If Clairsentience is Truly Innate and Natural, then How is it that Most of Us Remain Completely Ignorant of it?

If clairsentience is truly innate and natural, then how is it that most of us remain completely ignorant of it?

Clairsentience is the ability to read, feel and identify the energetic quality of what is going on for oneself, other people and the world in general. It confers the ability to observe situations without being hooked by them as we simply register and clock energy without reaction. In connection with the inner heart centre, we sense and feel what corresponds to our essence and what does not. In fact, all the nuances of energy are felt without judgement. We may feel a person is lying or disregarding themselves or us, but understand that this is their choice of energy – no more, no less.

Clairsentience is the natural complement to the fact that “If everything is energy, therefore, everything is BECAUSE of energy (Serge Benhayon). If, as the Ancient Wisdom presents, we are actually beings that are made of, and sustained by, energy, it is logical that our Creator would provide us with the ability to read energy – that of ourselves, of others, of situations, places, events and occurrences.

I have observed this ability in myself and in many others who are reconnecting with the centre enhoused in the physical body in the chest – the inner heart – where the ability to feel and read energy resides. The sense of when something feels ‘right,’ when something is potentially harming, the awareness of a need to connect with a distant loved one the nanosecond that they are troubled, the ability to feel energies that are precursors to illness in the body, an impeccable sense of timing, knowing how to truly care for and nurture oneself – these are all basic expressions of this ability to feel and to sense energy from within oneself without reliance upon external input or advice, but from a sense of feeling that then brings a knowing.

The Ancient Wisdom presents that all children are born with their clairsentience completely intact. Working as a Primary School teacher, my experience confirms this is so until children reach a certain age – usually somewhere between the ages of 7 and 12. At some stage in this age range there is a switch of allegiance from the clairsentient inner heart to the head, where children become more mind-based, more mentally driven and then leave behind the simplicity of feeling and reading energy from the inner heart. Instead children have learned to relate to how things look and to the ideals of success and achievement given to them by the outside world of parents, education, media, culture and religion.

Thereafter there seems to be a collective sense of convenient amnesia – we wilfully ‘forget’ that we have this amazing yet natural ability within us so we engage with the world on its terms, not on what is being felt within us.

Realising this, I could not but ask: “How could this possibly be? We wouldn’t willingly suppress our vision, our hearing or any of our five physical senses, so why does this occur with clairsentience?”

My understanding of the why and the how also came from within the Ancient Wisdom teachings, which present that we are a tri-partite being: we are human, indisputably so, but we also have a spirit and a Soul. Human – spirit – Soul – three aspects, one being.

Human life is dominated by the spirit, which prefers and uses mental and emotional energy as its fuel to sustain its way of being. The connection with and use of our clairsentience basically sounds the death knell of the spirit that keeps its human aspect ignorant of the spirit’s own existence and enforces its mental idealism and beliefs so that it can maintain its domination of human life. Effectively we imprison ourselves in our own minds, locked away from the Love that we innately are and with the key to our energetic freedom, clairsentience, hidden away inside of us. This happened to all of us the moment we chose the spirit’s mind over our own clairsentient inner heart.

To remain clairsentiently aware, or to reconnect with this awareness, means that one realises there is a choice of energy and that one can choose Soul. This exposes the existence of the tri-partite being; that we are human, run by a spirit, with a choice to return to our origins – to our Soul. For most, this awareness brings up the clairsentiently felt fact that we are indeed Beings having a human experience that is not ultimately who we truly are. This awareness has long been withheld from us by our own spirit, as it is the forerunner of the ending of the spirit’s dominion over human life.

What other reason could there be to systematically bludgeon out the awareness we are all born with so that by the end of Primary School there is little or no clairsentience remaining in conscious awareness? It has been exchanged and overridden by the ruminations of the mind with its ideals, beliefs, expectations and drive for success – the mental prison referred to earlier.

Clairsentience also reconnects us with what we innately are – Love. It has been my experience that once this is felt, there can be no further selling out to the cold, loveless values of the spirit – the aspirations, goals and drive for success, the self-loathing and self worth issues, the competitive individualism, because energetically we readily feel how empty and worthless they are.

Instead we feel our inner home of Love and commit to returning to who we truly are, feeling our way, loving step by loving step.

So how come so many of us are ignorant of our clairsentience? Do we need to look to the ‘enemy within’ our own minds, to our own choices and to the energy we are choosing to live our lives by? Could it be as simple as discarding ignorance and then choosing differently?

Perhaps our best option is to allow ourselves to feel the truth of these questions.

