Are We Evolving OR Indulging?

From early on in our education we are taught that food is one of the factors affecting the evolution of animals, determining who in the food chain is strong enough to survive and who becomes extinct.

As a human race we believe we have reached the peak of the evolution pyramid – we walk up straight, we speak (some of us several languages), we are intelligent enough to innovate in technology, medicine, science, history etc.

But does evolution really have a peak? AND…

How much have we evolved in the last 10,000 years if our ancestors were able to:

  • build magnificent structures without the advanced machinery we have today
  • understand science without the intelligence and assistance of computers we have today
  • communicate without the linguistic capabilities we have developed today
  • survive without the extensive medical interventions we receive today?

We not only look down on animals and their evolutionary stage, but we exploit, abuse, and are one of the prime causes of some species’ extinction. Our arrogance is so strong that we have completely blinded ourselves to seeing what animals bring to our world, and how not only are they a lot more open to evolution than us human beings are as a race, but we could learn a thing or two from them about evolving.

Isn’t evolution about a constant development, a movement, a strengthening of one’s connection with one’s inner-most, with the essence of who we truly are? If that’s the case, how many of us can honestly say that we are on a path of evolution? How many of us can look at our daily choices and say that we have supported such movement?

I know first-hand what it’s like to stall my own evolution by indulging in food, drinks, behaviours and emotions that sabotage this expansion. I also know that I am not the only one. In fact, I am one of the majority of people living this way. Becoming more aware of the choices we are making individually brings on a greater awareness of the choices we are all making collectively as one human race.

Foods and drinks that have become the ‘norm’ – burgers, cakes, coffee, alcohol, to name a few as the list could go on for pages – are nothing more than pure indulgence; our recipes for involution. These types of food stall our evolution. So what happens when we are not growing (and not in a physical sense)? Are we too heading towards extinction?

Luckily for us, we survive as a result of the constant medical interventions that are supporting our existence. This way of living however is not life lived in full, as the majority of the human race lives either in some sort of pain, with a disease, or both.

The majority of the population in first world countries exist on caffeine and sugar to ‘support’ a lack of rest, and a vast number of our children are living with some sort of illness such as asthma, obesity, ADHD….

These world issues are not a coincidence and they are not ‘sprung on us’. These are problems that have occurred due to the way we have chosen to live; through ill and unsupportive choices we have been and continue to be making. Our ignorance, our arrogance, our indulgence, our lack of care and a serious deficit of cohesiveness have led to the poor quality of life we find ourselves surrounded by.

We all have a role to play on this evolutionary trajectory of ours, and each and every single one of us has the power to make a difference by making choices that support our evolution first and foremost. When we start taking greater care of ourselves first, we will be able to see a considerable change in our surroundings. But it all must start within each and every one of us. Such is Our Responsibility.

By Viktoria Stoykova, Student, UK

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851 thoughts on “Are We Evolving OR Indulging?

  1. ‘Becoming more aware of the choices we are making individually brings on a greater awareness of the choices we are all making collectively as one human race.’
    That i can feel what you bring here. If we feel that our individual choices have an effect we start to feel more responsible for what we see happening in the world. That is what we don’t like to feel.
    But one day we all have to face everything as that is the only way for our return.

  2. There is no question that everything we eat has an effect on us, that can be felt but can also be seen by studying the body’s physiology. The problem is we choose not to have that level of awareness because it calls for more responsibility about what we are putting in our mouths and why we are drawn to put it in. We have the potential to be the change we want to see in our lives and therefore in the world – it is but a choice away.

  3. I was speaking to some students about heart disease and how the numbers of people dying from it are increasing year on year. I asked how we could raise awareness so that the fatality rate of this largely preventable disease might start to fall. Many of them started to question their own lifestyle habits and suggested it was something we needed to educate people about starting in primary school.

  4. So true Viktoria. I have noticed a linear approach to evolution, we think we are progressing along this line and at some point, when we hit a certain age, we are going to have this wisdom, this revelation about who we are, why we are here etc. Yet, the more I feel my body and its communication, the more I realise I am not going anywhere, I am expanding a connection with the stillness inside me and living that.

  5. Hmm a really interesting point of view on the fact that as we choose not to evolve and grow – there is always things to numb us and medication to fix us but actually we are not wanting to see why we need the numbing and the medication.

  6. Well just a few days later I find myself back here. There is a wisdom that comes from a stop. Sometimes the stop sign has to hit you square in the face but stop you it does. Then it is like someone has turned the lights on and you can see more clearly. You wonder why you needed that stop but hey, you did so onward you now move wiser and more consistent in that responsibility.

  7. What we call normality in the world is a state where we have wandered far from the truth and fullness of who we are, but when we truly feel it, it is not normal at all. But how can what is not normal being considered normal be exposed as not normal, when everyone is holding onto it being the norm? What we know as normality from the heart, live it with the natural joy that we are, live it without holding back simply because it is our natural breath, live it as if and it is the pure intimacy we have with ourselves, so that this reflection will begin to be seeded in every part of the world, every industry we have, every home and so every person would one day realise this reflection, ah it is just them.

