The Perils of Comfort

Recently I have been reflecting on the many ways I have sought comfort in the past, and I realise how for most of us these would have been considered normal ways of living. I am becomingly increasingly aware of the dullness in my body when I choose many of these comforts now, but there are times when I still make choices that are not fully supportive for me.

With a deepened honesty and awareness of the truth of how I am living, let me share the many ways I have been in comfort.

I now feel I am in comfort when:

  • I pride myself on having a diet that is dairy and gluten free but do not heed how my body truly feels when eating these foods.
  • I create sugar free recipes that use dried fruits and other ‘sweeteners’ without acknowledging that I am still craving something sweet in order to numb myself to what I am truly feeling.
  • I buy a ‘treat’ for myself just because I have had a very busy week and I feel I deserve this.
  • I use the excuse of needing to connect to a friend I may not have seen for a while to take time out to see a movie which I can feel is emotional and of little substance, or to go shopping with little real purpose.
  • I can list all the Universal Medicine courses I have been to, or the ones I am going to go to, without really living each day what has been so majestically and practically presented to us.
  • I am mindlessly flicking through the magazines at the checkout aisle in the supermarket as I wait to be served – checking out at the checkout!
  • I feel that I earn enough money, live in a nice home and have great friends and yet I never question whether how I am living is evolving/growing me and those around me.
  • I feel proud of my children because of what they have achieved and how they present themselves, without questioning whether I am allowing them to be on their own journey in life and graciously accepting the choices they are making.
  • I feel better because someone else is going through a bad time or has made less than desirable decisions, and hence I may feel that they are not as ‘evolved’ as I am.
  • I give financially to a charity or disaster appeal and feel that I have done my part without actually reading and understanding why this disaster might be happening in the world.
  • I feel great after a walk in nature and do not acknowledge that I spent a good deal of the walk thinking about other things.
  • At times I have sought comfort in the personal connections with others, rather than appreciating my own inner gorgeousness and the equality of the connection.

When I am in comfort I can feel that there is no call for me to be ‘more’ in how I am living or to strengthen my connection to myself and to God. I am holding onto the status quo as I feel good and I have ticked all the boxes for a ‘good’ life.

I am noticing that when I am in comfort and am choosing to not feel the call of my heart, I get restless and irritable and start blaming others around me for how I am. I feel an unsettlement in my body and can be very self-critical in my thoughts.

At times I still make choices which dull my body but do so without judgment or condemnation of my choices; rather I appreciate the deepening awareness of how I am living and of the roadblocks I intermittently put in the way of having a deeper and more loving connection to myself and the sacredness that can be found in that connection.

I am a forever student committed to reconnecting more fully with my inner-self and my world family, and deeply appreciate and feel huge support from the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom that Serge Benhayon presents for us all, if we choose to feel the truth of what is being shared.

By Anne Hishon – a gorgeous woman, a loving mum and partner, compassionate nurse, Tauranga, NZ

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620 thoughts on “The Perils of Comfort

  1. Comfort is very uncomfortable. Not that we go looking for struggles, but whenever I want to shut out feeling something, I would have to feel it even more afterwards. So it is always more supportive to deal with those feelings which stop me in life. When I became honest with what I was feeling yesterday, the discomfort I have in my body disappeared immediately. The honesty and respect given to myself that moment when I dealt with my feelings and emotions, is then reflected back to me by the honesty and respect of others. So what feels deeply uncomfortable is a lack of communication and connection with ourselves and others.

  2. We have the opportunity to truly evolve and deepen how we live in every moment, and being truly honest with ourselves about the quality or intention behind our choices helps us to be more aware of what we really are choosing and whether it is supportive of us all or not…

  3. Anne I was talking with someone else just now about comfort and how when there are comfortable relationships, then these don’t work and there is no growth. The choice is to then step up and out of comfort into truth and evolution and see how that relationship unfolds.

