Self-Doubt, Ostriches and Clairsentience

Have you ever found yourself aware of things that you had no ‘logical’ way of knowing? For many years my reaction to my ability to know things caused me a lot of anxiety. When I found my way to Serge Benhayon, I had spent a lifetime trying to shut my ‘knowing’ down. Thanks to Serge, I now have a name and a new understanding for the things I have been able to feel under the surface of life – Clairsentience.

Clairsentience as I now understand it, is simply our ability to read what is really going on. It is the really bad feeling about a stranger for no apparent reason, the ability to see through the games people play and the strong feeling we get to do something out of the ordinary that only makes sense later. Clairsentience is as useful as it is confronting, as it asks us to be aware of not only exactly what is happening, but why it is happening too.

Self-doubt goes hand in hand with denying my own clairsentience. I have made many mistakes in my life, but when I examine these errors of judgment closely I get the sense that the biggest ‘ouch’ of all is the fact that I could read what was really going on all along. When a relationship ended I was shocked and deeply sad… but the writing had been on the wall from day one. When I was ripped off in a foreign country, the thing that really got to me was the fact that I had handed over my cash even though I felt things were not right.

Why do I doubt myself? The first thing that stands out for me is the fact that I want the truth to be different from what it is. I wanted my boyfriend and I to live happily ever after. I wanted to live in a world where people don’t rip each other off. And here’s the clincher… I wanted to make unloving choices without having to face the consequences.

It’s come to my attention that there are many aspects of the way the world is currently operating that I react to; things like war, cyber bullying, human trafficking, animal cruelty, corruption, paedophilia, addiction and depression… I could go on for pages. When I choose to react, shut down and stop reading what is really going on, I become a not so innocent bystander, looking on and doing nothing to address the current state of things.

And that’s just the big stuff. The everyday stuff is even worse in a way. We sense it when someone betrays us; we know when someone speaks our name in an unloving way. We can feel the sadness expressed in the movements of strangers at the supermarket and in the vacant eyes of people we see in our social media feeds. And what have I used to avoid feeling the devastation we are in as a collective human population? Self-doubt.

So why do I choose self-doubt over my natural clairsentience? Effectively, self-doubt is a choice to ‘put my head in the sand’ like the proverbial ostrich. I’m not actually sure what would happen to an ostrich if it used this as a defence mechanism, but I’m certain it wouldn’t be pretty or particularly safe.

Incidentally, I looked this up and ostriches don’t respond to danger in this way at all. In fact, when danger comes their way they hightail it out of there. The poor old ostrich is more likely to be looking for pebbles to help digest its last meal; (whether or not the ostrich is trying to dull down its awareness with a meal that needs pebbles in order to be digested, is a matter for another blog). Jokes aside, the animal kingdom often shows us how natural it is to sense the truth. For them, it’s a matter of life and death and they are much better at moving on, letting go and being in the present, once danger passes too.

As I have begun to allow myself to see self-doubt for the choice that it is, it has unravelled itself. I don’t always feel as though I have the answers, but I know they will come to me if I am open to receiving the truth, because clairsentience is natural to me, as it is to each and every one of us.

Our clairsentience will always show us the way home and the truth of who we are. Self-doubt is nothing but a game we play with ourselves, it is not real. It can seem as if I can’t feel what’s true at times, but if I connect to myself, the answers are never far away. I didn’t know that ostriches were much smarter than we give them credit for before I wrote this blog, but I did trust my clairsentience and now I’m another step closer to the truth.

By Leonne Sharkey, Melbourne

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489 thoughts on “Self-Doubt, Ostriches and Clairsentience

  1. Yes, so true Leonne. The truth is the truth and it cannot bend or morph just to fit into our ideals and elites about the way it ‘should be’. It is simply the ‘way it is’. Do many of us have shared the position that you speak of here :’The first thing that stands out for me is the fact that I want the truth to be different from what it is’.

    1. Very good point! I’m planning a big event and have been receiving help from many people – if I override what I feel in this process it creates a lot of complication that I then use to fuel self doubt when in fact I have created the issue by overriding my (spot on) feelings in the first place.

  2. What you have said here about self-doubt Leonne shows what a double edged role it plays: ‘So why do I choose self-doubt over my natural clairsentience? Effectively, self-doubt is a choice to ‘put my head in the sand’ like the proverbial ostrich’. Not only does it stop you being connected to your clairsentience but it undermines your own confidence, health and well being, allowing forces that do not belong to you to come into your field. Well said!

  3. I find I’m often clouded by self doubt after I make a mistake or if something’s not gone well, but truthfully in this situation what needs to happen is instead of entertaining these thoughts that destroy me further I need to say: what’s my lesson here? What’s next? How do I move forward in a way that this doesn’t happen again?

    1. Very true Meg. The ridiculous thing I also find is that I take on mistakes that do not not belong to me and then allow much doubt to flood my mind. The truth is that in that moment I have left myself because I have an investment in something, possibly sympathising with another, which does not serve anyone. Reading the situation and discerning whether it is my stuff to heal or whether I am to hold steady simply expressing truth are key.

