If Clairsentience is Truly Innate and Natural, then How is it that Most of Us Remain Completely Ignorant of it?

If clairsentience is truly innate and natural, then how is it that most of us remain completely ignorant of it?

Clairsentience is the ability to read, feel and identify the energetic quality of what is going on for oneself, other people and the world in general. It confers the ability to observe situations without being hooked by them as we simply register and clock energy without reaction. In connection with the inner heart centre, we sense and feel what corresponds to our essence and what does not. In fact, all the nuances of energy are felt without judgement. We may feel a person is lying or disregarding themselves or us, but understand that this is their choice of energy – no more, no less.

Clairsentience is the natural complement to the fact that “If everything is energy, therefore, everything is BECAUSE of energy (Serge Benhayon). If, as the Ancient Wisdom presents, we are actually beings that are made of, and sustained by, energy, it is logical that our Creator would provide us with the ability to read energy – that of ourselves, of others, of situations, places, events and occurrences.

I have observed this ability in myself and in many others who are reconnecting with the centre enhoused in the physical body in the chest – the inner heart – where the ability to feel and read energy resides. The sense of when something feels ‘right,’ when something is potentially harming, the awareness of a need to connect with a distant loved one the nanosecond that they are troubled, the ability to feel energies that are precursors to illness in the body, an impeccable sense of timing, knowing how to truly care for and nurture oneself – these are all basic expressions of this ability to feel and to sense energy from within oneself without reliance upon external input or advice, but from a sense of feeling that then brings a knowing.

The Ancient Wisdom presents that all children are born with their clairsentience completely intact. Working as a Primary School teacher, my experience confirms this is so until children reach a certain age – usually somewhere between the ages of 7 and 12. At some stage in this age range there is a switch of allegiance from the clairsentient inner heart to the head, where children become more mind-based, more mentally driven and then leave behind the simplicity of feeling and reading energy from the inner heart. Instead children have learned to relate to how things look and to the ideals of success and achievement given to them by the outside world of parents, education, media, culture and religion.

Thereafter there seems to be a collective sense of convenient amnesia – we wilfully ‘forget’ that we have this amazing yet natural ability within us so we engage with the world on its terms, not on what is being felt within us.

Realising this, I could not but ask: “How could this possibly be? We wouldn’t willingly suppress our vision, our hearing or any of our five physical senses, so why does this occur with clairsentience?”

My understanding of the why and the how also came from within the Ancient Wisdom teachings, which present that we are a tri-partite being: we are human, indisputably so, but we also have a spirit and a Soul. Human – spirit – Soul – three aspects, one being.

Human life is dominated by the spirit, which prefers and uses mental and emotional energy as its fuel to sustain its way of being. The connection with and use of our clairsentience basically sounds the death knell of the spirit that keeps its human aspect ignorant of the spirit’s own existence and enforces its mental idealism and beliefs so that it can maintain its domination of human life. Effectively we imprison ourselves in our own minds, locked away from the Love that we innately are and with the key to our energetic freedom, clairsentience, hidden away inside of us. This happened to all of us the moment we chose the spirit’s mind over our own clairsentient inner heart.

To remain clairsentiently aware, or to reconnect with this awareness, means that one realises there is a choice of energy and that one can choose Soul. This exposes the existence of the tri-partite being; that we are human, run by a spirit, with a choice to return to our origins – to our Soul. For most, this awareness brings up the clairsentiently felt fact that we are indeed Beings having a human experience that is not ultimately who we truly are. This awareness has long been withheld from us by our own spirit, as it is the forerunner of the ending of the spirit’s dominion over human life.

What other reason could there be to systematically bludgeon out the awareness we are all born with so that by the end of Primary School there is little or no clairsentience remaining in conscious awareness? It has been exchanged and overridden by the ruminations of the mind with its ideals, beliefs, expectations and drive for success – the mental prison referred to earlier.

Clairsentience also reconnects us with what we innately are – Love. It has been my experience that once this is felt, there can be no further selling out to the cold, loveless values of the spirit – the aspirations, goals and drive for success, the self-loathing and self worth issues, the competitive individualism, because energetically we readily feel how empty and worthless they are.

Instead we feel our inner home of Love and commit to returning to who we truly are, feeling our way, loving step by loving step.

So how come so many of us are ignorant of our clairsentience? Do we need to look to the ‘enemy within’ our own minds, to our own choices and to the energy we are choosing to live our lives by? Could it be as simple as discarding ignorance and then choosing differently?

Perhaps our best option is to allow ourselves to feel the truth of these questions.

By Coleen Hensey

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352 thoughts on “If Clairsentience is Truly Innate and Natural, then How is it that Most of Us Remain Completely Ignorant of it?

