Our Global Footprint – Every Step Matters!

Walking in amongst the crowds in London central the other day I caught a glimpse of my reflection and was stopped in my tracks, suddenly being drawn to the sound of everyone’s footsteps vibrating through the pavement!

Where were we all going?

Why did it feel so loud and so heavy?

As I stood still I watched, listened and just felt as everyone moved past and around me, some swiftly, almost brushing my body without care, some meandering unfocussed, eyes down, some rushing and imposing, ignoring traffic lights and signals, causing cars to halt suddenly in reaction whilst blasting their horns.

What struck me most was that there was hardly a glimmer of connection between anyone, no eye contact or no acknowledgement, just head down or texting and weaving in and around each other.

It suddenly dawned on me! Was this what our GLOBAL footprint felt like? Loud and seemingly so disconnected! All about self!

I don’t truly believe this is how we deeply feel about each other but here it was, a moment captured in black, white, colour and sound moving in front and all around me.

More importantly I asked myself the question – how was I moving in all this?

Why does this even matter to me?

I felt transparent, standing still to feel the answer before I took another step.

The point is it does matter to me!

And I have a strong feeling that it does matter to all of us.

Is it possible that this is part of the reason we feel the plight of others in the world and respond unanimously without question when global disasters occur?

Do we respond because we know innately that we are all equal?

Are we connected by our hearts, the very intelligence that impulses us to action our support and care of others, whether we know them or not?

As a little child I knew intrinsically that I was part of a big family and it always felt much more than just the family I was born into. It was a feeling I never questioned but knew innately as if I came into the world knowing it, like a deeply engrained part of me. It felt so natural to be part of the local community, knowing everyone by name and sharing stories together, looking out for each other and noticing when things weren’t right with our neighbours and friends. I remember vividly asking my mother, “Why do countries have borders?”. It didn’t make sense to me to have this separation from each other when my heart could feel we are all equal. I know many people share this feeling too, as I have heard friends, colleagues and even people I am yet to meet talking about our common threads and how we often respond to each other more so from a place of care and compassion, revealing how connected we all really are, naturally so.

I have come to see and feel that so much in our world is dedicated to promoting our separation and disconnection through the daily bombardment of images and texts that filter through our homes, streets, skylines, workplaces and schools in an attempt to manipulate truth and seek to erode our self-worth. This daily dogma keeps the mantra of ‘individuality’ running and supports the constant search outside us for acknowledgement, and the never-ending quest to ‘find ourselves’: a notion that continuously smacks us in the face with the ugly truth of rising figures of illness and disease, homelessness, unemployment, mental health issues, divorce, youth suicide and the list goes on… so our championing of separation and individuality is clearly not working for us all!

At school we were always taught that there was no ‘I’ in team, but was the true meaning really ever shown to us? Or was it just another box ticked in the chapter of being seen to be ‘good’ – or ‘doing right by the students’ – by blindly sharing phrases that were not reflected in the quality of how the teachers engaged with us, moved amongst us or interacted with one another? Were our teachers even supported to invite these truths into our curriculum? These same sounds and feelings are reinforced as I stand on the street today observing people as they move in London central, a microcosm of the world at large.

So why are our cities and communities housing such disconnection and why are we so afraid for our eyes to meet, to acknowledge each other, to communicate in support of a more harmonious way of living?

What’s going on in our bodies and households that reinforce this disharmony?

These and many more questions I have shared and debated on numerous occasions with many friends at work, home and amongst fellow students at Universal Medicine, with much on offer to ponder. It is through sharing our thoughts, feelings and lived experiences that we begin to break down the barriers of egos and hurts.

In and amongst all this, and throughout history, there have always been examples of ‘extra ordinary’ people who sought to offer us some of the answers to these age old recurring questions, sharing different ways of seeing things and another way of living that was more in line with a deeper truth that resides within us all.

A great example of this today for me is Serge Benhayon and his family, who demonstrate a way of living that stems from an age-old wisdom and esoteric principle that we are love.

