Relationships as Far as the Eye Can See

It occurred to me that these days the word ‘relationship’ is mainly used to refer to an intimate, romantic or sexual relationship and I wanted to find out whether that had always been this way. When I looked it up, I found that before 1944 this had not been the case and it made me wonder how they got to the exactness of that date?

I also learnt that the word ‘relationship’ comes from the Latin ‘referre’, to bring back.

‘Relationship’ standing for a one-on-one and mainly intimate relationship reminds me of the word ‘drinking’ which, in its modern-day usage, refers to drinking alcohol. When someone says they have stopped drinking, we all know that they are not referring to water, tea, juice or any other of the possible options. Drinking has become synonymous with drinking alcohol.

Likewise, a relationship now denotes a degree of closeness as indicated above, meaning it is either romantic, intimate and/or sexual. But don’t we have relationships with many people, and many things/objects even?

I certainly have a relationship with the people I share my house with; I have a wonderful relationship with my butcher up the road, one that is built on trust and my love and respect for his amazing dexterity, the awesome service, his skills and forever willingness to engage and explain and advise. Nothing is ever too much for him and his staff and I get the same treatment whether I spend $15 or $85.

I also have a relationship with a lady at the local market; together with her son they grow the most wonderful vegetables. There are times during the summer months when I don’t buy from them as what they grow is not what I eat but come the colder months, I stock up big time. We always have a chat, whether I happen to be buying or not.

I remember a conversation with a taxi driver in Sydney – just a short trip to the airport but when I asked him about his country of origin he completely opened up and I learnt more about Afghanistan and the war that was being waged there than any newspaper or other media outlet had ever reported.

Relationships: don’t people have them with their soccer club, with a singer or movie star they admire, with their favourite brand whether that be their beer, a label or favourite sports gear?

What makes us assume that a connection only deserves to be called a relationship when it is intimate, romantic or sexual?

Is it a fact that we are in relationship with many, many people and many things – not only every day, but every minute of the day?

And how supportive are then our relationships? And if they are not, what is our responsibility here? Have we allowed familiarity to creep in, a certain fatigue and boredom? And if so, have we not deserved better and more?

And on a final note – as to our relationships with people, what do we feel when hearing that the root meaning of the word ‘relationship’ is ‘to bring back’? Could this meaning have something to do with the fact that deep down we know that, when it is all said and done, all our relationships need to come back to the truth that we are all one?

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

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705 thoughts on “Relationships as Far as the Eye Can See

  1. When I realise that I am in relationship with everyone and everything it makes me realise how important everything is because of the relationship I have with it, even innate objects, we cannot ever stop having relationships, this is what life is all about, my responsibility is, what is the quality that I bring to every one.

    1. The responsibility we bring to every one and every thing is what adds up to the sum total of our movements which then either evolve or devolve us and all of us.

  2. If we were to apply the root meaning of relationship, ‘to bring back’ we would commit to reconnecting to and returning to a more loving relationship with ourselves.

  3. Who makes up the rules and regulations of life so that a relationship is defined by whether it is sexual or not? When we narrow life down as we seem to then we narrow down our ability to connect to others, and we as a race of human- beings are a very social pack animal and our health deteriorates when we are separated from each other, this is a fact.

    1. We seek definition, solace and a crutch in the narrowing down and contraction and forego everything else that is available; we do our very best to live in opposition and defiance of our multidimensionality.

  4. If the word relationship means to bring back, does this not imply that through relationships, we bring each other back to who we truly are, in essence? Relationships are what help us to grow, learn and evolve: we’re not designed to do this on our own.

    1. And not only are we not designed to do it on our own, we cannot possibly express everything that God is on our own.

  5. So very true Gabriele, and how often is it forgotten the relationship you have with yourself? This is where it all begins, first a returning back to oneself, and by virtue of that, The All… once you know and live that Truth you cannot but be in relationship with everyone and everything.

