Relationships as Far as the Eye Can See

It occurred to me that these days the word ‘relationship’ is mainly used to refer to an intimate, romantic or sexual relationship and I wanted to find out whether that had always been this way. When I looked it up, I found that before 1944 this had not been the case and it made me wonder how they got to the exactness of that date?

I also learnt that the word ‘relationship’ comes from the Latin ‘referre’, to bring back.

‘Relationship’ standing for a one-on-one and mainly intimate relationship reminds me of the word ‘drinking’ which, in its modern-day usage, refers to drinking alcohol. When someone says they have stopped drinking, we all know that they are not referring to water, tea, juice or any other of the possible options. Drinking has become synonymous with drinking alcohol.

Likewise, a relationship now denotes a degree of closeness as indicated above, meaning it is either romantic, intimate and/or sexual. But don’t we have relationships with many people, and many things/objects even?

I certainly have a relationship with the people I share my house with; I have a wonderful relationship with my butcher up the road, one that is built on trust and my love and respect for his amazing dexterity, the awesome service, his skills and forever willingness to engage and explain and advise. Nothing is ever too much for him and his staff and I get the same treatment whether I spend $15 or $85.

I also have a relationship with a lady at the local market; together with her son they grow the most wonderful vegetables. There are times during the summer months when I don’t buy from them as what they grow is not what I eat but come the colder months, I stock up big time. We always have a chat, whether I happen to be buying or not.

I remember a conversation with a taxi driver in Sydney – just a short trip to the airport but when I asked him about his country of origin he completely opened up and I learnt more about Afghanistan and the war that was being waged there than any newspaper or other media outlet had ever reported.

Relationships: don’t people have them with their soccer club, with a singer or movie star they admire, with their favourite brand whether that be their beer, a label or favourite sports gear?

What makes us assume that a connection only deserves to be called a relationship when it is intimate, romantic or sexual?

Is it a fact that we are in relationship with many, many people and many things – not only every day, but every minute of the day?

And how supportive are then our relationships? And if they are not, what is our responsibility here? Have we allowed familiarity to creep in, a certain fatigue and boredom? And if so, have we not deserved better and more?

And on a final note – as to our relationships with people, what do we feel when hearing that the root meaning of the word ‘relationship’ is ‘to bring back’? Could this meaning have something to do with the fact that deep down we know that, when it is all said and done, all our relationships need to come back to the truth that we are all one?

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

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625 thoughts on “Relationships as Far as the Eye Can See

  1. What is profound is that we have a relationship always, but we have limited our view to just a few or some one.. A shame really, as there is so much more to our relationships then the above said; being it a relationship with one person, sexual or intimate. Rather we can allow ourselves to feel what relationship is and how much we can expand them in all ways, not just for a select few.

  2. When I surrender to the fact that every connection we have with someone or something is a relationship, I realise how deep and relevant is all what we share in them.

  3. From understanding what the word relationship means has supported me hugely in life. I understand that we are in constant relationship with everything and everyone, even when I am alone, I am in relationship with the whole of humanity. For example, when we lock ourselves in a room alone or choose to be in isolation away from people, this may leads us to think that we are alone but when we study and understand the science of energy, we cannot escape the fact that we are constantly in relationship with ourselves, with our surroundings, with the whole of humanity and with God. Our relationship with humanity goes far beyond what our eyes can see, and when we understand this and embrace the fact that we are in constant relationship with humanity no matter where we are, I feel there is no where we can hide, to escape or avoid brotherhood.

    1. I love the insight that we are not ever alone, even if we lock ourselves inside a room by ourselves – by way of how humanity is constellated to be, we are always in relationship with everyone; the only question is: what kind of relationship is it and what is our input?

  4. We have reduced and keep reducing the meaning of words, but I find when I stop and feel the word, the sense of what it means deepens as too does my understanding of what it means. Relationship is just one of them, and in coming to this fuller, truer understanding of what it means, my life has become so deeply enriched as I feel myself to be in relationship with everyone. Same with intimacy – once reduced to physical intimacy but now I understand it and know it to be something so much more than that, encompassing every relationship, not just the physical intimacy I enjoy with my husband.

