Taking Toilet Cleaning to a New Level

Just lately I remembered that when I was in high school, it was a regular prediction/warning of my father that if I wasn’t studying well in school and university I would end up as a toilet woman, meaning cleaning public toilets for a meagre living.

Cleaning toilets in public places like big service stations, train stations, or any public toilets, was – when I grew up in Germany – regarded at the time as the lowest work you could do, and possibly the lowest paid job too. Toilet women would spend the whole day cleaning a certain group of toilets – let’s say the women’s toilets at the train station – and in between sit at a table with a plate where customers were to place their coins in payment.

Nearly 50 years later I am cleaning the toilets of a beautiful hall and meeting place where healing courses, presentations and workshops are held by the College of Universal Medicine, a charity formed to present the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and to remind humanity of a different and very old way to live. The Way of The Livingness is a religion, meaning in-truth to reconnect back to where we come from and who we truly are. This religion offers a way to live a healthy, joyful, harmonious, loving and self-loving life.

And I very much enjoy the cleaning. The toilet block in The Hall of The Ageless Wisdom plays a very important part of the College of Universal Medicine courses and gatherings, looking at the long queues of women in front of the toilets.

At the end of the day and weekend a number of volunteers get together to clean the whole place. Cleaning the toilets is not regarded as less value than vacuum cleaning, tidying up, surface cleaning or bin emptying. And we have cleaners, teachers, doctors, nurses, surgeons, lawyers etc. participate in the cleaning. The Hall, being and feeling amazing, is a pleasure to be in and it feels like a gift to express our love and appreciation through lovingly cleaning the place. We have lots of fun, connect and do what needs to be done without pressure, nor in a rush, but with our full presence and gentle use of our bodies. If the vacuum cleaning is too heavy, don’t do it… pick something lighter. Are you tired or not feeling quite well? Better to go home and have a good rest.

Now why can’t we work like that in our jobs, at home, in life in general? It does not matter what we do, it is how we do it and which energy we are in. When I am grumpy or even angry, resentful, maybe mulling over an issue with another person and not being present with what my body is doing (in this case now cleaning a toilet), I might not only miss an important hygiene step but the person using the toilet later will get the energy I was in too.

We are usually not aware that how we do things affects other people – and us – which brings up the matter of Responsibility, that many shy away from.

Back to the toilet cleaning. What should make toilet cleaning less worthy than nursing, teaching, being a lawyer, a dentist etc.? It surely gets paid less if that is your profession, but it is not less important or less worthy than anything else we do. A lovingly, in-full-presence cleaned toilet feels better to me than most dentist chairs or courtrooms. It is not about the ‘what’ but the ‘how’; it is about the quality of energy expressed in the ‘doing’.

So how come we regard some activities as more valuable than others?

Are we being taken for a ride by our own beliefs: something we heard or learned somewhere and that we take on without feeling into the truth of it?

Don’t we often have the feeling that this or that just does not make sense? Or does not feel right? But we leave it at that and do not go further and question something, feel into the truth of it and change our attitude towards it if it does not feel true. We don’t want to stir the pot or be bothered.

The world, our life in the human body on this planet, starts making much more sense when we feel within ourselves for the truth, where everything is known, rather than just taking on something we hear, see or are taught without discerning it.

I feel wonderful and fulfilled when I clean the toilets of The Hall of The Ageless Wisdom and have fun with a group of people, as I feel when I cook or do anything where I am lovingly and totally present with my body.

By Ingrid L, Pensioner, Goonellabah, Australia

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614 thoughts on “Taking Toilet Cleaning to a New Level

  1. “Cleaning the toilets is not regarded as less value than vacuum cleaning, tidying up, surface cleaning or bin emptying.” – this sentence alone helps us to expose how in life we tend to ‘value’ certain areas more than others – and really this is not a true way of living – for each area is to be valued just as much as another and equally so whether it be working or spending time with family, taking the rubbish our or giving someone a massage. Every moment counts, it is up to us to live it so.

  2. The quality of energy that we do something in is vitally important as it affects everyone around us. We tend to live in a way where we imagine that we are islands and that whatever we do is our business and nothing to do with another. This however is not the case. Everything we do affects another on an energetic level and the sooner we become aware of this the better. We can all feel it when an angry person is in the office or workplace, they might think that they are not impacting another with their energy but they are. It is time to take responsibility to a whole new level and know that everything that we do, say and think affects another on an energetic level.

  3. Holding one another in equality is the ingredient to true work not the actual work that you do. I have seen high profile professionals act and abuse workers and the work space that would often be overridden due to the peddle stool status of qualifications. When we make our work space or any space we live in about people first the workers and customers are offered a whole lot more than the production process and products offered.

