Coincidence or Clairsentience – Understanding Our 6th Sense

Have there been times in your life when you:

  • Suddenly thought about someone you hadn’t heard from or seen in ages only to see them on the street, or have them call you soon after? Did you think that this was simply a coincidence, a chance event, and then gave it no further thought?
  • Walked into a house and instantly felt uncomfortable as if something felt ‘off’ – you could feel it but couldn’t see or explain it as you were not too sure what it was? Did you simply think that you were imagining what you were feeling and put it aside?
  • Asked someone how they were and when they replied, “Fine” or “Good” – you felt that they were not telling you the truth but you held back from saying so just in case you had got it wrong?

If you were to stop now for a moment and allow yourself to feel into these experiences again, and any other similar ones you have had, is it possible that these moments were not a coincidence, not by chance or your imagination playing tricks on you, but that there was something else at work: something that somewhere deep inside you seemed vaguely familiar?

I have come to understand that this something is our sixth sense, otherwise known as our clairsentience, an inner and all-knowing feeling that you feel with every particle of your body, leaving you with no doubt as to the truth of any situation. You don’t feel it just in your gut, as people often describe, and not in your head, but you feel it with all of your body. Whether you realise it or not, it’s a feeling that you have had a multitude of times in your life but have probably put aside as you just didn’t understand it, and perhaps it may have even scared you a little.

In the world we live in we are raised, in the main, to focus on our five senses – taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight, but rather curiously we are not taught about our sixth sense and the fact that this sense is actually a part of us from the day we are born. This sixth sense is not about seeing dead bodies, as in the movie of the same name, but knowing that you are connected to everything around you, all of the time. This becomes even clearer when you come to know the fact that “everything is energy.” Yes, we are energy and everything around us is energy, so it therefore follows that we live in a great big pool of energy. This energy is passing through us in every second of our lives; it never stops, so we can choose to feel it, or not. It’s like being in a swimming pool and whatever the person in the deep end does, you can feel the consequences in the shallow end, in fact anywhere in the pool. This is our sixth sense or clairsentience.

It is that sense that when you were little, supported you to know:

  • That a particular adult wasn’t nice to be around and that there was no way you wanted to hug or kiss them, especially when you were told to do so.
  • When your mother and father were not happy even though they were pretending that they were, which ended up really confusing you, as you wondered why they were lying.
  • That the ’monsters’ in your room at night were definitely not a figment of your imagination, even though your parents tried hard to convince you otherwise.

It is the sense that, when you shared it with adults, often made them feel very uncomfortable as they simply did not know how to respond to the truth that they were being presented with. Could this have been because their clairsentience was so shut down, a thing of the past? But it is important to remember that these adults were also children once and also lived, as we all did during that stage of our lives, in a totally natural relationship with this sense, our clairsentience: we knew it wasn’t something to be called special, it was simply a part of who we were, just like our other five senses.

So what happened for us to lose this natural ability to feel and connect to everyone and everything around us? Sadly, it doesn’t take much, simply the planting of a seed of doubt into what we innately know, causing us to feel that it may not actually be true after all, and with the planting of another seed and another, any natural sense of the knowing of the truth begins to be slowly buried.

For example: a four year old girl gets a sense that her father’s new girlfriend is angry with her but she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know that this young woman is actually jealous of the close relationship her father has with his daughter, but she can feel that something is not right. As far as the little girl is concerned, she has done nothing wrong but the doubt starts to niggle away at her inner-knowing and the feeling won’t go away.

She follows this woman when she goes into another room and asks the question: “Why are you angry?” to which the reply comes back very tersely, “I’m not angry!” So what happens in that pivotal moment? Firstly, the child’s knowing begins to be shaken, the feeling that she has had clearly within her is being challenged by the words she is hearing, words from an adult who she feels probably knows more than she does. So the first seed of doubt is sown and if this little girl does not receive the confirmation that what she felt was true, this seed will begin to sprout and the doubt will continue to grow so the next time she feels something to be true, she will probably hold back from saying what she feels just in case she is shut down once more.

Yes, it is that simple, the inner-knowing of the truth can be shattered in one moment and in a child’s life there are sure to be many more moments like this one, especially when they start school where thinking is championed and feeling is nowhere to be found in the school curriculum.

