Hearing and Seeing versus Feeling

Do we go mainly on what we hear and see, rather than what we feel?

Recently while watching a College of Universal Medicine web broadcast, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presented something that really made me feel and see just how I relate with, and to the world. In truth, what was presented here feels like the tip of a very deep iceberg, of something that has been going on and has been deeply ingrained in me – and probably society – for a very long time. That is, do we mainly go on what we hear and see, rather than what we feel? There is still a lot for me to learn with this, but while I’m in the process of exploring it I felt it was important to express what was experienced.

Serge played a clip of a person talking, but without the sound. He asked the group to feel what they got from this person… was the person imposing? Did it feel like they were trying to get a point across or were they connected with themselves and expressing from their body? There was no right or wrong answer, just to be honest with what we were seeing and feeling. Watching the clip, I could both feel and see that this man was not imposing; he was expressing from a quality within his body and his movements, like hand gestures, were in line with this. It was also really interesting to watch someone with the sound turned completely down. It was asking us to use a different sense – our sixth sense, clairsentience – first; our ability to feel energy, rather than the ones we go to constantly, like seeing/visual or hearing. I also realised with the sound turned down you don’t get pulled in as much but instead have a space to observe and discern more.

Another clip was then played, again with the sound turned down, this time of two people. The group was asked the same thing – what did they feel from these two people? It was an interview but it didn’t feel like an interview… there was an absolute equality between the two, with very clear eye contact, no imposition, and again expressing from a quality within their bodies. There was a natural flow and a deep interest in one another and with what they were discussing.

A third clip was played, all of these consistently with the sound turned off. This was of a person giving a talk to people at an event; I watched this clip on social media earlier in the morning so knew what they were saying. When I watched it in the morning with the sound on I could feel myself agreeing to some level of what they were saying, so it was interesting to watch this again without the sound. What I felt this time round was how they were emotional about what they were saying, and trying to get their point across. This time round, without the sound I could feel they were feeding from the energy of the crowd and the crowd’s response. I also noticed their body language more, and that several times they would poke their tongue out whilst pausing after saying something. I didn’t notice this before, so this exercise was supporting me to be more aware of what goes on that I normally miss or do not see. It was supporting me to be more aware.

A fourth clip was played, again with the sound turned down. Immediately all these thoughts came in to me about the person and what I had heard them say previously in news clips. I could also feel an energy within me of how I didn’t like them. All of this was in a split second and I was aware of it, the judgement that had come in. I reminded myself to once again just observe the person – what did I get from their body language, and from themselves without judgement? What I could feel was their body felt empty, there was no connection or quality coming from their body. I could feel the words that were coming out of their mouth were just words, there was no backing of these words from a quality within their body. There also felt an arrogance coming through them and they felt detached from what they were saying (even though I couldn’t hear them!). This process was helping me to take judgement away and just discern on what was being presented, it also actually made me feel more open to these people. To see them for who they were, rather than what they were saying. This was really, really interesting, to see these clips of different people without the sound and just observe.

Lastly came the fifth clip. Again I was aware that I immediately had thoughts come in about how I had perceived them in the past, so I reminded myself to let these go and be with what I was feeling and observing now.

With this person I could feel they wanted everyone to like them, and it was from this response that they were ‘building’ themselves up so to speak. They were ‘feeding’ off what was been given to them by other people. Again it was fascinating to feel how much more aware I was of something by just observing, without sound, rather than listening to words that were being said. I felt that despite all the ‘excitement’ going on around them there was a great emptiness within – no true quality or connection was being presented, expressed or reflected. It was like the words that were being said (even though I couldn’t hear!) and the atmosphere were making them who they were. Without this, how or who would they be?

This was a really valuable lesson to me in how to be discerning with everything that is going on around us. It is easy to fall for words and not instead feel the actions or energy behind the words that are being said. It is also easy to go on automatic pilot if you have seen someone before and have judgments or opinions about them or go along with something/someone because the words that are being said are ‘good’, and for this to taint the next time of seeing them without even realising it.

I completely recommend when watching anything, just take a moment, turn down the sound, have no attachments or judgement about the person or event and just observe. It is very enlightening; you get to understand energy in a completely different way and you get to understand life in a completely different way.

With thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for forever being a beacon of light and truth in the world.

By Vicky Cooke, London

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741 thoughts on “Hearing and Seeing versus Feeling

  1. “With thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for forever being a beacon of light and truth in the world.” The volume of vibrational love flowing through Serge Benhayon can be felt in every cell of the body.

