Responsibility Redefined – it’s in the Quality and not the Action!

The word responsibility has been a terrifying word for me – I am slightly exaggerating but I’m also serious. I actually consider myself quite a responsible person, doing the right thing, arriving on time, being reliable, honest, considering others, not cheating on my time sheets at work and so on and so on. But although I may be ‘doing’ the responsible actions in my life, I never ever considered the quality of these actions and how they affect me and outside of me.

For example, if I am angry and I harm another by yelling at them, then that person is affected in some way: they may be hurt, react or become aggressive as a form of protection. Then they will relate with another, or others, and their quality will affect the other and the domino effect begins. This is a very simple example. We affect others by our attitude, our ways of communication, how we live, how we walk, talk, our beliefs, our ideals, how we look after ourselves – not one aspect of our lives remains hidden as it comes through us in our quality. So what are we reflecting? What is the quality of what we are reflecting?

I’d never looked at responsibility in this way until it was presented by Serge Benhayon. He introduced energetic responsibility, which is the quality of the energy we bring to our lives and with others. It starts with our relationship with ourselves… how we live every day.

I now understand the importance of this. If I am ‘doing’ these actions of responsibility in an emotional state such as anger, or in resentment, tiredness, bitterness, to wanting to be good, to get recognition for what I am doing, then what is the quality I am bringing to doing this action? For example, if I do something responsible because I want everyone to recognise me as a ‘good’ person, then the quality is one of “it’s about me,” that is – what I bring. How are people around me affected by this quality of “it’s about me”?

Similarly, I can choose a true quality, one of love, and if I bring this to all of my life, then loving acts will follow towards everyone I engage with.

These two distinct qualities, put simply, are either loving or unloving, and have very different effects on our bodies, on others and our world. Our true responsibility is one of energetic quality, and when we are in a loving quality, naturally our way of living becomes more loving, caring, meaningful, and understanding that we are powerful in how we affect our own lives and the lives of others by our reflection of quality.

Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action. The quality takes care of the action. This definition raises the benchmark for responsibility, but with it comes a joy of knowing our power in what we reflect and how what we are reflecting is inspiring for others.

The world will wake up to a new beauty and love in humanity as we begin to become responsible for the reflection we bring to the world in our everyday lives, in all our relationships with others, even for a moment. Each one of us affects the whole… everyone. This will happen as responsibility is redefined from being an action to the quality of what that action brings

We all have this responsibility – which begins by choosing the quality of energy we express with.

By Karoline Schleiffelder, Goonellabah

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449 thoughts on “Responsibility Redefined – it’s in the Quality and not the Action!

  1. I considered the energetic ripple effect of what we do and how we do it a little further today as I unpeeled another layer of my behaviour and how it affected another. The reflections of others in our lives are a gift, if there is a repeating pattern, then there is an opportunity to look with absolute honesty at our part in it and change the ripple effect.

  2. Karoline thank you, this has been a great read. It’s such a different way to look at responsibility, however it makes perfect sense. We all know how healing it is to be around someone loving, or to even have a meal cooked with love, it’s all felt very clearly. So yes, energetic responsibility is a beautiful responsibility.

  3. Being aware of the mess that we as a society have created just by moving in separation from our hearts pulls me up to be more responsible in my life. This is not boring or a hard work to do but a joy to be lived each day. It brings me to appreciate the order that I bring just from my presence.

  4. I was not aware about the imprint that we leave behind our actions, movements and even our thoughts till I came across Universal Medicine. By observing Serge Benhayon I could see what transparency and decency are about, how we can have an amazing life by offering the same level of care to each and every facet of our life. It is this integrity that reflects to others the solid foundation from what we live, it is what makes it real and accessible for all.

  5. Many conflict resolution team events would be transformed by asking people to not focus on others, but reflect on themselves and quality of energy they bring to work, relationships and conversations.

    1. Yes, can you imagine if that was the first part of any conflict resolution – what you brought to the day, week or event, considering how you lived and the mood you were in? I reckon we would learn so much from it and have much more personal growth as well as more understanding of the other person as well.

    2. True Kehinde. This is the ultimate responsibility, to see what may arise in ourselves instead of pointing at what’s wrong outside. How amazing would be this world if each one of us did that.

  6. I love this blog, it expresses everything I know to be true especially in relation to my work as a carer.

  7. Living life by being ‘good’ i.e. Doing the right thing but never causing a fuss, is seemingly something to aspire to, but is actually a functional way of managing and getting through life, and one that enables and allows abuse to take place within and around us. If our priority is to not be noticed, and to get through life unscathed and unattacked, then what and who are we living for? It can only be ourselves, and in that, we isolate ourselves from the magic and grandness of the universe that is always there, when we are open to feeling it.

  8. Once again I am reminded that is not how much we do, but the quality in which we do it which counts. Truly we are all doing the same amount as no one makes it to 4pm before anyone else, and the ripple effect of everything we do can be felt everywhere we go, no matter if they are actively engaged in what we are doing, or just a bystander feeling our flow.

