What Does My Body Know?

My body has always amazed me with its ability to know what is ahead. A few years ago I moved from a climate that is warm in winter to a climate that is very cold in winter. I arrived at my new home in the summer, however as I am really thin, I was feeling a little bit worried about how my body would cope. Strangely I began to put on weight – not a lot, just a couple of kilos. I was amazed as I had never put on weight in this way before. I knew that my body was preparing for winter even though it was still warm in my new home. How did my body know what was ahead?

This made me ponder on many past and recent experiences I’ve had which simply confirm the amazing, yet natural intelligence of the body:

  • Recently I went to a dinner party and a friend of mine who is breastfeeding mentioned that scientists are beginning to hypothesise that babies signal the type of breast milk they need through saliva backwash while they are suckling. This hypothesis is congruent with what scientists already understand about human physiology. What we do know for sure is that breast milk changes to suit the infant that is drinking it – a fascinating process referred to as translational immunology¹. Our bodies are clearly intelligent; they are able to change the milk they produce based on the needs of a baby. Therefore, the body’s intelligence far surpasses anything we can think with our mind. Could you arrive at the exact structure of breast milk required by a baby solely by thinking about it… and in no time at all?
  • My partner and I went shopping for engagement and wedding rings. We walked into a few shops but they didn’t feel right and we didn’t try anything on. We walked into one shop and our bodies felt great – we had a lovely connection with the sales staff. We bought the first engagement ring I tried on. The ring did not fit the pictures I had, it wasn’t anything like what I had decided I wanted… but my whole body said yes (which was similar to what I experienced when I first met the man I will soon be marrying).
  • In my 20’s I had severe acne. It was painful and disfiguring and I still have physical scars that remind me of what I went through. For 12 years I ‘cured’ my acne with a contraceptive pill. This pill is now off the market as it caused fatal blood clots in quite a few of its users. I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones but use of this medication took a huge toll on my body. It wasn’t until I addressed my abusive diet of chocolate, coffee, sugar, stress and fried food that I was able to truly heal the cause of acne in my body. When we don’t address the root cause of a disease our body has to move its messages (symptoms) around. It’s intelligent enough to know how to eliminate the toxic choices we make in order to keep us alive. All the while we curse it for showing us the very inconvenient truth.
  • At the moment I am housesitting with my partner and we are looking after a highly sensitive bird named Pedro who makes a certain sound whenever we argue. It has come to a point where Pedro senses an argument 5 minutes before we do. We’ve learned to observe him and his movements and we don’t argue so much anymore! Animals trust and act on the intelligence of their bodies far more than we do.

In my experience, the body never gets it wrong. In contrast, the bad decisions I have made from my mind are too numerous to mention… and the fallout from these decisions? W-e-l-l-l, it’s been anything but pretty.

The intelligence of my body is available to me in every moment and every movement. I can hear it loud and clear when I take good care of it, lovingly put myself to sleep early, eat food that makes it feel light and zingy, drink plenty of water and observe life rather than getting caught up in reactions.

In my 30’s I met a man by the name of Serge Benhayon. He was the one that reminded me that my body held the answer to every question I had. If it wasn’t for Serge and his incredible presentations on whole body intelligence, I am sure I would still be suffering with a whole range of unpleasant medical complaints.

I could write a book on my experiences of the intelligence of the body but right now my body tells me there are other things to do.

Published with the permission of my gorgeous partner… and Pedro.

PS. A few days after I wrote this blog I discovered we had purchased our wedding and engagement rings from a woman that also happened to be the mother of a close friend who has been a huge support to my partner and I. This was a beautiful confirmation of the fact that our bodies really do know far more than our minds.

By Leonne Sharkey, Melbourne

¹ Clinical & Translational Immunology (2013) 2, e3; doi:10.1038/cti.2013.1
Published online 12 April 2013

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827 thoughts on “What Does My Body Know?

  1. This is fascinating
    “At the moment I am housesitting with my partner and we are looking after a highly sensitive bird named Pedro who makes a certain sound whenever we argue.It has come to a point where Pedro senses an argument 5 minutes before we do.”
    Humans consider themselves rather arrogantly as being more intelligent than animals. I disagree we have in many cases disregarded our sensitivity, is it possible that Pedro is sensing a change in the body movements which set up a certain vibration that can be felt by him, as a disturbance to his surroundings?

  2. Understanding that every pimple on our body is a message on how we are choosing to live is like having a Pedro aware of our every move.

  3. Establishing a loving relationship with the body is very key to not get overwhelmed and anxious by the intensities of life. This is a choice that brings me back to a very known way of being that is really joyful and precious. It is a stillness from which we can live with no pain and suffering, but with the fullness we all deserve.

  4. “the body never gets it wrong.” This is very true and these days I know that if I need an answer to something that my body is going to provide a more truthful answer than the mind.

  5. I really appreciate what you have shared here about the body working hard to keep functioning. It really supports us in our arrogant and indulgent ways doesn’t it?

