Self-Doubt, Ostriches and Clairsentience

Have you ever found yourself aware of things that you had no ‘logical’ way of knowing? For many years my reaction to my ability to know things caused me a lot of anxiety. When I found my way to Serge Benhayon, I had spent a lifetime trying to shut my ‘knowing’ down. Thanks to Serge, I now have a name and a new understanding for the things I have been able to feel under the surface of life – Clairsentience.

Clairsentience as I now understand it, is simply our ability to read what is really going on. It is the really bad feeling about a stranger for no apparent reason, the ability to see through the games people play and the strong feeling we get to do something out of the ordinary that only makes sense later. Clairsentience is as useful as it is confronting, as it asks us to be aware of not only exactly what is happening, but why it is happening too.

Self-doubt goes hand in hand with denying my own clairsentience. I have made many mistakes in my life, but when I examine these errors of judgment closely I get the sense that the biggest ‘ouch’ of all is the fact that I could read what was really going on all along. When a relationship ended I was shocked and deeply sad… but the writing had been on the wall from day one. When I was ripped off in a foreign country, the thing that really got to me was the fact that I had handed over my cash even though I felt things were not right.

Why do I doubt myself? The first thing that stands out for me is the fact that I want the truth to be different from what it is. I wanted my boyfriend and I to live happily ever after. I wanted to live in a world where people don’t rip each other off. And here’s the clincher… I wanted to make unloving choices without having to face the consequences.

It’s come to my attention that there are many aspects of the way the world is currently operating that I react to; things like war, cyber bullying, human trafficking, animal cruelty, corruption, paedophilia, addiction and depression… I could go on for pages. When I choose to react, shut down and stop reading what is really going on, I become a not so innocent bystander, looking on and doing nothing to address the current state of things.

And that’s just the big stuff. The everyday stuff is even worse in a way. We sense it when someone betrays us; we know when someone speaks our name in an unloving way. We can feel the sadness expressed in the movements of strangers at the supermarket and in the vacant eyes of people we see in our social media feeds. And what have I used to avoid feeling the devastation we are in as a collective human population? Self-doubt.

So why do I choose self-doubt over my natural clairsentience? Effectively, self-doubt is a choice to ‘put my head in the sand’ like the proverbial ostrich. I’m not actually sure what would happen to an ostrich if it used this as a defence mechanism, but I’m certain it wouldn’t be pretty or particularly safe.

Incidentally, I looked this up and ostriches don’t respond to danger in this way at all. In fact, when danger comes their way they hightail it out of there. The poor old ostrich is more likely to be looking for pebbles to help digest its last meal; (whether or not the ostrich is trying to dull down its awareness with a meal that needs pebbles in order to be digested, is a matter for another blog). Jokes aside, the animal kingdom often shows us how natural it is to sense the truth. For them, it’s a matter of life and death and they are much better at moving on, letting go and being in the present, once danger passes too.

As I have begun to allow myself to see self-doubt for the choice that it is, it has unravelled itself. I don’t always feel as though I have the answers, but I know they will come to me if I am open to receiving the truth, because clairsentience is natural to me, as it is to each and every one of us.

Our clairsentience will always show us the way home and the truth of who we are. Self-doubt is nothing but a game we play with ourselves, it is not real. It can seem as if I can’t feel what’s true at times, but if I connect to myself, the answers are never far away. I didn’t know that ostriches were much smarter than we give them credit for before I wrote this blog, but I did trust my clairsentience and now I’m another step closer to the truth.

By Leonne Sharkey, Melbourne

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511 thoughts on “Self-Doubt, Ostriches and Clairsentience

  1. Wow Leonne, this is profound.. What a gorgeous truths. Being shared what is so known by us on the surface or more hidden — we known we feel and deeply know within what feels right and wrong. Its time to face it — we are super duper clairsentience if we choose to admit so.

  2. Self-doubt starts to play havoc in order that we lose the connection we have with our clairsentience or inner knowing, it’s like an interference on the radio waves in the communication, when we see it for what it is we can stop feeding our own self-doubt, by simply bringing ourselves back through the gentle breath meditation, and reconnect again.

  3. It seems hard to imagine that we feed ourselves self-doubt, we put it down to lack of self confidence, or our mind running away with the what if scenarios, rather then allowing ourselves to connect to the wisdom we have within, or picking up the messages that are so often clearly sent to us, clearly a choice to be connected or not.

  4. This morning I locked myself out of of the house I was working in, along with other anxiety causing choices that collected in that moment of being outside in my slippers. I could have beaten myself up about everything but I asked “What energy set this up?” and instantly I knew what energy and why this had happened. I felt empowered to not give myself a hard time but instead treat it as a lesson. If I had gone into doubt things would have been much worse.

  5. I am forever amazed that when you speak to people about the type of ‘knowings’ you have shared, how they always have stories of their own, although they don’t have a name for what they experienced. I was in conversation with a group of women yesterday and when I shared that this knowing was in fact their clairsentience, no one baulked at the word, in fact they all knew exactly what I was talking about.

  6. Over the last few years I have come to trust my clairsentience like I have never done before but all that unravelled a few weeks ago. I was offered a small part time job and even though I instantly felt it could be a distraction from what was unfolding in my life, I allowed the lure of the money to override my sixth sense. Four weeks on the truth of my knowing was revealed and I have now ended the job. I know I could say that I learned a lot in the process but the simple truth is I didn’t trust a sense that is simply and undeniably my most truest compass through life.

  7. I agree Leonne if we connect to ourselves the answers are never far away. The body holds a true wisdom that truly supports us when we allow it to guide us and show us the way.

  8. When I am playing the game of self doubt, I am avoiding the truth of how things truly are and what my responsibilities in life are.

  9. That something so beautiful lies dormant in every single person on the surface seems to be the stuff of science fiction and yet, as Leonne writes, it is accessible for everyone of us, and can transform everyone of our lives

  10. What I can feel is how it all comes back to our connection with ourselves. If I am not connected with myself, I can make self-doubt a big enemy and the battle becomes an impossible one to fight; and if I am not connected with myself, what I think I am feeling as my truth is often a reaction tainted by a belief I have been holding onto.

  11. ‘The first thing that stands out for me is the fact that I want the truth to be different from what it is.’
    By not allowing ourselves to really see and feel what is going on in the world we can pretend we are not part of it and we are ‘ok’. To really change anything we have to accept and face what the raw reality is.

  12. Why do we doubt ourselves? Those pictures of how we want things to be or look, it is our investment that puts the blinkers on, and then when whatever we have been investing in does not turn out as we had planned, we are disappointed, but the truth of the matter is we set ourselves up.

  13. I find it so bizarre that a tool as useful as clairsentience is totally ignored or discarded by the majority of the human race, and this definitely is no judgement as I still discount and not trust what I feel far too often.

    1. It’s how we feel or think about what we are sensing that we then either judge for being wrong or discerned for the truth that is being presented for everyone to benefit from.

  14. ‘I wanted to make unloving choices without having to face the consequences’. Love the raw honesty here, for how many of us hold the notion that we can get away with things because we are behind four walls. Truth is the body pays for all our unloving choices, hence why reason for illness and sickness.

  15. Self doubt is a ploy I have used to not move on, to not open up and to not express what I am actually feeling. I realised the other day how that is beginning to change as I accept what I am first feeling in my body is my truth, the self doubting then has no where to go.

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