The Tube or a Taxi? An Appreciation of Myself and What I Bring

I used to look to others to bring me clarity and support, thinking they had it all and I was the one who lacked in some way. However, since attending Universal Medicine workshops I have come to appreciate the innate wisdom we all have inside and the ability we have to connect to this and share it with people.

I was on my way for a day out in London with my niece, nephew and sister. I contemplated the choice between taking the tube or a taxi to our meeting point. My body felt tight at the thought of the tube and so I opted for the taxi option.

My natural warmth and openness can be felt easily and this evokes a sense of trust in others. Within moments of getting into the cab, the driver and I began to chat. The first thing that struck me was his sensitivity and gentleness. We began to talk and a natural ease was formed between us within moments. He shared a little about his childhood and that he had very few memories and asked me what my earliest memory was. He was amazed when I was able to share my sense of being in the womb and that I could remember the angle, expression and face of my mother as she changed my nappy one time and that the feeling of being put into my sister’s cot instead of my own was a very uncomfortable one.

He was intrigued by my manner, openness and knowing and, through our discussion, he discovered I was a teacher and began to ask advice around children. He was about to be a new father and his wife had only two weeks to go before the baby was due. He began to share more and the joy, mixed with anxiety, was very evident. As he spoke about his wife and how she was handling everything, it was clear that she was emotional at this time and that he was doing his best to support her.

I shared how in life I have often been deeply unsettled by the emotions and energy of others that were needy, angry, curt or harsh; and through my emotional reactions to them, and to life in general, the unsettlement and discontent deepened. This left me feeling disconnected from myself and everyone and everything around me. The Gentle Breath Meditation™ supported me to connect to my essence and from that place I am far more able to handle the emotional outbursts of others and therefore become far less reactive and emotional myself. There is a completeness, a wholeness and an inner stillness felt, which dissolves emotional tension and allows the body to let go. Basically, it allows the body to come to a place of harmony.

On the arrival of our destination, he pulled over and I offered to share with him the Gentle Breath Meditation™ that I had learned from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. He was very keen to give it a go and a parking layby was the perfect place to stop. As I talked him through the different stages he began to drop, open up and relax. Within two minutes he felt sublime, connected to himself and the stillness he also naturally was. It was truly beautiful to feel his expansion fill out into the taxi and beyond!

I shared that it was important he took time to nurture himself first… then he would have a deeper quality to support his family with. He felt the common sense of this and readily took it on board.

The meditation only took 5 minutes but at the point of saying goodbye we felt such a beautiful connection and a deep warmth and regard for one another. We managed a sweet handshake through the tiny gap of the payment Perspex and with open hearts and joy, we said goodbye.

The choice to take a taxi and not the tube was a good one! I have had a tendency in life to play small and hold back from an old, ill-seated belief that I lack in some way and am lesser than others. This has been debilitating and left me capped, unable to express the true me in the power of gentleness. There was true joy in connecting with the taxi driver and sharing my lived experience of the Gentle Breath Meditation™. To not hesitate to offer truth and simply be me during the twenty-minute journey was a great reflection that not only do I not ‘lack in life’ and that others have ‘the answers,’ but also, when I choose to connect to myself there is an innate wisdom that comes from within, which is a joy to express and share. I have discovered the key in life is to either make the continual choice to connect to the inner essence or to be disconnected from it. The latter brings our turmoil and distress, but the former takes life to a whole new paradigm.

With deep appreciation he offered me a large reduction on my taxi bill… hum, now that’s a great way to travel in London!

By Rachel Murtagh

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563 thoughts on “The Tube or a Taxi? An Appreciation of Myself and What I Bring

  1. What a beautiful experience you have shared Rachel, a true testimony to the power of reflection, the Gentle Breath Meditation and that in consistently choosing to connect with our essence we are able to truly empower ourselves and others to do the same.

    1. This is it… the quality of our relationship with ourselves and that this informs all our other relationships. A point of huge inspiration to attend to, take care of and get to know ourselves.

  2. “When I choose to connect to myself there is an innate wisdom that comes from within, which is a joy to express and share.” I agree, the impulse to express naturally arises when the truth is felt and known within our essence and in this quality of connection is divinely designed to be shared.

  3. Great blog, Rachel, and what a blessing for both of you, the cab driver and yourself. Reading this inspires me to open up more to people in the world, which in fact, should be a very natural thing to do for everyone.

  4. Thanks you Rachel, what you have written was just delightful to receive. I loved this about you, as you so aptly expressed: My natural warmth and openness can be felt easily and this evokes a sense of trust in others”. No wonder what followed was an out pouring of your essence within you.

