Every Part Matters – Supporting Our Whole Body

Our body is made of many different parts and every part is naturally connected to all the others. It is not an option for each one to work in isolation and to not always be working together in precise synchronicity with all the other parts. So if one part is not supported, then the whole body is affected in some way, shape or form. Much like an orchestra playing together, one out-of-tune sound affects the whole piece being played.

It is a great understanding to have, to know that each organ, every muscle, the quality of our breath, every bodily system, even down to our cells and particles, plays a significant part in the whole – to either leave us feeling vital or depleted.

If we choose to not be present in our body, to not feel unity and be aware of the interconnectedness, then we can cause harm to ourselves. When we are present with ourselves we are able to take the care of our body in a way that allows each part to be everything it was designed to be… and thus US being everything we were designed to be in life.

So how does this play out in the practicality of our days? Let’s imagine a simple everyday situation like cutting vegetables for dinner. It is possible to do this one task in two very different ways:

One way… we can place all the importance and focus being directed only to the active part of the hand holding the knife while chopping the vegetables and forgetting the rest of the body. Perhaps in this scenario the head is leaning forward, the back slouching, the legs standing unevenly, and the mind being distracted and thinking of something unrelated. This activity is being done without an awareness of the rest of the body and a collaboration of the mind with it, which results in adding more strain on the hand, making it work in isolation. As the other parts are somewhat forgotten, they can end up in pain or tension from being in a poor posture or misalignment.

Second way… when we allow ourselves to feel our body, keep our mind with what our body is doing, we are then able to be aware of how we need to adjust our body and its parts to support the whole. It is easy to see that if we are consciously present, standing with our feet, our legs, our back, our hips and our head in a good even posture, keeping our mind also with the task at hand while cutting the vegetables, then the whole body remains supported and balanced with every part working together. Every part of the body is able to do its part, supporting the other parts in the activity, leaving the body in no way compromised or harmed.

When we work in this way the activity is not an effort, but something enjoyable that offers more energy to us because we have been present while doing it, therefore not draining ourselves by exerting extra energy than needed. The interesting thing is, it actually takes less energy to be aware, present and to support ourselves. It doesn’t add to the list or chores we do in our day, yet many of us seem to choose something similar to the first scenario in our daily activities. Is it any wonder humanity is so exhausted?

When we are aware, present and with ourselves in full, knowing every part matters, then we can clearly feel how we best need to support each part of our body. Activities do not become draining but offer the body a vitalised feeling.

When every part of the body is honoured, the body feels fully supported and able to do its purpose.

And when the body feels supported, it says, “What’s next? I’m ready for that!”

By Amparo Lorente, Special Needs Educator, Bachelor of Social Work, Social Educator Qualified, Master’s degree in Music Therapy, Complementary Health-Esoteric Practitioner & Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education (Major Special Needs, Minor Psychology), Certificate of Early Childhood Education, Complementary Health – Esoteric Practitioner, Student of Counselling Diploma

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536 thoughts on “Every Part Matters – Supporting Our Whole Body

  1. It makes sense how musculoskeletal injuries occur, as we may be subtly injuring parts of our body repeatedly over time because we are unaware of our posture or the way we use our body, and then feel surprised when we are diagnosed with a painful acute or chronic condition.

  2. I had an amazing experience a while back where I was cracking eggs and as my mind drifted the rest of my body moved in slow motion. Once I realised and came back to the moment I was able to return to a sensible speed with the task. Makes me wonder are we living in slow-motion or fast forward rather than at the speed that we are designed to be in?

  3. I have found that when I am able to be present with my whole body as I go about my day then I am more aware of what my body needs and how to respond, and I am also able to set the quality of how I am in each moment. Once I skip moments I skip me, as well as the opportunities to be love that each moment offers.

    1. Also skips do not handle big waves so well but once connected to the Soul-full-flotilla that is available it broadens our horizons and even the biggest wave is taken in our stride.

  4. Not being present in the moment also leaves us wide open to knee-jerk reactions that often drain us super quick. Whereas being present we can respond to a situation without a heavily emotional response OR even respond before the situation has even occurred. I love that being prepared feeling and being present helps with this.

  5. As everything is a an energy or a vibration ,when we align ourselves to True energy and thus “fully supported” by our essences we can then stay in tune with how our body vibrates from a True energy.

  6. No importance has ever been placed on being present while doing something, taking into account the whole body. The way that impacts the quality of work produced doesn’t get spoken about & we just go on in our lives pretending like we don’t know or like it doesn’t matter. The first time I heard it, it didn’t quite make sense – I couldn’t make the connection. But the more I see it play out, the more I realise that the difference is so evident: when I do things and take into account the whole body, the end result has this majestic feel, like the job done is out of this world. If not, the job is still done, but it just looks normal – very much a part of this world.

    1. This is great I love how you have opened and explored Viktoria, as with everything we understand that a job that is well done comes with the appreciation of self and also of other’s ,as we understand that we are beings of essence first and foremost.

      1. We can only understand that through our own experience, it is difficult for somebody to show us if it has not flown through our body.

    2. Could it be that we appreciate another for their connection to their essences and that their ability to connect to as much as possible is not for us to Judge but simply to reflect the appreciation we are living. As appreciation is nothing more than understanding we are more than this physical vessel.

    3. Thanks Viktoria, great comment, I especially liked “when I do things and take into account the whole body, the end result has this majestic feel, like the job done is out of this world. If not, the job is still done, but it just looks normal – very much a part of this world.” This brings greater purpose to being present knowing what we can offer.

  7. “The interesting thing is, it actually takes less energy to be aware, present and to support ourselves.” Amparo that is really an interesting thing to know and also to try it out as to work in such a way seem to be a great joy as well!

  8. Multi tasking is one of the most exhausting things for us to do and yet we tend to do this a lot of the time. We can be doing one thing and yet the head/mind is thinking of another thing so in fact we are not really there doing either thing and yet we are asking the body to do two different things at the same time! Crazy really…
    And so I have found that the more focused I am with any task I do, and particularly with the focus being on how I do it (the quality of how I do it) then the deeper the quality that I can bring to that task and the less I get depleted in energy and the more I feel energised and less scattered too!

    1. But many of us multi-task all the time, for example even when writing a reply to your comment my mind was actually thinking of something else and I had to really refocus on the task at hand. And so if we do not bring awareness to our actions we could be disconnected all day from our bodies using just our minds instead.

    2. I don’t think it is just multi tasking, it’s also multi being with all those roles and facades we take on – doubly exhausting!

  9. We are so used to operating just from the head and leaving out the body, and yet the most ‘powerful’ of experiences can come to us when we use the head in conjunction with the whole body – this has time and time again been my experience and yet I still often forget to tune into the whole rather than just the part and so each time is a learning for me which is super valuable.

  10. The greater awareness beings the greater harmony – to our body, as an individual as well as a collective.

  11. When we take care our our bodies, we prepare them for greater levels of service, responsibility and capacity to love: setting a steady and solid foundation that is ready for whatever is next.

  12. I love the way my body communicates and for this reason conscious presence is very dear to me. When I feel something come up in the body I can choose to stay with it, give some understanding to it, and feel how that conversation can often change the way the body then presents. It’s a beautiful language to converse in!

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