  8. We may think that we are doing well with our technologies, structures and that life is moving onward and upward. But what is happening to us, our relationships. Our bodies are telling us something vastly different than our amazing achievements. Which begs the question what is the point of all these achievements when our bodies are collapsing around us? How far have we really come?

  9. it is not a surprise that the food industry is booming. the supermarkets do have a huge variety of foods that we actually do not need, but are mainly there because of the ‘nice’ ‘taste and sweetness of it while on the other hand I do observe an enormous increase in restaurants and outdoor cafés all to provide the so needed foods and drinks to help people to numb that what there is to feel about the current state of our societies and how we all individually live in it.

  10. The extent of our indulgence came home to me recently. Even as one who lives a simple life, recently when I dug deep I saw that had bought into the lie of consumerism and did at times indulge. To feel this for myself brought me back to my senses. I now know what my choices are: stay steady, connect to heaven within or let outer forces dictate what I should be doing. Alignment to truth and God is the only choice to make.

  11. If we look closely at the state of humanity it is in a terrible state the world over and yet we are sold the lie that we are advanced and advancing. Technological advances are worthless if not aligned to the higher purpose of bringing love, brotherhood and equality to our world.

  12. Technological advances are worthless if they are not aligned to a higher purpose bringing love, brotherhood and equality to humanity.

  13. I love your questioning of how much have we evolved – “in the last 10,000 years if our ancestors were able to:…..” complete the amazing structures etc without any so-called modern aids or technology. We have huge arrogance as a human race thinking we are so advanced in the 21st century.

  14. “These world issues are not a coincidence and they are not ‘sprung on us’. These are problems that have occurred due to the way we have chosen to live; through ill and unsupportive choices we have been and continue to be making.” Yes and when we realise each of us has huge responsibility whenever we act, speak or even think thoughts that are unloving, then we contribute to harm in the world. Making different choices has a huge knock-on effect on our lives and the lives of others.

  15. “I know first-hand what it’s like to stall my own evolution by indulging in food, drinks, behaviours and emotions that sabotage this expansion.”
    One can read this and literally scan past it, but for those of us that have experienced how much these behaviors truly affect how we feel in our bodies and most importantly what we think in our minds, this sentence is a reminder to forever be a student of ones self and to make our evolution the greatest priority in life, as nothing is worth shutting down the divine awareness, that leads to true expression that we all have access to.

  16. Our ‘star wars know how’ is but a clever screen to hide the error of our wanton ways behind. I know of no other animal on this planet that willingly ingests poison and then champions (defends) its choice to do so by also creating clever devices that give the illusion of ‘intelligence’ so as to mask all the ill and very unintelligent choices made elsewhere. For what good is it erecting a grand tower if the temple of the body has been so polluted?

  17. To support our lack of personal evolution you could say we are almost propped up by our technological advancement to give us the illusion we are evolving or at least hide the fact we are not. As a whole we are indeed floundering in our arrogance, indulgences and abdication of self-responsibility, begging the question of how bad does it need to get before we begin to see what we are choosing and choose to step out of the apathy into the light.

  18. The choice to evolve is constantly there for us to make. It is only ourselves that prevent it through our choices.

  19. Thank you Viktoria , all that is said is our responsibility and we know it.. So lets do it. Thank you for pointing out all that we need to live once again and forevermore..

  20. Great question to ask Viktoria, on an individual, group and humanitarian level; ‘are we evolving or indulging?’ The responsibility and choice is always ours; are we choosing to evolve or indulge??

  21. Now there is a phrase we don’t see often, but is immediately felt as wonderful, awakening, intriguing … evolutionary trajectory… I find these words open the door to an awareness of what we as a race are actually doing with the extraordinary vehicles that we inhabit.

  22. It shows a lot about humanity when we generally place more value on having the comfort foods we crave instead of having true love in our day and in our every relationship

  23. Indulging and procrastinating and many other alike behaviours are sure fire ways to hold back what we are capable of bringing to everything, to other people and the world.

  24. You raise a great point here we once built magnificent structures without the advanced machinery we have today, and I doubt even with the advanced machinery we have, that we would be able to reproduce them now. The question is what did we have then that we don’t have now, because it is definitely not to do with machinery.

  25. There’s a definite correlation between how we as one humanity have become so involved and invested in our progress on a temporal level and the retardation of true evolution.

  26. “Isn’t evolution about a constant development, a movement, a strengthening of one’s connection with one’s inner-most, with the essence of who we truly are?”
    Yes it is Viktoria, and such is our energetic responsibility. A gorgeous reminder, thank you.

  27. ‘Are We Evolving OR Indulging’ It is great to get to know the difference – how the slightest bit of comfort feels in our body.

