Christmas in Hospitality

My husband and I have been in hospitality for the last 9 years during which we have seen some great changes in our business. We remember when we jumped in, with little experience, and took on a business that involved staff, customers, clients, suppliers and the list goes on. The years have gone by really quickly, with ups and downs, challenges and moments of enjoyment.

What we can say is that we have been committed to serving and delivering, no matter how challenging and tough times have been, and we have always given our 100%. Christmas can be a very stressful period, with the hype of the media, shops and product selling. Everyone is trying to compete with the next venue; who gets the most customers, whose offering is better etc.

This last Christmas we were a little concerned with the number of customers who might come through, due to similar services and themes being offered by other companies. At first we were upset but then I had a conversation with my husband, sharing that we should just trust the service we personally provide with love and honesty, and that will bring in the customers.

My husband and I did not let the stress and madness around Christmas affect us; we took the Christmas period in our everyday flow. To us, it was another month of functions and events – what we do all year around. We approached December in that mindset. We prepared and managed every party as an individual event.

So, to our surprise, we got a fair amount of bookings around our party nights and all the customers really enjoyed the food, service and entertainment. Our biggest surprise was Christmas Day and Boxing Day where we had doubled our numbers from previous years. On Christmas Day we were serving an 8-course meal, so service time was for around 3.5 – 4 hours, which sounds a lot, but time just flew.

From the moment the customers came in, our entire team were greeting/meeting and looking after them. Every member of staff pulled together; the front of house team, housekeeping team and kitchen team. There was a beautiful flow, from serving the food, to clearing the plates, serving the drinks to washing the dishes, and cleaning and changing bedrooms. The chefs were busy preparing the food and plating it, and the front of house staff were busy serving and interacting with the customers. It was such a beautiful experience and no one knew where the time went!

When the food was served, both the portion sizes and the timing were perfect and no one felt rushed. Customers were extremely appreciative of the lovely food and service and many shared that they had such a beautiful experience, one they had never experienced before. They even shared that nothing was too much trouble for the staff, and they also felt that time just flew past.

For many years during Christmas there had always been tension in the kitchen and front of house, and often complaints about something that was overlooked or forgotten, or staff calling in sick and not wanting really to work on Christmas Day. But this time everyone knew there was a purpose, a purpose to serve, and to serve with love. No one was working in a rush to get the customers in and out through the door; everyone wanted to be there and provide a service.

It was a moment to appreciate for my husband and I. Because we have chosen to create a more loving way of living, with flow, simplicity, rhythms through our livingness and commitment to serve, we have inspired our staff/team to provide a truer service. When we serve in our fullness and love, what is reflected to us is love too. Customers left giving beautiful feedback to the whole team, and it was a moment to stop and appreciate ourselves as a team for the love and commitment everyone put into that day through the service they provided.

It is through the support of Universal Medicine workshops and presentations we have come to understand the true meaning of service and commitment, and that our livingness is a true reflection to inspire others.

Published with permission of my husband.

By Amita Khurana, BSc Honours, Hotel Business Owner, Director, Practitioner/Therapist, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk UK

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355 thoughts on “Christmas in Hospitality

  1. You can’t deny the power of what is possible when we come together and work with the same focus and principle. Imagine what the world would be like if we had this as our approach to our jobs or even running countries.

    1. I have really began to appreciate how true group work is very powerful, when we understand the purpose and bring all our selves with focus to what we are doing. Each role plays and important part and we are all responsible for our part.

    2. Yes, and even just within our families – it is quite common that families are struggling with their day to day living and that there’s no sense of working together.

      1. Yes Eva I too have noticed this and have been apart of this way of being. Thinking I can do it all on my own and that I have to ‘manage’ life. This is what true family and friends are about, supporting each other by sharing with each other what is really going on in our lives.

  2. It feels like you had such fun working together in harmony with one another, and you all enjoyed it as much as the paying guests. This is such a stressful ‘full on’ industry you are reflecting a different way to work in, all the top chefs should come and see how you work. It is not about the 4star blah di blah,, it is about the feel of the whole restaurant.

  3. “everyone knew there was a purpose, a purpose to serve, and to serve with love”. Much like the building of the pyramids, we knew what was needed, we aligned, and voila, the pyramids were built. So really, working in this way, is innately within us all and just needs absolute commitment to the all, whether that be on a small scale or large, same same.

