My Relationship with Religion

I have always found the words ‘religion’ and ‘God’ quite annoying and I didn’t really know why until I started questioning their meaning and re-interpretation – or misinterpretation to be more exact. I never knew how the word religion was originally used and what it really meant: because it had never been truly explained to me, I never knew the true meaning of religion.

Having grown up sailing around the world, and having met many different people from different cultures and organised religions, I didn’t understand how they all had a religion with a ‘god’ and their god was better than someone else’s God. And their religions were all so different. It never felt right… like seriously, we are all essentially the same, we are all one humanity but how can we have so many people with a different idea about religion and who is to say which one is right? The various Gods and organised religions and all the stories made me feel a little uneasy and untrusting, as in which one is the right one? I didn’t feel that any really sat well with me so I decided I didn’t want a religion at all.

What I chose for myself instead was to connect to nature and to myself and to trust in what I felt. In nature, away from the busy-ness and distractions, I was most able to connect to me and be still.

So I was religion-less, or so I thought for quite some time, until I came across Serge Benhayon who presented on true religion and how the word religion has been bastardised, and then it all suddenly made sense to me. It was not religion that I had a problem with, it was its misinterpretation that I reacted to. It was the separation that I noticed around the world, that was created by “my religion is better than yours” and “you will go to hell if you sin etc.”

As I began to understand the real meaning of the word, I had to ask myself why I avoided the word or why it made me feel uncomfortable and why so many people react to it. Since then I have learnt that the religious way of being is the relationship I have with myself and nature reflects a divine design which inspires me to reconnect more deeply with myself.

My religion is about reconnecting to me first and foremost. We are all one and the same and we are all connected. The more I develop the relationship with myself, the more I will be able to understand life and those around me. So instead of needing a shrine, temple or church, all I ever need is a deep connection to me.

My religion is now The Way of The Livingness, and it is essentially about the relationship that I have with myself first and foremost and how that then has an effect on everyone else. It is forever expanding as do I, and there is no right or wrong but a constant returning back to who I really am, each and every day.

By Rosie Bason, Goonellabah, NSW

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550 thoughts on “My Relationship with Religion

  1. “My religion is about reconnecting to me first and foremost. We are all one and the same and we are all connected. The more I develop the relationship with myself, the more I will be able to understand life and those around me.”

    When I first begun to read this blog, I thought I hadn’t read it but then a few lines in and I had remembered I had, I also remembered how much I enjoyed it the first time. It’s crazy and makes no sense that we would start wars in the name of God. I love the paragraph above as it is a simple quote that brings with it the simplicity of true Religion.

    1. I love what you have shared here Sarah Karam – My religion is about reconnecting to me first and foremost. A very different account of what is often prompted through various institutionalised religions. To bring ourselves in the lime light reminds us of our equalness to God and how we work in union with the relationship not one of praise and glorifying one over another.

  2. There is a deep deep beauty in the word religion. It is a word that in truth brings great healing. If we understood the origins of this words meaning, what it is and what it represents in truth our relationship with it would be vastly different. But it is now a word that divides, sees others as lesser or ourselves as better than, it conquers and kills in the name of, plus a whole lot more. We blame religion for a lot of the evil we see in the world because of what religion has become. So our understanding of what religion is had become as far away from the truth of it’s origins as we could possibly get it. So why the gulf? Why are we not even asking if what we think is religion is true? Is it asking us to return to God, which is love?

  3. Yes I can actually say that I have a healthy relationship with religion….now. I never used to, I used to just be so disinterested in all the organised religions. I didn’t think they had any merit, they were complicated and awful. They didn’t empower or feeling loving. But true religion, developing an unfolding relationship with my soul is another story…..that is worth connecting to.

    1. I still am disinterested by organised religions…. I see through them more today than ever before and really appreciate that I never got into them or brought up in them.

  4. Growing up churches to me always felt a little cold and heartless, and religion felt removed and dictorial I now know what true religion is and can see it is what all of us have been missing for so long – the real and true connection back to ourselves and to our divinity.

  5. True religion is connecting to the truth of who we are, which is all encompassing love….only to be found deeply within. A religious life therefore is bringing this love into the world and expressing it in all that we do.

