Clairsentience: Re-learning to Feel and Live by Feel

As a child, from my younger years up to around the age of five or six, I strongly remember how much the way I felt was my guide or compass in life. I could feel truth and the energy in people, situations and places I went. These feelings or knowings that came naturally through my body were the awareness of a known truth from deep within me that helped me to safely negotiate my way through life. Quite simply, it felt either ok or not ok, like comparing it to water when you go snorkelling… the water is either clear, or murky and unclear.

Looking back I remember some very strong and poignant feelings when it came to people and places. Like the time when my father took me and my brother to a friend’s place for a social visit, around the age of four or five. There was a bit of excitement and intrigue at going somewhere new and seeing people; as children, the warm smiles, hugs, cuddles, greetings of people, and especially women, were always appreciated.

I distinctly remember the energy was heavy, thick and dense as we entered the house. In the dark, smoke-filled room, three or four men were gathered around a table playing cards and drinking vodka. After a brief hello and greeting, my brother and I quickly headed straight for the light of the back door into the garden; running, then skipping, trying to shake the heaviness, negativity and ‘yucky’ feeling of the house and its inhabitants. I could feel the heavy emotions and ingrained behaviours of men lost in old hurts. Many years later, as a young adult, I found out that one of the men had suffered a lot in his life and had survived detention as a prisoner in the Russian Gulags of Siberia. Looking back from where I stand now, I understand the men and their lives more, as well as the shutting down or closing off resulting from their addictions that were also very evident as a coping mechanism. Unfortunately, it felt as if they had re-created the desolation of a prison camp in their own house. The house felt loveless and there were no women there either.

My brother and I played outside, making light of the desolate back yard with our games and playfulness. We only went back into the house to briefly pass through when we were called to leave. Our clairsentience told us it was not a place for children to hang out, as the men felt very cold and hard.

There are so many occasions looking back to my childhood where clairsentience – the clear sense of energy being felt – was experienced. As the silent observer and youngest child sitting in the back seat of the family car, I knew the truth and I was able to read exactly what was going on in the dynamics of parents and siblings when we would go on a trip somewhere. This was a common occurrence for me as a young child, and it was as if I could clearly feel the truth, even though people were saying or acting out something completely different. We all have the ability to feel and mostly we choose to not be able to access this inner knowing.

So my questions are: why and when do we start to lose our clairsentience?

For me it feels as if we gradually sell out to the world and its ways, getting caught up with the doing, achieving and box ticking in life. As well as the institutionalised life of heavy schooling and rote learning, we are constantly being trained and recognised for what we do, rather than how we feel, or who we are and what we bring. In the face of this, we constantly choose to dull down our sixth sense, so eventually we are comfortably numb and merely function in a society where truth takes a back seat or is overridden. There are many more factors such as lifestyle choices, food, drugs and alcohol that we also use to dull down our sixth sense, or clairsentience. So eventually, as adults, we choose to give up on ourselves and not feel what we used to be able to feel, and we go along with things, tick boxes, be ‘good or bad,’ don’t make waves, settle for less truth by not speaking our truth so as to fit into the status quo of societal life. All at the expense of the amazing 6th sense that was with us as our birthright and a God given… pardon the pun.

The choice to reconnect to our clairsentience is always there and, through my own journey, I have relearned how to feel and make choices that help develop my energetic awareness. I have been able to claim back my clairsentience, without perfection that is. The depth of this varies from day to day, depending on how I have lived and looked after myself. To use clairsentience to be able to feel what is the best choice of action in life’s myriad of choices, and then to consistently make more loving choices, is very empowering.

I’ve realised that choices don’t require the hard mental energy but a more feeling approach, which then gives a more inclusive or spherical way around either an issue, or day-to-day stuff.

Making mistakes is also a big part of the journey, confirming where you are at, in relation to reading situations and whether true clairsentience is used or ‘other stuff’ got in the way. As I said before… no perfection, everything is an opportunity to evolve.

This has been an amazing journey in itself, seeing the awesome constellations that can happen, especially so when I get myself and my emotions out of the way. I am constantly in awe of what can happen when we become aware of our sixth sense again.

