Are We Evolving OR Indulging?

From early on in our education we are taught that food is one of the factors affecting the evolution of animals, determining who in the food chain is strong enough to survive and who becomes extinct.

As a human race we believe we have reached the peak of the evolution pyramid – we walk up straight, we speak (some of us several languages), we are intelligent enough to innovate in technology, medicine, science, history etc.

But does evolution really have a peak? AND…

How much have we evolved in the last 10,000 years if our ancestors were able to:

  • build magnificent structures without the advanced machinery we have today
  • understand science without the intelligence and assistance of computers we have today
  • communicate without the linguistic capabilities we have developed today
  • survive without the extensive medical interventions we receive today?

We not only look down on animals and their evolutionary stage, but we exploit, abuse, and are one of the prime causes of some species’ extinction. Our arrogance is so strong that we have completely blinded ourselves to seeing what animals bring to our world, and how not only are they a lot more open to evolution than us human beings are as a race, but we could learn a thing or two from them about evolving.

Isn’t evolution about a constant development, a movement, a strengthening of one’s connection with one’s inner-most, with the essence of who we truly are? If that’s the case, how many of us can honestly say that we are on a path of evolution? How many of us can look at our daily choices and say that we have supported such movement?

I know first-hand what it’s like to stall my own evolution by indulging in food, drinks, behaviours and emotions that sabotage this expansion. I also know that I am not the only one. In fact, I am one of the majority of people living this way. Becoming more aware of the choices we are making individually brings on a greater awareness of the choices we are all making collectively as one human race.

Foods and drinks that have become the ‘norm’ – burgers, cakes, coffee, alcohol, to name a few as the list could go on for pages – are nothing more than pure indulgence; our recipes for involution. These types of food stall our evolution. So what happens when we are not growing (and not in a physical sense)? Are we too heading towards extinction?

Luckily for us, we survive as a result of the constant medical interventions that are supporting our existence. This way of living however is not life lived in full, as the majority of the human race lives either in some sort of pain, with a disease, or both.

The majority of the population in first world countries exist on caffeine and sugar to ‘support’ a lack of rest, and a vast number of our children are living with some sort of illness such as asthma, obesity, ADHD….

These world issues are not a coincidence and they are not ‘sprung on us’. These are problems that have occurred due to the way we have chosen to live; through ill and unsupportive choices we have been and continue to be making. Our ignorance, our arrogance, our indulgence, our lack of care and a serious deficit of cohesiveness have led to the poor quality of life we find ourselves surrounded by.

We all have a role to play on this evolutionary trajectory of ours, and each and every single one of us has the power to make a difference by making choices that support our evolution first and foremost. When we start taking greater care of ourselves first, we will be able to see a considerable change in our surroundings. But it all must start within each and every one of us. Such is Our Responsibility.

By Viktoria Stoykova, Student, UK

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920 thoughts on “Are We Evolving OR Indulging?

  1. When we start taking greater care of ourselves first, we take responsibility for ourselves and make our daily choices ones that truly nurture and support us rather than sabotaging and wrecking our body. We are also far more open to connecting in a truer way and supporting each other when we have built and live from a steady foundation with ourselves.

  2. It seems to me it is important to remember what it feels like to have a connection to our inner-most, to the place inside that is so still that we have no worries because we know we are at one with stillness. I used to feel it most acutely just before I fell asleep and since developing a relationship with the Gentle Breath Meditation and Esoteric Yoga, I have started to feel it more in my movements during the day. What a gift these modalities are to us all.

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