Are We All Born Religious?

What are you religious with? Are you religious with sport, food, work, a religion, fitness, Jesus, a Guru, Yoga, Love, Family… the list goes on?

Religion for me is not just about believing in God, reading the bible, going to church or following a certain order in life. A big part of it is how we live and our relationship to life, ourselves, to others and our values.

What are we religious with when we are born?

Our body, are we not? Just completely connected and feeling the presence of our delicate body, feeling and completely listening to our body’s cues and connected to what we need to support ourselves first and foremost, and of course connecting to our loved ones closest to us and our new environment.

Are babies not pure love and the absolute definition of joy and isn’t this what we all strive to be? So is it possible that babies are connected to something greater and more beautiful than we can even fathom, and obviously without any instruction to be so?

Could I go as far to say that babies know within – not on a conscious level but subconsciously and naturally as a part of their being – that they are a child of God? All knowing, as in feeling everything and in complete connection to themselves and everything around them. Babies accept and embrace people for all that they are with no judgment, all the while energetically feeling everything and everyone. For a baby there is no class, no creed, no color, no separation – they are simply a single humanity. Everyone is the same. Is this not being religious?

As we grow up, outside beliefs, peer pressure, societal expectations, ideals and knowledge come in and we can start to separate from that connected space we once held as true. The burden of these outside forces takes its toll so we begin to disconnect further from ourselves and from an otherwise body of God, a body of love and a body all-knowing of a deeper wisdom.

We’ve had it before, we have lived it before, we knew it inside out and it has never left, we just need to reconnect with ourselves and feel what is true for all of us.

The origins of religion come from the Latin words re-ligare or re-ligio which simply means to re-bind, re-bond and re-connect; perhaps this is referring to us returning to our natural state as we all are at birth.

By Aimee, Full time Mum of 2 children, Auckland, NZ

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449 thoughts on “Are We All Born Religious?

  1. I absolutely love the origin of the word religion, because it takes away all the rubbish and bastardisation that’s occurred since then. The original meaning, I can relate to deeply. The updated version…not so much.

  2. The power we have is shared by our way of living. As words can simply be words, but our movements do actually share with us the truth. The more we accept who we truly are and the responsibility that comes with that – the more our movements will be ones of truth and love.

  3. We impose on babies and our children what we think much more than what we realise. We even try to convince ourselves that we are not imposing which is more harmful than the imposition itself but no matter what we think or say it is in the way in which we are with ourselves, our connection to ourselves and what we align to that makes a difference, a way of living that allows a child to be themselves without any imposition and not from what the mind says it does or does not do.

  4. Being religious is found in the way we move and care for ourselves. From this quality of movement we see a shift in how we connect with others and how moving connected to our bodies can bring purpose, expression and truth to the forefront and shows that responsibility will return us to true religion and that it is a living expression found in our everyday movements for life.

  5. Beautiful Aimee, you are spot on, religion is simply the re-connecting (or re-binding) to our innermost essence and if we want to remember what this is like, just look at and feel the quality of a baby.

  6. The prospect or even just the inclination that I, and that we as a humanity, could be returning to something grand and magnificent that is beyond our immediate understandings of life is very humbling.

  7. There is a magnetism in every baby that makes adults feel blessed in their presence. They offer to us a reflection with their transparency and connection, which is a reminder of what we one day were and will be again. The only difference between an adult and a baby are the layers we have chosen to wear in order to ‘protect’ our initial vulnerability, which is in the end what we most long for.

  8. To know the simple meaning of the word religion makes very clear that what are called religions today do not have much to do with religion and how beautiful to feel that it is found in reconnecting with ourselves, who we already are.

  9. That we are at our basic nature religious makes absolute sense, for as babies we are totally in connection with our bodies and how we feel and we don’t filter that, we just are. No trying, no rules, just an honouring and when you consider what the word religion you can understand that to be aligned, to be connected we are part of a greater whole, one we all come from, and one we all will return to … true religion in other words.

  10. I love this question – “So is it possible that babies are connected to something greater and more beautiful than we can even fathom, and obviously without any instruction to be so?” – and yes is my answer.

  11. And what a beautiful state of being that is well worth connecting to again! I have yet to see the majority of adults of this world living the same level if not more joy than they lived when they were born and in their early years of life.

