The Vastness of Who We Are

Have you ever had this knowing of who we are and where we are from? It is a feeling that is with us from a very young age when we can sense that God is within us and all around us.

To me, this is Religion, our natural way, a knowing of God, of Nature and Humanity.

It is from a place within us where we know ourselves from the Oneness of Everything.

We feel Nature all around us; we feel its rhythms, its colours, its synchronicity, depths and its beauty. We feel it like the warm wind touching our skin, as beams of sunlight bursting through the trees, majestic birds in flight.

Religion is all of this and more, for it is our connection with the All.

Religion is our sacred right. It is not man-made; it doesn’t inhabit a building for it never came from man. It is not an organisation, nor is it contained in scriptures and words.

Religion is much vaster than that.

Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One.

It is our connection to the grandness and vastness of the Universe and everything within it. It is where we come from, as like us, our Religion is as old as time itself.

We have always known this, who we are and where we are from, and one day it will be known in full by One and All.

By Susan Green, UK

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638 thoughts on “The Vastness of Who We Are

  1. This is just beautiful, a calling out of all we are part of religion, our connection to the oneness and the all, and one day we will all be connecting and living religion in this way again.

  2. ‘We have always known this, who we are and where we are from’ yes we do know this and we’ve also lost touch with this in the many false images and idols fed to us and we often give up on this magnificence and one day we will all deeply know this again and live with every fibre of our being knowing this is truth. There is no where to go we are from the vastness of God and the Universe, and we are here to live that, all of us bringing a part of that vast whole

  3. Beautiful Susan, indeed religion is that deep knowing within our bodies that is in constant communication with the all. There is no need for words, titles or dogmas just the feeling of spaciousness and connection with God around us all.

  4. It is our re-connection to the old ancient wisdom – that we know who we are and what we bring.. Always we are reminded that we do not come from here.. Only our limited mind has perceived forth a way of living that denies everything that we truly are. But in fact we are beings that come from another planet in the universe., and hence not from earth.

  5. “This knowing of who we are and where we are from” may or may not been part of our vital experience.
    What really matters is our equal unshakeable capacity to know what is true and hence, the fact that we can always make it part of our lives.

  6. It is incredible to note as an adult that inner knowing as a child yet how often this can be changed with the expectations that soon follow from family, cultures and religions.

  7. “Religion is our sacred right. It is not man-made; it doesn’t inhabit a building for it never came from man. It is not an organisation, nor is it contained in scriptures and words.” So many words of wisdom in one blog!

  8. God within us is the vastness we are part of, not just around us but through us, the space in between everything that is form. This is not just a mere concept but can be felt when we are connected to the vastness and or God.

  9. Very beautiful Susan.
    ‘ Religion is our sacred right’ is deeply touching me. It is what is within us equally so around. The beholding of everything and nobody ever can take that away from us as it is who we are.

  10. Holding this truth in my body that every single one of us one day will return home supports me to not get attached to people and therefore want to control them. It helps me to be patient and trust in the divine plan where I let go of self to see the bigger picture.

  11. I get such a feeling of space reading this blog of the vastness of who we are and where we come from, and how each of us is a part of this and have an equal part to play as our part of the grand whole we are all part of.

  12. ‘Religion is our sacred right’ I love this sentence, as it encapsulates in it, how much empowering it is to live the grandness and equalness that can be lived within God when we embrace our divine nature, which is indeed our sacred right.

  13. The vastness of who we are shows how we are a part of everything and everything is a part of us too. It gives us the opportunity to appreciate how much we can expand, learn and understand from being who we are and how that opens us up to the all.

  14. When we look up into the night we know the vastness of who we are. As a child I could spend hours observing the night sky, watching the stars and knowing that there was more to life than what was being presented.

    1. Yes Fiona, the sky, our place in the Universe, the reflection of the stars and considering for one moment what reflection we offer back shares with us a smidgen of the vastness we are from. It is so worth keeping this at the forefront of my thoughts till that level of awareness and appreciation becomes my normal.

  15. As I read this tonight there is an awareness that even though we can feel how vast we really are, our connection with God, it cannot be fully integrated into our body and become our way until we accept and honour its truth. Nothing can be lived, until is fully appreciated.

  16. As a child no-one would have been able to convince me that we did not come from God and that we were not religious as I felt it so strongly in my everyday activities of life. The truth is we all know this but then our experience of institutionalised religion turns us off religion as we grow up, as it is an accurate representation of what true religion is all about.

  17. Lately I have really been getting a clearer sense of “the vastness of who we are”, of who I am. This vastness is an endless space flowing within me and around me, a space that holds simply everything there is to be held; humanity, the Universe, universal wisdom, the past, the present and the future. This space is God and his space is the pure religion that binds us all, as one.

  18. Religion is deeply inherent within us all and yet this word has been re-interpreted and loaded with hate, bloodshed and ideals which stand at utter odds with the Love in which Religion binds (connects) us.

  19. It is so easy to think of ourselves as small, to make it just about us, or our family, and yet there is not only a giant world out there, but a giant universe and galaxy out there. Maybe this is a path of evolution and development for each of us – to see ourselves as part of the all (the very big all).

  20. Whenever I allow myself the grace to be open to feel the vastness of the universe, by simply allowing myself to be aware of the space around me, my body lets go of tension and feels settled. This to me signifies that it is normal to feel our equal presence in the vastness of the universe.

  21. I’m struck by the way the word Religion has been so bastardised over such a long period that we no longer generally associate its meaning with a connection to the vastness and the oneness you describe, but instead hold pictures about the pomp, the doctrine, the scriptures and the strictures. For me, it is simply about my own relationship with God. Mine to work out, to explore, to reconnect to and to know. Buildings of worship and hymn books and psalms for me are not the way as it requires me to adopt a belief system instead of using my own inner knowing.

  22. Perhaps there will come a time when this piece of writing will be referred to by many many people for its clarity and its wisdom, so that we all may know what true religion has the potential to be.

  23. The true expression of religion is found within us all and it is a series of movements in which we express all of who we are and then confirm all others in this way too. Religion is a connection to the all and it is from this connection we see the honesty and majesty of everything and how important each and everyone of us are to the whole.

  24. Thank you Susan, this is such a beautiful line “Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One.”

  25. “As old as time itself ” love this Susan, we are made up of the beginning of time and will be here til the end of time.

  26. “Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One.” Beautifully expressed Susan. A deep inner knowing – not a belief system that requires faith.

  27. I deeply appreciate knowing where I am from, what I am made of and what I am here to express. It is Love. I am forever deepening that relationship and learning what is Love and what is not and Love is so present that the lessons are often swift. God is Love and Love is God.

  28. I have moments in nature where I can feel god within us and all around us, nature somehow seems to magnify theses moments for me yet i know in truth God can be found in every moment if we but feel what is truly there to be felt.

  29. Beautiful to read this again this morning. It really is that simple, why complicate things by creating elaborate rituals, rules and codes of honour? That’s just tying ourselves in knots. The truth is spacious and liberating of us all.

  30. Religion is absolutely our sacred right, and we have short-changed (and allowed our selves to be) that it is anything else but this.

  31. We have always known this, who we are and where we are from, and one day it will be known in full by One and All. And what a glorious day that will be Susan.

  32. True Susan. We know very well that we are playing in a game where no matter what we are held by God and we just go on with our game as we enjoy our individuality.
    But one day all have to start to deal with how we added to the game, we Will feel all as we are sons of God which naturally is divine.

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