The Perils of Comfort

Recently I have been reflecting on the many ways I have sought comfort in the past, and I realise how for most of us these would have been considered normal ways of living. I am becomingly increasingly aware of the dullness in my body when I choose many of these comforts now, but there are times when I still make choices that are not fully supportive for me.

With a deepened honesty and awareness of the truth of how I am living, let me share the many ways I have been in comfort.

I now feel I am in comfort when:

  • I pride myself on having a diet that is dairy and gluten free but do not heed how my body truly feels when eating these foods.
  • I create sugar free recipes that use dried fruits and other ‘sweeteners’ without acknowledging that I am still craving something sweet in order to numb myself to what I am truly feeling.
  • I buy a ‘treat’ for myself just because I have had a very busy week and I feel I deserve this.
  • I use the excuse of needing to connect to a friend I may not have seen for a while to take time out to see a movie which I can feel is emotional and of little substance, or to go shopping with little real purpose.
  • I can list all the Universal Medicine courses I have been to, or the ones I am going to go to, without really living each day what has been so majestically and practically presented to us.
  • I am mindlessly flicking through the magazines at the checkout aisle in the supermarket as I wait to be served – checking out at the checkout!
  • I feel that I earn enough money, live in a nice home and have great friends and yet I never question whether how I am living is evolving/growing me and those around me.
  • I feel proud of my children because of what they have achieved and how they present themselves, without questioning whether I am allowing them to be on their own journey in life and graciously accepting the choices they are making.
  • I feel better because someone else is going through a bad time or has made less than desirable decisions, and hence I may feel that they are not as ‘evolved’ as I am.
  • I give financially to a charity or disaster appeal and feel that I have done my part without actually reading and understanding why this disaster might be happening in the world.
  • I feel great after a walk in nature and do not acknowledge that I spent a good deal of the walk thinking about other things.
  • At times I have sought comfort in the personal connections with others, rather than appreciating my own inner gorgeousness and the equality of the connection.

When I am in comfort I can feel that there is no call for me to be ‘more’ in how I am living or to strengthen my connection to myself and to God. I am holding onto the status quo as I feel good and I have ticked all the boxes for a ‘good’ life.

I am noticing that when I am in comfort and am choosing to not feel the call of my heart, I get restless and irritable and start blaming others around me for how I am. I feel an unsettlement in my body and can be very self-critical in my thoughts.

At times I still make choices which dull my body but do so without judgment or condemnation of my choices; rather I appreciate the deepening awareness of how I am living and of the roadblocks I intermittently put in the way of having a deeper and more loving connection to myself and the sacredness that can be found in that connection.

I am a forever student committed to reconnecting more fully with my inner-self and my world family, and deeply appreciate and feel huge support from the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom that Serge Benhayon presents for us all, if we choose to feel the truth of what is being shared.

By Anne Hishon – a gorgeous woman, a loving mum and partner, compassionate nurse, Tauranga, NZ

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776 thoughts on “The Perils of Comfort

  1. This is a very timely read as I have been feeling just this as you describe Anne
    “At times I have sought comfort in the personal connections with others, rather than appreciating my own inner gorgeousness and the equality of the connection.”
    I need someone else to love me because I seem incapable of loving myself, this is a great realisation because by sitting in the rawness of my lack of self love I can then make the steps to become more self loving. Another realisation is how cruel our minds are because they feed us such negativity and because we think we think, we think the thoughts belong to us because we are thinking them when the thoughts are being fed to us by a consciousness we are as yet unaware of. So the thoughts I have that I need someone else to confirm me by loving me is total rot. These thoughts are not mine but fed to me to keep me feeling less than, in the feeling of being less than, I’m not settled in my body and that is the end goal to keep us all in the unsettlement of life, always seeking something outside of us.

  2. Great point Anne, appreciation, instead of comfort, of the divinity (divinely connected appreciative-ness) we can all live is a key to letting go of those things that are un-natural to our essences or Soul (which are one and the same) and thus being Soul-full becomes normal.