  5. I have been noticing the look of surprise on people’s faces when they feel how loving I am, often when they have approached with caution. A young lad asked if I had a poo bag yesterday when I passed him as we were both dog walking last night, but he was nervous to ask. It was lovely to see him melt as I was delighted to help. I guess I also reflected a whole lot more as well as I gladly obliged from my organised pocket.

  6. And so someone’s life is changed forever, by one person listening to the inner knowing that is always there, ready to guide us… imagine if we all listened in this way …. Just like Rachel

  7. What an absolutely delightful encounter, one that totally happened due to your openness and willingness to be transparent and share you life with a total stranger. It is quite amazing how these chance encounters can actually change someones life, which is pretty evident, you very much did.

  8. Very lovely Rachel but also what you lived is pure and simple truth. The truth is we are all connected as human beings, we are all family, and why would we not then want to actually connect and communicate with each other as such in honesty and openness?

  9. This is gorgeous Rachel. Having recently travelled I was also appreciating how when I share my warmth and openness with others they naturally open up too. It is like we are all waiting for permission to be open and loving, something that is so naturally part of our expression. I would smile as I would walk off feeling how the connection I just had with someone would leave them feeling lighter and more trusting of people again.

  10. Awesome, by following your body’s response to your choices of modes of transport you were offered a healing moment, healing for you and another and who knows how many others as a consequence. A truly delightful blog.

  11. Listening to your original impulse led to magic happening. I ignored an impulse yesterday and went ahead with something that didn’t completely feel timely and ended up with complication which was merely showing me that very thing, that the timing was out. There felt like an emptiness to my movements until I realised what I was doing, stopped, and then things felt purposeful again. Got to love the power of the communication from our bodies.

  12. On re-reading your blog I love the simplicity of you feeling into your body with regard to which mode of transport to take, Tube? ‘My body felt tight at the thought…’ If we all felt our body ( and honoured it) before acting we would transform our own small world and eventually the bigger one.

  13. People are amazing – there is no end to the depth and wisdom they can choose to bring through. This example shows that everyone can be open to love and having a true relationship and conversation.

  14. Great blog Rachel, I love that you honoured how you were feeling and made your decision from your body. I also loved how this honouring of yourself ended up houuring and blessing another who deeply appreciated what you had to offer.

  15. Reading an article on Mother’s Day and the key number 1 point was that kids come first before anything (and this meant the parents as well) and I saw so clearly how this is the status quo and that many parents work to that belief. But what you shared with the taxi driver, turns that on its head, that it is important to take the time to nurture yourself first, and then you have that deeper quality to support the family. And it also shows children that it is important to self-care – which is something deeply lacking in our society today.

  16. The level of intimacy shared between you is a beautiful tender example of what can happen when we stay open and connect with another. Such moments are deeply precious and it is lovely to take time to appreciate them.

  17. When we embrace ourselves, with no holds barred, totally accept where we are ‘at’ right now, we have an amazing effect – which to me is the essence of true power. We inspire others to see there is nothing wrong with them, nowhere to get to, nothing to fix, but that beneath all the fears, phobias and reservations there is a quality, a warmth that lives in us that is precious and rare. All it seems, it ever needs is just for us to to be us without constraint and the world around us starts to transform. You show us Rachel, this journey to self-acceptance is one well worth taking, wherever we go.

  18. The opening line jumped straight out at me, where when you thought about the tube you felt a tightness in your body, now these are the signs I so often totally override, not meaning to but because we are not shown to trust these signs but instead told to use your head.Living where I do I can have a million and one different routes or ways to get somewhere so from now on I am going to make a point of trusting my body more and more.

  19. How often do we hold back in sharing the deeply loving choices, techniques and momentums we have developed in our lives when we are maybe the ‘one’ that someone else is meant to connect to in order to know what it is that is to help them take their next step forward?. This is an amazing sharing and absolutely supports bringing all we are to the world – no more holding back.

  20. A beautiful sharing Rachel.
    I have spent my life thinking & feeling ‘I am not enough’ and in a sense this made it true while I was in self doubt and looking to others as ‘more’ because I was not claiming nor sharing all the beauty that is me.

    Universal Medicine has supported me to reconnect and know that I am way more than the smallness I had been living.

    I am coming out of hiding and it feels incredible to connect and share with people now from my inner wisdom.