Without the help and support of the ancient wisdom – Esoteric teachings through Universal Medicine this time around, in its many forms of audios, books, practitioners and courses – this would have been a more arduous journey back to relearning clairsentience.

By Greg, Australia

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512 thoughts on “Clairsentience: Re-learning to Feel and Live by Feel

  1. “I am constantly in awe of what can happen when we become aware of our sixth sense again.” It has the power of the other senses rolled into one.

  2. Accepting and understanding all what I can feel in my body is being a very enriching experience. I’m learning to honour and embrace it as every little signal – fear, contraction, sadness, control, stubbornness… – is part of the healing process that this life is. Each process of every person is very unique and it deserves absolute respect, we are returning to the greatness we all come from and this in itself is something to deeply appreciate.

    1. I really appreciate what you have written Inma Lorente to learn to honour and embrace every little signal that we get from our bodies that show us constantly that we are not living the truth of who we are but a shriveled version of the glory that we can be when we take the courage to connect back to the grandness we come from. I’m just starting to get a feel for the super silky feeling I can feel within me when I connect to my innermost. To deeply appreciate all the choices I have made that have supported me to return to what I know in my heart is true.

    2. Absoulutely Inma, so much of our lives is set up to take us down the garden path of judging our-self and others and along with it’s twin sister comparison we are distracted from the True end game.

  3. Greg love what you shared about making mistakes, all is part of learning and how amazing our life would be if don’t judge ounce of what is in front of us. Like babies are learning to walk, falling at times, and getting back up with such an innocence and openess to learn and grow. There is so much wisdom in this approach to live.

  4. Maybe if we reversed the situation and called our clairsentience our first sense and our sight our sixth sense we would not be shutting down that which offers so much through what we feel.

  5. I feel from experience that we start to loose our clairsentience when we are young, when we are not held in the love that we know instinctively we come from. We know of love before we can even say the word. But from the moment we are born the pressure is on to tempt us into pleasing others for gain and recognition and so we layer the love we cannot stop being with ideals, beliefs that we soak up and then believe them to be a part of us when they are not.

  6. There have been moments when my clairsentience has been so acute that I have had to listen, even when I had been shut down to it. I have been grateful for it. Learning to make it part of my every day again is a lesson in progress but it is awesome to be able to let go and trust myself more because of it.

  7. Appreciating our ability to be more than human and using our clairsentience is simply returning to our essences. With deep-humble-appreciate-ive-ness our Soul-full origins or who we are comes naturally when we understand we are more than this physical vessel. Humble being reconnecting to our Soul-full-ness ,and, deepening in those things that we have as a Soul-full foundation as appreciation comes with a true authority and confirmation of our connection.

  8. We are taught to focus so exclusively on the mind in school, and not just ignore what we feel but ignore our body also – it makes for a very unbalanced human being, as honouring our feelings and our body is vital to our overall wellbeing.

    1. One day we will be taught whole body intelligence and the wisdom that comes from expanding our awareness of what we are feeling in our Essences, Inner-most-hearts / Souls as our first sense.

  9. Greg it is so true that most of us – when we are grown up – are not allowing our clairsentience coming through. So did I and for me it was a great aha when I re-discovered it again, because I could feel how natural it was to be clairsentient as a child and how easy it was. As a grown-up we often make our lives so complicated because we are not trusting what we often feel so clearly.

  10. Greg I think you have summed up the society we live in very clearly, the majority of us are comfortably numb and just function to get through life. I feel certain this leads to the given-upness of life that so many of us are experiencing, we use the terminology called ‘checking out’ and that’s exactly what is happening, more and more people are checking out on life. We now have specialist psychiatrists for the elderly to support them with dementia, I cannot remember having these specialists when I was growing up. I don’t feel that so many people had dementia but now it is as common as having a cold. I wonder why there has been such an increase in this disease? Could it have anything to do with checking out on life at an earlier age?

  11. Greg, spot on this is how we gradually lose our clairsentience, to fit in with the rest of the world: “For me it feels as if we gradually sell out to the world and its ways, getting caught up with the doing, achieving and box ticking in life. As well as the institutionalised life of heavy schooling and rote learning, we are constantly being trained and recognised for what we do, rather than how we feel, or who we are and what we bring.” …and so we do shut down our awareness to that very gift that is there to support us in life.