  6. I would love it if we brought this kind of consideration and reflection on the use and origin of words back to English lessons, it feels like an essential part of true education.

    1. Corruption starts with the bastardisation of words and before we know it, truth is no longer truth but a personal version of whatever suits.

  7. From what you have shared here Gabriele it is clear that we are in relationship with everyone and everything around us regardless of whether we pay attention to it or not, and that the quality of these relationships will be based on the quality of our interactivity (connection) with these people, objects, environment etc. Do we use these interactions to bring us back to a one unified point of truth or do we use these relationships as ‘comfortable arrangements’ that prevent us from evolving back to the Oneness we have each separated from?

  8. It is the depth of connection and surrender within myself that allows the quality of my relationship with others and with all aspects of life. And that carries through with everything – no matter if I have known someone for one minute or one decade.

  9. It is interesting and lovely that the root of the word relationship is to bring back ‘that do we feel when hearing that the root meaning of the word ‘relationship’ is ‘to bring back’? Could this meaning have something to do with the fact that deep down we know that, when it is all said and done, all our relationships need to come back to the truth that we are all one?’ I agree with what you have shared here, that with our relationships whether romantic, with family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, community, society and even the relationship with ourselves seem to be way off track from where it should be. This alone has been made super clear to me and many other people from just observing the relationships the Benhayon family have with everyone, showing us exactly what a true relationship is and can be. What I have really felt over the last few days, particularly from attending Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 4 course, is how much it is needed for me to fully claim my relationship with myself and my body first.

    1. Within we build the foundation for our relationships with others, and not the other way around when we might use the number of likes and contacts and invited guests, etc. to gauge the love and affection others apparently have for us.

  10. If we limit the word relationship to an intimate, sexual relationship then we miss out on the beauty that is available to us in all our other relationships.

  11. Relationships seem to be about two things, to support you to be you, or have an effect to cause you to separate from who you truly are. My best relationships are those where I am loved for who I am, and seen and met in full the essence of the person I am. Other relationships have not been able to meet me in this way, and have in some cases worked very hard to make sure I’m not my true and full self, with instances of abuse, bullying, and jealousy for example. So the meaning of relationship to “bring back” makes perfect sense to me, to support people to come back to who they are.

    1. Relationships offer a steep learning curve and forever new opportunities to support each other to get out of the muck we have buried ourselves in. We tend to hold others at arm’s length, just in case, and thus, we say no to the awareness and to what they are there to bring.

  12. I love that the word ship is here with relation for when we are friends, in relation, we can weather the storms together and sail like a ship on the ocean, a ship that may hold many others. We can also help each other understand what is impeding our advancement and support each other to continually evolve.

    1. That makes me realise that we have a lot of ‘ships’ in our language: friendship, companionship, hardship, workmanship, scholarship and many more, I am sure. Do they all allude to a kind of togetherness I wonder, even when it comes to hardship, for example?

  13. Gabriele you show how much we have narrowed words down, lessened them from their true expansive meaning to suit the reduced way of how humanity now lives. Like you said about drinking when someone gives up drinking we understand it to mean alcohol but if we took it in its true context we would understand it to mean that they don’t drink anything…water or any form of liquid. We don’t observe or question the words we use enough, we look with our eyes but we don’t feel with our heart.

  14. Reflecting with honesty on the quality that we are bringing to all our relationships is a really worthwhile thing to do in my opinion, not from a place of looking for problems but appreciating the continual opportunity we have to be more aware of and learn about our quality of expression.

  15. There is so much to learn from every single relationship in our lives, to dismiss some as not as important as others means we are dismissing the golden nuggets of learning, on offer.

  16. We miss out on so much if we only see relationships as being sexual or with just one person. I love the relationships I have with so many amazing people, with God, with self care, with observing etc. there is so much we are in relationships with. When I go to my doctor or to the pharmacy next door, I feel as much joy as they do with seeing each other again…it’s beautiful.

