Our Global Footprint – Every Step Matters!

Walking in amongst the crowds in London central the other day I caught a glimpse of my reflection and was stopped in my tracks, suddenly being drawn to the sound of everyone’s footsteps vibrating through the pavement!

Where were we all going?

Why did it feel so loud and so heavy?

As I stood still I watched, listened and just felt as everyone moved past and around me, some swiftly, almost brushing my body without care, some meandering unfocussed, eyes down, some rushing and imposing, ignoring traffic lights and signals, causing cars to halt suddenly in reaction whilst blasting their horns.

What struck me most was that there was hardly a glimmer of connection between anyone, no eye contact or no acknowledgement, just head down or texting and weaving in and around each other.

It suddenly dawned on me! Was this what our GLOBAL footprint felt like? Loud and seemingly so disconnected! All about self!

I don’t truly believe this is how we deeply feel about each other but here it was, a moment captured in black, white, colour and sound moving in front and all around me.

More importantly I asked myself the question – how was I moving in all this?

Why does this even matter to me?

I felt transparent, standing still to feel the answer before I took another step.

The point is it does matter to me!

And I have a strong feeling that it does matter to all of us.

Is it possible that this is part of the reason we feel the plight of others in the world and respond unanimously without question when global disasters occur?

Do we respond because we know innately that we are all equal?

Are we connected by our hearts, the very intelligence that impulses us to action our support and care of others, whether we know them or not?

As a little child I knew intrinsically that I was part of a big family and it always felt much more than just the family I was born into. It was a feeling I never questioned but knew innately as if I came into the world knowing it, like a deeply engrained part of me. It felt so natural to be part of the local community, knowing everyone by name and sharing stories together, looking out for each other and noticing when things weren’t right with our neighbours and friends. I remember vividly asking my mother, “Why do countries have borders?”. It didn’t make sense to me to have this separation from each other when my heart could feel we are all equal. I know many people share this feeling too, as I have heard friends, colleagues and even people I am yet to meet talking about our common threads and how we often respond to each other more so from a place of care and compassion, revealing how connected we all really are, naturally so.

I have come to see and feel that so much in our world is dedicated to promoting our separation and disconnection through the daily bombardment of images and texts that filter through our homes, streets, skylines, workplaces and schools in an attempt to manipulate truth and seek to erode our self-worth. This daily dogma keeps the mantra of ‘individuality’ running and supports the constant search outside us for acknowledgement, and the never-ending quest to ‘find ourselves’: a notion that continuously smacks us in the face with the ugly truth of rising figures of illness and disease, homelessness, unemployment, mental health issues, divorce, youth suicide and the list goes on… so our championing of separation and individuality is clearly not working for us all!

At school we were always taught that there was no ‘I’ in team, but was the true meaning really ever shown to us? Or was it just another box ticked in the chapter of being seen to be ‘good’ – or ‘doing right by the students’ – by blindly sharing phrases that were not reflected in the quality of how the teachers engaged with us, moved amongst us or interacted with one another? Were our teachers even supported to invite these truths into our curriculum? These same sounds and feelings are reinforced as I stand on the street today observing people as they move in London central, a microcosm of the world at large.

So why are our cities and communities housing such disconnection and why are we so afraid for our eyes to meet, to acknowledge each other, to communicate in support of a more harmonious way of living?

What’s going on in our bodies and households that reinforce this disharmony?

These and many more questions I have shared and debated on numerous occasions with many friends at work, home and amongst fellow students at Universal Medicine, with much on offer to ponder. It is through sharing our thoughts, feelings and lived experiences that we begin to break down the barriers of egos and hurts.

In and amongst all this, and throughout history, there have always been examples of ‘extra ordinary’ people who sought to offer us some of the answers to these age old recurring questions, sharing different ways of seeing things and another way of living that was more in line with a deeper truth that resides within us all.

A great example of this today for me is Serge Benhayon and his family, who demonstrate a way of living that stems from an age-old wisdom and esoteric principle that we are love.

