Every Part Matters – Supporting Our Whole Body

Our body is made of many different parts and every part is naturally connected to all the others. It is not an option for each one to work in isolation and to not always be working together in precise synchronicity with all the other parts. So if one part is not supported, then the whole body is affected in some way, shape or form. Much like an orchestra playing together, one out-of-tune sound affects the whole piece being played.

It is a great understanding to have, to know that each organ, every muscle, the quality of our breath, every bodily system, even down to our cells and particles, plays a significant part in the whole – to either leave us feeling vital or depleted.

If we choose to not be present in our body, to not feel unity and be aware of the interconnectedness, then we can cause harm to ourselves. When we are present with ourselves we are able to take the care of our body in a way that allows each part to be everything it was designed to be… and thus US being everything we were designed to be in life.

So how does this play out in the practicality of our days? Let’s imagine a simple everyday situation like cutting vegetables for dinner. It is possible to do this one task in two very different ways:

One way… we can place all the importance and focus being directed only to the active part of the hand holding the knife while chopping the vegetables and forgetting the rest of the body. Perhaps in this scenario the head is leaning forward, the back slouching, the legs standing unevenly, and the mind being distracted and thinking of something unrelated. This activity is being done without an awareness of the rest of the body and a collaboration of the mind with it, which results in adding more strain on the hand, making it work in isolation. As the other parts are somewhat forgotten, they can end up in pain or tension from being in a poor posture or misalignment.

Second way… when we allow ourselves to feel our body, keep our mind with what our body is doing, we are then able to be aware of how we need to adjust our body and its parts to support the whole. It is easy to see that if we are consciously present, standing with our feet, our legs, our back, our hips and our head in a good even posture, keeping our mind also with the task at hand while cutting the vegetables, then the whole body remains supported and balanced with every part working together. Every part of the body is able to do its part, supporting the other parts in the activity, leaving the body in no way compromised or harmed.

When we work in this way the activity is not an effort, but something enjoyable that offers more energy to us because we have been present while doing it, therefore not draining ourselves by exerting extra energy than needed. The interesting thing is, it actually takes less energy to be aware, present and to support ourselves. It doesn’t add to the list or chores we do in our day, yet many of us seem to choose something similar to the first scenario in our daily activities. Is it any wonder humanity is so exhausted?

When we are aware, present and with ourselves in full, knowing every part matters, then we can clearly feel how we best need to support each part of our body. Activities do not become draining but offer the body a vitalised feeling.

When every part of the body is honoured, the body feels fully supported and able to do its purpose.

And when the body feels supported, it says, “What’s next? I’m ready for that!”

By Amparo Lorente, Special Needs Educator, Bachelor of Social Work, Social Educator Qualified, Master’s degree in Music Therapy, Complementary Health-Esoteric Practitioner & Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Certificate of Early Childhood Education, Complementary Health – Esoteric Practitioner, Student of Counselling Diploma

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493 thoughts on “Every Part Matters – Supporting Our Whole Body

  1. Maybe this is why my body loves exercise because all of the body is honoured as it is gently stretched so that by the time I have finished the workout program my whole body feels revitalized and is ready to go again.

  2. When we don’t practice conscious presence, we allow another energy to run our body and we exhaust it, let alone that we also allow our body to be run on the energy which is not-love.

  3. I am appreciating far more that it is through our connection and presence with ourselves that we are able to deepen our awareness and our relationship with our whole body which responds the more tender we are in how we hold and nurture ourselves.

  4. Yesterday evening while going to prepare the salad I could feel my body felt tired, and as a result I chose to sit down and support myself while chopping up all that was needed, rather than putting a strain on my back and my legs. It has taken a long time for me to actually honour my body and myself.

  5. I have chopped vegies in both ways and for sure, with the second one I dont end up having to put band-aids on my fingers!

  6. I am very aware these days of my shoulders. It is far too easy to maintain a habit of tensing myself and putting myself in drive to get something done, of carrying bags that are too heavy etc. Just remembering to drop my shoulders when I walk and to clock in every now and again to allow space in my body and say no to heavy bags and pushing to get things done is making a huge difference.

  7. When I compare my body to an orchestra it is obvious that over much of my life there were often several members of the ensemble playing very out of tune and many sometimes missing-in-action. I really wasn’t looking at, and treating, my glorious body as a whole, inter-related organism but one of various and seemingly separated parts. How lovely it is now to appreciate every single part of my body, honouring each part equally and knowing if one part is having an off day another part has to pick up the slack if my body is to function as the harmonious vessel it was designed to be.

  8. ‘When every part of the body is honoured, the body feels fully supported and able to do its purpose.’ Honouring the body is not something that is often talked about or acknowledged. Our Western society has more focus on it looking good and preserving those looks and on pampering it or on intellectually choosing a diet and healthy activity….or not. Very few appreciate their bodies and/or honour them. If we were able to do this consistently what a different world we would live in.

