I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

Over the past year I experienced a couple of difficult conflict situations. I didn’t handle either of them well, going into reaction without reading what was truly being offered for me to understand life at a deeper level. I collapsed in a heap both times, taking things very personally.

Those around me looked on. I felt guilty that I was unable to reflect to them a way of being that was inspiring. I wasn’t strong, steady or rational. In fact, I felt quite the opposite.

The guilt around this has for a long time preoccupied me, until just recently when I realised something very important.

My focus may have been on my meltdown, but the situation – when considered as a whole – offered so much more.

As I go through these difficult times, I certainly have had moments where the situation got on top of me and I felt unable to respond in the way that I would have liked to, but each time it happens I find myself able to call on other people, including Esoteric Practitioners, to provide support and clarity. I am committed to explore and understand the situation on a deeper level. I want to get to the point where I find the ‘gap’ and close the door so that forevermore I can become steadier and respond to these situations with love. This might take days, weeks or even months, but when I bounce back I take another step and am more aware and more knowing than ever before. I don’t just accept these difficult situations, bury them, or stay in reaction; I become determined to understand them.

I have realised that this is the true and whole reflection that is offered to others. I am a human being and will go through difficult periods and moments just like everyone else, but it is how I respond to whatever has been presented to me that is the important part.

Sometimes I may tell myself that these challenges are getting harder, but I don’t actually feel this is true. As we each unfold and begin to know how powerful we really are, we become ready for the next situation that will help us heal even more. We are innately ready for each situation that presents, although it may not feel like this at the time. And there is certainly no denying the fact that when we turn on the television and see what is happening around the world, that some people are dealing with horrendous situations, and yet those very people have only the choice to collapse or to heal and get back up.

Guilt is not necessary here – that we are not able to always stand strong. Life can be difficult but once we heal, those types of situations may not affect us in the same way again.

The real and amazing reflection is indeed the part where we get back up, become determined to understand and heal, and where we bring even more of our amazing selves to life than ever before.

So you may see me fall down from time to time, but just wait and see, for I’ll get back up.

Just watch, and see.

By Maree Savins, Australia

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1,067 thoughts on “I’ll Get Back Up: just Watch and See

  1. When we become aware of any reactions as you have shared Marie, life becomes simpler and then we “can become steadier and respond to these situations with love.” As we respond more to situations we build a bank, which will become our foundation so we become less reactionary.

  2. There is an amazing learning on offer here Maree, you may think you didn’t handle the situations well at the time, but you sure are getting the full healing on offer with the depth you are feeling into it now.

  3. Awesome article, for none of us are infallible. The honesty shared here is important, as we all get affected by situations and experiences, but this is not the issue. The choice to recognise that we have been affected and to choose to stop our old patterns and chosen emotions is not only possible, but our true way to live and evolve.

  4. A very timely blog Maree and thank you for the inspiration. We have an opportunity to learn when we stumble and rather than berate ourselves for stumbling it is worth observing what led to the stumble, how we dealt with it and what we will do when it comes round again!

    1. That is key isn’t it, to give ourselves the grace of understanding and allowing ourselves to learn from situations instead of giving ourselves a hard time and berating ourselves which adds to it all.

    2. Yes, and sometimes the learning is in how not to berate ourselves anymore as that needs to stop first – berating ourselves about our berating ourselves doesn’t work.

  5. This offered me an opportunity to appreciate the determinedness that I also hold to understand the truth of a situation and why it is being offered to me – what is there for me to learn, to uncover, to let go, or to appreciate. Thank you.

  6. It re-ignites us with the power of capability. How we are capable of receiving the learning(s) on our path and equally feel that we are equipped to deal with every thing that comes on our path. This offers space and observation to see, that even if we lose it or have lost it before, we can actually deal and heal in any situation that comes our way. How powerful is that?

  7. Being willing to keep going, to get back up is really something, and reading today I know how strong this is in me, and yet I have not truly valued in the way I can, how no matter what, I dust myself off and get back up. And yes it might be wobbly and messy but I do, and that is to be celebrated. We are amazing and we do not always give ourselves the credit we can, and all it takes is to see something in a different context and we get to understand what we truly bring.

  8. And usually when we look back at these situations that had us in a bit of a tizzy, they don’t seem half as bad as they did at the time and make us more able to cope with what lies ahead of us in the future.

  9. Every situation, especially the challenging ones, has something on offer to learn. While reading the blog I was impressed simply by the fact that you are willing to find help, and have identified resources to assist you along the way.