  9. There are lots of beliefs around what is and isn’t love and likewise what is good that actually may not be truly good, and a priceless thing that I have learnt through Universal Medicine is how being aware of our body, the whole of it, helps us to tune in with what is truly loving and good for all.

  10. I work in an open plan office and I can see how the way various people respond or react to things has a direct impact on the whole office and on everyone else. An angry outburst, winging or talking about others in a dishonouring way can result in tightened postures, agitation or further outbursts from others, whilst in contrast a settled, caring and dedicated disposition encourages similar in those around. I have been noticing how we have a huge impact on others wherever we are and even if we don’t know the people like on the train. We just have not been choosing to acknowledge this level of power and the responsibility that comes with it.

    1. Thank you Golnaz, I really loved reading your comment, it is so true, if we observe how much we impact on others it can go either way, as we can have a supportive or unsupportive effect. Sometimes I haven’t been myself and someone has been lovely with me and it has brought me straight back, other times I’ve been dismissed or judged which has at the time added to the distress.

  11. ‘Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action’, yes it does, and that is in every moment and every move we make, we all have a choice to choose love or all that is not love. There is no in-between.

  12. The title alone is beautiful to read and feel in a world where everything is focused on what we get done and the time we get things done in.
    “Responsibility Redefined – it’s in the Quality and not the Action!”

    1. I remember reading a comment that spoke about the quality of life we live rather than the quantity of life we do and it has inspired me to be more aware of it ever since.

      1. I have a friend who is hard on herself when she gets the details of life wrong, temporal or physical things which can be an upset. It gave me pause to think that although we need the world to function well from our contribution on a physical level, what the world really needs is love, truth, and harmony. That’s what we can bring to the world with our every move, it’s easy to focus on what we did “wrong” or got “wrong”, our mistakes etc, but the world of energy is much more important. It’s a blessing to the world to get something wrong but do so in the quality of love, as that is an input into the ocean of energy we live in together.

  13. The quality of my breath affects the quality in my body and movements. Everything starts within and impacts on others either loving or harmful. Important to align with our inner essence in all that we do.

  14. “if I do something responsible because I want everyone to recognise me as a ‘good’ person, then the quality is one of “it’s about me,” that is – what I bring.” this rang a bell for me as this was the way my life was lived, concerned with being good but not understanding that it is the quality in the doing and not the doing itself that affects everyone and everything.

  15. “Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action. The quality takes care of the action.” So this is a very simple equation and there is no worrying about the actual action but a steady focus and commitment to the quality we choose in every breath.

    1. “there is no worrying about the actual action but a steady focus and commitment to the quality we choose in every breath” Beautifully expressed Ester,

  16. When we start to realise that the quality of everything we do impacts on our own bodies, on all others and on our world, the question “what is the quality I am bringing to doing this action” becomes the most natural and significant assessment of our interrelationship with life.

    1. Simple and true Golnaz “what is the quality I am bringing to doing this action” becomes the most natural and significant assessment of our interrelationship with life.

  17. Absolutely well said Karoline.. something that makes me stop — and feel what exactly I have been living and I can sense already how much I have been depending on my actions over the quality of how I did them. A very true call to see more and observe more my movements and the effects of my choices on others.. When we look at quality, there is so much more we need to take care of.. This sentence sums it up very well: ‘Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action. The quality takes care of the action.’ This definition raises the benchmark for responsibility, but with it comes a joy of knowing our power in what we reflect and how what we are reflecting is inspiring for others.’

  18. “if I do something responsible because I want everyone to recognise me as a ‘good’ person, then the quality is one of “it’s about me,” that is – what I bring.” This is an unpeeling of years of not even recognising when this is happening. The body offers a communication that discerns what is being done to boost self confidence and self worth and what is being done for the greater good and if we are open to considering the difference between the two there is a whole world of love that opens up.

  19. Such a lesson to learn in so many areas of my life, I feel like I am at the baby steps of understanding the full extent of our responsibility in life.

  20. I love it – the quality takes care of the action. We put so much importance on what of the action and satisfy ourselves by ticking boxes without the consideration for the energetic factor. The very fact that we do not consider is such a giveaway that we are in a loop of constant reaction, and playing the unaware and the ignorant is how we have been choosing irresponsibility.

  21. An eye opener as to the finesse and precision of what quality stands for and how it can easily be sabotaged by doing the right thing, being responsible because that is expected, whether from others or ourselves, and any ulterior motive or projection towards a certain outcome.

    1. Interesting how TQM (Total Quality Management) a tool used to improve quality in organisaions often focuses on systems not people and outer function not inner quality.

  22. If our actions and or movements are made and the quality of these movements is also not considered then what are we moving in? Energetic responsibility plays a great role within our lives and also allows us to slow down, pause and consider first how am I moving and what is the responsibility I truly hold when I move. Super awesome thank you.

  23. It is our quality, I am learning that this is true and that much of our action or at least that which I have lived, is moving us away from the depth of quality we originally are being impulsed by.