    1. Hi Jo, I am coming out of a long hiding too of choosing smallness…it’s felt like a hibernation of centuries. Without the inspiration of Universal Medicine, I am sure I would still be choosing this. Thank heavens for this amazing organisation that supports everyone to feel their true worth, their beauty, their equality and their “bigness”. We are all powerful, although we spend our lives trying to deny it. Once known, the next step is to live the power that we are.

  21. This did make me smile. I love that moments constellate in life where you can offer someone something truly beautiful and deeply supportive, something that can change their life forever and then never see them again…. Just strangers crossing paths to offer each other a gift or learning and then move forward from there being forever touched by that moment. Very gorgeous.

  22. ‘… the key in life is to make the continual choice to connect to the inner essence…’ and from here our connection to others is natural and inevitable. This is the magic of relationships… they are founded on the quality of our relationship wth ourselves.

  23. I wonder if we do actually know our true impact on the world, and how many people we touch or affect, or inspire every single day… you have definitely got me pondering on how powerful we are.

  24. “Basically, it allows the body to come to a place of harmony.” and with that harmony we do align with the grander whole we are part of, the world, our galaxy and the universe all in one. When we allow ourselves to be in this space there is no place for harm or hurt as love is reigning in this sphere of life and it is is good to remember that this place is always only a few breaths away.

  25. When we let go of control and simply go with what is presented and what unfolds, it is beautiful to feel the magic of God that is there for us enjoy and marvel in and at.

  26. I love encounters like this. If we are open and willing we can have encounters like this every day. How rich our lives can be when we are open with others in this way.

  27. I love the fact that you have claimed this about yourself –”My natural warmth and openness can be felt easily and this evokes a sense of trust in others.” Far too often we do not claim our true nature and who we are in essence but when we do it ignites something within us and is therefore very healing.

  28. I love what you have shared here Rachel, it is so gorgeous that you appreciate yourself, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine;
    “I have come to appreciate the innate wisdom we all have inside and the ability we have to connect to this and share it with people”.

  29. This experience you share here so beautifully shows the magic that happens when we open up and stand in our power with no doors barred.

  30. What is interesting to appreciate here is not only the opportunity to share the amazing support of The Gentle Breath Meditation but his ability to clock that what you had to offer was coming from a position of love, understanding and truth of the overwhelm and exhaustion that society is carrying with their moves everyday and that the offering was not imposed but shared as a possibility of living another quality in your day.

  31. A beautiful sharing Rachel and appreciation for being you and all it offers. An amazing reflection to listening to our body and all it tells us and following this and the magic that happens from this natural flow of the universe so simply and joyfully.

  32. ‘There is a completeness, a wholeness and an inner stillness felt, which dissolves emotional tension and allows the body to let go. Basically, it allows the body to come to a place of harmony.’ What a beautiful description of the gentle breath meditation and this is what the taxi driver took forwards into the rest of his day, to his customers and to his family when he returned home.

  33. Beautiful to read your blog this morning, when we take a moment to truly connect with another it is often because there is something to be shared, either reflected to them or back to us, I loved how you had time to stop and share the Gentle Breath Meditation, reconnecting back to one’s innermost is very powerful, with a deeper gentleness and graceful for us to feel and come from.

  34. What I love of your sharing Rachel is the fact that when we are open to the encounter with others, this naturally happens. No fireworks, no efforts, just the allowing and appreciation for the equalness we have with everyone.

  35. An amazing reflection Rachel of just how beautiful our interactions with others can be when we first choose to connect and enjoy our own inner connection first. This is super inspiring thank you for sharing.

  36. What a beautiful blessing for both of you Rachel; a powerful example of choosing connection to oneself, and also to others, in every moment.

  37. This just proves how worthwhile it is to stop and feel what the body wants instead of making a decision based solely on what the mind wants to do. I’m sure though if you had graced the tube with your presence Rachel, others would have had the blessing instead.

  38. Looking to others to have the answers and believing we don’t have them, is all part of the game we play to not know so we cannot be responsible. If we are all created equal (why wouldn’t we be?) then we need to look at why it suits us to be less. For me it has allowed me to stand back with hands in pockets, supportive of those who step up but not willing to join them in expressing our innate wisdom and power.

  39. It is beautiful to feel settled in the body and even better to be open to another without any barriers or protection.

  40. We need to have moments where we stop and appreciate what we bring. This is part of enriching life..

  41. Moments like this have actually been something I have avoided during my life knowing instead that to do so I could easily have opted for the more “comfortable” trip of going with the tube instead of the taxi. It is incredible how we know the future in the way, perhaps not consciously but we can sense the evolution that each moment offers.

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