  9. I got to feel recently how energy does affect us all the time even if we say we don’t feel it. I was part of a group that attended a presentation on ‘dark matter’ Black holes in the universe. From what I understood it seems to me that the whole of the universe consists of huge fine filaments of connectivity like a giant sponge and everything is connected which then means we must be connected too as we are part of the universe. But everything in our society would have us believe that we were not connected, which if you stop to think about it cannot be true in any way, shape or form.

  10. I agree it is a great understanding to be aware and appreciate how every part of our body holds a true wisdom that connects to the harmony and flow of the whole. The more we connect to this natural flow and quality the more we are impulsed to choose to lovingly support and nurture ourselves to be able to express and respond more consistently from this quality.

  11. When the body feels supported, it says, “What’s next? I’m ready for that!” I have found it’s so true that the more we support our body, the more it supports us back. When I am really connected I don’t have to think at all about how I go about any activity. My body knows exactly how to move and alerts me as soon as there is any action or posture that will harm it.

  12. Thank you Amparo for your sharing, it reminds me to not just focus on my hands as when cutting vegetables but to bring my attention to how my whole body is feeling, not as in parts but as a beautiful moving whole.

  13. And when we do stay connected with our whole body, it just makes sense that every part matters because intrinsically we are one, and there can be no separation.

  14. Connecting to my body while I was working at my desk, I realised how sore my neck and shoulder were because I had been so focused in my thoughts and my work I forgot to check. Awesome to come across your blog because I started to sit up straight and reconnect to my body just before I read your blog. Brilliant reminder Amparo.

  15. Being more aware of my body helps me to be more aware of the way I am expressing myself and how I’m reacting or responding to life – it’s like it helps flag up for me if I’m holding excess tension somewhere, or if something just feels off in the way I’m approaching something.

  16. I volunteer at the local hospital and I witness the effects of not being in conscious presence with ourselves has on our bodies. The person is checked out and not present with themselves and we call this dementia. And from the statistics given to a group of us at a recent course the figures for Dementia and Alzheimer’s is rising rapidly.

  17. It feels amazing when the whole of me is present. Even when something very upsetting happens, it is not the whole of me that is hurting, but I could act like that is all I have got in that moment. When bringing every part of me to be with myself, there’s alchemy, it allows love back in to see, feel, understand and heal.

  18. I’m learning more and more the importance of being present with my body as if I’m not I get little reminders like bumping my head, going over on my ankle or missing a turn when I am driving resulting in getting stuck in traffic.

  19. Supporting our body is like supporting our life. When we isolate one part it is at the expense of the others.

    1. Very true Elaine, every part of our body is connected, so it doesn’t make sense to isolate any one part. When I am more aware of my body, I am also more aware of my surrounds and the people around me.

  20. It is in the simple everyday things like chopping vegetables that we can let our mind wander and forget about the body, yet these are the times when we need to focus the most, because it is these moments of connecting to our movements that build the foundation for everything else in life. The more I am able to do this the easier life becomes because I no longer allow things to become complicated. It is on going but I love the reflections this offers.

  21. ‘And when the body feels supported, it says, “What’s next? I’m ready for that!”’ That is why ‘all’ we have to do is take super good care of our body 24/7 and the rest will follow.

  22. Reading this blog I was in my own version of scenario one, and now I am in my own version of scenario two – I have placed my feet firmly on the ground, I went to the toilet, I got my glasses, I drank some water and moved my laptop closer to type. An interesting exercise and reminder to treat my body as a whole.

  23. I can tell by the quality of my sleep if I was with myself the day before. These markers help me in my day to stop to feel have I gone into my head to get the work done, or was I with myself? What was the quality of my day? I have come to my own understanding that everything matters and I know that the more time I spend in the quality of me the more restful and rejuvenating my sleep will be.

  24. As you demonstrate so well with your cutting vegetables example, when we are fully present with every part of our body any “activity is not an effort”. In fact, it is actually very easy and flows smoothly. The example is also such a great one because one moment of inattention can bring many moments of pain if the knife were to slip, with the pain from a cut finger radiating throughout every other part of the body.

  25. When you look at the workings of a time piece there are so many moving parts. Yet they are inter-connected, and nothing works without their fluid movement together. I am sure one day we will wake up and realise this is how we need to live with one another.

  26. Being present in the body is not always easy as thought always wants to distract us. It needs a very solid focus to not fall for any entertainment coming from the mind. Why? Being in the body/ being present with whatever we do is superpowerful, it supports us in our authority and helps enormous to not get affect from whatever goes on outside of you.

  27. I am sitting here with a body that has not been honoured today and feels abused,tired and sore, your blog is a great reminder to stay focussed and to do the physical work I am in with my whole body as I know and feel every part matters.

  28. This is a great little reminder, thank you Amparo and Johanna. I found myself straighten my back, pull my chin in and enjoy the dance of my fingers on the keyboard after reading your sharing.

