Responsibility Redefined – it’s in the Quality and not the Action!

The word responsibility has been a terrifying word for me – I am slightly exaggerating but I’m also serious. I actually consider myself quite a responsible person, doing the right thing, arriving on time, being reliable, honest, considering others, not cheating on my time sheets at work and so on and so on. But although I may be ‘doing’ the responsible actions in my life, I never ever considered the quality of these actions and how they affect me and outside of me.

For example, if I am angry and I harm another by yelling at them, then that person is affected in some way: they may be hurt, react or become aggressive as a form of protection. Then they will relate with another, or others, and their quality will affect the other and the domino effect begins. This is a very simple example. We affect others by our attitude, our ways of communication, how we live, how we walk, talk, our beliefs, our ideals, how we look after ourselves – not one aspect of our lives remains hidden as it comes through us in our quality. So what are we reflecting? What is the quality of what we are reflecting?

I’d never looked at responsibility in this way until it was presented by Serge Benhayon. He introduced energetic responsibility, which is the quality of the energy we bring to our lives and with others. It starts with our relationship with ourselves… how we live every day.

I now understand the importance of this. If I am ‘doing’ these actions of responsibility in an emotional state such as anger, or in resentment, tiredness, bitterness, to wanting to be good, to get recognition for what I am doing, then what is the quality I am bringing to doing this action? For example, if I do something responsible because I want everyone to recognise me as a ‘good’ person, then the quality is one of “it’s about me,” that is – what I bring. How are people around me affected by this quality of “it’s about me”?

Similarly, I can choose a true quality, one of love, and if I bring this to all of my life, then loving acts will follow towards everyone I engage with.

These two distinct qualities, put simply, are either loving or unloving, and have very different effects on our bodies, on others and our world. Our true responsibility is one of energetic quality, and when we are in a loving quality, naturally our way of living becomes more loving, caring, meaningful, and understanding that we are powerful in how we affect our own lives and the lives of others by our reflection of quality.

Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action. The quality takes care of the action. This definition raises the benchmark for responsibility, but with it comes a joy of knowing our power in what we reflect and how what we are reflecting is inspiring for others.

The world will wake up to a new beauty and love in humanity as we begin to become responsible for the reflection we bring to the world in our everyday lives, in all our relationships with others, even for a moment. Each one of us affects the whole… everyone. This will happen as responsibility is redefined from being an action to the quality of what that action brings

We all have this responsibility – which begins by choosing the quality of energy we express with.

By Karoline Schleiffelder, Goonellabah

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481 thoughts on “Responsibility Redefined – it’s in the Quality and not the Action!

  1. “The world will wake up to a new beauty and love in humanity as we begin to become responsible for the reflection we bring to the world in our everyday lives, in all our relationships with others, even for a moment.” This is a beautiful reminder of the responsibility for our energetic quality in our everyday lives.

  2. Are we not responsible for everything including how loving we are as you have shared Karoline, and Sacredness is also a responsibility for everything and also energetic responsibility, then how we are in our relationship is a responsibility, and also it is our responsibility with divinity, and my feeling is we have a work responsibility to commit our all to humanity by being of true service, then our family responsibility to never let anything but Love be what we accept. WOW! you have to Love responsibility!

    1. Changing the world, as we all can, by deepening our quality and by starting with at-least True-decency and True-respect we are back on track to being Loving-responsible in all we do.

  3. This is a great sharing Karoline that there are two distinct qualities loving or unloving and how these qualities affect us.
    I know we all want to feel loved and cherished and currently we look outside of ourselves for this and I know it comes from a need because we have not learnt how to love ourselves. Love, true love is the missing ingredient that we all hanker after and it is this that will change our lives and the world.

  4. When I consider energetic responsibility, I can feel how irresponsible I have been in all my doing good and right and be ‘responsible’. “The quality takes care of the action” – I can feel the truth in this, and at the same time how we just launch into action, out of insecurity, maybe, I don’t know – but we do.