  12. Being religious is a natural state of being-it is only our hurts that get in the way of truly being able to express it.

  13. I love how you present religion as having the potential to be about us re-turning to our natural, innate essence – something that we already are rather than something that we need to search for outside of ourselves.

    1. When we search for religion, love or connection outside ourselves it becomes a struggle because it is going against our natural flow. Hence why all the different institutionalised religions in the world haven’t worked to unite humanity, they do the opposite, they divide and separate people. Whereas true religion will unite us all, The Way of The Livingness.

  14. Profound, we as babies already know truth and love — hence our greatest intelligence is already known by birth.. this means all that we learn thereafter is an addition to the love we know to be. And so our education should be in truth based on that, which it currently is often not. And so, this blog enriches our view on life and the truth, love and joy that babies know and live by. No one can tell them so, as they are knowing of something within themselves and share with others universally so. They often feel connected to another plane of life, and so they are open and multidimensional. It is hence super important that they do not get disconnected from that in their life, this is were our education system in truth should be based on — not on achieving knowledge!

  15. You present the absolute truth Aimee. And so simple that nobody can reject it. The other day grand parents with a new born grand child passed by in a pram and I stopped to chat and have a look. As nothing in life is coincidence I could observe how this tiny baby was just ultimately enjoying it self being in its delicate body. For me to see that life is about being in body and from there things will take of itself.

  16. It’s definitely true we all know this innate fact Aimee. Love was just love and we did not have to do anything to be held and adored as such. We just are. Perhaps that’s a clue for what true religion is all about.

  17. We know all that we are from the day we are born. Over time we may have built up protection from hurts, ideals and or beliefs that have hindered this truth but we always have the opportunity to express, live and move in a way that connects back to God any time and this brings such simplicity and joy felt just as we were when we were born.

  18. Absolutely — it is that simple. What we see in children is their religion, and whatever we or society introduces that is actually not their nature should never ever be imposed upon them, but given space to all that they are and feeling. Our world will by this very thing – be a whole different place if we start to allow children to be absolutely who they are in all their natural qualities, with of course the guidance of parents/family members and rest.

    1. It really is that simple Danna we just have to allow children to grow up being who they are and they will then be empowered to be the love they are and will not so readily conform to the expectations that society puts on us. We are all naturally love and so it is natural for us to be love, to be any less than love is not normal, we just need to make love our foundation and benchmark.

  19. Letting all in is a deeply religious and expansive experience. We do not have to choose like everyone else but knowing there is no judgement only a respect for all choices is absolutely freeing and powerful.

  20. “Are babies not pure love and the absolute definition of joy and isn’t this what we all strive to be? So is it possible that babies are connected to something greater and more beautiful than we can even fathom, and obviously without any instruction to be so?” I love this Aimee. We are indeed multidimensional beings.

  21. When we look into the eyes of a little child we see God. But the doubts creep in as we get a little older and so many of us lose our way and blame God for our issues and for the world letting us down.

  22. We are born with connection to our true wisdom then take on a game of playing less to fit in. To return to this state of true grace and innocence without playing ball with the illusion of life – that is what religion is all about: a beautiful path of return – thank you Aimee.

    1. Yes, ‘beautiful path of return’ is what religion means to me. A gorgeous reconnection with ourselves and God that is a very intimate relationship and one that needs no middle person, just our willingness to return to who we are.

  23. My religion is living life, as a student of life and love, simple easy. There are no rules or beliefs to adhere to or get right, rather live and observe, life is my petrie dish…. Awesome blog Aimee

  24. I actually spent time in my early twenties looking at many different religions speaking to their church (etc) leaders and reading their holy texts only to discover they all seemed the same yet did not answer my questions about life and death and all that’s in-between. I have since discovered the knowing of my inner-heart and this is my religious teacher.

  25. ‘Babies accept and embrace people for all that they are with no judgment’ the more we all do that the more love we will see and feel in the world. We can be so quick to judge others with our eyes and thus condemn them for the way they are all that happens is they get further entrenched in their patterns. Where as when we truly appreciate another we remind them of the love they are and it can be the start of them returning the innocence and love of the child they were and we all were and can easily be. We just have to give it a go in full.

