Hearing and Seeing versus Feeling

Do we go mainly on what we hear and see, rather than what we feel?

Recently while watching a College of Universal Medicine web broadcast, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presented something that really made me feel and see just how I relate with, and to the world. In truth, what was presented here feels like the tip of a very deep iceberg, of something that has been going on and has been deeply ingrained in me – and probably society – for a very long time. That is, do we mainly go on what we hear and see, rather than what we feel? There is still a lot for me to learn with this, but while I’m in the process of exploring it I felt it was important to express what was experienced.

Serge played a clip of a person talking, but without the sound. He asked the group to feel what they got from this person… was the person imposing? Did it feel like they were trying to get a point across or were they connected with themselves and expressing from their body? There was no right or wrong answer, just to be honest with what we were seeing and feeling. Watching the clip, I could both feel and see that this man was not imposing; he was expressing from a quality within his body and his movements, like hand gestures, were in line with this. It was also really interesting to watch someone with the sound turned completely down. It was asking us to use a different sense – our sixth sense, clairsentience – first; our ability to feel energy, rather than the ones we go to constantly, like seeing/visual or hearing. I also realised with the sound turned down you don’t get pulled in as much but instead have a space to observe and discern more.

Another clip was then played, again with the sound turned down, this time of two people. The group was asked the same thing – what did they feel from these two people? It was an interview but it didn’t feel like an interview… there was an absolute equality between the two, with very clear eye contact, no imposition, and again expressing from a quality within their bodies. There was a natural flow and a deep interest in one another and with what they were discussing.

A third clip was played, all of these consistently with the sound turned off. This was of a person giving a talk to people at an event; I watched this clip on social media earlier in the morning so knew what they were saying. When I watched it in the morning with the sound on I could feel myself agreeing to some level of what they were saying, so it was interesting to watch this again without the sound. What I felt this time round was how they were emotional about what they were saying, and trying to get their point across. This time round, without the sound I could feel they were feeding from the energy of the crowd and the crowd’s response. I also noticed their body language more, and that several times they would poke their tongue out whilst pausing after saying something. I didn’t notice this before, so this exercise was supporting me to be more aware of what goes on that I normally miss or do not see. It was supporting me to be more aware.

A fourth clip was played, again with the sound turned down. Immediately all these thoughts came in to me about the person and what I had heard them say previously in news clips. I could also feel an energy within me of how I didn’t like them. All of this was in a split second and I was aware of it, the judgement that had come in. I reminded myself to once again just observe the person – what did I get from their body language, and from themselves without judgement? What I could feel was their body felt empty, there was no connection or quality coming from their body. I could feel the words that were coming out of their mouth were just words, there was no backing of these words from a quality within their body. There also felt an arrogance coming through them and they felt detached from what they were saying (even though I couldn’t hear them!). This process was helping me to take judgement away and just discern on what was being presented, it also actually made me feel more open to these people. To see them for who they were, rather than what they were saying. This was really, really interesting, to see these clips of different people without the sound and just observe.

Lastly came the fifth clip. Again I was aware that I immediately had thoughts come in about how I had perceived them in the past, so I reminded myself to let these go and be with what I was feeling and observing now.

With this person I could feel they wanted everyone to like them, and it was from this response that they were ‘building’ themselves up so to speak. They were ‘feeding’ off what was been given to them by other people. Again it was fascinating to feel how much more aware I was of something by just observing, without sound, rather than listening to words that were being said. I felt that despite all the ‘excitement’ going on around them there was a great emptiness within – no true quality or connection was being presented, expressed or reflected. It was like the words that were being said (even though I couldn’t hear!) and the atmosphere were making them who they were. Without this, how or who would they be?

This was a really valuable lesson to me in how to be discerning with everything that is going on around us. It is easy to fall for words and not instead feel the actions or energy behind the words that are being said. It is also easy to go on automatic pilot if you have seen someone before and have judgments or opinions about them or go along with something/someone because the words that are being said are ‘good’, and for this to taint the next time of seeing them without even realising it.

I completely recommend when watching anything, just take a moment, turn down the sound, have no attachments or judgement about the person or event and just observe. It is very enlightening; you get to understand energy in a completely different way and you get to understand life in a completely different way.

With thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for forever being a beacon of light and truth in the world.

By Vicky Cooke, London

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684 thoughts on “Hearing and Seeing versus Feeling

  1. Letting go of the attachment to our physical sense of the facts we can hear and see and instead allow ourself to use our knowing of energy that is within us all to observe life will bring a deeper awareness and appreciation of that which is going on in the world around us.

    1. Well said Benkt , living this way will also bring the physical senses to a higher level of attunement and will allow a deeper level of understanding as to the energy behind what is been observed.

  2. A great lesson in recognising how much we get fooled by words… distracted from the truth we can see and feel and how easily we can let them form our perceptions and then taint reality and the lessons that are there to learn.

    1. This is so true Samantha, this often happens during the run up to elections – all the right words are used but there is no substance. Is it any wonder that after the elections we feel let down when the promises do not materialise, and yet at some level we know them to be false in the first place.

  3. When I first met Serge Benhayon in 2003 the thing that stood out for me the most was his lack of imposition. I also felt this confusing because he was the first practitioner that did not impose any ideals and beliefs of how something should be, and I could not assess him which is what I would normally do. I was left to be who I am in equalness, something I was very unfamiliar with, there was no agenda and his body matched his words. I also watched the presentation and since then I am learning to listen to the body more than the words.

  4. The world of feelings opens up our awareness to what we have already felt and known but chosen to brush aside.

  5. I just love to listen to people talking and hearing/ feeling the true energy behind the words. It can be the opposite of the words spoken. It is like we as humanity live in different layers. One big acting together, then a level, a world of war against each other in many ways as jealousy, anger etc and then there is this layer of essence where we connect. On which level do you want to live and which one is to get us out of the misery the world is in?

  6. It becomes very apparent that we have become very lazy with our senses… that there is so much more that we could be aware of, and if we did ‘up our game’ that we would have a very much clearer picture of what is actually going on around us.

  7. What amazes me is that we are naturally feeling beings yet we are brought up to essentially ignore that in favour of seeing! It’s probably one of the greatest tragedies of human life.

  8. Hearing and seeing can actually be part of a clairsentient experience, if we are truly open. In other words, when one hears more than there is to hear, and sees more than there is to see, then that is being clairsentient.

  9. I loved this presentation too Vicky, it brought awareness of our sixth sent to the forefront. There is so much more happening in communication than what we see and feel. When we open up to the enormity of who we are, we live in the knowing that there is a never ending energetic communication happening with every movement.

  10. This is indeed a great way to ‘watch’ somebody Vicky. I tried this experiment during the last Dutch elections, and watched all the leaders of the parties I was considering. It was astounding to see, also to feel the things I did not saw before. Some leaders were downright scary all of a sudden! In the end it did not help me that much, because I observed afterwards how attached I still was to the choices I had been making for years.

  11. Vicky great observation, when we stop and observe a person talking, or a situation we feel far more than what we physically see, normally we override what we see with a form of judgment, yet as soon as you take the judgment away and truly feel, there is much more to be felt.

  12. Words are not only cheap, they can be misleading, or misrepresentative. Our ability to feel however is the great equaliser, providing a doorway to immense understanding should we choose to develop that sense.

  13. We can also learn a lot about ourselves by taking short videos of ourselves, more revealing even than photos as we get to see how we move and the quality in which we express and by turning the sound down as you suggest we can focus even more on how we feel.

  14. The truism ‘actions speak louder than words’ is brought to vividly life in detail in this blog. It’s the movements that tell the real story. Are we truly ‘walking our talk’?

  15. Before watching this webcast you speak of Vicky, I felt like I was pretty good at reading and feeling where people were at and in what energy they were expressing in. But since watching this webcast, I now observe so much more, and mute nearly everything I see on my Facebook feed or if someone sends me something to watch. It is amazing how much is actually being communicated without words!

  16. We can get taken in so easily by words and politics – a great example. When we listen to politicians and hear what we want to hear we have allowed ourselves to get fooled.

  17. This was a very interesting exercise that Serge Benhayon Presented and certainly revealing. I appreciate this reminder Vicky to listen to my inner most and not rely solely on what I ” think” I see.

