If Clairsentience is Truly Innate and Natural, then How is it that Most of Us Remain Completely Ignorant of it?

If clairsentience is truly innate and natural, then how is it that most of us remain completely ignorant of it?

Clairsentience is the ability to read, feel and identify the energetic quality of what is going on for oneself, other people and the world in general. It confers the ability to observe situations without being hooked by them as we simply register and clock energy without reaction. In connection with the inner heart centre, we sense and feel what corresponds to our essence and what does not. In fact, all the nuances of energy are felt without judgement. We may feel a person is lying or disregarding themselves or us, but understand that this is their choice of energy – no more, no less.

Clairsentience is the natural complement to the fact that “If everything is energy, therefore, everything is BECAUSE of energy (Serge Benhayon). If, as the Ancient Wisdom presents, we are actually beings that are made of, and sustained by, energy, it is logical that our Creator would provide us with the ability to read energy – that of ourselves, of others, of situations, places, events and occurrences.

I have observed this ability in myself and in many others who are reconnecting with the centre enhoused in the physical body in the chest – the inner heart – where the ability to feel and read energy resides. The sense of when something feels ‘right,’ when something is potentially harming, the awareness of a need to connect with a distant loved one the nanosecond that they are troubled, the ability to feel energies that are precursors to illness in the body, an impeccable sense of timing, knowing how to truly care for and nurture oneself – these are all basic expressions of this ability to feel and to sense energy from within oneself without reliance upon external input or advice, but from a sense of feeling that then brings a knowing.

The Ancient Wisdom presents that all children are born with their clairsentience completely intact. Working as a Primary School teacher, my experience confirms this is so until children reach a certain age – usually somewhere between the ages of 7 and 12. At some stage in this age range there is a switch of allegiance from the clairsentient inner heart to the head, where children become more mind-based, more mentally driven and then leave behind the simplicity of feeling and reading energy from the inner heart. Instead children have learned to relate to how things look and to the ideals of success and achievement given to them by the outside world of parents, education, media, culture and religion.

Thereafter there seems to be a collective sense of convenient amnesia – we wilfully ‘forget’ that we have this amazing yet natural ability within us so we engage with the world on its terms, not on what is being felt within us.

Realising this, I could not but ask: “How could this possibly be? We wouldn’t willingly suppress our vision, our hearing or any of our five physical senses, so why does this occur with clairsentience?”

My understanding of the why and the how also came from within the Ancient Wisdom teachings, which present that we are a tri-partite being: we are human, indisputably so, but we also have a spirit and a Soul. Human – spirit – Soul – three aspects, one being.

Human life is dominated by the spirit, which prefers and uses mental and emotional energy as its fuel to sustain its way of being. The connection with and use of our clairsentience basically sounds the death knell of the spirit that keeps its human aspect ignorant of the spirit’s own existence and enforces its mental idealism and beliefs so that it can maintain its domination of human life. Effectively we imprison ourselves in our own minds, locked away from the Love that we innately are and with the key to our energetic freedom, clairsentience, hidden away inside of us. This happened to all of us the moment we chose the spirit’s mind over our own clairsentient inner heart.

To remain clairsentiently aware, or to reconnect with this awareness, means that one realises there is a choice of energy and that one can choose Soul. This exposes the existence of the tri-partite being; that we are human, run by a spirit, with a choice to return to our origins – to our Soul. For most, this awareness brings up the clairsentiently felt fact that we are indeed Beings having a human experience that is not ultimately who we truly are. This awareness has long been withheld from us by our own spirit, as it is the forerunner of the ending of the spirit’s dominion over human life.

What other reason could there be to systematically bludgeon out the awareness we are all born with so that by the end of Primary School there is little or no clairsentience remaining in conscious awareness? It has been exchanged and overridden by the ruminations of the mind with its ideals, beliefs, expectations and drive for success – the mental prison referred to earlier.

Clairsentience also reconnects us with what we innately are – Love. It has been my experience that once this is felt, there can be no further selling out to the cold, loveless values of the spirit – the aspirations, goals and drive for success, the self-loathing and self worth issues, the competitive individualism, because energetically we readily feel how empty and worthless they are.

Instead we feel our inner home of Love and commit to returning to who we truly are, feeling our way, loving step by loving step.

So how come so many of us are ignorant of our clairsentience? Do we need to look to the ‘enemy within’ our own minds, to our own choices and to the energy we are choosing to live our lives by? Could it be as simple as discarding ignorance and then choosing differently?

Perhaps our best option is to allow ourselves to feel the truth of these questions.

