing in the appreciation of others.

  16. Thank you for what has been shared here. I also find my head can come up with lots of reasons why I don’t appreciate myself consistently and deeply. So, it was useful to ask my body. I could feel that there is a huge appreciation for the divinity and qualities I feel but a desire to protect and keep them safe. Amazing what is held in our bodies that can get in the way of us just being and appreciating ourselves.

    1. So true Julie. Appreciating – ourselves and others – magnifies the glass half full so it can seem more like three quarters full – and keeps on getting fuller…..

  17. We are often not raised to appreciate and value who we are rather we are taught to value what we do as more important. This can cause us to bemoan and devalue saying no to what does not honour our bodies and to self care as a way of appreciating ourselves.

  18. Appreciating ourselves ought to be second nature for us but unfortunately that is not how it is for most people. When we consider what amazing beings we are there is much to constantly celebrate and appreciate about ourselves

  19. This is absolutely gold Leonne indeed. If we respond to life by bringing ourselves fully to it, rather than focusing on our talents and abilities and what we do, we confirm not only are we more than enough but we are so supported.

  20. Without appreciation I have found life becomes mundane and about function and getting by. So therefore it makes sense that appreciation should be part of every moment, and not something we leave for special occasions.

  21. to deeply love ourselves is what affects others around us.
    This way we reflect what is our natural way to God.

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