Responsibility Redefined – it’s in the Quality and not the Action!

The word responsibility has been a terrifying word for me – I am slightly exaggerating but I’m also serious. I actually consider myself quite a responsible person, doing the right thing, arriving on time, being reliable, honest, considering others, not cheating on my time sheets at work and so on and so on. But although I may be ‘doing’ the responsible actions in my life, I never ever considered the quality of these actions and how they affect me and outside of me.

For example, if I am angry and I harm another by yelling at them, then that person is affected in some way: they may be hurt, react or become aggressive as a form of protection. Then they will relate with another, or others, and their quality will affect the other and the domino effect begins. This is a very simple example. We affect others by our attitude, our ways of communication, how we live, how we walk, talk, our beliefs, our ideals, how we look after ourselves – not one aspect of our lives remains hidden as it comes through us in our quality. So what are we reflecting? What is the quality of what we are reflecting?

I’d never looked at responsibility in this way until it was presented by Serge Benhayon. He introduced energetic responsibility, which is the quality of the energy we bring to our lives and with others. It starts with our relationship with ourselves… how we live every day.

I now understand the importance of this. If I am ‘doing’ these actions of responsibility in an emotional state such as anger, or in resentment, tiredness, bitterness, to wanting to be good, to get recognition for what I am doing, then what is the quality I am bringing to doing this action? For example, if I do something responsible because I want everyone to recognise me as a ‘good’ person, then the quality is one of “it’s about me,” that is – what I bring. How are people around me affected by this quality of “it’s about me”?

Similarly, I can choose a true quality, one of love, and if I bring this to all of my life, then loving acts will follow towards everyone I engage with.

These two distinct qualities, put simply, are either loving or unloving, and have very different effects on our bodies, on others and our world. Our true responsibility is one of energetic quality, and when we are in a loving quality, naturally our way of living becomes more loving, caring, meaningful, and understanding that we are powerful in how we affect our own lives and the lives of others by our reflection of quality.

Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action. The quality takes care of the action. This definition raises the benchmark for responsibility, but with it comes a joy of knowing our power in what we reflect and how what we are reflecting is inspiring for others.

The world will wake up to a new beauty and love in humanity as we begin to become responsible for the reflection we bring to the world in our everyday lives, in all our relationships with others, even for a moment. Each one of us affects the whole… everyone. This will happen as responsibility is redefined from being an action to the quality of what that action brings

We all have this responsibility – which begins by choosing the quality of energy we express with.

By Karoline Schleiffelder, Goonellabah

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399 thoughts on “Responsibility Redefined – it’s in the Quality and not the Action!

  1. Reading this Karoline, I can feel how recognition or wanting to be lauded in any way is poisonous, for if we do things in an energy which is all about us, then we do not see the wider part but only truly care about our bit and being taken care of, and there is a lack of care for the all. For the truth is if we take care of the quality, the all will be taken care of including us.

    1. Very true Monica and all it takes is a moment to clock where we are at and to make a choice by changing our movements. It is that simple… I know and have felt it so yet I can still hold on to making the choice a complication.

  2. “The quality takes care of the action.”
    Once our quality is felt, honoured and choosen, our action is impulsed from it. There is grace in choosing to live the quality we are.

  3. How does what I am doing feel? Shifting my focus in this direction, rather than focusing on what and how much I do has been life changing. It’s building to the point where I am starting to value the quality more than quantity of the action or even what is the action when compared to the world around me.

  4. This is an excellent summary of what energetic responsibility is about: “Responsibility is redefined from being an action to the quality of what that action brings.” You describe a level of responsibility that we have yet to step up to as a society where it is at present all about security and looking after oneself and those deemed closest. And we will get there when we realise that what we are doing and how we are doing it is not working and very draining of our vitality – it is just a question of time.

  5. “We affect others by our attitude, our ways of communication, how we live, how we walk, talk, our beliefs, our ideals, how we look after ourselves – not one aspect of our lives remains hidden as it comes through us in our quality.” This returns to another area Serge Benhayon has presented on, that of “one life”. For there cannot be any compartments to life that are of more value than another & if so the areas that are any less responsible will not only be an energetic drain on the whole but also allow an opening that unsettles the foundation we move and express from everyday.

  6. So very true Karoline , we have a responsibility to be all that we are in truth and reflect that to the world , to not do so is hurting another .

  7. We can all feel the difference in our bodies between an action based on quality, and the rush and push of a reaction. The trick is to correct it as soon as we feel it so we can raise our quality in alignment with our potential.

  8. “Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action.” this is a great realization, as it exposes the way we have made responsibility as a burden and therefore, we avoid it when in truth it is a quality we all hold within and just need to develop a relationship with.

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