The Vastness of Who We Are

Have you ever had this knowing of who we are and where we are from? It is a feeling that is with us from a very young age when we can sense that God is within us and all around us.

To me, this is Religion, our natural way, a knowing of God, of Nature and Humanity.

It is from a place within us where we know ourselves from the Oneness of Everything.

We feel Nature all around us; we feel its rhythms, its colours, its synchronicity, depths and its beauty. We feel it like the warm wind touching our skin, as beams of sunlight bursting through the trees, majestic birds in flight.

Religion is all of this and more, for it is our connection with the All.

Religion is our sacred right. It is not man-made; it doesn’t inhabit a building for it never came from man. It is not an organisation, nor is it contained in scriptures and words.

Religion is much vaster than that.

Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One.

It is our connection to the grandness and vastness of the Universe and everything within it. It is where we come from, as like us, our Religion is as old as time itself.

We have always known this, who we are and where we are from, and one day it will be known in full by One and All.

By Susan Green, UK

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761 thoughts on “The Vastness of Who We Are

  1. Learning how to appreciate our essences and that we are all of the same essence within and thus can be intimate with everyone opens many doors as the light of our Soul reflects True religion. We would definitely appreciate and hold intimacy with others when we understand the energetic meaning, and that is to be more intimate is a process of letting people in the most religious way. And thus appreciation and intimacy go hand in hand as we relearn to let people in and deepen our relationship with our Soul.

  2. I agree with you Susan when you say
    “Religion is our sacred right. It is not man-made; it doesn’t inhabit a building for it never came from man. It is not an organisation, nor is it contained in scriptures and words.”
    Religion has been hijacked and turned into something it is not and never was intended to be. Religion has been used as a form of control of the few over the masses and many of us have accepted this and so we live a lie and not the truth of the oneness we truly are.

  3. ‘Religion is our sacred right. It is not man-made;’ The problem is so many people are looking for saviours, someone to tell them what to do. Their wish is to be led. We are all innately sacred, the call is to align to who we already are.

  4. Scientists have robbed us of the wonder and magic of God because they try to fit everything into a model of how something should work based off their knowledge. This reductionism leaves everyone less so that there is no full appreciation of the majesty of the universe and our part in it.

  5. For me often the connection with nature or more so an esoteric body work session is what bridges me back to myself and a feeling of expansion. From here there is then no denying of the presence of God.

  6. “Our Religion is our connection with ourselves and God, equally together as One.” – such a simple definition of religion that is easy for anyone to access and to live no matter where in the world they are.

  7. Thank you Susan, all the beauty you have shared here that we are a part of and belong to, and are ourselves, is there for us to reconnect to whenever we choose. Being a part of that can’t be given because it’s who we are so it’s naturally there equally in us all.

  8. To stand under the night sky and look up at the vastness and the magnificence of the Universe can be somewhat overwhelming at times, as we can feel so small, almost insignificant. But when we come to understand that we are also part of this universe and that we are equally as vast and as magnificent, we can no longer look at the universe as separate from us, but that we are one and the same.

    1. Is it possible that we have forgotten that there is a Blueprint, a plan which is the livingness that will propel us all back to our origins. The religions of the day purposely corrupted for many the plan of evolution by controlling mankind in man-made dogmas which is a deliberate departure from the God within, which has led to the cause of the unrest and ill energy we are in today.

  9. When you strip it back to this simplicity, it becomes really clear that there is no need, nor has there ever been a reason for any institutions to tell us about our connection to God or teach us about religion.

  10. Susan I adore what you are saying here we have reduced religion and encased it in a box. Religion is the vastness and beauty of the universe and it is to our detriment that we have so polluted the word so that it has lost its true meaning.

  11. Yes, and at times even the word ‘connection’ starts to feel like separation as it has a connotation that there are more than one. It’s like we become, or rather, we realise that we are what we are connecting to and just that, Oneness.

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