  4. We are all constantly reading between the lines of what we are observing in everyday life – and when we back what we are feeling that doubt you speak of Leone transforms into clarity and an absolute knowing of what is true, and what is not true.

  5. We can feel everything – and from that, we have a choice to respond or react – and sometimes we react by not wanting to know – but the fact is there is so much more on offer than the physical and we have an opportunity to observe so much.

  6. Yes I agree Leone, the answers are always there.. and I have found the stronger the connection with my body and my essence the less I leave my own knowing and clairsentience and go into doubt.

  7. Self-doubt is not part of our make-up. It is imposed upon us. We are however responsible for letting it in or not.

  8. We like to think we live our life super logically but when you break it down to why you knew to move to that place yesterday or cross the road at that exact time, then it’s clear that we are informed by our feeling senses in a profound way. The interesting part as you show here Leonne is how we ignore and override the bits of information we don’t like. It’s like being given all the answers to an exam then chucking out half because they don’t seem nice. Our Clairsentience is constantly giving us everything we need to know if only we are prepared to receive it in full.

  9. When we stop reading a situation we become part of the situation, making it almost impossible to read it clearly because we are caught up in the reaction or emotion of it. It also at that point then becomes all about us or me as the case may be. Funny how the doubt is all about our self.

  10. Interesting to consider that self-doubt is really a way of avoiding our responsibility to read the situation in front of us because if we read things fully then we know we have to respond to what we are reading.

    1. Yes so true. It is about responsibility for ourselves and our fellow man equally. Understanding how far we have moved away from where we came from, from a body of love that would not consider harming or abusing another means we have to acknowledge we are responsible for those choices. Accepting or even acknowledging that is painful so it is, perhaps considered easier to pretend we don’t know why people do the things we do and live a two dimensional life.

  11. Choosing to read and feel each moment is the marker of responsibility that is avoided like the plague as it gets us real about what we are choosing when we know deep down inside there is more that is harming than healing our development.

  12. Very truthful Leonne; I especially love how you bust the myth of self doubt, I too find that it is not what we think, that it is a choice not to feel the truth of a situation…

    I also appreciate your expose on the big down fall of giving in to reaction…

    I find that it is also true that when I react I shut down to what I do not want to feel and this removes my ability to respond in the way that is needed; reaction is irresponsibility.

  13. Everything is a choice for when we are in self-doubt, have we not chosen self-doubt because it is a great distraction from feeling and reading what is right there in front of us, but the thing is when we don’t read we normally always go into reaction which could have been avoided.

  14. I have areas where I am an ‘ostrich’ and they come around and around again for me to look at and see and go ok I see that I am doing this again and again, it is interesting the way we play this game with ourselves when we can actually simply start living fully present and all things would be complete and attended to. How do I know this? Because I observe with keen interest animals and nature and how they are, they are aligned to a divine order that we too are a part of, but we are not living to.

  15. ‘Clairsentience is as useful as it is confronting, as it asks us to be aware of not only exactly what is happening, but why it is happening too.’ – Surrendering to our truest feelings and observing the process.

  16. Awesome blog Leonne. Our clairsentience is an innate part of who we are. No different to our other senses, it is our Soul’s antenna of what is energetically true and what is not whilst within our human body. Doubt is indeed a choice, a choice to negate our awareness of what we innately feel. I have been exploring just how doubt comes into play when we are offered the opportunity to embody a greater truth, as such a greater responsibility to live that truth, and to respond accordingly with the truth we feel. When we pull doubt in we have pulled in an excuse to not live in response to the truth we are feeling, as such we relinquish the responsibility to live our absolute truth, the truth of us all.

  17. We know, and it can hurt when it’s proven true but what really hurts is when we over-ride our own knowing. And self doubt is how we do so, I’m struck by what is offered here that we may now know something but we can allow ourselves the space to find out, and that’s very different, it’s staying open and allowing ourselves to be in and meet life and see it and ourselves as it is; and knowing that knowing comes through us, we don’t own it, we allow it to come based on our willingness to stay connected with and move our bodies.

  18. It is a complete revelation when we realise that self doubt is something that we call in rather than something that is part and parcel of who we are. If we can choose to have self doubt then we can choose not to have it as well.

    1. That is so true Elizabeth. We decide to not know and doubt. We just need to let go of the attachements and the attention we get, when we don’t know. Because then we are asked to be more…

  19. Clairsentience should be something we talk about naturally because we feel everything and to not discuss this with children creates doubt in their bodies that have far reaching consequences for engaging in life.

  20. Gosh, I can relate to wanting to make choices where I do not suffer the consequences. And we can practice this for some time, by burying our heads in the sand like said ostrich, but…truth does not stay hidden, so whilst we might fool ourselves into believing we’ve gotten away with something…our bodies, being the markers of all truth know and remember and eventually have to discard what does not belong…and how the looks will really depend on how much we’ve chosen to turn a blind eye to.