    1. Julie that’s what we felt we where all committed to the all, working together as we knew what was needed. It was beautiful how it all flowed.

  4. Beautiful to read Amita thank you for sharing the joy in giving and receiving love in true service, I worked as a waitress in a restaurant and it was chaotic with so much tension and angst, your place sound like heavenly to dine in and work in, all served by love.

    1. Hospitality industry is very pressurised, but we are beginning work with the flow and so in that connections we are more in tune with each other and working towards the same goal.

  5. Being fully aware of the service we provide (which means the absolute quality we deliver) is everything to trust that this will bring a steady flow of people knocking our doors ready to enjoy what we offer.

  6. A beautiful reflection for us all and something to truly appreciate and inspire. “But this time everyone knew there was a purpose, a purpose to serve, and to serve with love.” This is for everyone no matter what we do and feels so lovely to read and know this is the only way for the future.

      1. I agree with what you have shared here gregbranes888. When we feel our true potential and how we can live, the rates of deep appreciation grow and what unfolds are truly many miracles of how life can be rather than thinking it can’t be.

      2. So true Natalliya, we can become a walking miracle from living and moving in a way with our divine connection, which is also when we live in a way that supports the true glory we are, ‘rather than thinking it can’t be.’

    1. I agree,it is only through the true reflection I have had from the Benhayon family that has truly supported and continues to support and inspire me. It is this true commitment and service i am working to build within my own life.

  7. For most people in hospitality Christmas is one of the most stressful times of year, I used to work in retail which I think is very similar, but I love how your blog shows that if you make it about people and purpose then it need not be stressful but be an amazing opportunity see what’s possible when we work together.

    1. Meg Christmas in truth is about getting together and when we look at that purpose, there should be natural joy and connection, So when we allow for the true purpose there is no need for stress, just moments of joy with everyone involved.

  8. It is not just Christmas, there are so many calendar markers and other scenarios in life that draw us into the belief that we need to worry about the outcome, go into competition and aim for tight control. Yet this article provides a great inspiring example of how we could respond to those moments instead, by further appreciating the quality and service we are there to provide, and deepening our harmonious rhythm, as well as our teamwork and joyful expression.

  9. I reckon there are few better feelings than when you have a group of people pulling together as one. The bigger the group the greater the feeling becomes in my experience:

  10. I love the way your team works Amita. I love the willingness and the purpose to serve with love, and the way they work together in a beautiful flow. How gorgeous to work for someone who encourages all of this. It is very inspiring for anyone who works in a team.

  11. Even though it can be super busy and a crazy time of year what I love about working in the hospitality industry is that you get to connect with so many more people. Supporting them to not go into the manic motion and frantic ways. Get out there in amongst them all and having chats so they can feel that it doesn’t have to be crazy. So may ask if I take part in the whole affair and I share that I just enjoy celebrating the time with the people and family in my life.

  12. I love how you trusted in the quality of service that you provide. Whilst many are successful in business, they do not always have integrity in the service or product they provide. Maybe there needs to be a new measure of what being successful is.

  13. The work done by a team and feeling of care, amazing ambience and warmth which can be achieved through this, particularly in a business or hospitality, is inspiring and goes far beyond what one person could do on their own. Incredible customer service often comes from the whole team behind an operation and not just a single person.

  14. What would life be like if we all treated each other the same as you and your staff do? Could it be that this could become a normal way of sharing life as it actually feels like what you are sharing should be normal everyday.

  15. This is a awesome business model Amita, to work in harmony and in true service like this is a powerful reflection that would inspire and support many people with their business.

  16. Being part of a team and seeing each person working together with a flow and an order that serves everyone with equality and grace must be beautiful.

  17. Perhaps this here is the key for ys all in enjoying Christmas and not get caught up in the stress and dramas that seem to enter.

  18. “it was a moment to stop and appreciate ourselves as a team for the love and commitment everyone put into that day through the service they provided.” Imagine if we all did this, what would the world look like?

  19. I am practicing giving my 100% in everything that I do in my day – feeling if each thing that I do and each conversation that I have feels complete, and that I have given it my all. This actually feels really amazing to do and asks of me to be very present at each moment. And if I walk away with a feeling of incompleteness then I find myself waiting full circle for that same situation to present itself again so that I can give it another go. And this is never about pressuring myself to get it perfect…but it is about beginning to have fun with the fullness that we can give ourselves and all those around us in life.