  26. Re-discovering the true meaning of the word religion has been very healing for me. Having had issues with established religions from early childhood on the word was tainted in a way that did not allow me to consider that I might be religious by nature. This is the evil of the religions we have today, they bring a false version of a truth so that what is true becomes very hard to access.

  27. When I hold a baby, I know God and I never thought of myself as a Religious person but that feeling and smell of a baby is pure love and the reason I just don’t want to let go when I am holding that bundle of cuddles and joy is because babies are religious with their movements and deep connection to their bodies. So, yes, I am wanting to live with that type of natural connection and every day is a learning, to return to what I was naturally gifted with as a baby, every day I am a student of the Livingness.

    1. I so know what you mean Sarah about holding a baby, there is not a skerrick of doubt that what you’re holding is from heaven. I also love hearing the truth bombs that come out of little kids mouths, uninhibited.

  28. ” We’ve had it before, we have lived it before, we knew it inside out and it has never left, we just need to reconnect with ourselves and feel what is true for all of us. ”
    So very true re-connecting to the religion we are , from the inside out.

    1. So true and we have lived it in this life, it is innately within us so it makes no sense that we keep looking outside of ourselves as we have been ever since. We can never leave who we truly are we can only disconnect from it.

  29. ” As we grow up, outside beliefs, peer pressure, societal expectations, ideals and knowledge come in and we can start to separate from that connected space we once held as true ”
    This is so true and the innocence and beauty of a child is lost to what the world wants.

  30. If religion means to re-bind, to re-connect, we must be connected and bound to begin with. And what with is what determines the way we live.

  31. A had a child ask me recently, why are there so many different Gods and how do you know what is true. I asked what they felt, they said there has to be something the same in all people, something that brings us all together not something that moves us away from each other, like the belief in different Gods.

    1. Wow that’s so gorgeous and highlights how we do all know religion and what is truly means. We need to have such wisdom recorded, so we are reminded of how much we do know when we are children and how much we are connected to all of life.

  32. If we understood what the true meaning of the word religion meant, then we would understand that we cannot escape at all being religious in life. It’s who we are and a part of all we do in life. Its not even a belief in God or going to church. That may be part of a religious expression for someone, but it not make someone religious. If we are human, then we are religious.

  33. Religion is a movement and way of being, a return to all that we are, a way of being. It is not confined to anything of human creation, it is of the universe, energy, God, of the All.

  34. Beautiful Aimee, even if we are not sure or do not have a relationship with God we all know how important our body is and so if we become religious with our own bodies we will get to know the divine anyway.

  35. Thank you Aimee, you remind me of the fact that it is our body that is our connection to God, and in neglecting the body when we grow older, we too neglect our doorway to God. A doorway that is just there, always ready to reconnect to, but what we knowingly ignore and instead start to look for that religious connection outside of us, a movement that has resulted in the many institutionalized religions we nowadays know in our societies to exist.

  36. My whole perception of what being religious is has changed since being introduced to The Way of The Livingness. I’ve gone from perceiving it to be rules or dictatorship that one follows, to knowing Religion is something that lives within. Yes we are all born religious, for being Religious is a birth right we are all born with that we can choose to claim.

  37. We should question it differently around actually: what makes us not connected to everyone and everything? What have we been avoiding, not wanting to feel — the disconnection we have been living with all this time?
    So it is more fair to ask ourselves: why do we avoid connection with each other and most importantly first ourselves?
    What does it ask us to then let go of if we make our lives about connection and togetherness?

  38. Religion for me has always been my personal relationship with God who I have always known to be very different from the God portrayed by the religions that have sought to control me. Coming back to an understanding of religion is key for mankind for we have been badly led astray by the so called world religions.

  39. “For a baby there is no class, no creed, no color, no separation – they are simply a single humanity. Everyone is the same. Is this not being religious?”

    So clear when you put it like this, and then the baby/child gets loaded up with a whole bunch of ideals, pictures, beliefs from parents, friends, other kids, school etc… but we certainly dont start out that way.

  40. Came up in conversation the other day that when we’re little we have no filter of what we should or shouldn’t say. That should or shouldn’t though comes from a right and wrong and also don’t rock the boat. You say exactly what is there and the truth rocks the adults in our lives especially when other adults hear young people say it as it is. For me I’m slowly coming back to saying how something is, and being more okay with reactions.

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