Re-Connecting to Universal Intelligence

This morning on my walk, as I was heading up the hill, I started to feel a little strained in my muscles and light-headed. I then naturally backed off and slowed down. Then a few moments later, I paused to reflect and appreciate what I had just chosen.

My incentive in the past when going on a walk consisted of the idea to get fit and often I’d have been driven to power and push through with this goal in mind. In doing this I was pushing through the limits of what my body was capable of and actually making myself exhausted and physically doing a bit of damage on some level. What’s intelligent about any of that?

This morning on my walk however, I was listening to the signals my body was giving me, which was that I absolutely needed movement and activity, but gentle movement and activity.

So as I continued on my walk, the appreciation was of the connection I have built over the years listening to my body and what it is saying. This to me is connecting to whole body intelligence – an understanding that the body knows what it needs, greater than any advice or research finding.

When I listen to my body and the messages, intelligence and wisdom it has to offer, I sense I am connecting to a grander picture of where that source of intelligence is coming from. Yes, it is me who is feeling it, but that intelligence is re-connecting to something which is universal.

I can see nature connects to this too. For example, I’ve always marveled at how a flock of migrating birds always has a certain formation with a lead bird at the front. When that bird needs to rest, another will replace it – and at the same time one falls back, another comes forward. How do they communicate that? – there’s no mobiles or two-way radios – but the message is communicated. It is this same source of intelligence humans have access to also.

Another way to demonstrate this is through my job, which is teaching. I completed the teaching component of my degree twenty-five years after studying the content of the subject. So when I first came to teaching, catching up on all the content felt overwhelming and I was almost overtaken with the anxiety of feeling not good enough or knowing enough.

But then I began to discover in many teaching moments that I would present some amazing info, which surprised me and I would think, where did that come from, how do I know that? It appeared I actually innately knew an awful lot about what I taught. The content of this delivery was not so much the recall of dates or names but would be of a deep and profound wisdom, always relating to the subject and content. I find students listen more intently when I speak from this perspective, and my whole voice and body feels like it is speaking from authority – whereas when I recall dates and people or read from a book, it is not as engaging for the students and my voice sounds different. I still need to learn and know the dates, figures, texts and grammar, but overall I naturally am able to convey the deep understandings which are required within all the teaching units – and within these teachings are some of the truest and most intelligent offerings my teaching has to deliver. So I began to learn to trust and surrender to the anxiety and teaching started to become far more enjoyable, as it became a natural expression.

How often do we give our power over to information and research; to institutions?

There is incredible intelligence in our bodies: no effort, professors, subscriptions or library cards needed – just a connection and a willingness to listen.

As I have deepened my connection with my body, and the relationship with my innate knowing and intelligence, I have experienced some profound effects in my life.

One of them is my inner confidence. I now know that if I feel something, it is valid and I listen. Trusting myself has had a profound impact on my self-confidence and the quality of how I feel towards myself has helped me to actually value, like and love me – and I now validate myself continuously by honoring what I feel. This has brought about a very precious and loving self-relationship that is sacred to me and delivers me a true inner confidence.

I feel equipped and have reduced anxiety as I trust my body will deliver me all I need as I walk through the many scenarios and situations in my life. Compared to the anxiousness and doubt with which I used to lead my life, this universal, whole body intelligence I am connecting to, feels amazing.

By Gina Dunlop

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574 thoughts on “Re-Connecting to Universal Intelligence

  1. How amazing it is to have 24/7 access to a universal intelligence that not only deeply connects us to who we are from our essence but then connects us to all people, animals and nature’s wonder all from the vehicle in which we express everyday: our body. A glorious resource of wisdom we have the opportunity to listen, move and appreciate everyday.

  2. It’s in the little moments that make the most difference, I have just started to listen and take action more when my body speaks, it is in the little things that make all the difference – really simple stuff like going to toilet when I need to and not holding on or wearing that extra pair of socks on a cold day. This simple little things are turning into being quite profound for me.

  3. Today my body is asking me to be very tender and fragile with myself. If I were to go against the wisdom of my body right now it would be very harming for my body and my being.

  4. A great article Gina on whole body intelligence, it is amazing the power and wisdom held within our bodies waiting to be connected to, when we trust what our body reveales it is a huge step in developing our self confidence and value.