  6. I too realized that I did not have a problem with religion once I realized that the word religion had been bastardized and that the religion I was brought up in was not true religion. Since I started attending The Way of the Livingness which is a very inclusive and practical true religion I have totally committed to a religious way of life and love it.

    1. Spot on Mary-Louise, as what you have shared about religion has turned my life around and I am now also fully committed to The Way of The Livingness as my religious way of living. With The Way of The Livingness it is always to the best of our ability, and not about perfection, but simply living and expressing the truth.

      1. Yes, even if you mess up, get it wrong.. there is no going to hell or out with you! That is what I love. No perfection as you say Greg.

  7. Rosie, for me too nature was my religion as this was where I felt closest to God, until I found Serge Benhayon and and his presentations on religion. Now The Way of The Livingness is my religion… the simplicity and all inclusiveness it encompasses.

  8. The “re-interpretation – or misinterpretation to be more exact” of religious words is there only to cause more separation and the truth is, the closer the teaching is to the truth the more it gets nudged away from the truth. So many words have different meanings from their original roots and the oldest writings date back to religious texts. The misinterpretation of words started from those 3000 BC texts because none of the teachings were ever written down by the teacher they were all verbal. If you are not living in the same energy as the teacher then your interpretation will never be true. So is it any wonder that words have been bastardised and why have they been bastardised?

    1. And when one looks at The Way of The Livingness it brings a truth to all the major religions as they were delivered by a soul-connected student of the Ageless Wisdom!

  9. It is all about the relationship with our divine essence. But I know so very well the reaction to the word religion and that which it is made up to be. Religion we all know from birth and even before, but it is of our own choosing to go with the disconnection we see outside us as a child or stay with it, when we chose the first, we luckily always have the choice to reconnect and let ourselves out in full.

  10. I find it really inspiring that you stopped and began to question your avoidance and discomfort for it was through that that you discovered the beauty and power of connection with yourself and the religiosity within that.

    1. I question a lot, and dare to go there too, even when it is uncomfortable and especially when I realise that I am avoiding something at that often leads to something quite special. About 5 years ago I met a very delicate, feminine woman and at first she irritated me and then I realised that it was because she was reflecting another way to be as a woman. So, rather than stay in the irritation, I decided to get to know her and learn from her and today we have the best relationship and I have learnt so much from her. It was a choice, because I could have so easily dismissed her and not gotten to know her and picked her apart and found every reason not to be her friend.

  11. When rereading this I became aware of when I completely turned my back on God, and said I could do it myself, then within a day I had smashed my body up so bad I then renounced the renunciation and asked for forgiveness. At this time I also started to look for love and asked and asked everyone I could talk to about what they felt love was, and no one could give me an answer. Being fooled by many imposters when I finally found Serge Benhayon who presented the undeniable truth about religion and love, it was difficult to get through the many layers of lies. Then the unraveling of all the reinterpretations started, and this is still been unloaded today, as our beliefs are not all they are cut out to be. The half truths and lies configured my body in such a way that the truth is sometimes not accepted or is covered by the reinterpretation and beliefs, so I would think I was onto the truth, but it was the truth that exposed the lies, bringing the feeling I had got it when these were only the first baby steps toward honesty.

    1. In being honest love was also too big a step, so gentleness was the first place that was felt in my body, even though at times I did get a taste of what true love is all about.

      1. I can relate to this Greg, love was too much for me at times, I had to take it slow and build myself up and let go of a lot of hurts before I could allow more love into my body. Also, I didn’t think I was worthy of it so had to break down that belief!

    2. I absolutely love what you share here because we have been fed so many lies and at times, we hear a half truth (and it sounds really good, all the right words, and it fits our pictures of what we want to see and accept) but with this, we get led along thinking this is it, when in fact, it is a distraction and quite far from the truth. It is just another ideal and belief that takes us on another path further away from ourselves, sometimes without us realising at all.

      1. So true Rosie, distraction is the name of the game and it comes at us from every direction, we could actually say that it is of our own creation and it comes at us from every direction.

      2. We chose distraction. We think it comes at us, but really we are creating it and choosing it as a way of avoiding responsibility and our grandness, for while we are distracted, we don’t have to live up to our potential and live and express the love we are.