Put simply:

“The principles of the esoteric way of life date back to the oldest forms of knowledge and wisdom. Whilst ancient in their heritage, they have not out-dated themselves in relation to what is required of mankind to live in harmony and thus arrest any wayward conduct that does not build brotherhood within and amongst our communities everywhere. The esoteric means that which comes from the inner-most. It is the livingness of love that we all carry equally deep within and it is this livingness that restores each and every individual back into the rhythms of their inner-harmony and thus from there, the love is lived with all others. The esoteric is all encompassing and it comes from that which is found in the inner-heart centre of every individual. It lives with a unifying impulse to unite all as a living brotherhood of one race under the One God in accordance with the spirit of a one-humanity.” Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations. Volume II, Final page)

This brings back the honesty to how we are choosing to live in each and every moment. Is there a willingness to commit to more loving choices? Do we consider and utilise the grand array of support we have all around us? The beauty in this honesty allows continual refinement to our living way, the building blocks to inner- harmony.

Such a simple reminder – shared many times by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon from Universal Medicine – about the fact that our relationship with love is expressed in our every movement, and that every movement carries a certain quality! This quality can either be healing or harmful and is felt by all around us! BINGO!

So if there is a quality to how we each move then there must be a responsibility that comes with the choice of energy that impulses that movement.

This makes so much sense and adds further clarity in understanding the disconnection in the vibrations of our global footprints that I felt the other day.

It also offers a deeper level of respect for the responsibility we have for each other and ourselves in paying more attention to the energy we choose to align to. We have an opportunity every day to refine the way we are living and the magic in that gift could send any harsh self-critic packing! Believe me … I have had much experience in the weight of my critic’s baggage and its self-worth blockades, but slowly with more surrendering, acceptance and appreciation of myself and where I am at … her vacations are steadily and thankfully increasing.

To truly understand and feel that our choices in every moment contribute to forming the very foundation our homes, communities, cities and countries express from, further ignites our familiar sense of ‘brotherhood.’

The key in all of this is ‘connection’ – that is ‘re- connecting’ back to the love we are all innately from.

If we were to consider the bigger part of the ‘whole’ that we are unavoidably from, then our collective daily choices would certainly inspire a more harmonious global footprint.

By Christina Caplice, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Northern Rivers NSW

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722 thoughts on “Our Global Footprint – Every Step Matters!

  1. It is painful living in separation and it can be painful observing others that choose separation when connection is offered to them however it is my responsibility to live in connection to self no matter what is going on within another or situations around me.

  2. Since learning to live from my inner-most I’ve learned just how much we impact those around us. Because previously I would be in the same dullness as everyone else I couldn’t see the dullness in others. Now I live with much more presence and lightness I can see how it can cut through the dullness and every man for himself mentality.

  3. We see and feel the disconnection outside of us and it brings much within us that lets us know that this is not how it should be, and for me, that has been pretty much where I would just be grief-stricken and be disconnected myself, and I have actually found comfort in that reaction and refused to see another way that I was actually responsible for initiating – that I choose and stay love.

  4. ‘So if there is a quality to how we each move then there must be a responsibility that comes with the choice of energy that impulses that movement.’ It is so simple that we tend to miss this obvious fact. We can be on a healing journey with ourselves and each other or a damaging one, and we can support each other to stay on the road to health and a deepening quality of ease in the body too, just by being more aware and clocking how we feel.

  5. It is our need and the seeking for individuality that feeds and maintains the status quo. The need for individuality is everywhere however every step we make towards letting go of this need to fill the emptiness within, is a step towards brotherhood in the universe.

  6. Sharing with children that there is “no ‘I’ in team” seems to be like a tick box exercise, one the teachers pass on as knowledge but not with the livingness needed to truly get the message across. Unfortunately, our children are growing up in a world that promotes the individual – the I – at every turn, so unless they have living proof of what a team truly is, this truth will simply be overridden and their individuality strengthened as a result.

  7. These are great questions – what would be the ripple effect if we stoped only considering ourselves and we walked down the street knowing that every footprint had an effect on another?