But our sixth sense doesn’t go away, even though at times it is buried under endless layers of life experiences. Through illness, disease or injury we can lose our other five senses; our hearing, our taste, our sight, our smell, even our sense of touch, but we can never lose our sixth sense. It can be buried by our childhood and life experiences, we can choose to ignore it, but it never goes away. It patiently waits for us to realise that it is there, that it is a natural part of us and when re-connected to, it can make sense of a world that often doesn’t make sense. It can bring simplicity to a way of living that we have often made complicated and it can bring a depth of relationship to those around us that we never felt was possible. And it can bring the joy and the deep connection to the world we lived in so naturally as children back into our lives again.

By Ingrid Ward, West Auckland, New Zealand

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575 thoughts on “Coincidence or Clairsentience – Understanding Our 6th Sense

  1. The thing is we can deny our sixth sense but it will still be there and if most of us are really honest to themself they know that there is a inner knowing but often it is not so comfortable to feel it and so it is easier to say that there is no such thing like a sixth sense.

  2. At this moment in time, clairsentience is not something that can be proven by science, and yet I know it to be a truth in my life. I walk into a room and can sense things that if asked to prove from a scientific perspective I would not be able to show peer reviewed evidence for, and so currently this form of intelligence is actually poo-pooed, however, this does not mean it does not exist and is not real.

  3. Ingrid, the first three examples you have given in this blog are all ones I can relate to and with these examples it goes to show how simple an easy clairsentience actually is. Thank you for this simple yet powerful reminder!

  4. Science is such a great tool to remain in our self-created beliefs. If we want to disprove somebody’s statement, we can always ask for the evidence based research to prove a point. Equally, if we don’t like somebody’s point and even if backed by scientific research – we can argue that their study has faults (as all scientific studies do) and therefore their statement again can’t be trusted. So, if we really want to stick to our guns, science is our very best friend.

  5. When we use our sixth sense our whole world goes from black and white to multicoloured because it brings everything alive.

  6. At first, upon reading this article, you could just say oh my gosh why isn’t this taught in every kindergarten around the world… Which of course is true. The amazing thing is though that, whatever age we are, we can recover and return to this incredible state of awareness.

    1. Clairsentience on the teaching schedule for kindergarten – now how amazing, life and world-changing that would be! So the question is – why isn’t it? That’s one question I am slowly discovering the answer to, now that I know that my clairsentience had never left me, I had simply covered it over with my life experiences as a child.

    2. This is what I was wondering cjames why is this science not taught at school because to me it is a science. But as you say we can recover this awareness as it has never left us it is just that we have covered it up.

  7. Without our sixth sense life does not make sense, with it we get to truly ‘see’ what is going on beyond what is often presented to us as truth and is not.

    1. “Without our sixth sense life does not make sense”. I agree Monica, it is that simple but for some reason we choose to ignore, or simply are not aware, of this most natural part of us. We would soon become upset if we lost any of our other senses, so why don’t we feel the same about ‘loosing’ our most important sense?

  8. Doubting and going against what I feel is the single most disturbing thing I can fathom at the moment since having dug it back up from the doubt and living with it once again.

  9. As a child already I knew that always everything will be seen and felt especially when people talk.

  10. If we allowed our clairsentience to flourish we would need to accept the wisdom of our body, and know that truth, if we all lived from that inner intelligence the world would be a better place and definitely more harmonious.

    1. I absolutely agree Sally that accepting and honouring our clairsentience calls us to also acknowledge and honour the innate wisdom of our body. But this is where so many are challenged as to acknowledge the wisdom of our amazing body we will need to accept that our mind is not the seat of our intelligence we have been raised to believe it is. Being able to let go of this deleterious belief then opens the doorway to our true intelligence, that which comes from within.

  11. We are trained from a young age to discount and dismiss our feelings and to disconnect from our knowing – it is an absolute disgrace and travesty and then we become the people who do that to the next generation and so it goes on and we wonder why we/so many get sick and exhausted.

    1. …and then someone comes along who stays connected to their truth and says this is how it really is and we stone them, crucify them or do whatever we can to shut them up – this is something our history books are full of.

  12. Just as self doubt is a seed that is planted to take us so far away from from knowing our 6th sense, so too can we plant a seed that holds the doubt that there is more to life than what we see That tension is, in the end, what calls us back to ask questions and eventually come full circle to know that what we feel, our 6th sense, is of great value and very much true.

