I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

Over the past year I experienced a couple of difficult conflict situations. I didn’t handle either of them well, going into reaction without reading what was truly being offered for me to understand life at a deeper level. I collapsed in a heap both times, taking things very personally.

Those around me looked on. I felt guilty that I was unable to reflect to them a way of being that was inspiring. I wasn’t strong, steady or rational. In fact, I felt quite the opposite.

The guilt around this has for a long time preoccupied me, until just recently when I realised something very important.

My focus may have been on my meltdown, but the situation – when considered as a whole – offered so much more.

As I go through these difficult times, I certainly have had moments where the situation got on top of me and I felt unable to respond in the way that I would have liked to, but each time it happens I find myself able to call on other people, including Esoteric Practitioners, to provide support and clarity. I am committed to explore and understand the situation on a deeper level. I want to get to the point where I find the ‘gap’ and close the door so that forevermore I can become steadier and respond to these situations with love. This might take days, weeks or even months, but when I bounce back I take another step and am more aware and more knowing than ever before. I don’t just accept these difficult situations, bury them, or stay in reaction; I become determined to understand them.

I have realised that this is the true and whole reflection that is offered to others. I am a human being and will go through difficult periods and moments just like everyone else, but it is how I respond to whatever has been presented to me that is the important part.

Sometimes I may tell myself that these challenges are getting harder, but I don’t actually feel this is true. As we each unfold and begin to know how powerful we really are, we become ready for the next situation that will help us heal even more. We are innately ready for each situation that presents, although it may not feel like this at the time. And there is certainly no denying the fact that when we turn on the television and see what is happening around the world, that some people are dealing with horrendous situations, and yet those very people have only the choice to collapse or to heal and get back up.

Guilt is not necessary here – that we are not able to always stand strong. Life can be difficult but once we heal, those types of situations may not affect us in the same way again.

The real and amazing reflection is indeed the part where we get back up, become determined to understand and heal, and where we bring even more of our amazing selves to life than ever before.

So you may see me fall down from time to time, but just wait and see, for I’ll get back up.

Just watch, and see.

By Maree Savins, Australia

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995 thoughts on “I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

  1. I can so relate to that see-saw effect of falling down and getting back up but as you say Maree it is all about keeping on going no matter what. It is not the fall that matters; it is what we do afterwards that matters. In our original fall from grace as it is often referred to we could have just realised what we had done, aligned back to God/love and got on with it. We didn’t choose that but now every time we fall by not choosing love we can align immediately back to love and then keep going.

      1. This is gorgeous Stefanie and absolutely true. The roots of competition are so entrenched in society, this is where the good vs bad classification is birthed.

      2. Yes and the getting back up allows us to deeply appreciate the quality we can then live and bring to others.

  2. Since I started to bring this level of understanding to myself thanks to Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. Life has become something that I really enjoy and the pressure, strain and tension that I used to feel has simply fallen away. Giving ourselves the permission to be graceful and learn is such a massive healing. I used to think I had to know how to do everything and be on it twenty four seven but now I am 100% content just being me and learning as I go. No Expectations are allowed anymore in my life.

  3. It is great to understand that life is but a series of cycles bringing forth the needed lessons for our learning and growth.

  4. I like the understanding you bring forth for yourself. Nothing else is helpful when things don´t go the way we thought it should have. How we would treat a friend, we should treat ourselves.

  5. Every challenge that arises can be met with another layer of surrender and know that what will eventuate is a learning either way.

  6. I am also practizing in this and what gets clear to me is how appriciation is important in this matter.
    To build that foundation of love within myself which gives me a steady anchor to deal with life and all it brings to me.

  7. If we focus on our imperfections, we never truly see the way out of repeating the pattern, the true healing, is to appreciate everything, even how we pick ourselves back up, which you have done beautiful in this blog. From this place, everything becomes clearer, as it is not clouded by guilt or regret.

  8. I always come back to those wise words “we are only ever presented with what we are equipped to handle”. This is such a confirmation of the strength and power we have to embrace everything as an opportunity.

  9. Understanding releases us from the chains we wrap ourselves in. Such understanding is available to us all by way of a simple ‘pause and reflect’ moment, minus the self-flagellation. From this space we are presented with the opportunity to arrest the ill momentums we have incarcerated ourselves in simply by nominating the behaviour we have put in place and renouncing it so we can begin to build a new foundation free of it. Of course, in order to do this we first need to be willing to let go of the chains because after many lifetimes in their bonds, we have built an attachment to and hence a reliance on them.

  10. I recall a few situations that I have felt knocked sideways by, I know in truth there has been something for me to learn and when the debris settles I have also felt reborn, refreshed, cleansed and reflective, able to see more, know more and feel more. It can get messy, raw and real but this is the point, sometimes it is necessary to get honest to be more of who we are, when the grime is removed, exposed we see more of the pure gold that we are within. Being understanding of ourselves and others in these situtations offers more space to heal and bring the gold to the surface.

  11. “The real and amazing reflection is indeed the part where we get back up, become determined to understand and heal, and where we bring even more of our amazing selves to life than ever before.” beautiful sharing Maree. We are humans and thus never perfect. As long as we learn from our mistakes – Oops – and don’t give up we can accept and appreciate we are willing to be open, we can ‘get back up’ and be even more amazing, and also a reflection to others in this regard.

  12. Great message of truth Maree — for it is our willingness to stand up in truth and more love that evolves us to our next movement in life. For if we choose to resist the love of God (that is the same source we are from) we instantly create a movement of closing our hearts of and moving in the same movement (rigidness) that in fact makes it looks like we are going further — but actually does not allow us to truly make way for truth — simply because we have not chosen to move in so.

  13. Sometimes when we feel a lot of light within us, and an expansion of the love and innateness we are – we quickly turn on a hardness, a control or a movement which stops us from feeling the greater inward moment of clarity we experienced… talk about learning to surrender.

  14. Thank you Maree for a great article, I am reminded of a toddler who is learning to walk, no matter how many times he falls down he always get up, no right or wrong or shame or guilt just a continual commitment to walking or evolving..

  15. The emotional behaviour that at times affects us all comes in various different flavours – emotional anger, emotional frustration, emotional rage even, but also emotional pandering, emotional niceness, and emotional withdrawal. All are equally emotional and not who we are in our true being. Some may be judged to be more awful or abusive, but that is an illusion.

  16. It is interesting when we are presented with challenges in life, we can easily focus and identify on the specks of that which is not us and easily dismiss the grandness within that is there for us equally to be embraced as our natural right.

  17. That is very true, many do not have the time to collapse after something terrible happens. They have to move on to survive and they do. They use their energy for their focus, their next step in evolution.

  18. “I want to get to the point where I find the ‘gap’ and close the door so that forevermore I can become steadier and respond to these situations with love”. . . . perfect Maree. I am now looking at conflicts as a real blessing for they point the finger at where I have an opening and I can go ‘Oh that’s what I need to work on next’.

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