  8. Just returned from a workshop where Serge Benhayon let us feel what is it is like to move in rush-hour energy – like what is going around in every big city – or move with space, which is an energy that holds people, including yourself, in love. Absolutely amazing to feel how holding yourself in space, transforms people that are walking in rush-hour energy, as they are hardly able to continue to walk in that way.

  9. Bringing the multi-dimensional aspect into our day to day – that we have an energetic relationship with everything and everybody, brings a totally different perspective and therefore a call to act and be in a way that understands this responsibility. It is a constantly growing awareness and changes the more willing I am to be aware and responsible.

  10. Walking in rhythm with the universe which is our innate rhythm feels delicious and leaves footprints of love wherever we go.

    1. Your beautiful and very wise words are ‘delicious’ Elizabeth, ones that had me smiling at the picture of all those ‘footprints of love’. What a very different global footprint we would have if every single one of us walked with this loving awareness, knowing that how we walk leaves a wake of love.

  11. Everything changes when we reconnect to that which we closed down or left behind, in search of achievement or recognition, yes our movements change, our expression and our bodies re-align when we choose love, starting with self-love.

  12. I am really getting to see how people are so checked out especially at the Supermarket as I’m going in I observe all the people coming out and try to catch their eye and they are mostly not there. I make a point of saying hello to the Super market staff but they don’t like to engage either it’s as though they are not allowed to speak to the public but just get on with their job. This isolation and separatism as we go about our daily tasks is to me not natural Humans are considered to be a social species; our current way of living does not suggest this.

  13. it says a lot when we actually feel into how others are. how we walk and how we just want to get to where we are going. A really real insight into our behaviours.

  14. I really love moving with the awareness that I bring me to everywhere I go leaving an imprint, it makes life very playful.

  15. Thank you Christina, this is so beautifully written, it feels like something that is for the ages. Your topic of humanity and brotherhood could not be more pertinent, we may live in a so called peaceful society but the richness of human relations is mostly void, the outward peacefulness a substitute for the love, harmony and truth we could all be sharing. Your experience on the busy street sums up for me why humanity is in such a bad state, that can we exist seemingly cooperatively but with no true connection, we operate as individuals and in separation from one another. We measure out who we will connect with and by how much (if at all), and live mostly guarded and protected lives buoyed by comfort, unaware of the richness of love within the essence of each person.

  16. I have been consciously focussing on what each step feels like as I walk. When I am with my steps and settled in my body, I allow the power and aliveness of the universe to be left with each step. Whereas, when I settle into auto-mode and I am not aware of the quality of my steps, there is none of this in my steps. What I leave behind lacks the divine quality of who I am, and if 7 billion people are doing this it is a huge weight to bear on the planet and for others to feel.

    1. Thank you Fiona for your comment, I especially appreciated “When I am with my steps and settled in my body, I allow the power and aliveness of the universe to be left with each step.”

  17. Christina this is a much needed conversation to be having with humanity, as how many of us are aware of how we move during the day, for most of us we are just thinking of what we have to do to get through the day surely this is enough? We do not stop to consider what effect walking heavily has on our bodies or the effect it has on the earth it self. Is it possible that when the earth feels that it has taken enough pounding from our daily activities it cleans itself by producing weather to bring itself into balance?

  18. Recently, as I was driving my car at night, I could see the stars and I became aware that the headlights on my car would be casting out a light into the night too. And this made me feel very humbled by the fact that just like the footprints that we leave behind each day, every movement of the car was tracing a path of light.

  19. To embrace the fact that every single one of us makes a huge change in this world, is the evolutionary path back to our true power.

  20. Sometimes we think that the heavier set we are in our stature, the heavier our footprints would be but that has not been my experience as I have observed very slight women as being very heavy footed and the biggest of guys being very gentle with their movements and footsteps.

    1. It is always the quality of the moving, never about the outer appearance. I love to listen to footprints and to observe with my eyes- everything is transparent through the walk of someone. You cannot ever be fooled by someone if you watch them walk.