  24. The fact that the way we live our life leaves an imprint in every single thing we take part in, which affects everyone else as well as ourself, is a level of responsibility not many of us are willing to entertain let alone live according to in life. But witnessing someone live with such level of consistent care and integrity, as in Serge Benhayon, it slowly dawns on you how honouring this is and anything less starts to appear as not responsible at all.

  25. We express truth but what is the quality we express it in? If there is any reaction whatsoever we feel it. It is a responsibility to express truth but an equal responsibility to deliver it with the utmost of love.

  26. I still have an idea that responsibility is about ‘doing’ it. It was good to read and be reminded that it is more about our quality and through this what we reflect to others.

    1. Likewise – my default is to think its making sure I have attended to every call to action, so spend a life rushing round doing lots of things, rather than checking the quality in which I do things.

  27. To be with anything with Love as the focus before all else is a game changer and I can feel how expansive that is for all of us, we move beyond our little I to the broader us and the all.

  28. We cannot hide anything no matter what we think or how hard we try… it is impossible as everything is energy. The more I accept and let go of any judgement of those movements I try to hide the more I allow myself to be seen. I know I cannot get away with things so I would much rather be honest to the best of my ability and come clean than pretend and ignore what is going on.

  29. It is amazing how we have all been tricked by the redefinition of the word ‘responsibility’ that is bandied around like a football between us all. The indulgent spirit likes to mock at it, avoid and make it a very uncool thing. But it is deeply beautiful, full of joy such a loveliness that cannot be even described in earthly words.

  30. Energetic quality… Once we start to experience and understand this it becomes something that is extremely beautiful and redefines so much of our lives… From music to movement, to exercise, to relationships.

  31. The quality of breath is determined by our choice of will, and the more we allow our true will to lead us, the more love we will embed. It is for us to determine what true love is and what is not – to experience, and to understand what it is we need to let go of to live from this loving place within us – again.. It is actually that simple. All it requires is an honesty to our way of living and intentions.

  32. Children are very acute in guessing the intentions behind the adult actions. I can see it everyday at school, as they only respond to true care, not the care that sometimes we as adults pretend while are thinking in other things. They clearly feel and only respond to truth and love. This is something that makes me reflect on the natural human condition (that resides in everyone from our childhood) through which we can read the energetic imprint we leave with every action. So if that imprint exists and is felt, we are responsible of its effects around us. How would be the education system for example if we as educators would take responsibility not only for the curriculum but also for our emanation in our expression and life? Maybe we would be fully received and understood by the students, and maybe we would be the role models they need to also be responsible in their life.

  33. As a society we are so caught up in how things look on the surface. This approach to life allows all manner of ills to continue without question because things ‘look good’ on the outside. Yet it is the true quality of an expression that is the defining feature to whether something is healing or harming, and has nothing to do with behaviour.

  34. Our main issue with embracing responsibility is the fact that through the quality we reflect to others we have an impact in the world helping to reproduce those aspects we do not like of it. It is only when we embody this understanding that we are in position to change our feeling regarding responsibility.

  35. “Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action.” this is a great realization, as it exposes the way we have made responsibility as a burden and therefore, we avoid it when in truth it is a quality we all hold within and just need to develop a relationship with.

  36. We can all feel the difference in our bodies between an action based on quality, and the rush and push of a reaction. The trick is to correct it as soon as we feel it so we can raise our quality in alignment with our potential.

  37. So very true Karoline , we have a responsibility to be all that we are in truth and reflect that to the world , to not do so is hurting another .

  38. “We affect others by our attitude, our ways of communication, how we live, how we walk, talk, our beliefs, our ideals, how we look after ourselves – not one aspect of our lives remains hidden as it comes through us in our quality.” This returns to another area Serge Benhayon has presented on, that of “one life”. For there cannot be any compartments to life that are of more value than another & if so the areas that are any less responsible will not only be an energetic drain on the whole but also allow an opening that unsettles the foundation we move and express from everyday.

  39. This is an excellent summary of what energetic responsibility is about: “Responsibility is redefined from being an action to the quality of what that action brings.” You describe a level of responsibility that we have yet to step up to as a society where it is at present all about security and looking after oneself and those deemed closest. And we will get there when we realise that what we are doing and how we are doing it is not working and very draining of our vitality – it is just a question of time.

  40. How does what I am doing feel? Shifting my focus in this direction, rather than focusing on what and how much I do has been life changing. It’s building to the point where I am starting to value the quality more than quantity of the action or even what is the action when compared to the world around me.

  41. “The quality takes care of the action.”
    Once our quality is felt, honoured and choosen, our action is impulsed from it. There is grace in choosing to live the quality we are.

  42. Reading this Karoline, I can feel how recognition or wanting to be lauded in any way is poisonous, for if we do things in an energy which is all about us, then we do not see the wider part but only truly care about our bit and being taken care of, and there is a lack of care for the all. For the truth is if we take care of the quality, the all will be taken care of including us.

    1. Very true Monica and all it takes is a moment to clock where we are at and to make a choice by changing our movements. It is that simple… I know and have felt it so yet I can still hold on to making the choice a complication.

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