      3. We distract our-self because we don’t want to feel the rejection that we went through because we could not live in our grandness. Because if we stay in our fullness the ‘Love we are’ becomes our natural expression.

  12. Religion as a re-connection rather than a seeking of divinity in a shrine, temple, ritual or church makes sense to me too.

  13. Now here is a word that, if re-claimed, would be extraordinarily healing for the whole of humanity . Imagine… just by living in a way that reflected the truth of a word, and then talking about that word with the energy that comes from living the truth of that word having the power to disentangle a whole race from eons of disinformation …. Now that IS inspiring!

  14. Only when we do not have a connection anymore with who we truly are, come from and are here for on this planet earth, the bastardized religion can take a hold on you. You actually then can say that we have lost our religion as that is the word that describes the activity of the connection with who we in truth are.

    1. Well explained Nico, our connection to our true self is so important as without this we are lost and wandering looking for something to connect to outside …

      1. Indeed Karina, without this religious connection we are lost and puppets for all the forces that are at play, letting us think that we are Okay and can come away with it. But at the end we have to pay a bill, mostly through illness or disease in the body. We can only recover from this abuse by reinstating that religion into our lives again and through this connection we will naturally take care for our bodies and follow its clear guidance of how to live a loving life as a livingness.

  15. Like Rosie shares, I was always quite confused by the separation of the many different religions. But I knew, without a skeric of doubt that what Jesus offered was absolute, but Catholics didn’t live with the same quality I could feel Jesus offered. This is what had me lost, alone and given up in life. Because I knew there was a quality that it was possible to live, but even those who “followed” Jesus through religion did not live it, so how could it be possible to do so. I am learning it is possible and it comes from within, as Rosie shared with our relationship with our selves, this to me makes my relationship with myself Sacred, as it is through this connection that I am beginning to live my life with the quality Jesus left for us all to choose.

  16. ‘I didn’t understand how they all had a religion with a ‘god’ and their god was better than someone else’s God.’ Interesting how even with religion and God, there seems to be competition as to which one is the best, when in truth there is only one God, he is just seen from many ideals and beliefs all of which take away from who he truly is.

  17. I so relate to what you say Rosie- “The various Gods and organised religions and all the stories made me feel a little uneasy and untrusting, as in which one is the right one? I didn’t feel that any really sat well with me so I decided I didn’t want a religion at all.” It was the same for me. None of it made sense, our family went to church on Christmas eve, I was made to go to church until I was 14 and was able to say no to this, and after that I never bothered about it anymore at all. Through the presentations by Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine I have been able to feel a totally different understanding of religion ( yes feel it) and the reconnection to my self within was the first step to embracing God, the Universe, the ALL more and more each day. Now I feel this connection to my self and God all of the time and it feels lovely when I notice the confirmations of this dropped along my daily livingness.

  18. As what you say Rosi, we can end up thinking we are not religious because all the bastardisation and misinterpretation of the word religion we experience in life but with accepting this lie we actually are lost as without that connection with the source of who we are we become the puppets of something else, another source that is not divine but the opposite and completely against our nature and that what holds the universe

  19. “So instead of needing a shrine, temple or church, all I ever need is a deep connection to me.” this sums up everyting as it is through our connection to our bodies that we know ourselves as all knowing sons of God.

    1. Connecting to that depth inside – its free, always available, instant, and never tarnishes. Knowing it is there is huge, and then allowing it to be that simple… equally huge.

    2. Absolutely it is our connection to our bodies that brings the deeper awareness that we are all knowing sons of God, it is not what all societies make it out to be to find God you have to go to a Shrine, Temple or Church.

  20. Beautiful to read Rosie. I love the simplicity of what Religion truly is, developing and expanding the connection to ourselves;
    “My religion is about reconnecting to me first and foremost. We are all one and the same and we are all connected. The more I develop the relationship with myself, the more I will be able to understand life and those around me.”

    1. Good point Shirley, and what it shows is how disconnected to ourselves the world really is, because if it were the case that everyone were taught to connect to themselves first and foremost, then we all be connected and have way much more love and understanding for each other.

  21. There are many distractions, tricks, and ways we can avoid our relationship with God, but in every moment, we can surrender and be held in an ever-expanding love.

