The Vastness of Who We Are

Have you ever had this knowing of who we are and where we are from? It is a feeling that is with us from a very young age when we can sense that God is within us and all around us.

To me, this is Religion, our natural way, a knowing of God, of Nature and Humanity.

It is from a place within us where we know ourselves from the Oneness of Everything.

We feel Nature all around us; we feel its rhythms, its colours, its synchronicity, depths and its beauty. We feel it like the warm wind touching our skin, as beams of sunlight bursting through the trees, majestic birds in flight.

Religion is all of this and more, for it is our connection with the All.

Religion is our sacred right. It is not man-made; it doesn’t inhabit a building for it never came from man. It is not an organisation, nor is it contained in scriptures and words.

Religion is much vaster than that.

Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One.

It is our connection to the grandness and vastness of the Universe and everything within it. It is where we come from, as like us, our Religion is as old as time itself.

We have always known this, who we are and where we are from, and one day it will be known in full by One and All.

By Susan Green, UK

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761 thoughts on “The Vastness of Who We Are

  1. It is very beautiful to feel true religion and how it is sacredness and nothing else that we have made it to be in all mainstream religions to date.

  2. Looking out my window before I began to type I could see the trees, the grass, the sky but beyond what was very obvious I could feel the vastness of which you write so beautifully about Susan. To me what lies, around me, beyond me and also what lies within me is so vast it is immeasurable and although I often feel just a tiny speck in this vastness, I now know I have a place in it, just as each and every one of us does; we are all part of one big, glorious, vast whole.

  3. “Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One.” I love this, for too long religion has been sold to us as something separate to ourselves, something we have to do rather then just simply being.

  4. Yes, I love this “Religion is our sacred right.” it is in how we move, breathe, live and express and nothing can take this away when we honour it.

  5. “Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One. It is our connection to the grandness and vastness of the Universe and everything within it. It is where we come from, as like us, our Religion is as old as time itself.” I love this, religion is simply returning to our divine origins and letting that become our natural way.

    1. Yes, for me too, the religion I now know to be true is ‘ridiculously simple’ so I wonder why so many have made it anything but? Why the huge complication? Perhaps it is the simplicity that scares people as it is in total contrast to the complication many choose to live in, and so the simplest of truth is bastardised to maintain the status quo; the comfort and the control that very few want to give up.

      1. If it is simple, then you can’t control it. If everyone can access it then there is no need for ‘religious leaders’, no need for churches, and the whole power edifice of many of the world’s organised religions. If it is simple, then you have no power to wield over the masses.

  6. I find it interesting how churches are always adorned with amazing, elaborate and intricate paintings and stained glass. Clearly designed so that the congregation looks outside of themselves in wonderment and awe. It’s super manipulative, because what I have been finding recently is that when I look deep inside of myself, I see stuff of such stunning intricacy and majesty that it knocks spots of the Cistine Chapel or any other “work of art”. I mean, just as a super simple example, if you truly consider what your heart is actually doing every single moment of your whole living life; the absolute delicacy, commitment, consistency and mind-blowing precision, intricacy and engineering perfection of that process….its super majestic. And that’s just the physical element of one organ. The body is a treasure trove of divinity and it is within our body that God truly expresses. Not on the roof of a cold church!

      1. Or you could say; they show what we want to see. In the case of the churches, there are very few people who are not aware of the wars, abuse, oppression and corruption that have been puppeteered by the strings of some of the the world’s religions and yet, we choose to only see the pretty paintings and flickering candles.

    1. It’s a beautiful comment Otto, we can see the magic, awe and wonder of God in children’s eyes and often in each other’s if our connection to our essence is there. I love seeing the activity of God in the decency and respect of people, in the tender care we express to others, the play and the joy, the wisdom and simplicity, and the magic of how things constellate and arrange themselves to support us to learn and return us to our soul.

    1. Wise words. It is us that try to put religion into a box, doctrine or dogma – so is it any wonder that so many turn their back on it. I certainly did, until such time that I was shown how blinkered my understanding of what it was and could be, had become.