  28. One such indulgence that is not as openly talked about in society is being emotional and using emotions not to evolve and commit to life. Time and time again I have seen and felt how abusive and poisonous emotions are especially to our bodies. We can hide behind them and justify why we use them but they are no different to binge drinking or over eating.

    1. I agree Aimee and isn’t it our emotions that have us reaching for inappropriate food and drink in the first place?

  29. Our willingness to consider the choices in our everyday that we know aren’t great for us yet we accept them as normal is a wonderful way to open up the possibility of caring for ourselves a little more. What can be really interesting is when we make a choice that is caring this naturally reflects to another and then supports them to make a caring choice.

  30. When we make it about relationship first and foremost, we know food is not our issue. How we are as a human race is about our relationship with ourselves. Whether we truly progress is if this relationship deepens or not, and this is a step by step process.

    1. Adele, absolutely it really is about our relationship first and foremost with ourselves, when we are able to understand this then we can start looking at parts of our life and our choices. It is easy to blame food and things outside of us. I have been working on deepening my relationship with myself and I am learning something new about my own relationship with self all the time.

  31. Thank you Viktoria .. We need to be honest as if we do all that works will be seen and all that does not work equally stands out to address too. This is the power of choosing honesty.

    1. Yes Danna – honesty is a very needed start for humanity to actually see beyond what our mental intellect tells us is evolution and feel with our hearts the total disharmony amongst this race of beings.

  32. The addiction to food is a big one and seems to be a person’s first choice when things are not going well – indulging to bury whatever has come up so that we do not have to be feel what is there to be felt. Second to this is then the complication this brings in that one becomes over weight, or overwhelmed by guilt and thus there is layer upon layer exposing our denial. As you have shared Viktoria – ‘When we start taking greater care of ourselves first, we will be able to see a considerable change in our surroundings. But it all must start within each and every one of us. Such is Our Responsibility’ Yes, it is up to us.

  33. A great question Viktoria, the extent to which we indulge as a species is ingrained in the way we are living in comfort not wanting to take true responsibility for ourselves and each other to delay our true evolution. What is it going to take to shake us out of its grip and see the truth of what we have chosen?

  34. “These world issues are not a coincidence and they are not ‘sprung on us’. These are problems that have occurred due to the way we have chosen to live” Great point, what is presenting in the world today has not just occurred, it is unfolding like it is due to how we are choosing to live also what we are allowing in society today.

  35. We pride ourselves in having more choices available and call that freedom – the choices that are constantly edging towards our decency to slide downwards, and for us to accept less and less as our normal. Not very evolutionary, is it.

  36. True Victoria the change has to come from each and everyone of us and never from changing the outside but true change can only come from within. Being honest about the choices that we make to support our body or not is a great start to come to a (self) caring way of living. A responsible way of life.

  37. If we take away the filters we look through life by – ie a better life, a successful life, a good life – then what is left? For the most part it is just comfort and security rather than evolution. What you share here about basic animal instincts says a lot and it is true that many of us know to the tee how to indulge not evolve.

  38. Truth needs to be felt within the body. No one can tell us what is suitable or not, we can only explore this ourselves and find out what truly supports us by knowing how certain foods and behaviours make us feel. We can be told what supports our awareness, but when we skip feeling how that makes our body feels, the action may not always be supportive. It is not what we do or not do, what we choose to eat or not eat, but how every choice reflects what is the relationship we have with ourselves. Every relationship is at a different stage and there is no way to compare what is better or worse, therefore, it is wise to always appreciate this lovely relationship no matter where we are at, with ourselves, stand by our relationship and keep moving and deepening with it. Evolution happens simply with our honoring of every feeling with ourselves, free from the picture of what evolution looks like and what indulgence looks like. Appreciate and understand ourselves throughout every single step.

  39. In order to understand where we are at as a society today and to be honest about what foundations we are setting for the trajectory of our future, it is important to reflect on, value and learn from our past experiences and significant events that has shaped our today so that we may grow and live our potential and not get stuck in the comfortable status quo.

  40. I love this blog Viktoria – you leave nowhere to run and hide. And really most of us are only trying to hide from the responsibility we have to live the grandness of who we are.

  41. What do we contribute to the evolution of this planet? Of course it starts with us. I know that evolution is the way, the only way that really creates a life with purpose, but I have to watch myself very closely that I don’t step into indulging patterns. Crazy but true.

  42. As humans we think we are evolving because we make it about a mental intelligence and what we can do. But really, what we are STILL doing is nothing short of barbaric. We still have war, we still have famine, we still have greed, pollution, slavery and domestic violence (to name a few). Are these the attributes of an evolved race..? I think we need to re-evalute what evolution actually is to answer that.

  43. “But it (evolution ) must all start within each and everyone of us ”
    This is important to understand, evolution for human beings comes from within out not from our environment in .

  44. We can fool ourselves into believing that we are evolving but if our bodies are not vital and full of love then we are not evolving at all.

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