  2. Feeling life brings so much expansion. Relying on seeing and hearing I can feel there’s a conscious choice to remain limited. Every time I feel a situation my world expands.

  3. I have tried this and found it very hard to just feel without having any of my judgement based on what I had read/heard or my own past experience, affecting it, and as I write this, what I can feel is it might be that I was trying to form an opinion about the person/incident, rather than just feeling.

  4. Switching of auto pilot allows us to understanding what we feel from our clairsentience, and when we also understand how we get caught up in eating any food that also cause us to go racy like sugary foods that dis-connect us and thus we have a lack of “connection” with less discernment because of the “ emptiness” that is created within.

  5. If we tune into the unspoken communications, we will not be fooled by what is delivered by someone but this does require a willingness to see what we may not want to see.

  6. “It is easy to fall for words and not instead feel the actions or energy behind the words that are being said.” – How often do we rely upon what we hear from another ? And how often do we hang onto these words as they may be the words we “wanted” to hear – but what if they are delivered without the truth behind them? We can so easily allow ourselves to be fooled when we rely on what a person says rather than feeling how it has been said or what was actually delivered. And so it exposes hugely the responsibility we hold and the awareness we can step up to in truly listening when another speaks and hearing all the things that are unsaid. For the unsaid words speak volumes.

  7. Watching the television last night I realised even more than before how much visuals and sounds are used to pull us in and mould us as we give ourselves over to whatever drama or documentary. We can become quite inert watching the tv – at least with computers and other screen devices most of what we tend to do on them requires our moving, even if only the top part of our bodies, and mainly our hands. We can bring conscious presence to our movements. It supports us to bring conscious presence to our tv watching too, we can keep an awareness around our posture and our breath and also our movements possibly using the adverts to have a break from the screen and recenter or deepen our connection with ourselves.

  8. I have just re-read this blog and what I can feel is how I can still get pulled into things without discerning. It is a great reminder for me to stay connected and present with me and to observe first. I can also see how easy it is to go into judgement, like on automatic pilot. This has highlighted just how insidious that automatic pilot is.

  9. Most people seem to speak from emptiness; you can feel it as they speak there is a lack of substance in the voice. And this makes sense to me because most of us carry with us unresolved hurts from our childhood so much so that we withdraw from life behind a protective wall and life is lived from this protection so that there is no true engagement of life. Living life this way everyone misses out and we are lonely because there is no true connection with each other.

  10. We communicate so much more with our bodies than we do with what we say. In fact we are communicating the truth with our bodies and can kid ourselves and others with what we say. Learning to read our body’s communication will never let us down.

  11. When words are uttered but not lived, they feel completely empty. We always know exactly when something feels true and the extent to which a person walks their talk, or not. The more consistent we are in aligning our behaviour and way of being with what we express, the easier it is to allow others in and to connect to one another on a real level.

  12. “It was supporting me to be more aware” – that is Universal Medicine in a nutshell. “if everything is energy, therefore, everything is BECAUSE of energy” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 200), which it is, then does it not ask of us to become more aware of the energetics of life?

  13. Such sage advice for all of us: “It is easy to fall for words and not instead feel the actions or energy behind the words that are being said”. What a great lesson this would be for all children from an early age. It would certainly support them to stay connected to the clairsentience they are born with, but often start to dull in response to the dis-believing reactions of those around them when they speak in their naturally honest way.

    1. I agree Ingrid. We need to discern things far more than we do and also be taught how to discern. I would of loved to be taught this when I was younger it would have been invaluable to me.

  14. It is very easy to fall for words and the preconception we have already made up about the person based on our past experience or what we have heard/read about the person etc. but what I find is that we actually do feel and know but don’t allow that to be our truth, there seems to be a bit of a trust issue there. I am glad to be revisiting your blog, Vicky, at this specific time, to be reminded about how we can experiment with this and become more familiar and understand the world from the energetic perspective first.

  15. My mother lost her sight and pretty much her hearing but she could read where people were at because she felt them energetically – so often she would have a visitor, or indeed, a carer, and would express qualities about them and talk about how they might be in their lives and more often than not what she said was spot on.

  16. There is always the opportunity to go deeper, in any situation. Are we content to sit on the surface of life, or do we take the opportunity that every moment presents us with, to feel more deeply and experience the richness of life, the expansiveness that we’re all connected to and inextricably a part of?