  5. What a different world it would be, if we could took into consideration,what effect we have on the rest of our planet.

  6. ‘Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action.’ So true Karoline and how often do we think responsibility is about our actions? It is also interesting why we tend to get confused between quality and actions because this makes it easy to not take true responsibility but instead live the false version thinking we are being responsible. This confusion is conveniently crafted to keep us away from living true responsibility, hence why humanity is in such a mess. A majority of us are living under the illusion that we are being responsible when in truth we are not living true responsibility in any way.

  7. In occupational psychology, the word responsibility is actually mistaken for the word recognition. It is suggested that the more responsibility given to an employee, the more they are likely to feel satisfied in their job. But is this true, is it true that if we are asked to be energetically responsible in our job we will be satisfied? If we look at the tendency of the world at the moment, this does not seem the case. We prefer to think that our movements don’t matter, that our thoughts are only for the privacy of our heads and that the cut corner here or there affects no-one, but that’s not true and that is the nemesis of energetic responsibility. How many of us would put their hand up to be the cleaner of an organisation if that is the most responsible job available?

    1. Since learning about the quality of my action I would say that if I do my job half-baked or in an uncaring manner it does matter and have an impact on job satisfaction. Because if I am unsatisfied with how I treat myself everything I do will be subpar. The quality we action in does matter when we take notice and actually underpins our relationship with every part of life.

    1. Awesome Lucy, reading your comment inspires me to be more aware of when I impose on others and to be aware and take responsibility for the quality of my movements, expressions, and intentions.

  8. I had not considered before reading this blog that part of being responsible, is to be responsible for the reflection we bring to others. Makes total sense, and there is much to be appreciated when our reflection inspires another which I experienced only the other day.

  9. We understand that responsibility can start with such simple details, it breaks down the overwhelming context that the temporal world has brought to this word.

  10. Awesome blog Karoline, our expression is very powerful when we express from a quality that is free of identification and recognition.

  11. As we start to care more deeply for our bodies, we naturally become more energetically responsible – i.e. being more responsible for the quality that we move about in is a natural extension of self-caring and self-loving choices. We are always making an imprint on the world, with every thought and movement, and cannot pretend otherwise. Our world is then a reflection of how much we live by and appreciate this.

    1. Very beautiful Bryony, you’ve explained this so well, how to live with energetic responsibility and the powerful impact this has on our world.

    2. It is always a process to let go of our old ways of relating and behaving that breed irresponsibility, but when we do make that shift, it becomes easy to take the steps to be more self loving and self nurturing that naturally lead to being more responsible.

  12. Knowing that there are two vibrational energies at play within our world and that one is of a higher vibration than the other, have we then not got a responsibility to align with the higher one? As this will infuse the quality of all our actions, so that they are for the benefit of all concerned.

    1. Absolutely Elizabeth, brilliantly expressed and a beautiful reminder that we can always choose the higher vibration because it is constantly available to us. So, why would we choose anything less?

  13. When we are inspired to look at and consider the quality of our choices and how they affect us and others around us, it opens up our awareness of energy, energetic responsibility and energetic integrity and we understand why the world is the way it currently is. It highlights the importance of establishing a true quality to the way in which we all live and how through accepting less than love we allow our natural standards of integrity and quality to drop away.

    1. Yes, knowing our standards are important because they give us a really good insight into where we accept less and that offers us a moment of pause to ask why we would ever accept less.

  14. ‘Responsibility then becomes about quality rather than action.’ Absolutely – as our actions or movements all magnify the quality of energy we are aligning to, determining the quality of imprints we leave. The truth of what we are reflecting can never be hidden by our body, as it is through our bodies that the vibration of love or lovelessness is wielded by our own free will. This is the power we all hold, and such is our responsibility to be aware if what we are willfully aligning to is healing or harming us and humanity.

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