Taking Toilet Cleaning to a New Level

Just lately I remembered that when I was in high school, it was a regular prediction/warning of my father that if I wasn’t studying well in school and university I would end up as a toilet woman, meaning cleaning public toilets for a meagre living.

Cleaning toilets in public places like big service stations, train stations, or any public toilets, was – when I grew up in Germany – regarded at the time as the lowest work you could do, and possibly the lowest paid job too. Toilet women would spend the whole day cleaning a certain group of toilets – let’s say the women’s toilets at the train station – and in between sit at a table with a plate where customers were to place their coins in payment.

Nearly 50 years later I am cleaning the toilets of a beautiful hall and meeting place where healing courses, presentations and workshops are held by the College of Universal Medicine, a charity formed to present the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and to remind humanity of a different and very old way to live. The Way of The Livingness is a religion, meaning in-truth to reconnect back to where we come from and who we truly are. This religion offers a way to live a healthy, joyful, harmonious, loving and self-loving life.

And I very much enjoy the cleaning. The toilet block in The Hall of The Ageless Wisdom plays a very important part of the College of Universal Medicine courses and gatherings, looking at the long queues of women in front of the toilets.

At the end of the day and weekend a number of volunteers get together to clean the whole place. Cleaning the toilets is not regarded as less value than vacuum cleaning, tidying up, surface cleaning or bin emptying. And we have cleaners, teachers, doctors, nurses, surgeons, lawyers etc. participate in the cleaning. The Hall, being and feeling amazing, is a pleasure to be in and it feels like a gift to express our love and appreciation through lovingly cleaning the place. We have lots of fun, connect and do what needs to be done without pressure, nor in a rush, but with our full presence and gentle use of our bodies. If the vacuum cleaning is too heavy, don’t do it… pick something lighter. Are you tired or not feeling quite well? Better to go home and have a good rest.

Now why can’t we work like that in our jobs, at home, in life in general? It does not matter what we do, it is how we do it and which energy we are in. When I am grumpy or even angry, resentful, maybe mulling over an issue with another person and not being present with what my body is doing (in this case now cleaning a toilet), I might not only miss an important hygiene step but the person using the toilet later will get the energy I was in too.

We are usually not aware that how we do things affects other people – and us – which brings up the matter of Responsibility, that many shy away from.

Back to the toilet cleaning. What should make toilet cleaning less worthy than nursing, teaching, being a lawyer, a dentist etc.? It surely gets paid less if that is your profession, but it is not less important or less worthy than anything else we do. A lovingly, in-full-presence cleaned toilet feels better to me than most dentist chairs or courtrooms. It is not about the ‘what’ but the ‘how’; it is about the quality of energy expressed in the ‘doing’.

So how come we regard some activities as more valuable than others?

Are we being taken for a ride by our own beliefs: something we heard or learned somewhere and that we take on without feeling into the truth of it?

Don’t we often have the feeling that this or that just does not make sense? Or does not feel right? But we leave it at that and do not go further and question something, feel into the truth of it and change our attitude towards it if it does not feel true. We don’t want to stir the pot or be bothered.

The world, our life in the human body on this planet, starts making much more sense when we feel within ourselves for the truth, where everything is known, rather than just taking on something we hear, see or are taught without discerning it.

I feel wonderful and fulfilled when I clean the toilets of The Hall of The Ageless Wisdom and have fun with a group of people, as I feel when I cook or do anything where I am lovingly and totally present with my body.

By Ingrid L, Pensioner, Goonellabah, Australia

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668 thoughts on “Taking Toilet Cleaning to a New Level

  1. Life looks very different when we look at it through the value society puts in things compared to when one looks to it from the heart. The gap between the two is far from irrelevant. It says much about where we are and also about where we could easily be.

    1. Indeed Eduardo, the heart simply knows how we all could be together as one. That said, the way we currently have organised ourselves in our families and in society is one of individualism in which we think we can live in separation from one another. But as said in the beginning, the heart simply knows a different way and in ignoring that we put pressure on our body that eventually leads to illness and disease, a condition we are so much in our nowadays society.