  21. There is a way of moving and living that surrenders our bodies to the flow of life and what I have discovered is that when I surrender and allow this flow to be there and be open to whatever it is (even if it is not what I am expecting or wanting it to be) then I have less tension, anxiety, doubt and exhaustion in my life.

  22. Clairsentience is a great travel guide… sure it may be one that we are not used to following and so needs a bit more attention, also there are times it may flag something up when the path looks beautiful and inviting… a danger that it can only sense but not yet see. Do we pay attention or head down that alley only to find that we were cheated or lied to further on?

  23. Overriding my feelings with self-doubt is a game I played a lot and can still enter when I am not with myself.l Nevertheless I do know I deliberately choose this energy of self doubt to not act on what I feel so clearly or to not stand out and take responsibility to follow up my super clear feelings.

  24. Why do I doubt myself? I have asked myself this question endless times and what I have found is that the more I bring it to the simplicity of confirming and accepting the joy within me the less chance I have to even entertain something that is not true as I move though life accepting all of who I am in every step of the way.

  25. The only reason we can begin to doubt whether what we are feeling is true or not is because we have been shown by the world that living from such feelings is not the way the world wants us to be. We are not confirmed that what we are feeling deep within is true and this gives us the excuse to doubt such feelings in the first place.

    1. Exactly, we never got confirmed and supported in our innate feeling and knowing as kids. You are more asked what you did instead of what you felt when you are a child. The conditioning starts very young, so that you discard what was actually there to be felt and express.

  26. I love the magic of life, when you go with the flow and trust your own impulses and senses. There is nothing more confirming actually, as wonders and the guidance are appearing in everyday life.

  27. If we actually knew and understood how destructive self-doubt is, we would be instilling from kindergarten on tools to help our children recognize understand and release these destructive patterns… Establishing self-worth for the future lives of all of us

  28. So it really is us humans who stick our head in the sand and not the maligned ostrich which is by all accounts smarter than we are. Ignoring things and wishing for them to be gone has never worked for long and eventually we have to deal with it, with everything in fact – whether we like it or not.

  29. It feels key to be aware that we are sentient beings, to keep developing that awareness, and to not be regretful about the times where we don’t use this sense as we innately can, but instead always be willing to learn and deepen our relationship with the sense that shows us everything.

  30. ‘ Self-doubt is nothing but a game we play with ourselves, it is not real.’ A great point to highlight Leonne, as I played this game for most of my life, but if I had stayed connected to my clairsentience the self-doubt would have no space to enter at all.

  31. I now know when I find myself entertaining self-doubt that it is time to look at where I dropped the ball, learn from it and then to go forward with the intention of ensuring that my movements and living way will not allow for the same situation to arise again.

  32. Self doubt is one of the big issues that I have and many of the human race suffer the same way. I must admit that I have not always looked at why I have let this hold me back in so many areas of my life. From this point on it is a priority for me to learn from this

  33. “I want the truth to be different from what it is” – this is me in a nutshell. I don’t want there to be so many terrible things in the world, I want people to love each other, to stop seeing the outer shell as the definition of someones worth, to see, and hear about some of the terrible things people do to each other and then justify them as settling a score, satisfying some need in themselves at the expense of the other. Yet I cannot change their choice of behaviour and my reaction to it somehow means I am not helping either. Moving and living in a way that offers those in my life a reflection of lived love may just inspire another to see there is another way, that is my responsibility and also my duty as a member of humanity.

  34. “I don’t always feel as though I have the answers, but I know they will come to me if I am open to receiving the truth” Absolutely true. If we let go of the need to control and just surrender into our inner-knowing, we discover we have all the answers to our questions.

  35. Love being reminded that we have access to the answer to every question we have ever had. If the answer is not there when I want it then I can bring understanding to the fact that there is something I am choosing to avoid knowing, accept this and keep working on it until everything becomes clear. I find that commitment is an essential part of this process as the truth does not reveal itself when I avoid things.

  36. And I have to learned to let go immediately of the disappointment I can feel when I have read a situation but not responded with love because of the unwillingness to let go of the momentum I was in from what has happened in the past. But I know the exact situation, maybe with a different person, will come round again for me to master learning to trust what I am reading in the present.

  37. That is a big one for me too, reacting to what I feel because I want the world to be different to what it is. I’m also learning to stay present with me and allow myself to continue to feel, observe and let the world be as it is. I appreciated your line also about staying open as there is more truth to be received.

  38. I have always plagued myself with self-doubt and been really bad at trusting that what I feel is real so getting an understanding of what clairsentience really is has been a much needed change in my life and burying my head in the sand is no longer an option.

  39. For me the choice to put aside clairsentience is done in my attempt to control the world. If I control the world…. it won’t control me…. I have found many flaws in this line of thinking hence why I have chosen to reconnect to my body and explore life from here, and it has been much easier sailing overall.

  40. I can definitely relate to the things, I had no idea of how I knew them! It was when I shed a large part of what I had collected; values, beliefs and pictures that the real magic started. For these things had been filtering my ability to fully in-joy my clairsentience. Every day is now a new adventure.

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