  3. It’s a topic that’s not really addressed, in fact, comfort is championed, and maybe this is because living in comfort is seen as having a “good” life – for things to stay the same, to not have change, and to take care of one’s own, rather than growing, evolving and having a purpose greater than one’s own life alone. We have so many ideals and pictures of life, and we want to attain these to ‘live well’, but they are not evolving. Even retirement is a comfort because we can accept how our working life is without seeking to grow and change, because we will have the reward of retirement eventually and we can do what we like then. It’s a classic case of comfort and of how life is currently set up, we focus on achieving something outside of ourselves, and not on evolving the quality within. It is certainly not my intention to criticise people seeking retirement, I can completely understand why, it’s more a comment on the model or life we have all become a part of that ensures knowing who we are, and evolving into more of that, is absent.

  4. Thank you Anne, as comfort is out of control as you have shared, so thank God we have started to leave the comfort of our arm chairs because of a different choice we can build a foundation based on Love and undo all the ill ways that were so indulgent that we used to live in the past. Or what we are doing is healing and getting on with a life that is True.

  5. This what I really appreciate about the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, we are given the tools to unblock the road blocks that we have erected throughout this life, and probably others, so that we can gain a deeper understanding so that we don’t have to cope with life but actually embrace it and grow from the experience.

  6. Thank you Aimee for you awesome blog. I like especial this sentence: “The origins of religion come from the Latin words re-ligare or re-ligio which simply means to re-bind, re-bond and re-connect; perhaps this is referring to us returning to our natural state as we all are at birth.” You invite us to ponder about religion and I find it very worthwhile to do it!

  7. Comfort is as simple as turning to other things so that we do not stop to feel what is truly needed as our next step of growth and evolution, and it may appear like an ‘innocent’ act but in reality it is there to distract us from what is needed next.

    1. It’s such an important topic to look at because we have so few models in life of those choosing to evolve back to soul. Our current model of life is to do well with our finances and work, our family and relationships, and our health. These things aren’t absent from a life lived for evolution, but there is a different awareness and understanding of them that brings a richness and a depth to life, and that acknowledges personal, universal, and other cycles. Evolution holds us as divine first, which is then felt as a quality we continually deepen into and bring into life.

      1. If we could understand this teaching
        “Evolution holds us as divine first, which is then felt as a quality we continually deepen into and bring into life.”
        By feeling our divinity we would automatically feel the divineness in everyone else, as we are all the same we come from the one soul. In our divineness there would be no abuse whatsoever ever, wouldn’t that be something worth attaining?

  8. The unsettlement we can feel, is often related to the fact that we have not allowed ourselves to be more deeply connected and tuned into what we are feeling and what is happening around us. And when we resist this, we turn to things that will give us an escape from what we are feeling – however, the feeling does not go away until we are willing to face it and deal with it, one day.

    1. Henrietta what you have written here is spot on we may think that we have distracted ourselves with food, drink, the movie, shopping, a chat with a friend etc., but we cannot put off our evolution, it’s happening just as the universe keeps expanding, these are the certainties of life.

  9. It is not the what we do but the how (the quality) that we do things in that determines the outcome.

  10. Great to call out the more insidious forms of comfort we seek. It is not just about living in comfort but the many ways we deceive ourselves, take a step backwards, settle for less or stop, rather than live in a way impulses us towards expansion.

  11. This is a great blog to read and come back to because there is always something more to understand about ourselves and the comfort we reach for in its many guises when we are being asked by our soul to connect back to ourselves at a deeper level, as there is always more to unravel as we evolve back to who we truly are.

  12. I have been noticing this comfort thing more recently – how I can sometimes settle for that’s good enough and my life is already amazing but nothing stands still and there is always more to explore so if we stop that natural progression and evolution things can stagnate and become well….uncomfortable.

    1. This is so beautifully said and shared Andrew – when we settle for something as being ‘good enough’ and are not open to further growth, we stunt ourselves and in face are choosing to go backwards because of the rhythm that everything else is evolving with. Growth never ends.

