What Does My Body Know?

My body has always amazed me with its ability to know what is ahead. A few years ago I moved from a climate that is warm in winter to a climate that is very cold in winter. I arrived at my new home in the summer, however as I am really thin, I was feeling a little bit worried about how my body would cope. Strangely I began to put on weight – not a lot, just a couple of kilos. I was amazed as I had never put on weight in this way before. I knew that my body was preparing for winter even though it was still warm in my new home. How did my body know what was ahead?

This made me ponder on many past and recent experiences I’ve had which simply confirm the amazing, yet natural intelligence of the body:

  • Recently I went to a dinner party and a friend of mine who is breastfeeding mentioned that scientists are beginning to hypothesise that babies signal the type of breast milk they need through saliva backwash while they are suckling. This hypothesis is congruent with what scientists already understand about human physiology. What we do know for sure is that breast milk changes to suit the infant that is drinking it – a fascinating process referred to as translational immunology¹. Our bodies are clearly intelligent; they are able to change the milk they produce based on the needs of a baby. Therefore, the body’s intelligence far surpasses anything we can think with our mind. Could you arrive at the exact structure of breast milk required by a baby solely by thinking about it… and in no time at all?
  • My partner and I went shopping for engagement and wedding rings. We walked into a few shops but they didn’t feel right and we didn’t try anything on. We walked into one shop and our bodies felt great – we had a lovely connection with the sales staff. We bought the first engagement ring I tried on. The ring did not fit the pictures I had, it wasn’t anything like what I had decided I wanted… but my whole body said yes (which was similar to what I experienced when I first met the man I will soon be marrying).
  • In my 20’s I had severe acne. It was painful and disfiguring and I still have physical scars that remind me of what I went through. For 12 years I ‘cured’ my acne with a contraceptive pill. This pill is now off the market as it caused fatal blood clots in quite a few of its users. I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones but use of this medication took a huge toll on my body. It wasn’t until I addressed my abusive diet of chocolate, coffee, sugar, stress and fried food that I was able to truly heal the cause of acne in my body. When we don’t address the root cause of a disease our body has to move its messages (symptoms) around. It’s intelligent enough to know how to eliminate the toxic choices we make in order to keep us alive. All the while we curse it for showing us the very inconvenient truth.
  • At the moment I am housesitting with my partner and we are looking after a highly sensitive bird named Pedro who makes a certain sound whenever we argue. It has come to a point where Pedro senses an argument 5 minutes before we do. We’ve learned to observe him and his movements and we don’t argue so much anymore! Animals trust and act on the intelligence of their bodies far more than we do.

In my experience, the body never gets it wrong. In contrast, the bad decisions I have made from my mind are too numerous to mention… and the fallout from these decisions? W-e-l-l-l, it’s been anything but pretty.

The intelligence of my body is available to me in every moment and every movement. I can hear it loud and clear when I take good care of it, lovingly put myself to sleep early, eat food that makes it feel light and zingy, drink plenty of water and observe life rather than getting caught up in reactions.

In my 30’s I met a man by the name of Serge Benhayon. He was the one that reminded me that my body held the answer to every question I had. If it wasn’t for Serge and his incredible presentations on whole body intelligence, I am sure I would still be suffering with a whole range of unpleasant medical complaints.

I could write a book on my experiences of the intelligence of the body but right now my body tells me there are other things to do.

Published with the permission of my gorgeous partner… and Pedro.

PS. A few days after I wrote this blog I discovered we had purchased our wedding and engagement rings from a woman that also happened to be the mother of a close friend who has been a huge support to my partner and I. This was a beautiful confirmation of the fact that our bodies really do know far more than our minds.

By Leonne Sharkey, Melbourne

¹ Clinical & Translational Immunology (2013) 2, e3; doi:10.1038/cti.2013.1
Published online 12 April 2013

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677 thoughts on “What Does My Body Know?

  1. Leonne if you wrote a book… I would buy it! It is so interesting to observe how we as a society champion disregarding our constant bodily communication. We see this communication as a hindrance. As a result, we have industries that center on supplying products that enable us to manage, mask and nullify the symptoms/communication our bodies respond with when we are living in a loveless way, so that we can continue to indulge in our lovelessness. Yet our bodies offer us in every moment the opportunity to embrace, embody and live empowered by the love we are within, as therein is the intelligence which always knows what it is that truly supports us best.

  2. Reading your blog I got a renewed sense of how amazingly supported we are, right down the to birds in our life! It brings so much joy to know that we never walk alone because we always have our body with us.

