I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

Over the past year I experienced a couple of difficult conflict situations. I didn’t handle either of them well, going into reaction without reading what was truly being offered for me to understand life at a deeper level. I collapsed in a heap both times, taking things very personally.

Those around me looked on. I felt guilty that I was unable to reflect to them a way of being that was inspiring. I wasn’t strong, steady or rational. In fact, I felt quite the opposite.

The guilt around this has for a long time preoccupied me, until just recently when I realised something very important.

My focus may have been on my meltdown, but the situation – when considered as a whole – offered so much more.

As I go through these difficult times, I certainly have had moments where the situation got on top of me and I felt unable to respond in the way that I would have liked to, but each time it happens I find myself able to call on other people, including Esoteric Practitioners, to provide support and clarity. I am committed to explore and understand the situation on a deeper level. I want to get to the point where I find the ‘gap’ and close the door so that forevermore I can become steadier and respond to these situations with love. This might take days, weeks or even months, but when I bounce back I take another step and am more aware and more knowing than ever before. I don’t just accept these difficult situations, bury them, or stay in reaction; I become determined to understand them.

I have realised that this is the true and whole reflection that is offered to others. I am a human being and will go through difficult periods and moments just like everyone else, but it is how I respond to whatever has been presented to me that is the important part.

Sometimes I may tell myself that these challenges are getting harder, but I don’t actually feel this is true. As we each unfold and begin to know how powerful we really are, we become ready for the next situation that will help us heal even more. We are innately ready for each situation that presents, although it may not feel like this at the time. And there is certainly no denying the fact that when we turn on the television and see what is happening around the world, that some people are dealing with horrendous situations, and yet those very people have only the choice to collapse or to heal and get back up.

Guilt is not necessary here – that we are not able to always stand strong. Life can be difficult but once we heal, those types of situations may not affect us in the same way again.

The real and amazing reflection is indeed the part where we get back up, become determined to understand and heal, and where we bring even more of our amazing selves to life than ever before.

So you may see me fall down from time to time, but just wait and see, for I’ll get back up.

Just watch, and see.

By Maree Savins, Australia

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885 thoughts on “I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

  1. ‘The real and amazing reflection is indeed the part where we get back up, become determined to understand and heal, and where we bring even more of our amazing selves to life than ever before.’ Yes, once we can recognise that no situation is unsurmountable, then we can work towards that understanding and healing.

  2. It is incredible how much stuff, some big some more subtle that there is to heal, and as you say when it is healed we are able to observe life so much more. It is deeply empowering to heal and discard the habits and hurts which are not us, that we have accumulated along the way.

  3. It is the commitment and willingness to see that is so important not the perfection! Fortunately apart from our divine design there is no perfection in being human.

  4. ‘We are innately ready for each situation that presents, although it may not feel like this at the time.’ If I just come back to this knowing the answer is always there.

  5. Spot on Maree, It is not whether we make mistakes or not, for we are human and designed to be imperfect. However, what it is very much about is how honestly and openly we acknowledge a situation, our part in it, and move on taking the lesson with us. Here lies evolution.

  6. You really have expressed so much here Maree and I so agree. It is all in how we deal with life situations, not what is actually going on, but how we react, or not react, process what happens and if we do react, reflect back on what that has been and why that has been the issue. That is truly the way to process life, and if one does not process something perfectly, there is learning in that too.

  7. Today I got to realise without a shadow of a doubt, that when I am in reaction, or holding on to hurts this keeps me pinned down and contained. It’s only when I step out of this and back towards Love, that I can access the truth and see what it is I need to see. So like you Maree I am perfectly equipped to recover and rise again, but only when I stop giving power and creedence to the stuff that isn’t true.

  8. I have a deeper appreciation of myself and my melt downs after reading this Maree, as you present just how much there is to learn no matter how we hold ourselves in any given situation.

  9. I love that no matter how long it takes, if you are willing to take another step, the awareness will support you to understand the lesson needed to learn… and forever propel you forward in your evolution… unfolding the next situation, and the next… to heal everything that stands in the way of us being all we can be

  10. Love feeling your absoluteness and commitment to yourself and truth Maree. It is inspiring and shows that perfectionism is life which is an unachieveable goal anyway is not justified when you hold yourself in love and understanding and still hold true to the purpose of what you are here to do.

  11. I am feeling how the power of true appreciation re-configures, aligns and fires up my body… Love, commitment and true purpose!

  12. Today I am deeply appreciating the commitment involved in keeping on going no matter what occurs in life. To do this requires making continuous consistent choices to be love.

  13. A beautiful and inspiring story Maree of you taking responsibility for your mistakes, challenges and learnings; also for your love, commitment, appreciation and dedication to true purpose.

  14. We can be people who are deeply interested in our personal development and evolution and that of others but we are also human, with a long history of having strayed from our divine selves with much of this still held in our bodies. It makes sense given this bigger picture, this bigger history, that these old patterns will emerge, be it frequently or from time to time depending where we are at.

  15. Perfect moment to re-read your great blog Maree.
    ‘I become determined to understand them.’ That is what is my way too now. Everything going on I use to learn from. Why I get these words towards what is still the opening that my energy drops? I take it all as one big learning and noticing that nominating all and being open and honest to read the situation why it is all gets transformed very quickly in new even more challenging situations. It is a speeding up of my evolution and so will be the support to humanity.

  16. One could possibly sum up the’ bounce back up’ idea with the word resilience … and you can notice this word popping up all over the place now. It is an interesting reflection .

  17. I was always constantly living on anxiety and stress for a major chunk of my life and found a lot of situations I placed myself in were made more difficult because I would complicate things or over analyse myself or the situations around me. Now I feel more clarity by simply moving from my bodies movements and not have my mind wandering and my body completely on its own. When we move and express from our body’s connection we are able see things more clearly and calmly, because we are more aware of our surroundings and ourselves too. There are always ups and downs in our lives, which gives us many opportunities to live, learn and grow from all facets we are placed in.

  18. Having the willingness and ability to read allows us to be more steady in our livingness as we are not in constant reaction to the issues that come up in life and creating space for others to unfold in their time according to their own evolution, this is a true blessing for all.

  19. ‘We are innately ready for each situation that presents, although it may not feel like this at the time.’ How true, and there is always a great learning to be found in every situation we face.

  20. When something comes across my path that feels like it has flattened me, my first step is to understand it is here for a reason. Sometimes it takes a little while to fully grasp what it is but it begins the journey back.

  21. When we want to change our ways, there is a propensity to want to drive ourselves forward, to reach, and persevere, when the truth is that the greatest tool for true change is surrender and acceptance.

  22. I too have found that this is exactly how it is – “as we each unfold and begin to know how powerful we really are, we become ready for the next situation that will help us heal even more.” This is when we see and know how supported we are by the universe.

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