  1. I just love this phrase Coleen . . . ‘ a collective sense of convenient amnesia’ – this describes the human race (and myself of course) to the T. The universal constellations are living inside us but we conveniently forgot to go within and be given everything we ever dreamed of. Instead we go ‘out, out, out’ desiring to set up colonies on Mars, further engraining our forgetfulness that it all resides within us. I was just playing with your words and thinking how good ‘a convenient sense of collective amnesia’ also sounds!

    1. I love how you’ve built on the original, Lyndy – ‘a convenient sense of collective amnesia’ feels like a deeper nailing of what’s going on. Awesome – we are cooking 🙂

  2. “If clairsentience is truly innate and natural, then how is it that most of us remain completely ignorant of it?” Great question Coleen, indeed why are we. In answering this question we must also consider our level of responsibility when connecting to and expressing our clairsentience; much to ponder.

  3. “Clairsentience is the ability to read, feel and identify the energetic quality of what is going on for oneself, other people and the world in general.” A deeply reflective thorough sharing on Clairsentience and the absolute importance of this in our lives and the world and the blindness we all live in by ignoring it. It is a deeply reflective sharing and leaves a lot to feel with our responsibility to all we are and know and how we cannot deny our innate divinity and knowing from the Universe we are part of.

  4. To support our children to maintain their clairsentience, to maintain trust in their inner knowing, to develop and deepen their self awareness and ongoing appreciation of the uniqueness they bring just be being who they are will change humanity beyond recognition.

  5. “If clairsentience is truly innate and natural, then how is it that most of us remain completely ignorant of it?” If we know it, then we must also know exactly how to ignore it – so we are in effect the masters of our supposed ignorance.

  6. If I speak with people about this subject I always ask them about the things they are aware of without there being a physical expression to go on. In this every single person always finds that they ‘know’ things that they never stopped to wonder about how come they know them. Such as when you walk into a room where there has just been a fight. We use all our senses on different levels and to stop and look at how often this already occurs in our lives is a great first step in reconnecting to the clairsentient beings that we are.

    1. I know exactly what you mean Carolien, recently I spent a few days with some of my family and I brought up the subject of feeling what is going on all around us, and they knew exactly what I meant and contributed to the discussion by sharing with me their experience and take on life. They had not taken the time to stop and wonder what they were feeling and just accepted that they could sense what was happening taking it for granted. Now they are more aware they are expanding their awareness because they feel it gives them an edge over life, re-engaging with life so that they feel more in control over what is happening to them.

  7. We are all born with the ability to read energy, meaning, we all innately carry this quality – however it is a quality that most of us as adults are not aware of because as we grow up we learn to dull and distract ourselves away from what we feel on a daily basis, it has become a norm to override our most natural sense.

  8. ‘If, as the Ancient Wisdom presents, we are actually beings that are made of, and sustained by, energy, it is logical that our Creator would provide us with the ability to read energy – that of ourselves, of others, of situations, places, events and occurrences.’ This statement says it all and exposes how natural reading should be for us, so why is it that most of us do not read energy consistently?

  9. If we are naturally clairsentient beings, which we are, then it is a choice we make to not be consciously aware of all we feel and know. Why is a question of responsibility to our true purpose. I really enjoyed reading you blog Coleen.

  10. If the universe if made of energy and we are part of the universe then it makes complete sense that we should possess a sense that enables us to detect energy and discern its quality.

  11. I love the questions you pose for us here, Coleen, so that we can enquire for ourselves why we choose to relinquish our all-knowing nature?

  12. Whenever I’ve convinced myself that I can’t feel something and don’t know the answer, it’s because I’ve left my body and gone into my head, stressing myself out with ‘trying to work it out’. When I let go of needing to know, and just reconnect back to my body by focusing on how I’m walking or breathing, life is much simpler. We all have this knowing and this clairsentience- no one is born with more or less of it, but how we live every day determines how much we allow ourselves to feel and see.

  13. What we feel or sense can often be dismissed as irrelevant or wishy-washy – not something to truly tune into and develop a deeper understanding of what it is communicating to us. Or that it is a special power reserved for a ‘talented’ few. But what if it is an innate sense we all have but just may have buried or ignored and by returning to it we can return to a more truly intelligent way of living and understanding the world of energy that we live in.

  14. We humans are excellent forgetters. We forget the horrors of war when we plunge into the next one. Ah! It is justified and necessary we say. But if we truly remembered, no one would lift a gun against another and they would insist that every means of resolution be explored and not a stone left unturned until another way is found.
    We forget our social/political/economic failures. We follow other nations into policies that have proved disastrous, as though we can do better, or maybe it wasn’t really that bad. We fall into the trap of the same mistakes being repeated, only to be appeased by the next round of promises that this person or team has the answers.
    We forget the mistakes we have made in science – the introduction of species, the annihilation of others, the excessive manipulations that proved themselves to create horrific outcomes. Onward we go, citing progress as we brush the errors under the rug of forgetfulness.
    Yes, we have mastered the art of forgetting.
    How then can we deny the possibility that we have forgotten so much about ourselves? We leave behind our childhood in the rush to be an adult – autonomy! freedom! beckon. Yet what a price we pay. The profundity of the essence of soul left behind for the excitement of a freedom that gives full reign to a spirit. The freedom does not taste so sweet as we imagined, nor is it as free as it might wish. In place of the controls that surrounded us in childhood, there is a persistent dull ache that something is not quite right.
    No wonder we choose to forget.
    And although we forget, there is a glimmering sense of this truth that sits at the very edge of our awareness. May I say, lest we forget, for here is the core of our suffering. We are a species of aching individuals and this is an ache no medication can ease.