  2. It is interesting to look at how we value the different roles and jobs we do which are needed to let our households, societies and businesses run. Where from comes the belief that toilet cleaning is less than the job of CEO. It actually makes no sense but the reality show something different. In a way we have made life divided into less and more important jobs and roles and it takes away the feeling that we are all equally important to make things work, and even worse we also measure our own value to the work we are doing or the position we have in a company or in the society. Could it be that we have it all set up in order to keep ourselves separated from one another from the belief that we are individuals instead of one brotherhood in the first place?

  3. This is such a beautiful example of it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it; ie the energy we do it in, that is so very important. To be taught this at an early age, and that the consequences of everything we do is our responsibility, has the power to change the world as we know it; a world where energetic responsibility would be naturally part of how we live.

  4. Without the people that did these jobs, clean toilets, clean the streets, waste collectors, people who make sure the sewers are working okay, we would be in more a mess than we currently are? I really appreciate everyone who does jobs such as these. I help to clean the toilets and building of the Sound Foundation in the UK which is another really beautifull building that supports the community and people from all over the world. What I can feel reading what you share is there is a deeper level of love and care I can bring to the building and cleaning when I am helping to clean it .. which I guess also reflects the deeper level of love and care I can bring to myself! What is all people from all different backgrounds and professions took time out consistently to help clean part of their community where needed? This would be amazing.

  5. Having just begun the process of opening a new store I have been cleaning the store from top to bottom and it is amazing the difference felt when we enjoy, connect and move in a way that supports our bodies. It not only supports us but also supports the quality in which you feel around you too and that is much to appreciate.

  6. When in need of recognition and individuality we chase that which will make us feel better off than another, this is all an illusion as it is our connection to our inner-heart that matters most for that is our true wealth we take with us wherever we go, leaving an imprint of love for the healing of all.

  7. There are lots of things I love about cleaning the toilets at the hall. It is a way for me to give back for the beautiful building we get to use and to prepare the building for the next time people use it. It is also a joy to clean with other people, to feel us getting on with it, working in harmony together and enjoying what we do.

  8. ‘The Hall, being and feeling amazing, is a pleasure to be in and it feels like a gift to express our love and appreciation through lovingly cleaning the place.’ This can apply for any place where we are, live or work, study. We can express our love and appreciation for where we are in everything we do and this will have a ripple effect on every one and every thing.

  9. It’s an interesting question about certain roles and positions having more value than others. I feel that education plays a large part here. Some jobs require quite a lot of education and others do not. So if we go to University it is deemed to be ‘more important’, because of the study. Whereas manual jobs may not need that level of education. To me the job we do does not matter but how we are in everything that we do is the most important.

  10. Cleaning is such an essential part of life and can make a huge difference energetically to all our spaces – the difference between walking into a room cleaned by someone who is content and feels valued in their job as opposed to someone who resents what they do and feels belittled or not appreciated… It’s like an imprint or vibration that is left there for all who then walk into that room…

  11. How important that we pay attention to the quality that we do all of our activities in. It not only makes a difference for the next person who uses that space, but also for ourselves.

  12. The fact that we value roles and positions differently just shows how much we make this world about the doing and not the being. If everybody would deeply be in contact with their essence, then we would know there that we are all equal from the inside.

  13. “So how come we regard some activities as more valuable than others?” this is a great question to ponder on, as in society we are taught to place more effort and attention to detail in those things that compensate us in one way or another. When in truth it is the consistency we live in with a certain quality that allows us to find joy and fulfillment in whatever we do.

  14. “What should make toilet cleaning less worthy than nursing, teaching, being a lawyer, a dentist etc.? It surely gets paid less if that is your profession, but it is not less important or less worthy than anything else we do. ” I so agree. Cleaners are so important and if we take care in every job we do – however ‘menial’ – we bring quality to that arena.

  15. ” It is not about the ‘what’ but the ‘how’; it is about the quality of energy expressed in the ‘doing’.” it is the energy that I am in before I start to do a job that is important, is it a rush energy with the mind already on the next job to be done, or is it being present with every movement in gentleness.

  16. When a team of people come together to support a building, especially in cleaning it feels amazing. I have experience this several times and the joy of the work plus how the building/area feels once everyone has finished feels lovely. Reading your blog I also remembered a time when I worked in an office and staff kept complaining about the state of the toilets. This would happen a lot until one day I decided to clean them so spent some time cleaning every surface, toilet and door. It felt good but also was a reminder that even if your main role is not a cleaner it doesn’t mean to say we cannot pick up a cloth and clean when and where needed.

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