The Tube or a Taxi? An Appreciation of Myself and What I Bring

I used to look to others to bring me clarity and support, thinking they had it all and I was the one who lacked in some way. However, since attending Universal Medicine workshops I have come to appreciate the innate wisdom we all have inside and the ability we have to connect to this and share it with people.

I was on my way for a day out in London with my niece, nephew and sister. I contemplated the choice between taking the tube or a taxi to our meeting point. My body felt tight at the thought of the tube and so I opted for the taxi option.

My natural warmth and openness can be felt easily and this evokes a sense of trust in others. Within moments of getting into the cab, the driver and I began to chat. The first thing that struck me was his sensitivity and gentleness. We began to talk and a natural ease was formed between us within moments. He shared a little about his childhood and that he had very few memories and asked me what my earliest memory was. He was amazed when I was able to share my sense of being in the womb and that I could remember the angle, expression and face of my mother as she changed my nappy one time and that the feeling of being put into my sister’s cot instead of my own was a very uncomfortable one.

He was intrigued by my manner, openness and knowing and, through our discussion, he discovered I was a teacher and began to ask advice around children. He was about to be a new father and his wife had only two weeks to go before the baby was due. He began to share more and the joy, mixed with anxiety, was very evident. As he spoke about his wife and how she was handling everything, it was clear that she was emotional at this time and that he was doing his best to support her.

I shared how in life I have often been deeply unsettled by the emotions and energy of others that were needy, angry, curt or harsh; and through my emotional reactions to them, and to life in general, the unsettlement and discontent deepened. This left me feeling disconnected from myself and everyone and everything around me. The Gentle Breath Meditation™ supported me to connect to my essence and from that place I am far more able to handle the emotional outbursts of others and therefore become far less reactive and emotional myself. There is a completeness, a wholeness and an inner stillness felt, which dissolves emotional tension and allows the body to let go. Basically, it allows the body to come to a place of harmony.

On the arrival of our destination, he pulled over and I offered to share with him the Gentle Breath Meditation™ that I had learned from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. He was very keen to give it a go and a parking layby was the perfect place to stop. As I talked him through the different stages he began to drop, open up and relax. Within two minutes he felt sublime, connected to himself and the stillness he also naturally was. It was truly beautiful to feel his expansion fill out into the taxi and beyond!

I shared that it was important he took time to nurture himself first… then he would have a deeper quality to support his family with. He felt the common sense of this and readily took it on board.

The meditation only took 5 minutes but at the point of saying goodbye we felt such a beautiful connection and a deep warmth and regard for one another. We managed a sweet handshake through the tiny gap of the payment Perspex and with open hearts and joy, we said goodbye.

The choice to take a taxi and not the tube was a good one! I have had a tendency in life to play small and hold back from an old, ill-seated belief that I lack in some way and am lesser than others. This has been debilitating and left me capped, unable to express the true me in the power of gentleness. There was true joy in connecting with the taxi driver and sharing my lived experience of the Gentle Breath Meditation™. To not hesitate to offer truth and simply be me during the twenty-minute journey was a great reflection that not only do I not ‘lack in life’ and that others have ‘the answers,’ but also, when I choose to connect to myself there is an innate wisdom that comes from within, which is a joy to express and share. I have discovered the key in life is to either make the continual choice to connect to the inner essence or to be disconnected from it. The latter brings our turmoil and distress, but the former takes life to a whole new paradigm.

With deep appreciation he offered me a large reduction on my taxi bill… hum, now that’s a great way to travel in London!

By Rachel Murtagh

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755 thoughts on “The Tube or a Taxi? An Appreciation of Myself and What I Bring

  1. “There is a completeness, a wholeness and an inner stillness felt, which dissolves emotional tension and allows the body to let go. Basically, it allows the body to come to a place of harmony.” Beautiful words about our essence, that sense of wholeness we can return to, an inner place that is so still and without any disturbing emotions, not a nirvana but a very real part of ourselves that we can take into every part of life and all of its demands and practicalities.

  2. This was a great blog to read this morning as I had become unsettled by another’s emotional needs. Why do we make life so complicated by living from emotions as they just saturate everything in a sort of yuckyness that is hard to remove if we are not aware that this is happening? So later in the day we feel out of sorts and don’t know why. The out of sorts arises from the saturation of the emotion earlier as it reconfigures our bodies. It is actually quite disgusting what we do to ourselves and others when we use emotional energy to connect with each other.

  3. When we can let go and just be ourselves the most amazing experiences happen just as you have written Rachel. I find that people do want to connect because they can feel something different, true love has a quality that everyone can feel its just whether they chose to act on their feelings or not.

