Coincidence or Clairsentience – Understanding Our 6th Sense

Have there been times in your life when you:

  • Suddenly thought about someone you hadn’t heard from or seen in ages only to see them on the street, or have them call you soon after? Did you think that this was simply a coincidence, a chance event, and then gave it no further thought?
  • Walked into a house and instantly felt uncomfortable as if something felt ‘off’ – you could feel it but couldn’t see or explain it as you were not too sure what it was? Did you simply think that you were imagining what you were feeling and put it aside?
  • Asked someone how they were and when they replied, “Fine” or “Good” – you felt that they were not telling you the truth but you held back from saying so just in case you had got it wrong?

If you were to stop now for a moment and allow yourself to feel into these experiences again, and any other similar ones you have had, is it possible that these moments were not a coincidence, not by chance or your imagination playing tricks on you, but that there was something else at work: something that somewhere deep inside you seemed vaguely familiar?

I have come to understand that this something is our sixth sense, otherwise known as our clairsentience, an inner and all-knowing feeling that you feel with every particle of your body, leaving you with no doubt as to the truth of any situation. You don’t feel it just in your gut, as people often describe, and not in your head, but you feel it with all of your body. Whether you realise it or not, it’s a feeling that you have had a multitude of times in your life but have probably put aside as you just didn’t understand it, and perhaps it may have even scared you a little.

In the world we live in we are raised, in the main, to focus on our five senses – taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight, but rather curiously we are not taught about our sixth sense and the fact that this sense is actually a part of us from the day we are born. This sixth sense is not about seeing dead bodies, as in the movie of the same name, but knowing that you are connected to everything around you, all of the time. This becomes even clearer when you come to know the fact that “everything is energy.” Yes, we are energy and everything around us is energy, so it therefore follows that we live in a great big pool of energy. This energy is passing through us in every second of our lives; it never stops, so we can choose to feel it, or not. It’s like being in a swimming pool and whatever the person in the deep end does, you can feel the consequences in the shallow end, in fact anywhere in the pool. This is our sixth sense or clairsentience.

It is that sense that when you were little, supported you to know:

  • That a particular adult wasn’t nice to be around and that there was no way you wanted to hug or kiss them, especially when you were told to do so.
  • When your mother and father were not happy even though they were pretending that they were, which ended up really confusing you, as you wondered why they were lying.
  • That the ’monsters’ in your room at night were definitely not a figment of your imagination, even though your parents tried hard to convince you otherwise.

It is the sense that, when you shared it with adults, often made them feel very uncomfortable as they simply did not know how to respond to the truth that they were being presented with. Could this have been because their clairsentience was so shut down, a thing of the past? But it is important to remember that these adults were also children once and also lived, as we all did during that stage of our lives, in a totally natural relationship with this sense, our clairsentience: we knew it wasn’t something to be called special, it was simply a part of who we were, just like our other five senses.

So what happened for us to lose this natural ability to feel and connect to everyone and everything around us? Sadly, it doesn’t take much, simply the planting of a seed of doubt into what we innately know, causing us to feel that it may not actually be true after all, and with the planting of another seed and another, any natural sense of the knowing of the truth begins to be slowly buried.

For example: a four year old girl gets a sense that her father’s new girlfriend is angry with her but she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know that this young woman is actually jealous of the close relationship her father has with his daughter, but she can feel that something is not right. As far as the little girl is concerned, she has done nothing wrong but the doubt starts to niggle away at her inner-knowing and the feeling won’t go away.

She follows this woman when she goes into another room and asks the question: “Why are you angry?” to which the reply comes back very tersely, “I’m not angry!” So what happens in that pivotal moment? Firstly, the child’s knowing begins to be shaken, the feeling that she has had clearly within her is being challenged by the words she is hearing, words from an adult who she feels probably knows more than she does. So the first seed of doubt is sown and if this little girl does not receive the confirmation that what she felt was true, this seed will begin to sprout and the doubt will continue to grow so the next time she feels something to be true, she will probably hold back from saying what she feels just in case she is shut down once more.

Yes, it is that simple, the inner-knowing of the truth can be shattered in one moment and in a child’s life there are sure to be many more moments like this one, especially when they start school where thinking is championed and feeling is nowhere to be found in the school curriculum.

But our sixth sense doesn’t go away, even though at times it is buried under endless layers of life experiences. Through illness, disease or injury we can lose our other five senses; our hearing, our taste, our sight, our smell, even our sense of touch, but we can never lose our sixth sense. It can be buried by our childhood and life experiences, we can choose to ignore it, but it never goes away. It patiently waits for us to realise that it is there, that it is a natural part of us and when re-connected to, it can make sense of a world that often doesn’t make sense. It can bring simplicity to a way of living that we have often made complicated and it can bring a depth of relationship to those around us that we never felt was possible. And it can bring the joy and the deep connection to the world we lived in so naturally as children back into our lives again.

By Ingrid Ward, West Auckland, New Zealand

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443 thoughts on “Coincidence or Clairsentience – Understanding Our 6th Sense

  1. Allowing children to voice how they are feeling and not make them wrong, let’s them know they are being heard and that how they feel matters and is needed. This supports them to build a solid foundation of a true sense of self built from their own inner knowing and willingness to say yes to themselves and who they know themselves to be.

