Are We All Born Religious?

What are you religious with? Are you religious with sport, food, work, a religion, fitness, Jesus, a Guru, Yoga, Love, Family… the list goes on?

Religion for me is not just about believing in God, reading the bible, going to church or following a certain order in life. A big part of it is how we live and our relationship to life, ourselves, to others and our values.

What are we religious with when we are born?

Our body, are we not? Just completely connected and feeling the presence of our delicate body, feeling and completely listening to our body’s cues and connected to what we need to support ourselves first and foremost, and of course connecting to our loved ones closest to us and our new environment.

Are babies not pure love and the absolute definition of joy and isn’t this what we all strive to be? So is it possible that babies are connected to something greater and more beautiful than we can even fathom, and obviously without any instruction to be so?

Could I go as far to say that babies know within – not on a conscious level but subconsciously and naturally as a part of their being – that they are a child of God? All knowing, as in feeling everything and in complete connection to themselves and everything around them. Babies accept and embrace people for all that they are with no judgment, all the while energetically feeling everything and everyone. For a baby there is no class, no creed, no color, no separation – they are simply a single humanity. Everyone is the same. Is this not being religious?

As we grow up, outside beliefs, peer pressure, societal expectations, ideals and knowledge come in and we can start to separate from that connected space we once held as true. The burden of these outside forces takes its toll so we begin to disconnect further from ourselves and from an otherwise body of God, a body of love and a body all-knowing of a deeper wisdom.

We’ve had it before, we have lived it before, we knew it inside out and it has never left, we just need to reconnect with ourselves and feel what is true for all of us.

The origins of religion come from the Latin words re-ligare or re-ligio which simply means to re-bind, re-bond and re-connect; perhaps this is referring to us returning to our natural state as we all are at birth.

By Aimee, Full time Mum of 2 children, Auckland, NZ

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518 thoughts on “Are We All Born Religious?

  1. Amen Aimee alignment to God absoulutely feel amazing, thus allowing us the All-knowing wisdom of being connected to our Soul, as some still remember from our youth as you have shared.

  2. The word ‘religion’ has been misinterpreted to mean belonging to a specific group of human-held beliefs. True religion is to reconnect, move and live with the wonder and love of God and divinity.

  3. Universal Medicine gives everyone the opportunity to heal the hurts that keep us from reconnecting back to the truth of who we are. We have allowed religious institutions to dictate to us what religion means, and while there may be some smatterings of truth most of what is taught is the complete opposite of the truth which we have accepted as a truth. I have discovered by attending the workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that no one can take away our relationship with God it is a immutable fact that we are in our essence a God as our essence is God. When we overcome all the ideals, beliefs, pictures and distractions that keep us blind to this knowing and reconnect back to God then we are left in the wonderment of why we ever left such an exquisite feeling in the first place.

    1. Amazing question Mary and when we feel the energy of true alignment to God through our Soul-full-ness many questions like these are answered through the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom.

  4. The word religion is so over used and has been hijacked by many institutions all pertaining to own the word, they have misused the word Religion so it is always out of context to the truth of its origin. Have we ever stopped to consider that this has been done on purpose so that the vast majority of us are put of just by the word itself and so stops us from reconnecting back to the truth of God?

  5. Add to religion reincarnation and then we start to understand responsibility and then what are we not responsible for if we are all Sons of God equally? would we be not responsible for everything? We get lost in the reinterpretation and drop being energetically responsible!

    1. I like what you say Gregbarnes888 that we are responsible for everything. That then has to include the huge mess we are in, including wars, discrimination, and the greed for profit over our health and wellbeing, the list is long. This is not as some people believe just being ‘done’ to us we are actually doing this to ourselves.

      1. Absolutely Mary, we are all equally irresponsible, thus everything in our life to bring us to responsibility from what we have shared is everything-inclusive, so this is turning our lives up-side-down and it is up to us all to turn the corner and see the light and re-connect, “re-bind” to our essences and “returning to our natural state as we all are at birth.”

  6. When holding a baby one can not help but be in awe of the grandness of the universe, the pure love and joy is just so palpable.

  7. “The origins of religion come from the Latin words re-ligare or re-ligio which simply means to re-bind, re-bond and re-connect” – hence has nothing to do with the institutionalized religions that we know of today and the big churches and building ‘dedicated’ to God and the worship of a ‘God’. It is the people and their relationship with the deepest part of themselves that ‘make’ the religion and not the building.

    1. Wasn’t it Jesus that said over 2,000 years ago that the Kingdom of God is inside us or words to that effect that we seem to have either ignored or forgotten.

  8. Aimee, I love the simplicity of how you start this blog – with the fact that we can be religious with whatever we choose to be religious with be it the beer bottle or God. This busts the picture that society has of a dogmatic religion. Religion is in essence our relationship with something, and what we choose to make it. Our relationship with God is there waiting till such time that we choose to feel it – meanwhile God never once stops the relationship with us even if we choose not to engage in it. What a level of love we are eternally held in.