  5. Feeling equipped to handle what ever is in front of us is incredibly powerful and allows us to come with an authority and clarity that people can hear and want to listen to. I have found that this comes from being present and not going into overwhelm, and allow myself to surrender to what at the time may feel challenging or out of my depth. I know when I do this magic takes place and like you Gina I find a depth and wisdom that I am able to connect to and then express from.

  6. I know those moments which you speak of here, Gina, how the knowledge being presented is surprising and it’s just magic, you are expressing from another place and it feels both so natural and at the same time strange … in the lead up to those moments I feel a letting go, that it’s about how I am in how I move, how I am with my body, there’s a surrender to something greater and the words are there. I’m learning that it’s about a surrender to honouring where I feel in my body, that there’s an innate wisdom I can connect to if I live in a way that allows it and that way starts with living connected to and honouring my body.

  7. When an innate wisdom comes through us, not only does the other\others get a blessing but we are blessed as well, we also get to learn something new .

  8. ‘There is incredible intelligence in our bodies: no effort, professors, subscriptions or library cards needed – just a connection and a willingness to listen.’ I’m studying at the moment and reading this is a beautiful reminder to reconnect and feel the grandness of what can come through when I don’t get in the way.

  9. I too get the sense of re-connecting with something much grander and universal in fact when tuning in with the kind of intelligence that comes from connecting with my whole body.

  10. We really don’t need to worry if we forget things we have learned – trusting that whatever we need will present itself as and when is a very different way to live. This trust builds as we deepen our connection to our own breath and the quality of our movements.

  11. It took me to get sick which really shook me up at the time, but in that big shake up, I was able to make the shift from my head to my body, and that was the silver lining on the dark cloud at that time. I began to listen to the communication from my wise body, which guided me through a very challenging time but which made it so much easier in the sense of knowing what I had to change, what I had to let go of, what was important and was when I began to live in a way that was being true to myself.

  12. “There is incredible intelligence in our bodies: no effort, professors, subscriptions or library cards needed – just a connection and a willingness to listen.” Being a master of our body then is just a matter of staying connected with ourselves and not looking outside of ourselves for answers.

  13. “There is incredible intelligence in our bodies: no effort, professors, subscriptions or library cards needed – just a connection and a willingness to listen.” This is so true, listen to our bodies and we know the right house to buy, the true partner to be with, the best food to eat, where to work and how to move. Our bodies have amazing intelligence all waiting to be tapped into.

  14. Trusting what you feel and acting on it – leaving no room for doubt. I can feel how this can be done, even with super little things to build this trust. Like going to the toilet when you feel to, eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are not, putting a jumper on when you are cold, or removing it when you are not. When you do the little things the big things can start to happen.

  15. It is quite awesome how confident we feel when we are connected with our body. This is because confidence comes from the body and not the mind.

  16. When we are connected to who we are, our essence, we are naturally connected to ‘universal intelligence’ so when we speak we speak with all of us. At this moment it feels as if we are speaking with every particle of our being and what we share comes with not one shadow of doubt, simply the knowing the truth of what we are presenting which then can be felt by those we are presenting to.

  17. I am starting to realise that there is so much more wisdom with our every breath, we are bathed in universal intelligence its our head that stops us from knowing this.

  18. I love your examples here. We can know something because our feelings confirm our knowing, and this is very different from accumulating knowledge by memorizing.

  19. To listen to the whole body intelligence is indeed also to listen to every single moment what it needs.
    This is our gateway to the whole inteligence we are part off.

  20. True learning, development and education would be for us to get a deeper understanding of our body. Not from an academic view but from what we really feel. Imagine studying and exploring this instead of settling for another day of numbness and superficiality. As you show Gina it’s simply not wise to carry on this way.

  21. Confirming what is felt is a wonderful way to build confidence, seeking knowledge on the other hand only provides assurance for a moment.

  22. ‘There is incredible intelligence in our bodies: no effort, professors, subscriptions or library cards needed – just a connection and a willingness to listen.’
    True wisdom, so this makes us all scientists with the science inside.

  23. The profession of teaching needs people like you Gina, people who are prepared to deliver the greater truths within the teaching units they are delivering.

  24. ‘How often do we give our power over to information and research; to institutions?’ ……And to other people. Taking our own lead in life, going by our true inner knowing we have all the guidance we need.

  25. I have been teaching for the the last 5 years and I absolutely love the moments where you are just communing with the students and they will often bring something very wise and intelligent to consider by the whole class as an offering – when this happens it feels like pure magic.

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