Clairsentience – it is (All of) Who I Am

All my life I loved this word, and all the content of what the word means I have felt is very much me – it is who I am.

So what is clairsentience exactly, if we could give it any description in words?

We live in a world where most people are just playing their part in one big play, one big act. We all know more. Have we locked down our senses to not feel what is going on by creating a misty field that shrouds our awareness of life?

It looks like what we see is all that there is, but what is truly going on? What about the energy that is not visible to our eyes and is yet very much with us, and felt? We often sense energy accompanying what is coming towards us, which doesn’t fit the words or actions of another. For example, a person is touching you and smiles at you but you have an awkward feeling – it doesn’t feel right. The true intent of a person’s movements can be clearly felt; they can talk very nicely, but you can feel something else is coming in your direction, which may be anger or jealousy.

What is the actual energy ‘coming towards you’? We like to focus on what we see, the images of life. But there is much more going on behind the scenes of the pictures, as all is energy and when we trust in our innate sixth sense – clairsentience – we start to feel what is there to be felt. Using our clairsentience helps us all to understand the world behind the physical appearances.

From my personal experience, I know that most of my movements are based on my clairsentience. It is like a ‘tuning into’ every situation; I have an inner knowing and feeling at the same time about what is going on and what will possibly happen and unfold.

As a child, it was my daily way of living. When I walked outside in the street or was simply myself at home, I could feel energies at play all around me. I knew how other girls were talking about me even though they were in another building. I knew and felt every detail. It was my natural way of being, without any effort. I didn’t talk with others about it, it was just who I was and I sensed that the people around me were not open to talking about it. I always kept this feeling aspect open within myself and I always felt clear with what I felt was around me.

As a young woman working in a bank, I could feel if someone was attempting fraud. I knew it way before they came to the cashiers. We can feel what is coming our way energetically way before the physical act.

When I began to study with Universal Medicine, I felt welcomed with my clairsentience, the all that I am and all I will unfold. The way Serge Benhayon spoke about energies and revealed what is ‘behind the scenes’ in life was something that seemed normal to me. It was a big relief to finally hear this truth, which offered a foundation to trust more strongly in my own feelings.

In the past I could become doubtful about myself if the lies around me were energetically or physically imposing, as they wanted to pull me in, to believe them, which was the opposite of what my sixth sense was telling me. Now I am very strong in my connection with myself.

I trust in my clairsentience more than ever before. I see now the beauty of it and I feel deeply blessed to be able to attend the workshops of Universal Medicine to deepen and confirm my clairsentience. I can feel what is going on behind the words spoken or the actions lived by other people, the energies at play behind the scenes of life and people’s behaviours. I have become much more present and aware of energies into, and coming through, my body. I listen to this and respond to what is needed accordingly. This connection within my body deepens with how much more I am willing to see and feel and choose to align with through my body.

At a business meeting I once attended, I could feel and see how some participants were expressing in a quality of energy that would ultimately divide all of us there from within our own team. The energy coming through the people was fulfilling itself in a way, gathering power with the purpose to create separation between us. I was able to observe this without personalising it, as well as offer a different quality from the energy I was in; a quality very much connected with my body, an energy that could unify the team.

Further instances of clairsentience I include those moments that we have a sense to call someone only to find out they need help at that moment; we just know and follow our natural impulse without being told that the person is needing support.

Situations like the following are also clairsentiently felt: someone once scheduled an appointment with me and I could sense exactly what it was about – an unpleasant and challenging matter. I was open to feeling this and I deepened more within myself. I was very well prepared when we met. This knowing supported me to not go into reaction to the news, but to observe what the energy of the spoken words was. This confirmed my understanding of how energies come first in life and actions follow afterwards. It is up to us and our responsibility as to which source of energy we connect to – the unifying energy of truth or the divisive energy of separation – when we speak or perform any other movement.

When observing all that unfolds and plays out with other people before us in life, we can stay in our knowing of the truth and no other energies can interfere or bring us down unless we let them. By studying with Universal Medicine, this knowing, this awareness, is what I have learned to claim back through feeling on a deeper level in my body. I feel that when we stay open to that space, a constant flow of awareness is there where we are in connection with God and our inner heart. As we are the Sons of God, we have God within us, our true essence, the endless wisdom, love and knowing, which we can choose to align with and so feel the truth.

Hence this is our clairsentient way.

