Re-Connecting to Universal Intelligence

This morning on my walk, as I was heading up the hill, I started to feel a little strained in my muscles and light-headed. I then naturally backed off and slowed down. Then a few moments later, I paused to reflect and appreciate what I had just chosen.

My incentive in the past when going on a walk consisted of the idea to get fit and often I’d have been driven to power and push through with this goal in mind. In doing this I was pushing through the limits of what my body was capable of and actually making myself exhausted and physically doing a bit of damage on some level. What’s intelligent about any of that?

This morning on my walk however, I was listening to the signals my body was giving me, which was that I absolutely needed movement and activity, but gentle movement and activity.

So as I continued on my walk, the appreciation was of the connection I have built over the years listening to my body and what it is saying. This to me is connecting to whole body intelligence – an understanding that the body knows what it needs, greater than any advice or research finding.

When I listen to my body and the messages, intelligence and wisdom it has to offer, I sense I am connecting to a grander picture of where that source of intelligence is coming from. Yes, it is me who is feeling it, but that intelligence is re-connecting to something which is universal.

I can see nature connects to this too. For example, I’ve always marveled at how a flock of migrating birds always has a certain formation with a lead bird at the front. When that bird needs to rest, another will replace it – and at the same time one falls back, another comes forward. How do they communicate that? – there’s no mobiles or two-way radios – but the message is communicated. It is this same source of intelligence humans have access to also.

Another way to demonstrate this is through my job, which is teaching. I completed the teaching component of my degree twenty-five years after studying the content of the subject. So when I first came to teaching, catching up on all the content felt overwhelming and I was almost overtaken with the anxiety of feeling not good enough or knowing enough.

But then I began to discover in many teaching moments that I would present some amazing info, which surprised me and I would think, where did that come from, how do I know that? It appeared I actually innately knew an awful lot about what I taught. The content of this delivery was not so much the recall of dates or names but would be of a deep and profound wisdom, always relating to the subject and content. I find students listen more intently when I speak from this perspective, and my whole voice and body feels like it is speaking from authority – whereas when I recall dates and people or read from a book, it is not as engaging for the students and my voice sounds different. I still need to learn and know the dates, figures, texts and grammar, but overall I naturally am able to convey the deep understandings which are required within all the teaching units – and within these teachings are some of the truest and most intelligent offerings my teaching has to deliver. So I began to learn to trust and surrender to the anxiety and teaching started to become far more enjoyable, as it became a natural expression.

How often do we give our power over to information and research; to institutions?

There is incredible intelligence in our bodies: no effort, professors, subscriptions or library cards needed – just a connection and a willingness to listen.

As I have deepened my connection with my body, and the relationship with my innate knowing and intelligence, I have experienced some profound effects in my life.

One of them is my inner confidence. I now know that if I feel something, it is valid and I listen. Trusting myself has had a profound impact on my self-confidence and the quality of how I feel towards myself has helped me to actually value, like and love me – and I now validate myself continuously by honoring what I feel. This has brought about a very precious and loving self-relationship that is sacred to me and delivers me a true inner confidence.

I feel equipped and have reduced anxiety as I trust my body will deliver me all I need as I walk through the many scenarios and situations in my life. Compared to the anxiousness and doubt with which I used to lead my life, this universal, whole body intelligence I am connecting to, feels amazing.

By Gina Dunlop

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606 thoughts on “Re-Connecting to Universal Intelligence

  1. I just read another blog about anxiety and how it is a way that our bodies show us that we are not in connection to ourselves. This blog is saying the same – connection is key. And that connection is a loving work in progress for us humans. One that we need to keep returning to over and over and over again as we live in a world that prefers us disconnected.

  2. Trusting and listening to our inner knowing is something so important to be aware of, and how blessed your pupils are to have you as nothing in our education system fosters this very precious forever life supporting connection.

  3. Great sharing, I absolutely can recognize this from my sales consultancy work: when I am connected to me, when I am in my body I can deliver incredibly powerful messages, which is then exactly what is needed to be said to realize a next step, a big transition or a breakthrough. That is also universal intelligence in action.

  4. Our whole body intelligence is so ready for us – awaiting to be re-connected to and lived. It’s so beautiful to start allowing more of that power in your body as this intelligence does not come from the mind, it incorporates our whole body – it comes from within.

  5. Giving our power away has never worked and never will.The more we become aware of when and how we do this and the more we grow that inner confidence that comes from being present in our bodies the more we can claim our power and live it.

  6. Beautiful to feel your connection to yourself and the greater ability you have acquired through that connection, to present as a teacher with a natural flow, not regurgitating knowledge and dates, but by sharing what is needed on the subject which keeps students interested, and keen to know more.

  7. Institutions thrive off the fact that people give their power away to them. Stand in our power and lets see what happens to most institutions in the world.

  8. So so simple, and yet I pretend its practically impossible. To simply listen to what my body is saying, to feel what is going on around me. That information is the universe speaking to me – am I listening?

  9. When we let go of our pictures of how it ‘should be’ or ‘could be’, we are able to remain very present with the ‘way it is’ and we can then move in honour to this.

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