  20. To Serve, with Love allows the flow that is naturally present to be honoured and adhered to without need, control, management or manipulation of an outcome – to truly serve is to surrender.

    1. Beautifully expressed Deborah, I am learning to do exactly this, choosing to surrender instead of choosing control.

  21. Its just so amazing how much can be done on these occasions when everyone does something and sees what is needed, and really, its as joyful as any party or celebration anyway when we all lovingly share in it.

  22. What a team you are Amita, under the guidance of you and your husband, you have revolutionised the way you are working together, changing how you do everything in an united way. Many bosses leave their workers working while they disappear to enjoy themselves. it feels like there are no bosses with your team but everyone pulling equally together.

  23. If this is what is possible at a business level imagine the potential when humanity as a whole unifies together. Perhaps the true answer to our woes lies in this power?

  24. It is super cool working with your team in this way as it really brings a sense of purpose and that what we are delivering can actually change someone’s day and experience. Keeping steady and being consistent in they way we look after our clients all year round is why they keep coming back because they can feel the care and genuine interest in them from the team.

  25. “It was a moment to appreciate for my husband and I. Because we have chosen to create a more loving way of living, with flow, simplicity, rhythms through our livingness and commitment to serve, we have inspired our staff/team to provide a truer service.” this is something that I feel inspired to appreciate in myself and my wife, the amazing changes in our lives and the quality of business we run and support everyone in.

  26. I love the fact that your numbers doubled due to the fact that you simply focused on the quality of service and trusted that. Customers were naturally drawn to your business without you needing to try.

  27. I used to work in Hospitality around Christmas and I remember feeling so stressed at work and I very much disliked working during this time of the year. So, it is awesome to read that we can work differently, with purpose and with love, and the stress and overwhelm doesn’t have to be the norm.

  28. When we work as a one unified unit, our cells are connected to others cells and so they can’t help but heed the call when allowed to move in alignment with that pull. Your group reflect so very beautifully Amita.

  29. There is something gorgeous about this blog and your sharing, Amita that is really practical and real. Your sharing offers a tangible way that you work and live. It can be felt by the reader as something solid and it inspires.

  30. It is wonderful when there is a focus to what we are doing, and everyone is on board, how everything flows so beautifully. It is rather like a dance, where everyone just knows what the next move is, and the rhythm of what is being done simply brings everyone together.

  31. Thank you Amita. Yesterday I worked at a conference stall, meeting and greeting other people in my field. I didn’t have any objective or desire to perform, other than simply to connect to everyone there. It was beautiful to genuinely greet people and feel the Love that was there in the way I handed a pen or a flyer or looked into their eyes. There was nothing extraordinary I needed to do, just connect to myself and let the universe through. Then it seemed there could not but help but be a beautiful flow in the way that I moved.

  32. It’s amazing how much we can change our lives when we know that there is ‘a purpose, a purpose to serve, and to serve with love’ – when we let go of our own needs and connect to the flow of the universe everything falls into place with a natural ease and flow.

  33. I have noticed a similar magnetic pull in our business – the more harmonious we are together as a staff team and the more purpose we have to simply serve our community which includes taking care of the all the details so that our clients feeling truly cared for, the more people are drawn to come to our clinic – it is an energetic thing that goes against all the usual marketing and promotion strategies!

  34. People really feel the difference when a true quality of love and care is being served up to them. This is a confirmation of the integrity of business that you and your husband have built up.

  35. Thank you Amita, it is powerful when we set a foundation based on appreciation and love as it creates a ripple effect for others to feel and align to true purpose, True alchemy at work!

  36. I have found it absolutely wonderful to watch how the choices I have made, quietly and consistently have then in turn inspired those around me to ask questions and start to look at their own lives and make changes that they feel would be supportive. By not even saying a word it has been instigated by my living it. This shows how truly powerful we are when we are connected and living by our inner essence, our soul.

  37. It is so true this is innate within us all to lovingly flow and come together and things just get done with apparent ease as well as joy.

  38. It was very inspiring to read about the flow and ease of a workplace at one of the ‘craziest’ times of year. Sometimes we can lose ourselves and go into overdrive in these busy times, not trusting that everything will have its timing and order. It shows that how you prepare and go into a situation is very important for setting the tone for everyone

  39. As is often the case when we work in the joy of who we are, the time flows and their is no real difference between work time and our own personal time.

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