  18. Indeed you get to understand life in a very different way.
    Lately I was in a meeting and it was very mental, no connection was felt.
    Also the people was talking respectfully to me.
    Then I started to see I had a choice to go into reaction or observe what was the energy at play through their bodies. It was Amazing to see how energies are at play if people are not connected with their inner heart.
    I was very much not bothered by all as I was the observer.

  19. This is such a great way to practice observing and feeling people, situations etc. It will support us to being our 6th sense, our clairsentience to the forefront of our senses so it consistently becomes the first one we pay attention to when we are out in life and the volume is turned up in full.

  20. Taking away one of our senses can reveal so much to us about how much we can feel without it. Our feeling sense is very powerful and can be developed, as evident in people who are blind or deaf. A great experiment here that shows us much.

  21. Its a really interesting experiment as it allows us to step back from the content (which is designed to suck us in), and just observe and feel. Then it does not matter what words are used, how eloquent they are… its all about their movements and you can’t fake them. From the day we are born we have that capacity to read what is happening around us, and it is a much truer picture of the world.

    1. Do we feel the person for who they really are, or do we see them through what they present to us: what they say and how they appear? Appearances can be deceptive and it’s not unless we’re really prepared to let go of what we might want to see, and accept that the reality is different, that we allow ourselves to go deeper and feel more.

  22. When we are shown truth – we come to feel all that is not truth. By arising to a point that acknowlegdes truth – we all rise to a higher virbational pull, when you allow you equally inspire others.

  23. There is so much to this to really appreciating that we do feel so much and can read what is going on, but we have relied on our eyes and ears for eons so it takes actually dedication to really feel what is happening.

  24. Do we spend our time thinking about what we see and hear, and not feeling? a good example is sometimes when people are saying what they think but what they feel is entirely different. It’s great to ask ourselves and each other ‘…but how do you feel?’ This is indeed challenging at first because most of us live without feeling.

  25. A beautiful, clear and insightful presentation Vicky; going beyond what we actually see and hear to what we feel in our bodies is a key message, thank you.

  26. “There was no right or wrong answer, just to be honest with what we were seeing and feeling” – this is so important. I know for myself how often self-doubt creeps in and rattles my discernment, trying to see if I am feeling something ‘correctly’. It feels like there is some computation taking place trying to figure things out. It takes building and deepening our connection with ourselves for our feeling to be brought to the forefront, and it starts with our body.

  27. ‘There was no backing of these words from a quality within their body.’ When the quality of the words is actually lived- i.e. What is being talked about is also that person’s everyday experience, there’s a depth and a meaning to the words, that unless lived, are much more easily dismissed.

  28. This exercise sounds so interesting! It reminds me of just how much we rely on our eyes to tell us a story or give us the information we need/want, and it feels to me like an absolute avoidance of using our sixth sense, or rather an unwillingness to be responsible in our discernment for fear of rocking the boat.

  29. It’s amazing how much we put on our filter glasses, what we choose to see, or that fact that we can be fooled by words, so if they say the things we want to hear we go along with it, but in fact do we feel the energy behind that. The exercise you describe here Vicky, is such a great tool to allow us to discern energy and discern our own judgements and learn to observe what is at play rather than just latching onto words or the fact we like or dislike someone; and it helps us take things less personally as we can detach more and understand that it’s just energy coming through another, and that each moment we discern and ensure we do not allow our previous experiences to colour the moment now … energy is energy, and we can use our sixth sense to feel it in each moment.

  30. Vicky, this is fascinating, ‘I completely recommend when watching anything, just take a moment, turn down the sound, have no attachments or judgement about the person or event and just observe’, I have had this experience; in a country where I have not understood the language and so simply feeling how something is being said; I have felt a hardness and harshness in others ways of being together without understanding the words said and I have observed the love and care of others without being able to hear what is being said, these have been very clear and interesting experiences that it is the energy chosen and expressed that is key not what is being said.

  31. “It is easy to fall for words and not instead feel the actions or energy behind the words that are being said.” True – I have done this a gazillion times and more, but I’ve also relied on this being the case with things I have said or done too. However by ensuring I do not continue to abuse others in this way I will be able to discern more easily when another is trying to pull the wool over my eyes too.

  32. So often the choosing not to hear and see is just masking the greater awareness of what you have felt that no eyes and ears can ever match up to.

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