Are We Evolving OR Indulging?

From early on in our education we are taught that food is one of the factors affecting the evolution of animals, determining who in the food chain is strong enough to survive and who becomes extinct.

As a human race we believe we have reached the peak of the evolution pyramid – we walk up straight, we speak (some of us several languages), we are intelligent enough to innovate in technology, medicine, science, history etc.

But does evolution really have a peak? AND…

How much have we evolved in the last 10,000 years if our ancestors were able to:

  • build magnificent structures without the advanced machinery we have today
  • understand science without the intelligence and assistance of computers we have today
  • communicate without the linguistic capabilities we have developed today
  • survive without the extensive medical interventions we receive today?

We not only look down on animals and their evolutionary stage, but we exploit, abuse, and are one of the prime causes of some species’ extinction. Our arrogance is so strong that we have completely blinded ourselves to seeing what animals bring to our world, and how not only are they a lot more open to evolution than us human beings are as a race, but we could learn a thing or two from them about evolving.

Isn’t evolution about a constant development, a movement, a strengthening of one’s connection with one’s inner-most, with the essence of who we truly are? If that’s the case, how many of us can honestly say that we are on a path of evolution? How many of us can look at our daily choices and say that we have supported such movement?

I know first-hand what it’s like to stall my own evolution by indulging in food, drinks, behaviours and emotions that sabotage this expansion. I also know that I am not the only one. In fact, I am one of the majority of people living this way. Becoming more aware of the choices we are making individually brings on a greater awareness of the choices we are all making collectively as one human race.

Foods and drinks that have become the ‘norm’ – burgers, cakes, coffee, alcohol, to name a few as the list could go on for pages – are nothing more than pure indulgence; our recipes for involution. These types of food stall our evolution. So what happens when we are not growing (and not in a physical sense)? Are we too heading towards extinction?

Luckily for us, we survive as a result of the constant medical interventions that are supporting our existence. This way of living however is not life lived in full, as the majority of the human race lives either in some sort of pain, with a disease, or both.

The majority of the population in first world countries exist on caffeine and sugar to ‘support’ a lack of rest, and a vast number of our children are living with some sort of illness such as asthma, obesity, ADHD….

These world issues are not a coincidence and they are not ‘sprung on us’. These are problems that have occurred due to the way we have chosen to live; through ill and unsupportive choices we have been and continue to be making. Our ignorance, our arrogance, our indulgence, our lack of care and a serious deficit of cohesiveness have led to the poor quality of life we find ourselves surrounded by.

We all have a role to play on this evolutionary trajectory of ours, and each and every single one of us has the power to make a difference by making choices that support our evolution first and foremost. When we start taking greater care of ourselves first, we will be able to see a considerable change in our surroundings. But it all must start within each and every one of us. Such is Our Responsibility.

By Anonymous

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715 thoughts on “Are We Evolving OR Indulging?

  1. “every single one of us has the power to make a difference” So evolution of all is the responsibility of all of us.

  2. Evolution is definitely not about everyone being comfortable with a flat screen TV, loads of food and money – Nor is it being free of illness and disease but the rates that we do have is also not healthy. There’s so much more to life than is currently accepted namely because that so much more is not physical. It’s energetic and is felt first.

  3. It seems like the way we have grasped evolution is taking us further and further away from the essence of who we are as if to say “How far can we stretch this rubber band?” knowing full well it is designed to snap back to where it was, yet daring ourselves to see whether the rubber band could be stretched further enough for it to snap itself in half and wanting to see what would happen. Not a very wise experiment.

  4. I am not sure if there is any obesity in the animal kingdom – so far I did not read about it in the newspaper.
    Question: How can it be that a very intelligent species like the human beings have obesity?

  5. I personally do not believe we as a race of human-beings have changed for 2,000 years we are still caught up in the same energy. To me it seems we are being lead by the nose by this energy that we don’t want to admit to because if we admitted this fact then we would have to clean up our mess get ourselves out of the way and take responsibility for ourselves and work hard to evolve ourselves out of here. We are spending Billions trying to get to the stars when there is a very simple way to do this for each and everyone of us and that is to evolve. When are we going to wake up to the fact that we don’t actually belong here on earth?

  6. I have found it very very supportive to admit that I have used food far more for dullness, stimulation, protection and raciness than just because ‘my body needed it’

  7. What I can feel is how our so-called issues are all created by ourselves almost in order for us to have those moments of elation, a peak, to feel we have achieved something, that we have been able to prove something. So, the idea of constant expansion doesn’t quite sit well with that kind of inclination.

  8. I think in general we’ve made evolution to be focused just on a functional level, which of course is an important part of life but we’ve lost sight of the importance of who we are and how we relate to one another as beings too. And this is something that we can begin to change and heal by bringing more of our awareness and honesty back to the ‘being’ part of us as human beings, naturally encompassing the practical physical part of life too.

  9. We have grown to accept recurring pain, illnesses and dis-ease as normal, something we need to deal with as part of life, it doesn’t stand out because the next person is also suffering from some sort of ailment or other and so we go on, all of us putting up with and dealing with conditions rather than asking why we have the conditions in the first place.