  3. The more I listen to my body the more I am in absolute amazement by it. It knows everything and all I have to do (sounds easy and it is really) is to be open and allow myself to receive all its messages no matter how uncomfortable they may be. My body supports me enormously in life much more than I am willing to accept and appreciate. It has all the answers and as I begin to live what it means to be surrendered in life the less doubt there is when listening to it. It is very beautiful to feel the truth more consistently within my body which I have always known and to live it in my life.

  4. Such beautiful confirmations Leonne that our body knows well before our mind thinks it knows. Learning to trust the body and its responses is a process of surrender because we are so used to using our minds to control situations.

    1. Absolutely – we have invested so much into the intelligence of the mind at the expense of our body’s unparalleled natural wisdom.

  5. I certainly had this ‘whole body yes’ when I met my wife and have had it on other occasions too. We are seven years on now and choosing this relationship has been a wonderful decision. Today, I am learning to deepen the relationship I have with this whole body intelligence. Life feels very different when I live fully in and from my body rather than the mind. I am working with feeling and sensing rather than thinking and what I can say so far is that it my body continues to prove itself to be a very wise guide indeed.

  6. I am humbly accepting more and more how much my body does know; how instantly it knows what does and does not support and how much of a friend and guide it is. Making decisions has become simpler and simpler for me the more I include my body in the decision making process… actually letting it speak and actually listening.

    1. I find it humbling too – the intelligence that is contained within every particle of us; it reminds me that I’m part of a grand whole and that there is always a bigger picture to see in any situation…

  7. When we talk about taking care of our body things like how we sleep, eat and exercise are often the first to come to mind but I think it’s a great point you make about how being aware of our emotional reactions is important too – for if we hold onto or identify with emotions rather than allow ourselves to observe them and see what they are showing us then we won’t be able to feel clearly what our body is communicating with us.

  8. Today I walked up to my car and in my body felt that something was not right, I clocked the feeling and had a thought to check the oil when I looked I was nearly out. Thank fully I listened to what my body knew and filled the oil up before driving away.

    Awesome I had understood the warning from my body this morning but interesting I had not checked it earlier and had let it get to that point.

  9. Bodies know what hits home for them. Bodies know what is coming our way. Bodies know how to communicate what they need. While the mind understands intelligence as bringing light into fog, for the body there is no fog.

  10. Our bodies just do know in any situation how to be and what to express. It is only our mind that is interfering and makes us to hold back some times or even for lives, lives in which we are looking for answers outside of us while we walk every day with the goldmine of knowing inside. All this sounds insidious but is actually how I perceive we people in general are living.

  11. How true, our body ‘never gets it wrong’ whilst the many choices we make from our minds and the complications we create from such decisions is what we think is daily life – yet it is not. Life in anxiousness from such decisions erodes our health, relationships and confidence. The ability to halt living with our mind in control and instead allowing our body to feel and present what is known is a natural truth within each of us, all it takes is the willingness to allow it.

  12. Thank you Leonne, this is very confirming to read. The body senses and knows so much, it’s the bigger picture it is connected to, the all. I find the mind is very isolating and when I am with the whole body I feel the opposite, expanded, connected, aware of and part of the whole.

  13. Our body, the vehicle of our soul, has so much love for us that we are constantly being communicated the adjustments that need to be made to allow even more love.

  14. ‘My body has always amazed me with its ability to know what is ahead.’ To work with the wisdom of the body is giving us access to a great depth of wisdom we can all do with listening to.

  15. When we have to think, when we doubt, when we are not sure, when we are confused, they are all signs that we have left the connection with the body. When we are with us, the body knows, there is no trying and it is very simple. All it takes is to respect its messages.

  16. Whenever I’m struggling to make a decision it’s because I’ve gone in my head and I’m trying to work it out. I can spend years up there, strategising, listing pros and cons, but I never get anywhere because I’m circulating the same thoughts around and around – just like stirring a big bowl of soup, hoping that the more I stir, eventually I’ll be able to see clearly right to the bottom. But it never happens. It’s only when I take my ladle out of the soup and let it settle, that I get clarity. There is great clarity in stillness and the space that it provides to feel what the answer is instead of try to get to it through my mind.

  17. We really do communicate by movement far more that by word itself. We all know this because we can have dynamics and issues with another person without saying much to them at all! Yet we think communication is just from our mouth. It makes me wonder whether what we are communicating is always what we would want to say if we are verbally expressing it.

  18. It is true that our body never gets it wrong, for our body has lived the sum total of every single choice we have made.

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