Christmas in Hospitality

My husband and I have been in hospitality for the last 9 years during which we have seen some great changes in our business. We remember when we jumped in, with little experience, and took on a business that involved staff, customers, clients, suppliers and the list goes on. The years have gone by really quickly, with ups and downs, challenges and moments of enjoyment.

What we can say is that we have been committed to serving and delivering, no matter how challenging and tough times have been, and we have always given our 100%. Christmas can be a very stressful period, with the hype of the media, shops and product selling. Everyone is trying to compete with the next venue; who gets the most customers, whose offering is better etc.

This last Christmas we were a little concerned with the number of customers who might come through, due to similar services and themes being offered by other companies. At first we were upset but then I had a conversation with my husband, sharing that we should just trust the service we personally provide with love and honesty, and that will bring in the customers.

My husband and I did not let the stress and madness around Christmas affect us; we took the Christmas period in our everyday flow. To us, it was another month of functions and events – what we do all year around. We approached December in that mindset. We prepared and managed every party as an individual event.

So, to our surprise, we got a fair amount of bookings around our party nights and all the customers really enjoyed the food, service and entertainment. Our biggest surprise was Christmas Day and Boxing Day where we had doubled our numbers from previous years. On Christmas Day we were serving an 8-course meal, so service time was for around 3.5 – 4 hours, which sounds a lot, but time just flew.

From the moment the customers came in, our entire team were greeting/meeting and looking after them. Every member of staff pulled together; the front of house team, housekeeping team and kitchen team. There was a beautiful flow, from serving the food, to clearing the plates, serving the drinks to washing the dishes, and cleaning and changing bedrooms. The chefs were busy preparing the food and plating it, and the front of house staff were busy serving and interacting with the customers. It was such a beautiful experience and no one knew where the time went!

When the food was served, both the portion sizes and the timing were perfect and no one felt rushed. Customers were extremely appreciative of the lovely food and service and many shared that they had such a beautiful experience, one they had never experienced before. They even shared that nothing was too much trouble for the staff, and they also felt that time just flew past.

For many years during Christmas there had always been tension in the kitchen and front of house, and often complaints about something that was overlooked or forgotten, or staff calling in sick and not wanting really to work on Christmas Day. But this time everyone knew there was a purpose, a purpose to serve, and to serve with love. No one was working in a rush to get the customers in and out through the door; everyone wanted to be there and provide a service.

It was a moment to appreciate for my husband and I. Because we have chosen to create a more loving way of living, with flow, simplicity, rhythms through our livingness and commitment to serve, we have inspired our staff/team to provide a truer service. When we serve in our fullness and love, what is reflected to us is love too. Customers left giving beautiful feedback to the whole team, and it was a moment to stop and appreciate ourselves as a team for the love and commitment everyone put into that day through the service they provided.

It is through the support of Universal Medicine workshops and presentations we have come to understand the true meaning of service and commitment, and that our livingness is a true reflection to inspire others.

Published with permission of my husband.

By Amita Khurana, BSc Honours, Hotel Business Owner, Director, Practitioner/Therapist, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk UK

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378 thoughts on “Christmas in Hospitality

  1. What you show here is that no matter how crazy the situation might be (or seem to be) we can always choose to be loving and caring with each other and focus on harmoniously working together instead of running after and trying to fulfil all that needs to be done.

  2. It only just dawned on me that the clue here is in the name. Hospitality, after all shouldn’t this be all about opening up and sharing what is yours with others as if it was theirs? The greatest hospitality I have experienced in my life has been when people have greeted me like I am their brother or long lost son and opened up their heart. So it makes perfect sense in what you share here Amita that when you and your husband made your service all about Love business boomed in a new way.

  3. Purpose and true service beyond a mere commercial interaction are a great foundation for love in the hospitality industry.

  4. It is beautiful to feel how a commitment of working together, with the focus of offering loving service, not only is a blessing to the customers but also supports the staff to experience the genuine value and joy of working, together, in true service. The steadiness that love is, is powerful beyond measure. This is a template of how the hospitality industry can operate. Thank you Amita – very inspiring.

  5. This is wonderful to read Amita. You obviously care for your staff greatly and it pays off on days like this where it can be super busy and this care is noticed and felt by everyone for your patrons are also receiving that same level of care as well.

  6. What an incredible healing this was for this party but also the staff. To be steadily supporting your team to be confident and relaxed by leading by example. To look after ourselves by eating meals and drinks that aren’t going to take you on a roller coaster. All this has an immediate effect on how your clients are going to experience their time with you. How powerful is that to have a party and they walk away feeling nurtured and cared for. I’m sure they will be coming back for more and spreading the word too!

  7. Its incredible how soon everyone starts to get talking and preparing for Christmas. It’s now early September in UK and I am getting enquiries and people talking about what they can do. It seems like it has become this functioning of how the cycles of the years roll, so what I have been working on during this time and when it comes around in the hospitality world is to make sure we make it about the connection with the clients and supporting them to see the celebration is really about the time we spend with our work colleagues, our families and our friends and taking a moment to stop and appreciate all that has been for the year.

  8. A great reminder of magnetic pull, that is our magnetic pull in how we are living that emanates out to others who can feel this ‘trust the service we personally provide with love and honesty, and that will bring in the customers’ so it is not about a hard sell or competition but about truly caring for ourselves and truly caring for others, if we all had our businesses and services based on this alone the world would be a completely different place.

  9. We can say that it is about this or that and that we get this or that. What this blog reveals is that we can go beyond the surface and realise that supply and demand have to do with the quality of movement. This is what we get, besides a comfortable bed and a nice meal.

  10. Beautiful Amita, when we make life about the quality we live in this moment now, the plans and goals deliver themselves. There’s absolutely no need for stress or panic, just aligning our body to the flow. Our whole world is set up around living racing against time, and panicking and getting upset. The contentment and easyness starts first in yourself and then becomes magnified in what we do. It’s time we realised that what we get served in life is the direct result of the quality we choose.

  11. It only takes one person to align to space and a true movement within their bodies for many to benefit by having the choice to connect to that within themselves too. That’s the beauty of reflection.

  12. I can feel it all starting to bubble up again it is that time of the Christmas cycle where things are starting to get prepared. This is great reminder on how we go about this lovingly and supportingly for all involved so the best celebrations to be had.

  13. And what a great gift and experience it would be for anyone staying at this particular hotel, where client care goes so much deeper than a surface or veneer experience.

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