Put simply:

“The principles of the esoteric way of life date back to the oldest forms of knowledge and wisdom. Whilst ancient in their heritage, they have not out-dated themselves in relation to what is required of mankind to live in harmony and thus arrest any wayward conduct that does not build brotherhood within and amongst our communities everywhere. The esoteric means that which comes from the inner-most. It is the livingness of love that we all carry equally deep within and it is this livingness that restores each and every individual back into the rhythms of their inner-harmony and thus from there, the love is lived with all others. The esoteric is all encompassing and it comes from that which is found in the inner-heart centre of every individual. It lives with a unifying impulse to unite all as a living brotherhood of one race under the One God in accordance with the spirit of a one-humanity.” Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations. Volume II, Final page)

This brings back the honesty to how we are choosing to live in each and every moment. Is there a willingness to commit to more loving choices? Do we consider and utilise the grand array of support we have all around us? The beauty in this honesty allows continual refinement to our living way, the building blocks to inner- harmony.

Such a simple reminder – shared many times by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon from Universal Medicine – about the fact that our relationship with love is expressed in our every movement, and that every movement carries a certain quality! This quality can either be healing or harmful and is felt by all around us! BINGO!

So if there is a quality to how we each move then there must be a responsibility that comes with the choice of energy that impulses that movement.

This makes so much sense and adds further clarity in understanding the disconnection in the vibrations of our global footprints that I felt the other day.

It also offers a deeper level of respect for the responsibility we have for each other and ourselves in paying more attention to the energy we choose to align to. We have an opportunity every day to refine the way we are living and the magic in that gift could send any harsh self-critic packing! Believe me … I have had much experience in the weight of my critic’s baggage and its self-worth blockades, but slowly with more surrendering, acceptance and appreciation of myself and where I am at … her vacations are steadily and thankfully increasing.

To truly understand and feel that our choices in every moment contribute to forming the very foundation our homes, communities, cities and countries express from, further ignites our familiar sense of ‘brotherhood.’

The key in all of this is ‘connection’ – that is ‘re- connecting’ back to the love we are all innately from.

If we were to consider the bigger part of the ‘whole’ that we are unavoidably from, then our collective daily choices would certainly inspire a more harmonious global footprint.

By Christina Caplice, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Northern Rivers NSW

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586 thoughts on “Our Global Footprint – Every Step Matters!

  1. Our global footprint is a scar upon the earth we walk until such a time that we collectively realise that every step, every voice and every life matters. Only then can we reimprint the loveless way we have been living with a way of life that is far more honouring of the value each of us brings to the world.

  2. “ Why do countries have borders “
    Indead what a wonderful question from a child , what does a border succeed in doing , it just creates barriers.

  3. Regardless of how we see ourselves, thinking we are individual, we are part of the whole, inescapably so, and so our actions, our thoughts, our movements count. This dispels the idea that one person alone cannot make a difference.

  4. Thank you Heather. I had a great conversation with a man on the plane yesterday and then later I found myself rebuking myself for not having shared more. How crazy that is. Let me appreciate what we did share and know that I /we made a difference. I learned from him and he learned from me, we both expanded our awareness from our meeting which no doubt will ripple on.

  5. I love your description of standing amongst the crowd and feeling what is going on. Perhaps our disconnection to feeling this, everyone’s movements around us and our own movement within it all, is all part of how we ended up where we are.

  6. I really appreciate how this reminds me each foot step matters and that even if I am walking in an area not very populated it still is part of our global footprint.

  7. “the fact that our relationship with love is expressed in our every movement, and that every movement carries a certain quality! This quality can either be healing or harmful and is felt by all around us! …” The more this is realised by one and many, the more humanity will live in brotherhood.

  8. As children we knew irrefutably that we are connected with the whole of life and the universe around us. We have chosen to shelf this awareness together with a whole load of others which would require us to be far more conscious and responsible with the way we choose to live. It is great that more and more people are choosing this level of responsibility once again.

  9. What if we all did this in our day? Just stop and take a moment to truly feel what is going on around us? Would we move differently after doing so? Would it guide us towards living differently? Would it prompt us to ponder and question more about life and our purpose here? … Maybe we should do this more often or start doing it!