By Coleen Hensey

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511 thoughts on “If Clairsentience is Truly Innate and Natural, then How is it that Most of Us Remain Completely Ignorant of it?

  1. My question is, is the Truth a question or a knowing from our Livingness? So that once we return to that lived knowing we do not question it! Then deepening our connection to our Soul becomes our human-ness, lived with all 6 faculties in-tact and everyone should be made aware of what you have shared Colleen as it is imperative for our evolution.

  2. Coleen this is a brilliant discussion to be having with each other and you have written so clearly our downfall as clairsentient beings that get trapped in our minds because the spirit wants to dominate at all costs. It is only by having these types of discussions that we can start to unravel the sneakiness of our spirit and reclaim our natural way of feeling energy first.

  3. If children were taught and supported to deepen and express from their clairsentience then adults would not be able to lie.

  4. Awareness and sensitivity are a gift to us – but they feel like a curse when we do not know how to handle them.

  5. One of the challenges I am finding lately is that I know I am sensitive and feeling much but it is understanding correctly what it is that I am feeling. The head so often wants to get in the way and re-interpret what we feel and so it destroys or thwarts the original message.

  6. Sometimes it can be painful to open back up to our Natural Clairsentience – for the simple reason that we get to feel how we have fooled ourselves by making life black and white instead of colour by denying the fact of clarisentience. And so it is in some ways more ‘convenient’ to not feel than it is to feel, even though this stunts our own growth.

  7. Why are we not taught this from the beginning or at least school? We seem to learn about everything else but the fact that we are as you say Coleen
    “tri-partite beings; that we are human, run by a spirit, with a choice to return to our origins – to our Soul.” That it is our spirit that dominates our bodies so that we are left in the ignorance of who we truly are.
    Thankfully that dominance of the spirit is beginning to slacken as I can feel a grandness growing in my body. If I can feel this then surely everyone else has the ability to feel the same if they so chose.

  8. I love children’s spontaneity and wisdom, but it is interesting to see how this begins to disappear between the ages of 7 and 12. In a way it is no surprise given that the education system asks us to use our mind and does not consider the inner heart or any other part of the body as being significant to supporting us to learn. From my own experience thinking outside the box is frowned upon and made to feel inferior especially if you don’t follow a set way that the schooling system expects you to study.

  9. I agree – when we identify ourselves from the spirit’s perspective and its survival in creation, it totally makes sense that it would serve us to forget about clairsentience, but we don’t even have to use clairsentience to know this plane of life is not working. If we allow ourselves edge towards honesty even just a tiny bit, we know our internal, and external, disquiet will never cease unless we stop the way of the spirit.

  10. The way that Universal Medicine imparts the experience of reading energy is incredible, because at no point are we told what is or is not true, there is simply the offering of an experience, and what you then do with that is up to you.

  11. We can either ask “If clairsentience is truly innate and natural, then how is it that most of us remain completely ignorant of it?” or what does it tell about our ways of going through life that everything that is innate and natural is not part of our movements?

  12. Just that statement that we are made of and sustained by energy is a showstopper… Now this should be philosophy 101 in every university, indeed in every health care degree as well.

  13. Coleen I had never heard of the word clairsentience until I met Serge Benhayon it was not known to my family, nor was part of my education growing up. But this doesn’t surprise me as there is so much more that I have discovered since knowing Serge Benhayon that has been kept from Humanity. His presentations are a real eye opener. It’s almost as though there is another dimension to life that is actively being kept hidden from us. And more and more I feel as though I’m living George Orwell’s book 1984 where the people in the story are being controlled without knowing they are being controlled as they are so numb to their external environment.

    1. Yes Mary it has been kept hidden from us, on the other hand we were willing to play this game and chose to be unaware of what is truly going on while our body can be so loud and clear with presenting us the truth of how we are living but we will get there sooner or later. We cannot escape only delay the truth of why we are here.

      1. By saying yes to the game as you put it Annelies our bodies are then configured in a way, so that the way we move compounds the energy of the ideals, beliefs, comparison, sadness, depression etc. So it becomes our way. We have lived this way for lifetimes so it make sense to me we have forgotten who we truly are and where we come from. The only way out of this I feel is to break down the configurations of energy in our bodies so that we can move freely and not restricted by all these ideals and beliefs that we get saturated with from the day we are born.

  14. There can be no judgement of anyone when we understand that everything is simply a choice of energy and that eventually we will all return to the choosing of love over loveless-ness.
    “In connection with the inner heart centre, we sense and feel what corresponds to our essence and what does not. In fact, all the nuances of energy are felt without judgement. We may feel a person is lying or disregarding themselves or us, but understand that this is their choice of energy – no more, no less”.

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