    1. Small adjustments make so much difference! I tune in a lot in my posture during the day for example, or how I walk, if my face is surrendered etc etc. Only these tiny moments bring me back to a still place in me, where I get remembered what is the truth in me and that the quality is first before any function and end result.

      1. Beautiful Stefanie! Yes, it is great to always come back to the quality of our movements as this is of utmost importance.

  29. When I look at the medical system we have at this moment in time it is obvious that each part of our body is being looked at in separation. We have bone specialists, skin specialists, eye specialists and so on, which of course is necessary, but in my experience the total focus is on this one part of the body and not in relation to the whole body. And it is the whole body that enhouses the essence of who we are, so it is the whole body that ought to be the focus of our care.

  30. I wonder why it is we look after our cars seemingly better than we look after ourselves. The moment we see the engine warning light flash up on the dashboard we know to stop and check with the garage if it is still safe to drive or do we need to call for a tow to the nearest garage. Our bodies also give us warning signs and how often do we ignore them and carry on regardless. With the huge rise in illness and disease I would say we are ignoring the signals we are given until it reaches a crisis point and we are stopped in our tracks so to say.

    1. That is an interesting question Mary! I often pondered about that phenomenon. Maybe it would change if we as human beings would have to pay in money form immediately when we get sick. We would not allow ourself to get sick and would listen much more to signs I guess.

  31. Feeling my posture and adjusting every so often – even the smallest ways like tilt of the head or adjustment of my spine/back/shoulders/fingers are really supportive in staying focussed with whatever it is I might be doing – at the desk, at the sink, at the cooker…

  32. I understand why I am so tired at times, when I look back I have not been fully with my body, my mind has been off somewhere while my body is going it alone.

  33. Reading this blog reminds me of a time when I was interested in learning to become a pilot and I was using a computer flight simulator with all the aircraft controls for almost two hours straight. Only when we were finished with the training and I went to get up did I feel all the soreness in my lower back, tension in my forearms and a creaky neck and upper back. It’s like I had completely shut off from feeling my body while I was focusing my mind so intently on flying the airplane in the simulator which took a lot of concentration. This was a bit of a wake-up call for me, as it showed just how much we can disconnect and actually abuse our body when we are really living from our head and not staying connected to our body.

  34. Honouring every part of our body by listening to the wisdom it is communicating and moving in a way that lovingly supports us ensures our whole body responds accordingly with our entire being.

  35. To put our bodies in full of any activity with the mind aligned to what the whole is doing is just a delight. We often think it takes energy to do things in full, with the whole of our body while the opposite is true. Doing things, for example like making the bed with one arm while two are needed to give it all of you, just makes you feel tired and lazy.

  36. I often find that when I am feeling the tension or yuckiness in my body from being in a posture that is tensed and straining my muscles for too long, I am resistent to change it and come back to an elongated position that supports my body. This is because when coming into a more supportive position I have to feel everything and that is not always something that is nice to do yet on the longer term makes me feel much more clear and yummy in my body than when I am stubborn and stay in the tensed posture.

  37. You raise such an important point here, whatever the task, there are 2 ways we can do it, in line with our body or not, and if we do it in line with our body as well as being less tired, we also bring a clear quality of us to what we do, a win win.

  38. Yes this is something we can understand on a whole new level if we take it from being about us and what we get out of life to us and what we can offer life. There is so much available to us when we consider everything as part of the whole, either contributing or depleting. Is our ‘whole’ our own body, our own life, or are we part of a bigger body and bigger plan and does this larger picture ask us to be responsible for our smaller picture as it all either contributes or depletes?

  39. “When every part of the body is honoured, the body feels fully supported and able to do its purpose.” Beautiful Amparo – and so true. Just as with people – everyone of us is needed to make up the whole as we each bring a different part of the puzzle. A jig saw with one piece missing doesn’t cut it.

  40. “When every part of the body is honoured, the body feels fully supported and able to do its purpose.” It is like cooking from a recipe, adding each ingredient as it is needed to support the other to bring together the final dish. Everything marries together perfectly and it goes the same with our bodies, how we move, express and live everyday as one fine vehicle of divine expression.

  41. We are encouraged from young to think with our minds and to forgo our bodies, and I wonder if this is why we can trash our bodies by eating and drinking all the wrong things because we don’t consider our bodies at all until it breaks down with an illness and or disease.

  42. No matter what we are doing, the body is with us. When we are aware of that, and in tune with it, what we are doing is imprinted with that.

  43. Such simple medicine! I am certainly going to take a good dose of conscience presence today as part of supporting and loving me to be all of me!

  44. When something begins to feel like a chore it is time to ask ourselves “Am I with my body?” and chances are we are not. We have disconnected and have begun to put ourselves under stress or strain.

  45. “When every part of the body is honoured, the body feels fully supported and able to do its purpose.” To honour the amazing vessel that is our body by choosing to work in harmony with it is the difference between a life that flows with ease and simplicity and a life that struggles under the weight of challenges and complication.

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