    1. Religion has a been consciously confused and made more complex buy many of the world religions so as to keep the masses enslaved by their ‘unworthiness’. For once you discover its true simplicity, then you certainly don’t need church or a priest to help you “find God” – which in itself is such a gross hypocrisy in that the last thing they want you to find is God, because once you find him, you would immediately see the evil of these organisations that are steering us away from the permanent, innate and utterly equal relationship that we all of us, already have with God.

  7. I recently had a couple of conversation with someone about my religion and relationship with God and was reminded of how different this was before Universal Medicine. It is a great gift to have the true understanding and connection with religion and God returned to me by the teachings of Serge Benhayon.

  8. I always knew that the life I was seeing and living was only a slither of what was actually happening. I couldn’t put a finger on it, nor qualify or quantify it…I just knew that there was more…that, to me, is the door of religion.

    1. Wonderfully said Otto. I always knew there had to be more. If we open the door of religion we allow the ever expanding knowing of who we are and our relationship with God and the all to be known more deeply.

  9. True religion is indeed the knowing of God from our innate natural connection. There is not an ounce of believing involved, nor is there a need for pictures or a humanising of who or what God is. The true religion unfolds and deepens through the realisation of our own godliness and thus arising into our own divinity.

  10. Religion is what constitutes our union with Soul and God, our inner knowing, our at-one-ment with our Godliness and the All to be externalised, magnified and lived in this plane of life through our breath, our body and its Fiery movements. We are born religious and as such we are always in a relationship with religion and God whether we are in surrender or resistance to it.

  11. The great thing about true religion is that it is not man given and therefore no man can take it away. Our relationship with God is ours alone and even when it may be attacked, ridiculed, bound in it’s expression in the creation we currently reside in, it, our connection with God and our own divinity remains untouched if we choose it to be so.

      1. Your comment made me see how even if our outer expression of true religion is restricted or attacked, the inner is untouchable, and so if we hold this inner expression it will be in the expression of our movements, the quality in which we move through life, our openness and loving ways….nothing on this earth, or around it for that matter can stop that.

    1. Beautiful Carolien – true religion is a Soulful lived expression one that can never be true if our movements arise or are formulated from following anything that exists outside of us.

      1. The true religion, the one that is the inner connection and relationship with God and our own divinity is not only bringing us back to who we are but is also asking us to be fully responsible for every choice we make, letting us know we are powerful beings and the ones that have created the world we live in. The current main stream religions in their utter bastardisation offers the wayward spirit relief from this responsibility by offering a higher power that is outside of us.

  12. The vastness of who we are, I very much like that as it invites us to open up to the grandness that we are from, reminding us that we are so much more than we hold ourselves in.

  13. Until this one day that everyone will know that we are from God, re-bound to their inner-heart, we will need to focus and work on all things that have kept us in the illusion that we were not God.

  14. The vastness of the night sky filled with stars is only a fragment of the reflection of who we truly are – Universes within universes beyond our human comprehension is the source of our religion.

  15. Since attending to presentations by Serge Benhayon, the word religion is very different from what I was hoodwinked into believing (the white bearded man in the clouds sitting in judgement). I am in agreement with your blog Susan – I now know this to be true and our natural way of being.
    “Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One”.

  16. Beautifully expressed Susan. True religion is not found in churches or holy books etc. but is within us all when we live with a loving heart and express this unhindered, then we come to know our vastness and our minuteness in the grander scheme of things.

    1. I like this Elizabeth in that it touches on something that I could never explain as a young man when I innately knew that there was something more but couldn’t quite figure what it was. I used to look at the really tiny things and at the really huge things and could never get my head round how such gigantic detail, breadth and effort of it all made sense. What was the purpose? How did all of this come together? I was sensing the absurdity of creation, and then also feeling the majesty of God. It was, I will freely admit, a confusing time! But now that Universal Medicine has reconnected me to the religious man that I innately am, I am beginning to see the wood from the trees and the whole vast life that we are in is making much more sense.

  17. Beautifully expressed Susan, religion is not about building, churches or cathedrals, it is not about attendance, it is about our connection to God, and through that connection we realise how huge the universe is, and our part in it.

