The Ripple Effect of Love

Everyone is equal and we are all from the same source! Such facts give us a platform to live in harmony, free of conflict, hate and loss, and yet we don’t, so what is the next step for a humanity out of sorts and out of love?

Many of us get a feeling of unease from the news we get fed and while it is often easy to pinpoint events that leave us sad and despairing, the challenge occurs in how to respond in a positive way to the stream of media that highlight global events showcasing suffering and loss, or politicians and industry leaders acting without integrity and telling barefaced lies that satisfy only their hidden agendas.

We’re getting seemingly more connected (through Facebook, Twitter and other web communications) and this can aid our ability to see the ill behaviour of this world – provided we discern what is fake news, spin and counter spin – but seeing this horror and deceit can leave us feeling helpless and deflated about humanity and the human condition.

How should we respond?

To view the conflict in Syria and to try and unravel what is going on could be considered dumbfounding and confusing. Who is to blame for the mass of terror that is leaving thousands dead, displaced or cruelly afflicted, and how are we to respond to this atrocity in a true way that will stop the relentless momentum of harm on our fellow brothers?

What about the unstoppable force for destruction that is the timber, oil and mining companies polluting and destroying areas of beauty across our world… seemingly aided and abetted by Governments complicit in the corruption. How do we create balance in life and fairness in society when one percent of the world’s population owns more wealth than the other 99? (1)

The list could go on and it doesn’t even touch upon human trafficking, child, domestic and animal abuse, the behemoth that is the world wide web and the mass of suicide-wreaking havoc that is cyber abuse: typewritten across the globe into each and every connected home.

Indeed, it is only scratching the surface of the ugliness we have on planet earth that for a long time has been accepted as our normal. So how then do we respond positively when we see this world and are starkly aware of the state of inequality we currently have? And how do we respond in a purposeful and non-emotive way to corruption, greed, bullying, self-interest and afflicted misery?

The Way Forth since 1999

Personally, the answer to this since 2012 has been to refer to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, a philosophical, religious science taught through Universal Medicine and its founder Serge Benhayon since 1999. It is important to stress that this reference is not a form of compliance but an understanding that what is shared is a vast and deeply layered understanding of what makes up human life, represented with the authority of a man who lives with complete understanding of and love for all who walk this earth. Walking the talk has never been more transparently abundant!

There should be no worshipping of Serge Benhayon, but it certainly pays off to have a listen in to the wisdom he is sharing.

Through these teachings I have come to fully appreciate that the answer to our ills can only come from within each of us and that a little of our enormous love travels a long, expansive distance, rippling unseen, but most definitely felt, into corners of the globe beyond our limited three dimensional capacity. It has been greatly supportive to unravel the fact that life is filled with such facts as energetic integrity and energetic responsibility, and while this unfolds as a very personal process, it is indeed true that how we live affects the all we are part of.

So I can look helplessly at the countless hurtful events that litter the world map, but when I refer back to the teachings of Esoteric Medicine, it all becomes clear. It is from within – how I live, how I move and how I treat everyone that changes our planet. Coupling that with a voicing of what feels wrong, questions sourced from my own trust in knowing what is true: these are the ripples we need to start to arrest our lost way.

From the words of Serge Benhayon comes the answer: life may be showing illness right now, but “Life itself is Medicine.” It is very much our medicine to take and administer, and it really is only a question of what type and what dose we wish to inject into our lives.

By Stephen 


  1. Elliott, L. (2017). Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of world’s population, says Oxfam. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2017].

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575 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect of Love

  1. From my own experience of illness, it heals quicker the more I take responsibility for the choices that got me ill in the first place. If I don’t it comes back. It’s gonna take a while for these global diseases to heal but they will eventually. Illness has an amazing way of battering our pride into submission eventually.

  2. Thank you Stephen, It is becoming obvious that many have an agenda and the latest movie by producer Otto Bathurst, Robin Hood 2018 ,share how evil from within the church plays both sides against the middle and political justice eventually will get some just deserts.

  3. I agree with you Stephen when you say “There should be no worshipping of Serge Benhayon, but it certainly pays off to have a listen in to the wisdom he is sharing.” Serge Benhayon I find is one of the few people talking sense at this moment in time and we can either heed the words or ignore them, the choice is ours. Humanity keeps trying to tweak this and that but nothing has worked for thousands of years. We haven’t managed to live with each other in a harmonious way since we built the Pyramids. They stand as a testament to a way of life that we knew but walked away from.

  4. The Ageless Wisdom teachings are so very needed, exactly as you say Stephen it’s up to every single person to bring about the needed change worldwide, and that begins with each of us reconnecting to and living from the love within.

  5. “It is from within – how I live, how I move and how I treat everyone that changes our planet.” That should be really the way to live – it seems to be not enough in the eyes of many but lets give it a try, you will be surprised about the power that lays inside of it.

  6. Ills in life and in our body are a way for us to be called to attention to step up the what is being asked of us next. To ignore them or to fight them is not the answer but to sit with it and really understand where we have made a choice that has not been supportive and then go back and re-imprint that choice in a more supportive way.

  7. Stephen, thank you this is a perfect summary of life and the way we live as the best medicine for us: “From the words of Serge Benhayon comes the answer: life may be showing illness right now, but “Life itself is Medicine.” It is very much our medicine to take and administer, and it really is only a question of what type and what dose we wish to inject into our lives.”

  8. “It is from within – how I live, how I move and how I treat everyone that changes our planet”. The planet changes when we change. The purpose of life could be as clear as this, but we choose to make it complicated and ignore this simple truth.