    1. True, we can fight it, resist it, try and wriggle out of it but when we let go, and stop the struggle we are so held and supported.

      1. That’s absolutely true Rosie. And more than we can ever even imagine. It is a love that pours through unseen, but deeply touches the heart of many.

  22. It does indeed feel bonkers that we have all these 7 billion people that make up humanity, with the same essence, the same physiology, living in the same natural world of night and day, of gravity and the stars…. and to have created such a jumbled concept of our divinity that has been twisted a millions different ways. If you take a step back it is almost unbelievable until you bring in that player the Spirit and its alignment to a different source of energy and you start to realise how it works, where the nudge happens, how we get off course.

    1. Having awareness and being open to understand more and not be afraid to go there is the key. Turning the blind eye, burying your head in the sand like I have tried to do in the past just doesn’t work.

  23. Great what you share that religion for you is your connection in returning back to your self, your “The Way of the Livingness,” no right or wrong way.This is also true for me, my journey is also to connect and return back to who I am.

  24. When filling out forms which asks me to tick what religion I am I feel proud to tick ‘other’ then to write The Way of The Livingness. This is my religion.

    1. Me too…. it actually feels great to claim my religion and not be ashamed or feel weird about having a religion in the first place finally.

    2. I have not filled in a form lately which has asked me what religion am I but if a form was to be filled in today there would be no holding back to state The Way of my Livingness is my religion. It feels amazing to have re-discovered what the truth of religion means to me which I have always known and to feel it claimed in my body after a period of my life attending chapel and then living in reaction to God and the word religion.

  25. It is easy to see that there really is no such a thing as being religion-less when we consider the true meaning of religion being about our connection with God, ourselves and each other. What we do with our natural religious nature is up to us but it does not make us religion-less. We can be religious about not being religious!

    1. Yes and this just shows you how mixed up and misunderstood the word religion has been. I was pretty religious about not being religious that is for sure.

  26. Connecting to myself and feeling the stillness within I know means everything to me and although I do not live this consistently I am learning to respond to doing something about it when I am not connected to myself. This knowing of feeling still within my body is gently becoming my priority in my livingness.

  27. I can relate to what you’ve shared in a way Rosie… the word Religion and God used to make me a bit uncomfortable, like they were not really referring to something real, but on the other hand, I couldn’t dismiss them. I knew organised religion was not true so had no issue with expressing that, but couldn’t ever dismiss the notion of God or of there being something fundamental to life that we were all missing.

  28. The God I have discovered though connecting to my inner-heart is something of a completely different dimension to the one I heard about in Sunday School. The latter turned me off no end and I finally refused to go to Sunday School which my parents were fine about. I began to re-sense God again in my teens, just from a sense of life’s possibility. Then after my first baby died I turned even more to God for wisdom. But it wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon that the truth of God began to be re-revealed to me.

  29. It simply is crazy. We are an intelligent species (or are we). There are so many different interpretations of the word God in the world today, hotly debated, defended and abused. It seems remarkable and utterly insane that we have not found the common element, that divinity and love within and spent millenia developing that rather than fighting about it.

    1. True, so much energy spent on fighting and resisting rather than coming together to support and understand each other and know that it is all one and the same and we are all brothers and sisters.

  30. This makes it so clear that being religious is about having a relationship with something through which we get to know ourselves, or at least attempt to.

  31. The my religion is better than yours concept is alive and well today – the irony being that many religions are supposed to be based on equality of all but in reality, could it be that you are only considered equal when you are in alignment with that particular religions beliefs?

  32. Having just spent the day with lots of people with many differing religions it is great to see and feel that in truth it is all about connection, when we truly connect with another we know deep down we are all equally divine.

  33. I too had always felt quite religion-less, even though I was exposed to Church of England as a younger child and then Catholicism, neither felt true or something that I wanted to be a part of. Later in life I could feel for myself that any form of organised religion just didn’t feel true, yet when I learned of what the true origins of religion were all about, that it was about relationships, to myself to others, now that made sense. It was simple and felt clear, unencumbered by other peoples views and rules.

  34. I react the same way Rosie to the words God and religion, still a bit shy to say I am religious and do have religion with God. I now understand it has to do how the words religion and God have become misinterpreted by society.

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