  12. Our feelings are over ridden and denied to us as children and it seems to me that we let go of what we know instinctively to be true and instead adopt the way the world wants us to be. I also feel this withdrawal from the truth of what we know can lead to depression as we grow up because somewhere in our bodies we feel the abandonment of our truth which leads to a deep sadness and giving-upness.

  13. Re-connecting to my clairsentience is a gift rediscovered. As a child I was acutely aware of how things felt around me but over time numbed myself to what I was feeling. To trust what I am reading and feeling once again supports me enormously though life.

  14. ‘Without the help and support of the ancient wisdom – Esoteric teachings through Universal Medicine this time around, in its many forms of audios, books, practitioners and courses – this would have been a more arduous journey back to relearning clairsentience.’ I agree it would indeed. Which is also why we have such a responsibility to nurture just that within our children.

    1. I doubt I would have re-connected to my clairsentience in this life if it were not for the Esoteric Teachings through Universal Medicine as presented by Serge Benhayon and, as you say Vicky, it is now our responsibility to reflect and nurture this in others.

  15. The world we live in simply does not support us to live by our feelings. Feelings would eventually let us know the lies of this sphere we are living in and remind us of who we are. And I really appreciate you talking about making mistakes – again, that is another thing we have been trained to avoid at all cost. It is like picking up a little girl whose tears have gone dry after crying for so long having being ignored and not being adored for so long, and letting her know that I am here to listen and see her, and getting to know her, and it might take some time before she can trust me again to show the full beauty of who she is.

  16. Learning to trust our feelings again is beautiful as it takes us straight back to childhood when we did not judge what we were feeling.

    1. The simplicity of feeling without judging what we’re feeling makes it much easier to simply respond based on what we feel, instead of defaulting to our reactions.

    2. That’s true Elizabeth, it’s like how Greg describes in the blog that what we feeling is like water, it’s either clear energy or it’s murky and doesn’t feel good. Kids know how to keep things very simple.

  17. When we allow ourselves to feel what we feel and not counteract it with immediate action we are able to see what is going on with more clarity and thus are less taken by situations. And the more we accept this ability of ours the stronger it will get.

  18. ‘Everything is either okay or not okay’.. we feel everything, but to what degree are we prepared to admit that and take responsibility for what we can feel? Once we admit we do know and can see, we can’t undo that or pretend it’s not happening, and that means dealing with it. Knowing that we can handle whatever is before us is a huge support in holding steady and starting to allow ourselves to feel everything, in its rawness.

  19. I love to be around children because they remind me what it was like to be a child with that connection to the magic of their surroundings that we lose as adults. It seems to me that as we grow up life becomes a disappointment and instead of being open and wondrous of everything; we close down, switch off and become robotic. The glass of something at the end of our working day is the reward we give ourselves for getting though it as there was no seeming magic in our day. If this is what our lives have come to no wonder we are disappointed with it.

  20. Feeling our way through life has the great advantage of making life super simple but only if we learn to not react to what we are feeling.

  21. We are amazing beings, our clairsentience shows us that we are energetic beings first and trusting how we feel is like a navigation system to support us to stay connected to ourselves. As everything is energy as science has shown, then it makes sense that we naturally are able to sense it all.

  22. That sell out that you talk about is the fundamental stages of us disconnecting to what we feel. The way the world is set up and how we are presented with what life is, and what we need to do, is all coming from a place where we do not honour our true impulses within. Re-connecting to these and bringing these into our lives as the key principles is like training a new baby a way of being.

  23. When we rely on what we feel and sense about life and other people it makes life so very simple. Complication only comes in when we try and second-guess what we feel.

  24. We all feel energy all of the time. The more we are open and embracing of this fact, then the more we will feel how the energy goes through our body whether we like it or not. We can allow it to wash through and be gone or we can pretend it is not happening and then it leaves its grip on us, like a blanket leaving fluff all over us. The art is in learning to feel the energy and know it for what it is and not reacting to it, for in this lies the simple answer of not taking it on board. A learning that I am still a student of, but growing fast in experience the more I open up to feeling and understanding what I am feeling – clairsentience.

