The Vastness of Who We Are

Have you ever had this knowing of who we are and where we are from? It is a feeling that is with us from a very young age when we can sense that God is within us and all around us.

To me, this is Religion, our natural way, a knowing of God, of Nature and Humanity.

It is from a place within us where we know ourselves from the Oneness of Everything.

We feel Nature all around us; we feel its rhythms, its colours, its synchronicity, depths and its beauty. We feel it like the warm wind touching our skin, as beams of sunlight bursting through the trees, majestic birds in flight.

Religion is all of this and more, for it is our connection with the All.

Religion is our sacred right. It is not man-made; it doesn’t inhabit a building for it never came from man. It is not an organisation, nor is it contained in scriptures and words.

Religion is much vaster than that.

Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One.

It is our connection to the grandness and vastness of the Universe and everything within it. It is where we come from, as like us, our Religion is as old as time itself.

We have always known this, who we are and where we are from, and one day it will be known in full by One and All.

By Susan Green, UK

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604 thoughts on “The Vastness of Who We Are

  1. This is just beautiful, a calling out of all we are part of religion, our connection to the oneness and the all, and one day we will all be connecting and living religion in this way again.

  2. ‘We have always known this, who we are and where we are from’ yes we do know this and we’ve also lost touch with this in the many false images and idols fed to us and we often give up on this magnificence and one day we will all deeply know this again and live with every fibre of our being knowing this is truth. There is no where to go we are from the vastness of God and the Universe, and we are here to live that, all of us bringing a part of that vast whole

  3. Beautiful Susan, indeed religion is that deep knowing within our bodies that is in constant communication with the all. There is no need for words, titles or dogmas just the feeling of spaciousness and connection with God around us all.

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