Every Part Matters – Supporting Our Whole Body

Our body is made of many different parts and every part is naturally connected to all the others. It is not an option for each one to work in isolation and to not always be working together in precise synchronicity with all the other parts. So if one part is not supported, then the whole body is affected in some way, shape or form. Much like an orchestra playing together, one out-of-tune sound affects the whole piece being played.

It is a great understanding to have, to know that each organ, every muscle, the quality of our breath, every bodily system, even down to our cells and particles, plays a significant part in the whole – to either leave us feeling vital or depleted.

If we choose to not be present in our body, to not feel unity and be aware of the interconnectedness, then we can cause harm to ourselves. When we are present with ourselves we are able to take the care of our body in a way that allows each part to be everything it was designed to be… and thus US being everything we were designed to be in life.

So how does this play out in the practicality of our days? Let’s imagine a simple everyday situation like cutting vegetables for dinner. It is possible to do this one task in two very different ways:

One way… we can place all the importance and focus being directed only to the active part of the hand holding the knife while chopping the vegetables and forgetting the rest of the body. Perhaps in this scenario the head is leaning forward, the back slouching, the legs standing unevenly, and the mind being distracted and thinking of something unrelated. This activity is being done without an awareness of the rest of the body and a collaboration of the mind with it, which results in adding more strain on the hand, making it work in isolation. As the other parts are somewhat forgotten, they can end up in pain or tension from being in a poor posture or misalignment.

Second way… when we allow ourselves to feel our body, keep our mind with what our body is doing, we are then able to be aware of how we need to adjust our body and its parts to support the whole. It is easy to see that if we are consciously present, standing with our feet, our legs, our back, our hips and our head in a good even posture, keeping our mind also with the task at hand while cutting the vegetables, then the whole body remains supported and balanced with every part working together. Every part of the body is able to do its part, supporting the other parts in the activity, leaving the body in no way compromised or harmed.

When we work in this way the activity is not an effort, but something enjoyable that offers more energy to us because we have been present while doing it, therefore not draining ourselves by exerting extra energy than needed. The interesting thing is, it actually takes less energy to be aware, present and to support ourselves. It doesn’t add to the list or chores we do in our day, yet many of us seem to choose something similar to the first scenario in our daily activities. Is it any wonder humanity is so exhausted?

When we are aware, present and with ourselves in full, knowing every part matters, then we can clearly feel how we best need to support each part of our body. Activities do not become draining but offer the body a vitalised feeling.

When every part of the body is honoured, the body feels fully supported and able to do its purpose.

And when the body feels supported, it says, “What’s next? I’m ready for that!”

By Amparo Lorente, Special Needs Educator, Bachelor of Social Work, Social Educator Qualified, Master’s degree in Music Therapy, Complementary Health-Esoteric Practitioner & Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Certificate of Early Childhood Education, Complementary Health – Esoteric Practitioner, Student of Counselling Diploma

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401 thoughts on “Every Part Matters – Supporting Our Whole Body

  1. It is amazing how our whole body works in synchronicity – the intricacies of homeostasis are something to really appreciate! And so our whole body certainly is worth appreciating and valuing for the innate intelligence that it naturally aligns with and the more we can bring our awareness back to the whole of us rather than letting our mind run isolated the more harmony we can bring to our lives.

  2. There is a deep wisdom underlying this article that has the potential and the power to re-configure society in many ways, from how we treat our own bodies to how we, as a microcosm of society relate to each other.

  3. Wow, to not only see the body as a supportive whole in terms of every organ and blood vessel, but also every muscle cell, bone cell and connective tissue. I imagine walking in this connection and how sometimes we favour certain sides over our body than others and adopt postures which we are familiar with. This im of course is coming from the configuration of energy in our bodies which impulses the physical cells, it’s quite amazing.

  4. “When we are aware, present and with ourselves in full, knowing every part matters, then we can clearly feel how we best need to support each part of our body.” Very true Amparo. Staying more present with all parts of my body on my daily walk is having a knock-on effect on my daily life.

  5. “Our body is made of many different parts and every part is naturally connected to all the others. It is not an option for each one to work in isolation and to not always be working together ….” AS science learns more about our interconnectedness maybe one day we will be treated as whole people by orthodox medicine rather than isolated into parts. When nursing it wasn’t uncommon for people with many ailments to see a variety of different specialists in various departments – not one liaising with another.

  6. I have discovered that living in parts is not only very exhausting but it often ends up with an injury to some part of my body. It is as simple as thinking of something as I am walking down the steps; a sure recipe for a fall. To live and move in a way that honours all the parts of my wonderful body ensures that it comes to no harm.

  7. When I started to become more aware of my body, I realised how often I stood with my legs unevenly balanced. I was always leaning more to one leg than another, and when I noticed that, I could feel how much pressure I put on one hip. It is great to become more aware of how you are with your body and then you can support it much more. I now stand with the two legs firmly on the ground, even weight distributed.

  8. When we live in the awareness of our body and are wholly present with our movements and flow, it is simply not possible to abuse ourselves and to ignore the Love that we are called to be.

  9. When we are wanting to avoid responsibility we will choose to see only the part/s that we want to see. However life doesn’t work like this, life is whole and hence we are creating our own illusionary reality when we choose to see and deal with life in parts.

  10. It is a challenge to be really present all the time. Our head is in charge with the most of us.
    So we are used to live from that momentum. To change that into a way that is deeply supporting for the body by being present in the body asks us to be very committed to change the pattern. And see it as a learning to be with ourselves again. Very much worth doing so. As if we are more in the body then there is more love able to come through 🙂

  11. Being with our whole body as we move in any way is so worth understanding, when we do we can start to appreciate the amazing difference to how doing any task can transform the mundane or exhausting into inspiring and joyful.

  12. I bought myself an early birthday present which was a set of electric drums and I soon found if I wasn’t aware of my posture at all times when I played it was very tiring and I soon got a sore back. It is very good practice to be aware of all of our body even if we don’t think the other parts are playing such a big roll.

  13. What reminds me here is how we are in a constant building foundation of ignoring or responding to our bodily messages. We often tempt to focus on the next easily without truly accepting, allowing and appreciating all that is already there and have made you come there in the first place..

  14. I know both the one way and second way you have described … having lived most of my life the one way and it being filled with struggle I can wholeheartedly vouch the second way is sooooooo much easier when we allow it .. being present with every single part of us in what we are doing. It feels and is Divine. I love what you shared at the beginning about how our body naturally does not work in isolation to another part of the body this in itself teaches us about brotherhood and the importance of it within families, communities, society and humanity.

  15. Recently taking care of some ailments in my body I get to appreciate that every tension, posture, little pain has a meaning, a history. While I am dealing with the consequences that have manifested physically my ignorance of not having paid attention gets exposed and needs to be carefully looked at.

  16. I really notice the difference when I consider that I’m not just made up of parts, and that my whole body is connected. Simply standing when doing something with my hands can have a positive or negative affect on my back, my neck, legs and shoulders. Something as a simple as leaning to one side rather than sharing the load across both feet makes an enormous difference.

  17. A great article Amparo and Johanna, thank you for sharing, I am becoming more aware of how I am when I am doing the daily tasks of life and after reading your article I can see that a lot of times when I think I am with myself I am actually being in parts I will now put much more focus on whole body experience as I go about my day.

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