Relationships as Far as the Eye Can See

It occurred to me that these days the word ‘relationship’ is mainly used to refer to an intimate, romantic or sexual relationship and I wanted to find out whether that had always been this way. When I looked it up, I found that before 1944 this had not been the case and it made me wonder how they got to the exactness of that date?

I also learnt that the word ‘relationship’ comes from the Latin ‘referre’, to bring back.

‘Relationship’ standing for a one-on-one and mainly intimate relationship reminds me of the word ‘drinking’ which, in its modern-day usage, refers to drinking alcohol. When someone says they have stopped drinking, we all know that they are not referring to water, tea, juice or any other of the possible options. Drinking has become synonymous with drinking alcohol.

Likewise, a relationship now denotes a degree of closeness as indicated above, meaning it is either romantic, intimate and/or sexual. But don’t we have relationships with many people, and many things/objects even?

I certainly have a relationship with the people I share my house with; I have a wonderful relationship with my butcher up the road, one that is built on trust and my love and respect for his amazing dexterity, the awesome service, his skills and forever willingness to engage and explain and advise. Nothing is ever too much for him and his staff and I get the same treatment whether I spend $15 or $85.

I also have a relationship with a lady at the local market; together with her son they grow the most wonderful vegetables. There are times during the summer months when I don’t buy from them as what they grow is not what I eat but come the colder months, I stock up big time. We always have a chat, whether I happen to be buying or not.

I remember a conversation with a taxi driver in Sydney – just a short trip to the airport but when I asked him about his country of origin he completely opened up and I learnt more about Afghanistan and the war that was being waged there than any newspaper or other media outlet had ever reported.

Relationships: don’t people have them with their soccer club, with a singer or movie star they admire, with their favourite brand whether that be their beer, a label or favourite sports gear?

What makes us assume that a connection only deserves to be called a relationship when it is intimate, romantic or sexual?

Is it a fact that we are in relationship with many, many people and many things – not only every day, but every minute of the day?

And how supportive are then our relationships? And if they are not, what is our responsibility here? Have we allowed familiarity to creep in, a certain fatigue and boredom? And if so, have we not deserved better and more?

And on a final note – as to our relationships with people, what do we feel when hearing that the root meaning of the word ‘relationship’ is ‘to bring back’? Could this meaning have something to do with the fact that deep down we know that, when it is all said and done, all our relationships need to come back to the truth that we are all one?

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

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829 thoughts on “Relationships as Far as the Eye Can See

  1. When we understand how power-full words are especially when we connect to the energetic Truth of words, as they give us a deeper understanding and True purpose of a word and also to the old saying ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ a nd in do so we advance our evolution.

  2. Learning that we are in a relationship with everyone we meet even if it is a stranger walking by us in the street now means to me that there is a responsibility to not be in a negative energy say walking along in anger or frustration as what if this is picked up by them walking by which adds to their emotional soup that they are carrying with them which then explodes onto someone else. Is it possible that when we have an argument we are being energetically sick over that person? If this is a possibility no wonder it feels so horrible to be on the receiving end of someone’s outburst.

  3. What occurred to me reading is how much responsibility we have to bring our all to everyone and everything we are in relationship with. Even if we aren’t physically together we are still having an effect. Based on that we are energetically in relationship to everyone and everything on the planet…. and beyond. That’s a lot of relationships, and a huge call to bring our all!

  4. There’s nothing like the feeling of connecting to someone you don’t know. There have been many times when I have felt withdrawn and didn’t want to connect to others but when I’ve made the effort to connect to another I find my mood lifts and I feel lighter. So, what is the power of connection when we choose to go to people, and what difference can it make to the lives of people who are lonely, sad or depressed.

    1. It’s a great point Julie, and connecting to others may mean more than we realise. When we connect people can feel a sense of worth and of being valued, especially when we are with our love as we connect to others.

  5. Reducing words reduces our expression. Thats why I enjoy the etymology of words and even further back, the energetic truth of a word. Life becomes much richer then rather than having a relationship based on reacting to a word.

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