    2. It’s true, we can feel so amazing and be in comfort, and part of that can be from comparison – we compare where we used to be to where we are now and think “we’ve made it”, but as you say Andrew there is always more – more love, more joy, more everything. And, another part of the comfort I’m examining is from the focus on self and on my own life, things are better than they were for me so the focus on evolution reduces…. but things are not great for many people in the world, even if my life is ‘better’, it’s actually about all of us equally.

  13. It is amazing how many things we take for granted as just something we do that is in fact comfort and choosing distraction and a way to dull ourselves that shuts down our essence and our amazingness. I could relate to a lot on your list Anne and one that still stands out is the reward for having a busy week or day, but I am on to it and catching it for what it is.

  14. Its an interesting word ‘comfort’. It’s enticing but it offers nothing. It offers every excuse under the sun so that we limit ourselves in knowing who we are and living that in everyday life. I have not yet got to the bottom of knowing the perils of what comfort is for myself. I am still enticed by its offerings and with that not wanting to feel the rot (which I know it does) that it actually brings.

    1. I appreciate your honesty Jennifer. We’re all students of this life and like you there are days when comfort seeking sneaks in and I find myself in a place that I hadn’t intended and feel ‘so so’ rather than delicious. To call out these movements means we’re not enslaved by them,but a little wiser.

  15. We fight our evolution because we have invested so much in the ‘I’ the self, this is me. And from selfishness we bash ourselves up with food, and any mind/body altering substance we can manufacture. We fight over countries, resources, technology, science you name it we are at war with ourselves and each other. All this to avoid the unavoidable which is to evolve. I cannot bear the fact that there is a part of us that disconnected from our soul which we call the spirit and it is this aspect of us over the millennia has put up such a fight to resist the return to whence it came. Hence this cesspit we call life we are all living in today. We have involved not evolved.

  16. You make it so clear how comfort is really about stalling on evolution, and it is actually very uncomfortable as we would be putting so much effort in fighting the movement of that which holds us in, which is constantly expanding.

  17. Today in a group swimming session I got to see how I don’t breathe when feeling challenged, which then leaves the door open to put more stuff in the way, eg, I can’t do this…. Nevertheless, I was feeling incredible vulnerable and tender, and that was the key to just letting go ( of issues or old beliefs), and when I swam it was effortless and easy – such is life when I stay connected with my inner being.

    1. Thanks for your comment about your breath, it makes sense to me with a period of stress I’ve just experienced and realising from your comment how much I compromised my breath, and hence my connection to myself.

      1. Melinda I used to hold my breath when going up in an elevator, I hated going in them because I didn’t feel I could breathe and of course I couldn’t breathe as I was holding myself in without realising it. What I have noticed is that by attending the workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I am giving myself space to look at how I interact with life without the need to hold my breath. The teachings and presentations support me to question life rather than just accepting life as it is, which as we all know isn’t working at all for many of us.

  18. I have become aware of how much I still crave ‘sweetness’ from food. I have been sugar free for years, and although I don’t eat your normal cake, and do not make or need alternatives ( cakes with dried fruits, or honey), there is always this underlying feeling if only….And now I am feeling, this honest reflection is asking me to accept and connect deeper within to my own inner stillness, beauty and yes sweetness.

  19. ‘When I am in comfort I can feel that there is no call for me to be ‘more’ in how I am living or to strengthen my connection to myself and to God’. Perfect for me to read today, as I am aware of the foods I choose to remain in comfort, which dull my awareness of knowing my next steps!

    1. jacqmcfadden04 I completely understand what you are saying as I too use sugar as a way of racing my body so that I cannot feel the inner quality of stillness in my body. Having attended a recent presentation from Serge Benhayon I absolutely know that the thoughts I have to eat something sugary are not coming from my body that actually doesn’t want to be raced but from my cold and heartless mind that will stop at nothing to get me to behave in a way that prevents me from ever reconnecting back to my soul.

  20. I am getting to feel just how much we are aware of exactly what to do to dull our awareness. We are masters at it.

  21. What I have learnt is that comfort is not what it’s cracked up to be, even the taste of comfort is lessening its appeal.

