I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

Over the past year I experienced a couple of difficult conflict situations. I didn’t handle either of them well, going into reaction without reading what was truly being offered for me to understand life at a deeper level. I collapsed in a heap both times, taking things very personally.

Those around me looked on. I felt guilty that I was unable to reflect to them a way of being that was inspiring. I wasn’t strong, steady or rational. In fact, I felt quite the opposite.

The guilt around this has for a long time preoccupied me, until just recently when I realised something very important.

My focus may have been on my meltdown, but the situation – when considered as a whole – offered so much more.

As I go through these difficult times, I certainly have had moments where the situation got on top of me and I felt unable to respond in the way that I would have liked to, but each time it happens I find myself able to call on other people, including Esoteric Practitioners, to provide support and clarity. I am committed to explore and understand the situation on a deeper level. I want to get to the point where I find the ‘gap’ and close the door so that forevermore I can become steadier and respond to these situations with love. This might take days, weeks or even months, but when I bounce back I take another step and am more aware and more knowing than ever before. I don’t just accept these difficult situations, bury them, or stay in reaction; I become determined to understand them.

I have realised that this is the true and whole reflection that is offered to others. I am a human being and will go through difficult periods and moments just like everyone else, but it is how I respond to whatever has been presented to me that is the important part.

Sometimes I may tell myself that these challenges are getting harder, but I don’t actually feel this is true. As we each unfold and begin to know how powerful we really are, we become ready for the next situation that will help us heal even more. We are innately ready for each situation that presents, although it may not feel like this at the time. And there is certainly no denying the fact that when we turn on the television and see what is happening around the world, that some people are dealing with horrendous situations, and yet those very people have only the choice to collapse or to heal and get back up.

Guilt is not necessary here – that we are not able to always stand strong. Life can be difficult but once we heal, those types of situations may not affect us in the same way again.

The real and amazing reflection is indeed the part where we get back up, become determined to understand and heal, and where we bring even more of our amazing selves to life than ever before.

So you may see me fall down from time to time, but just wait and see, for I’ll get back up.

Just watch, and see.

By Maree Savins, Australia

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925 thoughts on “I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

  1. Acceptance is the key to moving forward. How can we make the step if we are not conscious of where we are and what is around us?

    1. This just blows the whole martyrdom thing out of the water… there is no such thing as suffering for we all have access to Divine Support.

      1. Precisely Michael. The suffering is in the choosing to be blind to this, and it is a deliberate choosing at that!

  2. It is through the constant appreciation and confirmation of our beingness that we know who we are, that no matter how hard we fall from challenges in life we can get back up and keep moving forward in our evolution knowing and embracing the more and more who we truly are.

  3. Yes to have the appreciation of the getting back up and being willing is amazing in the face of what the world often offers. Sometimes it takes longer than other times and real wake up calls are needed and for some they don’t want what is on offer, and that is perfectly ok. For those of us who do want to look deeper and to understand the ways of life it is most certainly something to appreciate.

  4. Letting go of old dysfunctional ways of being is a process and requires a dedication and a commitment to be present with ourselves. Change is not difficult but it does require a focus to then live the change.

  5. “My focus may have been on my meltdown, but the situation – when considered as a whole – offered so much more.” – It’s true, when we get stuck in focusing just on our ‘mistakes’ or shortfalls then we miss out on what there is for us to learn from the bigger picture, a learning we can then take with us moving forwards rather than holding onto the past…

  6. When we don’t bring understanding to what we are feeling we all too easily take things personally, react emotionally and completely miss the opportunity to grow from the experience.

  7. Maree, this is so gorgeous and just what I needed to read. You bring such a beautiful understanding to yourself and in that I can feel what love we offer ourselves when we do.

  8. Maree this is lovely what you share, we have to accept what happens, with acceptance we cannot move forward. We are going to face ups and downs that is the journey of life, but each is stage is learning and to be able accept and learn, and move on is the best healing ever.

  9. Today re-reading your blog I noticed with the sentence ‘My focus may have been on my meltdown, but the situation – when considered as a whole – offered so much more.’ had all my attention. It is a great way to look at a situation when we think something bad is happening. If we bring our fullness into life and something not good happens we just have to look at the bigger picture. There will reveal something new and grander this time. As we always get offered evolution.

  10. I have found the title of the blog so powerful as it shows the absolute love we have of the soul as it waits patiently for us to allow ourselves to let go of judgement and return to who we truly are -loving human beings.

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