The Tube or a Taxi? An Appreciation of Myself and What I Bring

I used to look to others to bring me clarity and support, thinking they had it all and I was the one who lacked in some way. However, since attending Universal Medicine workshops I have come to appreciate the innate wisdom we all have inside and the ability we have to connect to this and share it with people.

I was on my way for a day out in London with my niece, nephew and sister. I contemplated the choice between taking the tube or a taxi to our meeting point. My body felt tight at the thought of the tube and so I opted for the taxi option.

My natural warmth and openness can be felt easily and this evokes a sense of trust in others. Within moments of getting into the cab, the driver and I began to chat. The first thing that struck me was his sensitivity and gentleness. We began to talk and a natural ease was formed between us within moments. He shared a little about his childhood and that he had very few memories and asked me what my earliest memory was. He was amazed when I was able to share my sense of being in the womb and that I could remember the angle, expression and face of my mother as she changed my nappy one time and that the feeling of being put into my sister’s cot instead of my own was a very uncomfortable one.

He was intrigued by my manner, openness and knowing and, through our discussion, he discovered I was a teacher and began to ask advice around children. He was about to be a new father and his wife had only two weeks to go before the baby was due. He began to share more and the joy, mixed with anxiety, was very evident. As he spoke about his wife and how she was handling everything, it was clear that she was emotional at this time and that he was doing his best to support her.

I shared how in life I have often been deeply unsettled by the emotions and energy of others that were needy, angry, curt or harsh; and through my emotional reactions to them, and to life in general, the unsettlement and discontent deepened. This left me feeling disconnected from myself and everyone and everything around me. The Gentle Breath Meditation™ supported me to connect to my essence and from that place I am far more able to handle the emotional outbursts of others and therefore become far less reactive and emotional myself. There is a completeness, a wholeness and an inner stillness felt, which dissolves emotional tension and allows the body to let go. Basically, it allows the body to come to a place of harmony.

On the arrival of our destination, he pulled over and I offered to share with him the Gentle Breath Meditation™ that I had learned from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. He was very keen to give it a go and a parking layby was the perfect place to stop. As I talked him through the different stages he began to drop, open up and relax. Within two minutes he felt sublime, connected to himself and the stillness he also naturally was. It was truly beautiful to feel his expansion fill out into the taxi and beyond!

I shared that it was important he took time to nurture himself first… then he would have a deeper quality to support his family with. He felt the common sense of this and readily took it on board.

The meditation only took 5 minutes but at the point of saying goodbye we felt such a beautiful connection and a deep warmth and regard for one another. We managed a sweet handshake through the tiny gap of the payment Perspex and with open hearts and joy, we said goodbye.

The choice to take a taxi and not the tube was a good one! I have had a tendency in life to play small and hold back from an old, ill-seated belief that I lack in some way and am lesser than others. This has been debilitating and left me capped, unable to express the true me in the power of gentleness. There was true joy in connecting with the taxi driver and sharing my lived experience of the Gentle Breath Meditation™. To not hesitate to offer truth and simply be me during the twenty-minute journey was a great reflection that not only do I not ‘lack in life’ and that others have ‘the answers,’ but also, when I choose to connect to myself there is an innate wisdom that comes from within, which is a joy to express and share. I have discovered the key in life is to either make the continual choice to connect to the inner essence or to be disconnected from it. The latter brings our turmoil and distress, but the former takes life to a whole new paradigm.

With deep appreciation he offered me a large reduction on my taxi bill… hum, now that’s a great way to travel in London!

By Rachel Murtagh

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645 thoughts on “The Tube or a Taxi? An Appreciation of Myself and What I Bring

  1. These are really precious moments to clock so we can acknowledge that what you are describing here is very natural and normal. All those other ways of being are not who we are.

    1. Yes, Jennifer to clock these moments of true connection actually should not be special – (although they currently are) because this is our natural way and therefore normal. ‘All those other ways of being are not who we are’… like being shut down, grumpy, non-communicative, abusive, sarcastic etc. This should not be our normal… (although it currently is!) We need to flip life around.

  2. It’s amazing the connections we make through our day to day lives when we are connected to ourselves. This example Rachel show us that no matter what we can continue to deepen our relationship with self to then deepen all relationships thereafter and that is an extraordinary gift we can all share.

  3. There is never not a single moment that we are not reflecting to one another the quality we are choosing to live. When that quality is lived in true connection to the joy and true harmony we know that resides within one, we are often given the opportunity to support another in the most simplest and loving ways.

  4. A few years ago in a conversation with Serge Benhayon around me holding back, he said something along the lines of, ‘when you hold back, I am less’. I did not really get how that could be true. I’ve sat with it over the years, and slowly it is making more sense to me through my observations and understandings. Reading this today, it adds more understanding to that statement, as here you did not hold back, and that man became more of himself by connecting to who he truly is.

  5. Thank you Rachel, I have found that when I do appreciate myself and truly value where I am and what I bring then I am more open to sharing that with others. If I let in doubt, play small, or allow myself to be affected by another’s reaction then it closes me off as well as everything I can bring to my fellow human beings

  6. What if we all posess the same sass and pizazz that you show here Rachel? What if we can all delight and inspire as you do? And what if all we need to do is let this out? And when we do, appreciate to the max that our beauty is not for us but given for us all to learn and be lifted to return to a soulful way of being.

    1. Joseph, I love what you share here, in terms that our beauty is not for us, but to lift another to their true way of being… that’s a ‘consciousness’ breaker! We so like to own what we think is ours don’t we? Inspiration breeds inspiration, like a relay torch igniting the next if aligned. To let go of ownership and self is soulful… to live anything else is just a poor imitation and a lie.

  7. “I have discovered the key in life is to either make the continual choice to connect to the inner essence or to be disconnected from it. The latter brings our turmoil and distress, but the former takes life to a whole new paradigm.” So true Rachel – we have to continue to connect to ourselves, then we can so easily connect with others, You brought a great reflection to your taxidriver – and then got a discount! High five!

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