    1. I have found that letting go of my attachment to friendships has been quite hard and has really challenged me to come from a place of truth and not stay comfortable in the ideals and beliefs that many of us have around them.

  4. We tend to compare and see ourselves as ‘unfortunate’ when we don’t have the house, the car, the job or the family we would like and ‘fortunate’ when we do have these things.. both instances can support a comfortable and familiar life. We are here to connect deeply with ourselves and others first and foremost.

  5. A great line Anne, “When I am in comfort I can feel that there is no call for me to be ‘more’ in how I am living or to strengthen my connection to myself and to God.” Your words about feeling irritable or unsettled around this were very supportive, thank you Anne. Definitely easy to coast when in fact there is so much more to live and connect to.

  6. I can very much relate to what you say Anne about becoming restless and irritable when you are in comfort. There is nothing purposeful about comfort and as purpose is something we are constantly and naturally being pulled towards, it’s no wonder we feel irritable and judgemental when we are resisting it. For me it is a disappointment and frustration aimed directly at myself, but this doesn’t just affect me in isolation, it is felt by and affects everyone.

  7. An uncomfortable feeling is becoming something I’m appreciating more and more because it’s indicating there is something to be aware of and an opportunity to deepen my re-connection to myself and God. If I choose to numb this with a ‘comforting action’ then pretty much I’m saying no thanks to God in that moment.

  8. The dictionary describes ‘peril’ as ‘serious and immediate danger’, something not ordinarily associated with ‘comfort’. So I like your title Anne because it draws attention to how stifling, stagnating and life destroying comfort actually is and how harmful it is to the body, more so because we pretend it is doing us good.

    1. I love the dictionary definition too, Sandra as it really exposes comfort for what it truly is and not the “good” thing that we have been led to believe that it is.

  9. We constantly have the opportunity to evolve in each moment, as we truly connect with our selves in each moment. It is our intention and commitment to evolve, if at any point we accept comfort, our body starts giving us the warning signals, something is not right.

  10. How incredible is the comfort that we seek, it can be hidden in so many things, so many aspects and areas of life from what we do to how we approach food, relationships and even sport.

  11. Great point here that comfort is whenever we park up and not embrace a continuous refinement and evolution in our choices and our lives.

  12. Comfort is so embedded in our society and very encouraged, as I bring more self-responsibility to my life I am realising more and more how invested I have been in it.

  13. Holding back has been a bit comfort for me. Essentially that is all comfort is, not choosing to express all the love that is there to share in full.

  14. We can so often seek a life that’s nice and easy, where we are not challenged or disturbed. But then what filters through everything is an underlying emptiness that no matter what we try, we can’t eradicate or deny. But equally getting angry, sad and having issues functions the same way – it all distracts us from living in a loving way. Thank you Anne for what you share and outing comfort here.

  15. How confirming it is to choose to live in the moment, not in the past or the future, and taking this present time to appreciate all the amazing things and the wonderful people that we have in our lives. But if we continually live with memories of the past or dreams of a life to come we stay stuck in a place of comfort where we don’t have to be responsible for what we do today.

  16. ‘I can list all the Universal Medicine courses I have been to, or the ones I am going to go to, without really living each day what has been so majestically and practically presented to us.’

    Great call Anne – how many of us have bettered our lives from where we were, and are familiar enough with the lingo to sound like we know what we’re talking about – and how many of us are actually living what has been presented? This is not to bad mouth myself or anyone else but to further encourage the same degree of honesty as has been so beautifully presented here.

  17. Thank you Anne Hishon, it is comfortable to stay at one point and continuously strive to be at that point – whilst actually all that is in you is telling you to rise above and grow in the endless path we are naturally on.

  18. One day Anne, it will be amazing to have this quality of article on front page newspapers. We all need to be aware and knowledge the perils of comfort.

  19. When we are living in comfort, we can become lazy, allow life just to happen to us and not be proactive in life. We can also make life just about this life, we make it just about our family and those immediately in front of us, we don’t make it about everyone. These are all hallmarks of comfort.

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