  17. I can also feel there is a personal responsibility to step up to as well. How much am I trying to persuade, justify or hook when I express??? I actually don’t know but if my lessons in life are consistent then there is more for me to understand about myself and how I express than I have chosen to be aware of so day 1 begins!!

  18. What an amazing classroom! I can feel how this should be part and parcel of what we do with everyone, not as a judgement but to discern and understand. Marketing has become so refined that we need to return to an old skill of feeling energy to be able to get a sense of the intention.

  19. Familiarity is an easy trap to get caught in – not paying attention to the energy underneath the words or the actions because they seem so familiar and we know the person so well. It’s not about being paranoid and being constantly over-vigilent, but paying attention to and registering what we feel, in any given moment, so that we’re always awake and alert to what we’re feeling and what’s going on around us – and able to respond accordingly.

  20. It is amazing how I have ignored what I have been feeling for most of my life. I have been a seeing and hearing as my reality, person.
    And I have always had a mistrust for what people say, because I could feel that what they were saying was not their truth.
    Thank you Serge Benhayon for presenting the truth about what expression really is, and that what we feel is the truth, it can not lie.

  21. The more we observe another’s movements the easier it is to know where they are coming from, as we often judge someone by the words we hear but don’t check out the movement of their body.

  22. “it was fascinating to feel how much more aware I was of something by just observing, without sound,” This brings an understanding of how young children observe those around them before they learn to decipher the language of speech.

  23. A great article Vicky, something that would be invaluable to do so as to develop our feeling of energy that brings understanding instead of going into judgment.

  24. This is a great example of why we should not only take everything we see at face value but to read between the lines of what is been shared, which gives us a deeper understanding of what is playing out.

  25. Sometimes the very same words can be spoken but the energy in them is different. Sometimes it is obvious and other times not so obvious but learning to listen with the ears of the heart – the inner heart – allowing our awareness more space we get to discern and then, without reaction, we can respond with truth and love. A learning curve that is definitely worth navigating.

  26. Is always very revealingWorking in the education system… Getting students to talk about how they feel in some systems, you have to be extremely patient 🙂

  27. Great idea Vicky. I practise this when I am talking on day time with everybody I speak with. To observe when they speak and see where they come from, the intent of the energy behind.

  28. I sometimes close my eyes to more fully tune in to myself and find that it is easier to connect and stay connected to my inner wisdom this way.

  29. It is really interesting and can be quite revealing as well to consider how the way we perceive things depends on the way we filter what we see, hear or sense things even…

    1. Yes, that filter comes in with the judgement doesn’t it, a pre-conceived picture of what we have heard, seen, read or experienced before. It is quite daunting to consider all filters off because I remember that feeling from a child but perhaps now, with the wisdom of age, there is an opportunity to feel that again and not react but simply be aware and observe.

  30. What we hear can completely override what we are aware of with our 6th sense. This is a great exercise to practice discernment and trust what one is really feeling. Thank you for sharing this Vicky.

  31. It is very interesting to watch how a body moves and feel the energy of a person rather than just relying on the words, life can feel very different and have more clarity is there when we are honest about that we are feeling.

  32. there is so much that will be revealed to us when we start to feel, when we trust our feelings, and allow ourselves to observe rather than see, and truly listen rather than just hear.

  33. I used to be very much caught up in the temporal way we live in and took everything for face value. Now though I am really working on connecting to what I am feeling and reading this for the actual truth of the situation not what I am see.

  34. It’s a great reminder about how we can latch onto words we want to hear (or don’t want to) without really feeling how they are being said, the energy behind them…

  35. Thank you Vicky for sharing this – in my experience judgement hooks anyone straight into ‘right and wrong’ and clouds perception of what is really going on, or being said. To discern whether or not something is just empty words (mind driven) or from a quality of true inner connection and expressed from the body is inherent in us all and well worth re-developing Clairsentience.
    “I completely recommend when watching anything, just take a moment, turn down the sound, have no attachments or judgement about the person or event and just observe. It is very enlightening; you get to understand energy in a completely different way and you get to understand life in a completely different way”.

  36. This is fascinating! ‘you get to understand energy in a completely different way and you get to understand life in a completely different way.’ It’s like seeing the world clearly and not choosing to get swept away on a bandwagon of energy that we otherwise would. This to me is standing steady without judgement.

  37. We use words for all sorts of reasons and when we do turn down the sound and listen with our bodies we can feel what lies behind the words and what we feel can be quite different from what we hear.

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