  4. The body is great at letting us know when we are fighting against what gets presented to us. When we let go of struggle and get out of the way, our body becomes available for whatever that is needed to be expressed in however the way. It is mind blowing what is actually possible.

  5. If we are not connected to our breath the world is a washing machine of emotions! I just remember life before I learnt the Gentle Breath Meditation and after and they are poles apart in terms of drama and feeling at the mercy of life. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. What I love Rachel is that you were only yourself and with that everything could naturally unfold. So no I have to or I should do – simply being oneself that’s it.

  7. Having had a similar experience with a London Taxi driver I am wondering if many people are understanding what life can be like when we take a Truly gentle approach and rid ourselves of all the drive and push to get around?

  8. Wise to let feeling guide us when making choices. Whichever one it is, we never lose out, opportunities to learn abound in both.

  9. I used to consider myself to be a very open person and it came as quite a shock to realise that for all of the years that I had thought that I had been open, I had, in fact been very tightly closed. I came to realise that it’s impossible to be open with anyone else without being truly open with ourselves first. And whilst I pretended to be open with myself I was in fact keeping everything of any truth well buried and hidden from my own conscious view.

    1. Alexis I had the similar experience as you, I thought I was open to everyone when actually I have since discovered I was withdrawn from me and subsequently the world. It is now fascinating to discover that we have made a reality from a unreality. Life isn’t real and yet we have made it so to the minutiae detail so that if anyone questions the reality we have evidence and can justify. But I have discovered this does not make it real.

  10. Rachel coming back to this blog after a couple of years, once again I am struck by it’s loving warmth. What you shared with the taxi driver was nothing short of the love of God and one day all of our interactions bar none will be this loving exchange between one another regardless of how well we ‘temporally’ know them.

  11. I have come to feel that although we may think that innate wisdom is ‘inside’ us, that it is more accurate to say that it comes ‘through’ us. For me this distinction is an important one because it supports the truth of what we truly are, which is funnels for energy. One of two types of energy is streaming through us at any one time and we can switch which type of energy is coming through us by changing our choices. This is a very powerful revelation because it means that there is nothing that can’t be changed and also that we all have access to the same volume of divine intelligence that every world teacher has ever had. We all have the same capacity to be a funnel for God.

  12. Connection with people is not difficult – it can be a gesture, a smile or a chat like Rachel had with the taxi driver, but with a warmth that we all naturally hold. We all crave that connection and can appreciate it when we find it again re-awakened in ourselves with or without the help of another.

  13. The body is in constant communication with us. And it is a process of feeling and allowing ourselves to keep feeling but then not to re-interpret what we feel. A tightness or tension could be a sense of something not supporting us, but it could also be a sense of something new we could be resisting. This is something I am very much learning to pay attention to.

  14. Everywhere we go and everyone we meet is an opportunity to get to know someone and also in the process to get to know ourselves too. Opportunities as such abound all around, but how much do we see them as the opportunities they are.

  15. Until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I had no idea that I had an essence or that I had been disconnected from it. I knew I was unsettled with life and myself but that was the extent of my own understanding. What Universal Medicine offers everyone is a space to explore that there might be more to life than what we see and feel on the surface. What we then do with this exploration is down to us. What you are sharing with us all Rachel is the positive effects of this connection to ourselves, how naturally it enhances connection to all others and this is so needed in a world where we have become very suspicious of others.

    1. Mary, I was the same… ”I had no idea that I had an essence or that I had been disconnected from it.” I just felt insecure and was bumbling though life as best as I could. On the surface, I may have looked fine, but underneath there was a deep discontentment. Through Universal Medicine I have come to know my essence well, what my qualities are and who I am as a person. From here it is way easier to be open and more joyful with others as I am not carrying all the previous baggage. Absolutely, the greater the relationship we have with ourselves, the greater the relationship we can have with others.

      1. Me three! I looked fine but the deep unsettlement was evident in my anxiety, my overwork, my low tolerance level before I found myself in overwhelm. Serge Benhayon re-introduced that we each have an essence and living in respect of that and where we come from is life changing to put it mildly.

  16. Sometimes taking a taxi makes a lot more sense than taking a tube, but if we are wrapped up in money issues or what we think is better for the environment, we may end up harming our body and ourselves and if that’s the case, who wins? Is our ideal or belief actually serving anybody?

    1. I am sure we all crave this on some level and there is nothing more joyful when we truly see each other for who we truly are. Seeing beyond the protective behaviours or outward looking prickles to see the tender, sweet person underneath, is a great connecting tool.

