What Does My Body Know?

My body has always amazed me with its ability to know what is ahead. A few years ago I moved from a climate that is warm in winter to a climate that is very cold in winter. I arrived at my new home in the summer, however as I am really thin, I was feeling a little bit worried about how my body would cope. Strangely I began to put on weight – not a lot, just a couple of kilos. I was amazed as I had never put on weight in this way before. I knew that my body was preparing for winter even though it was still warm in my new home. How did my body know what was ahead?

This made me ponder on many past and recent experiences I’ve had which simply confirm the amazing, yet natural intelligence of the body:

  • Recently I went to a dinner party and a friend of mine who is breastfeeding mentioned that scientists are beginning to hypothesise that babies signal the type of breast milk they need through saliva backwash while they are suckling. This hypothesis is congruent with what scientists already understand about human physiology. What we do know for sure is that breast milk changes to suit the infant that is drinking it – a fascinating process referred to as translational immunology¹. Our bodies are clearly intelligent; they are able to change the milk they produce based on the needs of a baby. Therefore, the body’s intelligence far surpasses anything we can think with our mind. Could you arrive at the exact structure of breast milk required by a baby solely by thinking about it… and in no time at all?
  • My partner and I went shopping for engagement and wedding rings. We walked into a few shops but they didn’t feel right and we didn’t try anything on. We walked into one shop and our bodies felt great – we had a lovely connection with the sales staff. We bought the first engagement ring I tried on. The ring did not fit the pictures I had, it wasn’t anything like what I had decided I wanted… but my whole body said yes (which was similar to what I experienced when I first met the man I will soon be marrying).
  • In my 20’s I had severe acne. It was painful and disfiguring and I still have physical scars that remind me of what I went through. For 12 years I ‘cured’ my acne with a contraceptive pill. This pill is now off the market as it caused fatal blood clots in quite a few of its users. I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones but use of this medication took a huge toll on my body. It wasn’t until I addressed my abusive diet of chocolate, coffee, sugar, stress and fried food that I was able to truly heal the cause of acne in my body. When we don’t address the root cause of a disease our body has to move its messages (symptoms) around. It’s intelligent enough to know how to eliminate the toxic choices we make in order to keep us alive. All the while we curse it for showing us the very inconvenient truth.
  • At the moment I am housesitting with my partner and we are looking after a highly sensitive bird named Pedro who makes a certain sound whenever we argue. It has come to a point where Pedro senses an argument 5 minutes before we do. We’ve learned to observe him and his movements and we don’t argue so much anymore! Animals trust and act on the intelligence of their bodies far more than we do.

In my experience, the body never gets it wrong. In contrast, the bad decisions I have made from my mind are too numerous to mention… and the fallout from these decisions? W-e-l-l-l, it’s been anything but pretty.

The intelligence of my body is available to me in every moment and every movement. I can hear it loud and clear when I take good care of it, lovingly put myself to sleep early, eat food that makes it feel light and zingy, drink plenty of water and observe life rather than getting caught up in reactions.

In my 30’s I met a man by the name of Serge Benhayon. He was the one that reminded me that my body held the answer to every question I had. If it wasn’t for Serge and his incredible presentations on whole body intelligence, I am sure I would still be suffering with a whole range of unpleasant medical complaints.

I could write a book on my experiences of the intelligence of the body but right now my body tells me there are other things to do.

Published with the permission of my gorgeous partner… and Pedro.

PS. A few days after I wrote this blog I discovered we had purchased our wedding and engagement rings from a woman that also happened to be the mother of a close friend who has been a huge support to my partner and I. This was a beautiful confirmation of the fact that our bodies really do know far more than our minds.

By Leonne Sharkey, Melbourne

¹ Clinical & Translational Immunology (2013) 2, e3; doi:10.1038/cti.2013.1
Published online 12 April 2013

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760 thoughts on “What Does My Body Know?

  1. ‘My body has always amazed me with its ability to know what is ahead.’ Feeling this we can be empowered to act to support ourselves.

  2. I agree our bodies know, we can treat them very badly but they continue to lovingly let us know that this is not the way to be treating them, they beautifully continue to return and clear the toxicity we choose, to a true homeostasis, a healthy and true way of living.