  25. The more we let ourselves feel the more we can read all that life has on offer for us at any moment in time.

  26. We are constantly feeling energy all the time, but for some reason we don’t want to be aware of this fact so we have a tendency to dull it down and or ignore what we feel. I had a feeling about someone I was going to visit and when I felt the person I was going meet, something didn’t feel right. This made me very aware of the situation I was placing myself in so that when the person started to be obstructive and a bully I was already prepared from the feeling of unease I had. I didn’t go into self defence or justification and kept agreeing with the person and there was no where for that person to go, and so they came round and were a lot more receptive to the meeting. This is the power of allowing ourselves to feel energy first it’s like an inbuilt radar so why would we want to shut down such a natural asset?

  27. I remember too, as a child being very clairsentient, but like you Greg, it feels that we do ‘gradually sell out to the world and its ways, getting caught up with the doing, achieving and box ticking in life’ and our sense of feelings fade. How beautiful it is to reconnect to what was innate as a child and relive that which was already known.

  28. “Making mistakes is also a big part of the journey” I love how this line is highlighted – it’s absolutely true that making mistakes is part of it, we are going to discover things about ourselves we don’t like, we’re going to completely mess up – it’s what we learn to do with it and how we deal with it and move forward that counts.

  29. I can remember from a young age being told feelings were not to be trusted, what I realise now is that it came from someone who had been very hurt and in reaction to that hurt had closed down. I have been learning that what I feel is ok, it is my truth, instead of living from the head which creates all sorts of anxiety.

  30. Yes – super clairsentience we all are. Forgotten tools of how to handle this greater intelligence than we have made to be known (our reality). Meaning that we have not included the whole wisdom and intelligence that we are made of and what we constantly feel.

  31. We feel much of what is around us and yet choose to dull down what we feel by overeating, drinking, drugs or some other form of distraction, yet when we stop running away from what we feel and open ourselves up to the love that we are there are so many wonderful things to be felt and the wisdom that is on offer no longer needs to be dulled down.

  32. Like you Greg, my clairsentience was in full swing as a child, but at times the sharing of what I was feeling wasn’t appreciated, so slowly I began to dull it down simply to keep the peace, to fit in. But the wonderful thing is, throughout the years it was still there and reminding me so, often. But I know that I had lost trust in what I was feeling, that was until Serge Benhayon came into my life and began to present on clairsentience. It was only then I knew the truth of what I had felt.

  33. We are feeling everything all of the time and could it be that this is what we do not want to feel as it exposes everything that is not aligned with the love we are… and that requires us to respond differently.

  34. Is it possible that we sacrifice our clairsentience on the altar of efficiency and busyness because what we truly feel might ask us to change course, even pull out completely? Do we give up on clairsentience because the responsibility that comes with clairsentience scares us?

  35. Clairsentience is a word that makes me to smile. Nobody can take that away from you. A true power is in there.

  36. “Making mistakes is also a big part of the journey, confirming where you are at, in relation to reading situations and whether true clairsentience is used or ‘other stuff’ got in the way” – this is a great reminder. We do not like getting things wrong, do we? And I can feel how attachment gets in the way of accepting the truth of what I perceive takes place. You have just reminded me that truth is just what is and not something I own and box and admire for my righteousness.

  37. We are allowed to be as how we were as Children , joyfull And playfull. To give ourselves permission again And to not try to fit in a world in which at the end we do not belong anyway.
    To be an example to all people around you to just be you is the gift to the world.

  38. I feel that the way we are educated has a lot to do with the loss of clairsentience, if we were instead encourage to develop this further then the world we live in today would be completely different. Abuse would have no foothold on our society because it would be alien to us.

  39. Just reading this is a reminder to reconnect with my body, to feel the deeper connection that is there then, and to tune in even more to what is to be felt all around… Thanks Greg.

  40. ” Unfortunately, it felt as if they had re-created the desolation of a prison camp in their own house. The house felt loveless and there were no women there either.”
    This can happen in a lot of situations , even in the ” free world ” we can set ourself up in energetic prisons to feel safe and secure and we are our own jailer.

  41. As you say Greg… it is always there… always… the thing is, if everyone started to tune in again, en masse, then EVERYTHING would be exposed…. and then where would we be?

  42. We are always clairsentient.
    It is just a matter of listening to it or override it with our movements or food choices.

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