  10. Being an individual and looking out for number one seems to be what the majority of us are into, pursuing this to the detriment of our bodies and our planet. This is totally crazy as if we all worked together, cooperated and cared about everyone we would know harmony on this planet.

  11. When I find myself rushing to get somewhere, ahead of my body and only focussed on getting there, it is the most awful feeling. A feeling of disregard and drive, and of having missed the heavenly steps that I take in conscious presence and complete spaciousness.

  12. Walking in snow either fresh and undisturbed or well walked on, is a great reminder of the impact we all make wherever we go.

  13. We either align to what every-one else is doing or we stay true to ourselves and make our movements in alignment to the divine energy.

    1. Exactly Mary-Louise, most of us are like sheep following the crowd. When does that moment come when we stop following the crowd and step aside, to choose a different path, will be different for everyone, but sure is life changing when we live in a way that is true to ourselves.

  14. This brings an amazing understanding and responsibility for all our movements and thoughts with the energy we choose, and is shown with the simplicity of our every step on this earth . Living a life of love with oneself magnifies this around magically.

  15. Christina, this is a great question for us to ask ourselves as we go about our day; ‘how was I moving in all this?’ Are we enjoining and also moving in this rushed, driven way or are we walking our own walk, going at our natural pace and walking with lightness and joy?

  16. I got to feel the other day how we are, what we say, and how we move does have an effect, that indeed everything is energy. And energy has an affect on everything either to harm or to heal and to keep pretending this is not true is grossly irresponsible on my part.

  17. …’And I have a strong feeling that it does matter to all of us.’ So often we step in when disaster hits, we feel this deeply and many help in a number of ways. As a global community we are reminded how much we care but unfortunately it is often only when there is a crisis and it is not a part of our everyday lives.

  18. We so want to leave our mark on society and have our own footprint, but what if all our footprints, even though they may look physically different, are all energetically meant to leave the same imprint?

  19. “Why do countries have borders?” why indeed! They only succeed in separating humanity from one another – when we could live as a one world nation united in brotherhood.

  20. It can be so easier to forget about our responsibility and how each step, movement, word spoken and thought has an immediate effect on the whole. Saying no to the comforts in life that keep us with our head in the sand is something that we all have to start to look at. I continue to keep looking where I sometimes don’t want to, but when we let go and feel what is going on we get to see and feel how much we need to be honest and step up to what we are really here to be, and not to settle for anything less.

  21. What I love about footprints is that you’ll never know who left them there, what career they might have, whether they are married, have kids, are straight, gay, bisexual, black, white, asian or any other orientation or race – you can only see and feel the imprint that the person has made. You simply cannot judge, discriminate or abuse a footprint, and so it is absurd to think that this is okay in society because we ‘look’ seemingly different on the outside.

  22. “If we were to consider the bigger part of the ‘whole’ that we are unavoidably from”
    So let’s consider this, we many not have been formally taught this, but we all know innately how a space can be changed by the way a person or people be in that space, therefore we all innately know that we are therefore responsible for how we be, live and express in our lives. We also know our qualities, it is deeply healing for another to feel one living from their qualities, as many have succumbed to living from their supposed lack.

  23. ‘Our Global Footprint – Every Step Matters!’ Within our heart of hearts we know the importance of this.

  24. My body feels dreadful after I have been rushing to get things done and prioritising the doing over the quality I am doing it in, my body feels racy and I can feel the complete disregard in my body and what I have felt recently is that this disregard does not stop with me, the rush I go into also impacts those around me. We all have a responsibility for the quality of our own movements as it is the ripples from these movements that we leave behind like the wake of a boat.

  25. It is a great question. Just what is the impact of humanity’s global footprint? When we stop, look around and feel, it does not seem that great. Then it comes back to asking what is our own contribution with our own footprints? Every choice matters.

  26. The title of this article had me pondering on the fact that we are walking for Humanity, that every move we make, whether harsh or tender, affects everybody on this planet. If we want the world to be a more tender and harmonious place, we have to live that tenderness and that harmony ourselves.