    1. So true Lucy and it is becoming clearer how many of those seeds of self-doubt were planted within us as children. But in the end it is our ‘garden’ they have been planted in so it is our choice as to whether we allow them to stay growing or not. Every day offers us a fresh opportunity to replant our garden with only love-filled and self-honouring seeds.

  13. In Hong Kong/China I have witnessed in English classrooms where teachers drill into children that thinking and knowing the correct answers are the most important, it is done in a way where it is abusively. There is not even room to consider that feeling is important, maybe only for the teacher, who has the authority to dump emotion if students do not behave academically, as students nor parents are allowed to question how we all feel in all of this.

  14. Clairsentience … Truly the awareness which should be known as the first sense. Reawaken to this and then everything else revolves around it and evolves from it.

  15. How many times have we overridden a feeling with our mind to then afterwards realise the feeling was setting us on the right track? And yet it doesn’t occur to us that there is something greater then us guiding us along the way, every step.

  16. Beautiful part of any human being. I personally have had many examples in my life that by not listening to my intuition, very bad things happened. So I very much listen to this best friend of mine. Who has been shut down as well, but who I welcome back in my life with open arms.

  17. A few weeks ago, I got the thought to start looking for a new job only to find out a few days later that we are being made redundant. I often think of someone and they end up messaging me, or I message somebody after they have been thinking about me. To me this clearly demonstrates the fact that all is energy, and all is felt by everyone. What other explanation could there be?

    1. For me there is no other explanation Viktoria, this is simply the truth. The moments in time you share are so familiar to me and when speaking to others, they all can easily recall lots of these moments in their lives as well. Most had put them down to a coincidence so I share what I know to be true and as I do I can see and feel the truth of clairsentience resonating with them as a distinct possibility

  18. Clairsentience means we all have equal access to truth and no one can be lied to or dictated if we accept it for what it is. It so does not go with the current model we subscribe to, which considers the accumulated knowledge as intelligence, and compares and grades us accordingly, and thrives on inequality.

    1. How amazing it is that “we all have equal access to truth and no one can be lied to…” in a world where we are lead to believe this is not the case, that only a few have access to truth and knowledge. Knowing that when we choose to reconnect to our clairsentience we have all the answers we need, places the power for our lives firmly back in our hands, where it truly belongs.

  19. Great to clarify that gut feelings are different to clairsentience which comes from our whole body, and how this sixth sense is never totally lost or missing just that it may be something we have ignored and buried and as such can always reconnect with and redevelop our relationship with.

    1. very true Fiona as the difference between the two is quite significant and learning to recognise this will allow us to easier reconnect with the source of our clairsentience within ourselves and our bodies.

  20. I have noticed of late how I can react when someone honours their sensitivity especially when I have not been doing this myself. I find that through their reflection I get to feel the hardness that I have been in and this is uncomfortable and can bring up an irritation with another for what they are showing me which I have been avoiding looking at.

  21. What a great and very practical everyday example Sarah as to the power of our clairsentience. And to think that it has always been with us during all those times when we have struggled to make a decision about something. What a lot of energy we have used ignoring or overriding this valuable sense that is naturally a part of us.

  22. I recently had some sessions with a stylist that were life changing. I got to revisit my wardrobe and see how it felt with my whole body, not just with my head. And gosh my head was full of stories – but I look good in that, I just bought this, I paid good money for this – but my whole body would tell me a different story. And I have started to use my clairsentience to buy any items I need…for example, I went to buy some sunglasses yesterday and some looked really good on me, but for the first time I allowed myself to connect to my whole body and see how they felt and then a clear no came through. So I kept trying until a pair felt right with my whole body.

  23. When we hold back our truth or what needs to be expressed, it remains in our body. Then add all the millions of times we have held back, that is a lot of unexpressed stuff in our body disrupting the divine flow and creating havoc in our bodies. I have come a long way in learning to express what feels true for me, that it has become easier and natural for me to express, so less of the unexpressed remains in my body, thus there is more space for me to tune into my clairsentience, which is an awesome way to live – that is learning to trust in myself and all I feel.