  17. This world is so full of blame and vilification. We are too quick to point the finger at another but an all too important aspect of relationship that most miss is the fact that we also need to be looking at and taking responsibility for our own part in why something has happened.

  18. “What makes us assume that a connection only deserves to be called a relationship when it is intimate, romantic or sexual?” This is such a great question because we have all these rules in life that simply are untrue.

  19. If we see all people as one, than we also will treat every relationship as the same, bring in the same level to attention to it, no matter if we meet people just 5 minutes per week or see them every day as our partner. This makes our world, and the world, just beautiful and has the potential to change the course of humanity.

  20. Thank you Gabriele a great reminder that we are actually in relationship with everyone we meet during any day, and it is interesting how we still want to be individual when there is so much more we can truly offer another, even if it just a smile or a hello.

  21. Through relationships we will eventually find our way back to where we come from. Without reflecting each other truths and untruths, we are lost. What kind of relationships do you choose- the ones that lift the curtain or the ones, that show you a different way?

  22. What if a simple conversation to a stranger, can change their whole life or lift them up towards truth more than imaginable, by not holding back your connection to the multidimensionality and reflecting it in every move you are making. Even when you talk about the weather for example.

    1. Now that I want to experience, talking about the weather in and with multidimensionality – can we do it in German sometime?

  23. Once you met someone, you instantly have a relationship with that person. What if we are feeding back constantly to every relationship we had with how we are living in the presence? That is huge if you only consider the people in this life, that you´ve met. To make the responsibility even bigger- what if we feed back every moment to any relationship we had not only in this life but in our many past lives in how we live and express now?!

  24. It is interesting how we seem to want to compartmentalise things – making one relationship ‘more important’ than all the many relationships in our life.

  25. I feel we as a society, myself included, have diminished the true meaning of the word relationships and then comes in what you are questioning here Gabriele ‘Have we allowed familiarity to creep in, a certain fatigue and boredom?’ It is all about connecting with each other, everyone we meet, it has nothing to do with if we know someone or not, look them into the eyes and you will see the same essence we are all from and want to go back to.

  26. “what do we feel when hearing that the root meaning of the word ‘relationship’ is ‘to bring back’?” when I read this question it very much made sense that our relationships are to bring us back, to deepen and ultimately support evolution in each other.

  27. To be able to appreciate what you are sharing Gabrielle that we are in relationship with everything is so true, but we play a game that we are not so we do not have to be responsible for what is truly taking place. To be able to open up and connect with others in this way really does offer a true reflection that we are so much more than what we are lead to believe.

  28. I have come to understand that everything is a relationship. I used to drink and I had a relationship with alcohol. Now I don’t drink I have a relationship with alcohol. The relationship has changed but I still have a relationship with it.

    1. Meaning that you don’t ever meet, alcohol and you? I’m not sure that the word ‘relationship’ feels quite right here for me, but I stand to be corrected. What is the true terminology when we leave something behind for good, to not ever have it in our life again?

      1. Keeping it at several arms’ length? Very distant; in other words, you have left alcohol well and truly behind and it does not enter your world.

      2. Exactly. I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is a massive poison in my body that not only poisons my body but also what I think is my mind. It lessens me in everyday and stops me being the man I know myself to be.

  29. I have some gorgeous relationships with people I go to school with, see in my town, customers at work and colleagues, and I learn so much through each of these connections and value the different angles on life each person inspires me with. That said, this is still inconsistent in ALL of my relationships; that I’m open to learning from everyone equally no matter who they are, where I meet them or what circumstances our relationship is based upon… This is something I’d like to change! Thank you for sharing a beautiful blog Gabriele.

  30. There is an eternal inter-connectedness between us all that I feel we cannot dismiss and that all the relationships in our life offer us the potential to learn and evolve back to a mutuality that is innate to us all…

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