  21. To become aware of every single one of our footsteps on this earth, how heavy they are, how disregarding they are to where we are walking, what is the quality of energy we are leaving behind as we walk and so on, slowly brings us to the awareness of the responsibility we have as to every movement we make in life. As everything is indisputably energy every move we make, walking or not, comes with the power to heal or to harm, and that choice and the subsequent consequences is totally our responsibility. Therefore can we in all honesty blame others for the state of the world we live in today and not look at the part we are playing?

  22. It’s quite colossal to consider that if we are making non stop imprints then – our every footprint is still there across the whole world and we have quite literally left a global footprint. Then if we consider how many of those footprints were for truth, were truly loving and caring and considerate of every other person in this world – it’s quite humbling.

  23. Last weekend I attended a walking therapy session with Universal Medicine. It was amazing to feel and hear the difference in the groups footsteps when we walked trying to fit in to the life we have all created (however that looked for each of us). It was a completely different sound with no harshness or discord when we walked free of that, allowing our bodies to move freely.

    1. Thank you Fiona, I can believe this – trying to fit in to another persons idea of what our life should look like takes so much energy, it can completely exhaust us.

    2. I experienced in a walking therapy that when we walk in individuality we crash into each other and the whole traffic between groups walking looks disturbed and out of place. When we walk our true walk it is like a movie that fades into each other ( when two groups walk towards each other in a circle) . You actually don´t see individuals anymore, but a whole flow of movement.

  24. I love how you stopped and felt the sound of everyone’s footsteps and could feel the disconnection of everyone around you. This is a great eye opener and shows the responsibility we have no matter where we are. If just one person walks with this responsibility and connection to everyone there is a footprint left behind that another can feel and if they choose respond to, this is how we make a difference in the world.

  25. Beautiful sharing. The fact that as children we have access to so much inbuilt truth, like knowing that borders are just not right. And then as adults, we start talking to our children explaining, convincing even, that borders are right. Instead of saying: you are right, borders don’t make sense. God, I love the wisdom children offer us to connect back to truth once again.

    1. So true Willem if we weren’t so arrogant as adults we would listen more to our children who are still innately connected to their wisdom and their inner knowing of what is true or not.

  26. It is interesting to ask why we avoid connecting with our eyes with strangers, especially in big cities. We can be surrounded by people yet feel alone. On a surface level, perhaps we avoid connecting as we don’t want to feel that it won’t be reciprocated. As you say this connection is completely natural and to have it rejected can make us give up on each other. But the deeper possibility is that we are really avoiding the enormous possibility when we do connect and inspire each other.

  27. There is much talk about our ‘global footstep’ when it comes to how we are using our vehicles of transportation such as cars and planes but never is it about how we move with our primary vehicle of transportation, being our own body. Every footstep is indeed an imprint, one that will last and last and so does it not make sense to deeply feel into the quality in which we place our feet on the ground and move our body around?

    1. IN fact this analogy can be taken further as we too are talking here about the fuel we are using for this vehicle which is our own energy. Are we ‘filling up’ with love, connection, harmony and truth or do we choose the station that provides the fuel of separation, disharmony, individualism and so on. Admittedly the latter has far more choices in ‘flavor’ but in the end it will make the vehicle break down.

  28. It is all about the way we move, which include speaking. Once we really see what effect we are having on the world around us with those moves, for the better and the worse, we might make different choices.

  29. Every step we take in life matters because they will either evolve us or de-evolve us. We therefore need to bring more love to the choices we are making.

    1. True Elizabeth and not only will they affect us but all who come across our footsteps. So what do we offer them? An imprint that will support them to reconnect or one that will push them further in separation…

  30. If we all accepted that every step we take and every move we make is an imprint that feeds the collective global imprint it brings a whole new way to observing and living amongst the world around us.

  31. Out in public we are all so focused on what we need to do, where we are going, what is next. There is little if no awareness of the impact of our movement on the world around us. We like to think we are individual, that we live separately, when in fact every moment, thought movement has an impact on the all.