  3. Thank you for this reminder that our body knows what is ahead. I sometimes find that I am about to do something like pick up a weighty item, and my body will tell me what that will feel like and suggest a more flowing, harmonious way to do it. My body also seems to know things in the more distant future, like a window of space that opens for me to complete something that I thought I had to do now. This always amazes me and the honouring of this is something I would like to keep building.

    1. Yes, they appear to go hand in hand, so to speak, I am learning all the time where I can disregard my body or choose to listen to it. The wisdom for me comes from a surrender and reconnection to a true knowing of stillness and truth within. It is an energetic awareness that often can be over ridden (if we choose it) by our daily doings and indulgences, but once honoured, we have a bench mark that I can see can be developed and foundational way of being that continues to nourish it self.

  4. It is worth highlighting the intelligence of our body. It becomes evident that we do not appreciate our body enough and how it tries to eliminate the toxins we put into it, and yet we become impatient when our body reacts to certain foods or what we put it through to communicate to us its limits. How is it that we need to stop or break down before we look more closely at our lifestyle choices and how we are disregarding ourselves?

  5. This reminds me that we don’t have to ‘try’ to be intelligent but instead allow ourselves to connect with the innate intelligence in our whole body.

  6. Our bodies show us the choices we make, lovingly so, though it does not feel it at times, it is our unloving behaviour that our body in its amazing intelligence is wanting to heal, for healing through love is its natural way.

  7. What a magical example : so practical at the same time, whilst we recognise the truth within our own selves. Like Pedro could sense your movements going towards an argument.. This deeper intelligence is what actually helps us and supports us further to evolve in life ! And all of our relationships.

  8. Whenever I go shopping the only thing that matters is my connection with the people in the shop because if that is not there then I can never find anything that I like in the shop.

  9. It has taken me a while but I have finally come to understand that “the body’s intelligence far surpasses anything we can think with our mind”. I have also come to realise that my mind is actually a trickster, very devious, very calculating and seemingly always trying to divert me from what is actually good for me and nudging me to what is not. And to think I used to consider my mind to be the seat of my intelligence, like most others on this planet, but that belief has been totally dismantled as I have slowly come to know the incredible intelligence of my body, a body which only ever wants the absolute best for me.

  10. I agree the body is quite remarkable and never gets it wrong. I am slowly starting to appreciate this and my body a little bit more, as I have spent aeons ignoring and overriding it.

  11. From my own experience I don’t feel the mind is that intelligent and I now wonder why I listened to it rather than what my body was always communicating to me. I now have a far greater understanding that negative thoughts are coming from a pool of energy I was tapping into and these were not my thoughts at all. This is where we are led astray when we think we think it’s a huge trap that keeps us in our minds rather than connected to the whole body.

  12. Amazing article Leonne I had to comment and share how true the body’s awareness is. At the time I was struggling to identify the awareness in my body. I sat on the couch and had a feeling to log on to http://www.unimedliving.com. I started reading an article that popped up first When I got to the end of the article the link to this article grabbed my attention. As I was reading it I just knew it answered my questions perfectly. My body knew all along I just had to relax and follow the urges I was feeling.

  13. The body is the seat of our intelligence, for the universal wisdom we all have access to is found deep in our inner heart. If you would like an example of this, just watch the way a small child moves. They move with their WHOLE body and all their responses to life come from this movement. Now compare this to the way most adults move and you will find for the most part that we are walking ‘heads on sticks’. This is how we reduce ourselves and by virtue of our movement, cut off the access we all otherwise have to the divine intelligence that is continually streaming through us.

    1. Great observation Liane. I have also noticed this with others and myself! In that when walking there is no true deep connection with our whole body especially when connecting (or not) with our feet to the ground when we are walking.

  14. It is for this reason alone and then some that we cannot allow the scientists to take over and control science in the similar way that the church took over and controlled religion and what was allowed as religion and what wasn’t.
    “Therefore, the body’s intelligence far surpasses anything we can think with our mind. Could you arrive at the exact structure of breast milk required by a baby solely by thinking about it… and in no time at all?”
    If we through laziness give our power away to the scientists we will be heralding into another dark age.

  15. Not many people realise how intelligent our body is. In general we are not taught about the intelligence of our body but instead we are taught about the intelligence of our mind which is not so intelligent when we look at where this intelligence has taken us.

