Energetic Responsibility

I was brought up to be ‘responsible’ and to have an awareness that how I acted affected other people; as the eldest child, there were expectations that I took on – that how I behaved had an impact on my younger siblings. Doing the ‘right’ thing was important even if no one else knew you were doing it. I prided myself on being honest and pointing out, for example, if a shopkeeper had undercharged me, but in reality, I was often very irresponsible in how I took care of myself and also how my frequent disregard for myself and my wellbeing impacted all those around me. Not just because other people had to pick up some of my responsibilities, but also in the irritability and other behaviours that I imposed on others.

The energy that I allowed to flow through my body and out to others was not loving, and choosing to look at this quality of my energetic output (i.e. my energetic responsibility) has been a humbling and uncomfortable experience. Being more aware of what it means to be truly responsible – and recognising that how I am in life has an impact on others – has uncovered a range of behaviours that I had successfully ignored for a long time. I have hidden behind an angry/battling persona for much of my life and often had this reflected back to me, which led to many misunderstandings and complications and feelings of being a victim of others’ emotions.

Accepting my responsibility that everything I say, do or think affects everyone else has completely changed how I approach life. Once it was presented to me that on entering a room, anyone can feel (if they choose to) what has been happening there – e.g. if there has been an argument, or if there has been a loving exchange, I became more aware of how often I had imposed my feelings and emotions on others and looked for them to side with me, against whomever I was in conflict with.

The more I have become aware of my own patterns of behaviour and irresponsibility, the more I have recognised it around me. We each have rights and responsibilities within our communities and this reflects how we are as individual nations: the way I and my fellow citizens choose to live has an effect on how the country we call home is. Changing ingrained patterns of behaviour can be challenging, but it is our energetic responsibility to reflect to others the loving choices we can make every day: we can continue to strive for personal gain whatever the impact on others, or we can lovingly choose to work together for the benefit of all.

There is a wider energetic responsibility currently playing out in many countries around the world. For too many of us there has been a comfort in feeling hard done by in the circumstances we find ourselves in, with a complete absence of any sense of having contributed to our current predicament.

I was appalled by the UK’s vote for Brexit, having been a passionate European since spending time living and working in Germany during my early adult life. However, I was not totally surprised. I could feel how I have contributed to the disconnection around me of so many who feel left behind and blame ‘outsiders’ – e.g. refugees or immigrants – and also politicians, whose lives are far removed from their everyday experience of struggling to get by.

Being energetically responsible is incompatible with casting yourself in the ‘victim’ role, as either an individual or as a nation. It is only when we start to feel how we are living, and commit to making choices that support ourselves and others to live in a way that is not harming, that we can become more aware of how it is to live with Energetic Responsibility.

By Helen Elliott, Ipswich, UK

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570 thoughts on “Energetic Responsibility

  1. It is so true Hellen, that when we become aware of our energetic responsibility it puts our whole way of relating into a different light. To know that we can effect so many people in our day to day living is quite an eye opener!

  2. It is so true Hellen, that when we become aware of our energetic responsibility it puts our whole way of relating into a different light. To know that we can affect so many people in our day to day living is quite an eye opener!

  3. One of the best learnings I have come to in recent times is that when I am tempted to be critical of something, to realise that rather than react to what does not feel true here, that I can consider what I can do to bring truth to it instead. The accepting of the energetic responsibility turns everything around.

  4. We are never a victim to our circumstances, we always have a choice, but many of us do not want to take this level of responsibility, rather, it is easier for us to blame life or others for what happens to us. We not only need to take responsibility, we also need to take energetic responsibility for every choice we make.

  5. Energetic responsibility asks us to be in our grandness and power, simple.
    I wonder what we may shy back from more; although it is futile to try separating the two it is worth pondering on one´s personal relationship with them.

  6. There are two aspects to responsibility – there is the tick box aspect of knowing that we have done something that is needed or required – and this can range from basic needs to more complex jobs (e.g. brushing our teeth every day or running a big company). And then there is the other aspect of responsibility which is the way we go about doing what we are doing – in other words are we bringing the true care of self, of other people and the gentleness into what we are doing? This second part is the energetic responsibility and it is this that gives what we do, purpose and true meaning. Without this second part, life becomes only a tick box experience that is hollow and meaningless. But when we bring the depth into it, life comes to life as it naturally should and each ‘thing’ and each job is given permission to blossom by virtue of the quality that we bring to it.