  24. Two nights ago my partner and I had a restless nights sleep, we noted it, but did understand what it was all about.
    Last night around 3am we had earthquake. Small enough so no damage was done, but the house shook pretty well. Scary! My first earthquake!
    This morning I asked myself, Was there a part of me that knew an earthquake was coming, and that was why I slept poorly?
    Animals totally know when a storm is coming. Many farmers and commercial fishermen just know what the weather will be.
    Are we being communicated to all the time, but have chosen to not be aware of it?

    1. Having just read your comment Ken, my body is saying yes, yes to you knowing on some level that an earthquake was coming and definitely a yes to the fact that we are being communicated to all the time. Now that I have stopped dulling and numbing my awareness with making different food choices that are lighter and truly nourishing for my body, I am in awe just how much I am being guided and communicated.

    2. These are great examples Ken, showing so clearly that our 6th sense is alive and always ready to communicate. Unfortunately we have developed many ways of ignoring this natural connection to all that is going on around us, all of the time, and so these valuable messages go unheeded. But how life changes when we make the choice to reconnect to this inner knowing and begin to live it in every moment. We can even feel that something like an earthquake is on its way.

  25. Yes, I feel this is a possibility, but what if it were also possible we felt things so strongly and clearly and knew we were right, unshakeably, but still gave our power away to adults to fit the picture they were directing in life simply to fit in, become more of a grown-up (we are always telling children to grow-up) and receive approval???

  26. “It is the sense that, when you shared it with adults, often made them feel very uncomfortable as they simply did not know how to respond to the truth that they were being presented with.” Children see and feel so much more – that the adults in their world have shut down to – although they too saw and felt similarly when young. It would seem that currently the world at large is averse to knowing truth.

    1. I so agree Sue that as children we feel so much of the world, naturally so, and that sharing these feelings with total honesty can invoke negative reactions from adults. I have witnessed a couple of such instances recently where the children involved where shut down instantly. I could feel their bewilderment as their truth was discounted and it was so obvious that their trust in their inner knowing was severely knocked. And this would only be one of many similar situations in their young lives; no wonder so many children make the choice to shut down their connection to their sixth sense.

  27. As a child I felt the environment around me did not support or allow me to express all of who I am – to express my awareness, all I could feel and see, so I shut it down. My choice. Likewise, it was my choice to return to a true way of living; deeply honouring my body and its divine communication and appreciating myself for all the loving choices I have made that has brought me so much growth and expansion.

    Heart felt thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for their amazing courses and modalities that have deeply supported me to heal and clear my old patterns/habits and behaviours from my body.

  28. So what happened for us to lose this natural ability to feel and connect to everyone and everything around us? Great question Ingrid, and invites each one of us to ponder on this further, clear our path of any old beliefs/ideals, and re-claiming or reconnecting with our clairsentient way.

  29. We live in a big pool of energies and the flow of energy through our body is included. And still we like to separate ourselves from the whole and identify ourselves to be just individuals. We are big beings with a huge awareness if we are willing to see again.

  30. It is so simple to shut down our sense of knowing, our clairsentience, yet it takes a constant belief in the doubt to keep it shut down. The moment we choose to consider that doubt is not in fact us, but a thought we allow, we again connect with our clairsentience and a whole other world, one that had always been there appears, one that we know innately and cannot but sense the settlement in our body for allowing it to again be known.

    1. We may have chosen to shut down our clairsentience but as it never goes away it simply feels like we have turned the ‘dimmer control’ way down to very low. Once we make the choice to reconnect to this most powerful but natural of senses and we begin to become accustomed once again to this amazing inner knowing we may get a sense that we have still been getting ‘messages’ all our lives, we have simply chosen to ignore them. As you say Leigh we “cannot but sense the settlement in our body for allowing it to again be known’ as it is a part of the fabric of our lives.

  31. The world generally does not recognise the 6th sense and yet at the same time cannot explain many things occurring in life using the other 5 senses. If we apply a sensible approach to developing our 6th sense it is a truly intelligent way to navigate throughout life as it gives one the ability to read between the lines, so to speak, and become aware of the truth of what is going on rather than being fooled by what is happening on the surface.

  32. Beautifully expressed Ingrid. I especially loved being reminded that our sixth sense is the one sense that we cannot ever truly lose and I can see that this is because it is inherent to our bodies. We need eyes to see, ears to hear, noises to smell and tastebuds to taste but we need none of these things to feel what is true.