  18. The deeper the re-connection within, there is a re-membering of the infinite vastness of the Universe that we know in full with every particle and atom of our body.
    “It is our connection to the grandness and vastness of the Universe and everything within it. It is where we come from, as like us, our Religion is as old as time itself”.

  19. I realise in hindsight that I naturally knew and felt the vastness of the world, of the universe and of me when I was a child. There didn’t seem to be an end to anything; I could feel it go on and on and presumed everyone else felt the same. Unfortunately I allowed the constructs of society to shrink this most natural awareness and for many years lived in a world that absolutely puzzled me, as if I was being squashed into a box where I didn’t belong. So, to return to this awareness once again and to feel this vastness once more has been such a welcome return home, to me.

  20. “It is from a place within us where we know ourselves from the Oneness of Everything.” – Beautifully said, connecting and deepening within to appreciate our inter-connection with the all…

  21. I love the simplicity of the way you express about religion Linda; I feel the same. We have done a pretty good job at complicating the vastness we are part of which separates us further from what is very natural.

    1. I can feel the ease of this simplicity in your comment Victoria and this is what reminds me of how all that is true is always simple and complication is a dead give away for it not to be of God.

  22. ‘The vastness of who we are’ yes this has been my experience, profoundly beautiful and so natural when I allow myself to feel it.

  23. “Religion is our sacred right. It is not man-made; it doesn’t inhabit a building for it never came from man. It is not an organisation, nor is it contained in scriptures and words.” This is great Susan and may I add that religion is in every day in the way we live and it never finishes as it is there at birth and follows after death! So when we understand that to be religious is to understand and live in the fullness of our Soul, which once obtained is the reconnecting to our most divine aspect our Soul-full-ness, or in religion with God. As a Student of The Livingness there is no magic bullet to re-connecting to our Soul it is a process of undoing and deepening our re-connection and for most if not all this started with our breath as in the Gentle Breath Meditation.
    For more on the Gentle Breath Meditation and a free down load, go to:

  24. Great blog Susan. True religion is vast beyond human measure, something we have a deep sense of as a child, which is often clamped down into a contraction through systems in life, that we then continue to choose from and this changes our movement and expression. With re-connecting to our essence we have a greater awareness of the vastness and grandness that is waiting for us to re-claim and return to and live this by reflection on earth.

  25. I love what is shared here, a reminder for us all that there is a vastness we are from and can live if we choose. And we are all equally from this, no favours or favourites … we are all from that vastness and oneness.

  26. “Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One.”
    And at last we are able to speak openly again of God and ourselves in the one breath with out being persecuted for such views and beliefs. There are still pockets of the old consciousness that held us in it’s sway, those people seem to be very vocal but by standing up to what we know to be true their lies will be exposed and laid bare as the truth will out always.

  27. Religion… “it doesn’t inhabit a building…” Yes, Agreed. It is our Soul that inhabits our body when we choose to connect and live with this connection… We then bring this quality to a building and not so much the other way round.

  28. The knowing we had as children is the untampered with knowing of truth. I surrender to that knowing and find myself at one with a vastness that can be but the Love we are from.

    1. yes, and this sense is the awaking of something we hold within, an inner knowing of who we truly are. Many these days are starting to become aware of this and the Ageless Wisdom is what will show them the way.

  29. To quote you Susan, religion is “our connection with the All”. That relationship is everything as without developing this relationship how do we know truth and how to live without harming ourselves and others?

  30. ” Religion is our sacred right. It is not man-made; ”
    Once we all get to realise this , then we will know religion.

  31. I love these words Susan,” Religion is our sacred right. ” it is deep within us, it is in every cell of our being -ness this we can feel as we connect to that sacred space within.

  32. I remember as a child feeling like I was so tall that I could reach the sky and reflecting on that now I feel that I was connecting with the vastness of who I am in truth.

    1. I used to have similar. Dreams of the absolute giganticness of it all. Infinite and without boundaries and the more I let myself go and ‘fall’ into that, then the bigger it got. The only thing that put boundaries on it was me, me putting on the brakes.

  33. ” Religion is all of this and more, for it is our connection with the All. ”
    This is so wonderfull , and so true. It’s quite funny ” connection with the all ” Just to give a moment to consider and feel the all and know one is part of that, which is the all

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