  5. Returning to truth in all relationships simply expands our relationship even when truth is rejected. Truth never disappears, fades away, imposes or hides, because truth is constantly present and accessible to us all.

  6. Knowing the root meaning to a word, such as this one, brings purpose not only to the word but what that means for us when we are in relationship (which is constantly all the time). There is a purpose for the way I am in relationship not only for myself but for the other person.

    1. And that is especially perrtinent when we have the movement of being in relationship first and then the word to follow rather than trying to make it up as we go.

  7. Lately I have been deepening my understanding that I am in relationship with everyone and everything and that there is nothing that I am not in a relationship with. I might focus more on one thing over another but the relationship is still there. A great example of this for me is my relationship with the stars/universe, as sometimes I am very aware of them and other times not so aware.

  8. Great to consider that we are having relationships all the time with everyone we meet and perhaps if we viewed it in this way and understood this more we would value and respect those moments of meeting and connecting with each other more.

    1. Every moment can thus be seen and appreciated as an opportunity for expansion, more love and responsibility – one life in other words, as coined by Serge Benhayon, and no out-moments. We might consider this arduous initially and driven by the mind until the enrichment and never-ending opportunities can be felt and appreciated.

    2. So true Andrew. It makes me wonder how many opportunities do we miss out on if we do not see every interacation with another as a potential ‘relationship’.

  9. ‘…all our relationships need to come back to the truth that we are all one?’ Such a powerful statement. Yes, living this truth in our relationships restores harmony.

  10. It is interesting how we seem to have generally isolated the word relationship or confined it to referring to a romantic/ sexual relationship rather than appreciating how we are in relationship with everyone all of the time – we may have different kinds of relationship, intimacy and closeness with specific people naturally but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t in relationship with many others as well…

    1. I do fully agree with you Fiona, while people may think otherwise, we are in many relationships, with all people in the world, but too with living life in this world, with the objects we own or have in our surroundings, with nature and so on. And to me these all can be pretty intimate as can be deeply felt in my body. So yes, to me the word relationship has been deeply bastardised as it is so much more than only that one special intimate relationship people have made of it.

    2. It simply is an avoidance of responsibility to measure down relationship to only one person or a close circle of friends and family. Because if it is not the person people share their bed with, they think it is not as important to treat that person with the same respect and love, as they would do with the one they do share the bed with. For me it is interesting to look at every kind of relationship someone has to truly feel how that person relates in life. You cannot be all of you with someone, and less with another. If only one area of relationship is not cared for and measured/ reduced, it will affect and lessen the quality of the other relationships.

  11. I wonder if we have brought the focus back to the intimate relationships as a way to avoid the responsibility we all have in all our relationships and a way to live in protection and not open up and be transparent with everyone.

    1. Great point MW, I feel when we reduce the meaning of the word relationship, it is then easy to exclude everyone else and create separation. What happens next is an open invitation for hurts and protection to grow, instead of love, openness and truth.

  12. I work in a sexual health service for young people so a lot of the time I am talking with people about relationship and mostly make the point that we are in relationships with everyone all the time and that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. It is great to have this discussion and explore more about relationships and what this means to us.

  13. It is worth pondering what exactly our relationships bring us back to. They will always bring us back to something, be it a hurt, a lie, the Truth or a reminder of who we are.

  14. Could it be that we have bastardised the word relationship because if we truly live it we will connect back to our origins, to where we are from and have to give up this human life which we have created.

  15. I love how you have set the record straight about the word ‘relationship’. It’s true that to define it simply in the romantic variety is very limiting. We are in relationship with everyone we meet, including the person at the supermarket checkout, work colleagues, family, friends and partner.

    1. You remind us that relationship is not only about people but also with things and energies and that we always have a choice as to our level and kind of engagement; it might well be about cutting an energy that is coming through someone, for example.