  33. Our clairsentience has been seeded by doubt during our life, but it takes just a bit of trust in it again, and it comes pristine to us like in our early years. It couldn’t be any other way, as it is one our birthly senses actually.

  34. Our whole lives are magical, they are filled with the magic of God this is a fact, yet we do our best to avoid these everyday miracles and choose to instead to ignore that what in truth can not be ignored.

    1. Learning to live with this magic and not consider it special but simply ordinary is something we can all do. Of course being encouraged as a child to retain our connection to this magic makes it a whole lot easier as an adult. But it is never too late to rebuild this absolutely natural connection and once we begin to experience the magic again why would we want to live any other way?

  35. I write an email yesterday and had the response ‘that was uncanny… after 6 months we were just talking about you’ and I have had this before. Do I shrug it off as a fluke and a conincidence? Not any more as I see there is so much more going on in life than I had previously imagined.

  36. We feel life always and over time we learn to ignore those feelings as life does not confirm us in them, and so we become chameleons and we place a barrier between us and what we feel in life … so life becomes complicated rather than the simplicity it can be, and so coming back to our true feeling brings a simplicity and joy back to us and all around us, just like we had when we were younger.

  37. As a parent I have a responsibility to be honest with my children. How can my kids build on their confidence to read situations and trust their clairsentience and knowingness if I am not at the least honest with them?

    1. Yes Caroline, we have a huge responsibility to the children in our lives to support them to be honest so in turn they will feel safe to retain that honesty as they grow. It is so very natural to be honest and when we are there is nothing to disturb the harmony in our body but conversely when we lie, the energy of the lie lays heavy in every particle. Children naturally know this but when they see those around them living in dishonesty it is very confusing and they more often than not then begin to doubt the very source this honesty flows from. To support them to remain connected to their clairsentience can be the difference between a life that flows with ease and simplicity or a life of struggle and complication.

  38. Choosing to again honor my clairsentience brings an awareness of the world around us that I had not before fathomed existed. But it does and what I feel can not be negated – unless I choose to doubt it. Once doubt is triggered an avalanche of thoughts fill my head. My greatest learning and continual understanding is how the ability to discern the quality of such thoughts and the knowing that they have not come from within is a choice that I have to make and nurture, consistently, for without backing and how honouring what I feel, I like many others in this world become lost to the magnificence of the truth.

  39. We have a relationship with what is unseen and unheard that allows us to feel the truth of what is going on. Yet, we work hard to try to reduce what we feel to what we want/need/would like to feel for some reason.

  40. Honesty is so important, if we can honestly say what we feel when asked, it offers a great way for all of us to clearly communicate and understand each other and confirms the inner knowing of all of us. And to hear that even if we lose all 5 senses our 6th sense, our clairsentience is there says so much about how key that sense is, that it’s our cornerstone and no matter how much we’re ignored it, it’s ready there for our use when we are. So why not live with it fully on, it can bring us a whole new understanding of life and how it is, and the truth is, without it, life just does not make sense.

    1. I so agree Monica that life without connection to our clairsentience simply does not make sense, after all it is a natural and very powerful part of us and a true compass to living a life of simplicity. Not allowing ourselves to be open to this sense is like taking no notice of the fact that we can hear, see etc; that to most would seem ridiculous.

  41. It already starts with us growing up. As a child we are not treated as equal but as less and certainly not for the all knowing we already are. We are treated in a way that we would not know anything about life and that we have to become the same as the adult. that already is a false seed we are fed with from very young. To me this is at the basis of us getting the feeling that it is not okay to live with that inner knowing that is equally with us as from our birth.

  42. I love that our sixth sense never goes away. We can try to bury it and do everything we can to not feel it, especially if we’re not ready to make practical changes in our life that we know our bodies are asking us to make. Eventually, after connecting to it on and off for long enough, when we ignore something that doesn’t feel right, our bodies speak to us very loudly through a tension we can feel. Whenever I can feel a tension it’s because I’m trying not to be aware of something I know I can feel but don’t want to deal with or look at.

    1. I too love this fact Bryony, and when you think about it, it simply makes sense. How could we totally destroy something that is such a natural and very important part of us? As I have discovered, it sits and waits until we get to a point in our lives when we begin to get a sense that there is more to life than what we have been living. And the beautiful thing is that to reconnect to our sixth sense is only one loving choice away.

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