  10. What your sharing is so important – we can be very self-condemning when we make mistakes or wobble in the face of a challenging situation, and yet we miss the opportunity on offer to make a step forward, to learn from the experience.

  11. By changing the way we view ‘mistakes’ or ‘missed opportunities’ as a moment to reflect and grow we open up to loving life and all the opportunities to learn. Life becomes so much richer and more enjoyable when we put the self bashing bat away.

  12. I find making mistakes quite common and the most important thing is to keep the berating myself as short as possible as, usually, that is more damaging than the actual mistake. Sometimes I found to my surprise, what appeared to be a mistake was actually anything but a mistake. The next level, when the berating ourselves is over, is find the issue that led to the mistake.

    Sometimes a mistake is a great pointer to something that we have been completely unaware of up to that moment. That can be very helpful.

    Sometimes we experience consequences of mistakes that we made weeks or months earlier and we already stopped making that mistake.

    1. I can associate with what you shared here Christoph, in that whenever I have gotten into bashing myself for making a mistake, not only did that feel worse than dealing with the actual mistake, but it completely blocked me from feeling what learning was on offer by making it in the first place. Also, when I had not developed enough self-worth/love, I would tend to quickly take responsibility for certain things/mistakes that in the end I really was not responsible for and realise now how there is almost a comfort in doing this, as once again I then don’t have to look deeper into the true meaning of the experience.

  13. Love your determination Maree. I often remind myself when I am in a melt down, that the next peak is very close. And it always is! Life is not a flat line. We move up and down, but when our focus is bringing healing, understanding and love to our lives, the general movement is up. It brings confidence seeing and realizing this in full.

  14. I can relate to what you share Maree, I can at times feel not so great and have wondered whether I was ever going to get through it. But I always knew giving up was not an option. And so over time I began to see that each time I found myself stuck on a hurdle it meant I was on my way to the other side of it, the next leg of my path of returning to all of who I am.

  15. Guilt is such a dangerous emotion, it can have us spiralling into low self esteem and self worth and have us feeling depressed. As soon as we recognise this it is up to us to become aware of the whole picture and begin to appreciate what there is to appreciate and pull ourselves out of the otherwise pit that guilt can have us dropping into.

  16. We all make mistakes or handle things and looking back see that we could have done it differently. Beating ourselves up for past choices is not supportive, but appreciating the lesson we have been provided with is. Life is full of reflections and lessons for us to learn.

  17. I find myself returning to this blog having spent several days feeling flat from judging myself for not having come up to scratch. Talking about this with a friend I realise that there is much to unpick here and when I look at the big picture every thing becomes clearer and although I might not like what I see I can understand more deeply and and love more fully too.

  18. This weekend I experienced an intense situation with 5 houses around our B&B burning down. I stayed absolutely steady during the day and offered everyone involved a loving holding by listening to their stories and being with them. When it was not needed anymore I started to feel my own shaking inside and a day later I realized that this incident offered me the healing of a past life trauma. In every situation there is something on offer and something to learn for us.

  19. So true and so empowering to always be aware of: ‘We are innately ready for each situation that presents, although it may not feel like this at the time.’

  20. None of us are or can be perfect, and so from time to time we will falter. It is important in those times as you say not to focus on the wobble, but to choose to reconnect to who we really are, and from there the path forward will present.

  21. Great sentiments Maree, we should never give up and we can definitely go from realisation to realisation and from strength to strength. The forces will try to knock us off course but it is up to us whether we invite them in.

  22. Failing consciously and accepting that fact are great steps towards personal growth and expansion. Eventually we will stop failing.

  23. Maree, I love this; ‘Guilt is not necessary here – that we are not able to always stand strong. Life can be difficult but once we heal, those types of situations may not affect us in the same way again.’ I really like that you are appreciating yourself and loving yourself in the process and no longer being self critical, this is truly inspiring.

    1. When we hold onto the guilt of these situations, they stay in our body. As I was reading the blog I remembered one such situation that happened not long ago. The self-criticism that comes with that is not just of the “reaction” but of everything that has been going on since – this has made my diaphragm feel like it is in a knot, very tight knot and perhaps these things that we bring onto ourselves are exactly the causes of our illness and disease.

  24. When situations like this occur and I react, contract or am beside myself I often try to go back and fix them. Try to make things better, but when this is done out of “guilt” it makes the situation worse. When we go back in the truth of who we are, to address what has happened and like you say, heal from it then this can transform lives.

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