  6. Our bodies do know, we have to learn to re-listen, as you have shared Leonne, and when we do the simple answers have always been there. It has always been us who have turned a blind eye, so it is up to each of us to re-trace our foot-steps that have been taking us down the path of illusion and in retracing them we can heal and feel what our bodies have always been sharing.

  7. Leonne what you have shared about breast feeding is utterly amazing and yet so normal for the body to adapt and make the changes. There is so much that science doesn’t know about the structure and makeup of our bodies I am in awe of what our bodies are able to do as it shows me that there is an intelligence at work far beyond what our minds know.

  8. The mind can often get in the way of the intelligence of the body, and in our society this mind intelligence is what we learn to rely upon. Serge Benhayon presents a way of living that holds the body intelligence as something to really listen to, for there is much that is offered in this form of intelligence. To neglect the body intelligence and only use the mind does not offer us the full potential of how we can live.

    1. Absolutely Henrietta spot on using our minds keeps us less, that’s why we are encouraged to use our mind over the body in this way we are as a race of Human – beings kept under control. Which is how institutionalized religions has kept us down trodden for years. But the worst thing about this is that we have allowed them to do it by not taking responsibility for our own lives. I put up both hands and feet because I have allowed this myself that’s how I know we all do it.

  9. A gorgeous sharing Leonne – and one that does confirm in so many ways the truth that our body has to deliver for us at any time whether we choose to listen to it or not.

  10. Love this Leonne..’The intelligence of my body is available to me in every moment and every movement.’ This wisdom is always there, whether we listen to it or not, It is worth questioning our choices we’ve made when we don’t listen to it.

  11. “I met a man by the name of Serge Benhayon. He was the one that reminded me that my body held the answer to every question I had.” All the reasons on earth to stay connected to the body, for who wouldn’t want to know the answer to every question we ever had?

    1. Serge Benhayon is the real educator of life, I hated school trying to understand and learn from rote which makes life all about our minds. The education everyone receives from Serge Benhayon is simple and makes sense as it involves our whole body intelligence rather than just relying on the mind to get us through life. By listening to my body I’m letting go of the need to fight my way through life in order to be heard or understood.

  12. I’ve got a lot of evidence from lived experience to show that my mind doesn’t make sense and with my body coming out tops each time. Both of their track records have proven the body is better by far. And yet I still hold onto certain situations or parts of life operated from my mind. It takes time for my pride to be dissolved and admit that the body is more intelligent and it is and should be the leader of life.

    1. Leigh Matson is there a part of us that doesn’t want to admit that we have been hoodwinked by an as yet unseen energy that has totally monopolised humanity, we talk about freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of movement etc., but that to me is an illusion in itself because we are not free at all. Because we have convinced ourselves we think, we think we are totally controlled and totally suppressed by our minds.

  13. The intelligence of the mind can act as if it’s quite superior, it dismisses the body, dismisses the senses, and can often see itself as being more or less than others. The body though just knows, the senses just sense and feel, and there is a trust involved. For me there is always a feeling of wisdom when I trust what I sense and feel, and listen to my body. The mind on the other hand seems to want to reduce everything else so it can feel big and dominate!

  14. “the body’s intelligence far surpasses anything we can think with our mind” Oh how I love this sentence and I am learning more and more the truth of it as a lived experience.

  15. Your story about Pedro the bird reminded me about a dream I had the other night that warned me about something that was going to happen the next day. I didn’t realise at the time that the dream was a warning, but when that thing started to happen the next day, I remembered and was able to understand and deal with it with so much more awareness as I had been prewarned.

    1. Amazing Nicola and something we should really all remember. There is so much support offered by our bodies that we can choose to make our movements ones that honour it, then what can pass through it can make our lives so much simpler.

  16. Our body is amazing. It does things beyond our comprehension and imagination, things that we cannot possibly even will to make it happen. Even more amazing is how we still allow the mind to override what the body knows and communicates when we know the body’s intelligence to be absolute truth.

  17. We fight, we curse, we take our body for granted and all the while our body uses its intelligence to get us to a stop . And the moment we surrender and become loving with our body, it is as meeting an old friend as we do know our body carries the wisdom of the universe.

  18. Our bodies are so much more aware than we allow ourselves to be are aware of – it would serve us to listen to them more!

  19. If it were not for our amazing bodies, we all would be in a very bad place. In our reductionist existence we love to locate our intelligence and often we do it in our brain. The truth is that intelligence cannot be located in one spot because it is in every part of this body of ours. We approach the matter of intelligence with a mind that thinks in terms of centers that relate to the other parts hierarchically, when in truth there is no such a center but parts that can work in harmony together. This is the main guarantor of intelligence.

  20. I do recognise to be hard with my body when it shows a pimple or a rash. But when I am like that I am not open for the wisdom it has to share but prefer to stay blind and deaf for what it wants to tell me as I prefer to live from my calculating mind instead.