    1. I have heard people say that God has stopped loving us or we wouldn’t be in this mess we are in. I do not believe this myself, I believe that God is all around us in the very air we breathe, so he actually cannot stop beholding us. We are just using God as an excuse to not live the all that we naturally are, not because he made us because he didn’t, but because our particles belong to the universe and so that is our connection back to God.

  9. Thank you Aimee for you awesome blog. I like especial this sentences: “The origins of religion come from the Latin words re-ligare or re-ligio which simply means to re-bind, re-bond and re-connect; perhaps this is referring to us returning to our natural state as we all are at birth.” You invite us to ponder about religion and I find it very worth to do it!

  10. If babies are born with this absolute love of God, and I believe this to be true, then surely we as adults have a responsibility to support them to live in this connection as they grow up. I would say this would have an enormous impact on our society if we raised a generation of children that are not dominated by our current societal demands. It’s worth trying as we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  11. ‘Are babies not pure love and the absolute definition of joy’ agreed which means what a responsibility we as humanity have in aiding babies to not only keep that connection they have but confirm and expand with it as they get older. Mmmm I feel we have a lot of work to do done with this one as currently we have not been so hot on it. And of course we can only support another with this if we first do this for ourselves otherwise it is from a baseless foundation, so, a lot of love and appreciation we must give ourselves as well.

  12. Body knows God, even when we are disconnected from it, it still does, and we only need to keep coming back to it.

  13. We are always and forever a child of God no matter our age or whether we believe in the presence of Thy Father or not. This is an immutable truth we are not always so willing to hear if it does not suit the way of living we have adopted in this life.

    1. I could read and re-read these words Liane over and over again for they hold the truth of Religion in total simplicity.

  14. Being religious is about how we live, what we think is established by the choices we make in our life…and so we can think many different theories and high ideals, but living either true and loving or not in practice with a commitment to heal…that for me is religious life. and I live it religiously…

  15. The beauty is that a child is so naturally religious that there is nothing else but connection with the all. Now we do not need to question further, only to observe how far we have gone away from
    Our way.

  16. I love this that religion is a big part of ‘how we live and our relationship to life, ourselves, to others and our values.’ Particularly apt as it is World Values Day today. I used to hate the word religion and what it stood for growing up because to me it did not make sense to give power over something outside of ourselves that we are sinners or that in order to connect with God we had to go to a specific building. So the reason I love what you shared so much is because its real and about how we live life itself, after all we all have a big responsibility with regards to this but currently not all seeing or accepting this.

    1. I was also pretty twitchy about the word religion, but when I understood it to be in origin concerning reconnection and rebinding within,…then I knew the truth and I knew was religious.

      1. It is fair to say that a fair chunk of the world’s population reacts to the word ‘religion’ but this reaction is to the bastardised form of the word and all it pertains to and not to the essence of what being religious truly means, for deep down every single one of us aches for the re-union with our true and divine self.

      2. ‘Aches’ is correct, it was an ache that could not be relived with anything available as a distraction. When I reconciled what I know deep within as true, and felt and registered from the body, I have not looked back. The twitchy reaction was from feeling hurt by the lies and bastardised version, realising I did not need to be hurt was profound and yet very simple. It is a choice, no one can take away your relationship with religion, God and being a God. The settlement of return is exquisite.

  17. The more we get to know ourselves the easier it is to know that we are all religious. Whether we accept that or not is up to us.

  18. Aimee that is very beautiful… to really feel that a baby is with God … and then to let ourselves reconnect in the same way with such complete innocence and totality

  19. Knowing that we are born religious exposes the fact that we do not need to be “converted” to a religion or baptized into a religion. That is all just man made and serves only those who want people disempowered.

    1. What you have written Elizabeth is spot on we do not need to be ‘converted’ or baptized it is all a lie that keeps all in the illusion that we have to attain something, when in fact God resides within all of us, we just need to reconnect as Aimee says we are born with this knowing this connection already within us all.

  20. What it further exposes is that love is our religion and that it is not complex at all. It is so simple that we like to make it something ;complex, which it is definitely not, but the opposite. Great way to bludgeon our truth.

  21. As adults could our love for babies and their deep connection with their bodies and the greater all, come from the remembering and the feelings that we also had this deep connection when we were babies? The beautiful thing is, we can rekindle our universal connection at any stage of our life’s cycle.

    1. I think that’s a good point – that we can relate to the beautiful body awareness and connection that babies can reflect because it is a connection that lives within us too and as such is always there ready to be re-ignited.

      1. Yes instead of being or looking at a baby thinking how lovely we can say ‘I am that too’ it is just loving ourselves enough to connect or re-connect to the innate essence within us. It is always there and always has been there.

  22. We are for sure all born religious, as what else are we impulsed by to move and express when we are born. As babies we are at one with our Soul, as such connected deeply with God and for me being this is precisely what being religious is, to live in a way that is impulsed by our connection to our Soul where our relationship with God is a given. And really, we all know this and what this means as we have lived and breathed it before, which shows us that it truly is our innate way of being and the foundation where we can return to live together in the harmony of Brotherhood which we are designed to live.