By Sylvia Brinkman

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461 thoughts on “Clairsentience – it is (All of) Who I Am

  1. ‘Have we locked down our senses to not feel what is going on by creating a misty field that shrouds our awareness of life?’
    My answer to this is I definitely locked down my senses to try and numb my way through life. I realise now that it was a way to stop myself from feeling the energy around us and the energy that comes through us. To feel energy was to admit that there is more going on than I was prepared to admit, so I kept myself dumb and numb. When I came across Universal Medicine by listening to the presentations and attending workshops I gave myself permission to start to feel the energy that surrounds us and not be frightened by it.

  2. Our 6th sense, our clairscentience, is a truth to be aware of so that it blossoms and supports us to feel the energy of everyone and everything around and within us.

  3. Sylvia what I love about what you have shared is your absoluteness in who you are and your ability to live with an incredible level of clairsentience. What you have shared about life is beautifully simple, easily understood and very true.

  4. Intuition is a deeper way of connecting from the foundation set from our clairscentience and as we come to appreciate (our reconnection to our essences) and live from this reconnecting-foundation that is set by us understanding our clairscentience as our evolutionary path, we understand that True living will come to us.

  5. What I found very helpful was that we can not switch off what we are feeling even when we dull or dim the feelings we do not want to have. Therefore it is so much better to just feel it so that there is a way to deal with them otherwise there are still there and do “their thing” in the underground of my body!

  6. What I found very helpful was that we cannot switch off what we are feeling even when we dull or dim the feelings we do not want to have. Therefore it is so much better to just feel it so that there is a way to deal with them, otherwise they are still there and do “their thing” in the underground of my body!

  7. Sylvia I had not heard the word clairsentience until I attended the workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon what he presented did make sense and I can see that we ignore our feelings and rely on our minds instead to work out life. To go through the process of not using my mind but going instead with what my body was showing me meant I had to trust myself again, this has taken a great deal of time and patience but so worth the perseverance and something I can recommend to anyone who wants to reconnect to life on a much deeper level.

  8. A full life is one lived as a clairsentient being with no fear of feeling what we feel around us as we get to learn and know we are fully equipped to handle it all.

    1. Since meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I realised I lived in fear of the energy that surrounds us all. As you say Henrietta getting to know that we are all equipped to handle the energy and not give our power away to it has been a huge life lesson for me. One I’m still learning.

  9. We are really all very sensitive (in terms of feeling what is going on around us) but have learned from a young age that if we play ball with this, we won’t fit in to our current society that lives in negation of this natural clairsentience. And so we have learned to shut down our awareness. But it still is there for us to awaken to at any point.

  10. Clairsentience is a gift that we are all born with, not one person has it more or less than another. However the biggest challenge lies in us honouring what we feel and this is often where we fall short. Or also, I have noticed too that when I do not like what I feel then, then I want to shut down what I feel. This does not mean that I am actually successful in NOT feeling for this I cannot switch off, however, I can dull or dim my awareness of what I am actually feeling.

  11. Honouring and appreciating our ability to discern energy gives us such a richer and deeper understanding of life and why things are happening which as you say allows us to respond to life in a much more steady and supportive way.

  12. If clairsentience was generally acknowledged and as children confirmed and supported in developing this ability then what a different world we would be living in.

  13. We know more than we think, there is a wisdom in the body that have not been championed or applauded yet, perhaps because it can’t be ever fooled and see all for what it is.

  14. Sylvia your sharing inspires me to embrace and appreciate more my clarity to feel. I’m realising about all the information that I can have access when I allow myself to feel what’s in my body. Your experience it’s a precious example about how we can hold this awareness and respond accordingly instead of react to it.
    It feels simple and natural, as you beautifully described, ‘this is our clairsentient way.’

  15. We all know what it’s like to walk into a room where people have been arguing, a house that feels really heavy and uncomfortable to be in, yet we all deny clairsentience – what kind of sense does that make? None.

  16. We are feeling beings and cannot stop ourselves from feeling, and I agree, it is what we do with what we feel (as in, do we honour/reject/numb) that defines who we relate ourselves to be – a totally connected, divine son of God, or not.

  17. It is beautiful to read about your clairsentience and to feel that this is our natural way. I know that I can trust what I feel and the key is to honour this.

  18. Clairscentience is something most children have. I could feel how people were as soon as I waked into a room as a child but I remember not knowing what to do with it and then question if what I felt was true and then dismiss and started to mistrust what I was feeling. I now know I don’t have to do anything with what I have felt but honour that I have felt it, and allow what ever happens from that moment to unfold.

    1. It’s interesting but there are a few key moments that I experienced as a child that still feel very significant in my body. They are times when I felt unsettled by something and to this day they are stored and remembered in my body. At the time I didn’t share them with anyone because that’s not how we talked at home, we didn’t talk about what we could feel that was unseen, we spoke about what was right in front of us.

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