    1. You sound rather hard on your mind too Nico. I find that my mind responds beautifully to love as does my body – and together they are such a great team.

      1. Thank you Nicola, possibly I just talked more from how I was in the past than how I am now from the moment I have accepted in full the honesty my body holds me in.

  21. ‘It’s intelligent enough to know how to eliminate the toxic choices we make in order to keep us alive. All the while we curse it for showing us the very inconvenient truth’. So well said, and I have personally experienced this and now I honour and listen to my body and all its wise communication and my life has totally transformed.

  22. “My body has always amazed me with its ability to know what is ahead.” So true and when I ignore or interfere with it’s loving signs I find life gets really complicated.

    1. When you allow seeing how our minds at times are acting you can observe the complication that it creates when it is in complete negation of the signs and the wisdom of the body.

  23. “When we don’t address the root cause of a disease our body has to move its messages (symptoms) around.” I have a feeling that if every one of us was presented with this truth, that we may finally begin to listen to our very wise and very patient body. But its patience has been known to run out when we continue to refuse to listen and there are no more places left to move the dis-ease to – those are the times that we will probably be abruptly stopped in our stubborn tracks.

  24. I love this question – what does my body know – for we live in a world that assumes our wisdom comes from our head, which is somewhat ironic considering the mess our head has put us into with sickness and disease rampant, suicides rising every year, that head wisdom is not so wise. On the other hand the body will let us feel it’s wisdom if we listen and don’t stuff the body or harden it so we can’t feel a thing.

  25. ‘Animals trust and act on the intelligence of their bodies far more than we do’ – that’s so true and yet we consider ourselves more intelligent, and yet for example we overeat, and often for many of us to a point where many human beings are obese, this rarely happens in the animal kingdom where food and the body eating it is treated with a great deal more respect than many humans often muster.

  26. I loved reading the p.s. at the end and the confirmation of listening to your body when it said a clear yes to the ring that was nothing like what you had in mind, and then it turns out you bought if from the mother of a very good friend. Yep, our bodies are amazing if we only but listen!

  27. The intelligence and innate harmony of our body is incredible as well as being super consistent and not needing great accolades or recognition to keep doing what it does…

  28. With whole-body intelligence, we embark on a reawakening journey, that redefines from the ground up, the way the world looks at life the universe and everything

  29. There is much to be learned from studying the intricacies of our bodies and how they feel – about ourselves, how we react and respond to life and others, and they to us. There is nothing that the body doesn’t know and doesn’t tell us. Our willingness to pay attention to it and to listen is what makes the difference in how we use its information to let go of and heal old and unhelpful patterns of behaviour and embrace and live in full the potential we all hold.

  30. It is through deepening our connection with ourselves and lovingly taking care of our body that we open up our awareness to be able to discern the truth of what our body is constantly communicating to us, refining our choices from listening to our body’s natural wisdom and intelligence and understanding how our body responds to restore and realign itself back to a true and harmonious rhythm.

  31. What does my body know? It knows a far greater wisdom that my so called intelligent mind and I thank God for that.

  32. Our bodies are always communicating with us, to make changes or refinements to our lifestyle choices, which we ignore at our own peril, as the body then has to shout louder to get our attention, usually in giving us a big stop moment in the form of illness.

  33. We get blessed all the time when we truly act upon our impulses and don´t discard our body´s signals. This blessing is always present and on offer, we simply have to follow its own rhythm.

  34. Animals do not eat and behave without respect towards their body. They are a great role model to observe for us humans, as they only do things to keep staying alive and they listen to their physical instincts all the time- because as they know, they otherwise would loose their life, if they wouldn´t.

    1. We can lose our lives also as we simply don’t listen to our bodies, we can end up with a health condition which often stops us from continuing living in a self disregarding way. Often the ill health can be the way we begin to listen to ourselves again. For humans not listening to our bodies may not be as immediate as what animals experience, however there are always consequences.

    2. Yes, animals are so connected to their bodies, they live honouring the impulses and as a result they are also connected to the rhythm of the planet and therefore are forewarned about dangers that might be coming.

  35. There are so many animals that confirm to humanity that they have an intelligence way beyond ours. How is it for example that Swallows and House Martins fly to Africa within a few months of leaving the nest and return the following year to the same nest site? That is a huge journey for anyone to undertake. How is it that Monarch Butterflies can fly from South America to North America, and Bats can fly from the UK to Eastern Europe and back? How is it that Animals can sense danger long before human-beings and yet in our ignorance we think they are dumb and we are the intelligent species?

    1. Feeling the energy before the outward expression is something we can all do. For example, something kicked off at work at the beginning of the week. The next morning I was feeling the energy of the day and of my work colleagues. I could feel the disturbing and abusive energy had not changed, and sure enough, within minutes of arriving at work, a colleague was in my face gunning for a fight. In expecting this, I quietly removed myself, walked away and got on with my work.

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