    1. Well said Carmel, we each have the power to make more loving choices for ourselves which ultimately serves all. The more love we allow and feel, the more aware we become to what next needs adjusting to evolve which then offers a reflection to all we meet.

  27. I have wooden floorboards in my hallway. Sometimes I catch myself making a noise from my footsteps that is far from kind to the earth. Its great when there is quiet to be aware of this and the impact we are having. That feedback can get lost in a crowd, where we get caught in the rush to get about our lives without stopping to feel how we are moving.

    1. Yes Fiona, I find a loud and clumsy footstep jars with me, and yet walking in a way that is both gentle AND claiming of myself without holding back at the same time is the challenge.

  28. Sometimes it’s only when we stand on a busy street as you did and watch and feel the people walk past, that we can get an appreciation of the level of momentum and disconnection that most of society live in on a daily basis. The impact of this is huge as this way of moving is happening on a global scale.

  29. The poor earth takes such a pounding from us all, no wonder it needs to rebalance occasionally. There was a huge storm with lightning and thunder and pouring rain this morning in Vietnam, and afterwards everything felt so refreshed and cleared.

  30. We feel more than we sometimes allow ourselves to acknowledge. I love this, ‘The point is it does matter to me!’ It matters to me too. Connection is key if we are to move in a way that does not impact the earth we share.

  31. “As a little child I knew intrinsically that I was part of a big family and it always felt much more than just the family I was born into.” That is an interesting point, I always felt that there was something missing in our family, that it wasn’t complete, and reading your blog I could feel that deep down I knew that the way society accepts family life is only a small part of what is on offer to us.

  32. ‘Do we consider and utilise the grand array of support we have all around us? ‘ We always have the choice of whether to numb ourselves out with more poison of not living lovingly or choose just one aspect of true support that is always available.

  33. I live in a regional town and late last year I returned to Sydney and was also struck by the swarms of people being pumped out in and out of train stations, car parks, in and out of offices, in and out of lunch places… and how disconnected we all felt. I lived in Sydney for a few years and I know that feeling well as I was one of these people. There was some sadness as I felt how we are all living, in such disconnection to each other and living such an individual life when there is such gold to be living more of a collective life.

  34. Our global footprint carries everything we live. Recently I had to write my name in a book when I hired a BMX bike for my son when we were away for the weekend. The hire place was quite dark and had big scary statues everywhere. As I was writing my name and address in the book I could feel what I live at my home and when I wrote that down that imprint was now being left in the room.

  35. What if there is a harmony in movement, yet to connect to that we all have to be in the same movement? When we move in our separate ways our bodies will always feel the tension of not being in harmony and our imprint on the Earth is jarring.

  36. You have accurately described my daily commute through Waterloo station. You can step out of the flow and watch unobserved by the chaos in motion and marvel at its flow. The body from the neck down is a rocket going to a predetermined target that avoids all obstacles in the way. The mind has already reached its destination and just waiting for the body to catchup.

  37. Connection with our innermost is key, connection to that part of ourselves we had when we were children but have long shut down, living in a world that does not ask you to be who you truly are…. We each have a responsibility to reclaim that back, to understand that we are all part of this huge family called humanity, and that when we start working and pulling together so much can be achieved for the benefit of all, as we leave our selfish ways behind.

  38. What a beautiful blog Christina, feeling the settlement and love in it has highlighted the way we can actually be very critical in what we do. Sitting here thinking of the “best” or most “wise” comment I can write in response to what you have written, when in truth the blog has simply touched me. Why do we feel that we have to perform and be better than everybody else? What will happen when we all drop the arrogance and embrace our fellow human beings? How much more settled will we live as a society then?

  39. Why would we ever want to live in a way that is disrespectful? We may say we don’t want to do this but we do it all the time! What is it that is so challenging about true responsibility? And why do we resist it? Why is it easier to bury our heads in the sand, numb ourselves and find distractions? We have an ideal about how we would like the world to be but then we don’t want to live our part in that. Our behaviour doesn’t reflect what we know. We live in a complete paradox. This blog calls us to the responsibility that we have to embrace the change that is needed for the whole planet, not just in our isolated personal bubbles. We’re here together, and need to live as such.

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