    1. These wise words need to be on the first page of any child raising manual: “Allowing children to voice how they are feeling and not make them wrong”. Yes, let them express all that they are feeling, listen until they have finished, confirm that what they feel/felt is true, ask questions and then support them to discover the answers to any questions they may have. By taking this valuable time to be fully present with a child and trusting what they share offers them a strong foundation as they grow into a life that is more often than not, not supportive of who they truly are.

  2. It’s so important to confirm, inquire and listen to what children see and feel. Any form of dismissal, belittling or treating them like they don’t know is devastating to their development and sense of self.

    1. This one is a killer when it comes to self-doubt and confidence too, it can absolutely crush the child’s intuition and reading what is going on around them.

  3. Ingrid this is a great topic of conversation, as I had a guest staying with me and one morning they felt different heavy and sluggish and at first they said they were fine and then came and said that they felt as though had been energetically attacked via a dream they had had. This then made complete sense to what I had felt in them and we were able to take the steps to remove the energy.

    1. I am getting to see that more and more people are ready to hear the truth about our sixth sense. I am sharing more than I have ever done about this amazing but totally natural sense and what I am sharing is being welcomed, not ridiculed and shut down as often happened in the past. It’s the ‘pebble in the pond’ effect with the ripples from those of us who are now reclaiming this sense flowing on out to others.

  4. “But our sixth sense doesn’t go away, even though at times it is buried under endless layers of life experiences. Through illness, disease or injury we can lose our other five senses; our hearing, our taste, our sight, our smell, even our sense of touch, but we can never lose our sixth sense. It patiently waits for us to realise that it is there, that it is a natural part of us and when re-connected to, it can make sense of a world that often doesn’t make sense.” Put as clearly as this Ingrid, it does seem strange that our sixth sense is not acknowledged by the field of science in the same way that our other 5 senses are. So much about our world would be more understood if this was a part of the education/science/medical/psycology/psychiatry etc etc curriculum.

  5. I love how you describe clairsentience as the feeling with every particle of our body. It gives us back the whole of our body, that our bodies are to be honoured and cherished and not just used for function. That every part of our body counts and not just the parts we deem useful and/or like. Every part of our body contributes to the whole and thus the better every part is looked after and made sure to be treated according to its worth and value the more harmonious our entire body will be and feel.

  6. I am getting little flash backs to myself as a little girl and the wisdom with which I viewed life. Yes I relinquished this to fit in with my world, but right now it is inspiring to be re-accessing it and realising how unfathomable and beautiful it is.

    1. Since I wrote this I too have been receiving a lot more “flash backs” from when I was little. I can see so clearly that it was always there with me; my best and wisest friend. But slowly the reactions I got from others when I shared any of my insights were so confusing that I began to disconnect from this wonderfully normal sense simply to fit into the world, just like you did. To now reclaim it and to live it is the most liberating and joyful feeling; now this to me is a true normal.

  7. The truth of having developed fully our holy intuitiveness is that our other 5 senses have to be working harmoniously with our body. So could it be that things like how we feel when we walk, or eating looking for a taste sensations, or expecting to see what is not truly there, or listening to music that distracts and disconnects us, or using smell to feel hungry and many other things are distracting us from our divine connection to the universe? Is it possible to fully develop our five senses so that they all appreciate the truth of our divine connection so that we do not get distracted from our divine purpose and this is how we connect to our holy intuitiveness?

  8. How wonderful that our sixth sense does not go away even though we may choose to ignore it and try to over ride it as it’s always there in our essence. So lovely to feel that unlike our other five senses our sixth sense will not fade – it is always there to be our constant guide. And it feels so lovely to appreciate that deep sense of knowing that within we are in connection with God and the grandness of the Universe in our lives.

  9. It is so great to talk about our sixth sense in this way, Ingrid, because we all feel everything and we know that we all know the truth, so it is indeed time to do away with the facade and become more real with one another.

  10. Having re-established my clairsentience in my life it happens all the time that adult life is geared to not trust this sixth sense. But the results in my body, my health, my relationships, life that come from following it rather than ignoring it are like black and white. Currently the adult world doesn’t confirm the truth of what we feel which is why we have to back ourselves by how it feels within ourselves.

  11. It is our sixth sense, that inner knowing that will never leave us. Yes we can bury it but not for long, as it is that strong it will surface again and again just to tell us that we are so much more and in showing our way back to Soul of course. Therefore never put your sixth sense aside and instead retreat to your mind as that will only retard your evolution and prolongs living life imprisoned by the mind.

  12. Why is it that we think it is okay to be dishonest with children and make up distorted versions of what is going on rather than telling them the truth? This way the entire fundament of our society is based on a lie, as every child that grows up thinking that what they feel is wrong, are going to take this perception with them into their adult life.

    1. It has always amazed me that many adults can lie so easily to children. Is it because they feel uncomfortable telling the truth or maybe even thinking that they are saving the child from pain or worry? I know that those around me as I was growing up wanted to protect me and so the little white lies became part of the foundation of my childhood. There were lots of secrets kept but I could always get a sense of them, although as the years went by I trusted what I felt less and less as my clairsentience was buried a little more with each secret and each lie.

      1. Exactly Ingrid – the secrets are felt no matter how well disguised they may be, as children we are super sensitive to what is going on behind the scenes.

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