I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

Over the past year I experienced a couple of difficult conflict situations. I didn’t handle either of them well, going into reaction without reading what was truly being offered for me to understand life at a deeper level. I collapsed in a heap both times, taking things very personally.

Those around me looked on. I felt guilty that I was unable to reflect to them a way of being that was inspiring. I wasn’t strong, steady or rational. In fact, I felt quite the opposite.

The guilt around this has for a long time preoccupied me, until just recently when I realised something very important.

My focus may have been on my meltdown, but the situation – when considered as a whole – offered so much more.

As I go through these difficult times, I certainly have had moments where the situation got on top of me and I felt unable to respond in the way that I would have liked to, but each time it happens I find myself able to call on other people, including Esoteric Practitioners, to provide support and clarity. I am committed to explore and understand the situation on a deeper level. I want to get to the point where I find the ‘gap’ and close the door so that forevermore I can become steadier and respond to these situations with love. This might take days, weeks or even months, but when I bounce back I take another step and am more aware and more knowing than ever before. I don’t just accept these difficult situations, bury them, or stay in reaction; I become determined to understand them.

I have realised that this is the true and whole reflection that is offered to others. I am a human being and will go through difficult periods and moments just like everyone else, but it is how I respond to whatever has been presented to me that is the important part.

Sometimes I may tell myself that these challenges are getting harder, but I don’t actually feel this is true. As we each unfold and begin to know how powerful we really are, we become ready for the next situation that will help us heal even more. We are innately ready for each situation that presents, although it may not feel like this at the time. And there is certainly no denying the fact that when we turn on the television and see what is happening around the world, that some people are dealing with horrendous situations, and yet those very people have only the choice to collapse or to heal and get back up.

Guilt is not necessary here – that we are not able to always stand strong. Life can be difficult but once we heal, those types of situations may not affect us in the same way again.

The real and amazing reflection is indeed the part where we get back up, become determined to understand and heal, and where we bring even more of our amazing selves to life than ever before.

So you may see me fall down from time to time, but just wait and see, for I’ll get back up.

Just watch, and see.

By Maree Savins, Australia

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1,179 thoughts on “I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

  1. I have found this article to be very supportive. I recently felt wobbly and unsteady which is unlike me. but rather than beat myself up about this I allowed myself to feel this way and have noticed that now this has passed and that I feel back to being steady, if I had beat myself up and been critical I can feel how this would have been tiring and made the emotional state last much longer.

  2. I have felt the exact same with a recurring situation that keeps happening and at that moment I literally blow up in reaction. I fall over in an exhausted heap but each time I recognise another piece of understanding. Bit by bit I am learning.

  3. One of the most inspiring people I have seen was a man (a Gaza Doctor) who loved his daughters dearly, they were all at home and a bomb came in on their house, he survived but his daughters were literally blown apart, a distressing scene he witnessed when he went to their rooms after this devastating bomb. What he did next was appear around the world on TV telling people of his experiences, and that he refused to hate, reaching out to both Palestinians and the Israeli’s. During the healing process of this tragedy he felt there had to be a greater purpose to something so terrible. This was not an easy thing for him to do after what he had witnessed, he was obviously a dear and sensitive man, still grieving and in tears sharing his message and his experience, but what weight comes with these words because he has lived the reality of war in the worst way possible, yet he has not wavered from the truth of his heart, nor from sharing this truth with the world. To me that is why when we fall down and get back up it carries such weight because we have lived through something and found our way back to truth and love – that really means something to people, it shows us what’s possible and it shows us the strength of love. We do not have to give up our truth.

  4. You make a great point in this article Maree and that is when we concentrate on our own emotions and take things personally we can often miss the message of what’s occurring in the bigger picture.

  5. Martin Gladman wrote about this in his album, The Resurrection and the words really resonate with me, like your blog does….we get knocked down, we get back up, we get knocked down, we get back up. That life can knock us around at times, but when we look at the bigger picture of how/what happened, we can get back up and keep going.

  6. Maree, this is great to be aware of; ‘As we each unfold and begin to know how powerful we really are, we become ready for the next situation that will help us heal even more.’ Life then becomes about learning and evolving and so we can welcome the challenging situations.

  7. Feeling guilty is a game we play a lot. I know this one very well, but now I can see this was just another game to stimulate me. The truth is, there is no right or wrong, no guilt, only opportunities to learn, to evolve. But that will remain just knowledge if it is not lived.

  8. In these very wise words we have such an important tool for life – “but it is how I respond to whatever has been presented to me that is the important part.” And these days when a meltdown is threatening, I remember that I still have a choice as to what comes next, and what I choose to come next is the understanding of why I have been presented with this particular challenge; and there always is an understanding waiting to be discovered.

    1. I am finding as well that when I do meltdown I am hating it more and more because I am feeling how amazing it is to be loving and not in a grump or meltdown. Meltdowns really do drain all the life out of me and I don’t feel like a human being anymore. The grumpy, reactive, drained creature used to be what I claimed was ‘me’ but these days I know that is a lie.

  9. Thanks for reminding how big the illusion of an easy life is. Of course our life can be grand and flowing when we choose to but there will be challenges to bring out more of our true expression in life.

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