My Relationship with Religion

I have always found the words ‘religion’ and ‘God’ quite annoying and I didn’t really know why until I started questioning their meaning and re-interpretation – or misinterpretation to be more exact. I never knew how the word religion was originally used and what it really meant: because it had never been truly explained to me, I never knew the true meaning of religion.

Having grown up sailing around the world, and having met many different people from different cultures and organised religions, I didn’t understand how they all had a religion with a ‘god’ and their god was better than someone else’s God. And their religions were all so different. It never felt right… like seriously, we are all essentially the same, we are all one humanity but how can we have so many people with a different idea about religion and who is to say which one is right? The various Gods and organised religions and all the stories made me feel a little uneasy and untrusting, as in which one is the right one? I didn’t feel that any really sat well with me so I decided I didn’t want a religion at all.

What I chose for myself instead was to connect to nature and to myself and to trust in what I felt. In nature, away from the busy-ness and distractions, I was most able to connect to me and be still.

So I was religion-less, or so I thought for quite some time, until I came across Serge Benhayon who presented on true religion and how the word religion has been bastardised, and then it all suddenly made sense to me. It was not religion that I had a problem with, it was its misinterpretation that I reacted to. It was the separation that I noticed around the world, that was created by “my religion is better than yours” and “you will go to hell if you sin etc.”

As I began to understand the real meaning of the word, I had to ask myself why I avoided the word or why it made me feel uncomfortable and why so many people react to it. Since then I have learnt that the religious way of being is the relationship I have with myself and nature reflects a divine design which inspires me to reconnect more deeply with myself.

My religion is about reconnecting to me first and foremost. We are all one and the same and we are all connected. The more I develop the relationship with myself, the more I will be able to understand life and those around me. So instead of needing a shrine, temple or church, all I ever need is a deep connection to me.

My religion is now The Way of The Livingness, and it is essentially about the relationship that I have with myself first and foremost and how that then has an effect on everyone else. It is forever expanding as do I, and there is no right or wrong but a constant returning back to who I really am, each and every day.

By Rosie Bason, Goonellabah, NSW

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568 thoughts on “My Relationship with Religion

  1. “My religion is now The Way of The Livingness, and it is essentially about the relationship that I have with myself first and foremost and how that then has an effect on everyone else..” We so need to have a relationship with ourselves first. If not how can we truly express and communicate with others?

  2. Just about any child can ask question of any ” un-religion ” and know it cannot be true , but what makes it look true is that so many adults ” believe ” in it.

  3. Anything that annoys me or that I react to I will first stop and change the momentum–live the truth of what I know. Then I will go deeper to understand why the world chooses the way they do and I feel closer to them again.

  4. It is the greatest human tragedy that we have been made to fear, despise, reject, ignore or bastardise our innate godliness. This is how the ‘son of God’ became the ‘son of man’ and why we are now on a path of evolution that will lead us back to the divinity that lives within us and not further away from it.

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