  16. “It’s intelligent enough to know how to eliminate the toxic choices we make in order to keep us alive. All the while we curse it for showing us the very inconvenient truth.” – For sure there is so much to appreciate in what our body reflects to us rather than seeing it as the enemy…

  17. As humans we seem to have really disconnected to the wisdom and intelligence of the body. In nature animals respond to changes, including changes not yet here such as seasonal and weather shifts, as their bodies prepare ahead of time to ensure they survive. Each year in my home ants invade very aggressively about 4 weeks before cold weather hits in autumn, it’s a different time each year when the cold arrives, but they know ahead of time and they search for food to stock up.

  18. We often are preparing for things without having a clear idea (in our minds at least) of why, but our bodies know and the more we can listen to them and honour what they tell us, the more we can hear from them. Our very own feedback loop, forever speaking to us, and while at times we might find what they tell us inconvenient, isn’t it just amazing that we have this truth-meter showing us how it really is.

  19. When we connect to the intelligence of our body and live life from there, everything falls into place in the most miraculous manner.

  20. ” Therefore, the body’s intelligence far surpasses anything we can think with our mind.”
    This is quite funny when one considers its the lower intelligence of the mind trying to study the higher intelligence of the body when it come to science research. It simple to understand why brain science is in such a mess.

  21. That we have such an innate intelligence that is within us puts a very interesting reflection into the whole world of education, the way it is conducted today.

  22. The body is constantly feeling the energy of everything around us, in us and through us, it is becoming aware of its amazing intelligence that we come to know truth as it really is, from an energetic understanding.

  23. “In my experience, the body never gets it wrong. In contrast, the bad decisions I have made from my mind are too numerous to mention.’ This begs the question – how smart is the mind if it’s leading us up the garden path by the nose?

    1. And how smart is the mind when it makes decisions that harm the body, the very body that houses the mind?

  24. We belong to an intelligence far greater than the human mind alone can fathom. However, if we insist that the mind is the be all and end all of our intelligence, then we remain blissfully unaware of such truth.

  25. It’s amazing how talkative the body is, constantly sharing with us what’s going on in it and how it wants to be treated, and yet how often do we react to it by ignoring, overriding or just doing the plain opposite of what it wants, just because we can?
    We all know that it feels amazing when we take deep care of ourselves: our sense of wellbeing and life in general improves on every level, and the more we make self loving choices, the more natural, and easier, it becomes to make them again.

  26. ” This was a beautiful confirmation of the fact that our bodies really do know far more than our minds. ”
    When we talk of the body it includes the mind , when we talk of the mind it excludes the body.

  27. I never knew that about breast milk, that is very fascinating and a beautiful example of the amazingness of our bodies and the interconnectivity we have with others.

  28. It is so refreshing to read a woman appreciating her body and marveling at its intelligence when she puts on weight!

  29. I love how whole body intelligence is something that is innately considering of the all – it’s like through our particles we are connected with an intelligence that just knows what is harmonious for all.

  30. It is well worth listening to my body because it always guide me to be more loving. I’d like to share one example, when I was introduced to alcohol as a teenager, every part of my body was communicating to me that alcohol was toxic, and thankfully I listened my body messages and I chose to stop drinking.

  31. We have a propensity to ignore our body’s subtler signals when we get sick, to just carry on…Why does it take us to get really sick before we begin to listen to our bodies, to stop, rest and pay attention?

  32. Our body sure knows what is best for us and maybe this is exactly the reason why we go out of ur way to abuse it, ignore and shut it down as what it communicates with us is not the same as what the mind or spirit wants.

  33. What you have shared Leonne that babies signal via saliva backwash the type of milk they want to receive from the breast.That is truly fascinating and it shows to me that our bodies are highly intelligent and naturally scientific.

  34. I have had many amazing warnings from the nieghbourhood birds and dogs about what is brewing or going on in others and myself. It confirms and reminds me everything everywhere is connected and can feel everything. An amazing reminder of the responsability of the power we all hold, and that if i am only thinking inside my head and not feeling from my body – I am disconnected and i totally agree – any choices that come from the disconnection always end up harmfull! Amazing! I just love this science and the amazing man that has brought it to life Serge Benhayen.

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