  7. Providing an understanding of how the energetics works in life especially when it comes to energetic responsibility, as there is also true appreciation towards everyone. So that our relationships expand since our way of expression is one of Love because we are energetically responsible for all our words and thoughts.

  8. Life doesn’t really make sense without an understanding of energy.. and there is so much to feel and explore. This is why it doesn’t pay to be skeptical, as it closes the door on the true magic, joy and science of life itself.

  9. My ‘angry/battling persona’ was buried so deep that I refused point blank that I even had any emotions let alone anger. Could it be that we are so caught up in our emotional states that it is the status quo and therefore our true issues get buried deeper so we do not want any part of them? I became exceedingly good at hiding and burying any emotions but the truth was at times I was like a volcano that was waiting to explode. If I did explode I was like a bull that saw red and there was no stopping the emotional path I was on. As you say Helen, ‘it is only when we start to feel how we are living, and commit to making choices that support ourselves and others to live in a way that is not harming so we have respect and decency, so that we can become more aware of how it is to live with Energetic Responsibility.

  10. I have heard countless leaders proposing great ideas that sound great on the surface in their aim of solving many of our issues and dilemmas but in truth they always miss one crucial element and that is energetic responsibility. The truth is many like to hear these solutions proposed because it does not ask them to be more energetically responsible for the choices they make and how they are in the world.

  11. Blaming others for our problems is a sure fire way of avoiding looking at our own part in any situation and being aware of all that is playing out and with that we put the breaks on truly evolving…

  12. Every humbling experience no matter how challenging it feels is pure gold, as it opens us up to a deeper part of who we are. It consolidates within us an irrefutability of responsibility, which continues to deepen and deepen some more. #love

  13. Gosh… Imagine if the world embraced energetic responsibility as the foundation of their lives… What an extraordinary world we would live in… And then… We could really start to evolve.

  14. Energetic responsibility is about understanding that everything we do, the situations we ‘end up’ in, are all the result of choices we make or have made.

  15. When we live with energetic integrity we are aware of our patterns of behaviors that are not loving and we realise it is our responsibility to work on ourselves lovingly so we may grow and learn from these patterns and imperfections and let them go.

  16. Thank you Helen for this call to greater responsibility. I love what you are saying here about how we not only affect our households but also our communities, our countries and the world when we choose to act with irresponsibility. We are all living in a sea of energy and everything that we do affects everything else and there is no getting away from that fact.

  17. We tend to relate to responsibility through control. We want to make sure that what we choose in the name of responsibility is seen and appreciated by another one; it is our way to try to control how another one will act vis-à-vis us. Or said differently, it is our way to make sure that we will not be asked to be responsible in what we are not prepared to be.

  18. Well said , our responsibility is so much deeper than we seem to have applied in life. Hence this blog is a pearl to humanity showing us the deeper meaning of true energetic responsibility and how this works in daily life.. Nothing hard , but aware of the impact our choices are having , on ourselves but also on others.

  19. I live in Spain and currently there is a lot of struggle between nationalisms, which brings people to positione themselves into extremes convictions, pointing outside of them the result of that struggle and avoiding their own responsibility in the growing disagreement. This is a clear example of the avoidance of energetic responsibility, from the individual to a wider scale. It reflects where our society is and brings me back to myself. I can’t change other people’s choices, but at least I can revise mines, my expression, my thoughts,… to not feed more separation around me and stay steady in reading the energy beyond what is shown to me. Manipulation only is possible when we fall in the confort of letting go our own responsibility.

  20. A true awareness of energetic responsibilities, such a big picture… If we, and by we I mean individually, as a community, as a country, and as a world, start to be away truly aware of this, then everything will change inevitably

  21. A fantastic explanation of how victimhood is in fact an opportunity to be in irresponsibility and how energetic responsibility can enhance our awareness and understanding of what’s going on in the world and as importantly, where and how we might have played a part through our own choices in contributing to it. Your blog is a true call to international responsibility based on the responsibility we’re each of us making at all points in time for our own choices.

  22. “For too many of us there has been a comfort in feeling hard done by in the circumstances we find ourselves in, with a complete absence of any sense of having contributed to our current predicament..” So true Helen, we try to abdicate any responsibility we may have in contributing to the mess we are in. Rather than giving up and becoming a victim we can start by taking responsibility for even small new choices in our everyday lives. Taking a small first step can lead to bigger things.

  23. Wow and such a responsible subject; that of energetic responsibility, which invites all of us to step up and choose this way of living that will take us all forward in expansion because it is evolutionary. Awesome blog Helen.

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