  22. Lately, it has become apparent how much we hate feeling the discomfort in our bodies and that we will do anything not to feel it – hence, the overeating, drinking, drugs and distractions of entertainment.

    1. I have been reflecting recently on how little evolutionary discomfort I have, not the discomfort that comes from my own reactions (I have plenty in that department) but discomfort from being challenged out of lovelessness, out of malaise and into purpose, out of any form of status quo to be more of my soul in every part of life. It feels so easy to coast and tick the boxes of doing well, and to some degree even evolving, but not truly embracing the fullness of evolution on offer. When I realise that comfort prevents me living more love, truth, joy, and power it’s not so inviting or comfortable after all.

  23. My comfort for this life, and I am pretty sure for many more lives before this one, was hiding and holding back my light and love for humanity. My body is very grateful now i am choosing this type of comfort less and less and less.

  24. That old chestnut comfort … what deeply resonated here reading today is that holding onto the status quo, whether good or bad, in each instance it’s comfort.

  25. In choosing comfort we excuse ourselves for our wilful resistance to the call our Soul to activate the impulses we feel to live its Light. As such we reject our Godliness, and to not feel the truth of what vibration we are choosing to align to we indulge in our addictions that offer us comfort.

  26. When we are being totally honest we can see clearly how comfort really can curb our evolution as a human being.

  27. ‘When I am in comfort I can feel that there is no call for me to be ‘more’ in how I am living or to strengthen my connection to myself and to God.’ When we live in comfort we miss out on all that is being offered to us, because when we are in comfort we switch off our awareness.

    1. ‘When we live in comfort we miss out on all that is being offered to us, because when we are in comfort we switch off our awareness.’ Love how you pronounce this…it really hit home to me today. Comfort is a turning back on our natural unfoldment in this life. We are constantly being offered light and an opportunity to express love – to take the next step without faltering or delay of any kind.

  28. Comfort is what the world seeks, but takes us away from evolution, when the energy has this thicker vibration than where we could be at. Comfort can therefore be in anything, from cooking to thinking.

  29. It’s so easy to think we’re evolving when we’re trying really hard or motivating ourselves to be better or do more, but if it comes from trying to live up to a picture that we’ve set ourselves of how we must be or act, then this is a form of comfort, too, that offers no evolution: pushing and controlling things, instead of letting go and allowing ourselves to flow in and through life, for example. Although this, and other things that we do, feel quite uncomfortable and unnatural to our bodies, to another part of us, it feels comfortable because it’s a known habit: something we can control and quantify, something that gives us an identity. Not wanting to let go of our own identifications with things, of our own identity: the root of all comfort?

  30. I’m finding that when I am trying to better situations, work, relationships and family etc that it is a form of comfort. It is much more richer for me to understand what is going on and feel exactly what is needed, than to try and put a Band-Aid on it and make it better.

  31. “When I am in comfort I can feel that there is no call for me to be ‘more’ in how I am living or to strengthen my connection to myself and to God.” Comfort is a like a cloak that we put over ourselves. We can kid ourselves that it is ‘comfy’ but if we truly allow ourselves to feel in our bodies what it feels like when we cut ourselves off from the more, it would not feel that comfy. To me this is evidenced by the great unease that the world is living in….we are using so many props – coffee, sugar, alcohol, drugs, drama, intense workloads etc… to not feel it.

  32. “I feel better because someone else is going through a bad time or has made less than desirable decisions, and hence I may feel that they are not as ‘evolved’ as I am.” Yes an interesting one that comes with arrogant undertones that can keep us held in the belief that we are ‘better than’ the other person

  33. I find it interesting to consider that not so long ago in our global human history, there was tremendous suffering by way of the second world war, that left many many people with harrowing experiences and scars of living on the edge of starvation that perhaps will never go away as these experiences and memories live on through the generations that have followed. And so, it raises an interesting perspective to place the perils of modern day comfort in to this context, the context of a history where for some, if not many, at the very least there was comfort to be found in the most basic of things, such as living through the night – a reality which unfortunately is still being experienced today.

  34. I am still uncovering dusty corners of comfort – amazing how as one is realised another reveals itself.

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