  15. The answer to this predicament is quite simple. If you hold onto your clairscentience, you have to feel the tension that underpins all of life. That is not easy to come to terms with, especially when you open your front door and allow yourself to feel the world in its entirety. This is important to acknowledge and understand, for it explains why it is often actually very difficult to remain connected to the true love of one’s Soul and of God. As they say, nothing worse than having the light turned on when you are used to the dark, for it exposes what you otherwise have got used to living with. In other words, shutting down our clairscentience is simply a coping mechanism used to enable us to cope with a form of life that is actually for a large part devoid of our true essence.

    1. Indeed, I am very much reminded of a scene from the movie The Matrix, for those who are familiar, in which one of the characters who is freed from the world that the rest of humanity lives in – whereby human beings are kept hooked up to machines, and offered an illusion of reality to live out – cannot cope with the actual reality of life. And so, he betrays his fellow brothers and goes back to the robots running humanity and asks to be hooked back into the machines, so that he can continue to be comforted by the illusion that was being fed to him. In other words, he is asking to shut down his clairscentience, so he does not have to feel the rot of the world as it truly is.

  16. Such good questions and ones we can build on for ourselves. Clairsentience is something that has to be felt for ourselves but without someone reminding us that this is natural for us it is easy to forget we ever had this connection. There is a profound cost to walking away from this early warning system and this innate connection with others.

  17. I was talking to a young child recently and she was explaining that someone she knows at school gets stickers for having neat joined up handwriting, while other children don’t get stickers. And so for me this shows why it is we leave our hearts for our heads because we are actively encouraged to do so when at school as it becomes all about what you can achieve and less about who you are. And that you are less if you don’t get a sticker and someone else does. It also encourages competition against one another so is it any wonder that at a young age we give up on feeling from our inner heart and instead relate to life via the ideals and false achievements imposed on us by the education system.

    1. It is the same as children being told to colour inside the line and if they do they get rewarded in some way for it! There are so many situations where children find themselves feeling compelled to follow what is going on around them as if there is only one way to do things instead of listening and following their inner heart. Does it really matter as to whether the child has done neat handwriting or coloured inside the line? Surely how the child feels, their wellbeing and whether he or she has truly enjoyed the exercises without any imposition takes priority and if this was the case I question would the child feel that they needed to be rewarded such as a sticker at the end of it?!

  18. I know for myself I have always been aware of things and felt more than what purely my eyes could see. I always had an inner knowing yet would dismiss it to fit in with others or please them. The more I embrace what I am sensing the clearer my feelings become. It is something we can all re-connect to as after all it is something naturally we all do without even thinking about it.

  19. A brilliant blog Coleen exposing how humanity has ignored their innate clairsentence which has basically got us into a mess, making the steps to re-connect to our clairsentence is an empowering choice and allows us to understand life and people.

  20. ‘So how come so many of us are ignorant of our clairsentience? Do we need to look to the ‘enemy within’ our own minds, to our own choices and to the energy we are choosing to live our lives by? Could it be as simple as discarding ignorance and then choosing differently?’ YES, in a word. Our ignorance is our greatest enemy. We all know that with road and traffic rules we cannot pull ‘ignorance’ of the law’ out as an excuse. We still get booked! Same with universal law – we will get booked whether we admit that we are ignoring the law of love or not.

  21. To feel, read and observe the energetic quality of what is going on we have to be open and willing to see it and this can be challenging especially with loved ones. But I know if I am to live the absolute love I am in every moment it is a responsibility I have towards myself and others to read everything no matter how ugly at first it may appear to be.

  22. This really hits the mark, Coleen, as it calls for us to question why we all know and feel everything but choose to shut down our greatest natural gift.

  23. Going through life without all our attributes is like being a duck with only one wing you will never get to fly and it is the same when we loose our ability to be with our divine intuition, we will never know who we truly are.

  24. This is so true, that we do make a choice to let go of our clairsentience, something that is so innately true to us, yet we let it go.Coleen you have very clearly outlined why this is so, we have a spirit that wants to run the show, keep us in drama, emotion and reaction. I am feeling this more and more in my life, how an energy that we can’t see, can so dominate our lives.

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