  23. We all love babies and feel disarmed by them and we just accept that is how babies are. Yet we should actually look at this a bit deeper because how come that we as grown up adults don’t have this same melting and joy every time we see each other? What do we change from when we were a baby to being an adult? If we can’t hold this immense love what is our parenting and education doing that is not treasuring and nurturing this to be even more there in the adult?

    1. So beautifully and innocently put Lieke, if we were to take a moment and stop to ponder your words
      ‘If we can’t hold this immense love what is our parenting and education doing that is not treasuring and nurturing this to be even more there in the adult?’
      It seems to me that instead of nurturing ourselves we deliberately crush our beauty, sensitivity, fragility all those qualities that melt us when we are in the presence of a baby.

  24. We are all born religious – awesome beings that need to appreciate the love we have inside. We need a true form of education that leaves us to be from young absolutely glorious as we are, the spark we are born with needs to be accepted and expanded further. Not going any less than that spark children are born with, only allowing them to grow – grow into more of themselves.

  25. ‘For a baby there is no class, no creed, no color, no separation – they are simply a single humanity.’ There is so much in this sentence because when we are accepting of all equally we have true love, and true religion

  26. Do we love the innocence of babies because they reconnect us to a quality we have either forgotten or disregarded within ourselves?

    1. And in those moments with babies, that same natural, religious connection is recognised in ourselves? It is always there, simply waiting for us to realise this and walk with it.

  27. ‘we just need to reconnect with ourselves and feel what is true for all of us’ Here here! and Serge Benhayon is truly helping us to do just that ✨

    1. So true Chris – it is something that we can never truly be separate from, which is very beautiful and humbling to realise, but we can certainly choose to live in ignorance of our innate and divine religiosity and who we are in essence.

  28. God has given us reincarnating until we get our life to an understanding where we can live the truth of who we are. The Way of The Livingness has us informed about how we shall come to a true point of evolution so we can deepen our understanding of God and thus continue to expand our awareness.

  29. There is a difference between people when they get born what they remember or connect to with God.
    It depends how we lived in our other lives. Were we connected within us with God when we died or were we drifted away. That what we leave behind is what we find when we get back and from there we can expand in our evolution back to soul.

  30. If I read your blog about religion and how we all are born religious, it makes no sense we as human beings have made all this complexity about religion, manmade religions with God outside our bodies. One thing is for sure when you hold a baby in your arms, or look a baby in their eyes there is an instant connection with the divine if you want it or not.

  31. Great call in asking what are we religious with as we can be religious with work, fitness, food etc but what is the true meaning of the word religion – to re-connect, re-bond, re-align to the truth of who we are. It seems we are using the word religion, as many other words, not in their true context.

  32. I think it can be really helpful to discuss the word religion and unpack some of the many beliefs and ideals that are or have been associated with it and that we may be reacting to – because in that reaction we may in fact be throwing the baby out with the bathwater so to speak and labeling religion as something it isn’t in truth…

    1. Agree Fiona, there has been atrocities throughout the ages that have taken place under the banner of religion, that would have many disassociate with the word and understandably so. Though these acts could not be further from the truth of living in connection with oneself, others and all of life…or religiously.

      1. Victoria Picone if we were to study history we would indeed find that there have been many atrocities that have taken place under the banner of ‘religion’. The Alexandrian Library was decimated and the scrolls were either destroyed or plundered, the ones that were plundered were then twisted and misinterpreted by so called religious people of the day. The wanton brutality that occurred was to stamp out any resistance, mob violence was whipped up by the religious people of the day, to keep the population in check. Succumb to the will of the church or your business, homes, life will be destroyed. The Cathars were persecuted in much the same way by the Roman Catholic faith. This ‘religion’ also spread around the world and broke no opposition to its doctrine. The Crusades were another ‘religious’ war where people were murdered, raped, lives destroyed all under the banner of so called ‘religion’ it’s the complete opposite to the true meaning of the word. Is it possible this is a deliberate ploy as it keeps us away from the true nature of our essence to re-bond with God. So that there is a deliberate movement or configuration within our bodies born out of life times of persecution so that we don’t want to have anything to do with the word God, the word is a complete ‘turn off’ deliberately so. Is it also possible we have been lied to on such a grand scale that we are for now unable to see through the lies that have encapsulated us for life times. We will never be left alone to decide for ourselves, because behind all of this there is the Astral plane which influences everything we do, it will keep up the resistance to make it harder to return back to our soul, because in the resistance is the energy they use to sustain themselves. We are mere puppets to be used as an energy to feed off. When we can allow ourselves to come to this level of awareness we will be able to get a sense of the lies about God we have been fed over many lifetimes.

    2. Religion, as it is commonly known today, is so far removed from what religion in truth is, that it is not strange that more and more people are turning away from it, looking for something different. Innately we know religion and God even if we do not want to use those words for the bastardisation they have become. The call from our divine essence is growing and more and more people look for truth. And as is divinely designed, for those who seek they will find.

  33. “Are We All Born Religious?” I like this because it shows just how hugely wrong every single religious war has been and is.

    1. Love what you say here Elizabeth. Power hungry politics is not religion. Anything that separates us is not religion.

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