  4. We seem to see life on a hierarchical scale and excitedly rate every activity from terrible to great, but if only we understood that what truly defines something’s quality is the energy in which it’s done. Then perhaps we would finally grasp that our way up until now has completely missed the point. To continue to live our lives under this guise, well we may as well flush it down the loo. Thank you Ingrid.

  5. “What should make toilet cleaning less worthy than nursing, teaching, being a lawyer, a dentist etc.?” This is a question Ingrid, I also have been pondering on many times and never could I find any justification to the difference in salary pay as what we see in our nowadays society. What comes to me is that the ‘mind’ jobs are more valued than the ‘body’ jobs that deliver the handwork that is equally important. Could it be that unconscious we value our mind over our body and in that place our body at the second or even on a lower tier? This makes actually sense to me as what I do recognise is that when I connect to my body instead of to my mind,I will always find the simple and all encompassing answers compared to the complex and selfish answers when I resort to the mind instead.

  6. We choose utter ignorance when we’re totally unaware of how we can affect those around us. It may be abusive or inspiring but which ever playing ignorance is simply avoiding responsibility of the fact that we do make a difference in one way or another.

  7. A beautiful reflection of the importance and humbleness of cleaning toilets and any job we do done with the love and appreciation of who we are and the magic and expansion this allows us inside. Everything is a learning and this certainly shows this and that life is all about people first and foremost.

  8. What are we truly saying when we value one thing more than another or for that matter one person more than another? When we only bring our loving essence to certain pockets or people of our lives we deny ourselves the joy and learning that is constantly on offer. Being open and surrendering to our connection to the body in all that we do and to all we meet aids us in our growth and how amazing it is to share life in this way.

  9. When you make anything about people – no matter how mundane the task may seem to be – it takes it to a whole new level – it makes it about Love. I’m no master of this – I am learning.

  10. Why do we judge others for the jobs they do? That’s half our issues in life and half the problem the effect of judging and imposing on one another. We don’t realise how harmful this is.

  11. ‘The world, our life in the human body on this planet, starts making much more sense when we feel within ourselves for the truth’ – Searching outside ourselves for answers or blindly following others never guarantees we will arrive at truth. By contrast, our body never lies.

  12. Everything we do counts… thank you Ingrid for this delightful insight into the significance of cleaning a toilet, something most of us would relegate to the least important ‘job’ to be undertaken.

  13. When we start to make jobs less meaningful than others there is a tendency to make those who do those jobs lesser, yet every job is equally needed in order to support the whole – firm, community or family and as a result every job is equally worthy, no one job lesser than another, and the quality we hold within is reflected in everything we do.

  14. The importance we put on jobs is like an imposed sliding scale we move up and down, we haggle about which oneis the best when the whole time the simple answer is this: that the greatest job in the world is the task and movement you bring Love to. And so it can be almost everything and anything – just depending on the quality you choose. This is what stays with us and the world, long after we have moved on and flushed the loo. Thank you Ingrid for clearing this up.

  15. There is nothing like the feeling of toilets when they have been cleaned in presence, nor the feeling of cleaning together in a group. More and more it is becoming clear that it is not the job that needs doing that is important but how we are and what quality we are in when we perform the task. If we are connected whilst cleaning the toilet, it cannot help but shine.

  16. I have been abroad recently to a country which prides itself for smartness and elegance, but I have found the toilets there in cafes and restaurants are often disgusting and dirty. This exposes the gap where something can look really good on the outside but there is an inconsistency in the way we can live.

  17. I am in absolute agreement Ingrid that cleaning a toilet “is not less important or less worthy than anything else we do” and on the very few occasions that I have visited The Hall of The Ageless Wisdom I have loved using the toilets. It is so easy to feel that this important space in the Hall has been cleaned and tended to with so much care and love, but no less than all the other spaces, and that I have truly appreciated.

  18. All jobs have equal value in their service but what is most important as you say Ingrid is the quality we do them in and the lived quality we bring to them.

  19. Great questions you pose Ingrid. It is quite exposing of us as a society that we have graded jobs in a hierarchical way with some being more and others being less when in truth, all are needed for us to function as a society.

  20. I love this blog so much because it exposes how limited we are in the way we consider work. It is always about the quality of what we do and not what we do as no job is more or less important than another.

  21. It sets a new standard, where beliefs have been dropped about status and worth, when we find teachers, doctors, nurses, surgeons, lawyers etc. participating in the cleaning. It shows it is not about any judgements made upon a particular task, but the understanding that energetic quality is paramount, no matter the job at hand.

  22. If we let go of ideals and beliefs of what is an important job and be open to the power of our energetic quality and the way we can reimprint anything with the love within us , we then know that whatever job we do comes with the grace of heaven and that is truly amazing!

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