  9. It is not just politicians and industry leaders acting without integrity and telling barefaced lies that satisfy only their hidden agendas. The media are just as bad and they have a hidden agenda too. This hidden agenda is the same as the politicians and industry leaders which is to keep humanity down trodden and controlled like sheep in a field. We are constantly herded together so we do not escape out of the field. We are so gullible that we take the lies we are fed and think they are truths. The field is a group consciousness that for the majority of us we are unaware of. Until we choose to wake up and see the lies for what they, the detrimental effect they are having on humanity as a whole then we will be stuck with all the evil and misery that goes with our current living conditions.

  10. “Life itself is Medicine.” I love this quote, so much said in few words. If more of us understood that the quality of life we choose is our medicine, perhaps different lifestyle choices would be made. We have much more power than we think to generate health in our bodies and it lies in simple everyday choice we make to either love or harm ourselves.

  11. I have realised recently how even the quality of my thoughts effect everyone around me and probably beyond that such is the ripple effect that you speak of Stephen.

  12. All the world’s ills will end when each one of us stops looking out and pointing a finger and start looking within and take responsibility for the world being as it is. The source of true change originates in our own bodies and lives.

    1. Kehinde, I love what you are saying here – we cannot take responsibility for others, but we can certainly look at where we are lacking in stepping up to responsibility ourselves, and in that it may then inspire others to do likewise.

  13. Yes Stephen, keeping it simple and living by The Way of the Livingness, creates a solid inner foundation that supports us to remain ever aware and vigilant of terrible world events and abuses, but not be consumed by them. By practising The Gentle Breath Meditation and following set daily routines and rhythms, I can remain steady within, the focus being my inner quality and what i bring to the world

  14. No matter how we live our lives with our values and beliefs, when the truth is presented it is felt in every part of our body, We may not admit it, but it is still felt. Serge Benhayon has shown us that it has been there and we should all express the love that lies within.

  15. “Everyone is equal and we are all from the same source!” With these truth-filled words making up the first sentence of this great blog, I looked forward to reading on, and definitely wasn’t disappointed. Just imagine if this was a part of a manual for life which everyone was introduced to as a child, what a different world we would live in. Just knowing that we are all equal for a start, would definitely begin to turn our lives around, as in this world very few live with this knowing, and so individuality is the name of the game.

  16. I agree with you 100%. When we bring it all back to ourselves, how we live, it is so simple, and that is the place we almost always want to avoid.

  17. I agree with you Stephen when you say
    “There should be no worshipping of Serge Benhayon, but it certainly pays off to have a listen in to the wisdom he is sharing.”
    There is no ‘One’ we are the ‘One’ and it is only through self-love and self-responsibility that we will get ourselves up and out of the gross corruption we have created.
    By clearing up my own mess by taking the advice of Serge Benhayon and putting it to the test my life has completely changed for the better. So my feeling is if we were all willing to take that step of self-responsibility then we would see a positive change occurring which would not be a day too soon. After all we as a race of human-beings have made our world the corrupt place it is today so it stands to reason we have to clear the corruption up. Or, are we waiting for God to wave a magic wand and clear the corruption up for us?

  18. Facts are valuable in one sense as they reflect what is true however facts can become knowledge unless they are lived and experienced first-hand. In our lives we, every day, have the opportunity to live the love we are, the love that represents us and unifies us all. The choices we make impacts us all and it is our willingness to be aware and honest about how we are living in our everyday lives, the degree of life we are choosing to live in honor of that we can make the necessary changes that supports us all to evolve and deepen our livingness with love.

  19. Besides the all-encompassing platform of deep equality, there are many others people choose for standing on. Most of them are in conflict with the all-encompassing one. This is just a reflection of how alienated we are of our own essence and how precise our movements of alienation are.

    1. But all is not lost Eduardo because flowing through us at all times no matter what platform we stand on is the love of God and the particles in our body respond to this loving flow that is a fact of the universe. So whether we are in complete resistance or not we will all evolve it feels to me that even the delay tactics that have been used are not working any more as more and more human-beings wake up from the self imposed stupor we have been living in.

  20. “Life itself is Medicine”, because every day we get to see through reflections what we are putting out and what we are excepting and allowing through our interactions with people and the world. Even asking myself just now after sending a text, why do I feel this way, is medicine as I can potentially put a stop to a way of expressing that is not me.

  21. Choosing to live in a way where we know without a doubt that “Life is Medicine” has for me, turned my life which was often a struggle and full of exhaustion and illness, right around. Now I know that every single thing I do in every single moment has an effect on the quality of my life, not just for me but for everyone I come into contact with. This amazing knowing is life-changing and comes with the awareness that the consequences, the ripples, of my choices, love-filled or love-less, are totally my responsibility.

    1. Yes… becoming more aware that I do actually have a choice in how I respond to everything, has been life changing for me, too. It means we’re not condemned by our past choices; that each moment is a new offering to choose differently, to reset and reestablish the quality of the next.

    2. Through the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom, we have been blessed with profound truths. To know that how we are affects, not just ourselves but, every other human being brings us to a halt and makes us super aware of how we live and move. Anything less than love causes harm to self and others.

  22. What is interesting Stephen is the quote reference where 62 billionaires represent 50% of the world’s wealth… This is such a surreal statistic but… It does show us the way that true change for humanity will only come from each individual choosing to start to live in a way that reflects conscious presence and conscious choice… It is not going to come through the conglomerates that own so much of our media and communication and legal systems.

    1. Hear hear Ariana – inspiring to witness and feel how this is possible for us all to live in our everyday lives and be reminded that this is our innate way of being and our purpose for being here.

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