  17. Our mind can come up with all sorts of things to stop our body to move along in response to the impulse it receives and in that we make sure that we confirm our thoughts patterns. I am learning more and more that when I stay open and just take one step at a time, I find myself in a situation that feels like nobody couldn’t have possibly calculated to orchestrate, and it is so much more fun and fulfilling to surrender and be met with something more magical and grander than I had anticipated, and having my own plan-of-action meticulously executed is starting to fade in its attractiveness.

    1. I am learning more and more to trust to these impulses felt from the body rather than listening to all the thoughts in my head. The former has never let me down and as you say I am met with something more magical and grander than expected.

      1. If we compare the outcomes from listening to the impulses received by our body or our thoughts,,,, the body wins each time! Wow, my thoughts have led me down some pretty scary pathways when I really look at it, but when love impulses me I know I can trust it absolutely, even if the wayward or thinking part of me comes in to be resistant.

    1. That’s beautiful Eduardo and yes I can relate to what you share. Through some encounters there are defining moments where we meet ourselves and others on another level; and in the exchange both parties deepen.

    1. Spot on Elizabeth – no rocket science here needed, just the joy of being onself and allowing others to be inspired by this.

  18. ‘To not hesitate to offer truth and simply be me during the twenty-minute journey was a great reflection that not only do I not ‘lack in life’ and that others have ‘the answers,’ but also, when I choose to connect to myself there is an innate wisdom that comes from within, which is a joy to express and share.’ this is very inspiring and beautiful Thank you Rachel. It’s criminal how we can put ourselves down when we are clearly magnificent!

  19. “We managed a sweet handshake through the tiny gap of the payment Perspex and with open hearts and joy, we said goodbye.” Rachel, this is so gorgeous. How beautiful that you made such a lovely connection with this taxi driver in such a short time, yet he will no doubt remember it for the rest of his life, as will you. We can never underestimate the power of what we bring when we offer all of who we are to another, wherever that may be.

  20. “I used to look to others to bring me clarity and support, thinking they had it all and I was the one who lacked in some way.” I know this thought! It is only through going for it and allowing myself to learn and make mistakes that I am trusting my inner knowing more and more and the feeling like everyone knows except from me is getting less and less because of that.

  21. I love how little moments in life can reveal so much to us if we are willing to be open. Sitting in a taxi and letting ourselves be real is a great example of that.

    1. I love connecting with others, Elizabeth. No matter the setting I feel the joy, fun and the rewarding nature of it. I can feel that it expands me like the blowing up of a balloon! (And watching the other expand likewise, is the joy too.)

  22. Thank you Rachel a great reminder of how many of our constellations are very valuable and may only last a short time, however that it is all it takes for that constellation to be complete.

  23. Reading this reminds me how no moment is insignificant, that there is magic that can happen when we bring our all to each moment rather than switch off or be elsewhere in our mind…

  24. I don’t often take a taxi but on the last occasion I had such a beautiful experience too. The taxi driver, with whom I’d struck up a two way conversation, went out of his way to check my destination and took me there – a few streets away from where I thought I should be. No extra charge, so he got a handsome tip instead….

  25. Rachel I loved reading about your inspiring and joyful taxi ride in London, thank you for sharing. I don’t run a car and therefore it is often necessary for me to take a cab, and reading your blog has reminded me of all the amazing drivers I have met over the years and from all walks of life and with whom I have shared much and learned a lot from…. In fact I have three taxi drivers that have now become friends.

  26. It is these everyday encounters that make our day and truly support us. We have made life so much about getting somewhere and deliver and perform but we forget that it is the connection with each other that we most deeply yearn for and that bring warmth to our life.

  27. It is so true Rachel a there is whole new level of life to be lived that we all have access to. When we surrender to living in connection to our essence, with our Soul, the more we realise and are witness to the truth, that there is a far greater intelligence that is implusing us to live and move, one that is constantly pulling us up to be and express the greater love we are.

  28. It’s a huge leap isn’t it, to go from feeling like others have all the answers to realising we ourselves hold much wisdom and can share equally with others. I can relate, it’s been quite a journey for me to go from perceiving the world like that, to being able to speak up and express what I feel and do so with a sense of settlement and confidence in myself – mostly from just being myself! It’s wonderful feeling that my contribution has value and to put it out there. Thank you Rachel, a lovely read.

  29. Playing small often entails playing poor as well, so your choice of taking a taxi rather than the tube is even more significant – and paid off handsomely, an extra bonus and a great confirmation.

    1. Love this point Gabriele and agreed very significant – as the energetic value of investing in Soul always supersedes with delivering pure gold, a bonus always for humanity.

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