  16. It is interesting how the word relationship has become limited ‘…to an intimate, romantic or sexual relationship…’ where as the true meaning of the word is much more inclusive, uniting and captures the responsibility we all have with each other and everything around us. So, it makes sense to me, why we tend to reduce the meaning of ‘relationship’, to avoid taking responsibility and to avoid being in true relationship with ourselves, each other and everything around us.

  17. We have narrowed the word relationship down to such a point that we do not consider ourselves in a relationship unless it is romantic or sexual, and yet we are in a relationship with everything and everyone constantly. It shows the force of separation and the illusion we live under.

  18. It is extremely important to remember, to be reminded, that we are indeed in relationship with everything and everyone around us. This never stops whether we are conscious of it or not.

    1. This is so true, although I had not appreciated the full significance of this until it was introduced to me by Serge Benhayon, and then it immediately made complete sense.

  19. I love this ‘I also learnt that the word ‘relationship’ comes from the Latin ‘referre’, to bring back.’ So bringing it back to relationships .. true relationships and making it about people and true love in ALL our relationships ✨

  20. For me the “bring back” also means, relationships are bringing myself back to the truth that I am, through another ones reflection with their movements of life. Every relationship we are in, even writing an email to someone, does either reflect me and my divinity or a lesser version of it. It is a constant give and take through reflection, what a waste to only focus on one person and loose so many possibilities to grow through everyone we have contact with.

  21. True relationships develop and build such a strength, for on each occasion we feel the foundation that is old. So it feels natural and when we honour that feeling we are showered with appreciation. then as we grow others will see the way true relationships work as it is brotherhood that will cement our evolution.

  22. It’s beautiful to read about your community and the relationships you have, our lives are so rich when we bring all of ourselves to all our relationships.

  23. I agree regarding the exactness of this date ‘I found that before 1944 this had not been the case and it made me wonder how they got to the exactness of that date?’ It would be interesting to know who said this and why such a specific date was given to say this is when we started making relationships about partners! And if so what had caused this change that we went from feeling relationship was a word described with everyone to then it only being about having a partner. The truth is relationships are with everyone and not just solely about having a partner, this is something we need to come back to.

  24. Often when we change a meaning of a word it is for our own convenience and with relationship this feels very much the case. When we change the meaning and make it only about our intimate relationships we only work on that one, in the best scenario that is, and are not aware of the importance of working on all our relationships in life. Because all our relationships with people can bring us so much. When we bring this back into our life we will never be bored or annoyed with someone, without perfection, because we know we can learn together.

    1. When we are ‘bored or annoyed’ with another, we have bought into the consciousness of not being enough and we cement each others imagined deficits and faults. In doing so, we play right into the hands of the astral forces and act in opposition to divinity and our true source.

      1. Brilliant Garbiele and Lieke. I notice when I am ‘bored or annoyed’ I feel completely drained afterwards because my energy gets depleted and your comments confirms why this happens.

  25. To be in relationship with anything means to open ourselves up to be able to receive the other. Often we think of it as having to do something but it is more about being open to receive another. That way we do not impose on another but rather allow them to be who they are as we allow ourselves to be who we are.

  26. This dissection of the misuse of words in our everyday language offers great opportunity for looking beyond words to the truth of our connections.

  27. It is curious why the word relationship was re-defined and narrowed to mean your spouse. Perhaps 1944, being at the end of a horrific world war, marked a time when we were more separated by nationalism, culture, and clinging to our loved ones.

    1. Good point, it stopped me in my tracks as well. After the devastation and despair of two World Wars, there must have been a sense of deep mistrust if not hostility towards the world at large, the ‘enemy’, the stranger, the unknown and people sought refuge in one another, in one other, in the one and only at the exclusion of humanity at large and brotherhood.

  28. We have a responsibility to bring love to all our relationships, and when we follow this simple equation set out by God, to be love, life becomes a joy not a chore.

    1. Beautifully said chanly88 Life becomes lighter, more enjoyable and we feel our interconnectedness and responsibility to each other – our ability to respond from the love and truth that we innately are.

  29. It’s wonderful to approach everyone with a fresh connection – usually their eyes light up and it is amazing what conversations ensue.

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