  10. How often do we forget the details, and just not bother to take care of the precision of something, because we tell ourselves that it’s insignificant or unimportant..but what if everything mattered – every second, every stroke on the keyboard, every blink of an eyelid, minute movement of a muscle.. our days and lives are made up of moments, so if we take care of the quality of how we are in every moment, then it almost feels like life takes care of itself – or that we are taken care of.

  11. When we understand life from the perspective of energy and that energy passes through us all of the time in which there are two; spirit and Soul, in which each will produce very different results, is when we truly start to understand ourselves and all we have chosen, and from this space we can chose differently, in other words align to the energy of our Soul – just changing the energy is how we evolve, and there is no going back!

  12. Great question for us all; are we evolving or are we indulging? And specifically where are we indulging. Food is always a biggie, a great way to dull our awareness by the wrong foods and or overeating.

  13. This is a great question to ask of society; if we went for 1 month with no medical intervention what so ever, not even the drugs we get over the counter or recreational drugs, alcohol, coffee or stimulants of any kind, I wonder what state we would all be in at the end of the 30 days. To be honest we are using all of the above to prop up a society that is very sick but doesn’t want to admit just how sick we are because then we would have to start asking questions about the way we are all currently living.

  14. Powerful and raw message, we see we are at the consequence of our ill frequency of how we have been living life: loveless and without joy. Do we actually want to change; which part does and which part doesn’t and why? Truly why? If it is all that simple.

  15. It must indeed start with each and every one of us. Could you imagine if every time we got frustrated with someone about something and we asked ourselves, is there anywhere in my life that I am doing this on some scale???? I would hazard a guess and say yes…and then changing that behaviour does start with us.

  16. When we start to take more responsibility for our choices we become more aware of the comfort we live in, and it then becomes a choice to either stay in that comfort or to live the truth we know and evolve ourselves at the same time.

  17. Responsibility for and awareness of each and every choice we make is the key to evolution and our return to who we are.

  18. Yes we have sort of stopped evolving long ago when we look at how we get more and more ill, eating more and more processed and unhealthy foods and generally are very exhausted and need a stimulant to get through the day. It is like we have replaced true evolution with a fake evolution of material progress (bigger buildings, faster cars etc) so we don’t have to stop and look at what is going on.

  19. These days I would not consciously celebrate a life in existence if there is no joy or harmony within it. Such a ‘life’ is like walking around like the living dead. When there is evolution there is so much joy and love it wakes us up to the fact that indulging is not worth it.

  20. We know we can stall our evolution by the food we eat and liquids we drink, that is quite easy now to discern but have we considered that there are certain countries that have a dominant consciousness or culture that actively encourages people to check out and to indulge? Is it possible that there is more going on energetically to stall or slow down our evolution that we care to know?

  21. The redefining of evolution to a state of having more comforts in life has meant we can side step the fact that we are involved rather than evolved since times such as when the Great Pyramids were built.

  22. Looking to the animal kingdom to see how far off we are with our way of living goes a long way, but not all the way, for what is key is that we are not part of the animal kingdom, we are a species of our own, which has introduced itself to this planet with a deep arrogance and we are to this day using and abusing it in whatever way it serves our whims and wants.

  23. Dulling our awareness with any indulgence be it food, emotions, behaviours, lifestyle or otherwise is a deliberate choice to silence our innate call to evolve.

    1. Hear, hear Carola and we are seeing this play out in many parts of the world. Our society currently celebrates evolution based on our achievements but forgetting that the true meaning of evolution is related to our level of awareness and our ability to love.

    2. It’s interesting that so many things that we champion – overdoing it through work or extreme sports, putting others before self, staying up late and having the wildest time possible – are in fact all behaviours that take us further away from our natural delicate state of being, that get in the way of us deepening our connection and understanding of who we are and what we’re here to go.

      We do know exactly how to live, but so often we sabotage this by not being able to hold it in the face of what we think is ‘expected’ of us. Learning to say ‘no’ to all the ways we sabotage ourselves – to any choice that leaves us feeling less than who we are, is a continuous, constant process, and one that calls for constant vigilance and awareness.

  24. Love the simplicity of this. Just taking responsibility for ourselves by caring for our body, reconnecting to it and responding to its call. That is what is asked: nothing more, nothing less. The quality of our body will be felt by others and they can respond to it and feel inspired and supported to do the same – or not. That is the responsibility of each and any one.

  25. It seems to me it is important to remember what it feels like to have a connection to our inner-most, to the place inside that is so still that we have no worries because we know we are at one with stillness. I used to feel it most acutely just before I fell asleep and since developing a relationship with the Gentle Breath Meditation and Esoteric Yoga, I have started to feel it more in my movements during the day. What a gift these modalities are to us all.

  26. We have to eat for the functioning of the human body, eating is not a bad thing per se. What we eat and how we eat and what are the consequences of eating though, is something very wondrous to explore, for if life is only about what we want to eat and where we should go to for our next meal, no matter how exciting food looks like, it would start to feel a bit boring now. Evolution is the true call from our bodies as it is the natural direction of this whole universe.

    1. So true what you’ve shared here. We are here to evolve and the way we eat can either support us or delay us. How we treat our body, what fuel/energy we feed it will affect the efficiency and our rate of evolution.

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