By Coleen Hensey

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485 thoughts on “If Clairsentience is Truly Innate and Natural, then How is it that Most of Us Remain Completely Ignorant of it?

  1. Perhaps our gut feeling, which is not clairsentience and our mind constantly interfere so we have a difficult time distinguishing between them?

  2. This is indeed the question isn’t it. So it really behoves asked all to reawaken this innate quality so that there is a reflection back to the world of what we truly are.

  3. Coleen thank you for writing so clearly how it is we lose our clairsentience, the spirit does seemingly hold all the cards so to say and is extremely willful and the only way to bring it back is to connect to our soul which has the higher vibration of the universe and bring our bodies vibration up so that the spirit is pulled into that vibration back to the soul it separated from.

  4. The world is so full of distraction (disguised as entertainment) its not hard to understand why our innate awareness and ability to sense energy is smothered.

  5. If we relentlessly throw images at our children no wonder at some point they will cave in and let go the inner knowing as what they feel never matches those images. We know innately it isn’t right but if the constant message is that you are the one that is in the wrong you will eventually give up and give in and join the majority.

  6. I too have observed that “switch of allegiance from the clairsentient inner heart to the head, where children become more mind-based”, in the children I have a lot to do with, and they too are in the age group you share. I know that this is their choice and to make sure that I have no investment in them staying connected to their clairsentience. At the same time, I do not hold back from sharing this understanding of this beautiful and very natural sense that I too buried at this age, but what they do with what I share is of course totally up to them.

  7. From your opening question about Clairsentience being innate and why aren’t we aware of it… Yes indeed… Our bodies belong to God every particle, and yet we know this not as well. This is why we need someone to light that fire, that spark within us.

  8. Children are amazing, they just come out and say what they are feeling, to adults this can sometimes feel uncomfortable as they play the game fostered by the spirit. Our inner knowing is always there we just need to connect to the body and feel.

  9. Even though we are born with everything we ever need, when everything around us is set up to erode our natural confidence and knowing, it is not surprising many of us start doubting our feelings and eventually give in to outer influences.

  10. Many times I’ve been in awe of the way children express. This blog inspires me to embrace my clairsentience more and express what I truly feel.

  11. It can be a challenging thing to begin to feel the world around us. We have learned from young to block, numb resist and fight what we feel. But essential and along side feeling what the world around is, is knowing that “everything is energy”. Then we understand that how we live and move through life is based on an energy and an energy we align to, and everyone is in the same boat.

  12. There are many aspects of life that simply do not make sense until we include the relationship of spirit and Soul in conjunction with our understanding of our physical human form. Our collective amnesia as you beautifully put it about clairsentience is one of them.

  13. There is so much that can be explained when we read the energy behind a situation and as a result, we would take things less personally if we were taught how to do this from you – or should I say not taught how to discount it from young! The consequence of not personalising would be much higher self-esteem and much less drama!!

  14. It’s really sad that the schools have become a tool of disconnection from children’s clairsentience.. How would it be another way of educating children that honoured this innate sense and wisdom? Maybe starting by us, their educators, honouring ours too?

  15. This switch of allegiance from the heart to the head – when this happens, it naturally follows that our mental ideals can start to flavour our relationships with others, to the extent where we ignore what we feel and know is true in favour of what we’d like something to be. Our only loyalty is to the truth that we can feel, not to anyone else’s version of it.

  16. To wilfully forget what we know is our natural way of being is the marker of where we choose to be in each and every moment.

  17. What I find so very sad is that living from the mind doesn’t allow us to feel the steadiness and freedom that is our birthright, that which comes from living in the body. To live life and never connect with the reality of who we are is the saddest thing, for everyone has the amazingness of the solidity of our body, all that is needed is to surrender to feel it.

  18. Our clairsentience is very natural to us, an unspoken language we are using every day that is communicating volumes. We cannot turn off our inner feeling though we can dull and distract from it in many ways when we are not prepared to accept or follow its counsel.

  19. In my experience we choose not to be aware so that we don’t have to do something about what we can feel – i.e. say something, rock the boat, risk upsetting someone, losing a friendship etc. But when we let go of all that we’re afraid of and just go for it – allow ourselves to express with no holds barred, it frees us up, and our relationships too. We all benefit from more real, more loving, relationships.

  20. ‘systematically bludgeon out the awareness we are all born with’…. that is indeed what actually takes place, and what we have championed as a human race. The feats of achievement regarded more worthy than the Godly essence we can see emanate through a child’s eyes in the wonder that they are – and so that wonder dims its light to succumb and enjoin to a way of relating we know is so short-changed and false all along.