  32. I visited a fuel and food service centre today, it felt much like your observations of people walking in London, disconnected, separate from each other and in self. It’s not a criticism but an important observation about where we all are as a society, and where we all could be should we return to soulful living – in love, connection, and brotherhood together.

  33. “Why do countries have borders?”. This is a great question and exposes how much we have accepted separation. It would be amazing if we got rid of borders, took on the things that work well from each country and got rid of nationalism all together.

  34. We can all feel the intent behind every movement one makes. Those of another and also our own. Responsibility is the key ingredient to making that intent to move be one of healing, love, unification and brotherhood.

  35. When we realise our quality of life is about the source of energy we are all aligned to and the outcome of our choices thereafter, it underlines the importance of the responsibility we all have to acknowledge and claim our equal part by our every step that contributes to the whole, and has an affect on everyone and everything around us.

  36. Our footprints at the moment must be weighing heavily on the earth. We seem to forget that we are part of the whole and directly affect the earth and the environment. We are to live in harmony with all that is here and walk lightly on the earth. We have the potential to feed love and harmony back to the earth. Some have done this in past times, and we can return to this way of living again.

  37. Recently I attended an Esoteric Walking Therapies class with Serge Benhayon and it was extremely interesting to observe that we are in a default or configured to walk the energy that is within us. This was demonstrated by some participants walking consciously present with themselves and some walking as though they had to get somewhere for a deadline, or rushing to work. And the rushing to get somewhere, to work etc., was very noticeable and had a huge impact on our bodies. It occurs to me that we do not take the time to stop to consider what energy we are in when we are going about our day or consider what the energy is doing to our bodies or the people we are walking past

  38. When we view the whole world as our family we immediately feel that we are all at heart equal and here to support each other. When we connect to our divinity we can support each other to be more divine ourselves and live in love and harmony.

  39. I visit homes as part of my job and this morning I corrected myself and changed how I walked, not as a stranger or a guest tippytoeing around but as and with my grandness. I remember feeling terrified of making eye contact on the underground and there’s so many unspoken rules as to how we move with each other.

  40. Amazing to re-read this blog this morning and be reminded that every footstep counts, if you’ve ever used a pedometer or tracked your footsteps with your iPhone you know that we can make over 10,000 footsteps a day – and that’s just one day. What about a week – over 70,000 footsteps, or 70,000 units of light.

    And that’s just our feet, what about everything we touch, everything we pick up, every word we speak, we are literally leaving thousands of imprints on the world everyday.

  41. So there are times when I step out into the world and just filled with a ‘joi de vie’ (joy of living) that makes me want to talk to everyone and anyone… and the opportunities to do this are endless: shopping, working, family, deliveries, neighbours, the list goes on. But all too often that is not my day to day – and this blog highlights how easy it is to get bogged down in my world, the things to do, my little problems, or just a general feeling of wanting to disconnect. So now we’ve established these two ways of living, I’m just presented with a simple choice, every day, every time I step into this world.

  42. It is about us truly appreciating that everything we do effects everyone else because everything is energy first. When we hold this true – things are much clearer and simpler and we have to look at the responsibility we have in our every movement.

  43. Imagine running a marathon before a big job interview or doing a triathlon on your wedding day – it’s not going to work out in a pretty way. So why do we insist on slinging ourselves into unloving activity then just expecting our warmth and care to be there?

  44. Recently a group of us did The Walking Therapies with Serge Benhayon, and I was stunned to feel the difference when walking with the all of us to then walking in the old energy of thinking about an issue or thinking about tomorrow. The first one was energising, and the latter was so exhausting and depressing – it’s no wonder humanity has an increase in health issues and the ever-increasing need for coffee and sugar.

  45. It is all about movements and how we move. That’s a clear marker for me from this blog. Today I have made a choice to make it about that and bring conscious presence to all my moves. It is interesting how immediiately I feel a deeper connection with myself, body and the quality of my activities. Just a simple choice reconnects me back to a more harmonious way of living.

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