  21. Children are so naturally connected, it saddens me to see that we do not nurture this quality in them in fact its almost like it is forced out of them, those that do remain clairsentient then face a world that is not that and find themselves facing the grim reality that much of what they see is a lie.

  22. And the beautiful thing is we never lose our clairsentient heart, we just disconnect from it. And when we are ready regardless of our age we can resume our relationship with it and resuscitate that childhood wonderment of people, life and the world around us we replaced with the mental prison of our thoughts.

  23. I have no doubt about this, I have two children and I am watching them grow and they were born with a natural clairsentience, not given it, not learnt but live it and I know I have been ignoring mine, but I am inspired to return to it and live from it and it has changed my life.

  24. ” If clairsentience is Truly Innate and Natural, then how is it that Most of Us Remain Completely Ignorant of it?”. This is a great question and in many ways easy to answer. The truth is we do not want to feel all the things that we feel therefore pretend that we are not feeling everything and use all sorts of things like food, drugs and alcohol to dull down our awareness of what we are feeling. We don’t want to feel all that is there to be felt because we carry hurts but underneath that is the fact that we do not want to take responsibility for ourselves.

  25. Unfortunately, even though we know that we are a “tri-partite” being, we have not understood the waywardness of the spirit, as it has kept us locked away from the origins of our soul. That is until Serge Benhayon reminded us all again that our spirit is the cause of all of our woes.

  26. We can’t profess not to ‘know’ because energetically we all do know exactly what is going on, always – yet we can choose not to know, to give in to our spirit and the manipulating games it plays, luring us into believing that we can get away with doing exactly what we want, or rather, what it wants. In truth, we never get away with anything, every choice has a consequence, all of which will catch up with us, ultimately.

    1. Yes Alison, it is an abdication of responsibility on a grand scale and away from a way of living that offers us such freedom! What a clever plan by the spirit. I see it as a grand form of bullying, to make you feel less because you choose to honour what you know, rather than join the masses in the denial of what you think means you will fit in.

  27. I agree “there seems to be a collective sense of convenient amnesia” when it comes to the awareness of our sixth sense, our naturally inbuilt clairsentience. So how wonderful it is that the collective does not quite include everyone, including you Coleen, and who are now letting the world know that yes, we have this natural sense that for so long we have been disconnected from, but that can be reconnected to with one simple choice.

  28. “Effectively we imprison ourselves in our own minds, locked away from the Love that we innately are.” And we champion this way of life, which can see success externally but often with an inner misery which is managed by alcohol, distractions, or other forms of “medicating” ourselves

  29. Coleen, ‘. We may feel a person is lying or disregarding themselves or us, but understand that this is their choice of energy – no more, no less.’, What you are sharing in this article about observing and not reacting to what we are feeling is great, I know I can react and get caught up in others choices of energy, rather than staying steady and observing what is going on, I love observing children and the simplicity and naturalness of how they respond to all that is not love, it is a huge shame that this clairsentience is not encouraged in children as this is a an essential part of who we all are.

  30. “We wouldn’t willingly suppress our vision, our hearing or any of our five physical senses, so why does this occur with clairsentience?” ” A great question Coleen, and one definately worthy of exploring. There is much to ponder on here.

  31. Some of us have not forsaken the ability to feel, but because this ability is not the normal of most of the world, we are seen to be different and sometimes ridiculed to be unrealistic (such as needing to compete and earn a lot of money for security), so we close down not so much our clairsentience, but more so our openness to express.

  32. It is my experience that once our bodies get to feel and reconnect to the love that we naturally are it feels so complete that we want more, because as you say Coleen the self loathing and self worth issues just melt away and is replaced with confidence. For me having experienced both ways of living in the world reconnecting back to the love within my soul is the most important goal of my life.

  33. Thank you Coleen, I love this notion of being given all the tools we need to be in this world, so that we may learn and return to our true way of life.

  34. I think part of the trouble is that clairsentience is often presented as being a ‘special gift’ rather than something innate and natural that we can all re-connect with and appreciate how much we do actually feel all the time… And how this way of feeling is intelligence as well – that intelligence is not just how much you can recall…

  35. I think most of us check out literally the whole time, and to reconnect with our clairsentience requires us to be aware of what we feel, so it makes sense that if we’ve vagued out we are no longer aware of what’s happening in that moment or what we feel in our body, and these two things are both key in being able to feel the truth of what’s happening at all points the time.

  36. Why wouldn’t we stay connected to our souls and the divine directly? Choosing to go through a third party that holds a distorted version of our potential and loveliness doesn’t make sense. Yet it is the option that is espoused and the current format that we are all expected to follow.

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